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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Trakeena's Revenge, Part 1"
Original Air Date: 11/06/00 Featuring footage and some story elements from:
GoGo Five vs Gingaman [VIDEO]
Aero rescue scene footage from:
GoGo Five #06 - Kabi Ga Kuru!
(The Mold Cometh!)
*13th episode of 8th Regular Season
(29th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1029
*29th episode of PRLR
*367th total Power Rangers episode
*Released at a very limited number of McDonald's fast-food stores as a part of the PRLR Toy Promotion in Spring 2000.
*Filmed And Released On Video During Regular Season 7 (First half of the 8th Season By Series).
*Mostly Filmed In "Circle Scan 4-D" (clear/opaque 3-D) process. Though it makes no difference.
*Video Title: "Power Rangers In 3-D: Power Rangers Triple Force"
*Released on video exclusively at (very few) McDonalds on: 4/ 28/ 00 Through 5/ 18/ 00.
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Lightspeed Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Lightspeed Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Lightspeed Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Lightspeed Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Lightspeed Ranger)

Special Guest Stars:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai Chen (Blue Galaxy Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo Corbett (Red Galaxy Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Galaxy Ranger)
? _AS_ Leo's Voice In 75% Of The Show [Sadly, NOT Russell Lawrence as we previously believed]

Additional Cast:
Jennifer Burns _AS_ Trakeena
Darla Haun _AS_ Mother
Chelsea Russo _AS_ Heather
Marcia Ann Burrs _AS_ Receptionist
Stanton Schnepp _AS_ Evil Office Worker (Office Security/ TriDork)
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice) [Credited in error as "Michael Forrest" on Video]
Michael Sorich _AS_ Triskull (voice)


[Scenes from "As Time Runs Out" & "In The Freeze Zone"]

On the verdant planet known as Mirinoi (as it appeared in "Journey's End," but without the moon), a storm is raging in a section of the natural jungles that cover the globe. The rain falls harshly on the five Quasar Sabers, which protrude from the ancient stone they spent 3000 years in and were returned to after an almost year long adventure. The village that had once surrounded the stone seems to have moved away, or perhaps it's the stone that has been moved, hidden from view. From view from most, maybe, but one person heads to the stone's location, braving the rain & lightning and approaching the Sabers. He stands in a soaked denim shirt and white pants before them, his face aimed away from the camera so as to leave mystery to who he is. The man grabs the center Quasar Saber, pulling it from the stone, aiming it to the sky and shouting "Go Galactic!" causing a lightning bolt to strike from above. The man, obviously Leo (despite the odd voice due to Danny refusing to do ADR), has suddenly become the Red Galaxy Ranger, reluctantly reborn on this rainy night to continue living out his destiny. Red Ranger swings his Quasar Saber around and races out of the jungles, back from whence he came. The storm continues to pour rain on the darkened streets of Venture City, the home to the Earth colonist who came to the planet seeking a new world. It's apparently made up of heavily salvaged sections of the space colony Terra Venture, notably the City Dome's remains. Thus, it's been at least a few months, to even a year since the last time we saw Mirinoi.

