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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"The Mighty Mega Battles"
Original Air Date: 10/28/00 Featuring footage from:
GoGo Five #39 - Mujin Rensa Odante!
(Breaking The Infinity Chain!)
*10th episode of 8th Regular Season
(26th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1026
*26th episode of PRLR
*364th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Angela Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Additional Cast:
Jeff Henry _AS_ Mr. Clark Fairweather
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Infinitor (voice) [Apparently, Bulk is forever!]
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice; Credited, but doesn't appear!)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice; Credited, but doesn't appear!)


[Scenes from "The Cobra Strikes," "Olympius Ascends," "The Queen's Return," "Yesterday Again" & "As Time Runs Out"]

It's Alert Status in the Lightspeed Aquabase! The alarms blare, klaxons sound, and the five Ranger Recruits races through the hallways. Lightspeed cadets pile out of the elevators, as everyone mans their battle stations. Why all the commotion? Up in the city of Mariner Bay, buildings are getting blown up! The source of the destruction is a tall, red skinned, long tailed, spike-headed, dragon type monster. He's got a blue chestplate with an infinity symbol on it, made up of two snakes eating each other's tails (similar to the one on Mantevil's chest). His name's Infinitor, and he also has a large broadsword and a small shield. Infinitor stands amid a few Batlings, boasting, "Haha! Mariner Bay will crumble before me!" Each of the five Batlings are suddenly shot down by laserblasts from afar. Infinitor is left standing, only to look up and spot the source of the snipering. It's the Lightspeed Power Rangers, and for some reason, they're standing way up atop a huge metal construction site. Carter calls out to Infinitor, and tells him, "That's what you think!" Infinitor holds his sword steady and admits he expected them to show. Red Ranger orders his team to ready their Rescue Blasters again, and the five fire down towards Infinitor. The demon stands unflinching, as the five blasts are absorbed by his infinity symbol. Energy fills up the eternal crest, and redirects itself into one solid bolt of power, blasting right back up at our heroes! Each of them are struck as the blast splits off and spews up towards them, sending the Rangers hurtling down to Earth at a painful rate. They land hard on the ground, only a few feet away from the sinisterly snickering Infinitor. Pink Ranger is so dazed, she can only wonder, "What happened?!" Yellow Ranger looks at her Blaster, and answers, "I don't know!" Green Ranger spots the infinity symbol, and notices, "Ah, man. Our Blasters didn't even scratch him!" Blue Ranger also looks at his weak little Rescue Blaster, mentioning, "Yeah, I've never seen this kind of power before!" Red Ranger tells his friends that it's time to take it up a notch, and by the time they stand up, all five of the Rangers have their V-Lancers in hand. Carter orders the firing, and a combined Spectra-Blast is loaded up and tossed at the creature. Infinitor pushes his chest akimbo as the ball of light hits him, causing it to bounce right off, and ricochet back at the Power Rangers!

The Rangers explode with sparks from the second hit by their own firepower redirected today. As they tumble to the ground at the construction site, Olympius is shown watching the battle from up on one of the girder areas like they were standing atop earlier. He scoffs at the Rangers, saying, "Is that the best you can do? How pathetic." Infinitor chuckles evilly, proving himself invincible quite affectively. Green Ranger slams his fist against the ground and shouts, "These guys have pushed me TOO far!" He stands up and readies his V-Lancer, as his teammates continue rolling around in the dirt. Joel charges after Infinitor, firing his V-Lancer directly at the demon. Infinitor holds his shield up, and deflects each of the green laserblasts, laughing all the while. He then takes his sword, holds it up to his shield, quickly charges it up, and fires it at the Green Ranger. Joel flips out of the line of fire, and rolls on the ground, before leaping over Infinitor with an excited, "Whooo!" Infinitor turns around to face the Green Ranger, telling his adversary, "Go ahead, fire!" Joel first dispenses some advice to the demon, "You may think you're slick, partner. But let me tell you something. I got your number!" As the Green Ranger braces himself to fire, he's unaware that Olympius is sneaking up behind him. The main baddie blows his cover by adding, "And I've got YOURS!" Joel is alerted to his presence, and quickly jumps out of the way, as Olympius tosses a few fireballs at him. The blasts instead strikes the unprepared Infinitor, causing him a good deal of damage and a howl of pain. Olympius cries out, "No!", obviously not intending to hit his own demon. Green Ranger rolls over to his teammates, who are all fully recovered and ready to go. Joel leads the attack, as the five Power Rangers fire their V-Lancers' Spectra-Blast one more time. The orb of V-energy is flung over towards Infinitor, who is still reeling from his own master's friendly fire. The demon gets struck by the Ranger's offensive maneuver, and collapses to his knees. Carter is happy they finally got a leg up, saying, "Alright! It worked!" Olympius stands in front of the weakened Infinitor, promising our heroes, "We'll be back!" He then teleports himself and Infinitor back to Skull Cavern with a puff of fire. The Rangers hold their Lancers at ease, with Carter complimenting the team on the great work. But Joel isn't too happy, noting, "I don't think we've seen the last of them."

