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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Sorcerer Of The Sands"
Original Air Date: 11/09/00 Featuring footage and some story elements from:
GoGo Five #42 - Jigoku No Saima Juu Gundan
(The Saima Demon Corps Of Hell)
*16th episode of 8th Regular Season
(32nd of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1032
*32nd episode of PRLR
*370th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: John Fletcher & Jackie Marchand Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Rhett Fisher _AS_ Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Robert Towers _AS_ Old Man
Gilbert Amelio _AS_ Sorcerer
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice)
Michael Sorich _AS_ Gatekeeper (voice)


[Ryan & Villain Scenes from "As Time Runs Out"]

Remember that "tough training session" from the last episode Captain Mitchell discussed? Well, this looks to be it (though from the looks of Carter's haircut, this may be a few days later)! The five Ranger Recruits are in their training outfits, and are at the Lightspeed training grounds. Standing next to the parked Rescue Rover, are Joel & Kelsey, who are being timed by Dana, as Chad & Carter watch from the sidelines. Dana shouts, "Ready... Set.... Go!", while holding a stopwatch, prompting Joel & Kelsey to race into the Lightspeed training gym (it even has the emblem on the wall). Chad & Carter cheer them on (take a wild guess on who roots for who more), as Joel & Kelsey reach a pair of ropes, and quickly begin climbing them. Joel reaches the top first, with Kels close behind. Meanwhile outside, Dana remains standing by the Rover, watching the training session for a moment, before holding the blue file folder closer to her chest, as she becomes preoccupied with thoughts elsewhere. Inside, Joel hops onto the platform at the top of the ropes. He spots Kelsey making her way up, and chuckles. He bends down, picks up the small metal clip he'll use to strap himself in to slide back down and win the race. That is, until he's trying to latch it on, when his fingers getting buttery and cause him to lose his grip on the clip! It falls about 20 feet to the ground, leaving Joel stunned, and Chad & Carter quite amused. They laugh at his plight, as Joel looks over, and sees that Kelsey has her clip latched on tight. She turns and giggled at him, as she slides down the rope with ease. Chad shouts, "Jump!", to Joel, who is trying to crawl off of the platform, and back down the rope he came up on. He takes too long playing it safe, reluctantly allowing Kelsey to reach the bottom and dart out of the building, with Chad & Carter following. She runs up to the Rover, nearly out of breath, asking Dana, "So, how'd I do?" Dana comes out of her own world, and realizes, "I forgot to stop the watch!" Kelsey continues gasping for breath, looking a bit disappointed, as Dana looks at her innocently, and Joel finally reaches them. He immediately explains, "That rope is faulty!" Dana mentions why she was distracted, "I was thinking about Ryan." Kelsey pats her on the shoulder and notes, "We're ALL worried." Dana isn't comforted, hanging her head low and thinking about her brother some more.

Speaking of Ryan (isn't convenient how that works out? She doesn't mention him for several shows, and then when she does, we pop over to see him!), he's still out in the desert. It's not in America, as i've said before, though its location is neither stated nor needed to be. He's in the middle of nowhere, stumbling along the sand dunes, nearly dehydrated. Ryan finally collapses, and rolls down the side of the dirt hill, likely crushing whatever he has in his backpack. He can go on no longer, glancing upwards for but a second before dropping his face in the sand, and passing out in the blazing sun. As this happens, an old man begins to approach him from afar. The old man (named as such in the end credits), is wearing very light colored rags for clothing, your typical desert-wear. He has a crow on his shoulder, which caws as he speaks to it and asks, "So what should we do?" (Note, if you saw the preview of this episode on the scenes at the end of "The Last Ranger," you saw what he did. He picked Ryan up and carried the man on his back! That's cut out here, mainly because it looked quite silly). Elsewhere, in Skull Cavern, Queen Bansheera tells prince Olympius, "You have disappointed me greatly, my son. Perhaps I should give your Star Power back to Diabolico!" Olympius, bowing before his mother's partial bodily form, begs, "No! Not my Star Power!" Bansheera's torso slips back into the misty shadows, warning, "Then don't fail me again!" He promises, "I won't, mother!", and once she's gone, he speaks to himself aloud, "I have to prove to her that I am worthy!" Olympius then stands, and starts to wildly whip his blade-staff around in anger and frustration. As he does this, he calls on Jinxer, who wisely waits until Olympius' staff swinging is over to enter. Jinxer shuffles in and bows, saying, "Yes, my prince? Why have you summoned me?" Olympius turns around and explains, "I know you hold the key to the Monster Shadow World. Give it to me!" He extends his hand while demanding, with Jinxer groveling, "The key to the Shadow World?! Why would you want that?!" Olympius says that he wants to go there, but Jinxer tries talking him out of it, saying, "No, my prince! It's a horrible, desolate place!" Olympius points his bladed staff in Jinxer's face, and tells him, "Silence! I didn't ask for your opinion. I gave you an order, the key! Now!" Jinxer gives in, taking the small golden key out of his pocket and dangling it over the young demon's palm, while stating, "Of course, my prince! Here it is!" Olympius takes it, and walks away, leaving Jinxer groaning over another brush with fate, and wiping the sweat off his brow. After the wimpy servant demon departs, Diabolico emerges from the shadows behind a pillar. He lets loose a mighty evil laugh, having overheard Olympius' plan.

