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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Neptune's Daughter"
Original Air Date: 11/11/00 Featuring footage and some story elements from:
GoGo Five #41 - Matoi Ga Maketa Otoko
(Matoi Is A Defeated Man)
*18th episode of 8th Regular Season
(34th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1034
*34th episode of PRLR
*372nd total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Angela Fairweather
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Kamera Walton _AS_ Marina The Mermaid
Harry Frazier _AS_ King Neptune
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Peter Greenwood _AS_ Aquafiend (voice)


[Scenes from "As Time Runs Out" & "Olympius Unbound," with a never before seen shot of Jinxer nursing Olympius inside of a cave! They're by the fireside, with Olympius looking quite pained & in rags like we soon see, as Jinxer states, "Don't worry, master. I'll take care of you and then we'll make them pay!"]

The Rescue Rover rolls to a stop, with the five Ranger Recruits inside. Dramatic music plays, as Carter shouts, "Come on, guys. Let's hit it!" The music switches over to a lighter tone, as our heroes hop out of the Rover, all wearing their beach clothes! Notice, their outfits are completely different from the end of the previous episode, meaning this isn't that same day. Maybe the Captain really DID make them go on that hike! Anyway, Kelsey has a surfboard with her, following along with Joel, Dana & Carter as they race onto the sands, heading straight for the water, all laughing whimsically. Chad, on the other hand, has suddenly had a relapse. He remains sitting in the Rover for a moment, depressingly dragging behind the others, taking his time in getting his board ready. Kelsey spots him still up the hill, and calls out, "Come on, Chad! The waves look great!" Joel & Carter begin stripping off their Ranger-colored shirts, while they dart directly into the water. Chad slowly makes his way to the beach, sitting down beside his surfboard, looking quite depressed. Everyone but him & Kelsey are frolicking around in the sea water, as Kelsey is trying her best to comfort her good friend. She remarks, "I know something's wrong when you don't want to surf!" Chad replies, "I'm sorry. It's just that the ocean remind me of..." Kels drops her board and sits next to him, figuring it has to do with Marina, even saying as much, with him confirming with a lovesick sigh, hanging his head low. Kelsey gently rubs his shoulder, saying, "I know you miss her." Chad lifts his head, and stares out to the water, continuing to think about his mermaid love interest.

Deep under the sea, a large ancient shipwreck lies among a mass of coral reefs. Near the ship's steering wheel, lord of the fishpeople, King Neptune, sits at his throne. He's a wise old man, with a long white beard, a crown, a tail peeking out from under his robe, and a mighty trident at his side. Marina the mermaid, object of Chad's unrequited affections, swims toward the man, stating, "You asked to see me, King Neptune?" Their relation is revealed, as he chuckles softly, saying, "My lovely daughter. I'm getting older and too tired to rule my kingdom. I have decided, that you will take my place." Marina is stunned, responding, "Me?! I'm not ready!" Neptune tells her, "Oh, you must be. Very soon!" Marina tries protesting, but her royal fish-father informs her, "I know you miss that boy from the surface world. But we NEED you, HERE." Marina, floating in front of him, gives up, obeying the King and saying defeatedly, "Yes, father." She glides off through the water, swimming away from King Neptune's throne. Neptune can easily tell that she's unhappy with his decision for her, but can find no words to say to make her feel better.

[opening credits.]