A group of strange figures in cloaks with glowing eyes march through the rainslicked streets, growling inhumanly as they come across the Red Ranger, who is blocking their way. These creatures, later revealed to be named Ghouls, whip out their small blades and ready a fight with the Red Ranger, who also has drawn his Saber for action. The Ghouls sort of resemble a cross between the Skelekron Warriors, dead Swabbies, and maybe some Stingwinger corpses. Lightning strikes once more, illuminating the Lion symbol encrusted on the Saber, and the magnificent textures that adorn the blade of the magical Quasar Saber. Red Ranger rushes in, leaps into the air, and begins slicing into the Ghouls one by one, making each spark in the watery darkness. He ends up locked in combat with the blade of one of the Ghouls, as a spiked-head monster stands in the distance, watching the fight and remarking "Ah, the Red Ranger" to himself. Our hero stabs his Saber into the Ghoul just as it strikes him as well, sending Red Ranger rolling into a puddle. He watches from his resting place, as the roughly six Ghouls stand together and dematerialize into two glowing balls of energy. The blue spiked-head monster, whom we later discover is named Triskull, does the same (his teleport sphere is made up of three glowing red balls connected together), teleporting away with them, making the number of energy balls three. The trio of teleport spheres circle around each other as they float up into the air, the Red Ranger calling out in protest, "Wait! Come back! No!", trying in vain to stop them. The teleport spheres depart Mirinoi and head out into outer space, passing through an interdimensional wormhole to the planet Earth! The portal resembles the same one used to escape the Lost Galaxy and when we first saw Mirinoi, though I doubt this means Mirinoi is still in the LG as it was in "Quasar Quest". But one can't be too sure about that, as we later hear the Galaxy Rangers called "Lost Galaxy Rangers".

[PRLR Opening credits Version 1.2, with Rhett. Video used just the old Version 1.]

It's bright new day on the planet Earth, in the city of Mariner Bay, we find a mother & daughter playing hide & seek at the park. The daughter, named Heather, tricks the mother by removing her shoes and sticking them under a bush, so that when the mom thinks she has her, the barefoot little girl pops up from behind and surprises her. The mother tells Heather she's such a good hider, and the girl is greedily glad that she won again. Mom hands her back her shoes and says it's time to get going, she wants to stop by daddy's office on the way home to make sure daddy is really working overtime and not working the secretary again. Heather puts on her shoes and dusts off her prized red plastic ball, just as she hears the wailing sirens of the Rescue Rover racing down the street. She blurts, "Look, mommy! The Power Rangers!" Which is what we do, as we see the five Ranger Recruits as they sit in the Humvee, silently driving along to another disaster waiting to be fixed. They all look pretty depressed in this shot, actually. They're usually more talkative! Within moments, they're on the scene, the Rover parked (with its alarm lights still on) outside a burning building as ambulances become filled with victim after victim and firefighters scramble to put out the flames. Inside the inferno, our heroes have already Morphed and are rescuing everyone they can carry. Oddly, every person saved from the flames is of Asian descent, though when the Power Rangers get them outside, they've become predominantly Caucasians! Evacuating by race, eh? Oh, right, footage differences. Anyway, Blue tells a lady he's carrying, "I got ya, don't worry!", as they push through the fires. Red Ranger, ever the expert fireman, races down the hallway, beating on doors and yelling, "Hello?! Is anybody in here!?" He gets a muffled, coughing answer, and breaks in, helping a Japanese Businessman out and calming him by saying, "Don't worry, i'll get you out of here." The flames rage on, while outside, Carter hands a blonde woman over to a police officer, telling her, "You're in good hands." He then encourages a paramedic by patting him on the back and telling him he's done good work. Red Ranger joins Blue Ranger in taking a look back at the smoke flooded building, noting, "Whew! That fire's intense. Did we get everyone?" Chad tells him, "Yeah, they're all out." Carter adds, "Alright, that's good news, at least."

