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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Web War"
Original Air Date: 11/13/00 Featuring footage and some story elements from:
GoGo Five #18 - Gyakushuu No V-Ransaa!
(The Counterattacking V-Lancers!)
*19th episode of 8th Regular Season
(35th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1035
*35th episode of PRLR
*373rd total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Angela Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice)
Catherine Battistone _AS_ Arachnor (voice)


[Scenes from "As Time Runs Out" & "Olympius Unbound", with that new Jinxer/Olympius scene again.]

In the outskirts of Mariner Bay, another Lightspeed weapon testing is going on. It's a motocross raceway, with sand dunes set up, monitored by technicians with stopwatches. Carter is geared up for motorcycle racing, as he hits the bump and takes off into the air on the Trans-Armor Cycle prototype! He's rather good at bike riding, though one must wonder why Lightspeed needs yet another motorcycle in their arsenal against demons. Carter passed by the status camp set up with Ms. Fairweather standing inside, watching the test drive and speaking into a microphone headset. She mentions, "Maneuverability", and Carter takes the cycle back around, leaping into the air with it when he hits a bump, landing perfectly. He replies through his helmet, "Incredible!", as he continues racing all over the area. Fairweather tells him, "Try the lasers", and then begins to type something in on her console keyboard. This causes a strange yellow & black target board to appear on the testing grounds (sort of resembling today's monster!). Carters stops his bike in range of it, and says, "Locked on target!", as he revs up the Trans-Armor Prototype. It speeds towards the bullseye, firing the laser canon section of the front section, blasting the target with a large green ball of power. The target isn't destroyed by the impending explosion, but does get surrounded by quite a bit of dust & smoke. Carter takes the cycle around, and pulls in to the control camp. He lowers the goggles on his helmet (notice, while the helmet is white & black, there's a small 'Red 1' symbol adorning the top), and exclaims to Ms. Fairweather, "The Trans-Armor Cycle is amazing!" She agrees, nodding and noting, "This is just the prototype!"

Fairweather then says, "Okay, Carter. Proceed to the last test." He puts his goggles back on, presses a few buttons on the dashboard of the bike, and braces himself, shouting, "Here goes nothing!" You'd think after the trouble he's had testing the Titanium Morpher and Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, he'd just say no to being Fairweather's guinea pig. Anyway, he eager speeds off, kicking up a trail of dust behind him. Fairweather watches carefully, ordering a Tech to, "Go ahead." Said tech hits some switches on the side of a larger machine. Makes you wonder where the power outlets are way out in the middle of the desert! Carter gets the Trans-Armor Cycle up to a good pace, and cries out, "Armor Mode!" The front section of the bike flashes red and begins to hover slowly upward. Carter extends his arms out (Look ma, no hands!), as the front section rises to a spot directly in front and across from his chest, and then slams back into him. It's supposed to go on easier, but instead, it smashes back so hard into Carter, that he's sent flying backward off the bike! Carter falls on the ground, the front section tumbles off into the dirt, and the Trans-Armor Cycle prototype crashes into a stack of tires. Ms. Fairweather cries, "Oh! Carter," and begins to race out after him, along with some of the Techs, one of them carrying an extinguisher. Carter recovers from his drop with a groan, clutching his chest as he takes a look at the cycle. He shouts, "Oh no!", as the Trans-Armor Cycle prototype begins to spark with electricity. It instantly explodes into a massive fireball, engulfing the wall of tires as well. Carter is a safe enough distance away, but shields his helmeted face anyway. He removes his helmet, gasping for air as Fairweather rushes to his side, asking, "Carter, are you okay?!" He tells her, "Yeah. But I think we still got a few bugs to work out." They stare at the flaming remains of the prototype, this test run obviously a fiery failure.

[opening credits.]

Inside the demonic dwelling known only as Skull Cavern, Diabolico demands to know, "Where is Jinxer?!" He, Loki, & Vypra (who looks quite recharged since her watery exit last episode) stand in the middle of a mist filled chamber with a glowy ceiling, looking around for the absent lackey. Loki exclaims, "I've been looking for him all day!" Diabolico mentions, "I need a monster NOW!" Suddenly, a strange yellow & blue striped creature with sharp shoulders and small wings pops up, or rather, hanging upside from off of the tops of one of the pillars. The creature is a female spider demon, who states, "Did somebody say 'monster'? Arachnor is my name and sordid matters are, shall we say, my game." She flips down off of her webbing, and stands before the main three demons. Arachnor is the exact same type creature, that I named "Webster", as shown in the Shadow World in previous episodes. Considering how this episode implies that there might be a sort of race of them around, it seems entirely logical that "Webster" was just a relative of Arachnor's who the demons may have used at some point offscreen in the past. That said, Loki asks, "What makes you think YOU can handle the job?!" Arachnor replies, "I can gather data from the Rangers' weapons, rendering them useless!" Diabolico is intrigued, telling the spider creature, "You have my attention." She approaches him and notes, "But I request something in exchange." Diabolico asks, "And that would be?" Arachnor has a huge web-sack full of eggs lower from above, as she explains, "My babies are ready to hatch soon and they will need nourishment. And since there are so many, they will need MUCH to eat." Diabolico purrs evilly, "There is PLENTY of food in Mariner Bay." Arachnor lifts her clawed hand up and says, "Then we have a deal!"

