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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"As Time Runs Out"
Original Air Date: 10/07/00 Based on:
GoGo Five #34 - Shi Samonakuba Hametsu
(Death From Self Destruction)
*8th episode of 8th Regular Season
(24th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1024
*24th episode of PRLR
*362nd total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Isaac Florentine
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Rhett Fisher _AS_ Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Steven Hack _AS_ Scientist
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Vilevine (voice))


[Scenes from "The Cobra Strikes," "Olympius Ascends," "The Queen's Return," & "Yesterday Again"]

In one of the many mist shrouded, column-surrounded rooms inside Skull Cavern, Queen Bansheera's partial bodily form hangs. Jinxer enters the room and bows, having been requested to meet with her. Bansheera tells the gnat-like lackey that she wants him to bring Vypra & Loki there at once. Jinxer asks if she wants Olympius too, but Bansheera vetoes it, noting that her son has failed too often! He asks who will be in charge, and Bansheera states, "Vypra & Loki. Now go!" Jinxer obeys, bowing again, and promising to bring them at once. Just around the corner, eavesdropping behind a pillar, Olympius has overheard the conversation. He growls under his breath, "Hmm. We'll see about that." A short time later, meeting out in the middle of nowhere (with trash of what appears to be charred & discarded metal boxes littering the area, among other mangled mess. I suspect, from the looks of the place, that it might be the location of the Mitchell Family car wreck many years ago. More on this later), near a mountain range on Earth, Vypra & Loki reluctantly hold conference with their prince. Olympius exclaims with open arms and a chipper voice, "Comrades! It's time we put our differences aside!" Loki is confused, turning to Vypra and wondering aloud about what's in it for the prince. Olympius is glad he asked, explaining, "You see, we'll only have enough power to defeat the Rangers and build a palace if we use our energies together!" Loki grunts to Vypra, "Uhh, I hate to admit it, but he has a point!" Vypra is suspicious as usual, asking him why they should trust him. The red dragon proclaims, "Because I, Olympius, son of Queen Bansheera and heir to the throne, give you my word! Let's put down our weapons and shake on it." He kneels before them, extending his hand, beaconing them to extend theirs as well. Loki & Vypra look at each other puzzled once more. Loki decides to take a chance, dropping his double-prong staff on the ground and saying, "Alright, i'm with you, Olympius!" He shuffles over and locks hands in agreement with his fellow demon. Olympius finds this excellent, asking Vypra if she's with them as he extends his other hand in partnership. She's hesitant, holding her sword over her shoulder (refusing to drop it like Loki did to his), and walking over to take Olympius' other hand. Once Olympius has both of them locked in a tight grip, he arises, happily stating, "Perfect, perfect! Just wait until you hear my plan. I'm sure it will grab you!" Without warning, two green plant-like arms pop up out of the dirt below Vypra & Loki's feet, coiling vines quickly up each of the demons' legs! Loki realizes too late that they've been tricked, as he and Vypra and slowly pulled down into the soil, their legs bound by the unrelenting vines. As they're drug against their will into the dirt, Olympius reminds them, "No one replaces Olympius! Hahahaha!" Vypra cries out, as does Loki, as they're pulled under completely, disappearing from view in no time flat. Olympius then adds, "Did you fools really believe i'd share my power with the likes of you?!", with more maniacal laughter. Olympius bends down at the spot where Vypra was yanked into, and finds that she dropped her sword on the way to China. He picks it up and impales it in the dirt, marking the spot of where Loki & Vypra are now buried alive.

[opening credits]

