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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Rise Of The Super Demons"
Original Air Date: 11/16/00 Featuring footage and some story elements from:
GoGo Five #49 - Kakusei! Ni Dai Hakaishin
(Awakening! 2 Great Destruction Gods)
GoGo Five #50 - Moeru Kyukyu Tamashii 
(Burning Rescue Spirits)
*22nd episode of 8th Regular Season
(38th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1038
*38th episode of PRLR
*376th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Angela Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Additional Cast:
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (flashback-only voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice)


[Recap of "Wrath Of The Queen"]

Inside the Lightspeed Aquabase, somewhere near the Weapons Lab, another diagnostic test is being run. Ms. Fairweather and her Lightspeed Technicians are hard at work at the various control consoles, just a few feet away from the focus of their labor. It's a set of five chairs, each with a Lightspeed Power Ranger sitting Morphed on them. This appears to be the entire cockpit, back & side walls of lights & switches and all, for a new Megazord. Fairweather tells a Tech, "Go to Lifeforce level 2!" The female technician lifts a lever and presses a button nearby. Miss F checks a monitor, reading the four color-coordinated graphs of Life Force for each of the five Rangers. Said Rangers remain in their chairs across from her, gripping the control sticks, with an intravenous tube connected to each of their necks. After the switch is thrown, the Rangers begin to glow powerfully with their color, the thin tubes also sparkling with energy. From what we can tell, in a move similar to what Queen Bansheera did with Vypra last episode, Fairweather is using the Rangers' own life & Ranger energy to power this new aptly named Lifeforce Megazord. Our heroes seem to hold up with the draining, for a few moments, until each begin to grunt in pain, and squirm around in their seats. Captain Mitchell walks in, as Angela calls out, "Lifeforce level 3!" The Tech lifts the lever even higher, and the Rangers glow even brighter, their tubes crackling with yet more energy. Fairweather looks at the display, finding that all five of the Life Force graphs have risen over the top, past the 3-mark. They're grasping at their helmets, groaning in even louder agony. Angela screams, "Shut it down!", and the Tech lowers the lever instantly. The Rangers' painful draining slows to a stop, causing them to all demorph at once, collapsing against the cockpit consoles, gasping for air. The tubes just dangle above them, no longer attached to their necks. Fairweather asks them, "Is everyone okay?" Carter is the first to cease his gasping long enough to reply, "Yeah. I think so." Captain Mitchell asks Angela, "What happened?" She answers, "I don't know. Harnessing the Rangers' life energy is more complicated than I thought." Mitchell sternly states, "It's too dangerous. I think we should shut this project down." Dana talks back, saying, "But, dad! Olympius is still out there." Joel nods and agrees, "Come on, Miss F! Let's try it again!" Angela turns to Mitchell, who obliges with his Rangers' death wishes, and gives his blessing, "Carry on." The Captain departs, and Ms. Fairweather returns to her console, saying, "Recalibrating energy flow!" Carter, and the others, begin to pressing buttons on the cockpit controls, awaiting another grueling training run session. He's used to being the Lightspeed guinea pig, obviously.

[opening credits.]

In a forest somewhere around Mariner Bay, judging from the fogginess of the area it's likely near the lagoon again, Diabolico takes a stroll. He says aloud, "I will never forget you, Loki. Queen Bansheera will PAY for this." He flashes back to the previous episode, reliving Loki's death-speech of, "All I wanted to do was serve her faithfully. Now it seems it was all a big waste. It's too late for me, but not you, Diabolico. Goodbye!" It ends before Loki can explode, as we see Diabolico now, growing quite furious, as he states, "How foolish I have been, giving all my loyalty to the queen!" He slams his fist against the ground, picking up a few dirty leafs between his fingers as he continues, "And for what?! Vypra, Loki... She wouldn't think twice about sacrificing me, either!" (meaning he DOES know about Vypra's death now) Suddenly, he hears Olympius' voice saying, "You're right!" Diabolico rises from his knees and turns to see the evil prince, fully recovered from his near death experience (his Star Power gem also restored still, though we never find out how). Olympius adds, "And neither will I!" He approaches Diabolico slowly, as the elder demon exclaims, "Olympius! So, the Rangers didn't destroy you!" Olympius mentions, "Did you think I'd go before I could repay you for banishing me to the Shadow World?" He has his blade-staff in his right hand, and with his left one, he summons in a flash of fire, Diabolico's staff (which he dropped back on the rooftop last episode). Olympius shouts, "A duel to the finish!", as he tosses the golden staff over to Diabolico, who takes it and agrees by saying, "Agreed. To the finish!" Notice, Diabolico's scorpion amulet now longer has a glow to it anymore. So, the battle begins, as Olympius stabs his staff into the ground and charges towards Diabolico, screaming loudly. Diabolico does the same, and the two lock in combat, staff-to-staff. Olympius breaks off by giving Diabolico a swift kick to the chest, sending him flying over to the ground rather harshly. Big O quickly charges himself up, glowing red, as he fires off a flame-ball. It strikes the dazed Diabolico, and throws him even farther out of the woods, into a large clearing.