Meanwhile, we find just exactly where Jinxer has been, as the scene switches over to the Orion Cave. Smoke pours out of the opening to it in the side of the mountain, and within, Jinxer tells his injured ward, "Oh, please, Olympius! You're still very weak and you need to conserve your energy!" Olympius, his body still bandaged up in rags (his arm-sling is gone now, but the headband remains), staggers to rise to his feet. He gets up and grabs his blade-staff, growling, "You're wrong! I need to build up my strength in order to get my revenge!" Jinxer cautions him, repeating, "But... but...!", as Olympius readies his staff and aims it at a small pile of boulders in the distance from their location. The rocks explode into mere pebbles, and Olympius exclaims, "I can feel my strength returning, Jinxer! And when I have my full powers back, those who have crossed me will pay!!" His anger is so great, that the small campfire next to them instantly burns into a larger flame, echoing Olympius' emotions. Jinxer is taken aback by this, but does manage to let out a sinister snicker. Elsewhere, in the middle of the city, citizens flee as Arachnor is on the prowl! She spews a strand of webbing at one downed person, wrapping him up completely in cobwebs, and lifting him up into the air to join her on a huge web-tapestry spread out between a square opening in a large building. Several other humans are strung up there as well, with this guy joining them, not far from the center, where Arachnor lies in wait. The Lightspeed Power Rangers make the scene, spotting the massive form of white webbing coating the area above them. Red Ranger shouts, "Hey! Let those people go!" Arachnor dangles against her web, remarking, "'Hello, Rangers', said Arachnor to the flies!" She aims her arm towards them, and causes a gang of Batlings to appear, swarming all over our heroes. Carter tells his team, "Watch it, guys!", as the Batlings scramble to attack. The five Rangers whip out their Rescue Batons, and follow Carter's lead of, "Let's do it!" Arachnor leaps down from her web and gets a closer view of the Rangers. While they're busy beating up Batlings, Arachnor notes to herself, "Now to scan their weapons!" She does so, scanning the Rangers' weapons with the use of not only the two eyes on her head, but the many red eyeballs adorning her chest. Strange demonic writing appears on the "scan-screen", as she logs and records Red Ranger's use of the Baton, and Green Ranger's use of the Rescue Blaster.

The Power Rangers apparently rid the city of the Batlings offscreen, and race to face Arachnor. She comments, "Your weapons are very high tech!", as she slowly approaches them. Carter shouts, "You got that right! Rescue Bird!" Said Rescuebird swoops out of the Train Bay and lands in the hands of Red Ranger almost instantly, already shifted around to form the Unilaser mode. His teammates brace against him, as aims towards Arachnor. They lag long enough for the spider demon to run a quick scan over the Unilaser, just before they fire it away at her. Arachnor teleports out of the line of fire in a flash of yellow light, missing the Unilaser blast perfectly. Carter lowers the Unilaser (and discards it offscreen), telling his team, "C'mon!", as they race off to search for the monster's new location. A check of the area where she was shows no sign of the demon now, just smoke from where the Unilaser blast hit. Joel remarks, "Oh, no, she's gone!" Dana looks up and points out, "Look! The web is gone too!" One quick shot shows that this is true, the web tapestry has vanished completely, taking along with it everyone attached. Pink Ranger notes, "We HAVE to save those people!" Carter puts his hand on her concerned shoulder and says, "Let's get back to the base. Maybe we can track them from there." Soon, on the Lightspeed Aquabase, Captain Mitchell enters the Conference Room, where the Ranger Recruits are already awaiting. He states, "Rangers, as you know, the Blasters and the Rescue Bird were ineffective against this creature. This is a tough one." Chad asks the question on his entire team's mind, "So, how do we fight it?" Ms. Fairweather reads a piece of paper over to the side, as Mitchell leans on the table and proclaims, "We think the Mega Battles have the power to stop it. That's our next plan of action." Joel & Chad, the only two with Mega Battle accessories, nod, and depart the room, exiting through Rescue Ops with Dana & Kelsey tagging along. Carter remains behind for a moment, until Fairweather calls out, "Hold on a minute. I need Carter to stay. We HAVE to test the Trans-Armor Cycle again." Captain Mitchell agrees, mentioning, "We'll need everything we got against this monster. Go." Carter obeys, "Yes, sir", as he & Angela head off to the Weapons Lab. I somehow suspect from the lack of mention of the RMAV, that Miss F scrapped the project after Carter explained his temporal disturbance from it.