[opening credits.]

Soon, in the Lightspeed Aquabase (Conference Room), Carter goes over what happened with Captain Mitchell & Ms. Fairweather. Even though they likely saw every single moment of the battle through Rescue Ops. Carter mentions how they tried the V-Lancers but the blast was deflected back at them. Dana adds, "Yeah, nothing worked." Chad notes, "If it wasn't for Joel's fast thinking, who knows where we'd be now!" Kelsey & Carter visibly agree on this, and Mitchell & Fairweather look towards the heroic Joel. As Miss F smiles and walks over towards him, Captain Mitchell says, "Well, Infinitor will be back. We're gonna have to come up with something more." Fairweather stands next to the sitting Joel, and tells him admiringly, "That was very brave, Joel." Joel, his mind preoccupied with current events, double takes and asks, "I'm sorry, what did you say?" Fairweather restates herself, but Joel's warped, lovesick mind twists the way she says it around. Her "That was very brave, Joel" ends up coming out sounding slow and lovingly! He sees flowers raining down around her, as she smiles big and bats her eyelashes at him in his own deluded world. Even Joel's head is surrounded by the multitude of flowers, as he smiles back and asks, "Really?", in slow mode, with his eyes sparkling at the end. The flowers vanish, but Fairweather's schoolgirlish new voice continues in reality, as she says, "Yeah, I feel almost like..." Before the hallucination (or is it?) can continue, Captain Mitchell interrupts her, and in turn Joel, as his head was just getting closer to hers in preparation for a possible kiss. Captain Mitchell asks Ms. Fairweather a simple question, "What about Clark's new technology?" She smiles widely and realizes, "Clark! Yes! Clark would have some great ideas!" Joel hops up after she walks away, and asks jealously, "Who's Clark?!" She tells him, and everyone else, that Clark is a brilliant scientist, "He wrote the book on energy transformation!" Mitchell asks if Clark will help them, and as Fairweather puts it, "For me, he'll do anything! I'll call him right away!" Fairweather giddily guilds off to contact this fellow scientist, leaving Joel with his mouth agape.

Later, in the Aqua Apartments (Male Quarters), Chad picks up the framed picture of Miss Fairweather that Joel keeps on one of the shelves. He takes a look at it, and looks over at Joel with a devilish smile. Joel sits on the couch, tying up some small yellow flowers he's bought for his love interest. Chad walks over and gets Joel's attention, before placing the Fairweather picture over his face and mockingly purring in a female voice, "For me, Clark will do anyyything..." Joel angrily stands up and snatches the picture away from Chad, as his teammate starts laughing hard at his expense. Joel growls, "That's funny. Just give her some time, she'll change her mind." Chad sits next to Joel on the couch, as Joel wipes off the picture and carefully sets it down. Chad stops chuckling long enough to ask, "But what about this Clark guy?" Joel firmly states, "Whoever he is, he doesn't stand a chance! The old Sky Cowboy is finally gonna lasso the little filly." Joel puts on his hat, sniffs the small yellow flowers, and gives a clicking wink to Chad as he heads up and moves out. Chad laughs heartily and points at Joel, while returning the clicking wink. Joel walks through the halls of the Aquabase, holding his flowers and going over the different ways he can possibly ask Fairweather out on a date. Several cadets & technicians spot him, and shake their heads as they hear him utter such lines as, "Miss F, would you like to have dinner tonight? Miss F, your smile is like a ray of sunshine. Yeahhhh, girls like that kind of stuff!" He stops in the hall after deciding upon that approach, and speaking of approaches, a tall, well-built dark haired man in a suit and glasses approaches him. The man, holding a long golden box in one hand and a briefcase in the other, says, "Excuse me. I'm looking for Ms. Fairweather's lab." Joel puts his tongue in his cheek as he inspects the stranger with his eyes. He then motions his head and tells the man matter-of-factly, "Down to the right." The man smiles and thanks him, as he continues his journey. Joel won't take his eyes of the man, who turns and looks back at him when he reaches the end of the hall. It takes a moment, but Joel suddenly figures out who the guy is, it's Clark! He quickly rushes off to the lab.