Later, back at Skull Cavern, Olympius meets with his mother and regrets to inform her that Vypra & Loki have been destroyed! His words on the subject, "Vypra & Loki fought valiantly. I did my best to help, but in the end, the Rangers showed no mercy and destroyed them!" Queen Bansheera laments the loss of her two senior henchdemons, "Olympius, they were loyal warriors. You must avenge their destruction." Olympius promises he will, noting, "No one destroys demons and gets away with it!" He rushes off to do this task. Soon, on Earth, at yet another mountain range, the monster behind the Vypra & Loki burial is out for a stroll in the bright sunlight. He growls and grunts, revealing himself (later named Vilevine) to look like what you'd get if you cross-pollinated Swamp Thing with Palmon! He finds a nice spot between patches of grass, rips his own left arm off viciously, and chucks it into the ground, stirring some birds out of a nearby tree. Vilevine admires his manually amputated arm, as it sticks out of the ground and wiggles its fingers. He rips-off Olympius's well-executed earlier pun, by using the same one when remarking, "This ought to grab their attention!" Not too long after, the Rescue Rover is on the scene, driving around the rocky roads with all five Rangers in tow. Inside, Dana checks out one of the devices installed in the Humvee, mentioning to her teammates, "The disturbance came from this area." Carter thinks they should check it out, and they do, as the Rover pulls to a stop and our heroes pile out. The Ranger Recruits start combing the area, Chad rushes off by himself with the others remain pretty close. Birds chirping is the only sound heard echoing against the cliffs above them, Dana making the usual TV cliche mistake of saying "everything seems pretty quiet around here!" Chad breaks the silence by calling his friends over to his location. They turn their attention to Chad's discovery, the plant-like arm sticking up out of the ground. All are cautious and at a loss for explanation to exactly what it is, but ever brave, Kelsey steps up to get a closer look. She extends her arm, about to touch the hand of fate, when Carter pops over and tells her, "Wait! It could be a trap." Kelsey failed to touch it, but getting the Rangers in range is good enough for Vilevine's arm, as it springs to life with more vine-coils extending out from two of his fingers. One of each wraps around the left-wrist location of Kelsey & Carter's Rescue Morphers. The other three Ranger Recruits try to rush to their teammates' aid, when three more vines sprout out, striking them all in the same place. The vines snap back off, leaving all five Ranger teens with red flowerbud corsages on their wrists! Chad frantically tries pulling his off, but it won't budge. Joel freaks out, exclaiming, "I can't get to my Morpher!"

They all struggle to be free of their greenthumbed gifts, until they notice the arm has begun wriggling about. Turning their attention to the arm again, they witness the arm sprouting Vilevine out from within, restoring itself back onto the monster's shoulder as it teleports him in. Vilevine reveals to them, "It's no use trying to break the vines. They won't release their hold until they've expelled their spores!" Dana looks at her wrist and questions the monster about the spores. He explains, "That's right. At 12 Noon, the flowers will open and spew a gazillion poisonous spores all over Mariner Bay, destroy everything in its path! And its charming citizens will have you Rangers to thank!" We're treated to a dream sequence of how such a thing would go, as the golden particle spores release and sprinkle all over the city. People drop like flies, hacking and coughing as they keel over and die in the streets. Carter cries out, "Your plan will never work," to the monster. Vilevine points out, "In one hour it'll be noon. We'll find out, won't we?" Chad, Carter, and Joel dart towards the vegetative villain, throwing kicks his way, only to have him dodge them by teleporting back into the dirt again. Our heroes glance around, making sure he didn't just jump out of harm's way, and quickly return to trying to pull their houseplant wristwatches of death off. Elsewhere, in a foggy forest, Vilevine teleports onto the scene via what appears to be a spore-aport. Anyway, he calls out for Olympius, who meets him there, asking how his mission went. Vilevine kneels & bows before the prince, telling him that it was a success, "The Rangers will be out of your way soon. Your troubles are nearly over!" Olympius exclaims, "Excellent. I love it when a plan comes together! Hahaha!" Olympius quickly flame-ports back to Skull Cavern, followed by Vilevine, who teleports off to wherever as well.

Meanwhile, in the vast sandy expanse of the desert, up from the ground comes the leather gloved hand of Vypra! Loki follows suit, poking his horned-head out of the dirt and coughing up sand. Vypra crawls to the surface and shakes her wings free of excess sand. Loki, far bulkier than her, only manages to get his upper body out by this time, having a hard time. Anyway, you may be wondering, "Hey, they were buried in a grassy area, near a mountain range! What gives!?" Apparently, if their burial location was supposed to represent the site of where the Mitchells' crashed many years ago, then this makes perfect sense. There seems to be some soil-related connection between that spot, and that desert. As we'll see in a short time, not to far from where they dug themselves up, is the tomb they spent 5000 years in. This could easily explain how Diabolico's spirit form was able to manifest there, as there was a direct connection between the two points. Perhaps the desert really is located in around the Sahara, possibly directly on the opposite side of the world compared to Mariner Bay (though how Ryan got there so fast in "The Cobra Strikes" would be an issue, unless he took his Zord). Who knows, but it's intriguing to speculate on why they ended up there instead of back where they were buried. Vypra spits out dirt, and what's on her mind, as she shouts, "How foolish! I should have never trusted that Olympius!" Loki tries covering for his own mistake, "I told ya, but you wouldn't listen!" She quiets him and exclaims that, "No one tries to destroy Vypra and gets away with it! He'll pay for this!" Loki finally gets himself free of the sand trap, and agrees, "Yeah, we'll get that big horny toad! Uhh, but how?!" Vypra glances off into the distance, and remarks, "I'll enjoy figuring that out. Come on." The two betrayed henchdemons head off towards the numerous dunes on the horizon, as Loki begins naming off ideas for revenge. Such as "first, we'll grab him and pluck his wings!", his words trailing off as he follows Vypra off to search for Yogurt.