Once more to the testing grounds we go. Carter is back in his riding gear, hitting the hills sharply on the newly repaired Trans-Armor Cycle prototype. Ms. Fairweather & a technician watch from the sidelines, as Carter shouts, "Armor Mode!" It successfully causes the front section to lift up and glide back towards Carter's chest. He quickly braces his arms against it to hold in place, and proceeds to the next step. It involves flipping himself off the Cycle as it continues speeding off in the distance. He does a perfect flip, though upon landing, ends up skidding his feet across the dirt while trying to stop himself. Carter commands, "Remote engaged! Complete transformation!" The front section is attached properly to his chest, as he extends his hands out and readies the final step of transfer. Suddenly, the engine of the Trans-Armor Cycle begins to smoke, and unable to complete the step, it slams into the wall of tires miserably. Ms. Fairweather groans in frustration, and removes his glasses, another test run failed. Meanwhile back in the city, Arachnor is at it again! She spins around with a web-rope attached to her back, looking for more humans to capture to use as food for her babies. One such silly citizen has fallen, and can't get up. This allows her the right opportunity to web-wrap and yank him up to dangle over the area. Before he can reach the top, the Yellow Ranger leaps across, cutting the web-rope holding him with her Baton. He falls into the arms of the Green Ranger below, who asks the man, "You okay?" The guy nods through the thick mass of webbing, and Joel tries to help free him of his confines. Kelsey orders a crowd of cowardly civilians to, "Go on!", which they quickly do. Arachnor drops down and whines, "You chased away all the food! Well I guess my babies won't mind a little Ranger snack!" Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Green Rangers surround her, getting ready to strike, when Arachnor summons forth some Batlings, who bataport in and attack as ordered. Chad leads the charge, asking, "Ready?!", to which Dana replies, "Right!" The four Ranger rush in and begin to engage the Batlings in combat, your usual stuff, which thankfully we're spared of.

At the testing grounds, Carter stares at the smoking remains of the Trans-Armor prototype, holding the front section in hand. His Rescue Morpher suddenly beeps, with Joel saying, "Carter, if you're finished, we could sure use you here!" Ms. Fairweather hears the signal on her headset, and yells out to Carter, "Go ahead. I'll... I'll work on it." Carter, figuring there's nothing more he can do with the prototype (he's already wrecked two in a row, after all), replies to his Morpher, "I'm on my way!", before leaving. In the city (near City Hall), somehow, the Batlings have managed capture and restrain both Yellow & Pink Rangers. Arachnor laughs evilly, as she fires a wrap of webbing from her right hand at Kelsey. The Batlings holding her jump out of the way, as she's covered in cobwebs, screaming in protest. Blue Ranger throws a few kicks into a few Batlings, taking them down. Green Ranger also takes a couple out with some fancy tosses and kicks. They finish too late, witnessing as both Dana & Kelsey fall over, wrapped helmets to boots in webbing. Chad shouts, "Oh no!", and alerts Arachnor to their location. She turns to them, as Blue Ranger asks, "You ready, Joel?" Green Ranger gives a thumbs up and replies, "I was BORN ready!" They stand side by side, whipping out their Battle Boosters and exclaiming in unison, "Mega Battle Mode!" They begin to activate their trump cards, with Chad hitting 8 & 6, when Arachnor spews webbing around their wrists! It's about time these lengthy activation sequences were taken advantage of by the demons. She then spins them around and knocks them over, sending a charge through the strands and covering both Chad & Joel in webbing as well. As the Batlings dance around triumphantly over the defeated Rangers' webbed-up bodies, Arachnor notes, "You four will make a tasty little dish! But, I need quite a bit more." She laughs maniacally, as the Batlings bataport away, and the four cobwebbed Rangers become engulfed in a white light, and teleport off to Arachnor's lair.

Carter, now with his Lightspeed Rescue jacket on, jogs to the scene, shouting out, "Joel! Kelsey!" Arachnor hears this and gleefully whispers, "Ooh! I can get a complete set!" She hides behind a corner and awaits Carter's approach. The entire area is vacant, not a person in sight. Carter screams, "Chad!", totally unaware of the impending ambush. Arachnor changes her mind, saying, "I've got an even better idea. Hahaha!" She suddenly wraps herself in webbing, and reverts to a small tarantula on the side of the wall! Carter takes a good look around the area, (and might be noticing, "Hey! This is the same area we shot the big battle scene from "Yesterday Again!" Oh, no! That's not a good sign for me and that bike! But at least now I can pay my water bill on time!") and finds nobody, though he doesn't give up shouting, "Guys! Where are you?!" Does he expect them to pop out with a cake or something? He wanders under a tree branch, and contacts Captain Mitchell on his Morpher. Carter says, "There's no sign of anyone in the plaza or the other Rangers!" Mitchell replies with a sigh, "Alright, Carter. Report back to base." As the Red Recruit is distracted with this, he fails to notice that Arachnor in spider form has dropped down onto the back of his jacket! She hangs on tightly, as Carter tells the Captain, "Yes, sir", and proceeds to return to base. Arachnor crawls along the Lightspeed Rescue sign on his back, preparing to be one sticky Trojan Horse! So, if you were a spider demon, where would you have your lair? Why, in an old abandoned warehouse, of course! There's a huge chunk of webbing floating in the breeze outside, sticking up against a ton of scrap metal in the backyard. Inside, we find just where all of the abductees were sent. Several large cobwebs hang along the ceiling, with quite a many people trapped against it, unable to break free. The massive egg-sack hangs dead center of it all. The four Ranger Recruits have demorphed, and somehow, Joel's cowboy hat has ended up stuck a few inches away from his reach. He struggles to no avail, same with Dana, Chad & Kelsey, who all have webbing covering their mouths as well. They really freak out when they notice Diabolico & his Batlings appearing below them! Diabolico speaks to just our heroes, stating, "The fun's not over yet, Rangers. Arachnor's babies are about to hatch, and from what I hear, they're famished!" The egg-sack dangles not far from where the Rangers are, with the sound of creatures stirring within. Diabolico chuckles diabolically at their plight, leaving them to be eaten alive by the arachnids.