As Diabolico lies on his back, clutching his aching chest-face in pain, Olympius slowly marches over to gloat over him. He says, "It seems you are not as great a warrior as you would like us all to believe!" Diabolico remains groaning on the ground, as Olympius walks closer, grabs him by the neck, and tells him, "Take a deep breath, for it is going to be your last!" Big O then lifts his blade-staff into the air, and lets it fall, aimed to slice into Big D. Diabolico manages to get his own staff up in time to block the attack, and back onto his feet to try throwing a slash in return. Olympius ducks that, spinning around and readying another attempt. Diabolico turns his back to the dark prince, aiming his staff over his shoulder and firing a golden-bolt of power at Olympius. He's struck, howling in agony as he stumbles backwards away from his rival. Diabolico arises and states, "Wrong again, Olympius!" He then hurls another blast, which Olympius tries to avoid, ducking slightly a little too late. The blast drops just behind him, sending the prince flying into the air in the explosive wake. Olympius lands on his chest, but quickly gets back up, firing a ball of fire from his blade-staff. Diabolico slips away from the blast, causing the ball to smash into a treetrunk instead. Olympius chases after Diabolico, the two running parallel to each other through the clearing, each firing blast after blast at one another. Sparks fly, smoke pours up, but the two never cease beating their feet against the dirt. They eventually skid to a stop, and confront each other up front, locking staffs once more. As they're connected, Olympius boasts, "You won't win!", with Diabolico retorting, "We shall see!" Their staffs begin to spark against one another, causing both of the demons considerable pain. Diabolico shifts his to the side, causing Olympius' to go along with it. The two staffs slam into the ground together, causing a massive explosion, which launches both demons into the air! They're tossed back into the woods, slamming against the ground harder than any blow they've inflicted one each other. Olympius stands up first, lunging towards Diabolico with his staff, which Big D blocks with his own. Big O tries knocking it loose with the other bladed end of his staff, that doesn't work, so he throws another kick into Diabolico's chest. Angered, Diabolico whips staff around and slashes Olympius on the stomach, and then his back, causing quite a bit of sparks. Olympius stumbles away, his body smoking. He quickly ducks as Diabolico leaps into the air, ending up jumping over him. Olympius turns, lifts his staff, and lets out another battle cry. Diabolico does the same, and the two charge towards one another. The screen smears itself, just as the powerful demons crash into each other, everything going white, before a huge (and I do mean HUGE, so big it can be seen spreading out above the trees, into the sky) explosion erupts where they were standing.

Momentarily, in the demonic dwelling known as Skull Cavern. It seems that the exterior of the palace as been restored, as no sign of its destruction is evident visually. Even the skull-face of it has been fixed! Things on the surface mask what lies beneath, as we find the interior of the Skull Cavern to be a pure mess. Columns are tipped over & broken, and small fires still rage throughout the darkened, misty rooms. Batlings whip their bat-blades around, squealing as an intruder enters. Olympius shouts, "Get out of the way!", as the drones begin to do so. Diabolico staggers past them, grunting with each step, chains shackled over each of his arms. Queen Bansheera, still in her fully restored bodily form, walks in, exclaiming, "You DARE to return, traitor?!" Diabolico drops to his knees in exhaustion, revealing that Olympius is standing behind him, pulling on his chains! Olympius states, "He has returned, mother. But as my prisoner!" He yanks on the chains some more, making Diabolico groan with torture. Bansheera, playing off the fact she left him to die in Shadow World, proclaims, "Olympius, my son! You have survived!" He mentions, "Better than survived, mother. I defeated Diabolico! And with his powers & mine, I shall finally crush the Rangers!" Bansheera smiles with her sharp fangy teeth, "Good work, my son!" Diabolico finally speaks up again (his scorpion amulet now glowing again), "He'll never take my powers!" The Queen, more or less reminding him of her using his powers in the previous episode, comments, "But I will, and there is nothing you can do to stop us!" Bansheera extends the already lengthy fingers on her left hand outward, wrapping them around the weary Diabolico's body. He screams in agony, as his power begins to be drained by her tendrilous digits. Diabolico's struggling ends, as does his shouting, as his body grows limp, and his red eyes turn pitch black. Olympius gloats, "And now, Mariner Bay will suffer my wrath! Hahahaah!"