Inside the demonic dwelling known only as Skull Cavern, Loki, Vypra & Diabolico stare upwards at the wall viewing puddle. On the screen is King Neptune, inspecting his trident rather slowly as he remains on his throne. Loki asks, "So what are we watching here, huh? It just looks like some old guy underwater holding a fork!" Diabolico informs the dim demon, "THAT, Loki, is King Neptune's trident, and its power will soon be mine!" Loki points out, "Yeah, uhh, but, uhh, you know, how are we going to get it? You know us demons can't go in the water!" Diabolico explains, "Then we'll just summon the ONE demon who CAN go underwater!" He walks over to a pedestal, extends his hand and grunts, causing a map to appear in his hand in a flash of golden light. The lead demon spreads out the map over the surface of the pedestal, with Loki & Vypra looking at it next to him. The map is very strange indeed, the parchment has what looks to be quite old drawings of the Lightspeed Aquabase, located in the bottom of the bay, with the shipwrecked home of King Neptune & his trident to left, right below the city of Mariner Bay. To the right, is a puddle of water, with a picture of said demon inside it. There's also a large section of the map with what looks to be blank space, but I can't make out what, if anything, is there. Diabolico points to the picture, stating, "He lives here, in the lagoon. He'll steal the trident and with its power, i'll drain all the water from Mariner Bay! Then, we attack the Aquabase!" Loki cheers, "Ooh, brilliant! Ahahaha!" Vypra holds the map in her grubby little hands, mentioning, "With Olympius out of the way, NOTHING can stop us!" She, Loki, & Diabolico walk off to initiate their plan, and unbeknownst to them, Jinxer is eavesdropping behind a pillar. The lackey notes a reply to Vypra's statement to himself, "Oh, you think so, do you? Hehehe! I wouldn't be so sure about that! Heheheh!" Jinxer has a small vial of liquid in his hand, which he excitedly takes with him as he scurries off into the darkness.

The ever popular location, known most famously as the Cave Of Orion, gets reused once again. It has quite a few bushes surrounding the outside of it, making the opening in the side of the mountain somewhat harder to see. Jinxer sneaks up to it, takes a look around to make sure he isn't being followed, while carrying the vial between his hands. He enters the opening backwards, being as cautious as possible when it comes to stealthiness. That is, until he bumps the back of his head against the top of the cave entrance! Jinxer whines and rubs his noggin, commenting, "Oh! This blasted cave!" He continues on his way, and inside, we find Olympius lounging around in front of a small campfire. Olympius, still badly injured from his battle in the previous episode, has rag bandages around his head, arm and chest. He quickly grabs his blade-staff and aims it towards the trespasser, demanding to know, "Huh!? Who's there?!" Jinxer calls out to his prince, informing that it's just him. Olympius breathes a sigh of relief and lowers his staff, stating, "Ahh, Jinxer. Welcome." Jinxer approaches, bows, and shows him the vial, saying, "Rest, my prince. I'll nurse you back to health. Just drink the elixir I brought you!" He pours the small vial into Olympius' mouth for him, the wounded demon gulps the green fluid down quickly. Olympius finishes it off and asks, "Did anyone see you come in here? Were you followed?!" Jinxer tells him no, and he continues, stating, "Excellent! Now, you must return before the others miss you." The nanny/lackey demon (who in some shots has the vial in his hand nearly empty, and others it's back to being full!) obeys, mentioning, "Yes, my prince. I'll let them think you perished in the Shadow World!" How he plans to pull that off when there was that giant Megazord fight with him in the middle of the city recently, i'm not sure. Perhaps he distracted them offscreen, hence why we never saw the other three in the last episode? Anyway, Olympius calls this, "Perfect!", and continues being fed the elixir by Jinxer, who adds, "And then you'll return, STRONGER than ever! Hahaha!" The campfire burns just a few feet away, keeping this subplot warm for the next episode.