Over in the Lightspeed Aquabase, another flaw in the security is discovered. Arachnor's spider form slips out of the pocket on the back of Carter's jacket. He never even paid attention to that odd zipping sound when she opened it, I wager. Anyway, you'd think they'd have some kind of body scan set up to detect things like this. But no, so Arachnor slips off of Carter, and crawls off through the halls of the Aquabase unnoticed. Carter walks past a door to one of the rooms, with Ms. Fairweather spotting him and marching out, calling on him. She mentions, "I think we've worked out the last of the glitches. I need to test the armor mode on the REAL cycle." Carter's fine with that idea, saying, "Okay, but first I have to report to the Captain, to see if there's any word from the others." Angela smiles and nods, calling this, "Fine." She returns to the room, which from what I can tell isn't the Weapons Lab, as she slides her red keycard in a slot and locks it shut. Some technicians were still inside, so hopefully they have a way out. Fairweather then tells Carter, "I'll see you at Transport when you're ready." She goes one way, and he goes another. On the ceiling above them, Arachnor is back to her normal form, and is crawling around like her name was Jessica Drew! She admires the base, saying, "Mmm! Such an abundance of yummies!" In Rescue Ops, a Cadet is pressing a few buttons on a console, when a small loose strand of webbing falls. It's actually that feathery stuff they hock as webbing during Halloween, but she's confused anyway. The girl holds it in her hand, and suddenly turns around, screaming as Arachnor fires a webbing beam at her. The rest of the Cadets in the area flee as fast they can, yelling aloud, and leaving the poor lady behind to become the first Lightspeed cadet captured. Her headset falls off and she is pulled towards the ceiling, vanishing a moment later. Her slightly web-covered chair slides out towards the Conference room, just as Captain Mitchell walks in. He looks around, a bit dazed and confused as to what is going on. Arachnor calls out, "Captain!", and takes him by surprise, lowering herself from above and unloading a webbing beam on him before he can react.

The engine room, or the Power Core as it was called recently, is under some diagnostic tests now, it seems. All four (or at least two) of the core tubings are shut down, none of the purple energy which powers the Aquabase is flowing at the moment. Since electricity is no problem, there's got to be something else powering them. Perhaps they switched over to Mariner Bay electric, just as a safety precaution? It's a good thing they did whatever they did, since the technician running the exam of the equipment gets a surprise visit from Arachnor! She crawls along the upper wall, and spews some webbing at him, causing him to drop his Lightspeed notebook & Lightspeed ink pen. His body is then drug off forcibly. Up in Rescue Ops, Carter exits one of the elevators, and notices that housekeeping hasn't been by in a while. Either that, or something is terribly wrong! Upon spotting the webbing strands littering the area, Carter races over and finds more of the same everywhere. All of the consoles are covered with cobwebs, and every single cadet has fled their post. Carter realizes that he's stepped into a reenactment of some of the events of "The Rescue Mission", and tries to come up with a plan. He whispers to himself, "Miss Fairweather", and quickly rushes over to one of the monitors. He cuts off the CGI map of the surrounding sea-area, and contacts Transport. Ms. Fairweather is there with Techs, totally oblivious to what's been going on. Carter exclaims, "You've got to get out of the base!" Angela's dumbfounded, asking, "What are you talking about?" She gets her answer, when some Techs flee towards her, and Arachnor's fiendish laughter begins echoing throughout the Transport Bay. Carter screams, "Get out of there now!", but its too late. Ms. Fairweather stares at the spider demon in frozen horror, as Arachnor approaches, her reflection shown shining off of the left lense of Angela's glasses.