Clark enters the Weapons Lab, and the automated door closes behind him. Joel sneaks up as the door closes (and yet, it fails to open when he walks up towards it), and peeks in through the window. He watches as Clark spots Ms. Fairweather and calls out her name. The secret is out, Miss Fairweather's first name is Angela! Even Joel apparently didn't know what it was, as he blurts out, "Angela?!" after Clark mentions it. Clark puts down his box & briefcase, and he & Fair.. I mean, Angela, embrace each other with a long hug. He even picks her up and spins her around as they hug. She tells him, "It is SO good to see you!" Joel, still peeking, mockingly mouths that line, growing even more jealous by the minute. Clark tells Angela, "Your smile is STILL like a ray of sunshine!" Joel is outraged, noting to himself, "That was MY line!" Clark hands Angela the golden box, telling her that the flowers inside are for her. The vast array of various colored plants are greeted by Miss Fairweather is a broad smile and a huge "Thank you!" She then gives him another hug, and the two stand together smiling like ninnies. Joel's anger subsides, and he turns around, looking down at his small, piddily bouquet of marigolds with shame. He stands there too long, because before he knows it, a technician exits the lab, causing the door to come wide open. Ms. Fairweather spots Joel, who hides his flowers behind his back (as per usual), and asks him to come inside to meet someone. Joel casually enters, trying to act nonchalant. Fairweather introduces her old friend, "This is Clark. With him on our team, Infinitor doesn't stand a chance." Joel gets an attitude and looks at Clark, mentioning, "We met before." Clark says that he hopes he can be of some help, and extends his hand to Joel. But the Green Recruit just gives Clark an uninterested look. Clark takes the initiative, and reaches down, picks up Joel's hand, and proceeds to shake it. Fairweather tells Clark not to be so bashful, noting to Joel, "He could build a Megazord blindfolded!" Joel responds with a brief, but wide, fake smile. Angela & Clark look at each other, with her giggling, "It'll going to be so great to work together!" Clark adds, "You bet!", and the two walk off, Angela's arm in his, as she says, "I just love a guy with a complex mind!" Joel mocks that line behind her back, but ceases when a blonde female technician walks across his path. He sighs, removes the small bouquet of flowers from his ass, and parts with them by tossing them into the trash.


Later, in the Weapons Lab, a large green & silver metal fan is extended outwards, spinning rapidly. It's pressed against a thick sheet of some other type of metal, and causes sparks to fly. Angela & Clark are standing right next to the device (without protective eyeware aside from their glasses, I should note, despite how EVERY other tech has them on!), inspecting the testing of it. They look on the other side of the sheet of metal, and watch in awe as the spokes of the green & silver wheel rip through it, without a scratch on them. Clark mentions to Angela, "Even stronger than we thought!" Angela gasps and chuckles, "You're a genius!" Apparently, this trial run was a success. Joel's cowboy boots step up on the screen, and when the camera pans up, we're shown something that even has Miss Fairweather shocked. It's Joel, wearing a Lightspeed Technician labcoat! Not only that, he's without his hat, and is wearing thick, black-framed glasses (does this make him the Sky Urkel now?)! He greets them with a slightly nerdy voice, "Hello, fellow scientists! So, how is our project coming along?" Angela asks Joel what is going on, in regard to his strange new look, and he answers intelligently, "I thought that my scientific expertise might come in handy." She asks him if he knows anything about science, and he laughs out loud. Clark & Angela also get a giggle out of this, as Joel puts his hand on her shoulder and claims, "Please. Science is my life." Angela is a bit reluctant to believe this, but Clark is quick to have him on their team. He puts his hand around Joel's neck and leads him over to a small side-room, telling him, "Sounds good! Well, actually, we're about done. There's only one more test. Maybe you can give me a hand with this wiring. For someone with your skills, it should be no problem." Joel gets one good look at the bundled mass of wires awaiting him, and he begins to regret his scientific ruse. He gulps, his eyes widen (twice as much through the cokebottle lenses), and he exhales deeply with a, "No problem." Clark closes the door after Joel goes in, and he walks away with an amused smile on his face.

