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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Trakeena's Revenge, Part 2"
Original Air Date: 11/07/00 Featuring footage and some story elements from:
GoGo Five vs Gingaman [VIDEO]
*14th episode of 8th Regular Season
(30th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1030
*30th episode of PRLR
*368th total Power Rangers episode
*Released at a very limited number of McDonald's fast-food stores as a part of the PRLR Toy Promotion in Spring 2000.
*Filmed And Released On Video During Regular Season 7 (First half of the 8th Season By Series).
*Mostly Filmed In "Circle Scan 4-D" (clear/opaque 3-D) process. Though it makes no difference.
*Video Title: "Power Rangers In 3-D: Power Rangers Triple Force"
*Released on video exclusively at (very few) McDonalds on: 4/ 28/ 00 Through 5/ 18/ 00.
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Lightspeed Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Lightspeed Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Lightspeed Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Lightspeed Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Lightspeed Ranger)
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra

Special Guest Stars:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai Chen (Blue Galaxy Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon Henderson (Green Galaxy Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo Corbett (Red Galaxy Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix Morgan (Pink Galaxy Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Galaxy Ranger)
? _AS_ Leo's Voice In 75% Of The Show [Sadly, NOT Russell Lawrence as we previously believed]

Additional Cast:
Jennifer Burns _AS_ Trakeena
Darla Haun _AS_ Mother
Chelsea Russo _AS_ Heather
Marcia Ann Burrs _AS_ Receptionist (uncredited on this episode!)
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice) [Credited in error as "Michael Forrest" on Video]
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice)
Michael Sorich _AS_ Triskull (voice)


[Recap of "Trakeena's Revenge, Part 1"]

The video continued the scene from last time, with Triskull departing the location, laughing evilly, and saying, "That was TOO easy!" Here, that's edited out, as we begin with Heather hopping out of the Rescue Rover, and racing to the Rangers. She finds all of them Demorphed and lying in the rubble of the rock quarry (with the three Galaxys sticking together in one heap). Carter's her favorite, so she heads to him first, asking, "Carter, are you okay?" Of course he is, and he grunts out, "Yeah. We're going to go get your mom now." Heather, getting her way again, asks, "Really?", and Carter tells he yeah. Dana, who is in the background helping Kelsey up, notes, "We can't just storm in that building!" Kelsey adds, "There are innocent people in there!" Carter pauses for a second, and tells Heather, "I have an idea. Can I count on you?" She's quick to volunteer for adventure, asking simply, "What do I do?" Meanwhile at said building, inside the evil office laboratory of Trakeena & Triskull, Ghouls scramble around, doing whatever menial task required of them. Triskull points out to Trakeena that the green-liquid-filled life force cylinders are near full capacity. Trakeena is nearby, inspecting her collection of Tiny Human Tubes, tapping on the glass of the one containing Heather's mother. She's totally drained of energy, her face pale as small green particles continue streaming off her head, as she gasps, "Oh... Can't stay awake." Trakeena ceases being sadistical to her power source, and walks across the room, exclaiming, "The whole universe will tremble when it sees me GREEN again!" Unbeknownst to any of them, a fuzzy small bat hangs upside down from the ceiling in the darkness. It's not an ordinary bat, chuckling evilly as its tiny red eyes glow, opening and shutting at the whim of whoever planted it there.

[PRLR Opening credits Version 1.2, with Rhett. Video used just the old Version 1.]