Carter darts through the passageways of the Aquabase. Cobwebs blocking the halls make his journey much more sticky, as he fights to rip through the mass of white bundles. He gets quite violent with them, as the lives of his teammates hang in the balance. In the Transport Bay, two Lightspeed Technicians get covered in webs, and end up being teleported away. Same with a third Tech, who struggles to free himself as he vanishes in a white flash of light. Ms. Fairweather is the only one remaining, as she hangs from the ceiling, writhing around with her body encased in webbing. Arachnor gets a kick out of this, laughing evilly as she sadistically enjoys watching Angela attempt to break free to no avail. Her twisted fun show ends when Carter's voice is heard calling out for Miss Fairweather. Arachnor slips back up to the ceiling, and begins to pull Fairweather up to join her. Carter finds two more thick walls of webbing blocking him from where Angela lies in the demonic cocoon. He tries as hard as he can to get through them before Fairweather can be webnapped, but time runs short. Angela's right shoe falls off as she's lifted upward, with Carter shouting, "Hang on!", to her. Fairweather finally manages to split open some of the webbing around her, and screams out, "Carter! The keycard! Take it!" She takes the red Lightspeed emblem keycard from out of her coat pocket and heaves it off in his direction. Immediately after that, Arachnor teleports out of the base in a glow of yellow, causing the cocoon with Fairweather in it to vanish from sight as well. Angela screams as she's taken away, with Carter yelling, "Ms. Fairweather, no!" He peels back the final layer to the Transport Bay, one moment too late. He drops to his knees and slams his fist into the hard metal floor of the room, just across from where Angela's shoe lies tangled in an ocean of webness. Carter opens his eyes, his face looking quite pained, as if he feels he failed as a leader when it came to protecting and more importantly, what was trained to do. Namely, Rescuing. He glances over at the remainder of the webwall, and spots the keycard Fairweather threw at him. It has the words "Trans-Armor Cycle" written on it, just so everybody knows what it goes to. He reaches up and frees it from the cobwebs, and upon getting it in his hands, he arises, feeling a renewed sense of purpose, as if there might just be one more last chance.

Carter races off to the room he saw Fairweather exit earlier. One quick offscreen swipe of the keycard gives him access to the darkened area. He ends up approaching the control console, where a flip of a switch causes a secret compartment to open. The hidden panel is revealed to have a yellow & black striped card slot inside it, with a digital readout of "345" above it and an arrow aiming to the slot. Carter inserts the keycard, causing the lights on the surrounding walls to go on. More lights shine, and as he turns and begins to walk around the room, which is sorta similar to the control room "The Delta Discovery" in basic design, he finds the location of the object he's seeking. The final Trans-Armor Cycle product is under a grey sheet, which Carter quickly removes. He inspects the bike, finding it looks quite different from the prototypes he ruined! The front piece sorta resembles part of the Red Armor from PRLG, though it's actually Carter's Ranger symbol stretched a bit. It's got lots of red on it, with two blue flashing lights on opposite sides of the front of the bike. He scopes it out in awe, before shouting, "Lightspeed Rescue!", and getting his first full-screen Morph in a while. Red Lightspeed Ranger hops on the Trans-Armor Cycle, and revs it up, The tires spin rapidly, and scrap against the floor of the Aquabase, burning quite a bit of rubber and leaving track-marks in its wake. All of that revving for nothing, as Carter rides through the hallways, going rather slow, taking each of the many turns with precise caution. Not to mention the abundance of loose webbing covering the place, though most all of it lies up above out of his way. Red Ranger takes the Cycle out through the long glass-windowed tunnel, and heads for the city with his blue lights flashing, meaning there is a sale in K-Mart. Soon, Carter drives his new wheels through the empty streets of Mariner Bay. Notice, compared to the Lightspeed Cycles, this thing is rather slim and sleek looking, almost scrawny even. So far, so good, as the bike performs seemingly as well or better than it did out on the dirt roads.

In Skull Cavern, Vypra & Loki witness Carter's joyriding. Loki comments, "Oh, the Red Ranger's gonna ruin our entire plan!" Vypra, who had been remaining quite (smartly) quiet these past few shows, speaks up, "Not if I can help it!" She storms off, with one goal in mind. In the city, the Trans-Armor Cycle continues speeding down the road. Where Carter thinks he's going is anyone's guess, since he hasn't a clue as to where everybody has been taken! He gets tailgated by a few laserblasts from Vypra's own ride, the Vyprari! She chases after him in her Galactic Rover, riding right up close to him, with an evil smirk on her face. Carter is so busy watching out for her attacks, that he breaks some traffic rules and angers a motorist. A guy driving a truck barely misses hitting him & Vypra, road rage soon setting in as he raises his fist and screams, "Hey!" With his truck stopped, this gives a horde of Batlings perfect opportunity to bataport in and carjack the man! He's kicked out of his seat, and his vehicle is commandeered by the bat-drones with useless wings. Carter gets into another near-miss head-on collision with a white truck. Say, both trucks were driven by Asian men! Ever notice how it seems the American footage seems to have even more Asian people than the actual Sentai stuff? It's freaky. Anyway, guy in white truck swerves, as does the Trans-Armor Cycle, or T & A Cycle for short. Err, scratch that name, just T-A Cycle. Red Ranger turns back around in the direction he came, which prompts Vypra to extend her saber out of the side of her Vyprari as she passes by him. He's struck in the chest, and sparks up somewhat, though doesn't lose a limb, and keeps on biking. Vypra turns her vehicle around, passing by the white truck guy, who shakes his fist and yells, "Why don't you watch where you're going?!" Ten bucks says he's from out of town, otherwise you'd think he'd give Rangers & Demons right of way! Anyway, he's parked for too long, and more Batlings appear, rushing up and carjacking him as well. The T-A Cycle treks back up the road it came down, passing by the first truck from earlier. Batlings drive it, with more than enough of them in the back. It takes off after Carter, with the white truck full of them following, as well as the Vyprari.