It's the stroke of 11:40 on the Lightspeed Aquabase, as Ms. Fairweather has the five Ranger Recruits in the Transport Bay. Carter, ALWAYS the guinea pig, is strapped into a chair, and told to hold perfectly still as Fairweather aims a large laser at his blossom-bearing wrist. She charges it up, and begins to unload blast after thin-streamed blast into the deadly bud on Carter's arm. The other four watch anxiously as the temperature rises for Carter, his face sweating at an accelerate rate beneath the barrel of the laser. The flower is fried, but so is Carter, as he begins to convulse and pass out under the heat, prompting Fairweather to shut down the laser. Carter's teammates check on his status, as he groggily opens his eyes and turns to look at his wrist. The bloom of doom has been burnt to a crisp, without harming or disarming him! Fairweather is shocked that it worked, but happy, I suppose. Chad & Dana look at each other and smile, until they witness the burnt bulb reforming itself in the blink of an eye! Their faces drop, and the sweat-soaked Carter sighs in defeat. Nearby, Joel has a pair of pliers, and is desperately trying to yank off the vines from his wrist. He strains, as evident by the expression on his face, but is unable to budge the evil weed from his arm (I should point out, they can't even remove their jackets thanks to these deadly new accessories)! Kelsey has a plan, noting, "Maybe we can isolate ourselves, so that the spores can't get out and destroy the city." The idea is sound, just seal up our heroes in the Aquabase and the city is safe! Ms. Fairweather contemplates the plan, as she heads over to a large console screen and presses some buttons. The computer screen shows a bad computer animation simulation of what the spores will do upon released into the air, even in an enclosed space. Fairweather says, "As I thought. The spores are too small, they can't be contained! The laser had no effect..." Their options looking rather slim, our heroes take their news grimly. Suddenly, Captain Mitchell rushes in with a handful of papers, urgently stating, "There's a lab on the East side that has a poison that should destroy the pods!" Joel, obviously as fan of The Jeffersons, notes, "The East side?! We'll never make it there!" Mitchell scrounges through his papers, telling them, "They're going to meet you halfway at this location. You got 18 minutes. Get going!" He hands Carter the directions to the location, prompting all five of the Ranger Recruits to hop into the Rescue Rover, as the clock reads 11:42.

The Rescue Rovers rolls into the city, passing a clock that reads 11:50. In the Humvee, Dana spots her wrist-pod as it begins to slowly open. She tells Carter to step on it, and that he does, shifting the gears and making the Rover break the speed limit. They eventually reach an empty parking lot, just as a large white van approaches (which appears to be the same model as the one Professor Phenomenus used to own!). They park side-by-side, the Ranger Recruits hop out and meet with the three white-coated scientists from the East Side Lab. The head one presents the poison, a briefcase with five tubes of green liquid and a hypodermic needle to inject with. Kelsey asks him if he's sure it will work, and the awfully smug scientist says, "Absolutely, it will work!" We'll never know, as the open case is suddenly struck with a frying charge-bolt from Vilevine! All five glass tubes shatter on the on ground, as Vilevine taunts our heroes from the sidelines, "Close, but not close enough! Because in 4 minutes, the flowers open, releasing the spores, and then it's too late, isn't it?" The looks on each of the five Rangers' faces is that of worry, fear, and dread. Vilevine spore-aports away, as a clock in the Rover reads 11:56. Back at the Aquabase, in Rescue Ops, Captain Mitchell looks at his pocket watch, with Ms. Fairweather standing at his side, and every technician and cadet in the place on the edge of their seats. Fairweather notes, "That was their last chance!", as she and the others watch our heroes on the screen, sitting around the parking lot, awaiting certain death for them and everyone in the city! Carter takes his oncoming demise calmly, looking up to the sky upon hearing a plane streaking past. It takes him a minute to put 2 & 2 together, but it finally comes to him. He informs his pals of his realization, "Of Course! Max Solarzord!" Time really running out by now, the Max Solarzord is apparently called in from the Train Bay instantly, via Carter's Battle Booster. It takes off into the skies and shifts around to form its Battle Mode, landing near the parking lot to allow easy access. The five Rangers rush into the Solarzord, strapping into the five, conveniently placed seats in a large room with blinking lights behind it (think cockpit of the NASADA shuttle with more legroom).