Red Ranger turns around, presses his wrist and contacts Joel, asking for his location. Green Ranger tells him, "Just look over your shoulder!", which Carter does, spotting Aero Rescue 3 hovering overhead. Joel maneuvers his Lightspeed Rescuezord through the black smoke, heading for the main hot spots on this still burning building (even saying as such, "I see the hot spots. Maneuvering to a better position"). He swoops down kind of low, causing all four of his Ranger teammates to be knocked to the ground by the wind updraft. Red Ranger demands, "Joel?! What are doing?! You could have hurt somebody!" Joel apologizes, "Sorry guys! Still get carried away sometimes." Aero Rescue floats above the fiery building, opening its bomb bay doors and dropping a set of explosives! They're just Water Bombs, which Joel says he loves using. The water floods the building and takes out the flames in just one wet shot. The danger doused out of commission, Aero Rescue 3 pulls out, but not before dumping a mass of flyers on the crowd below (was he inspired by Artie?). The citizens cheer, as Red Ranger picks one of the flyers up. It's an updated picture of Joel, giving a thumbs up in his Lightspeed Jacket, with his Aero Zord in the background, and the words "Sky Cowboy, Joel Rawlings" written across the page. Carter laughs, "Now THIS I don't believe. Joel, you are SUCH a hot dog!" After Aero Rescue has been returned to its docking area, Joel comes back, unmorphed, to the location where he dropped the flyers, and proceeds to sign autographs for his adoring public. The other, also now Unmorphed, Ranger Recruits head to the Rescue Rover, where Carter finds yet another flyer on the hood. He snatches it off and asks Joel loudly across the yard, "Why do you always have to be the center of attention?". Joel, still surrounded by Ranger groupies, humbly says, "Well, I don't HAVE to be. It's just that I usually AM!" His Ranger teammates scoff at this, giving feign laughter and smirks, but all the while likely jealous of the fact nobody is frantically trying to get THEIR signatures.

Meanwhile at the large mirror-glass skyscraper in Mariner Bay (later revealed to be the "Mariner Bay Commercial Bank", though it sure doesn't look it), we find Heather and her mother on their visit to daddy's office on the 13th floor. Usually, buildings don't list a 13th, due to superstition, but somebody here in demon country thought different. Heather bounces her ball on the floor, and eventually it rolls off into an empty office. She goes to retrieve it while her mother knocks daddy's door. Heather oddly pauses to watch from down the hall within the empty office, and is shocked when her mother is suddenly ambushed by a gang of Ghouls! The demonic minions apprehend Heather's mom and cart her off into a dark room against her will. Heather is stunned, as she witnesses the Ghouls kidnap her mom and close the door behind them. She finally screams, "Mommy!", and rushes off to get help, but not without attracting he attention of a single Ghoul lurking about. Inside the room where said mother was taken, Heather's mom breaks free from the Ghouls and attempts to escape, finding the room has been transformed into a laboratory filled with chemicals and beakers. Unless it was a lab to begin with, though it looks too demonic to have been. Must have been a bank... with a dark secret! The mother, facing the blades of many Ghouls, ends up backed up against a cabinet covered with small vials, each filled with little people. One of the vials speaks to her, calling for help. She turns around and finds her husband inside it, shrunk (and de-aged from the looks of things) and being drained of his greenish life force! She's stunned to see "Tim" in such a horrible manner, but their makeshift reunion comes to a close when Triskull enters. The large winged blue-skinned monster with heavy chains on and two large horns, walks up and comments, "What have we here?", before aiming his staff at the mother and blasting her into green particles. She's rematerialized inside a tube next to her husband, just a tiny as he is now. Triskull orders the Ghouls to begin taking her life energy at once, which one of the demonic minions does, turning on the machine with the flip of a switch. Heather's mom & dad shiver as their life force is drained into green particles, passing up through the tops of their vials and into small tubes that flow off into large containers filled with the green life juice! An evil female sharp-nailed hand embraces one of the containers, and her eerie voice chuckles maniacally. She sits in a chair at the center of a bunch of odd devices, shrouded in shadow, as she proclaims, "Excellent! It's only a matter of time." The Ghoul who saw Heather informs Triskull of the witness, speaking in warbling whispers. Triskull lets the mysterious evil woman know what's up, "It seems we have a witness to our doings that I need to attend to!" The woman tells her henchdemon to, "See to it." Triskull Morphs himself into the disguise of a wormy human Office Security guy (as evident by his tag that reads "Office Security"). He exits the room, as the strange female figure remarks, "You'd best not fail!"