Joel sits down next to the bundle of wiring, raises his glasses, and cautiously soaks in the enormity of the task he has to accomplish. The wires are connected to several small boxes, and some of them run off towards the actual Ranger device, a chest-sized backpack with the Blue 2 symbol on it. He begins to pluck a wire from its socket, having no clue what he's supposed to do. As he does this, he overhears Clark talking to Ms. Fairweather, "Hey, maybe we can celebrate later by getting out of this place, Angela." She's taken aback by the suggestion at first, but finds it a great idea. Joel continues plucking, eventually yanking a wire completely out. Clark walks over to the window, and knocks on it, telling Joel, "Just hook those wires in a standard configuration!" Joel tells him that standard is no problem, and begins to plug the wire back in on another area of the wireboard. Angela rushes over to the window and asks him, "Joel, are you sure you can handle this?!" Joel exhales and gives a goofy smile, saying, "All done... I guess." Clark tells him, "Okay, go ahead, let's see how it does." Angela cries out, "No, wait!", but it's too late. Joel quickly slams on the big shiny red button, and the testing begins. The wiring short circuits, sending sparks and electricity flying through the room. Angela screams and ducks along with Clark, as the sparking sends Joel to the ground in the same manner. The overload causes the lights to go out not only all through the Weapons Lab, but through the whole base as well! From the outside, the Lightspeed Aquabase looks like a darkened, lifeless underwater tomb, as the electricity shuts off inside. Has Joel accomplished what Olympius had tried to do in "A Face From The Past"?! Apparently so, as Captain Mitchell is walking through Rescue Ops with a cadet when the brownout occurs. All but the auxiliary power is out, meaning the computer screens are still lit up, and the alarm begins to sound. Mitchell shouts, "Will someone find out what's going on?!" The power is restored to the Aquabase momentarily, with Angela & Clark huddled on the floor together. They quickly stand up and look into the side-room where Joel is, finding the large glass windows in it totally grey from smoke! They rush over and open up the door, Angela coughs and waves the smoke out of her face as she calls to Joel. He walks out of the small smokey room, with his labcoat toasted, and his glasses not only missing their lenses, but on his face crooked. Angela asks him if he's okay, and he comes out of shock by saying, "Yeah... uhh, must have been a faulty wire." Clark & Angela merely stare at the half-baked Ranger Recruit, who learned the hard way not to quit his day job.

Meanwhile, in Skull Cavern, the camera approaches the skeletal hideaway in a straightforward manner, shown only thus far on the opening credits. Inside, Olympius stands in one of the misty rooms, apparently watching the events that are going on in the Aquabase. He speaks aloud, "Those scientists are trying to discover a way to defeat you, Infinitor." Said demon pops out from behind the shadows of a pillar to say, "Then they must be destroyed!" Olympius claims, "My thoughts exactly. See that they are!" Infinitor bows and obeys, "As you command!", storming off to do the deed. As I noted in the credit list, Diabolico & Bansheera are credited for this episode, but don't appear. Cut footage, perhaps? Or just a mistake? One can only wonder. Anyway, back on Earth, at a park somewhere in Mariner Bay. It's the same exact location as the lakeside Angel Grove park, but we're not supposed to notice. Clark & Angela sit in a small convertible car, overlooking the lake. They toast to their success with the new weapons, Angela noting she couldn't have done it without him. They tap cups and then take a sip. She suddenly remembers something, and takes a tiny cake out of the backseat. As she opens the lid of the cake up, not far away, someone is spying on them with binoculars! Surprise, it's Joel, with Chad, hiding in the bushes (notice, neither are wearing their Lightspeed Rescue jackets for some odd reason)! Joel is glued to the specs, while Chad is merely looking away. Greeny smacks Bluey in the chest and, motioning him to take a look with his own pair of binoculars. Chad does so reluctantly, watching as Angela & Clark begin to eat their victory cake. Chad is wowed, noting, "Man! That guy is smooth!" Joel lowers his specs and groans, "I think i'm gonna throw up", before feigning vomiting with a few dry heaves. Chad chuckles at this, and they both return to snooping. While watching Angela & Clark laughing and enjoying their cake, Joel cries, "Oh no. No, no, no!" He loses sight of the apparent lovebirds, and his vision wanders down to a sprinkler head in the grass. Joel gets a mischievous look on his face, lowers the binoculars and says, "Chad, shall we?" They shall, both exiting the shrubbery with malicious intent.

