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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Ocean Blue"
Original Air Date: 11/04/00
*12th episode of 8th Regular Season
(28th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1028
*28th episode of PRLR
*366th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Kamera Walton _AS_ Marina The Mermaid [Note: Was Psycho Yellow's voice & human form actress!]
T.J. Rotolo _AS_ Rowdy Guy [Note: Was a Fireman in "A Face From The Past".]
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)


[Recap of villain & Ryan stuff from "As Time Runs Out"]

It's nighttime near the ocean, and below the rocky cliffs, imprisoned against the raging seas, is a half-human goldfish! Well, a mermaid, actually, later named Marina. And I assume her tail color would be more likely considered orange (her hair is dark blonde, with a flower in it). She's chained against the jagged edge of the cliff, with both wrists shackled, her arms apart as she tries pulling away. The waves smash into her, apparently having done so for many hours on end. You're not supposed to keep those fishpeople out of the water for too long, just like you're not supposed to keep them underwater for too long, I wager. Or maybe it's the lack of movement, and like sharks she has to keep moving in order to breathe properly, and can't when restrained. Anyway you look at it, Marina's in distress. Above her, atop a rather low cliff (with an ominous skull with two long horns, on a stick impaled into the rock, holding her chains tightly), Vypra appears. She walks up to the side and calls out to Marina with a smirk and a "Hey!" Marina turns around and clasping her hands together, begs, "Help me! Please help me!" Vypra obliges, charging up her saber and firing off a purple bolt blast into the chainlink binding the mermaid. They snap off, and though Marina still has the cuffs around her hands, she's able to dive into the water and submerge herself completely. Close to the ocean bottom, Marina spins around, enjoying her newfound freedom. The cuffs around her wrists vanish while she's under, and when she resurfaces, she calls out to Vypra, "Thank you so much, whoever you are! Thank you!" Vypra smiles and waves, as Marina begins swimming out to sea, likely a bit disappointed Adam didn't leap in to rescue her like he would have in the footage from Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Or was that her cousin? Anyway, Marina flaps her fins and gets as far away from dry land as she can, in beautiful coral locations expensively shot in the Bahamas (the end credits have an entire screen devoted to the underwater unit alone!). The question remains, when did Vypra grow a heart? Never, it appears, as she continues grinning, until Loki walks up behind her, astonishingly remarking, "I can't believe you actually found her!" Vypra, implying that she was behind the imprisonment with intent to play hero, states, "Everything is working perfectly."

[opening credits.]

Down at the Mariner Bay beach, quite a few people are enjoying some fun in the sun. Sitting on a pier, three young men are also having a good time, but at the expense of good manners. The main one, named "Rowdy Guy" in the credits, tosses an aluminum can into the water, while telling his buds, "And this guy, can't hit nothing. It's like he couldn't even see the ball. He had to be the worst hitter i've ever seen!" Below them, clinging to one of the wooden pillars supporting the pier, is Marina, hiding from sight. She gets a shock when the garbage being tossed down by the three punks above starts landing in front of her. The can Rowdy Guy threw turns into a clear plastic bottle. It vanishes in the next shot, where another soda can is tossed down her way. She now has a small plastic cup in her hand, and reaches over to pick up the can as well. The men continue to remain environmentally unconscious, as another one of the guys drops his plastic cup into the water like it was a joke. The cup splashes into the bay, and guess what? Turns into a soda can! It lands a few feet away from Chad Lee, who is floating around on his surfboard, and spots the whole lotta polluting going on. We cut back to Marina, who hides behind the barnacle covered pillar, holding two cans and a cup. One cut back to Chad, reveals there's now a HUGE mass of garbage in front of him! Bad editing aside, Chad yells to the men, saying, "Hey! Don't throw that in there." He swims over and begins cleaning up the water trash pile, as Marina spies on him attentively. The rowdy guys laugh at Chad, and begin throwing more garbage down at him cruelly. They mock him, pretending they've got butterfingers (not the candy bar), feigning they're sorry as they "slip" and drop piece of trash after piece of litter into the ocean. Is there no fine for such a crime in Mariner Bay? Not officially, but they had to go and cross "silent but deadly" Chad. He rides his board across the water, heading underneath the pier. Marina continues watching him, as he floats up close to a pillar a few feet away from her, hops up on his board and gives the support column a mighty kick! He's got pretty strong legs, as the entire pier is rocked like an Earthquake is going on, sending the three rowdy guys tumbling overboard. They fall into the water, causing Marina to giggle from the sidelines. Chad asks the men, "You're going to clean this up, right? The ocean isn't a trash can." The main Rowdy Guy, not wanting to tick Chad off again, reluctantly agrees, "Yeah.. uhh, alright, we're gonna clean it up! Sorry!"