[opening credits.]

The moon is bright over the sands of the desert of no name (named after the horse who famously rode there once), as night has fallen. Birds squawk in the nearly silent distance, with nothing but sand dunes as far as the eye can see in the moonlight. That is, except for a small tent set up in the middle of nowhere. Inside, we find Ryan, who awakens in front of a fire a bit confused. His hazy vision adjusts his surroundings, as he notices the Old Man walking his way with a small lamp. The man reaches for Ryan's face, and rather than be facially groped by the stranger, Ryan backs away. The old man heads over to his crow (or is it a raven? I always confuse those) remarks, "A boy, out here in this wasteland? Either very brave, or very stupid!" Ryan sits up in his Shiekish bed, and tells him, "I'm looking for the Sorcerer Of The Sands." The old man replies, "Sooo many people want the sorcerer's help. What is it you seek, gold? Or perhaps jewels!" Ryan shakes his head, saying, "I'm not after a fortune. I've been told the sorcerer is the only one who can read these ancient writings." He removes his small notebook from his backpack, and holds it up in the firelight. The crow blinks at the sight, and the Old Man impatiently rushes over towards Ryan, exclaiming, "Ahh!" Ryan pulls the book out of his reach, and hinting at a part of his journey we weren't privy to, tells him, "Sorry, I can only show this to the sorcerer." The old man slips away a bit disappointed, noting, "Naturally." He walks over across his room, and places the lamp on a large jeweled chest. His crow watches, as the old man pours Ryan a glass and says, "Drink this, then rest." Ryan thanks him and slowly sips the water down, commenting, "It's good!", as the old man stares at him rather creepily. Ryan suddenly becomes light headed, woozily saying, "I'm so tired... I've got to... lay down.." He drops his drink on the dirt, and passes out, still clutching his notebook in hand. The old man swipes it from his possession, and then opens it up. But instead of looking at it himself, he opens it for the crow to see. It looks at the strange symbols and caws a few times, with Ryan sleeping nearby, unaware of what is transpiring.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Skull Cavern, Olympius marches down a flight of stairs into a hidden location. It looks just like elsewhere in the Cavern, mist and columns & such, aside from the steps and a large red door. Diabolico & Vypra secretly spy on this from around the corner, watching closely. Olympius approaches the red door, and inserts the golden key into the demonic face that is the lock. The key's red gems glow evilly as this happens, and one good turn deserves another, as the door itself opens wide after the prince finishes unlocking it. Quite a bit of smoke pours out, with an eerie light illuminating from within. Out steps a tall creature, prompting Diabolico & Vypra to back off a bit, not wanting to be seen by this new person. The creature stands before Olympius and says, "I am the Gatekeeper of the Shadow World! Do you wish to enter my domain, Prince Olympius?" The young demon says yes, and the Gatekeeper allows him entrance, stating, "Then step through the portal!" He does so, with the Gatekeeper following behind, and the red gates slamming shut once they've passed through. Gatekeeper's body, btw, is half blue, and half white. His left side, the blue half, is mutilated and decaying. His helmet is large and Immortus-like. He has a half gold and half blue colored staff with a skull on it, which becomes important later. Once they've vanished from sight, Diabolico & Vypra walk out into view, with Vypra saying, "Now, let's get him and take the key!" Diabolico tells her, "No. Patience, Vypra. Soon we'll get MANY birds with the same stone." Through the gates, likes the demon hell, or Monster Shadow World, as it were. It's as desolate and horrible as Jinxer described, with rotten trees, wilting flowers, and skeletons lying in the wasteland of sand dunes. The wind blows fiercely, and the sky is an awful shade of orange, the whole place looking like the remains of Edenoi! Olympius takes a look around and asks, "So, this is where the spirits of the defeated monsters are exiled?" Gatekeeper confirms, "Yes. When monsters are destroyed they walk in this limbo forever." Olympius orders him, "Then I want you to lure the Power Rangers here!" Gatekeeper bows, saying, "I am at your service!", before swinging his staff around. He slams it into the ground, and the skull adorning the side glows brightly, teleporting him to Earth.