His laughter continues, echoing along the streets of Mariner Bay. Suddenly, small holes in the sky begin to appear above the tops of the skyscrapers. The holes look like vortexes, each one pouring out powerful lightning bolts, which hit the buildings and cause them to explode. The innocent populous flee for their lives, as per usual. I wonder why they even bother staying in that city? Anyway, soon, the Rescue Rover pulls up a garage loading area, where debris has fallen, and people are lying injured. Lots of people, including one overacting stuntman who rolls himself off the side of a stage for no good reason. Joel rushes over to help two citizens as they attempt to free a downed man from under a fallen girder, promising, "We'll get ya out of there!" Dana holds a weak woman in her arms and says, "You're gonna be okay", though the lady doesn't look like it. Carter guides the people to the safest possible escape route, past the Rover. Chad carries a woman, and places her in another man's arms, the two civilians then rushing off with the others. Kelsey attends to some injured people, while telling those fleeing to, "Quick, hurry!" Suddenly, the ground quakes, knocking people around and accelerating the panic. Carter looks around and thinks he's found the source of the disturbance, as he heads over across the lot. On a loading level, above piles of debris and fallen citizens, a small shower of red sparks begin to rain down in one spot. They're only precursor to the flame teleportation of Olympius, who appears instantly, letting loose a loud, bellowing laugh. The citizens ignore all pain and injury, and run for their worthless lives at the sight of him. Carter encourages their escape, yelling, "Go! Run! Run!", as his four Ranger Recruit teammates join his side. Olympius bows, and says cheerfully, "Rangers! So good to see you again!" Carter replies angrily, "Sorry if we're not happy to see you!" Olympius remarks facetiously, "Oh, you hurt my feelings! Well, perhaps you'll be happier to see my new warrior! I think you might even know him!" He charges his blade-staff, and aims the bottom blade to the floor next to him. It scorches up, and teleports in said warrior, Diabolico! He's bent over, moaning lowly, as his eyes glow darkly. His silver shoulder horns and head horns are also black, not to mention parts of his wings, and his two usually green chest-eyes. The rest is still golden, of course. The Ranger Recruits look at him stunned, with Olympius asking, "Don't tell me you've forgotten him already!" Carter is most shocked, whispering, "Diabolico?!", as Chad adds, "What?!"


Carter shouts, "Diabolico!" Joel, looking quite confused, asks loudly, "How can you fight for the Queen after what she did to you?!" Olympius chuckles evilly, saying, "Go on, Rangers. Ask him anything you want. He can't hear you! His mind is gone, but his strength belongs to me!" Like controlling a robot, Olympius orders the zombified Diabolico to, "Destroy them!" He does so without a word, and without question, marching slowly towards our heroes. They watch him with increasing fear, and after he lets out a loud moan, they shout, "Lightspeed Rescue!" A five-shot Rescue Morphing later, and the Lightspeed Rangers are on the scene officially. They pose prepared for battle, only to have Diabolico fire a blast beam from his staff. They spark a bit, but manage to roll out of the way of most of it. Red Ranger faces Diabolico head on, throwing a kick into him, which is staff-blocked. Diabolico then slashes Carter across the chest, sending him flipping through the air, and landing right at Olympius' feet! Big O ignores him, as he leaps up and begins to hover over the action, unleashing fireballs all along the battleground. Each explosion surrounds the Rangers, taking them all down, while Diabolico remains standing silent & still among the blasts. Pink & Yellow Rangers are thrown by these explosions, over a trashed parked car. Diabolico walks over and gives the burning vehicle a shove with his foot, pushing it towards the downed females. Dana & Kelsey try backing away from it, as it scraps along the debris-filled cement. Pink Ranger attempts to jump around it, but gets her chest hit by the front hood. Yellow Ranger is trapped, backed against a wall by the car. She leaps onto the window, trying to avoid being squished, and instead getting smashed against a garage door, causing her to spark into intense pain. Diabolico leaps onto the roof of the car and lifts his staff above Kelsey, stating violently, "So long, Ranger!" Green Ranger appears nearby, shouting, "Not so fast! Mega Battle!" Instantly, his Mega Battle gear forms over his morphed body. Joel attacks the demon with the cutter-weapon, trying to cut Diabolico's feet out from underneath him. Big D hops over the fan-blades, barely avoiding getting sliced. Green Ranger soon joins him atop the wrecked vehicle, where the cutter-weapon locks up against Diabolico's staff. Sparks are unleashed, as the demonic staff is cut into, but not cut in two. Diabolico heaves his body weight up, and shifts the staff out of Joel's reach, causing the entire roof of the car to rip off, exploding around him. The vehicle rolls off to the side, as Green Ranger is flung from it, his Mega Battle backpack and weaponry falls off his body as this happens.