As the Rowdy Guys swim around collecting the garbage, Chad bobs atop his board, overseeing their following through. He suddenly hears Marina's giggling, and spots her under the pier. He quickly is overcome with a smile upon seeing hers, showing off his social skills taught by Kelsey by telling her, "Hi! I'm Chad." Marina remains silent, staring at him and batting her eyelashes. Chad looks around nervously and asks her, "What's your name?" She shies away from him for a second, lowering her head. Chad adds, "Uhh, do you live around here?" Marina never utters a word, and never gets a chance, as Chad's suddenly distracted by the sound of Kelsey's voice, screeching from off the mainland, calling out to him, "Chad! We gotta go!" He turns his head for but a moment, and when he turns back to Marina, she's nowhere to be found. A quick visual inspection of the area shows no signs of the mermaid, or as Chad thinks, just some hot & wet female. He heads back to shore (I should point out he wears his Rescue Morpher while in the water. It may be water resistant, but I don't think he should risk damaging it nonetheless!), and runs towards the Rover, the two-piece bikini-wearing Kelsey joins him, saying, "Hurry up! The Captain needs us!" They reach the Rescue Rover, Chad tosses his surfboard in the backseat, and jumps into the front. Kelsey, in a PRLR first, gets to sit in the driver's seat and pilot the Humvee back to the Aquabase! Chad looks out the window, back towards where he met the mysterious merchick. Marina is out in the bay, staring back at him, watching him leave her life, possibly forever. She dives back into the blue rippling waves of the water, her golden orange tail wriggling in the air briefly.


Out of the water and into the water, as Chad & Kelsey have returned to the Lightspeed Aquabase. Chad, slipping from his surf-suit into his scuba-suit, walks with Kelsey (back in her usual, stinky attire), and Captain Mitchell, as the Cap'n explains, "The communications cable must have been broken. Security camera on domes 4 & 6 are dead." The three enter the Conference Room, where Dana, Carter & Joel are awaiting. Mitchell greets his Rangers, as they stand around a small scale model of the Aquabase. It appears, btw, that this might actually be the same model Stargate Films uses to film the exterior shots with! Hope nobody breaks it. Carter asks the Captain, "Do we know where the break is?" Mitchell, using a pointer, shows them on the model, "We detected a small rockslide here." He points to the model of the surrounding ocean floor walls, with tiny little pebbles serving as a demonstration for the rockslide, crumbling at his beckoning. Chad watches closely as Mitchell points to the location of the video cables, which they think were damaged due to the sinking stones. Mitchell explains to Chad, "What I need you to do, is swim from the Base Unit, over to the Southwest Tower. Find any breaks. Make any necessary repairs." The Ranger Recruits look at the model as well, but feel pretty much useless in this situation, likely not used to having Chad be so valuable! Chad stands at attention before Mitchell, telling him, "Don't worry, sir. I'll take care of it." The Captain finds this excellent, and tells Chad that they'll monitor him from Rescue Ops. Soon, Chad is getting some assistance in strapping on his oxygen tank by Carter & Kelsey, near the pool in the Weapons Lab. Kels hands him his finds and says, "Be careful." Chad nods, slips on his mask, looks at Carter and leaps into the water. Usually he goes out that way to relax and visit some friendly fishes, but today's he's actually got work to do. Kelsey & Carter walk down the hallways of the Aquabase, passing by the Galley. Inside, we see several Lightspeed Tech & Cadets sitting together and enjoying meals. Behind them, in the window, we see Chad scubaing his way through the bay.

