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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"The Great Egg Caper"
Original Air Date: 11/03/00 Based on:
GoGo Five #16 - Dorobouto Saima No Tamago
(The Saima Egg Thief)
*11th episode of 8th Regular Season
(27th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1027
*27th episode of PRLR
*365th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Justin Martin _AS_ Artie
Greg Lewis _AS_ Vender (Mr. Litton)
Jonathan Briddell _AS_ Lead Man (Bird Bane Human Form)
George "Buck" Flower _AS_ Homeless Man [Note: Was the "Silver Ranger" in CTD2!]
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Michael Sorich _AS_ Bird Bane (voice)


[Scenes from "As Time Runs Out" & "In The Freeze Zone"]

In the demonic dwelling known only as Skull Cavern, bad things are hatching. The gargoyle head centerpiece has been activated once again, its eyes glowing red with evil power, as it forms an oval ball in the distance from its hellacious mouth. Olympius snickers sinisterly, as an oddly yellow & black colored egg is summoned forth by the hellmouth, looking like something that came out of Master Vile's rear end. He holds it in his palm, as Diabolico watches over the proceedings, smirking, "THAT is going to destroy the Rangers? It's nothing but an egg!" Olympius admires the small ovulation, and informs the elder demon, "It is now, but soon it will hatch into a monster and destroy whatever it sees!" We get a glimpse of what this should look like, an eerie shadowed form hovers over Mariner Bay, causing fiery carnage wherever it visits. The shape, BTW, looks very suspiciously like Trakeena's giant monster form from the upcoming team-up episode. Is there a connection? Likely not, given this episode's ending. Anyway, Vypra slinks up to Olympius and pleads, "Give it to us! We know how to hatch it!" Olympius turns her down, and calls on Jinxer, "You are the only one I can trust!" Jinxer walks in and bows, giggling devilishly. He hands the egg to his servant/ nanny, explaining, "It must be hatched under water. Take care of it!" Jinxer carefully clutches the egg in his Mickey Mouse Gloved hands, and bows some more, sniveling, "I am honored to serve you, Olympius! I will not let you down!" Olympius clenches his fist and growls, "You had better not."

[opening credits.]

Somewhere in downtown Mariner Bay, Kelsey skates around on her rollerblades. The area is the one of the same locations used for the final battle on Terra Venture in "Journey's End 3". She's got her Lightspeed Rescue Jacket on, as well as her yellow helmet, as she glides over the white & black striped floor. Kelsey eventually skates up towards a fruit stand vendor, who calls her by name. He's a kindly old man, named Mister Litton (a likely reference to 1st assistant director, Larry Kent Litton). She rolls to a halt near his fruit stand, as he becomes distracted and tells her, "Have a tangerine. I'll be right with you." She helps herself while Litton does something else with his back turned towards Kelsey. In the next stand over, a slacker punk with a purple cap on his head and a skateboard in hand, later named Artie, swipes a couple of apples and stuffs them in his backpack. Kelsey, sniffing several tangerines, suddenly becomes aware of the shoplifter, watching as he blatantly takes as many fruits as he pleases. She screams out, "Hey!", prompting Artie to give a grimace, drop his skateboard on the ground, grab a few more apples and ride off into the distance. Mr. Litton also spots this and cries, "Somebody stop him, he's a thief!" Kelsey hands the old man the tangerines, and quickly rollerblades after Artie. He makes some good speed, but Kelsey keeps up not far behind him. They skate along the boardwalk, and down an open stairway. He does some impressive tricks on his board as he passes by a frightened citizen. Kelsey also tries doing a jump, scaring that poor person on the steps a second time. Artie gets cocky as he approaches the docks, grinning obnoxiously and sticking his tongue out as he knocks over a yellow Mariner Bay trash can. Kelsey leaps over the rubber can, and presses onward, yelling, "Didn't you hear me? I said stop!" He simply continues knocking down garbage cans into her path, ignoring everything she says. He soon runs out of cans, and Kelsey manages to swerve around those he left before, angrily shouting. "I'm gonna get you!" Artie pays her no mind, skateboarding at full speed down the boardwalk. Soon, two guys carrying a large crate between them get shook up when Artie darts towards them, leaps into the air, and missing the crate perfectly, never letting the board drop from his feet, and losing no speed. Kelsey isn't as slick, skidding to a stop underneath the crate, rubbing her well padded knees against the ground as she does. The two men are a bit dazed, but manage to keep from dropping the crate on the Yellow Ranger's head.