Clark is a pig! But Angela loves him all the more for it. He's got cake smeared all over his face, causing her to laugh as she wipes it off with a napkin. Their playful antics are cut short, by the sudden onslaught of water coming from the now activated sprinkler system! Angela squeals as the water sprays into the car, both she & Clark trying to duck out of the way. Clark thinks fast and hits a button, lowering the roof of his small black vehicle. Despite how they can build a Megazord to lock together in less than a minute, it takes quite a substantial amount of time for the top to drop. Angela giggles and tells Clark, "You're brilliant!" Clark basks in the ego-inflation, and nods like, "I know I am!" Ms. Fairweather glances over at the rearview mirror, and while objects may be closer than they appear, she instantly recognizes Joel & Chad as the culprits behind her sudden shower. Angela excuses herself for a moment, while Clark continues stuffing his face. She exits the vehicle, braves the splashing spray of water, and marches over to the two Ranger Recruits. Joel & Chad don't even notice her, as they both continue to twist the dials on the water pipes. Chad is first to look up at her, quiet while caught red handed. Fairweather orders, "Joel! Turn that off immediately!" Joel plays innocent, "Uhh, I was just trying to... you know." She orders him to do it now, and he obliges, turning the knob back to off, shutting the sprinklers down. Angela crouches down next to Joel and asks, "What in the world were you thinking?!" Chad does what he does most on the show and keeps his mouth shut, as Joel argues, "Uhh, the grass... Yeah, I mean, it's dry! You know, I was just..." Before he can continue trying to talk his way out of a Fairweather tongue-lashing, the sound of explosive balls of energy being dumped on Clark's car rips through the air. Clark's car, with Clark in it, is bombarded by a barrage of blasts. He's knocked unconscious in the explosion, as his vehicle is set on fire. Angela cries out to him, and tries to run to rescue him, but Joel grabs her arms and holds her back.

Infinitor teleports onto the scene, the apparent source of this explosive event. He yells towards the burning vehicle, saying, "That's what happens to scientists who don't mind their own business"! Angela gasps, as Joel continues holding her back. No one is holding back Chad, who rushes out and attacks Infinitor with a surprise kick. It seems he was unaware of Chad & Joel's presence! Chad kicks the creature a few times, as Joel struggles to keep Angela at bay. He tells her it's too dangerous, but she's almost in tears worrying about Clark, who is still trapped within the fiery car. Joel decides to risk it himself, telling Fairweather to stay there, as he races off towards Clark's ride. As Chad keeps Infinitor occupied with a few slippery rolls on the ground, Joel darts past them and heads for Clark's car. Chad has a grip on Infinitor's sword-bearing hand, as he turns and spots Joel rushes after the potentially explosive vehicle. He screams out in slow mode, "Joel!" But Joel pays him no attention, instead getting to the driver's side, opening the door and helping the dazed Clark out of the smoke-filled vehicle. Chad's distraction with Joel's safety causes him to get bonked on the back of the head with Infinitor's shield. Joel has Clark's arm around his shoulder, and he helps the hunky scientist walk, as they attempt to get away from the flaming car as fast as they can. Hopefully, Clark didn't make Joel go back in to get out a box with a wedding outfit in it. Angela watches in horror, as the car suddenly explodes into a massive inferno, mere feet behind Joel & Clark. They're both knocked to the ground, but were luckily far enough away from the vehicle to avoid any major injury. Joel lies on the ground groaning, with his hat dropped on the grass near him. He focuses on Clark, who doesn't appear to be moving. Angela races over (as quick as she can in those heels), and hurries to Clark's side. Joel helps turn him over on his back, but before he can inspect him for any harm, Angela is all over the man, hugging him and crying, "Clark, are you okay?!" Clark grunts out her name, and she hugs him harder, obviously he's fine, just a bit toasted. The look of defeat covers Joel's face, as he watches the love expressed by Angela for Clark. He realizes right then and there that he doesn't stand a chance of competing with brainiac. Joel picks up his hat, puts it on, and adjusts the brim without a word. Angela looks up at Joel, and Joel informs her, "He'll be alright." She gives what can only be described as a grunt of appreciation.

Joel smiles, and then darts off towards Infinitor, while screaming, "Lightspeed, Rescue!" With no time to waste, he presses his Rescue Morpher, and instead of the usual "digital interspace" Morphing sequence, his Morpher fires off the Green & White striped symbol directly in front of him! He leaps through it, and it wraps around his body, forming the Green Lightspeed Ranger in only the blink of an eye. Joel aims himself for Infinitor, and leaps at the demon, ending his race with a firm leap kick into the creature. Chad, who was on his knees and apparently just about to get sliced, is grateful, as Infinitor falls. Green Ranger shouts, "I've had enough of this clown!", as he hops onto Infinitor, shoves his shield out of the way and proceeds to beat the tar out of the downed demon. The final punch ends up blocked by his shield, followed by a sword-slash attack. Joel doesn't give up, shrugging off that strike and kicking Infinitor. The kick is grabbed, and Green Ranger is flung into the air. He lands on his feet, but gets his chest struck with the sword yet again, sending him tumbling. Joel lies on the ground, as Infinitor readies his sword and bids, "Good-bye, Green Ranger!" Chad takes the initiative, following Joel's lead from earlier, by rushing towards the monster, pressing his Rescue Morpher, and shouting, "Lightspeed Rescue!" He kicks Infinitor's sword away from Joel's helmeted head, and then extends his Morphered wrist, firing off his Blue & White symbol, and then spinning in the air through it. He comes out the other side, fully morphed as the Blue Lightspeed Ranger. He immediately gets to tangling with Infinitor, though the monster dodges most of the punches and hits, eventually sending Chad down by blocking a kick with his sword. Blue Ranger recovers quickly, but ends up down again after getting sword-slashed in the chest. He lies next to Green Ranger, both reeling from the monster's attacks. Makes you wonder what's taking so long for reinforcements to get in! Infinitor gloats, "Time to finish them! Batlings!" The Batlings are summoned, they bat-aport in, and surround Joel & Chad. Both our heroes are too weak to fight back, and end up with their arms and legs pinned helplessly. Infinitor charges up his sword on his shield, and unloads a dual blast attack. The Batlings leap out of the way, and both Green & Blue Rangers end up fried.