Captain Mitchell must have been in the head (that's military speak for bathroom, son) when the Solarzord was called, as he asks Carter what he's doing. Carter replies, "The spores can't hurt anyone in outer space!" Mitchell has a hopeful expression as he turns to Ms. Fairweather, who quickly begins typing on one of the consoles, taking control of Max Solarzord and arranging it to liftoff. It does so, flipping up in the air, back to the Shuttle Mode, as it streaks into the clouds, defying gravity as it charges up its solar paneling. Vilevine is down the city, when he notices Solarzord taking off. Inside it, the five Rangers sit tightly as the shuttle races against the clock into space. On Earth, Vilevine, along with a gang of Batlings, celebrate the Rangers departure from both the planet and from this plane of existence. Our heroes wait patiently as the Solarzord exits the atmosphere and reaches the void of space, Chad notices his pod is starting to hatch! In the Aquabase, the scene is tense as the clock finally strikes 12:00! Back in space, Joel's eyes widen as he witnesses Chad's pod open, with the spores beginning to spill out, this same thing happening to each of them. Carter screams, "It's now or never, guys! Ms. Fairweather! Open the Shuttlezord door!" She does so in Rescue Ops, calling it "Shuttlezord" just as he did. The door begins to slide open, the vacuum of space quickly kicking in. Our heroes are strapped in pretty tight, but unfortunately, Joel's cowboy hat isn't. It's sucked out into space, never to be seen again (but he's got about 90 backups on the Aquabase, i'm sure). As all of the oxygen is drawn out of the Solarzord, so are all of the spores, which are released only to end up getting blown out of harms way. For some reason, despite how the spores are hovering all around the Rangers, they get lucky and manage not to snort in any through their noses. Thanks to an exterior shot, we see that the door to the room they're in is located at the very nose of the shuttle. The golden spores pour out of there, into space, like a bad hay-fever dream. On the Aquabase, the alarms are blaring, but that's a good thing for once, as Fairweather tells Mitchell that this idea is working! He smirks and stands proudly, as he watches his team getting all the oxygen ripped out of their location forcefully. On the Shuttle, Kelsey's seatbelt snaps off, thanks to an unsecured screw on the side of her chair. She's flung into the air, and about to be sucked out into space, when Chad & Carter grab her arms and hold on tightly, with Joel & Dana helping as well. Kelsey screams out as the only thing keeping her from a very cold trip into sporesville is the combined forearm strength of her teammates. Carter yells for her to hold on, as the rest of them barely do the same themselves. Their hair all blown to hell, and the spores still spewing from their wrists, the Rangers are in for quite a ride. In Rescue Ops, Mitchell & Fairweather are genuinely concerned, as the viewing screen begins to break off into static (a common event with Zord space travel lately)! Fairweather notes that they've lost the signal from the Solarzord, and quickly gets to task on her computer to try to get the picture back. Oops, in doing so she activated a commercial!


Hang on, Kelsey. Kelsey, hang on. She does so, thanks to her teammates, and once the last spore has trickled out the door, the Solarzord seals back up, a very hefty supply of air luckily in storage for their suckful experience. All five of the now-spent spore pods drop off the wrists of the Ranger Recruits, sizzle up, and leave no trace behind! The Max Solarzord proceeds to unload its cargo (oh no, not the Rangers! all that work for nothing!) of firepower into outer space, blasting the spores so that they don't start raining down on Earth at any point in the future. The cadets in the Aquabase cheer, and Ms. Fairweather pounces excitedly on Captain Mitchell's shoulder, as they discover their mission has been successful. Mitchell gives Miss F a funny look after she does that, and she plays it off with a professional nod and smile. Up in Mariner Bay, Vilevine has already bid our heroes good-bye, and is now getting started on destroying the city. He unleashes a barrage of energy blasts from his spore-pod shoulder pads, blowing up a glass building, and covering civilians with debris. Vilevine calls this, "Much more fun, anyway!", likely referring to his desire to kill people instead of letting the spores do the work for him. His fun is interrupted by the sound of the Solarzord swooping through the air, as it circles around and continues flying above the city (he looks up at it quickly, but seems to ignore it, likely thinking its automated with no one alive inside). Vilevine makes two more buildings go kaboom with hardly any real work! He finally exclaims, "I claim this city in the name of Queen Bansheera!" The five Ranger Recruits make the scene (with the old NASADA building behind them), as Carter shouts that he doesn't think so. Notice, Joel must have made the team take a pitstop in order to pick him up another cowboy hat, offscreen! Vilevine is shocked to see them alive, calling it impossible. Joel, an expert in the flower delivery art, quips, "You think your little flowers could get rid of us just like that?" Kelsey adds, "No way!" Dana, acting like she's possessed by an evil force or something, says, "We disposed of them, once and for all!" Vilevine claims that he'll just have to finish them himself, and Carter shouts, "You just don't know when to quit!" The five get ready, and shout "Lightspeed Rescue" in unison. A five-screen Morph turns them into the Lightspeed Power Rangers, in no time flat.