Blue Ranger is in Mega Battle mode as well, aiming his cannon at Olympius. Chad unloads an intense water pressure blast at the demon, but he ducks it, and rushes at him with his blade-staff drawn. The mere water-gun is no match for Olympius' quick moves, as he slashes into Chad. He kicks into the Blue Ranger, knocking him back, followed by a few fireballs thrown his way. Chad's Mega Battle gear is knocked off his body in the midair explosion, and he slams against a garage door wearing nothing but his morphed uniform. Olympius laughs maniacally, as he approaches the beaten Blue Ranger. Before he can attack him while he's down, Olympius gets blasted in the back. He turns to see who's to blame, and spots where Carter went to. Red Ranger rolls onto the scene with his Trans-Armor Cycle, revving it up as he flies through the air on it. He aims his Rescue Blaster at Olympius, firing all the while. The Cycle finally touches down on the cement, screeching over near the dark prince. Carter pushes his weight against the front tire, and causes the back one to smash into Olympius as he swerves the bike around. Red Ranger shouts, "That's it for you, Diabolico!", as he revs up and rides after the zombified demon. Olympius, still reeling from that wheel-whipping, fires his blade-staff at the Trans-Armor Cycle's front tire. The bike sparks, and Carter is thrown clear from it, landing atop more rubble in the distance. He struggles to get up, when he encounters Diabolico standing on another damaged vehicle. Diabolico grabs Carter and lifts him up into the air with one hand, growling and snickering sinisterly. Red Ranger begs, "Diabolico, you've got to remember! The Queen betrayed you! She destroyed Vypra, and then made you destroy Loki! Think back!" (How Carter knew Vypra was dead is completely unclear, but he likely made a guess when he didn't see her around anywhere) The dead, void of life eyes of Diabolico drift into a flashback to the previous episode, of the scene where Loki was killed by Diabolico's hand thanks to Bansheera's forced influence.

This is enough to free him of the effects of the spell, as Diabolico's eyes gleam red again, and he groans, "I remember!" He drops Red Ranger onto the ground, and growls fiercely. Diabolico (the rest of his body still blackened by the power drain), hops down from atop the burning vehicle, landing his sharp toes mere inches from Carter's crotch. Red Ranger sits up as best he can, as he watched Diabolico march across the battlefield, approaching Olympius with a mighty groan. Olympius asks, "What are you doing?! Destroy him!" Diabolico replies, "No, I'll destroy YOU!" Olympius thinks incorrectly, saying, "You are MINE! I command you to stop!" Diabolico stops, alright, stops and fires his staff at the dark prince! Olympius fires back, and both of the demons are dropped by their respective blast-attacks. The first one to recover is Olympius, who charges after Diabolico, slashing his staff into his chest-face. The demons duel, as the other weary Rangers regroup with their leader. Joel remarks, "Good work, Carter!", and Carter says, "I don't believe this!", as all five witness the battle royal. Diabolico begins to get a few good staff-swipes in, striking Olympius over and over, finishing it with a swift kick. Carter shouts, "Look at him go!", amazed by the lesser of two evils' performance. Olympius howls, as he lifts his foot and gives the strongest kick he can muster up. Diabolico is knocked into the air, eventually hovering above as he tries regaining control of his direction, firing his staff back at the dragon demon. Olympius is blasted over, Carter cries, "Oh, man!", and Diabolico slams into the loading dock. He falls to the cement, groaning wearily, as his scorpion amulet falls off. Red Ranger rushes over to his side, with Blue yelling, "Wait!" Carter gives the gold demon a pep talk, "Don't give up, we can beat him! Remember what Queen Bansheera did!" Diabolico remarks, "I've grown to hate Queen Bansheera more than you!" He removes the Golden Key from his possession, and hands it to Carter, saying, "Take this! It will help you defeat her!" Olympius finally recovers and replies, "That is NOT going to happen!" Diabolico allows Carter to help him stand, but once upright, he shoves him aside, shouting, "Ranger, out of the way!" Olympius powers up his staff again, firing a red blast of fire. It hits Diabolico directly in the chest-face, where his Star Power & scorpion amulet once were. He falls over slowly, his body crackling with electricity, before finally exploding into a massive flaming puff. You can see his facial reflection in the fire, as it quickly dissipates, leaving nothing behind but smoke and few charred remains.