Below a tall skyscraper in Mariner Bay, Gatekeeper appears. He wonders, "Now what would get the Rangers' attention?" He spots a building in the distance, and remarks, "Ah-ha!", before lifting his double pronged staff into the air and firing a blast bolt. It blows off a huge chunk of the apparent low rent high-rise apartment complex (it looks more like its the PJs. Thurgood, nooo!). The Rescue Rover is luckily already on the scene, or else gets there real fast, as we see the Lightspeed Power Rangers a mere instant later. Carter shouts, "Hold it right there! Just what do you think you're doing?!" Gatekeeper laughs and faces them, tapping his staff against the concrete and promising, "You're about to find out!" Red Ranger makes a mighty fist and exclaims, "Not if we can help it!" The Rangers all stand at attention, Yellow yells "Light!", Pink proclaims "Speed!", and the whole team shouts, "Rescue!", as they pose. Gatekeeper is unimpressed by their weak routine, telling them, "Give it your best shot, Rangers!", as a gang of Batlings pop up beside him. Carter leads the charge, as our heroes whip out their V-Lancers, and quickly fire them. The five streams of energy hit Gatekeeper & the Batlings, causing them to vanish in a golden light! The Rangers are stunned and surprised, Carter noting, "It was a direct hit! I don't get it!" Gatekeeper reappears atop a balcony overlooking the scene, speaking down to our heroes and saying, "Rangers, I'm here to deliver a personal invitation from Olympius. Won't you join me?" He aims his staff at the Rangers, and before they can react, they're sucked up in a golden beam of energy. Our heroes scream, as they're turned into balls of color-coded energy, and sent hurtling towards the red gates of the Shadow World. They're deposited back in full Power Ranger form, harshly against the gravelly ground of the ruined dimension. The doors close, and our heroes are left wondering just where they are.


The Rangers arise in the Shadow World, a bit shaken up, with Dana asking, "What is this place?!" Joel says, "I dunno, but I DON'T like it." Carter has to open his big mouth, claiming, "I have a BAD feeling about this, guys." Just then, their scoping out the leafless trees and smokey hills of dirt is cut short by Olympius calling out to them, and Chad's calling back to him. The Rangers stand poised for battle, as Olympius stands causally with Gatekeeper, proclaiming, "Welcome to the Monster Shadow World! Get used to your surroundings, Rangers. You've NEVER going to leave this place! I'll make SURE of that!" Olympius clutches the golden key in hand, and turns to begin to lock the gates back up. Joel wonders what he's doing, and the Rangers, of course, just remain calm, allowing him to walk right over and seal them in there. Upon locking the doors, the entire gate structure vanishes into thin air, and causing our heroes to gasp. Olympius shows them the key and states, "The portal to your world is gone, Rangers. Prepare to spend the remainder of your existence here." Carter, who sounds like freaking broken record, AGAIN says, "Not if we can help it!" Get some new material, Red! The Lightspeed Rangers whip out their Rescue Batons (Carter and the girls) & V-Lancers (Joel & Chad), and charge towards Gatekeeper & Olympius. Olympius quickly slashes Blue, Green, and Red Rangers down with ease, using his bladed-staff quite efficiently. Pink & Yellow have also fallen, though while facing Gatekeeper. They roll with the attacks, until Gatey slams his staff against the ground, and sends a blastwave rumbling along the surface, striking the females with a loud bang. They fall over to where the other Rangers are, regrouping reluctantly. Olympius also regroups with his home-demon, snickering sinisterly and telling our heroes, "Don't worry. You won't be lonely here. We've arranged for some old friends to keep you company!" He calls on Gatekeeper, and the creature does his thing, swinging his staff around and reciting an incantation, "Spirits of monsters & ghouls of old, arise from your slumber and do what you're told!" He raises his staff into the air, and the skull beams off some light from its eyes. Pink Ranger takes a peek around, wondering what Gatekeeper is doing, before spotting it in the distance and shouting, "Guys, look!"