Artie ramps himself off the side of a railing, causing Kelsey to slam into it when she almost had the thief within her reach. Kelsey, by the way, says the word "Hey" more times in these scenes than a Scarecrow in need of a restuffing. Artie's a slippery devil, as he rolls down the boardwalk, grabbing a large rope used to anchor boats to the dock. He hops off his skateboard, yanks on the rope, uses the board as extra leverage, and causes Kelsey to end up snared in his makeshift trap. He then flings her backwards, sending Kelsey blading in reverse, eventually toppling over onto her back. Artie gets a good, hearty, crooked laugh from this. He hears a white truck nearby begin to start its engine, and is prompted to drop his board again, skate close up to the truck, and do another one of his fancy leap maneuvers. This takes some poor schmoe riding in the back of the truck by surprise, as he and nearly all of the empty cardboard boxes the truck was carrying, are tossed over the side. Artie sits down on the bed of the truck and laughs at the painful plight of the guy he knocked over, pumping his fist in the air and cheering, "Whoo-hoo!" Kelsey finally recovers, and starts rollerblading after Artie once more. He tosses a box at her, but she avoids it. His next ploy is to give her what she wanted, namely, dumping out the apple contents of his backpack! The fruit roll down off the truck and end up jamming Kelsey's inline wheels, sending her tripping over her own feet and falling down again. The truck driver soon realizes that something is amiss, as he pulls to stop and yells, "Hey, what are you doing back there?! Get off my truck!" Artie causally grabs his bag and board, waves to the man, and skates away. Kelsey, clutching her bruised arm, and likely the bruised apples, yelling, "Hey! Stop!" once more for the road. Artie waves back to her as he escapes, "Sorry, gotta go!" Kelsey stumbles to regain her footing, but is unable to stand up in time to follow the thief as closely as before.

Kelsey, rubbing and flexing her injured elbow, rollerblades around the park. As she rolls through the area with the enclosed "cement pond", is the only way I can think to describe it, she fails to notice that Artie has slipped behind some bushes and is hiding out. Kelsey takes a look around and shakes her head, finding no sign of the thief anywhere. He spies on her from within the wooded area, snickering, "Better luck next time!" He picks up his skateboard and begins to sneak back into society, when he hears the screeching voice of Jinxer coming from behind him. Jinxer is ordering a small horde of Batlings around, telling them, "Treat that egg with the utmost care, or you'll deal with Olympius himself. Do you hear me?!" He's carrying an odd looking cane which we've never seen him handle before, as two Batlings carefully clutch the evil egg between their combined total of four hands. Artie awaits patiently in the bushes, as he witnesses Jinxer guiding the Batlings towards what appears to be a small pool of water with a garden completely surrounding it. Jinxy explains to the drones, "Now listen carefully, you nincompoops. Set it gently into the water. I cannot emphasize enough its worth!" Two Batlings, holding a metal wire shell around the egg, slowly dip the egg into the shallow water. It should be noted, little or no power drain should come to the demons from this foot-deep pool of liquid. This would be considered "tamed" water, and of no real consequence to them. Artie wonders, "What is that?", and crawls in for a closer look. Speaking of looking, Artie ends up tripping and falling loudly over his own skateboard, alerting Jinxer and the Batlings to his presence. Jinxer exclaims, "What was that?! Why a little spy!", as he turns and spots Artie. The Batlings aim their bat-sabers at him, as Artie cautiously arises, extends his arms and smiles, greeting them with a, "Hi, guys. How ya doing?" He quickly darts in the opposite direction, only to end up faced with another group of the bat-drones behind him. Artie tumbles, surrounded by Batlings, and instantly screams, "Heeeeelp!" Kelsey, still on the lookout for him, overhears his pleas. She skates down along the reservoir banks, towards the directions of the scream.