The carjacking Batlings swing their bat-blades in the air as they chase Red Ranger down. The Trans-Armor Cycle winds up with a truck on each side of it, both driven by drones without licenses (and I don't mean the owners!). The two trucks close the gap between each other, with intent to crush Carter. He has only one option, which he remarks to himself, "It's now or never!" Red Ranger leaps up and stands on the seat of the Cycle. He then hops into the air and stands with his feet on the opened window ledges of each door. The T-A Cycle slows down and slips out of harms way, as Carter jumps around on the ledge, trying to avoid injury, with the Batlings trying frantically to stab him with their sabers. He then leaps into the air, now facing behind the dueling trucks, and manages to time the landing perfectly, as he drops directly onto his Trans-Armor Cycle seat! Carter then pulls around the side of one of the trucks, whips out his Rescue Blaster, and fires it right in the face of the Batling driver! The truck sparks and skids out of control, eventually coming to a stop with the Batlings inside angrily shaking their sabers in the air. Red Ranger does the same with the white truck, blasting the driver and taking the vehicle out of play, though hopefully demon attacks are covered in car insurance now. The Vyprari had been remaining a ways behind, and now takes the chance to catch up. Vypra does so, very well, to the point she's right up close to the T-A Cycle again. Suddenly, she swerves over to the oncoming lane, and fires her lasers. The car careens out of control, and plows right into Carter. He barely misses it, as the car slams into a huge stack of cardboard boxes, sending a lazy construction crew fleeing for cover. Carter pulls the Trans-Armor Cycle to a stop, gasping, "Oh no!", as the workers help the slightly injured driver of the car out of his vehicle. Red Ranger turns the bike around, and faces the direction of where the Vyprari is parked. Vypra revs up her demonic motor and plays hell's chicken with Carter. She speeds toward him, firing her laser cannons, sending a barrage of gold & blue beams his way. Every single one of them either passes overhead, or misses him by a mile. But where they do end up is the abandoned car near the cardboard boxes! It ignites and explodes massively, with Carter spinning his T-A Cycle around just a few feet from the firewall.

The Vyprari continues firing blasts, prompting Red Ranger to speed at her. He pops a wheelie with his Trans-Armor Cycle, and manages to deflect all of the blasts with mighty hubcaps. The moment the bike drops back down on its front wheel, a powerful discharge bolt is released from the front of the cycle, striking Vyprari engine! Vypra becomes engulfed in sparks and smoke, as she skids out of control, like all of those trucks & cars from earlier. Carter parks the T-A Cycle, and awaiting for the Vyprari to screech by. It does, the engine still sparking, and surges of electricity shorting out all over it. It ends up smashing into the fiery wreckage at the end of the road, exploding upon impact, adding more fuel to the flames. The Vyprari is apparently demolished once more, though likely for good judging from the amount of debris sent flying by the Red Ranger. The lazy construction workers cease taking cover and begin cheering. Vypra, who had been in her vehicle at the time of its destruction, lies in the rubble, covered in soot. Her wings and outfit are a little tattered, as she extends her hand out, moaning for a moment, before collapsing in a heap. Carter revs up the Trans-Armor Cycle again, and says, "I've got to go help the others!" He does that, taking off and leaving the workers celebrating by the light of the explosive wreckage of the motorized vehicles. Just how will Carter find his teammate? It's revealed as a small, handheld size computer laptop on the dashboard of the cycle. He mentions, "Now to try the tracking system", and quickly begins to type a few keys on the purple keyboard. The small screen on it turns from the Lightspeed emblem, to the abandoned warehouse, with three Ranger-colored blips appearing through a scan. Apparently, the tracking system works excellently! Carter realizes, "They're in that warehouse!", and heads there on his bike. Inside the warehouse, the captured humans continue to struggle. None of them get a single inch of their bodies free. Chad & Kelsey are quite noticeably stuck next to each other, with Kels letting out a muffled scream as she notices the egg-sack above her. The eggs inside are glowing, with thousands of small spiders visibly crawling around inside. Arachnor stands below, urging, "That's right, children. Come and nourish yourself so you can grow big & strong!"