Elsewhere, in the outskirts of Mariner Bay, lies the murky pond of water named the Lagoon. It's a rather foul looking place, with smoke rising to the swampy wooden surroundings. Loki & Vypra are on the shore by Diabolico's side, as he commands, "Rise, Aquafiend!" The water bubbles, and up pops the head of said demon. Aquafiend has pink ears & a yellow beak, sort of resembling Bird Bane in the face somewhat. He has a purple scaly body, three skulls near his neck, with a huge green shell on his back. Basically a mutant turtle after a few years out of his ninja routine. Confirming what Diabolico stated earlier, Aquafiend is the one demon who dwells in the domain where others of their kind cannot. What's most interesting, is that he wasn't "created" as normal demons were, and was implied to have been living in the lagoon for quite some time. Yet Aquafiend's not a lead demon, as he walks towards shore, shakes off the wetness on his body, and proclaims, "I am at your service, Diabolico!" The big gold guy tells him, "I want you to steal the trident of Neptune, and use it to drain all of the water from Mariner Bay!" Aquafiend bows, and says, "It's as good as done! Ahahaha!" The sea-fearing demon turns and returns to the lagoon, continuing to chuckle evilly. Loki mentions, "Oh, NOTHING can stop us now!" Aquafiend dives into the water, as the three head demons watch, all laughing but Vypra, who merely folds her arms. We're spared the lengthy swim through the lagoon, and down through the bay, picking up right when Aquafiend approaches the shipwrecked home of King Neptune. The old codger is napping, passed out while still sitting on his throne. His trident is set just to his side, unguarded. You'd think royalty of an entire kingdom of mermaids would have better security. Aquafiend pokes around, spots the prize, leaps up over the steering wheel, and slowly takes the trident. He tries to be cautious, though he does bump the bottom of it against something, making a slightly clatter. King Neptune almost wakes up, but his stirring quickly ceases, and he drifts back to wet-dream land. Aquafiend clutches the trident, wipes his beak-brow, and swims upwards, scot-free. Just after he exits the scene, Neptune stirs again, letting loose a flood of bubbles from his mouth. At least it wasn't a flood of bubbles from under his tail!

Soon, we see Marina, bobbing around with her neck above the waves. She hears a loud squelching siren call, which causes her great grief. Marina dives down into the ocean once more, flapping her tail in the air as she plunges into the depths. One quick actual shot filmed under water is shown, likely done during the Bahama production shoot for "Ocean Blue". The orange tailed mermaid swims towards the shipwreck home of her father without haste. Marina reaches King Neptune quickly and asks, "Father, what's wrong?!" Neptune informs her, "My trident has been stolen!" She's disturbed, exclaiming in disbelief, "Stolen?!" The King (not Elvis) remarks, "Its powers could be TERRIBLE in the wrong hands." Marina thinks for a moment, and states, "I know someone who can help us retrieve it." Neptune figures it out, "You mean that boy?!" Marina floats in front him, explaining, "He's a Power Ranger, father! But i'll need to go on land." King Neptune is reluctant, noting, "What you ask is risky. You KNOW you can survive only a short time out of seawater!" Marina contemplates the need to retrieve the trident, coupled with the possibility of seeing Chad again, and tells her father, "I'll take that risk." King Neptune can't argue, replying, "All right", and nodding, giving her his blessing. Marina swims upward, her orange tail whipping about and lifting her in the direction of her destination.


On the beach, Chad remains sitting. His surfboard is gone, as is his Ranger Recruit teammates. He quietly rests there, the tide splashing against his feet, while he mopes about, thinking of his beloved Marina. Chad suddenly becomes distracted with the wave-watching, and turns to his side, digging in the sand. Without warning, a strange magical chime echoes off the ocean. He looks up, and can't believe his eyes as he sees Marina walking towards him! Her tail is gone, leaving only an orange skirt to cover her pelvic region. Chad rises to his feet, giving Marina a long, loving look over, obviously admiring her newly acquired pair of legs. She approaches him, smiling for a moment. Chad seems to think this visit is for pleasure, as he asks, "Marina? How?!" She reaches him, her smile fades, as she urgently informs him, "There's no time! I need your help. My father is King Neptune and the demons have stolen his trident." Chad asks why, and she says, "They're using it to drain all the water. BOTH our worlds will be destroyed. We've got to stop them!" Marina grabs his hand and they quickly race up from the beach, heading off into the wooded area covering the mountains behind them. Meanwhile, down at the bottom of the lagoon, Aquafiend is getting some use out of his new toy. He stabs the trident into the floor of a rocky water cave, noting, "Ahaha! This is the spot! Now to make Mariner Bay a little drier! Drain!" The surface of the lagoon begins to bubble, while in the city, a woman with her hair in curlers tries to get something to drink. Her water cooler is empty, so she turns to her kitchen sink faucet. Lifting the handle reveals that only a few drops pour out, the drought has spread rather quickly! Sprinkler systems in the park run dry, and a little girl fights with a water fountain, hitting the button constantly, but getting no results from the empty spout. I should note, if you saw the preview for this episode at the end of "Olympius Unbound", you'd see a scene which was cut. The other four Lightspeed Ranger Recruits are near a large water supply truck, as a crowd of people gather. Carter shouts, "Sorry folks, we're all out", or something like that, while the crowd grows thirsty and angry. Why this was cut is unclear, but it's totally gone from this episode. Anyway, the tide in the bay is also receding, with nearby lakes dwindling down to mere puddles of water in a matter of minutes, leaving nothing but muddy patches of dirt behind.