In Skull Cavern, Olympius watches what the bat sees on the viewing wall-puddle, remarking to Queen Bansheera, "Placing that Spy Bat was good idea. It proves Triskull is gathering the energy for Trakeena, and not you, mother!" The Queen, her malformed upper torso floating in the center of the misty column-filled room, tells her son, "I do not tolerate traitors, Olympius." He bows and says, "I know, mother." Vypra is also there, and quite angrily (probably miffed about the fact there was lots of treachery going on between the demons recently) asks him, "What are you going to do?!" Olympius tells her what he'll do, "Destroy them. ALL of them." With his pal Diabolico notably absent this episode (likely off scheming/sulking in the shadows), Loki eagerly begs, "Please, Let me do it, Olympius!" The prince turns him down, calmly stating, "I was fooled. I will have revenge." Queen Bansheera warns her Olympus, "Do not let Trakeena mutate to green, or she will have the power to crush even you, my son." The prince says, "I know, but I have a plan." He summons forth a small dagger and a small vial of poison (with a cobra head on the top). Olympius raises the vial up, and when Vypra sees it, she gasps and is taken aback. The prince states, "This poison is stronger than 10 taipans, even she has no chance against it!" He pours the cobra head spout all over the knife, covering it with a glowing purple goop. The blade glows purple after being drenched in the odd substance. Elsewhere in the universe, on the planet Mirinoi, the nocturnal storm continues to rage. Only two Quasar Sabers remain in the stone, but not for long, as a pink sleeved arm and a green sleeved arm reach out from the rain and snatch the final Sabers from their slots!

Back on Earth, it's daytime still, and outside of her father's building, behind some bushes, Carter is coaching Heather on the idea he had in mind. He tells her, "Here's the plan. You're going to go inside and find the fire alarm. When no one's watching, pull it!" Heather is shocked, saying, "What?! My daddy told me I should NEVER do that except in an emergency!", since pulling a fire alarm when there is no fire is a felony and she can be fined up to $500! Carter, a former firefighter himself, assures the kids at home, err, I mean the kid in front of him, "And he's right! But this is a special case. You've GOT to do it. I'll be right behind you!" Carter gives the girl a slight push, prompting Heather to head towards the building, remarking to herself, "Boy, being a Junior Ranger's a big responsibility!" She enters, and sneaks by the receptionist's desk (the old hag mentions on the phone, "Yes, i'm afraid that Mr. Latislaw is no longer in the building anymore", a ref to PRLR's Supervising Sound Editor Doug Latislaw). Crawling on the floor, Heather reaches the fire alarm, but hesitates. She turns and spots Carter through the front door, giving a thumbs up and smile from outside. Heather nods at him and yanks the alarm down, causing the Receptionist woman to freak out, shouting, "Ohh! Uhh! Fire!" All the people in the lobby begin to scramble, as well as everyone else in the Commercial Bank, frantically for the exits. Up on the 13th Floor (not to be confused with the sci-fi movie "The Thirteen Floor"), the Ghouls are also in a similar state of panic. Trakeena leaps up from her chair and demands to know, "What is that sound?!" Triskull figures, "It sounds like some sort of an alarm!" She sends him out, "Go see what it's all about!" He promises, "At once", and departs. The building continues to become vacated by all innocent bystanders, as the emergency teams roll onto the scene. The firetruck unloads a group of eight firemen, or at least, eight people wearing the uniforms of the firemen. It seems Carter called in some favors and got the truck & suits loaned out to him by his old buddies at the MBFD, because the eight are Rangers in disguise! They rush into the building (Maya hands Chad an axe for some reason), just as Heather comes out. Carter stops and tells her, "Great job! Wait over here. I'll be right back!" He points her to the firetruck, and for once, she listens! As he heads in, Carter tells a cop that's holding the door and guiding people out, "Nobody goes on the 13th floor!" The police officer nods, since he isn't paid to speak.