Chad swims through the water with his scuba gear on. As I said earlier, these underwater scenes were filmed in the Bahamas. He follows one of the communications cables along the sea floor, through several small coral reefs. So focused is he, that he fails to notice the beautiful sea-blossom nestled not too far to his side, Marina! She's admiring him from afar still, a big smile across her face as she witnesses him swim by. In the Aquabase, Kelsey & Carter reach Rescue Ops, joining Joel & Dana with Captain Mitchell, as they gaze into a monitor showing Chad's progress. Mitchell speaks over his headset to Chad, "You should be coming up on a broken cable." Outside, Chad finds a broken cable as expected, using his small flashlight to help locate the brightly lit cable. Chad tells Mitchell, "I've got it, sir!", yet his entire mouth is filled with the breath-hole! Perhaps in reality, he sounded more like "Aw fuwh uuh, suuh", but we get it more clearly, or something. Anyway, he picks up the snapped cord, and explains, "It's actually pretty minor." He uses some tools at his disposal to patch the cable up, reconnecting it in a jiffy. Marina, despite being under water, manages a loving sigh as she watches her big strong hero at work. He fixes the cable, and tells Mitchell, "That ought to do it. Give it a try!" In Rescue Ops, Captain Mitchell presses a button, and the monitor goes from static to pictures of the sea floor in less than a few seconds. Mitchell smiles and says, "You did it, Chad!" He swims up in front of the security camera and gives a big thumbs up, his teammates are happy and Mitchell orders him to return to base. The four Ranger Recruits follow Carter's suggestion of, "Let's meet him at the Transport", exiting Ops and leaving the proud Captain behind. He turns his attention away from the monitor, walking off and checking on some of the Cadets. Chad ceases hamming it up for the camera, and swims back to base as ordered. Marina is gazing at him nearby, feeling and looking like she's floating on air, in a literal and figurative sense. Her loving stare is cut short when she notices there's a rockslide slipping down the side of the coral reef above Chad. She's unable to scream to alert him, and he becomes aware of this a little too late. The shower of stones drop down on him without warning.

Marina swims towards Chad as fast as her deliciously nutritious tail can wiggle. He drops his pliers, implying something bad has happened to him offscreen. Marina continues lunging his way, jetting through the water with the speed of a dolphin. Inside the Aquabase, the four Ranger Recruits await patiently around the pool. Dana's on her knees beside it, watching as the calm water remains undisturbed. She wonders as she rises, "What's taking him so long?" Kelsey is visible worried by the look on her face, and realizes, "Something's not right." Carter's quick to be the hero, blurting, "I'm going in!" He heads over and begins rummaging through some scuba gear, when Joel points out the airbubbles popping up in the pool. It's Chad for sure, but instead of surfacing safely, he plops up unconscious! Kelsey screams out his name, as the others scramble to get him out of the water to see if he's okay. Kelsey & Carter, mostly, as they're the ones to leap in and lift his injured and pruny body up. Things go fuzzy, and sometime later, Chad opens his eyes, finding himself in the Infirmary with his four teammates at a vigil in front of his bed. Dana, returning to her paramedic skills, tends to him, and points out, "He's coming around." Chad looks around, and Kelsey takes his hand, saying, "Heyyy! You really scared us", while sitting on the bed beside him. Joel asks, "What happened out there?", and Chad answers groggily, "Some rocks fell. I was pinned down. And then... Somebody pulled me free." He flashes back to the last things he remembers, the orange finned gilly backside of Marina, and her face as she helped him out of his rocky predicament. Chad realizes "That's impossible!", Joel & Carter look at each other confused, and Kelsey asks him what was impossible. Chad holds back, saying, "Nothing", prompting Dana & Kelsey to exchange glances, and then turn to the other guys. Carter explains, "Chad... you were the only one out there." Chad remains silent, but sure of what he saw. Dana talks to her teammates, "C'mon guys. He needs his rest." They pile out, with Kelsey the last to leave, dragging her feet as Chad gives her a small wave good-bye. She shuts the lights off on her way out, and once the door closes behind her, Chad is left in the dark room with only the beeping of his heart monitor and the illumination from the watery window to keep him company. He turns over on his side, and returns to slumberland.