Artie is now being lifted up in the air and carried by several Batlings, while he shouts, "Let me go!" Jinxer interrogates him, demanding to know, "Who sent you here?!" Before he can answer, Kelsey makes the scene, yelling, "Let him go!" as she zips down the sidewalk. The demons are taken almost unawares, as Kelsey speeds through them, her fists a'flying. One punch hits Jinxer in the stomach, but upon inspection looks more like a little too close to the groin area for comfort. She also gut-slugs the two Batlings hoisting Artie in the air, sending them down, and the thief along with them. Artie tries escaping again, but the moment he stands, his arms are restrained by some other Batlings. Kelsey rolls to a stop quite a ways from the location of the demons, with Jinxer informing her, "This doesn't concern you, so just leave!" Kelsey doesn't think so, throwing her arms into position and shouting, "Lightspeed... Rescue!" Keeping on par with the recent episode's display for Chad & Joel, Kelsey's Morpher fires off her Yellow & White striped Ranger symbol. She skates into it, and rolls down on the ground as she passes through it, coming out fully morphed as the Yellow Lightspeed Ranger! Immediately, she gets to kicking some Batlings. They fall, she dodges some bat-blade attacks, and takes as many on as she can. Two of them are holding Artie hostage behind a tree, likely not wanting to be seen and beaten senseless. Kelsey apparently fights off the Batlings (notice how in the US footage, the location is much more sparse when it comes to plantlife than the Sentai stuff), and leaps at Jinxer with a flying kick. He's struck and is throw backwards, as Yellow Ranger continues duking it out with some Batlings. Lots of kicks are tossed, yet barely any Batlings actually go down.

Jinxer lifts up his goggly glasses, his tiny fly eyed slits peering at a sight he's quite scared to behold, "Oh, drats! More Rangers!" The other four Lightspeed Rangers leap onto the scene, in the traditional over-the-camera jump. Pink Ranger bounces off a tree, and lands with her boots fillaying, taking down quite a few Batlings without even using her hands. The two holding Artie captive turn to each other and nod, before taking off and leaving him there alone! Green Ranger does a mighty backflip, and lands with his legs locked around a Batling's neck. He twists out of it by spinning the bat-drone around and onto the cement harshly. Red Ranger batters up with his Baton, beating several Batlings badly. Artie takes advantage of the distraction and sneaks off himself. Blue Ranger whips his leg around in a kick, and pins a Batling down, allowing him to punch the drone in the crotch. Chad then hops up and kicks a different Batling down, the drone falling to Jinxer's feet. Jinxer quivers a bit as he takes a good look, noticing each and every one of the Batlings have been defeated, and remarks, "You Rangers are really starting to annoy me!" The Power Rangers regroup, with Carter proclaiming, "Get out of here, Jinxer. And I mean, NOW!" Jinxer flips over his cane, scoffs, "Yeah, right!", and pulls a trigger on the handle. It discharges a blast from the end of the cane, which is apparently also a gun-barrel. The blast strikes the Rangers as two bolts of greenish energy, causing our heroes to spark and tumble with lots of smoke. The two remaining Batlings, likely those who held Artie, scurry to Jinxer's side and squawk out some gibberish in a panic. Jinxer understands them, "What?! The egg is gone?! This can't be! It's got to be here!" Jinxer splashes on over into the pool with the two Batlings, joining two others where the egg was last seen. The metal wire container is still there, but the egg is nowhere to be found. Jinxer screams, "Oh, what a bunch of maroons! Find it! FIND IT!" The Rangers recover from his attack, and watch confused as Jinxer and the Batlings frantically search for something they can't find. Jinxer gives up, tossing the wire frame to the side and noting, "We'd better get back and track it from the Skull Cavern!" The Batlings teleport home, using a "be sucked into the ground" method instead of the usual "revert to bats." Jinxer folds his hands and vanishes into the ground as well, all five of them disturbing the water as they do this, Jinxy's glasses the last things to disappear. Pink Ranger, despite not having been told of what was going on, notes, "That's weird, who would want to steal an egg?" Red Ranger has no idea, but Yellow has a clue, as she spots an apple laying in the grass nearby. Kelsey picks it up and goes, "Hmm. Well I think I do..." Elsewhere, Artie has safely gotten away, and sits down on some cemented steps with his recent hot prize. He chuckles, realizing, "Man, everybody wants this egg!" He runs his fingers across the glossy surface of the egg, wondering what exactly it is. He's sure of one thing, "Whatever it is, it's worth a bundle!" He holds it to his face and kisses it, before slipping it into his backpack for safe keeping.