Blue & Green Rangers are knocked across the grass by this blast. They land only a few feet away from Angela, who is clutching the injured Clark in her arms. Infinitor, with his gang of Batlings at his side, approaches our heroes, and boasts, "You pathetic Rangers are no match for my power! Hahaha!" Chad & Joel stand up, and prepare to face the demon again, with all hope draining along with their strength. Ms. Fairweather suddenly calls out to Joel, saying, "8-6-1!" Joel asks, "What are you talking about?", and she screams, "Mega Battle!" Joel claims he's got it, and both he & Chad get battle ready. Infinitor sounds like a broken record, snickering, "Haha! Say good-bye!", as he charges his sword up once more. Green & Blue Rangers stand in front of the fiery wreckage of Clark's car. Joel asks Chad if he's ready, and Chad says, "Let's do it!" The both extend out their right arms, causing their Battle Boosters to appear on their wrists. Raising them up, they both press 8, 6, and 1 on the interfaces. Infinitor continues charging up his sword, getting prepared to make the final blow the most powerful one of all. Blue & Green Rangers command, "Mega Battle!", as they cross their arms and are suddenly surged with a boost of energy! We see Green & Blue Rangers, onscreen, with the background blacked out, as their bodies spin around and their chests are covered with a green-grid pattern. As the pattern forms over their chests, they take shape and color, forming into massive backpacks, hoisted over across their chests with their Ranger number symbol and color adorning the centerpiece. Green Ranger gets his arm into position, and the greengrid forms a weapon over it. It's a thick green & silver device, with that metal wheel we saw earlier being demonstrated. Blue Ranger does the same, only his weapon appears to be a big friggin cannon! Angela & Clark smile upon the successful debut of their new inventions.

Green Ranger steps forward with a "Ki-ya!", aiming his weapon at the gang of demons. Infinitor fires his sword at it, and when the blast of energy streams Joel's way, his arm-device opens up. The two spinning blade-fans split apart, and cause the energy to end up redirected right back at Infinitor, and his Batlings! With the monsters down, Joel notes, "Wow, this thing is amazing!" Chad agrees, "Pretty cool, Joel! Now let's see what mine can do." Blue Ranger turns to the flaming vehicle behind him, aims his cannon, and fires away. The fire goes away indeed, as several thick bursts of ice are shot out from the cannon, striking the car and dousing the flames within an instant. Inspired by Freezard, were they? Chad finishes the job and shouts, "Awesome!" Infinitor finally gets up and orders the Batlings to get them. Green Ranger offers to handle this, aiming his arm device again, and causing the wheel to split apart again. This time, the entire front piece spins around, counterclockwise, with the two metal wheels spinning also at the same time. The Batlings approach the strange new weapon, and are taken aback by the wind whipped up by it. One Batling tries stabbing the spinning fan with its tiny saber, but it gets chopped up in the spokes, and activates the firing mechanism, sending a large blast from within it. The blast takes nearly every single one of the Batlings down from the count. The centerpiece spinning ceases, and the two metal wheels begin spinning, with their pointed cogs spewing green energy out like a pinwheel. Two Batlings dare to try to poke the spokes with their sabers, but they're both knocked to the ground by the rapid rotation. Joel's device closes up again, and he comments, "Yeah! I like this thing!" Took them long enough, but the other three Lightspeed Rangers have finally made the scene. Busy elsewhere in the city with other demons, perhaps? Carter spots Ms. Fairweather and says, "Thank goodness you're alright!" He pats her on the shoulder, and spots Joel & Chad's new weapons. Carter calls them incredible, Dana thinks they're amazing, and Kelsey asks what they are. Angela replies, "Those are the Mega Battles." She smiles, as does her char-faced co-creator, Clark.