As Chad sleeps, outside the sealed hull of the Lightspeed Aquabase, Marina the Mermaid floats around his window. How she found him when she can only see his blanketed feet through it, we must chalk up to love guiding her way, or else sonar. Chad feels a familiar presence nearby, and opens his eyes. He sits up and pulls back the curtain next to his bed, exposing the fact that Marina is peeping on him! If you saw the preview of this episode in "The Great Egg Caper," you'd have seen an unused longer, wider window shot of Marina floating outside. It looked nicer than the one used here, with Marina peering through the smaller porthole, smiling through her flood of exhaled airbubbles. Chad gasps upon seeing her, and remarks, "It WAS you!" He stands up and walks closer to the window, pressing his right have against the glass. Marina smiles gently and does the same, pressing her left hand against the opposite side of where his is. It's kinda like a love story with one person inside of prison, though I doubt Marina will be opening her golden bikini top anytime soon to pull a Jim Carrey off of "Cable Guy". They linger with their hands extended to one another, smiling and gazing at each other romantically. Chad is relieved, "I KNEW I didn't imagine you." Marina soon breaks off from their "put 'em on the glass" contact, and swims away, leaving Chad with his hand out for a moment longer. He spots her tail as it flaps against the glass on her way out, and slowly closes his hand, either already missing her, or thinking to himself like Fry on Futurama, "Why couldn't she be the other kind of Mermaid, with the fish part on the top and the human part on the bottom?!"

Marina swims to her home, and underwater cave filled with various colored conkshells and lit candles. She surfaces inside her dwelling and gives a lovesick sigh. Suddenly, Vypra's voice rings out, "Hello, pretty one." She's sitting on a rock, making herself at home, and apparently not too worried about falling in the water and being drained of her power. Marina isn't afraid, smiling and exclaiming innocently, "You again!" Vypra notes, "Don't YOU look happy?" Marina giggles and swims closer to her savior, claming, "Only thanks to you. I've met somebody so... wonderful!" Vypra urges her to, "Do tell me more!" The girl talk continues, as Marina reveals, "His name is Chad. He LOVES the ocean. He's so kind... and considerate." Vypra makes a pun as she stands up, "He sounds like quite a catch!", she walks across the cave, scheming aloud, "But i'm sure some guy like that must have every girl in town after him." Marina appears worried, asking, "You think so?" Vypra lies, grinning evilly, "Oh yes. You've GOT to win his heart." Marina asks how, and Vypra kneels to her, handing the mermaid a small, shell-encrusted box. Marina asks what it is, and accepts the gift, opening the box and taking a look at the small silver dolphin inside. She comments, "Oh, it's beautiful!" Vypra tells her, "Give him this, and he'll NEVER forget you", before standing up again and walking away. Marina clutches the box to her soaking bosom and squeals, "Oh, thank you!" Hopefully, Vypra has a way out that doesn't involve swimming...


The following day, Chad is out in the middle of the bay, sitting atop a Jetski. He uses a small pair of binoculars, as he scours the area looking for any sign of his aquatic amore. Chad comes up empty, having not gotten a bite all morning. He rides his water ski back to the docks, a quite popular place these last two episodes. He exits his oceanic vessel and walks his blue-vest wearing self across the dock. As he does this, Marina pops up out of the waves and speaks her first words to him, shouting, "Chad!" He turns, wiping the depressed look off his face the moment he witnesses her wading in the water. Chad smiles back at her, saying, "Uhh, hey! I've been looking for you everywhere. I didn't get a chance to say thank you. You saved my life!" He bends down to talk to her, as she hangs off the side of the dock, giggling and blushing. Chad says, "I just realized. I don't even know your name!" The mermaid finally reveals it, telling him, "It's Marina." Chad smiles even wider and repeats it in awe, prompting her to confirm with a "mm-hmm". He says, "That's nice", rather convincingly. She hands him the small box Vypra gave her, and tells Chad, "I have a gift for you!" He's humbled, saying, "You shouldn't have! But... thanks!" He takes it, and she tells him, "I think you'll REALLY like it." Chad opens the small shell-covered case, sees the silver dolphin within, and smiles at his fish-ladylove. He does seem to like it, that is, until it glows blue and fires off a ricocheting ray around him! Chad falls onto the wooden boarded floor of the dock, as Marina screams out for his safety. The beam emitted by the dolphin causes a blue and purple coil to wrap around Chad's chest, and instantly form into a tightly wound set of chains. Chad's arms are tangled in place by the chains as well (in one shot they're binded, but in a quite few other shots, they're perfectly free!), with no way to reach his Rescue Morpher or break out of the shackles.