In the main hall of Skull Cavern, Jinxer hops around the misty covered floor, talking to himself aloud. "I've got to act quickly! If Olympius finds out he'll... I can't even imagine what he'll do!", Jinxer exclaims, as he hides behind a pillar within striking distance of the hell-mouthed statue. Jinxer removes a card from his pocket, thinking, "If anybody could find this egg, it would be a bird! This should be just the monster that can help me!" He snickers sinisterly and tosses the card into the gargoyle, spinning his hands around and incanting, "Demon forces, i'm in trouble. Give me help, on the double!" Unusually, nothing is ejected from within the mouth of madness. Jinxer waits a beat, and walks closer to the statue, shouting, "Huh?! What's the matter with you?!" Maybe it was a tiny power drain from all that splashing around in the pond, who knows. Before Jinxer knows it, the bird demon is spewed forth into existence, taking him by total surprise as it's thrown right into his face! The bird creature's head spins around and eyes bulge out comedically, and Jinxer, in shock, does sort of the same thing, his glasses expanding in size at the surprise. This doesn't last long, as the eventual happens, and the monster slams into Jinxer, both getting knocked cold. Jinxer is first to stand up, lamenting, "Oh, no. I ordered a warrior, and instead I get a cuckoo bird! Ohhh, i'm doomed!" Jinxer falls to his knees as the monsters arises, speaking in a flamboyant voice, "Hey! Who are you calling cuckoo?! I am Bird Bane, King of all winged demon creatures, a know!" His standing up causes Jinxer to get knocked over, and from the floor Jinxer spots the proof of his royalty, as Bird Bane as a crazy K Rool style crown atop his beaked head. Jinxer apologizes and covers his face, "Oooh! Please forgive me, your majesty. I had no idea!"

Always a favorite place to terrorize, the local Japanese supermarket is invaded by some Batlings. They come in search of eggs, similarly to guidance counselors with a bad case of Shellshock. The Asian customers flee in a panic, as the four harmless Batlings help themselves to every egg in stock. They deliver the stolen booty out into the receiving lot with shopping carts. Bird Bane, having awaited their arrival, stands up and rubs his hands together, "Well, it's about time! C'mon, hurry it up! Move it! Alright, let's see what you got." He takes one look at the cartons of chicken eggs and exclaims, "Ordinary eggs!? What, you think I want to make an omelette?!" Bird Bane pitches a fit, screaming "No" while shoving the carts over and breaking quite a few eggs. He yells, "Incompetent creatures! Like I say, never send a bat to do a bird's job!" As he verbally abuses his hired help, Bird Bane is greeted unexpected by the five Ranger Recruits as they walk onto the scene. Carter asks, "What's so important about that egg?!", and Birdy answers, "You'll never get it out of me! Not in a million years!" Kelsey gets an attitude, "Actually, we don't even care anyway. We're wasting our time. Let's go." She says this with a wink to her teammates, prompting Birdy to remark, "Whatever!" Chad follows suit, adding, "Yeah!" with a mighty shrug of his shoulders. Joel also gets in on the convincing, "Yeah! That egg will probably hatch into a turkey! IF it hatches at all!" The five unmorphed Rangers walk off the screen with a high & mighty expression on their faces. Bird Bane is angered into spilling the yolk, "Turkey?! Why, when that monster hatches, it will destroy all of Mariner Bay!" Kelsey stops in her tracks and turns to the creature, exclaiming, "So... THAT'S what it is!" Bird Bane slaps his own beak, his eyes bulge out again while his head swells, blurting, "Noooo!" Dana mentions to her pals, "We've got to find it first", but Bird Bane corrects her, "No way! I'll get it before YOU will!" The birdbrained monster and the Batlings are suddenly taken by surprise again, as it begins to rain hundreds of paper flyers from out of nowhere. The Ranger Recruits also get a downpour of paper, with Kelsey picking one up and reading it aloud, and Bird Bane finishing her statement. The ransom notes read, "If you ever want to see your egg again, bring $20,000 to the dock at noon... or else!" It has a small picture of the egg breaking open with a loud crack at the bottom. Bird Bane cries, "Oh, for crowing out loud! We've got to take care of this now! Let's move!" He and the Batlings teleport away, the Bats using their standard method, and the monster blinking out in a flying flash of light. The Ranger Recruits are left speechless, except the usually speechless Chad, who states, "NOW i've seen everything. Some thief holding an egg for ransom! Hehe." Kelsey glances up at the roof of the supermarket, and notices Artie sneaking around after having just dumped the flyers over. She squeals, "There he is!", he drops the remaining flyers, and races away.