That they do, seeing a line of 14 demonic monsters forming on the horizon! Green Ranger, following the last Green Ranger's love for telling us about monsters they defeated offscreen (see "Hexuba's Graveyard"), blurts, "But we already destroyed them!" Not exactly! The line of living undead monsters includes (in as best order I can tell): Thunderclaw, Spellbinder, Quakemon (aka "Grinlin" from "Trial By Fire"), an unnamed mummy monster from GGV#23 that I call "Mr. Skullhead", an unnamed purple pipe covered monster from GGV#10 that I call "The Phantom Piper" (a reference to Dr. Who serial, "The Moonbase", in terms of ancient Scottish folklore), Freezard, Fireor, an unnamed spider monster from GGV#18 that I call "Webster" (later seen as Arachnor in "Web War", though possibly not the same exact monster storywise), Liztwin (giant form shrunken), Shockatron, an unnamed tree monster from GGV#05 that I call "Woodrow" (later seen as Treevil in "In The Limelight", though possibly not the same exact monster storywise), an unnamed golden bat creature from GGV#24 that I call "Die Goldermaus", an unnamed moth-like bug monster from GGV#15 that I call "Arthur", and an unnamed flower monster from GGV#29 that I call "Audrey 3". That's 7 we've seen so far, and 7 we haven't. Joel might be right, and there's been quite a many battles offscreen, or else these poor guys were either stillborn, or were killed over 5000 years ago. The zombie demons march their way, growling and groaning unintelligibly. Gatekeeper shouts, "Time for your revenge, my army!", as he lifts his staff into the air and charges it up some more. The zombie demons shuffle their feet very creepily in the dirt, making their way to our heroes, inch by inch. Red Ranger won't just wait around, as he commands the others to fire their V-Lancers. They do, and a Spectral Blast is launched. The ball of power hits the row of 14 demons, reducing each and every one to meaty chunks in a large explosion. Kelsey exclaims, "Alright! We did it, guys!" Or so she thinks, as once the smoke clears, the 14 monsters rematerialize back into view, perfectly unharmed! Carter cries, "No! They're back!", Kelsey says, "I don't believe it!", and Dana whines, "We can't destroy them!"

Gatekeeper overhears this and replies, "Very perceptive, Rangers. These are the spirits of the monsters you've already destroyed. In this world, there's nothing more you can do to them!" The Rangers turn their attention away from the approaching army of darkness to watch him speak, with Carter shouting, "That can't be!", afterwards. Say, why aren't a good deal of GGV monsters we HAVE seen on PRLR not among those zombies? Are they off shopping for Helloween? Nevermind, because its daylight in the desert once more. The sun has brightly lit up the entire area of sand dunes, mountains, and patches of white dirt. Below, is the small tent of the Old Man. Ryan awakens to a fresh desert breeze and the crow cawing, and a terrible headache. He's quite hungover, similar to that time he partied with Saddam. He shakes it off and begins searching his backpack, looking for his notebook. The Old Man enters and notices, "Well, I see you finally woke up!" Ryan spots his book on the table, and grabs it as quick as he can. The old man adds, "Would you like another cup of tea?" He starts to pour it, when Ryan turns him down, "No, I don't need TEA. I need the Sorcerer Of The Sands!" He gets up and begins to gather his belongings, as the Old Man gulps his drink, smirking devilishly. Ryan adds, "Otherwise, i'll never find a way to beat Queen Bansheera." The Old Man neighs like a horse (err, wait, I think that WAS the horse somewhere outside), and drops his cup, stammering and turning around, saying, "To beat...?!" Ryan is confused, finishing the statement, "... Queen Bansheera." The Old Man gets very excited, prancing over to the crow and shouting, "Did you hear that?!" The crow caws, and the Old Man suddenly drops to his knees, fearing of offending the wrath of Brandon Lee. Ryan looks at the guy strangely, yelling, "Hey!" Suddenly, a deep, Master Vile-like voice bellows out, "Young man, don't frighten him!" Ryan looks around, trying to find the voice's source, asking, "Who is this? The voice continues, "You should know the answer to that by now. I am the Sorcerer Of The Sands. The one you seek!"