Captain Mitchell & Ms. Fairweather are among those pasted onto the web-tapestry. Neither can do much movement, nor can they speak, as they, like everyone else, have webbing wrapped around their mouths. Joel, his hat, and Dana round out the focused-on cast of those lagging on the web. Arachnor, with a few Batlings around her, remarks, "Yes! Go ahead, my babies." The egg-sack continues to glow, with the web-cocoon around it beginning to peel off. The yellow & blue eggs inside are hatching, as one by one the small tarantulas begin to climb up onto the web prison of our heroes & others. Kelsey is quite afraid, making the most noise despite her sealed mouth when she sees one of the babies coming her way. More of the baby spiders begin to spread out, some swarming around the helpless Captain Mitchell. Arachnor proclaims, "Soon, you will all be powerful warriors!" The revving of a motor interrupts her enjoyment of dinnertime, prompting her to ask, "Who dares to intrude?!" The Batlings & Arachnor watch, as Grandma Hammond breaks through the wall on a forklift! Uhh, erm, oops. Wrong episode. It's just Carter on the Trans-Armor Cycle, though his entrance is totally the same as her's, smashing through the garage door. Chad & Kelsey are first given reaction shots, and they appear to be quite happy to see their team leader. The T-A Cycle charges in, rolls past the Batlings, and slams through Arachnor, causing her to spark & fall. Notice how I use "spark" a lot more now? Spark is basically PR's verb for "bleed", in much respects. Carter pulls the bike to a stop and looks above, shouting, "Joel!" Said Ranger Recruit is up there, as is Dana, who looks at him lovingly, or else desperate to get out. Red Ranger whips out his Rescue Blaster and fires upon the egg-sack, causing it to drop the floor, caught ablaze. Arachnor is horrified by the sight of the flaming sack, crying, "Oh! My eggs!" Spider-menopause is quite depressing, indeed. Carter shouts, "Brace yourselves!", as he blasts all four of his teammates down from the web-cell. They drop safely, though have a good deal of cleaning up left to do. Carter rolls up near them and orders, "Get the other people out of the web. I'll deal with Arachnor." They nod, with Joel remarking, "Right!"

The Trans-Armor Cycle is slowly ridden towards Arachnor. Red Ranger has his Rescue Baton out, and begins to use it to block the web-strain beams the spider demon shoots out at him. Didn't she scan the Batons earlier, so shouldn't she be able to firing through them or something? Carter continues driving, firing the cycle's laser weapons at the Batlings, clearing them out, and then smashing into Arachnor again. She's sent spinning out of the hole in the wall Carter made on his way in, this battle shifting to a much more maneuverable spot. Inside, Joel leads the charge, as he and his three teammates Morph into Lightspeed Rangers. The usual boring fight begins with the Batlings, but is thankfully cut short, as Blue Ranger calls out to Green, "We'll handle them! Go get Ms. Fairweather!" Joel is happy to oblige, leaving Chad to take down some bat-drones by himself. Green Ranger climbs the cobweb surface, with his Baton at the ready. He approaches Fairweather, trying to calm her by saying, "It's okay! I got you. You're all right." He cuts her loose from the web, and she falls into his arms, gasping in terror from everything that has occurred. All the others are soon free, with Captain Mitchell holding the door for the many people who exit, including a few Lightspeed Cadets, though, they implied the Aquabase was completely empty. Either staff was pretty small that day, or else there's a ton of more Cadets & Technicians we don't see freed. Mitchell shouts, "Quickly!", urging the webbing-coated citizens to run for their lives. Everybody's going to be pulling cobwebs out of every orifice for weeks now, I bet. Here's a random thought, where'd the actually hatched babies go? Think they ate anyone? Doubtful, but something to think of. Anyway, Fairweather joins Mitchell, yelling for people to, "Keep going! Hurry!" Around the corner, Red Ranger prepares the Trans-Armor Cycle for action, riding around and picking up speed. Arachnor swings over on another one of her back web-shooters, and lands right behind Carter on his seat! She cries, "You'll pay for what you've done!", as Red Ranger attempts to knock her off. She reaches around and slashes at his chest, making some sparks. Actually, quite a many sparks, as she lashes out at him unrelentlessly. He has a tough time keeping control of the cycle because of it, eventually tossing a few sharp elbow hits into Arachnor, sending her leaping off the bike with her web-strand bungee cord.

Carter turns the T-A Cycle around, and hits the laser cannons. The twin guns on the front of the vehicle begin to fire blue bursts of energy, launching towards Arachnor. She merely bounces around on her web-strand, and avoids the attack. Arachnor ends up hanging from the side of a high girder, where she fires off a yellow ball of power after the Red Ranger. It falls short of his location, but is a near enough miss to remind Carter just why they call this thing the Trans-Armor Cycle. He runs his gloved hand over the top of the bike and prays, "I sure hope you got all the bugs worked out, Ms. Fairweather." Red Ranger shouts, "Trans-Armor Cycle!", and revs that bad boy up. It speeds down the lengthy stretch of roadway (or rather, the fight takes place at the shipping docks, similarly to "A Red Romance" in a lot of ways), and soon Carter commands, "Armor Mode!" He hits a button on the dashboard, causing the front section of the cycle to lift up, glowing with energy, and hover up to his chest. He braces his arms around it, the final version of the cycle actually has more or less extra detail to allow support on the shoulder area, unlike the prototype. The fancy extended metal frames on the hubcaps of the front tire splits off, as Carter does his backflip up in the air maneuver. He ends up landing with his feet inside the special armor-boots made up of the hubcap sections! His successful landing causes his armored-boots to scrap against the cement as he skids to a stop, with some sparks ripped up in the back. The actual cycle itself rides back around towards him, where he stands patiently, finally yelling, "Complete transformation!" The cycle breaks apart into three components, the seat and lower front piece (with the cannons), glide off and attach to his hands. The rest of the bike, connected to the tires, lock on to the back of the front chest-piece, connecting just above Carter's shoulders. The whole sequence is with special lighting effects, lightning bolts, and a black background, the usual.