Green Ranger runs his hand along the weapon device on his arm, noting, "They got the color right, and everything!" As he's busy doing this, Infinitor charges towards him with his sword at the ready. He'd have gotten the drop on Joel too, had it not been for Chad's sharp eyes. Blue Ranger braces himself against his Mega Battle Cannon, and fires the ice stream off towards Infinitor. It hits the demon in the leg, literally freezing him in his tracks! Infinitor growls and struggles, unable to budge from the spot only a few feet away from Green Ranger. Chad shouts, "Now, Joel. Here's your chance!" Green Ranger replies, "You don't have to tell me twice!", as he rushes up to Infinitor with his wheels a-churning. He lifts the device in the air and comes down on the monster hard with the bladed wheel, but Infinitor blocks the attack with his shield. All Joel has to do is slash at the shield with his weapon two swift times, and the shield is chopped into two! Infinitor drops the pieces of his shield and growls, "Impossible!" Green Ranger finishes him off, by slashing him in the infinity symboled chest with his Mega Battle fanblades. Infinitor falls backwards, and explodes, leaving only a puff of fire, a chunk of ice, and apparently some meaty leftovers on the ground. Blue Ranger yells, "All right! You did it, Joel!", as Green Ranger stands tall and holds his weapon in the air, shouting a victorious, "Whoo-hoo!" Chad joins Joel's side by the fiery remains of Infinitor, noting, "Looks like we've seen the last of him, thanks to the Mega Battles!" The two turn and each give Ms. Fairweather & Clark and thumbs up. Pink, Yellow, and Red Rangers rush over to help celebrate their victory. Somewhere nearby, Jinxer is hanging around the woods. He's got a card in his hand, and comments, "It's not over yet, Rangers!" The card appears not to be a growth card, but rather a simple different monster card! He hurls the card off towards the burning remains of Infinitor, it lands directly dead center in the infinity symbol (it appears that his chest armor didn't quite turn into tiny chunks). Jinxer incants, "Like the pieces on the floor, you reform, come back for more!" Infinitor is restored, in giant form. He stands towering above the Rangers, who need to learn that these new weapons don't seem to be doing as permanent work on the demons as their regular old Rescue Blasters have done in the past!


Infinitor, now in giant mode, laughs in a deep, bellowing voice. Proving this seems to be Joel's day, Green Ranger gets to be the one to call, "Rail Rescues, on track!" The SuperTrain rolls off to the outskirts of town, and the Max Solarzord follows behind. The Rail Rescues reach a stop, and unload the Lightspeed Rescuezords. The Lightspeed Megazord is quickly formed, and Max Solarzord spins into battle mode right next to it. It seems they want to take a break from hooking up together at nearly every fight. Up in the mountain range, they face Infinitor together. Lightspeed Megazord shoots off its Ladder Arm punching attack. It strikes Infinitor's chest successfully a few times, but soon he wises up and grabs both of the extended fists. Helpless, our heroes get fried when Infinitor sends a surge of energy through the metal ladder arms. The Megazord topples, and it's up to the automated Max Solarzord to make the next hit. It jumps into the air and lowers with a kick, but Infinitor manages to snatch the Solarzord's leg, and spin the Zord around in the air like a helicopter. He eventually lets go, sending the Max Solarzord off into the distance, and once it falls, it remains out for the count for the remainder of the battle. Seems it really isn't too powerful without Titanium Ranger controlling it. Blue Ranger (no longer in Mega Battle gear, of course), notes, "This isn't working! We need the Lightspeed Megazord Saber!" Said Saber pops out of the Megazord's belt emblem, and charges up. Meanwhile in Skull Cavern, Olympius crosses his arms and does his usual trick of late, "Darken the sky!" His Star Power sends a squall of crimson red clouds to cover the battlefield. Even though they're not connected to the Solarzord, Carter points out, "We're losing power!" Meaning that, much like the original Megazord, this one heavily relies on solar energy. Infinitor gets the chance to slash at the Megazord with his sword a few times. It stumbles, but doesn't fall over, even when Infinitor kicks it with his scaly foot. Infinitor charges up his sword (I should note his shield has repaired itself as well), utilizing his infinity symbol power source. He hurls a blast of superpower at the Lightspeed Megazord, sending pain into each of the Power Rangers inside. The Megazord loses grip on its Saber, causing it to flip through the air and impale itself on a rocky hill. The Megazord drops over right beside it, all of its power complete tapped out. Infinitor growls, "You underestimated me, Puny Rangers!"