As he struggles, and Marina calls out to him helpless from the side of the dock, Vypra & Loki teleport in, with a horde of Batlings! Chad has time to dub in a line offscreen, "Vypra?! What are you doing here?" (Duh, capturing you, perhaps?) Vypra motions the Batlings to pick him up and restrain him further. They do this, as he cries, "Let go of me!" Vypra slinks over closer to Marina, and says as loud as she can, "Good work! I TOLD you he'd never forget you." Chad, with a face expressing as much betrayal as Marina's, gasps, "You knew?!" Marina shakes her head and denies it, "No! She tricked me!" Vypra doesn't protest it, turning to Chad with a wicked grin. Vypra turns herself around and looks towards Chad, exclaiming, "I've been waiting a LONG time for this day." The Batlings force Chad to his knees before their empress, as Vypra raises her sword above Chad's head and prepares to sever it off. Marina, unable to do much, does all she can, lifting herself up as much as possible and reaching, grabbing Vypra's booted ankle and knocking her down! She doesn't fall in the water, sadly, but is quite annoyed. Marina quickly begins trying to swim away from the scene, inspiring the Batlings to follow along in an effort to trap her. Chad cries out, "No!", as they do this. Loki orders the Bat-Drones, "Catch her! Don't let her swim away!" The Batlings, though quite eager to hop in for a dip last episode, have learned the hard way that demons & water don't mix, and not wanting to end up like the last guys who did, grow quite reluctantly to make a splash in the bay. Chad is unable to break free to rescue her, though if she'd just dived down instantly of remaining close to the surface, she'd be in no danger. Maybe she didn't want to leave Chad alone? It costs her dearly, as Loki tells the Batlings to, "Throw the net on her!" They summon forth a large net, and toss it on her. Marina is snared in the large net, like those used to capture lobster out in the ocean. Chad struggles some more upon witnessing his newfound love fighting to escape the tangling mess of rope covering her. The Batlings holding him back get a little cruel, punching him in the stomach and tossing him off against the dock floor. Other Batlings then pick him up, and continue the abuse for no apparently reason at all.

Down below a bit, Loki orders his drones to, "Hurry it up, Bat-brains!" They drag in the net with Marina inside, as she shouts, "Oh, please don't!" Chad is forced to watch as a horde of Batlings (ever notice how they seem to multiply between shots and then thin out just as quickly?) lift the netted mermaid up out of the water. Chad is chained to a railing, screaming, "Let her go!" Vypra aims her saber at Marina and growls, "How DARE you interfere?" The Batlings apparently are in a chain-gang mood today, and have attached one to the net with Marina inside. They then fling her back into the water, as Chad shouts, "No please" and she cries, "Noooo!" That chain is attached to a 1-ton weight, which three Batlings are able to lift and dump into the water beside the mermaid. She's unable to break out of her netted confines, as she waits for the weight to reach the bottom. Marina stares Chad directly in the eye, both exchange looks of dread and fear. The weight finally drops far enough down to pull Marina with it, and her last words before going under are, "Chad, Help! Glub!" Chad screams for her, and Vypra gloats evilly over sending the mermaid to sleep with the fishes permanently. We must assume that, once again, either she needs to be able to move in order to survive properly underwater, or else being submerged for extended length of time is deadly to a half-mammal creature like herself. Take your pick. Marina slowly sinks to the bottom of the bay in her netted coffin. Vypra now approaches Chad once again, aiming her saber at him and warning him that he's next. He continues struggling to no avail. Below, the 1-ton weight continues dropping, taking Marina with it. Above, Vypra boasts, "I just want to savor this moment." This allows Chad, with both arms now chained behind his back, time to get his left hand over to his right wrist. It appears that he was somehow able to summon his Battle Booster offscreen, and has it out now, mere inches from activation. Vypra once again takes her blessed time in raising her saber, and thus, Chad is able to press 5 on his Booster with his index finger. This charges up his hand, and allows him to snap the chains loose like Superman.