The Power Rangers pose, and Red Ranger exclaims, "This weed's getting pulled!" Batlings finally do their duty, by getting their sorry tails chopped into submission, as Green Ranger beats the bat-snot out of them with his very own Battle Booster. Blue Ranger fires a few rounds off the still as-yet unintroduced Thermo Blaster at some Batlings, hitting the targets with precision. Pink Ranger has her Rescue Blaster drawn, and is joining Chad in a game of "Lethal Weapon 10." Together, they fire off more energy-based explosive rounds in one session than they have all series. When the Sentai smoke clears and things get American footage, Blue Ranger's Thermo Blaster has vanished. He quickly pulls out his Rescue Blaster and joins Pink Ranger in "yet more unnecessary Batling blasting." Nearby, Yellow Ranger rips into some Batlings with her V-Lancer. Red Ranger is taking on some with just his bare (gloved) hands. Vilevine views our heroes as a thorn in his side, as he faces off with Carter. Red Ranger slowly walks towards the monster, saying, "If you think you can get rid of us that easily, then you don't know the Power Rangers!" Vilevine dumps some shoulder-based blasts upon Carter, who merely continues walking slowly towards the demon without hesitating. Once he gets close enough, Vilevine lunges for Carter with his hands, only to get them smacked away. Red Ranger says, "You planted yourself in the wrong backyard this time!", before charging up his Battle Booster and hitting Vilevine with three explosive chest-punches in a row. The demon is stunned, allowing the other four Rangers to beat into him with their Rescue Batons. Carter does one more Battle Boosted attack, leaping into the air and falling towards Vilevine with his BBed fist aimed his way. Vilevine is thrown across the courtyard. No time wasted, Carter has the team get their V-Lancers and fire up a Spectra Blast! The ball of condensed energy is tossed towards Vilevine, striking him dead-on, and turning him into so much meaty mulch. Red Ranger gets overconfident, and proclaims, "Mission accomplished!"

In the main room in Skull Cavern, Olympius tells Jinxer, "Don't just stand there! Put him back together!" Jinxer bows and obliges his prince's wishes, tossing a Growth Card into the mouth-portal, landing it on a piece of Vilevine. He then weaves an incantation, "Back together, Vilevine. Destroy them, do it right this time!" The pieces come together and grow tall, recreating Vilevine in his Zord-pruning form. First person to make a Green Giant, "Ho Ho Ho" joke gets whacked. Olympius, in a very cocky mood today, decides to do some hand gestures and as he says, "Darken the sky!" The skies above Mariner Bay are instantly flooded with crimson mist, powered by Olympius' Star Power. What he hopes to accomplish by doing this is unclear. I guess he doesn't want the Solarzord used, since photosynthesis is likely a guilty pleasure for Vilevine. The Omegazords are called on instead, they come together and form the Omega Megazord before ya know it. The blood-red clouds filling the skies of the city begin to unleash bolts of lightning, sprinkling around the city-center battlefield. This creates a wall of massive flames around the area, boxing the Omega Megazord in. Vilevine can speak normally when grown (a rarity for demons), as he exclaims, "It's payback time, Rangers!" The Omega Megazord whips around its staff, and charges forth, braving the shoulder-pod created blasts that Vilevine begins heaving. Once up close enough to have Vilevine within almost point blank range, the staff is aimed, and Carter fires the Omega Missile directly into Vilevine's body. He's hit and takes the damage quite severely, but just to make sure, the Omega Megazord does a double slash attack with its staff. Vilevine spins around and collapses onto an already demolished building, before blowing up into a wonderful potpourri fragrance filling the city for weeks to come. The Omega Megazord poses, as the skies return to normal and all the fires quell themselves.