Soon on the other side of the supermarket, the Ranger Recruits are one step behind Artie. He slides down a ladder, and begins rushing along the sidewalk, with our heroes in tow. The chase proceeds until they reach a structure near the water, where Artie heads down a flight of stairs. Kelsey heads across the platform above him, and leaps down, landing in front of Artie and cutting off his path of escape. The other Rangers on one side, and Kelsey on the other, Artie is informed, "You aren't getting away this time!" The ever cocky Artie shrugs his shoulders and smiles, "Alright! You got me!" Kelsey asks where the egg is, the other four Ranger Recruits start sweating up closer to him as he reaches into his backpack and pulls out a small tin can. He hands it to Kelsey, who struggles to open it up. Artie utilizes this distraction to slowly creep around her, waiting for the right moment. Kelsey opens the can, and out springs your standard gag snakes, scaring Kels and causing her to fall into her teammates arms. Artie is given a direct line for freedom, and takes it, racing down the rampway and pointing at our heroes, calling them, "Suckers!" They begin to chase after him again, they hardly run far, after Chad pauses them in a badly dubbed in line, "Forget it. He doesn't have it!" The team feel they've been foiled again, and Joel, frustrated, rips off his cowboy hat and slaps it against his leg.


It's nearly noon, and much like in "As Time Runs Out", the midday hour is a crucial point in time. At the dock, as per the ransomed instructions, our heroes are there, on a stakeout. Carter wears a business suit, with a red tie, a briefcase, his hair slicked back, and wearing crimson rimmed glasses. Ever the master of disguise, his Rescue Morpher is clearly worn above his sleeve. He walks around the docks, trying to blend in with other passerbys, as the clock strikes 11:57am. Carter stops, coughs, and continues on his way, right in front of Dana. She's sitting on a bench, strumming a guitar badly, and dressed like a punk rocker in leather, fishnets, and multicolored hair. She lowers her sunglasses after Carter passes, and glances over at Chad. He's casting a line out into the water, dressed like an average fisherman, his wardrobe likely borrowed from Earl. Chad looks around as he does this, trying to act causal, but the wind is whipping, and his badly glued mustache is starting to slip off! He notices it before it can, and presses the fake facial hair back onto his lip. Carter continues walking, pushing his glasses up and nodding to Kelsey & Joel. Joel is crossdressing, as he wears a long black wig, and a long green dress, with Kelsey slumped over and holding his/her arm, in a yellow dress, with a grey wig on and a girdle. She also has an extensive makeup job, giving her a face full of wrinkles. Joel makes note of them with a laugh, "Nice wrinkles, Kelsey!" Kels tells him to pay attention, and Joel beings to take things a little more seriously. He stands up tall, and adjusts his ample bosom with his hands. All four Ranger Recruits in disguise get a beep on their Morphers, as Carter contacts them, "Heads up, guys. It's almost noon." They aren't the only ones with transforming in mind, as five men in dark suits march onto the docks. The main one, the end credits call the Lead Man, has a fake beard on and a golden tie, setting him apart from the other four the sunglasses & hat-wearing MiBs. Kelsey & Joel spot them, and notice one has a briefcase in hand. The attention of the Rangers, and the strange men, turns to the chiming of the bell, as the clock strikes 12. A fourway splitscreen appears, as a strange whirring sound echoes throughout the docks.

The sound is coming from a small toy helicopter, dangling a net below it with the egg inside. It hovers above the men in black, with the Lead Man speaking in deep voice, "The egg!" He rushes underneath the tiny chopper and hops up & down, trying to reach the stolen prize. He's unable to grab it, as it's too far above the ground. A speaker on the small chopper is activated, with Artie saying, "Put the money in the trash can!" Lead Man orders one of his lackeys into placing the briefcase into the yellow trash can. Dana & Chad are the closest to this, getting an up close view as the briefcase is dropped into the garbage (or as it reads "recycle"). Artie is merely a few feet away, sitting on a small Jet-ski with the microphone in hand, telling the men through the chopper, "Thanks for the money, guys. It's been fun!" Lead Man realizes the thief is there, too late, as Artie revs up his Jetski and takes off into the lake. A small rope attached to the can drags it behind him, taking it off the docks, and luckily, the lid never comes off. Chad drops his fishing rod and rushes over to get a closer look as Artie ends up in the middle of the lake. Dana, Kelsey, and Joel also watch attentively, as Artie hits a button on his remote unit, and causes the toy chopper to drop the egg. It beans Lead Man on the noggin, and falls onto the ground. It rolls and bounces, and upon getting in Lead Man's hands, he realizes it's a fake! It's just a normal small orange ball spraypainted with black! Lead Man spikes it on the floor, "D'oh"s, tosses his hat in anger, and his ears suddenly steam out like a train. His head instantly bursts into flames, and his body transforms into his true form, that of Bird Bane! His fellow MiBs were actually Batlings in disguise as well. Birdy shouts, "Get him!", and that the four Batlings do. They leap into the water, and begin to swim along after Artie, who makes waves on his Jetski. They bob up and down, almost securitized, but fail to reach him. Why don't these Batlings explode or become reduce into dust instantly, upon being submerged in untamed water? You'll see in a moment.