TriDork, as I call his human form, heads down to the lobby, and upon exiting the elevator, finds Heather talking to the receptionist. Heather tells the old woman, "It was on the 13th floor! A monster came out and grabbed my mommy!" The busy receptionist, obviously a disbeliever of all of that "evil space alien nonsense" that's plagued the Earth for years, tells the little girl, "Now you know, dear, that there's no such things as monsters." TriDork, pretending to be Office Security still, sees his chance, and sneerly smiles to Heather as he tells her, "I believe you, little girl. Let's go see what I can do." She's quick to trust him, saying, "Come on, we have to hurry!" Heather walks off with the strange man to the elevator as the receptionist pays no mind while on the phone. Heather starts to enter the elevator, when she notices it's full of Ghouls! She screams (nobody hearing her despite being less than five feet from the busy front desk), TriDork laughs evilly and holds her from running while a Ghoul tries snatching her in. Heather finally takes her ball and throws it at the Ghouls, bouncing it off their heads, and ricocheting back onto TriDork's noggin! With him down, she makes her getaway, trying to get out of the building as fast she can. The Ghouls are left stumbling over their robes in the small confines of the elevator, that small ball having done quite a number on them.


Back in the lab, Heather's mom & dad try beating on the glass of their vials some more. But as they start turning an odd shade of greenish pale, they slowly become weaker. Triskull has returned to the room in his monster form, and while tapping the green life force containers, he talks to Olympius, who stands adjacent to him in the lab, telling him, "There is almost enough life energy collected to restore Queen Bansheera's mighty powers!" Olympius (the video format of this being his first American appearance), unaware of the true purpose for Triskull's collection, yells at the creature, "You fool! Almost isn't good enough! When will you have it all?" Triskull promises, "Very soon, Olympius. And I guarantee that the powers your mother will receive will be well worth the wait!" Olympius says, "Very well, then. Your payment is delivered as promised." He walks over and kicks open a small treasure chest full of gold (methinks Triskull has a bit of the Lost Galaxy in his blood, hence his love for treasure). Olympius then adds, "But I guarantee that the Queen will not wait much longer!" He walks off, and teleports back to Skull Cavern, oddly turning into a form very similar to Triskull's teleport sphere from earlier, rather than his usual fiery method. Triskull remains behind, and his accomplice steps out from the smokey darkness into the light. The mysterious evil woman is revealed to be Trakeena, her body returned to his original humanoid state! All but her face, which is partially covered by a metal mask, the residual effect of reverting back to her first form after going into the cocoon. Around the mask, just below her eyes, we see severe scarring. Only can only wonder how bad things are underneath her lower-face plate. Had things gotten worse, she might be calling herself Zeddeena! While walking closer to the monster, Trakeena gloatingly remarks, "They still believe the life force is for their Queen!". Trakeena's facial disfigurement is touched upon, as she says "Those miserable Galaxy Rangers destroyed my magnificent beauty. So I will repay their treachery by destroying their beloved Earth!" (considering how blown up and dead she was, you'd think she'd feel lucky to be still alive at all!) Triskull bows and says, "Of course, my Queen". Trakeena takes a tour of the lab, saying, "Once the cylinders are full, I'll use their energy to become an unstoppable force. Then that silly Queen Bansheera and her pitiful son will be working for me." Triskull pops in, noting, "And me as well, Trakeena. Remember, we have a deal." She turns to him and facetiously adds, "Of course, my friend. AND you. But our deal's off as long as there's a witness running around who could spoil my plans. Triskull promises, "Ahh, Trakeena. There's nothing to worry about. I'll take care of her!"