Ryan realizes the voice is coming from the crow! He turns to it, and watches amazes as the bird de- & re- materializes before his very eyes in shimmering pink & gold particles. It transforms into an elder wise sage with a long grey beard, and a fancy purple & yellow robe. The Sorcerer crosses his ruby-ringed fingers and asks Ryan, "Who are you?" He replies, "I'm the Titanium Ranger. The Old Man stands up cautiously, as the Sorcerer asks, "And you're trying to defeat Queen Bansheera?!" The Old Man is taken aback by the mention of her name. Ryan confirms, "Yes! We're trying to send her back to the Ancient Tomb." He approaches the Sorcerer, as the sage says, "An enemy of the Queen, is a friend of mine. Let me see that book again." The Old Man smiles in the background, though still cowering a bit. Ryan doesn't question the 'again' part, but hands it over to the Sorcerer without question. The Sorcerer flips through the pages, overlooking what Ryan wrote, and says, "These symbols are spells. Very old. VERY powerful. But difficult. Do you have the key?" Ryan replies, "The key? What key?" Sorcerer mentions, "The key! The Golden Key! It makes all the difference!" He motions to the Old Man, who bows and removes a blanket covering a large mirror. Ryan gazes into it, as the Sorcerer fires off a streaming trail of golden dust towards it. The reflection suddenly turns into a hologram of the Golden Key, the same one Olympius has in his possession right now! Sorcerer explains, "If I had the Golden Key, I could read this easily." Ryan & the Sorcerer stare at the image of the key, yet another piece to the puzzle is revealed, though lack of it now puts Ryan one step farther behind in his quest!

Meanwhile, in the Shadow World, Gatekeeper proclaims, "Now their vengeance is at hand. Attack!" Raising his staff once more, the zombie demons, just like in your typical horror flick, despite having walked very slowly, have ended up right up on the Power Rangers (though, notice. They're less than a foot away from the Rangers, yet have now paused in tracks for some reason). Chad proves his worth, by pointing out, "We have to destroy his staff! That's how he controls them!" Carter, holding his V-Lancer still in hand, remarks, "Good call, Chad! Let's do it! Thermo Blaster, Booster Mode!" Their Battle Boosters are inserted into their Thermo Blasters, and the five pumped up weapons are unloaded all at once at Gatekeeper. He's so busy gloating and incanting that he fails to notice this, and his staff shatters into pieces upon impact by the Thermo rays. He cries, "No!", as Die Goldermaus turns his way (looking similar in the face to The Demon of DC Comics fame) and smiles evilly. The zombie demons (Woodrow, Audrey 3 and Die Goldermaus, at first) begin to march towards Olympius & Gatekeeper, as the prince demands to know, "What are they doing?!" Gatekeeper explains, "Without my staff I have no control over them! Their only purpose is destroy whatever they see, including us!!" Olympius remarks, "Fool! Let's get out of here. We'll leave them to the Rangers!" Arthur & Quakemon join in the walking dead strut after the fleeing pair of higher class demons. They reach the top of the hill, where Gatekeeper stops and notices, "They're still coming!" Olympius cries, "No!", as he sees the line of zombie demons following behind them.