Inside, Kai leads the fleeing workers in the proper direction, telling them, "Go, everybody! Don't panic! It'll be okay!" Kelsey opens a door and yells to the people within, "Everybody get out of the building." (Why there are STILL people around quite a many minutes since after the alarm went out is unknown) Joel does the same, opening a door and urging people to go, "This way!" The final few bankers exit the building, with Chad & Dana holding the door open. The final two Fake-firefighters leave the place (Joel & Kai), mentioning, "All right, that's it!" They rush off with Dana & Chad, as Kelsey & Maya are ahead of them, reaching the firetruck. There, Maya gives Carter & Leo a thumbs up. Carter understands, "That's everyone", asking Leo, "Are you ready?" Leo nods, and the two Red Rangers race off somewhere away from the building. Maya & Kelsey remain behind, Kels shouting, "Good luck!", while Maya is looking quite giddy. Those Yellows, what a pair. Anyway, Carter & Leo ditch their fireman outfits on the way up a flight of stairs to an apparent roof (not of the Bank building, though). While racing across it they simultaneously shout out their power call, and Morph into Red Rangers instantly, side by side! The two Rangers keep running, until the Sentai footage takes over and they're suddenly no longer on a roof, but on some kind of walkway between buildings on the ground level. They bump into Triskull (how he ended up all the way out there when Trakeena asked him simply to check on things is unclear. Though I suspect he may have used his TriDork persona to slip out, Carter spotted him, and they waited until the building was clear to give chase. Who knows!). The big blue monster remarks, "Haven't you learned your lesson yet?" as he brandishes a large sword (with gold trim and an eye symbol on it. He get that from Hexuba's Garage Sale?), charging it up and blasts the two of our heroes with green energy. Leo & Carter fall, their Morphed bodies sparking & smoking. Triskull asks, "Don't you pathetic Rangers know when you've lost?" Leo, his voice quite deeper than usual, almost similar to his brother Mike, states, "We've come this far, we're NOT giving up now. Right, Carter?" Red Lightspeed Ranger gets a boost of enthusiasm and slaps Galaxy Red on the shoulder, exclaiming, "You got that right, Leo. Haha! Let's show this freak what Red's all about!"

The Red Galaxy & Lightspeed Rangers leap to their feet and prepare for battle, facing Triskull they each toss a red Rescue Rope at the creature (Leo has his Saber drawn now, and Carter his Baton). The silly strings wrap around each of the demon's arms, prompting Triskull to say, "Playtime, huh? Alright!" He waits a moment, and once they roll across the ground and cross the two ropes, he fires his green blast-breath at them. Leo & Carter are sent tumbling backwards, gasping in pain. Triskull discards the ropes, saying, "You two are worthless!" This is enough to tick Carter off, as Lightspeed Red rises, shouting, "I've had enough of your big mouth, Triskull!" He calls on his Battle Booster, at Full Power! Charging up his right fist with the powerful device, Rescue Red jumps into the air, and poises his fist into position. Triskull fires his blast-breath at Carter once more, only to have it deflected by the surge of power coursing through the Ranger's body. Red Lightspeed Ranger lands with his Battle Boosted fist directly in Triskull's stomach, the punch stabbing into him with explosive results. The multi-horned monster is sent flinging off in the other direction, howling in agony. Carter & Leo pose triumphantly, until Triskull stands up, his body sizzling and his powers weaning. He manages to toss out one last threat, "You may have stopped me, but you're too late to stop Trakeena!" Triskull then erupts in a series of multi-bursts, until his lifeless body collapses on the ground. He doesn't dissolve or fall into chunks, so i'll theorize on that a little later. Carter motions to his fellow Red Ranger, "Come on! Let's go find the hostages!" Leo responds, "Right," both turning and looking at the Bank Building, their destination, which lies just down the road. Red Galaxy & Lightspeed Rangers rush up to the 13th floor of said Commercial Bank, and upon reaching a certain door, Carter figures that has to be it. They both kick down the door, and discover the large laboratory inside. Rescue Red takes a look around at the strange setup and wonders, "Look at this place! Where could they possible be?" Galaxy Red finds them over on the shelf, calling Carter over. The two stare surprised at the sight of twenty or so people shrunk to action figure size in little tubes. Heather's mom & dad are seen, looking rather weak and their life energies almost completely drained, as Carter notes. Our heroes' entrance hasn't gone unnoticed, as they get tapped on the shoulder by a few Ghouls. Rather, yanked on the shoulders, prompting them to turn around, and be introduced to the sharp end of the Ghouls' blade knives! The two Rangers get chest-slashed, and fall to the floor, finding themselves outnumbered as they stand up surrounded by blade-wielding Ghouls. Even when faced with uneven odds, Leo & Carter choose to fight to the death! Kicking & punching with all their might, the Red Rangers stand no real chance. They're unable to take even a single Ghouls down, as the green life force cylinder containers bubble up to merely an inch or two away from being totally full. The Ghouls have the upperhand, blade-beating our two heroes down again. Carter & Leo refuse to lay down for even a moment, as the gang of Ghouls snicker sinisterly and close in for the kill...