Speaking of the girl, Heather is elsewhere in Mariner Bay, sitting near a turned-off waterfountain, crying enough to make up for that lack of squirting behind her. Carter is casually walking around (without his Lightspeed Jacket on, despite being still on-duty. Maybe he's getting it dry-cleaned?) when he spots the crying little girl. He walks over to her and says "Hey, it can't be all that bad! Maybe I can help". He sits down beside her and introduces himself, asking for her name. Heather tells him, and wipes the tears from her face, noticing the Rescue Morpher on his wrist. She asks if he's a Power Ranger, and since it's no secret, he tells her, "Well... yeah!" Heather confides in him, telling him her mommy was taken by a monster which tried to get her into an elevator too but she ran away. Carter pauses her storytelling and asks what monster, she simply says, "It was big... and ugly!", which pretty much describes them all. Carter gives her a goofy look of disbelief, which saddens her into thinking, "You don't believe me either. Nobody does." The time for sulking is past, as Triskull's Security Dork mode has returned! She hides behind Carter, gasping and telling her hero, "That's him! He tried to get me for the monsters!" TriDork acts like he just came to return her ball, remarking, "You forgot THIS." He walks over to hand it to her, while smirking sinisterly and noting to Carter, "Little kids have the wildest imaginations. Don't they?" Carter smiles and agrees, "Yeah, they sure do. Thanks!", taking the ball and noticing the freaky look the man is giving the young girl. Once TriDork leaves, Heather gets back to what she was saying earlier, saying to Carter, "You don't believe me, do you?" He crouches down next to her and tells Heather, "Actually, I do." She lights up when she hears this, asking, "You do...?" Carter confirms with a nod, saying, "Now i'm going to go check the guy out. You stay right here." Heather seems rather happy to oblige with her red ball in hand. Carter starts sneaking around the shrubbery, following TriDork through the park. Heather disobeys Carter's wishes and is doing the same thing, albeit a few feet away. Carter spots this, and goes over to her location, snatching her up and pulling her out of sight. Behind the bushes, Carter asks her, "What are you doing here?!", she says, "I'm going to help you!". Carter turns her down, saying, "No, you can't! It's too dangerous!" Heather points out, "He took my mom and I want to help find her." Carter reluctantly agrees, but sternly remarks, "Okay, but you HAVE to do what I say." Heather smiles, commenting, "Cool! Kind of like i'm a Junior Ranger?" He goes along with her delusions, saying, "Well... Yeah." This prompts the girl to stand up, shout and salute "Lightspeed Rescue"! He quiets her down, not wanting to attract TriDork's attention. They then continue sneaking after the evil Office Security man, the whole time ducking down under the bushes.


Elsewhere in the city, the Rescue Rover cruises around, driven by Chad with his three Ranger teammates riding along. They all have their jackets on, which makes Carter's lack of one odd. Chad asks his pals, "When we get back, how about we go for a dive?" (likely hoping to bump into Marina again). Joel scoffs, "That water is cold & salty. No way!" Kelsey loves danger, so she happily replies, "Count me in!", causing Dana to giggle profusely. The streets appear pretty much empty, that is, except for a lone weary figure standing out in the road, flagging the Rescue Rover down. Chad pulls the Humvee to a halt, the man in the road collapses to his knees, holding himself up with a Quasar Saber. Our four heroes rush out to the man, who is wearing the same clothes as the guy who removed the Saber from the stone on Mirinoi (sure, we know it's Leo, but they're going for a big 'mystery' thing here). Dana is first to help him stand up, asking, "Are you okay?!" Kelsey then asks him, "What's going on!?" That's when she spots the Quasar Saber with the Lion on the crest, prompting her to blurt out "Hey, you're Leo... The Red Ranger!" His face becomes revealed to us of all finally, it's Leo Corbett alright, and he's gotten a haircut since we last saw him, though he's still wearing the same damn second half LG outfit! Leo raises his head (his face covered with a bit of battle soot from the Ghoul attack), and tells her with a nod, "That's right." The existence of the Galaxy Rangers (and their identities) might have become known to those on Earth after "Journey's End", or at least those PR archivists at Lightspeed! Leo explains to the inquiring minds, "I came all the way from Mirinoi. Listen to me, there isn't much time. Trakeena's come to Earth." Dana recognizes the name, asking him why. Leo informs her it's because Trakeena is injured and from the looks of things, so is Leo! He stumbles over to the Rover and clutches his side in pain, while beginning to say, "She needs... uhh!" Dana rushes over and rubs his belly, while asking, "What happened to you?!" Leo grunts out, "The Ghouls tried to stop me from finding you!" Chad, following an old horror movie cliche, asks, "Who are the Ghouls?" And, speak of the devils, suddenly three of them teleport onto the scene! Kelsey notes, "I'd say, we just found out!"