In Skull Cavern, Diabolico watches this scene on the wall viewing-puddle. Gatekeeper is seen speaking to Olympius, "They'll never stop! Open the portal!" Those watching the puddle include Loki & Vypra, who are getting a major laugh out of this. Diabolico even chuckles evilly, as he says, "Where do you think YOU'RE going?" In the Shadow World, Olympius raises the Golden Key into the air, and summons the portal gates. Gatekeeper screams, "Hurry! Hurry!", as he & Olympius dart towards it. In the background, Green Ranger confronts Liztwin, as Red Ranger tackles Shockatron unsuccessfully. Carter ends up grabbed by the throat, as he spots the fleeing demons, shouting for the others to look. Blue Ranger is also being strangled, but by Freezard, and while pinned to the ground, Chad notes, "They're opening the portal!" Gatekeeper & Olympius reach the door to the portal, but before the Prince can get the key in the hole, a bombardment of lightning strikes them both. They are overcome with great pain, as they fall, and the gates suddenly crack, falling apart instantly! The Golden Key's red gems glow, as it suddenly is yanked from Olympius' grasp without warning, and sucked out of sight. Olympius looks up into the sky, and sees where it went, right into Diabolico's clutches! He makes himself visible to all in the Shadow World, via the viewing puddle, as he holds the key in hand and tells Olympius, "You're not going anywhere! There's only one key to this place and it appears I have it!" Olympius, his hand still smoking, shouts, "Give me that key, Diabolico!" The big gold demon bids him good-bye, saying, "Enjoy your new home in the Shadow World. You'll be there FOREVER! Hahaha!" Diabolico's image fades away, and Olympius reaches towards the skies, crying, "Noo!", once more.


One grouping of the zombie demons (Liztwin, Shockatron, Spellbinder, Phantom Piper, Fireor, Thunderclaw and Mr. Skullhead), makes it way towards the weary Power Rangers. Kelsey wonders, "What do we do?!", as the growling and groaning of the deceased creatures echoes throughout the area. Joel grabs his Rescue Blaster and replies, "Whatever it takes", as he fires shot after shot at the horde of the undead. The blasts just spark right off them, namely Phantom Piper, who appears to fire some bolts back at them. Our heroes spark, drop, and roll. Green Ranger comments, "Aw, man! This is ridiculous!" Pink adds, "We have to regroup!" She then notices a small cave in the distance, nestled below the mountain range. Her plan is states, "Maybe we should retreat to that cave!" Dana points it out, and running away seems like a great options, though Carter tries denying cowardice by saying, "At least until we come up with a plan. Come on!" The Lightspeed Ranger stagger to get up, and race over into the dark cave. It's quite large, and as Yellow asks, "Wait! Which way do we go?" Joel says, "I dunno! This place is a giant maze!" With several tunnels to head through, some leading to dead ends, they have to act fast, as Chad notes, "They're almost here!" The legion of resurrected demons enters the cave, not to far behind our heroes. Carter pulls out his Rescue Blaster and says, "Wait! Maybe this'll stall them!" He fires it into the ceiling of the tunnel, causing it collapse in front of the zombies. They're cut off from the Rangers by the rockslide, with Chad stating, "Alright! Good job, Carter! That should hold them for a while." Pink Ranger asks the question on all of their minds, "But how do we get out of here?" They're left at the crossroads of tunnels, wondering which way to go.