Bird Bane, frustrated with the Batlings' inability to capture Artie, grunts, "I'll do it myself!" But before he can, Carter pops open his own briefcase, and flings his red Rescue Rope across the yard. It ends up snagging Birdy's feet, causing him to trip and slam his face into the pavement. He rubs his nose, whining, "Oh, my beak bone!" Carter lets go of his rope, as his undercover teammates regroup by his side. He tells Kelsey to go after the thief, and she makes no haste in doing so (she may look like her Grandmother now, but she can sure move faster!). Bird Bane recovers from his trip, and remarks, "Oh, you pesky Rangers are ruffling the wrong feathers!" Carter takes a look at Dana's wild new look, and comments, "Let's do it, guys!" Joel snaps off his fake hair and remarks, "Thank goodness. This wig is itchy!" The four shout "Lightspeed... Rescue", and Morph into more appropriate attire offscreen. Kelsey darts down the docks, following the trail left by Artie's Jetski. She sheds every bit of her disguise, including, "Mission Impossible" style, her makeup. Kelsey runs, and she's going the distance! Either that's a slow Jetski, or she's got Olympic legs of steel! Back at the battle, Bird Bane gnaws on Red Ranger's arm. He shouts for his teammates to grab the monster, but Green & Blue simply duck out of the way! Carter's arm begins sparking under the stress of the teeth being clamped down on it. Elsewhere, Artie reaches the other end of the docks, home free. He opens up the briefcase and finds a whole lot of green stuff. No, not leaves, actual honest Ben Franklins! Those Batlings must have held up a bank offscreen, or else invested wisely in eggs at the Mariner Bay stock market. Artie is wowed, "Oh man! All the stuff i'm gonna be able to buy with this! Hahaha!" He tosses some bills into the air, and kisses another wad of hundreds in his hand.

As he's distracted playing with his winnings, he fails to notice that those Batlings that were following him have finally caught up. The four demon-drones are soaking wet, as they wander around the dock area, dripping all the while. They find a Jetski with "Harbor Patrol" on the side, implying that's where Artie stole it from. They suddenly ambush Artie, taking him unawares with a flying leap kick to the life-preserved chest. One of the Batlings tries snatching the briefcase of money, so Artie quickly stands up and struggles with them for it. The others try holding him back, but he refuses to let go of the case. With his arms tied up with the other three, the last Batling raises its bat-blade at him, and prepares to strike. Before it can hit Artie, it's blasted in the back from afar by a laserbolt! The Yellow Ranger leaps onto the scene, with her Rescue Blaster poised and ready. She kicks the Batlings away, and allows Artie to regain possession of his ransom. Kelsey asks him if he's okay, he nods and tells her yeah. Yellow Ranger gets back to action, leaping through the (now) three Batlings with her feet flying. She hops atop a crate and kicks up some bat-butt, firing at another Batling when it attempts to go after Artie. Kelsey them jumps off the crate, rolls, and blasts at one of the remaining two with her Rescue Blaster. She chuckles, and spins the Blaster in her hand, before aiming it again at the last remaining Batlings. It sparks and is knocked back against the crate, before doing something we've never seen happen before. Chalk this up to the power drain by having taken a dip in the water, because we finally see a Batling be destroyed! The laserblast causes him to writhe in pain, as his skeleton glows red, and his body demolecularizes into two tiny bats which quickly fade away. Yellow Ranger reholsters her Blaster, and turns to Artie. He holds his briefcase selfishly, remarking, "I hope you don't think you're taking this money. I earned it!" She raises her visor, and asks him, "What?! You didn't earn it, you stole it. You're nothing but a common thief. You should be ashamed! People are in trouble and all you can do is think of yourself." Artie lowers his head and tries not to look at her, remaining silent as she scolds him. Kelsey lowers her visor and sighs, "Whatever", before rushing off to join her friends in battle. Artie finally yells, "Hey, you're wrong about me!", but even he appears to doubt that.