The Ghouls rush towards our heroes, firing energy balls from their faces through their hands at the Ranger Recruits. They quickly shout "Lightspeed Rescue" and Morph in a blink immediately concurrent to the energy balls exploding into smoke on the ground in front of them. Yellow & Pink Rangers double team one of the Ghouls, punching & kicking wildly until Kelsey grabs its leg and Dana grabs its arms. The two females then flip the creature into the air, causing it to land painfully on the pavement. The Ghoul instantly recovers and hops to its feet, Dana & Kelsey wow, Yellow saying, "Whoa! That's impossible!" Green Ranger goes one on one with the second Ghoul, kicking it over just to watch it leap back onto its feet with a growling laugh. Joel jumps over the demonic minion, and gets slashed in the chest midair by the Ghoul's blade. Green Ranger clutches his chest, groaning, "Oh, man!" Blue Ranger has to take on the third Ghoul by himself, getting sliced into sparks until he collapses. Leo rushes to his aid (saying "are you okay" in a voice not his own, as I noted earlier, no dubbed over lines of Leo's are Danny's) and helps him up. The other three Rangers regroup with Chad, beaten & growing weary from this short battle with just a trio of Ghouls. The demonic minions also regroup, allowing Leo the chance to summon forth from himself his Quasar Saber Fire Power attack! The red charged blade fires a flame swipe, reducing the three Ghouls into nothing but smoke with just one slice. Leo is still in pain, needing Blue Ranger's shoulder to lean on to remain standing. Chad says, "Looks like that got them all, Leo!", but as Leo tells him, "There'll be more." Pink Ranger urges the team to retreat, her, "C'mon, let's get out of here," unanimously accepted, with Leo tagging along.

Elsewhere, Carter (now with his Lightspeed Jacket on, he must have dropped by the dry cleaners on the way there) sneaks around an alleyway with Heather, spying on the evil Office Security man. They remain out of sight, until silly Heather steps on a can, alerting TriDork to their presence. They try quickly hiding behind the ever abundance of empty boxes, though it's too late. TriDork pauses, before continuing to walk down the alley. Carter & Heather cautiously follow, but once they reach a clearing (or, empty lot with various crates & boxes in it), the human form of Triskull seems to have vanished into thin air. They're suddenly surprised by an ambushing gang of Ghouls, Carter has the girl stay down behind a garbage can while he proceeds to get his own can kicked by the creatures. Carter gets bounced around on a dirty old bed someone left in the alley, and is overwhelmed by the outnumbering army. He gets maybe one good hit on them, but still does no good in stopping them. Carter hears Heather screaming, and watches in horror as Heather is attacked by two Ghouls. He screams, "Nooooo!", though she puts up quite a fight by kicking and bopping them on the head with her ball. Carter's helpless, and can do nothing but watch as a Ghoul lifts his blade into the air and prepares to slice & dice the little girl! Luckily, a heroic voice shouts from the side, "That's enough!". Instantly, the Blue & Yellow Galaxy Rangers leap onto the scene, kicking down several Ghouls as they make their entrance. They pose in their usual bestial way, after landing on their feet successfully. Carter is inspired by this, telling them, "Thanks," before using renewed strength brought on their appearance to free himself from his Ghouls with a mighty shrug. Maya & Kai give a thumbs up to him, with Maya saying, "Glad to help!" They then begin to fight off the Ghouls, with Heather's pair of would-be kidnappers rushing off into battle as well, leaving her behind unharmed. All of this action must have been too much for the young girl, she begins to slowly faint. The Unmorphed Carter fights the Ghouls alongside Yellow & Blue Galaxy Rangers, and eventually, the demonic minions are beaten into submission. The Ghouls lie on the ground, turning into a swirl of blue light and flower petals as they fade away. Carter greets his two saviors, saying "Lost Galaxy Rangers? No way!". Kai confirms breathlessly, "Yeah, that's us!" Maya notes, "And it looks like we got here just in time!" Attention is finally turned to Heather, by Galaxy Blue, who spots her lying down on a broken down cardboard box. Carter is first to run over, picking the unconscious small girl up in his arms. Kai takes her ball and notices, "I think she's okay. Looks like she just fainted." Carter holds Heather tight, stating, "We better get her back to the Aquabase. I owe you guys one." Maya tells him happily, "No worries!", as Carter tells them to come on, and the three take the girl to receive medical attention.