Meanwhile, out in the desert, a dead animal skull litters the front yard of the Old Man's tent. Inside it, the Old Man dumps a dish of multicolored jewels into the Sorcerer's wrinkled hands. He shakes them about and says, "Let's see what the stones tell us!" He then drops them into a golden bowl, extending his hand outward over them and waving it around in a circle. The stones, as he calls them, shift their position as Ryan watches. They form into a triangle shape, with a red gem placed firmly in the center. The Sorcerer reads into them, and into the notebook of demon symbols in his lap. Ryan is wowed, crawling close to the bowl of glowing gemstones. He places his hands near them, and they suddenly jet away, almost like they were blown away by a harsh wind. Ryan asks the sage, "What's wrong?", and the Sorcerer explains, "Your friends are in trouble!" He turns towards the mirror, and shoots off another trail of golden specks at it. This time, we see the Power Rangers trapped in the cave, as the horde of zombie demons begin to beat down the pile of rocks in their way. Ryan exclaims, "We HAVE to help them!" The Sorcerer doesn't appear to want to, but is convinced by Ryan's desperate enthusiasm, and musters up enough strength to stand up, walking over to a small chest in the corner of the room. He says, "Hmm, there MAY be a way." The Sorcerer opens the box up, and out from within appears a tiny ball of light! It hovers in front of him for a second, and then speeds off, past Ryan, and into the mirror. In the Shadow World, Yellow Ranger gets a startle, when the Phantom Piper's hand rips through the rockslide and reaches for her, coming to take her back to the afterlife! Joel notes, "We've got to get out of here!", Carter grabs his helmet and adds, "And quick! Let's try this way!" He points and runs, and the others follow. All except Dana, who pauses them, saying, "Wait! I think I heard something..." Carter asks what it is, and Pink Ranger listens harder. The Sorcerer's voice echoes through the cave, telling them, "Rangers! Follow the light!" Dana is ready to do as he says, until Carter stops her, noting, "It could be a trap!" The Sorcerer proves it's not by saying, "Ryan is trying to help you! Follow the light!" Pink Ranger slowly begins to follow, especially at the sound of her brother's name, stating, "Ryan? You guys, I think it's trying to help us. I say we trust it." The wall of rocks behind them begins to crumble, with Pipey's hand still sticking through it and the howl of the zombies being heard louder. Carter realizes, "Looks like we don't have a choice! C'mon!" The five Lightspeed Rangers race down the tunnel, following the small ball of light, just as the cave-in barricade caves in, the zombies flooding through it.

The ball of light (Tinkerbell, is that you?) leads the Rangers down the dark cave tunnel, guiding their path through several possible passageways. Phantom Piper, Mr. Skullhead, Liztwin, Fireor, and Thunderclaw are not far away, following in tow. The ball soon reaches a small green puddle in the floor, explaining to the Power Rangers, "This is the way out!" It hovers over it, and raises up into the ceiling, never to be seen again. The small pile of green goop doesn't look inviting, as Carter states, "I don't know about this." Dana trusts her woman's intuition, saying, "It's Ryan, I know it!" Red Ranger believes his lady friend, proclaiming, "Okay, then. Let's do it!" The five Rangers leap into the portal, one by way, teleporting away into their Ranger colors as they enter the small green puddle of vomit. They aren't the only ones, as Fireor, Liztwin, and even the Phantom Piper hop in for a dip as well! The portal suddenly dries up, leaving no speck of green teleportational mucus behind. Instantly in the streets of Mariner Bay, the five Rangers drop in as orbs of energy, landing abruptly on the ground, safe & sound. They get no time to react before three purple spheres also appear, landing on the horizon, as the fully grown trio of Living Dead zombies! It's like a Romero trilogy! Blue Ranger gasps, "Oh no! Some of the other monsters made it out, too!" Red Ranger hits his wrist and shouts, "Rail Rescues, on track!" Immediately, we see the SuperTrain swooping through the air, and forming the Supertrain Megazord in no time. It lands in the debris filled city streets, facing a one TRUE "Triple Force" of monsters. Liztwin, Fireor, and Phantom Piper spew forth waves of purple energy, blasting the SuperTrain Megazord with ease. The Rangers are rocked within it, as Phantom Piper & Liztwin grab each of the Megazord's arms, holding it restrained while Fireor stabs the chest with his bladearm! Our heroes get a jolt from this, as the SuperTrain's eyes glow. Phantom Piper & Liztwin let go and head in to get some hits on their own, when Carter charges the Megazord up to full power. Turbines and Missiles are let loose, ripping in to both of the undead monsters. They're not as strong as they used to be (in Piper's case, we must guess, since we never saw the guy before, nor is he properly named), as they both topple over and explode, likely returning to limbo. The Rangers cheer as the two explode, but before the SuperTrain can pose victoriously, Dana realizes, "We're not finished yet!", as Fireor makes the scene. Carter grabs his Grip and calls on the Rescuezords, they're hauled in by Aero Rescue 3, and quickly form into the Lightspeed Megazord (Red Ranger mistakenly calls it, "Rescue Megazord" in this shot!). Then, the Max Solarzord is called in by Carter, who initiates the linkup between it and the Lightspeed Megazord, forming the Lightspeed Solarzord lickety-split. It lands in the city, and gets struck with Fireor's undead purple blast. This creates an explosion which the Lightspeed Solarzord's panelings absorb and redirect, charging up all the cannons adorning it. Carter fires, and the Lightspeed Solarzord unloads its arsenal into Fireor. He doesn't quite explode, but instead is torn into nothingness in a golden fire of dematerialization. Perhaps the zombies who come out of limbo are erased permanently when destroyed again? It sure looks like it in his case. The Lightspeed Solarzord stands triumphant, in the dusk light of the setting sun.