The double Red Rangers are pinned back against the wall by the many blades of the Ghouls. They remain ready to fight, though Carter wonder aloud, "Where's the Calvary when you really need it?!" (why doesn't he just contact the other Rangers via his Morpher? They could be upstairs in a jiffy!) Almost on cue, the Calvary arrives, as Pink & Green Galaxy Rangers rush in and kick a few Ghouls in the back. Damon remarks to the Calvary mention, "You called?", as he & Kendrix pose, all Morphed and eager to help. The only Lightspeed Ranger among three Lost Galaxys, Carter responds to their appearance, "Excellent! Let's finish this!" Galaxy Green Saber-slices some Ghouls, causing them to spark brightly. Kendrix, this (as far as we know) being her first time back as Pink Galaxy Ranger in a long while, does something similar. Carter takes a few Ghouls out by hand under the light illuminating from the Lord Zedd palace-like fan-blade vents in the wall. Leo finishes his off with a deep cut from his Quasar Saber, causing the Ghoul to fall, leaving nothing behind but his robe, an odd golden necklace, and his blade knife (resembling a certain Psycho Ranger weapon). The four Rangers then take a look at the tubes full of green life juice, Carter notes, "Whoa! Looks like we got here just in time!" Kendrix says, "We've got to figure out a way to free these people, and fast!" A voice calls out from the shadows, saying, "I don't think so!" The Rangers turn their attention to the darkness beneath the fan-vent, and witness as Trakeena emerges into view (she has a cut line, Closed Captioned only on the video, where she says here, "That would mean I couldn't mutate again and I won't let that happen!"). Damon is stunned, "Trakeena?!", Kendrix also stating, "It can't be!" Trakeena assures her, "It is!", as she lifts up her good old power staff made from her father Scorpius' tentacle, and fires a green blast beam from it! The four Rangers leap out of the way, but still get a little fried from the experience. Down on the ground floor, too busy to help save Carter & Leo, we find Kai, Maya & Joel are loading up their firefighter outfits into the Rescue Rover. Chad suddenly calls them over to listen to his Rescue Morpher. He, Dana & Kelsey have been eavesdropping on the battle upstairs. All listen as Trakeena's voice is heard bidding, "Good-bye, Rangers! Hahaha!" Our heroes quickly rush over to the Rescue Rover, after Chad shouts, "Let's go!"

Trakeena gets a real bad chuckle out of this, as she staff-blasts the four Rangers all over the lab-room. Eventually, she heaves a mighty blasts their way, sending all of them through the wall facing the front of the building! Their bodies smash through the sheet-rock, the impact of the event causing them to Demorph. They plummet to their dooms along with a bit of debris over the side of the skyscraper, Damon, Leo, Kendrix & Carter are heard screaming the entire way down. Directly below them, the Rescue Rover backs up, Chad hits the "inflate" button and out from the bed of the Humvee pops a small yellow cushion. It quickly enlarges and balloons outwards, Carter, Leo, Kendrix & Damon safely land on it (in that order, though thankfully not on top of each other. Notice, in the landing shots, the cushion they fall on is not yellow in least!). Maya spots her two pals she thought she left behind on Mirinoi, and calls out, "Kendrix! Damon!", while leading the way to help the four, thankfully safe, Rangers up. Kelsey remarks, "That was some fall!", as they help dust their teammates off. Just when they thought they didn't have enough trouble, Olympius, Vypra, Loki, Jinxer (who doesn't get a single line this episode, but appears), and a few Batlings, show up. Olympius wonders aloud, "How lucky can a monster can be? Haha! I get to destroy the Lightspeed Rangers, AND the Galaxy Rangers, as well!" Leo points at the demon, and says with his worst non-Danny-voice, "You're in for a big disappointment!" Carter lifts his wrist and shouts, "Guys! Ready?" The nine other Power Rangers step up, all in a line, readying their Morphers and replying just as loud, "Ready!" The Five Galaxy Rangers stand together, and shout, "Go Galactic!" (using the cheap Ginga-morph one last time, a mistake further hammered home by the fact it shows Damon as having a rather pale hand!!) They emerging in their Powered-up spandex, followed by the time-wasting clip of each of the Galaxy Rangers doing their little animal poses, and shouting "Galaxy [color]!". The five Ranger Recruits next call out, "Lightspeed Rescue", do a five-screen-in-one Morph as well, before appearing in their usual costumes. Each of the Lightspeed Rangers pose and salute, calling out "[color] Ranger, Rescue Ready." Finally, the power is to the tenth, as all ten Power Rangers pose for group shots mere feet away from each other.