Later at the Lightspeed Aquabase, we find the Ranger roundup going on inside the Galley! Carter sits down at a table, telling Leo, "It's great to meet you. You couldn't have come at a better time!" Leo (sitting at the table as well, Kai stands, as does Kelsey, while Dana & Chad are absent. Notice that the three Galaxy Rangers are wearing ID tags) says, "We knew you'd need help with Trakeena." Kelsey wonders, "Why would she come to Earth?" Leo explains to them, and for all out there who missed PRLG's finale, some of the events in "Journey's End, Part 3". He tells the Lightspeed trio, "Trakeena had mutated into a... a green form!" We see scenes from said episode, of Trakeena writhing in the cocoon, and then battling Red Ranger on Terra Venture in her ultimate form. Culminating in the Full Power Armored Mode blast that seemed to have eliminated her for good, or so they once thought. Flashback ends, and Leo reveals, "She's capturing these people to steal their life energy. She wants it to restore her power. She wants to mutate again." Joel realizes, "So THAT'S why she captured Heather's mom", which Leo confirms. Carter listens to this, and then decides to go check on her, heading off to the Aqua Apartment (Guy's Quarters, with a picture of Ms. Fairweather on the desk serving as her only appearance in quite a few shows). He finds Dana there, having just finished tucking the sleeping girl into bed and checking her vitals with a first aid kit. Carter asks her, "Hey, how's our Junior Ranger?" Dana smiles and tells him, "She's going to be fine." Dana stands up and walks off, as Carter takes her seat by the bunk, when Heather suddenly wakes up. She groggily asks, "Are you gonna save my mom?" He promises, "We're going to do our best. Don't worry. Now, Heather, do you remember where you saw the monster? It's important." Heather does, saying, "Sure. I can show you!" She begins to rise from bed, and though he says, "You're awesome!", he puts his hands on her shoulders and motions her to lay back down.

Chad hurries into the room (ignoring Dana) and tells Carter, "There's trouble! We need to go." Operation: Mother Hunt will have to wait for now, Carter tells Heather, "You sit tight. I'll be back soon." She obliges, appearing to remain in bed for the moment. Chad starts informing Carter of the details on their way out, saying, "We just got a signal. The Ghouls have moved outside of town." Heather sits up in the bunk after they've depart, ready to defy orders yet again. Chad, Carter & Dana meet up with the rest of the squad, as the five Lightspeed Ranger Recruits head down the Aquabase passageway with their three Galaxy Ranger companions. Chad asks Kelsey if she came up with any new information. She replies, "Nothing more than you know already." They trek down the hall, under Heather suddenly appears, chasing down Carter. Our heroes pause, as Carter talks to the girl, who tells him, "Carter, I want to go too!" He objects, "No, Heather. Not this time." She whines, reminding, "But you SAID I was a Junior Ranger!" Carter can't find the words to argue, smiling until Leo's hand ends up on his shoulder. Carter looks up, and finds Leo nodding & grinning. The rest of the Rangers give a thumbs up to the girl coming along (Chad, at least. The rest just stand there, smiling & nodding). Carter smiles to his new underage girlfriend, saying, "Okay, come on!" Heather is excited, and walks by Carter's side as the Rangers head out once again. Maya lags behind, giggling and putting her arm around the little girl.