Vypra's sword falls against the metal railing, not breaking it so apparently it wasn't that tough of a swipe anyway. Chad rolls out away from her blade and begins to beat down the Batlings. A swift kick to one of them sends it flying backwards, and hurtling over the side into the water! He's never seen again, the poor fellow. Two others try restraining Chad physically again, but fail to do so, as he elbows one in the back of the head and starts punching and chopping the demon-drones away from his person. Batlings behind him try holding him while others strike, but he merely backflips over them and proceeds to introducing them to his bare, skilled feet of steel. Chad swings around and snags a Batling's arm under his own, allowing him to snatch the Batling's Bat-blade from its clutches. He takes the drone down, and gets a keen idea. Chad rushes past the army of Batlings, trying to get to the water. He doesn't make it far before he's confronted by Vypra. She slashes her sword at him again, but he ducks out of the way. He missed getting sliced, but has some Batlings behind him start trying to cop a feel again. He shrugs them off, but not before Vypra is able to get a boot kick on him. He deflects it as best he can, slips out of his life vest with a Batling's help, and throws it at Vypra. Chad then runs towards the edge of the dock, barely missing getting his legs cut by two Batlings. He leaps up into the air, and does a flip, diving into the water with a perfect 10.0. Nice form! Vypra grunts as she, Loki, and the Batlings peer over the side, foiled by Chad's ever fancy footwork. Chad, meanwhile, is plunging down into the bay, with the Bat-blade in hand. Marina is relieved to see him, as he swims down and cuts her free of the net using the demonic weapon. Up on the docks, notice that some kind of smoke is sizzling off of a ripple in the water. Was a weakened Batling pushed in, only to melt to nothingness offscreen? Possibly. Vypra notes to Loki, "They've been down there TOO long." Her sidekick agrees, "Yeah, they sure have!" Vypra figures, "That's the end of both of them." Loki does the always Ryan-less math, "Two down, four to go! Ahahaha!"

The henchdemons turn away from the water for but one-second, and miss a glowing blue light emanating from below. It grows brighter as the Blue Lightspeed Ranger suddenly leaps out of the water, with a jump so strong, he flies into the air and lands atop the upper area of the dock, having passed over the monsters' heads! They're all surprised, especially Vypra. Blue Ranger turns to them and asks, "How DARE you use someone so innocent to do your dirty work? That's low, even for you!" He points at Vypra, who replies like she's about to limbo, "YOU haven't seen how low I can go!" She orders the Batlings to destroy him, and that they try. The Batlings climb up to the roof of whatever he's on, and the Blue Ranger awaits patiently. He immediately gets to punching and kicking them. Soon, he rolls along the floor, snatches up a chain and decides to use some on them for a change. He snares a Batling's blade within it, kicks another out of his way, and then makes sure the Batlings is wound tightly around the chain good enough. As he does this, he kicks another Batling into the water. He finally finishes up wrapping that one Batling like a chainlink mummy, kicks it in the leg, and uses the momentum to hurl him into the air. He lets go of the chain, and the Batling is flung directly into the sea, becoming unraveled as he spins through the air. Chad does more kicking and karate sounds, and it proves effective enough to defeat each of the Batlings who climbed up to confront him. Only problem is, they weren't alone, as Vypra asks, "Blue Ranger! Did you really think you could take on ALL of us?!" Loki adds, "Well think again!" He starts to hop up to fight the weary and waterlogged Chad, when he's struck in the chest by a bolt from the blue! Or rather, a bolt from the red, as Red Ranger appears on the scene with his Rescue Blaster aimed and fired. The other Power Rangers are there as well, with Carter asking, "Hey Chad, looks like you could use a hand!" Blue Ranger agrees, "Sure could!", as he leaps down and regroups with his teammates, thanking them.