Olympius commands, "Batlings! Destroy them!" The impotent-wing creatures charge forward, with their bat-blades drawn. The ten Power Rangers race into battle, teaming up by power color to take on more Batlings than it originally appeared had been brought to the fight! Nothing too fancy or impressive happens (notice that the Lightspeeds always get to be in the front fight, with the Galaxys stuck in the background during these team-up shots), though both Yellow Galaxy & Lightspeed Rangers gang up on Loki, who holds his own with the use of his big stick. Blue Lightspeed & Galaxy Rangers each grab a Batling and swing across the wooded area with rope, slamming their Batlings into two sides of the same tree trunk! The two Yellow Rangers copy each other, dragging a Batling along the ground, knocking down a group of Batlings standing in a row, like a game of skid-bowling. Green Lightspeed hangs off the side of a building with his rope, racing along the wall with his Baton drawn and bashing Batlings on his way by, shouting, "Yee-haw!" Nearby, Galaxy Green has his Quasar Saber drawn and is heading after Olympius, along with Rescue Blue at his side. Damon leaps into the air, only to have Olympius grab the Saber's blade, and then kick Damon's feet out from underneath him. Nearby, Galaxy Blue fights some Batlings. Huh? Where were we? Oh yes, Damon has fallen, and Olympius begins stomping on his chest while firing a hand-beam at Chad, blasting him away. Elsewhere, Vypra is sparring with both of the Pink Rangers, though neither winning nor losing. Finally, Carter charges up his V-Lancer and slices into the Batlings with a V-shaped slash, reducing the demons into a heap of smoke. Meanwhile, back on the 13th floor lab, Trakeena checks out the completely life energy cylinder and notes, "It's time!" (just a bit of speculation, but considering Triskull wasn't blown to atoms, it's quite possible Trakeena used what little remained of his life force to add to her collection. This was a trick used by Deviot, and as we all know, there's a little bit of the old Robobard inside her still! The fact the life force cylinders got full rather quickly in such a short time could support that, or not). Trakeena straps herself into the chair located between all of her self-made cocoon-maker machine. The beaming device above her chair begins to infuse Trakeena's humanoid body (and scarred up face) with the life energy stored in the tubes. Green beams shower down upon her, as she screams in pain while morphing. Trakeena mutates back into her greenish ultimate form, though the process is a slow and difficult one, evident by the fact that she slips back and forth between forms over and over.