In the forest, Chad & Marina are running faster than water. Chad is in the lead, with Marina lagging behind. He shouts to her, "hurry!", but as she's not used to having legs (and likely to keep from bursting out of her orange bikini top), she can barely keep up. They race through the woods, and eventually stop to rest in a small clearing. Mist & fog rises around them ominously, signifying the unnaturalness of their surroundings. Marina catches her breath and points forward, telling Chad, "The monsters will place the trident at the bottom of the pond just ahead." Chad asks the question we're all wondering, "Why here?" Marina begins to explain, "It's a magic place! And...", when she's struck with a dizzyspell. Chad allows her to lean on him, as she lowers to her knees, clutching her stomach and gasping in pain. He asks, "Hey, are you okay?!" Marina shakes her head and groans, worrying Chad intensely. Suddenly, the flapping of wings gives way to the teleportation of a gang of Batlings! They flock around the lovebirds, err, lovefish, waving their bat-blades and squeaking loudly. Chad immediately stands up and stands in battle position. He waits for a Batling to attack, and kicks it on the back with his foot, whapping it around to another, and then ducking back as a different Batling strikes at him with its saber. He rolls across the leaf-covered ground, and begins dodging blows, but thankfully for a change, returning some of his own with a mighty, "Hi-toe!" Two Batlings grab Marina and hold her captive, while Chad keeps the others busy, darting between a split in a tree, and when a Batling follows, he turns and kicks it out. He takes another Batling down with some fancy footwork, until eventually he hears Marina crying. Chad screams, "Leave her alone!", and charges back to her side, knocking all three of the Batlings around her down with heavy vigor. After he frees his girlfriend, he returns to kicking a few more of the bat-drones out for the count. With apparently all of the Batlings now defeated, they bataport back to Skull Cavern, leaving Chad behind, posing victorious.

That doesn't last long before he quickly returns to Marina's side. She's sitting against a rock, clutching her stomach in agony. Chad tries comforting her, asking what's wrong. Marina tells him, "Mermaids can only stay out of seawater for a short time." Chad looks at her legs, which appear to be withering up slightly (and hey, she's got sandals on now! they pick those up on the way there?). Chad rushes up and states, "Then we've got to go back!" She stops him, stressing the importance, "No, please! You MUST get the trident." He worries more about her heath, protesting her decision, until she says, "I'll be okay. Go on, i'll slow you down." He's very reluctantly to leave her, caressing her hand gently and telling her, "I'll be right back." Chad finally lets go of Marina's hand, and races down the path, pausing briefly to look back at her, nearly refusing to lose her again. He shrugs off his gut reaction to remain by her side and storms down the trail, screaming, "Lightspeed Rescue!", and hitting his Rescue Morpher. He morphs into the Blue Ranger in a blink of bright light, reaching the smokey lagoon almost instantly. As Chad pauses by the waterside for a moment to catch his breath, the other four Lightspeed Rangers show up (he must have called them up offscreen). Carter asks, "What's going on?!", and Chad replies, "No time to explain!" Blue Ranger leaps into the air and splashes into the water, diving down deep into the lagoon, leaving his teammates confused as to what his mission is. Chad swims through the murky depths, searching fort he trident. He eventually finds it (and oops, an open visor GGV shot reveals that the water makes his eyes look like someone else's!), the trident sticking up from out of the ground. Blue Ranger floats in place, preparing to grab it, when Aquafiend grabs him from behind! Chad is unable to escape the demon's grasp, as he struggles and is apparently strangled by the creature. Above, Marina painfully lies against a rock, moaning and drying up under the sun. Underwater, Chad breaks free from Aquafiend's hold, but ends up punched, and knocked out of control. Blue Ranger spins around through the water for a bit, regaining his balance in time for Aquafiend to boast, "Not even a Power Ranger is going to ruin my plans!" Chad replies, "We'll see about that!"