Loki stumbles to stand up, grunting, "Let's get 'em!" Vypra and Loki stand on the opposite end of the dock, with a wide gap full of water between them. Not a safe place for the demons to be, but Vypra refuses to give up for a change, launching a saber-blast at our heroes. Blue Ranger whips out his V-Lancer and cuts the laser discharge in half with the blade of his own weapon. The remains of her attack rain down in front of our unflinching Ranger heroes, causing a loud pow-ing explosion and sparks. Vypra is stunned, as they all appear from within the smoke, each now holding V-Lancers as well. Red Ranger leads the charge, "V-Lancers, fire!", and the only Sentai footage this episode is played as stock footage of the V-Lancer Spectra-Blast! The ball of combined energy is aimed and tossed in the direction of the two henchdemons. It's a direct hit, as Vypra & Loki scream as they're hit, a massive (and I do mean massive) explosion erupting in its wake, with a small wave of fire is spewed outward (similarly to the explosion of Ghouligan in the first LR ep). Are they both done for? Well, they're done, more like WELL done, as Loki & Vypra cough through the smoke surrounding them. Their faces and bodies are a bit covered in soot, and both are unable to stand up. Vypra remarks, "We may have lost today, but now we know Blue Ranger's weakness... Love!" Loki hacks and coughs some more, saying, "Weakness?!" I'd say it made him much stronger!" In regard to the last part, Loki lifts up a piece of his wing, broken off in the explosion, as proof! Vypra slaps him in chest-gem with her sword, shouting, "Silence, you fool!" Loki whines and asks, "What'd I say?!" Vypra "ha-rump!"s, as the two demons teleport back to Skull Cavern. Across the docks, Blue Ranger is the last to lower his V-Lancer, with Kelsey asking Chad if he's okay. He states, "I'm fine, thanks", while patting her on the shoulder. Chad then begins frantically looking about, saying, "But i'm worried about Marina! Where is she?!" He and his teammates start out at the water, the waves gently rolling in, without a mermaid in sight.


The scene is tinted orange, similarly to Marina's tail, as Chad sits out on the dock of the Mariner Bay at dusk, watching the tide roll in and still awaiting Marina to show. He's now wearing his normal clothes and Lightspeed jacket, somber and longing for the girl of his wet-dreams (literal, not dirty) to show. A glimmer of hope bubbles up, prompting Chad to smile and arise from his resting point. He sees Marina swimming close to the surface, and she raises her head up with a smile as she reaches where he's crouching. Chad is overjoyed, "You came back!" Marina isn't as happy as she's been as she explains to him, "I wanted to say that i'm sorry. I would never do anything to hurt you." Chad replies, "I know that. I'M the one who's sorry. Vypra was only using you, to get to me. But she's gone now. And i'll never let her hurt you again. We can be together!" He rubs one of her hands that she has clutching the side of the pier, tenderly. Marina shakes her head and states, "I only wish that were true. But we come from different worlds!" She lowers her head in silence, accepting that it would never work between them. Chad refuses to give up, telling her, "But, Marina. I've never met anyone like you." She smiles, and says, "I'll never forget you either, Chad." She appears to fight back whatever it is water-dwellers use for tears, and slowly releases his hand from her grip as she floats away. He's heartbroken as she bids, "Good-bye, Chad. You'll always be in my heart." He keeps his arm extended out for a moment, similar to earlier, slowly lowering his hand as he watches her fins flap and splash away. Marina swims out of Chad's life, possibly forever, but at least for five episodes. He remains sitting at the edge of the dock, mourning and moping over finding the one fish in the sea he wanted but had to throw back. Meanwhile, his teammates are in the Rescue Rover, Dana & Kelsey staring out at the water, appearing a bit saddened. Joel is taking a nap, with his hat over his eyes. He soon lifts it up and takes a peek, saying, "He can't stay out there all night!" Kelsey corrects him, "Ohhhh YES he can." She doesn't seem to happy about it, exiting the Rover and heading over to Chad's location. She joins him on the docks, as he continues to gaze at the water as the sun continues to set. Chad speaks to Kelsey, "I told you, somehow i'd know when I'd found the right girl. She was the right girl." Kelsey puts her arm around her close buddy, comforting him as best she can. A fairytale ending not to be had, though if you consider the last Blue Ranger to fall for a half-aquatic woman, it's a good thing Chad didn't decide to quit the team and move into the cave with her!

[Scenes from "Trakeena's Revenge, Part 1 & 2"; end credits]

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