Meanwhile, Bird Bane claws at the Power Rangers, taking each one of them down with ease. He urges his last strike, the Red Ranger, to c'mon and get up. Carter doesn't, and ends up getting his chest stomped by the demon's big feet. Birdy remarks, "Everyone says the Rangers are so tough. I don't get it!" He gets it a moment later, when a white rope is suddenly flung his way, and wraps around his big golden beak. Yellow Ranger is behind the string pulling this time, yanking on the rope and asking, "How's this?!" She eventually sends him flying overhead, landing on the pavement hard, likely bruising a wing. Yellow Ranger heads to her teammates' side, and asks them if they're okay. Red Ranger is the first to rise, remarking, "Yeah, we're fine. But that bird's tougher than he looks!" Bird Bane calls out to Kelsey, "Hey, little missy! You're really starting to make me molt, and you do NOT want to see that!" He stomps his feet and charges towards the Yellow Ranger. Blue Ranger suddenly pulls out his Rescue Bird component from nowhere, firing the extinguishing weapon at the monster and telling him to, "Cool down, Birdy!" Talk about ice cream headache, Bird Bane's entire head is frozen solid by Chad's rarely used weapon. Red Ranger's turn is next, as he also has a rarely used Rescue Bird device, the cutter component! It's attached to his Blaster Grip, as he leaps into the air and crams it into Bird Bane's now thawed-out mouth. Up within a wing's reach, Birdy punches Carter in the gut, and flips him over hard. He lands near his teammates, as Birdy (head now frozen a bit again) pulls out five feather blades and notes, "Don't say I didn't warn you!" He tosses them at the Rangers, each one sticking into the chest of one of our heroes. They then explode violently (similar to those in "Ryan's Destiny". Also notice the lightning symbol on his chest, and his later armored mode which resembles Demonite's. Is this bird a relative of the old threesome, the Darkside Connection?), and all fall down. Bird Bane approaches them and informs them that they're finished.

Artie suddenly appears, calls out, "Hey, birdbrain!" Bird Bane turns his attention to the thief, with Kelsey crying out, "What are you doing!?" Artie has the egg in his hand, and holds it up in the air, asking, "Looking for this?" Bird Bane gasps, "As a matter of fact I am! Give it to me!" Artie obliges without a word, heaving it into the air like a profession football player. Bird Bane goes long, trying to carefully catch the egg before it can hit the ground. Artie yells to the weary Rangers, "Get him!" They finally get off their lazy butts, form the Unilaser in a blink, and standing together, aim it at the monster. The Power Rangers wait patiently, for Bird Bane to leap out after the egg, before firing. The Unilaser is blasted, striking Bird Bane just after he successfully caught the egg! He explodes, and the egg drops onto the pavement, shattering into a pile of shell and green & yellow goop. Our heroes pose as the meaty remains of Bird Bane tumble onto the ground around what's left of the broken egg. Kelsey exclaims, "All right!" Artie, from the sidelines, seconds it with a, "Whoo-hoo! Ah, yes! That was awesome!" Yellow Ranger giggles like a schoolgirl, raises her visor, and says, "Thanks to you!" Artie's cheering comes to an end when Jinxer appears and tells him, "You'll pay for interfering!" Jinxer aims his cane-cannon at Artie, and fires away, the blasts unloading on the helpless human and knocking him for a loop. Kelsey cries, "Oh no!", and rushes to Artie's side, helping him up and seeing if he's okay. He clutches his chest and nods, telling her that he's okay, she thinks this is great. Jinxer tells the Rangers, "No one ruins my plans, especially you!" The Power Rangers regroup, just as Jinxer heaves a growth card onto the remains of Bird Bane. The card glows instantly, as Jinxer recites, "Mighty King, you're not done! Rise up again until you've won!" The card he used wasn't the standard model, as instead of bats forming the monster in giant mode, the card continues glowing, and a swirl of orange energy twists into the creature. Bird Bane has some added attire in giant mode, as he's adorned in large silver metal armor over his head and shoulders. They charge up with power, and his mighty growl proves he means business. Polly want a cracker, a BIG cracker!