By the side of the pond, Red Ranger notices the violent bubbling of water where Blue dived in. Carter shouts out Chad's name, remarking to himself and his teammates, "Oh, man. I hope he knows what he's doing." Below, the trident remains impaled in the floor, as Aquafiend grabs Blue Ranger and spins him in circles, exclaiming, "Round and round, Power Ranger! Hahaha!" This causes the surface to bubble up even more, worrying the other Rangers. Yellow cries, "Oh no! Chad!", and Green states, "He's been down there too long. Let's go!" Just as they're about to give him some much needed assistance, their legs and arms become restrained by the arms of a horde of Batlings! Yellow, Pink & Green struggle with the bat-drones on the shore of the lagoon, while the water bubbles, and oddly, the ground starts quaking! Red Ranger, who is for some reason quite a few feet away from the others, spots their plight and rushes over to help them. They're fighting the Batlings now in the woods, quite a length away from the water. Carter ends up ambushed like his teammates, grabbed by the legs and arms by two Batlings at once. He begins to fight them off, with Joel, Dana, & Kelsey doing the same with their own bat-buddies. Nearby, Marina has her eyes closed as she saves up her strength. She awakes when she hears someone approaching, crying out, "Chad!", thinking its her human boyfriend. Marina turns her head and finds that the person isn't Chad, but in fact, the demonic woman responsible for setting them up in the first place, Vypra! Marina remembers how much trouble she is, and is quite frightened when she spots Vypra's evilly smirking face.


The camera shakes wildly for no reason supported by the plot, as Green Ranger uses his Rescue Blaster on some Batlings. Yellow & Pink Rangers do the same, and after they've cleared the demon-drones out, Dana says, "Come on! We've got to help Chad!" Red Ranger is closer to the lagoon, as he finds himself surrounded by Batlings. He takes one down with a trip of his foot and drops another with a more direct approach, while several remain awaiting their turn. Looks more like they should be helping Carter first! Down in the lagoon, Aquafiend throws a watery kick into the Blue Ranger, who sinks right to the bottom and recovers, with Thermo Blaster in hand. Aquafiend fires some electric bolts at him, which he dodges (hey, why aren't those sparks floating?) and fires back. The Thermo Blaster displays a new skill, the power to fire off a blue beam of energy. It wraps around Aquafiend like a rope made of laser, allowing Chad to drag himself across the bottom of the pond, and grab the trident! He snatches it up, gives Aquafiend a kick, and launches himself upward. Blue Ranger leaps out of the lagoon, shouting, "Carter, catch!" as he tosses the trident at the Red Ranger. Carter grabs it, spins it around, and pokes the last Batling in the gut with the bottom end of the trident. Red Ranger replies, "Good job, Chad!" (despite supposedly not knowing what was going on a minute ago, he seems to be quite aware that they needed to get the trident), as he impales the trident safely into the sand. Aquafiend soon hops out of the water, laughing all the way. He faces our heroes, saying, "I'm not through with that! Give it back, or else!" Aquafiend wastes no time in spewing forth bolts of energy at them, knocking all four of the Rangers down in a sparking heap. He then charges towards them with his clawed hands out, only to have Red Ranger remind us that he's around, by jumping up in the air and firing both his Rescue & Thermo Blasters at the monster at once. The quick bursts of firepower strike the water demon, shaking him up and returning to him what he did to the other Rangers. Carter lands near his team, asking them if they're okay, with Chad replying, "Yeah!" Red Ranger says, "Then let's finish this, once and for all!", while pointing to his left wrist with his Rescue Blaster for some odd reason. Think he's saying, "We've only got 6 more episodes left after this until Time Force! Let's hurry up!"?