Meanwhile, back outside, the Power Teams join together (sans Red Rangers, who join up again with them after the fireworks), with Chad giving the call, "Alright, guys! Hit 'em all together!" The four Lightspeeds aim their rarely used Thermo Blasters in Booster Mode at the demons, while the Galaxys, crouched below them, summon their own Ranger-colored laser-power from their fists! The eight Power Rangers unleash their combined, glittering rainbow energy blast at the demons. Olympius, Jinxer, Vypra & Loki are all struck by this, causing the four creatures to spark up a storm. They're not dead yet, and Olympius doesn't plan to be, as he stumbles and states, "Why am I wasting energy destroying you? I'll let Trakeena do that. She wanted to mutate. Well, i'll let her have her wish! Hahaha!" Olympius whips out the small knife he prepared earlier, and remarks, "Careful what you ask for, Trakeena." He looks up at the hole near the top of the building, and laughs diabolically. He shouts, "It's time!", throws the poisoned dagger up into the air with swift precision. Carter wonders aloud for the team, "What is he doing?!", as the Rangers look up towards the building. The purple-glowing blade lands perfectly embedded in the tube that is flowing the life energy juice into Trakeena's machine! It floods the liquids, corrupting them instantly from green to purple. Trakeena realizes something is wrong, shouting "This can't be! What's happening to me?!", as her body is filled with the dangerous poison. No more shifting from Green to normal anymore, the purple beams of light flood over Trakeena's body, causing it suddenly dematerializes! Her spirit form appears as her green mutated head, like we've seen before when she escaped in "Journey's End 3", but the purple pinkish poison follows her in a deadly trail. Soon, in the skies outside the building, it engulfs her spirit totally, her eyes continue to glow green as her screaming turns into horrible, booming laughter. Our Rangers Heroes confusedly witness this, as the purplish maelstrom of power soon fades, leaving behind Trakeena's newly mutate form, that of a gigantic hell-beast! In her new form, Trakeena can only growl like Godzilla and drool like Droolzilla, her body structure resembles a mesh of Grunchor, that "shadowed monster" from "The Great Egg Caper", and either Scorpius or Raymond Burr. Leo points to Olympius and tells him, "You'll never get away with this!" The demon prince informs him otherwise, commenting, "Oh, but I have! And YOU'RE the ones who will never get away!". Speaking of which, this is the last we see of the demons, so presumably they slink back to Skull Cavern after he says this.

The skies now ominously darkened by her birth, Trakeenzilla, as you could call her, begins stretching out her tentacles and starts ripping buildings apart in the city of Mariner Bay, spewing streams of fire into the streets. The fires burn out of the control, and the railway seems to become clogged by her invading the area. Lightspeed Red notes, "She's destroying the city!", and indeed she is. A little moreso than most of the other monsters have done, as he mighty breath rips whole skyscrapers in half, leaving huge infernos in their wake. Carter presses his wrist and calls upon the Omega Megazord! Over near the raised Train Bay, we find the Max Solarzord & Omegazord storage area. The Omega-filled Rail Rescues all connect together at a vertical angle, and are lifted off from the platform into space by the Solarzord in shuttle form. The five Omegazords come together in hyperspace with a Ranger inside each one, slowly coming together to form the mighty Omega Megazord. The Max Solarzord does some transforming of its own, shifting around into what appears to be its Battle Mode, remotely controlled by way of Battle Booster, of course. Omega Megazord & Max Solarzord land side by side in Mariner Bay, the only thing lighting the dark area being the many fires burning around them. Trakeenzilla growls viciously, as the Rangers ready to face her with their giant Zords.


Trakeenzilla does some more growling and grumbling for us. Max Solarzord leaps up and does a flying drop kick into the massive creature, only to get thrown back after impacting with the immovable object. Omega Megazord readies its Shuttle-spear and charges at Trakeenzilla, Carter remarking, "Okay, Trakeena. It's time to end this!", but as he raises the staff-blade, the creature grabs it and attacks the Megazord with its other spikey hand. Our heroes are shocked by the explosions ripping through the Megazord, and become overwhelmed by her new power. Both Max Solarzord & the Omega Megazord end up snatched up by Trakeenzilla's tentacles, and are lifted into the air, dangling helplessly over the tops of several buildings. She then begins spewing green energy blasts at them, dropping them both to the ground in a weakened heap. Max Solarzord isn't seen again this episode, likely due to the fact the sun isn't out, and Ryan isn't there to help properly pilot it. Watching this battle from down afar are the Galaxy Rangers. Kendrix urgently states, "We've got to find a way to help them!" Leo says, "We need the Galactabeasts, but they're on Mirinoi!: (obviously not expecting to fight a giant monster, they left the pet/Zords at home). Trakeenzilla gives the Omega Megazord another body slam to the ground, sending sparks flying through the cockpit. Kai notices, "They won't last much longer!", just as he becomes aware of a sound of roaring coming from on the horizon. Not just any bestial growling, it's the five Galactabeasts, having teleported themselves to Earth in their kindred human counterparts' time of need! Damon calls out their names, and Leo says, "Alright! We're back in action! Let's do it!" The five Galaxy Rangers whip out their Quasar Sabers, and summon forth the Lights Of Orion, activating them for the first time in quite a while. The power of the Orion Lights surge over the Rangers bodies, and once powered-up, they leap atop their Galactabeasts with their Transdaggers at the ready. Galactabeasts are transformed into Galactazords, and offscreen, the Galaxy Megazord is formed in Orion Armored-up mode.