His fully formed Trans-Armor (think a slightly bulkier type of bike armor you would see on Mospedea, or Robotech New Generation, cept without hover capabilities) gleams with shiny power, and if Arachnor had a working jaw, it would drop. The other four Power Rangers rush out and spot Carter. Chad comments, "Check out the Armor Cycle!" Arachnor replies, "I'm checking it out, alright." She does another weapon-scan, this time on the new addition to the Ranger arsenal. All of her eye-scoping of the Trans-Armor turns up without conclusive results, causing her to scream, "The design's too complex! I can't process the data!" Arachnor fires two web-strand bolts at Red Ranger, striking his armor. They're deflected with a little help from the two shoulder wheels, which spin rapidly and send the bolts flying off towards the ground harmlessly, with explosive results. Carter replies, "Yeah? Well process this!", as he lifts his left hand up, firing the dual-cannons at the demon. Arachnor is hit, causing her to tumble off the side of the structure. She lands harshly on some rubble and cardboard boxes, though manages to arise, boasting, "You will NOT defeat me!" Carter fires the two tires off from the armor suit, sending both of them spinning her way. They sandwich Arachnor in between them, as they burn rubber against her chest & back. Getting painfully buffed by the two tires, Arachnor howls in pain, and ends up getting lifted into the air by the hovering rubber discs. They soon release their hold on her, by sending her propelling off in Carter's direction. Arachnor zips through the air, unable to stop herself. Red Ranger remains standing in place, and lifts up his dual-cannon arm. Just before the demon can slam into him, he fires the guns, and hitting her almost point blank, Arachnor is blasted into a billion pieces in a terrific fireball. A few bolts of what appear to be web-strand blasts ricochet all over, causing extra explosions to erupt around Carter, until they eventually lose momentum and fade. Red Ranger stands triumphantly in his Trans-Armor, as the fires surrounding him die out, with no remaining signs of Arachnor anywhere. That's some heavy duty extermination!


Inside one of the main rooms of Skull Cavern, Loki, Vypra, & Diabolico remained bowed, as Queen Bansheera emerges from the shadows. She's not very pleased, growling, "You have ALL failed me once again!" Diabolico arises from the misty floor, and pleads, "My queen! I was so close to victory this time. The Rangers..." He's cut off by Bansheera, who screams, "Silence!" He returns to bowing, keeping his big gold held low. The Queen states, "Your excuses only anger me further. You've all proved yourself to be MORE useless than I'd ever imagined. Be warned, if my palace is not restored at once, you ALL will feel my wrath! Now get out of my sight, you pathetic failures!" The three demons look up at their Queen, and appear to fearfully obey her. Elsewhere, back at the testing grounds, Red Ranger successfully completes another ride around the tracks on the Trans-Armor Cycle with a technician timing him. He pulls into the campsite, where his four Ranger Recruit teammates are, along with Ms. Fairweather. After coming to a complete stop, Carter powers down, and demorphs. He's still wowed by his new birthday present, a huge smile is over his face as he gives the cycle a look over while stepping off it. Fairweather asks, "How'd everything check out, Carter?" He replies happily, "Excellent! I think we can say the Trans-Armor Cycle's a definite success." A Tech checks the bike out behind him as he says this. Over under the tent with the other Techs running diagnostic reports, Dana seems to be helping out. Until suddenly, something drops and dangles from the ceiling! She's taken aback, shocked, until she learns it's no spider, but a loose headset. Carter is the first to get a hearty laugh out of this, followed by the other three Ranger Recruits. Dana doesn't see the humor in it. Carter walks over, getting quite an ego over having yet another new toy all to his own. He mentions, "I can't believe you guys were all afraid of a little spider." Dana grabs the dangling headset and throws it at him playfully. Joel pulls a rubber spider from his pocket, and shows it to Kelsey. She smiles and nods, as Joel gets an evil look on his face. Carter asks, "You know, what is it with girls and little spiders?" Kelsey & Chad walk to Carter's side, with Kels noting, "Little?! That spider was at least over 7 feet tall!" Joel sneaks up behind him, and when he turns around, he hides the spider, acting nonchalant. Fairweather is getting a chuckle out of Joel's fiendish plot, also wiping the smile off her face when Carter turned around. Carter remarks, "Oh, come on! It wasn't that big!" Chad distracts him by saying, "Oh yeah? I bet you wouldn't like to be spider-bait either." Joel places the tarantula sized toy spider on Carter's left shoulder carefully, removes his hat, and pretends to be innocent. Just then, Carter says, "Spiders never bother me!", to Chad's statement. He takes a glance over to his shoulder, spots the spider, and freaks out, nearly jumping out of his skin upon seeing it. The fake spider falls into the dirt, as Angela and the other Ranger Recruits burst out laughing. Though Joel acts causal for a moment, before finally smiling widely when Carter looks his way. Carter crouches down and picks up the rubber spider, embarrassingly stating, "Funny guys. REAL funny." They begin laughing at him some more. He quickly jumps up and attacks Kelsey with the fake spider. She squeals, the others laugh, and the camera pans over to the parked Trans-Armor Cycle, in desperate need of a good waxing.

[Scenes from "In The Limelight"; end credits]

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