Aquafiend, now surrounded by yet more Batlings, comments, "I think you underestimate me, Ranger!" Red makes a fist and says, "Well why don't we just see about that?!", as Blue does the same, mentioning, "Let's pull it together, guys!" The team stands at attention, with Green Ranger echoing what Carter said earlier, "Everybody ready?" Yellow shouts, "Lightspeed," Pink proclaims, "Rescue", and the five pose, Carter ending it by yelling, "Let's do it!" The Batlings scramble, our heroes salute, and then charge into action. Joel jumps into the air and starts to spin his body, twirling through a line of the demon-drones. Kelsey hops up and kicks two down, as Chad & Dana leap through the air, firing their Rescue Blasters at the Batlings. Carter slashes and slices the rest of the batboys out of the way with his V-Lancer. Suddenly, the other four Rangers are huddling around Aquafiend with their Rescue Batons out. He shrugs them all off at once, and then begins to fire green breath-bolts at each one in a circle. Red Ranger rejoins the fight by grabbing a conveniently placed rope, swinging across the lagoon, and grabbing Aquafiend between his legs. Carter slams Aquafiend's head into the side of a tree, making a loud boink sound upon impact. Red remains clinging to the tree, as the demon drops to the ground, landing on his back. Carter then leaps down and joins his team, with Chad leading the charge to whip out their Thermo Blasters in Booster Mode. Aquafiend recovers from his fall just in time to get a five star dose of laserpower blasted into him. The explosion is tough enough to turn this fish out of water into a pile of smoking meaty body parts instantly. The Rangers lower their Blasters, and Chad realizes the object he was sent to retrieve is unprotected. No, not Marina, he's totally forgotten about her. Instead, he blurts, "The trident! Come on!" The five rush over to where Carter stuck it into the dirt. Blue Ranger removes it from the ground and holds it up, saying, "Now we just have to return all of the water that was drained!"

They don't get a chance, as Vypra appears, aiming her sword and shouting, "I'll take that!" Chad replies, "I don't think so, Vypra! It's going back where it belongs!", prompting her to swing her blade around and give a weak laugh. She then turns to the bushes behind her, that being the cue for three Batlings to emerge with Marina held between them. She cries out to Chad, with Chad crying out to her. Carter grabs him and prevents him from rushing in blindly after her. Vypra says, "Give me the trident, and i'll let her go." Blue Ranger holds the trident in his hands, and reluctantly states, "I can't let you hurt Marina. I'll give it to you." Red Ranger vetoes this idea, "Chad, you can't do it!" Chad refuses, saying, "I've GOT to!" Marina won't let him, reminding her love, "You can't! She'll destroy the world with it!" The Batlings holding her get a little bit rougher with her. Chad asks, "It's THAT powerful?!", and Marina simply nods concertedly. Blue Ranger stares at the trident in his possession, and torn between priorities, he speaks to his teammates, "Guys, I don't know what to do!" Vypra has an answer, "Let me help you decide!" She grins and aims her sword off at the pile of fishsticks to the side. One of Jinxer's growth cards is shot off into a chunk of Gordon's Fisherman's finest, as Vypra commands, "Rise again, Aquafiend!" She snickers sinisterly, and with one quick whip of her sword, the pieces float together as bats, and grow back into Aquafiend, now too big to fit in his lagoon! I should note, this is the first time PRLR has shown American footage for a giant monster in quite some time, if at all. Aquafiend towers over the treetops, growling and laughing. Our heroes look stunned at the creature, as he stomps his giant purple feet to the ground. Notice, from the way the camera is angled, it appears he squashes Vypra & Marina between his toes! Aquafiend notes, "You can't keep a good monster down!" Chad gets an unexpected surprise, as the trident begins to glow, and grow, right in his hands! He drops it, and it increases in size, to the point that it becomes so big that it's nearly as tall as Aquafiend. Marina continues to be manhandled by the Batlings, as Vypra remarks facetiously, "Neptune's trident is little too much for you to handle!" Aquafiend picks the huge trident up and states, "Yeah! But it's the perfect size for me!", holding it above his head and laughing maniacally.