Red Ranger, unable to get the Lightspeed Megazord operational again, shouts, "Omegazords, Online!" One quick trip to the stars, at the speed of light, and the Rangers are loaded up in the Omega Megazord. It faces Infinitor, who grunts, "More tricks, I see!", upon seeing it. Carter has the Omega Missile fired, and the shuttle-cone shoots off at the demon. It's on target, until Infinitor blocks it with his shield. The Omega Megazord holds its staff at the ready, but before it can try firing again, Infinitor pulls another infinity charge-up attack. The Omega Megazord is down, its hull smoking, as Infinitor gloats, "You're no match for me! Hahaha!" Inside the cockpit, Kelsey asks, "What are we gonna do?!" Joel adds, "Yeah, we've tried everything!", even though he's forgetting they never tried using the Supertrain Megazord. Carter tells his team, "Just keep hanging tough, guys. I think we might have one last chance!" Red Ranger has spotted the Lightspeed Megazord Saber, still sticking out of the rock nearby. Infinitor infinity charges-up once more, ready to drop the finishing blow. It gets dodged by the Rangers quickly rolling the Omega Megazord over just before the blast hits. They get the Omega back on its feet, and without hesitation they send it leaping into the air. It grabs the Lightspeed Saber, and does a full backflip in the air, before landing perfectly on its feet. Infinitor is a bit confused with this move, but has his sword prepared to clang against theirs. Blue Ranger shouts, "Ignite", and the Omega Megazord charges up the Lightspeed Megazord Saber. The unusually matched set of weapons provides a very different result, as the Omegazord is surrounded by a massive wall of fire as it readies the Saber. The Saber is then struck with gold lightning, as the Omega Megazord slashes the Saber down into Infinitor. The demon is unable to block this attack, and with a howl, he begins to explode uncontrollably. He drops his sword and shield, and erupts with sparks and fire. Infinitor falls, but his body-ending explosion isn't shown. Instead, we simply hear the final blast as we witness the blood-red skies clearing up. The sun comes out, and the smoke clears, revealing the Omega Megazord standing triumphant, but holding its usual staff instead of the Lightspeed Saber.


Once more in the Lightspeed Aquabase, our heroes walk down the hall, returning from another glorious win. Joel appears quite depressed, so much he's hanging his head low and holding his hat between his hands. On the contrary, Chad is quite excited, patting Joel on the shoulder and exclaiming, "Our new Mega Battles are awesome!" Kelsey, trying to put to rest those rumors about her & Nancy, quips, "Almost as awesome as Clark!" Dana spots the hunky scientist (who appears to have recovered from his explosive experience, though he's still got a few bloody marks on his face) through the open door leading into the Galley, and gasps, "There he is!" She and Kelsey stand by the doorway and drool & giggle. Joel takes a glance somberly, watching as Clark whispers into Angela's ear. The Ranger Recruits enter, Kelsey says hi to Ms. Fairweather, and to Clark, both returning the greeting. They all walk past the table, waving to Clark, except Joel, who simply stands there. Clark happily greets Joel and asks him to take a seat. Joel turns him down, claiming, "No, I just want to say thanks. The Mega Battles really saved us out there." Clark arises and replies, "I'm the one who should be thanking you. Besides, it was all worth it getting to spend some time with Angela." Ms. Fairweather smiles, obviously the feeling was mutual. Clark picks up his briefcase and says, "I've got to get going!" He puts his hand on Angela's shoulder on the way out, she looks up at him lovingly and places her hand on his. He continues on his way, with her standing up and smiling as she watches him leave. Clark waves good-bye, and exits through the automatic doors. Joel stares at Angela as she watches Clark leave, asking, "You really love him, don't you?" She responds, "Yeah. Couldn't live without him." Joel, in a serious mood for a change, says, "I'm really happy for you. You deserve the best boyfriend in the world." The four Ranger Recruits sit at a table, making faces at Joel's surrendering of the war to win Fairweather's heart. Angela turns around and faces him, confusingly asking, "Boyfriend?! Clark is my brother!" Joel feels embarrassed, especially when his teammates burst out laughing behind him! Fairweather wonders, "You didn't think that he and..." Joel tries to play his mistake off, "No, no, no! Hehehaha! I was just kidding! Anybody can see that's your brother!" Angela smiles and steps closer to him, saying, "And I wanted to thank you, too. For watching out for him." Ms. Fairweather leans in and plants a big wet kiss right on Joel's right cheek. His embarrassed smile subsides after the kiss, and as Fairweather departs, Joel is left standing frozen solid. An aftereffect from her freezing by Freezard?! No, merely shock, as his teammates swarm around him, Carter snapping his fingers in front of Joel's face. Joel suddenly collapses, but all four of his pals are able to grab him before he falls, Kelsey mostly. They all laugh as he returns to life again, exhaling, putting on his cowboy hat. Joel concludes this by pumping his fist in the air with an excited, "Whoo!"

[Scenes from "The Great Egg Caper"; end credits]

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