On the mountainous outskirts of Mariner Bay, the Rescue Rover (somehow having managed to hold 9 people!) has taken them to the apparent location of the monsters. Heather remains in the Humvee while she watches her heroes race up the hill, with a worried look on her face. Carter shouts, "Alright, guys. Let's do it!", as they dart up the dirt mound. The five Lightspeeds and the three Galaxys, each grouped off by affiliation, though still unmorphed, run as fast as they can. They reach the top of the hill, where Triskull, stands, greeting them with evil laughter and slimy hands (the blue skin... the chained arms.. he's "My Pet Monster" gone bad! So THAT'S where those things went!). Our heroes freeze in readiness and maybe a bit of fright before him, with Carter asking, "Where are they?! The people you stole for Trakeena!" Triskull offers, "Come with me and i'll show you!" Leo presses his hand to Carter's chest and cautions him, "Careful. This looks like a trap." Triskull makes no bones about that, exclaiming, "Why of course it is, hehe. Ghouls?" He snaps his fingers, and instantly, the army of Ghouls make the scene by rising up from the ground in a creepy blue light. Leo, Kai, and Maya ready their Transmorphers, shouting "Go Galactic" as they turn the dials and press the button. Their usual fancy Morphs are ditched for some unknown reason, and instead we get a quick rehash of the Gingaman Morph, turning the three into Lost Galaxy Power Rangers once again. The other five heroes call on Lightspeed Rescue and Morph into Lightspeed Power Rangers. The Eight combined Power Rangers barrel towards the Ghouls head-on, and the fight begins. Lightspeed Rangers use their Rescue Batons, bashing and counterattacking the Ghouls' blades. Upon knocking five of the Ghouls over with a Baton-poke, the Ghouls use "footage reversal power" and leap back up to their feet. Surrounded, Dana notes, "We need more power!" That's the Galaxy Rangers' cue, Red Ranger saying, "I got just the thing! Quasar Sabers, power up!" He does so, charging his Red Quasar Saber, and Fire Slicing the gang of Ghouls down. Kai & Maya also power up their Sabers, striking the Ghouls with Yellow & Blue colored slashes, reducing every one of the Ghouls into a pile of robes and mist. Our heroes regroup (Joel quips "Way to go, baby!"), as Heather gets very happy from afar, remarking, "They did it!" Triskull still remains, growling, "Forget someone?" Lightspeed Red hasn't, saying, "My turn", before whipping out his Battle Booster. He charges it up and leaps at Triskull, only to have his fists grasped by the large monster, overpowering him with ease. Triskull scoffs at the failed attempted, saying, "Oh, please", before kicking Carter across the hill like he was Heather's red ball! The other Rangers rush to his side, as Triskull exclaims, "A Power Ranger can't stop the Mighty Triskull!" Leo steps up, replying, "We'll just have to see about that, won't we?" He and his two Galaxy Ranger teammates race forward, only to get blasted down by Triskull's laser staff attack! Carter's recovered, and has his Rescue Blaster drawn, but a lot of good it does him, as Triskull spews forth a green energy blast attack from his mouth! All eight Rangers are engulfed in the massive explosion, a huge puff of fire swallowing our falling heroes whole. Heather can only let out a loud scream of "Nooo!"... (I should note, I timed this split between episodes PERFECTLY in the original spoiler for the video!)

[To Be Continued...; Scenes from "Trakeena's Revenge, Part 2"; end credits]

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