Blue Ranger ceases watching the giant monster above, and looks to his fish-ladylove. Chad whispers, "Marina, i'll get you out of this," before lifting up his wrist, hitting 8-6-1 on his Battle Booster, and shouting, "Mega Battle!" The green grid maps itself over his back, forming the powerful Mega Battle armor over his body, and install the giant cannon on his arm. Marina takes advantage of the distraction, and shoves the Batlings around her off. Chad aims his Mega Battle cannon at the demons, with Vypra dropping her smile when she notices the huge water gun aimed right at her head. Marina pushes the Batlings away, and leaps out of the line of fire (possibly since the fresh water in the cannon might do more damage to her than good). Blue Ranger fires his Mega Battle cannon at the demons, and instead of the usual ice spray, it unleashes a stream of pure water! Vypra is doused by the one thing that can weaken her, though she tries to cover her face with her hands while screaming, "Ahh!" The Batlings also get soaked, unable to escape from the intense water pressure being fired at them. Something very strange happens, as Vypra and the Batlings seem to MELT into water, splashing on the dirt and turning into no less than a puddle on the ground. You'd think this is the end of Vypra, but as we see in the scenes from next time, she's back by the following episode, meaning she likely teleported away in her spirit form at the last possible second. Though it will be interesting to see what side effects, if any, this has on her performance from now on. Chad shuts off the waterworks successfully, and when he notices Marina lying unconscious on the ground, he quickly shouts, "Power down!", and not only causes the Mega Battle armor to vanish, but demorphs at the same time. He rushes over to her side, with the Rangers in tow. She's helped up, but she's unable to open her eyes, her life-force evaporating at an accelerated rate. Chad notes, "We've got to get her to saltwater fast!" Red Ranger replies, "Right", and begins to help pick her up, possibly (as I think) getting ready to call on his Red Mobile Armored Vehicle to help zip her to the bay. He doesn't get the chance to help, as the ground begins rumbling, and they're reminded that the giant freaking Aquafiend is still standing above them! Boy, is it just me, or are the Rangers' attention spans unbelievably short this episode? They get easily distracted by the littlest of things. Carter tells his unmorphed teammate, "Chad, you help Marina. We'll take care of this guy!" Chad says, "Thanks guys", and puts one of Marina's arms over his shoulder, as he picks her up and carries her nearly lifeless body into the woods.

Red Ranger calls out, "Let's do it!", and then, "Omegazords, online!" They're already up in outer space, hanging onto the Rail Rescues & Max Solarzord. The Omegazords slide out of their compartments and zoom towards Earth. Speaking of zoom, Chad hurries as quick as he can through the woods, with Marina held tightly against him. The Lightspeed Rangers board the Omegazords, and bring them together to create the Omega Megazord. We see more of Chad breathlessly running with Marina, intercut between the formation. The Omega Megazords twirls its shuttle-spear around, and powers up. Aquafiend holds its stole trident in hand, and kinda mocks their twirling with a little of his own. The Omega Megazord replies with another spear shifting. Aquafiend then gets the pool part started by lashing out at the Megazord with the tri-blades of the trident. He slashes it at the Megazord, using not only the forked side, but the bottom of it as well. The Omega Megazord takes quite a beating, likely because they're trying to be careful not to destroy the trident. Aquafiend swings it at them one more time, prompting our heroes to lift the shuttle-spear up to block the attack. Red Ranger grows antsy, commenting, "It's time to take this puppy up a notch!" One quick shift of the controls, and the Omega Megazord knocks the trident out of the way, then reaches up, grabs Aquafiend by the yellow beak, and proceeds to give it a few headbutts! The Megazord then kicks Aquafiend's feet out from under him, knocking him down long enough for Carter to get the shuttle-spear ready. Its fired, the missile launching across the way. The small shuttle-projectile slams right into the demon's stomach, exploding instantly and causing him much pain. Carter tosses in the finish move, a double golden trailing shuttle-spear slash into the creature. Aquafiend sparks, drops, and explodes, leaving not a drop of himself behind. The Omega Megazord poses victoriously, swinging its spear about one more time. Back in the city, the kitchen faucet begins to pour water again. The lady with curlers still in her hair is raiding the fridge when she notices the flow of water has returned. The sprinklers in the park also return to making the grass green and healthy. The trident has shrunk back to normal, and impaled itself safely next to the lagoon. The Rangers rush over to it, with Carter grabbing it up and mentioning, "The water's back! Come on, let's get back to the Aquabase!" His teammates shout in unison, "Right", as they take the trident and head home.