Trakeenzilla starts lashing into the downed Omega Megazord with her tentacle, but as she attempts to strike yet again, the Galaxy Megazord Saber butts in and cuts a limb off! The severed piece falls to the ground, as Trakeenzilla howls in agony and Leo warns, "Trakeena! Your nightmare days are over!" He calls out to Carter to see if he's ready, and Carter replies, "All set over here!" The two Red Rangers' ready their respective Megazords, Leo slicing into Trakeenzilla with the charged Galaxy Saber, and Carter firing away with the Omega Megazord shuttle-staff's explosive missile! The double attack rocks the hellbeast, causing her to erupt in a huge explosive fireball! The explosion is so big, in fact, the shockwaves from the blast echo off back towards the two Megazords, causing them both damage. The Defender Torozord is quickly seen during this explosion, in a "blink and you'll miss it" shot (funny thought, it returned to life, only to get killed again less than a split second later!). Omega Megazord tumbles over, and the Galaxy Megazord breaks up into its Galactabeast components. The Galaxy Rangers are deposited harshly back onto the cement, and left unconscious, still in their Orion Armor. The Lightspeed Rangers are horrified by their fellow Rangers' plight, Joel pointing out, "Look! She's still moving!", as he spots Trakeenzilla groaning slimily and beginning to rise. Chad realizes, "She'll try and get the Galaxy Rangers!" Dana says, "We have GOT to help them!" Carter has a plan, "There's only one way! Here it goes!" He guides the Omega Megazord into picking up the embattered and unconscious Galaxy Rangers in its hand and cradling them safely within. They slowly begin to awake, Leo the first to do so, calling out to Carter, who is very much delighted to see his fellow Red is alright. The five Galaxys regain consciousness safely in the palm of the Omega Megazord. Carter gives them bad news, "Guys, we still have to finish off Trakeena!" Maya replies, "How are we going to do that?" Leo mentions, "We're out of power!" Just then, the green gem in his Orion Armor Armsleeve begins to glow, as do those on all five of the Galaxy Rangers. A golden glow covers the Omega Megazord, and once it covers the entire structure, the five Galaxys are magically teleported into the Omega cockpit, standing perfectly behind each of their color counterparts!

The golden glow brightens and fades, leaving the Omega Megazord in Orion Powered-Up mode! Backed up by the added power of the Galaxy Rangers, it's truly, honest to goodness, time to finish this (Carter must have said that line about 90 times today. Once more with feeling!). The Orion Armored Omega Megazord stands charged up and ready for battle, as Trakeenzilla recovers from her fall and lets out a loud snarl. In the Megazord cockpit, Carter says, "We've got to combine ALL of our powers and weapons to defeat her". With a shout of, "Let's do it!", the Omega Megazord clutches its shuttle blade-staff in one hand, and the Galaxy Megazord-Orion Saber in the other. Leo shouts "Lights Of Orion, activate" as the glowing double blade attack starts slicing into Trakeenzilla. After two swift golden sparkly strikes, the Omega Megazord turns around and poses with both weapons in hand. Trakeena's monstrously mutated form screams horribly some more, before igniting into one final series of explosions, leaving nothing of her behind in its wake, not even her spirit form! The Omega Megazord poses behind the burning remains of once proud buggy villainess and heir to the Scorpius throne. Over in the former laboratory on the 13th floor, the shrunken people are released from their jars and reverted to normal size in a flash of green light, none worse for the wear. All of their life force must have been returned as well, since they all appear back to their normal coloring. The ten Power Rangers cheer themselves in the Megazord cockpit. Leo exclaims, "Excellent work, Carter!" The two Red Rangers shake hands, as Carter notes, "We couldn't have done it without you guys. Thanks!" Their hands locked together, they stare out in the blazing fire formally known as Trakeena.