At the desert, Vypra & Loki reach an oasis, which Vypra realizes, "I've been here before." Loki chortles, "So, what are ya gonna do, gimme a tour?!" She rushes into the ruins of what appears to be Egyptian architecture, finding a large crack in the ground and finally remembering the place as the Tomb she and the other demons spent 5000 years trapped in! Loki scratches his head and thinks this all very exciting, but thought they were going to go after Olympius. Vypra replies, "We are. And there's somebody down there that can help us!" Stupid Loki asks, "There is?! Where?!" while gazing into the hole in the sand. Unbeknownst to the two henchdemons, they're being watched by a pair of high-tech specs! Over on the horizon, hidden behind a sand dune, is Ryan Mitchell! He's been on his journey to find out how to stop the demons again, and his trip has lead him back to the Tomb just in time to catch some action. He's got a large backpack on, not to mention his binoculars and Titanium Morpher. He crawls along the ground, trying not to be seen, continuing to peer at the demons from afar. Vypra tells Loki to go ahead into the Tomb, but he says it's her idea and she should go first. Vypra simply shoves the simple-minded demon into the crack in the ground, and down he goes. She soon follows, prompting Ryan to sneak in for a closer view. Once inside the cobweb and dust covered crypt, Loki is wowed by the scenery, "I'd forgotten how amazing this place was!" Vypra heads towards the center slab, all of the torches still burning as they've been since "Operation Lightspeed." She looks along the wall located behind the center coffin, and peeling back the cobweb, begins to read the ancient words written: "From the tomb of forever, the jaws of death, the icy tingle of Bansheera's breath." Vypra turns towards the coffin agape, soon telling Loki that it's time and to lower the rope into the tomb (the coffin, that is, you get the picture. Speaking of which, notice the rope he's using is the one the nomads left when they discovered the place! Also, up near the front, not far from the discarded lid, is a skeleton of someone. Did someone move the Warlock?). Loki does so, peering down into the tomb, he's taken aback as the rope drops the bottom of the inside of the coffin. What lies beneath is a square piece of hell, literally, endlessly burning flames! The rope plops into it and sends a puff of fire up in its wake.

As the tomb continues burning, Vypra recites: "Rise from the darkness, and bring new life, for those once fallen, 'neath the hero's knife!" Orange fire continues pouring upwards from the coffin, raging stronger, as the rope is suddenly tugged on from within! Vypra commands the person to arise and live again, and apparently they do just that. She gasps as a hand reaches up and pulls the rest of its body out. The unique shadow of the resurrected figure gives away what one could already determine, something Loki can only "oooh!" about upon witnessing. Ryan rushes up closer to the crack in the ground, for a better view. The figure emerges from the fiery coffin, exclaiming "i'm back and better than ever!" It's the main man demon, Diabolico (sans his Red Star, of course)! Loki almost cries in horror upon seeing him, and Vypra joins Diabolico in a fit of evil laughter. Loki's fear turns to joy as he realizes, "Hey, wait a minute... he's on our side! Yeah!" Diabolico is ready to go, prompting him and his henchdemons to teleport themselves into spirit form to exit the tomb. Ryan watches the whole thing, and ends up getting tossed on his back by the blastwave of the demons exiting the tomb in their ghostly form. He quickly scurries behind a large stone urn, peeking around the side as he witnesses the demons return to physical form just a few feet away. Diabolico states, "Now that i'm back i'll make amends for the foolish mistake of letting the Rangers defeat me!" Vypra & Loki kneel before him, as Vypra tells the gold creature, "Welcome back to the land of the living, Diabolico." He claims he will repay both of them for this deed, and Vypra knows just the way he can pay them back. She says that Queen Bansheera's son tried to destroy them, and now is time for revenge. Diabolico is a little behind on the times, being dead and all, stating, "That squirt Impus?!" Loki explains that he's no longer Impus, and that his Star Power turned him into Olympius. Diabolico proclaims, "He stole my Star Power?! Then it will be my pleasure to destroy the brainless fool! C'mon, let's go!" The three demons, reunited and it feels so evil, laugh maniacally while teleport away. They're none the wiser that Ryan heard every word, and is privy to their plans. Similar to when he overheard the demons in "The Queen's Return," actually.

[Scenes from "In The Freeze Zone"; end credits]

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