In the Lightspeed Aquabase, the Weapons Lab pool to be precise, we find where Chad has taken Marina. Given that the pool is actually an entranceway to the ocean itself, the saltwater within should be just what she needs to rehydrate. Marina has reverted back to her mermaid form, as she lies on her back, sprawled out in the water. Chad sits (in his usual civilian outfit, not his beach clothes he had on earlier, meaning he must have changed clothes sometime between scenes) on the side of the pool, holding Marina's hand and dripping water across her face. She's still unconscious, and is hooked up to a monitor, reading her vital signs. Ms. Fairweather has been helping Chad take care of the mermaid, as she stands by the door and watches silently as Chad runs Marina's forehead. Marina finally opens her eyes slowly, looking up at Chad weakly. The other four Ranger Recruits make the scene, all demorphed now, with Carter carrying the trident with him. They approach Ms. Fairweather (Joel removing his hat), and they stop in their tracks as they see their teammate attempting to heal his aquatic mate. Kelsey asks Fairweather, "Is she going to be alright?" Angela isn't sure, noting, "There's no data available on her species. I don't know how to help her." Chad continues rubbing Marina's forehead, as she begins to speak raspily, "I knew.. you'd save us." She smiles and closes her eyes again, prompting Chad to say her name somberly. Suddenly, the pool begins to glow, when the water magically starts to rise and take shape. Its the form of King Neptune, appearing in a CGI look similar to something from "The Abyss". Our heroes are stunned by his presence, especially when he nods to Chad and says, "Thank you for saving my world, and for watching over my daughter." Chad nods in return, as Neptune states, "I'll take over now." Carter remembers he has that big old trident in his hands, and though he wanted to go chuck some hay around on a farm with it, he instead approaches the pool and hands it over to the King. Neptune spots it and gasps, "Oh, my trident! Thank you, young man." The moment it's back in the King's hands, it turns into a water form like himself, prompting him to say, "Ahh". Marina looks up to Chad once last time, when her father asks, "Shall we, my daughter?" She slowly begins to drift towards King Neptune, her eyes still locked with Chad's, and their hands still clasped together as well. They hold on for as long as they can, until she floats out of reach (notice, the monitor is still hooked up to her. She's quite lucky she didn't yank that whole machine in the pool with her, or else, it'd be fried fillet of mermaid in the galley tonight!). Chad keeps his arm extended outward, as he sadly witnesses Marina sink down into the water, with King Neptune's water form also doing the same. They fade from sight, leaving not a single bubble behind in their wake. Chad finally lowers his hand, and lowers his head.

It's sunset at the beach. Chad has returned there to mope under the orange tinted sunlight, to watch the tide roll in and waste some time, like he did at the end of "Ocean Blue". He's back in his beach clothes, and is inspecting a small seashell in his hand. Chad gazes out at the water, quite unhappy, and quite without words. Just then, a female voice calls out to him, "Chad!" He turns and sees Marina, back in surface-creature mode, standing before him! Just to make it clear, we get another full body camera pan, with a close up of her feet in the sand. Chad stands up and gasps, "Marina! But, you can't be out of the water!" Marina walks closer to him and says, "Yes, Chad, I know. I can only stay a few moments. I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done." He tells her, "I'm glad I could help. I just wish you didn't have to go!" Marina, as bothered by the boundaries between them as he is, replies in a distraught voice, "I know." Chad looks down, and suddenly realizes, "Hey! Just because you can't stay on land. Doesn't mean we can't spend time together!" He takes her hand, and she seems quite confused. Chad smiles widely and shouts, "Come on!", as he leads her off towards the water. Marina & Chad race out towards the waves under the setting sun, both laughing happily, hand in hand. They splash around in the ocean, enjoying each other's company, as the executive producer credits roll, sans freeze screen.

[Scenes from "Web War"; end credits]

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