The former hostages exit the Mariner Bay Commercial Bank building, a bit shaken up but for the most part unharmed. Several cops and paramedics tend to them. Heather is lead to her parents by the now Unmorphed team of ten Rangers, walking up the sidewalk. She holds Carter's hand, until she spots her mommy, who also notices her, and the mother & daughter reunite with a happy hug. Our heroes smile as they watch this, though poor daddy doesn't even get acknowledged by his child! Heather tells her mom, "I helped the Rangers!" Carter confirms that she sure did, and saying, "In fact, she's an official Junior Ranger!" He polishes off a small item on his Jacket, before handing it over to Heather. It's a shiny metal badge with "Lightspeed Rescue" written and the Lightspeed Emblem on it. Mommy hugs her and says, "I'm so proud of you!" Carter laughs and pats the girl on the head, as Tim gets one whole line, "We all are!" Carter shakes hands with the family, and smiles are abound. While this is going on, Joel gets Maya & Kendrix's attention as he autographs one of his new pictures, saying "Hey ladies, you'll probably want one of these!" Kendrix & Maya look at each other and giggle, Kendrix tells him, "Umm... I don't think so!", with a wide smile. Joel isn't about to be shot down by another female again, and asks her, "Are you sure?", walking closer to try to persuade her to take one. Dana laughs, and starts talking shop with Leo & Maya, "Boy, you had to put up with Trakeena all the way to Mirinoi?" Chad adds, "And I thought WE had it tough!". Maya notes, "With Olympius & Vypra, you have it tough enough." In the background, Joel tries as hard as he can to get Kendrix to accept one of his pictures, but she constantly refuses as nicely as she can. Leo remarks, "Actually, I think it was kind of fun getting back in the action!" Kai scoffs and puts his hand on his pal's shoulder, saying, "Only you'd think that was fun, Leo!" This causes the three Ranger Recruits to laugh heartily. Dana then asks the Galaxys, "Can you stay awhile? Mariner Bay could use another team of Rangers." Kelsey giddily agrees, adding, "That's a GREAT idea!" Kai & Leo look at each other with raised eyebrows, the idea sounds tempting. Kendrix breaks away from Joel's endless ego-trip, and tells them, "We'd loved to, but we're needed on Mirinoi." Damon thinks otherwise, saying "Actually, maybe i'll just stay for a little vacation", as he slips between Kelsey & Dana, putting his arms around each of them. Everybody laughs, and Leo tells him "no, no, no" prying Damon away from the girls and dragging him away. A similar scene goes on with Joel, who is trying yet again to pawn off his pictures on Maya & Kendrix, until Chad pulls him away from the girls, who are being protectively pulled away by Kai. Heather & her mom hold each other with smiles watching this, Carter also grinning ear to ear at the sight of two worlds of Rangers united.

Soon, the Rescue Rover is driving down the street with the Lightspeed Rangers intact. The Galaxy Rangers swoop down from overhead, all Morphed and in their only method of instant transportation between worlds, their Jet Jammers! Leo's one obviously repaired by Alpha 6 since we last saw it. Anyway, they swoop down, Leo gives a saluting-type wave. The five protectors of Mariner Bay smile and look up at their brothers-at-arms, waving good-bye to them. The multicolored set of Jet Jammers streak off into the sky, turning into what appears to be balls of teleportational light as they approach the atmosphere. The Rescue Rover rolls on, there's more rescuing needed done on both worlds!

[Scenes from "The Last Ranger"; end credits]

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