Yellow Ranger clenches her fist and calls out, "Rail Rescues, On Track!" The SuperTrain rolls out, and for the first time in a while, gets to be launched into the air, to form into the massive Supertrain Megazord! It faces the new and improved Bird Bane, from across a long stretch of city debris. Kelsey fires the first weapon, "Turbines, Supercharge!" Several balls of power are fired at Bird Bane, but he barely blinks as each blast is proven ineffective against his shiny new armor. He presses onward, marching towards the Supertrain Megazord. Carter is shocked, "The turbines didn't even phase him!" Dana adds, in case we didn't notice, "They bounced right off of him!" As they're busy pointing out the obvious, they get blindsided by Bird Bane's clawed fists. He rips into them twice, and then takes the air, flying around and dive bombing into the Megazord a few times. Birdy ends his flight with a head-butt to the Megazord chest, the sharp implement atop it providing some damage, but apparently giving Bird Bane a headache as well. Red Ranger hits the big red button, and launches the full assault arsenal. The complete stockpile of missiles inside the SuperTrain is unloaded into Bird Bane. At point blank range, this did some harm, causing Bird Bane's armor to become as cracked as the egg he was sent to protect! In the Supertrain cockpit, Joel remarks, "Bye-bye, Birdy!" Kelsey adds, "Good-bye", as she activates the secondary weapons system, the shoulder components switching to the fists and Carter charging it up to full power. The Turbine/Missile system one/two punch proves to be enough to scramble Bird Bane's eggs for good. He squawks in pain as he explodes, frying into nothingness in the background as the SuperTrain Megazord stands triumphantly still in the foreground.


In Skull Cavern, Olympius searches everywhere within the fog filled rooms for Jinxer. He calls out to the henchdemon, but Jinxer cowers behind a column, afraid to move. Olympius shouts, "I know you're hiding in here! I can smell you! Come out now!" Jinxer tiptoes out of his hiding spot, while Olympius has his back turned, Unfortunately, Olympius spots him, and fires a flame-blast at him. It strikes over Jinxer's shoulder, stopping him cold in his tracks. Jinxer plays it off, explaining, "Oh, Olympius! I've been looking all over for you! It's not my fault. It's really not. Oh, please don't!" Olympius is unconvinced, firing several flame-blast attacks at the lackey. Jinxer quickly turns around and tries to cover his eyes, but his hands switch to covering his rear, as the blasts strike him directly in the winged butt. When they cease, Jinxer scurries away screaming, with Olympius following and shouting, "Come back here!" Speaking of coming back, Kelsey is back where she started this episode, in front of the Convention Center. She spots a surprising sight, Artie, talking to three homeless people! If you're wondering why there are homeless living in Mariner Bay, the explanation is quite simple. One of the bums is played by the same guy who claimed to be the Silver Ranger in "Countdown To Destruction, Part 2"! I like to think he ended up on the streets after much of Angel Grove was destroyed. Anyway, Artie is heard talking to them, "Look, I know it's not a lot this time. I'm sorry, but it's the best I could do." He hands a paper bag filled with food to the homeless man, who smiles and claims, "You're always so kind to us." He shakes Artie's hand, and thanks him, provides the first mention of Artie's name onscreen. Artie smiles back and tells him it's no problem. Kelsey walks over and says, "So that's why you were stealing. I didn't know." Artie promises, "I'm NOT going to steal anymore. I even gave the money to the police." He shrugs and keeps walking, with Kelsey joining him soon and asking, "But what about your friends?!" Artie says, "Ah, they'll be alright. I found another way to help out." Immediately upon turning the corner, Mr. Litton calls out, "Hey, Artie! How bout helping me unload these oranges?!" Artie replies, "Okay, be right there!", and then tells Kels, "Mr. Litton let me work to pay for what I took before and now he's keeping me on. I've got a job!" He smiles and Kelsey smiles back, calling this awesome. Artie has to get back to work, rushing over to help Litton with his supply of fruit. Kelsey calls out to him, "Hey! Maybe later you can show me some of those moves on your skateboard." Artie laughs, "Oh, come on! You'd never keep up!" He then hurls an orange at her, which she catches before it hits her in the head. Kelsey giggles, and squeezes the fruit.

[Scenes from "Ocean Blue"; end credits]

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