In the Shadow World, Die Goldermaus spews some purple breath-energy at Olympius! He's injured badly from this, stumbling over and clutching his Star Powered chest. The demon exclaims, "I am Prince Olympius! I will NOT be left here to perish!" In Skull Cavern, Diabolico holds the Golden Key in his palm, remarking to Vypra & Loki, "Olympius has been banished to the Shadow World forever. Even with my Star Power he'll NEVER escape!" (yo, Dee! That means you won't be getting the power back that you so preciously wanted!) As Loki & Vypra chuckle with maniacal glee, Queen Bansheera emerges from the mist, shouting, "What's this I hear about Olympius?!" The three stooge-demons quickly bow, as Bansheera asks, "Diabolico, are you responsible for exiling my son to the Shadow World?!" Diabolico confirms cautiously, "Yes, my Queen, but..." Expecting their own destruction from being found out, they instead are shocked by the sound of Queen Bansheera laughing heartily! She remarks, "Olympius was a failure! Let him rot there forever! NOW the responsibility of rebuilding my palace rests with you!" Diabolico thanks his queen and bows some more, Vypra & Loki doing the same. Bansheera slips back into the shadows, warning, "Just don't fail me, or YOUR fate will be far worse than my son's!" The trio soon arises, with Vypra realizing, "She cares more about her palace than her own son!" Diabolico notices this as well, grumbling, "Hmm." Just then, suddenly, without warning, the entire skull palace of Skull Cavern is rocked to its core! Rocks tumble down from the ceiling, as the three stooge-demons are shaken about. It's not an Earthquake, though it looks like one. Batlings begin scrambling about, getting bonked on the head by debris, as pillars begin to fall over. Loki shouts, "What's going on?!", and two Batlings meet their demise as a huge rock falls and splats them both. Diabolico realizes, "Someone is reading the ancient spell!"

This is true, as we see the Sorcerer standing and reading aloud the words of Ryan's book, "Demons of the Cursed Tomb, I cast you back to eternal doom! Nevermore will evil reign, let peace & goodness replace the pain!" Ryan & the Old Man watch, as the winds begin to whip up fiercely around the tent. The Sorcerer starts to mumbling strangely, reciting ancient words in a tongue we don't understand. He waves his hands over the notebook, causing all of the symbols upon it to glow golden. Items are knocked about as the spell continues to be read, the Old Man's tent getting quite a beating. Almost as badly as Skull Cavern, which has a few more columns collapse around the demonic three. Diabolico proclaims, "Enough of this!", as Vypra & Loki struggle to remain standing. The golden leader starts to arrange his hands and fingers in a strange way, as he begins to recite an anti-spell, in a similarly ancient language! The Sorcerer continues reading off his spell, while Diabolico speaks the counterspell. The screen splits, the war of the two magical creatures being waging by mere words. The chanting comes to a close, when Diabolico punches his fist into the air, and sends a blast of energy outward. It explodes through the pages of the book, engulfing the Sorcerer of the Sands and reducing him into a pile of gleaming dirt! The book drops into the sandy remains of the Sorcerer, as the Old Man drops to his knees, clutching the dirt between his fingers and crying, "Master!" Ryan sifts through the sands, no hope remaining for the only one who could seal the demons. The book is totally charred as well, as the Old Man discovers. Ryan hears the eerie laughter of Diabolico echoing around him, which Ryan's former ward appearing inside the mirror. Diabolico holds the Golden Key in hand and taunts, "You have FAILED, Titanium Ranger. Haha!" He then aims his staff at their direction, and ceases his transmission. Ryan slams his fists into the pile of Sorcerer in anger, and as much frustration.

[Scenes from "Olympius Unbound"; end credits]

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