The Rangers cover their faces while watching this, standing a bit horrified for a moment. Red Ranger exclaims, "He didn't deserve that! Olympius! Now it's your turn!" Carter presses a button on his wrist and yells, "Weapons online!" The discarded Trans-Armor Cycle lifts itself upright from the debris, and revs off over to the Rangers. Not only that, but the dropped Mega Battles also come to life, returning themselves to their owners in an instant. Red Ranger has the Trans-Armor Cycle attached to his body now, and hands the two hand-weapons made up of the seat sections to Yellow & Pink Rangers. Carter proclaims, "Let's do it, guys! Ready... aim... fire!" Kelsey shoots one of the T-A cannon, Chad his Mega Battle cannon in blaster mode, Joel his Mega Battle also in blaster mode, Dana the other T-A cannon, and Carter the two T-A tires. The laser discharges, by the way, all match the color of the Ranger they're fired from. All five of the blasts are launched directly at Olympius, who is unable to avoid them, as they rip into him. The tires turn into energy form as well, it seems, as Olympius becomes overwhelmed by the firepower, and explodes massively, several times. In Skull Cavern, Queen Bansheera is aware of what's going on, and standing amid the burning ruins, she states, "You haven't won yet, Rangers. Grow, with even more power than before!" Bansheera extends her right hand outward, causing the already lengthy fingers to stretch out to near infinity, or at least across the dimensional barriers. Her tentacle-like fingertips dangle down from the sky, and wrap around the dead bodies of Diabolico & Olympius (who, both being blown up like that, shouldn't still have bodies left behind). The two super demons are charged up, and glow with golden energy. Before you know it, both are growing into their Bansheera-powered forms! Olympius is in another red dragon mode, though this one looks far more reptilian. His face shows no humanoid signs of paleness, his neck is longer, and his golden chest-armor has adjusted to his new shape much more correctly than his dead-demon-powered former dragon form did. Olympius also has some new features, most notably a big-ass blade, sharper fingers, and spikey shoulders.

Below them, the Rangers remain watching in terror next to the restored Trans-Armor Cycle. Carter cries, "Diabolico! Don't let her control you!" The new and evilly improved Diabolico glances down and releases a blasting flame breath at our heroes. With that spark inducing reply, Red Ranger realizes, "We don't have a choice anymore." He calls, "Omegazords, online!" The Max Solarzord lifts off into space, and the usual things come together. As it takes off, Blue Ranger shouts, "Omega Megazord, online!" for some reason. Anyway, it transforms into the Omega Megazord, with Chad piloting it by his lonesome. Green Ranger calls on the SuperTrain Megazord, it also comes together, with Joel driving the whole thing by himself. The Omega & SuperTrain Megazords stand ready for battle in Mariner Bay, across from the devilishly laughing Diabolico & Olympius. Red Ranger, appearing on a monitor screen in Rescue Ops, calls out, "We need the Lightspeed Solarzord!" Captain Mitchell sees this, and doing what Carter can usually do himself manually with a few button presses, shouts, "Lightspeed Solarzord, online!" A female Cadet presses a button on one of the consoles, and before we know it, the Lightspeed Megazord connects with the Max Solarzord to create said Lightspeed Solarzord. It hovers barely above ground with Carter piloting it. Slowly, it flies over the rooftops, with its fist extended out. Diabolico is taken by surprise, and punched in the face, while Olympius gets punched in the neck. Chad shouts, "Go, Carter!", as he adjusts his Blaster Grip, and causes the Omega Megazord to swing its shuttle-spear around. The Lightspeed Solarzord stands between the SuperTrain & Omega Megazords, ready for some heavy duty action. Joel charges up, "Turbines, online!" They fire off a few explosive blasts at the two super demons, knocking both around with a hailstorm of sparks. The Omega Megazord's turn now, as it marches into battle with its spear poised, and Chad saying, "I'll get Diabolico!" Even Bigger D blocks the attack with his new sword, leading the Omega's weapon around and then slashing into its chest without remorse. Chad is shocked about from this strike.

The SuperTrain crashes through Olympius, socking his wing with a powerful punch on the way by. The Omega Megazord lifts its shuttle-spear and strikes Olympius on the neck, without warning. Thus prompting Diabolico to remind Chad on who he said he'd take on, by slicing into the Omega Megazord again with his sword. Pay attention, Blue! Let Joel handle the red on! And say, where's Carter? Charging up the solar panels? Anyway, Diabolico pokes his sword at the Omega some more, causing it to fall over, dropping to the ground. Yellow Ranger, who for some unspoken reason decided to stand around doing nothing while the guys took care of things ineptly, cries, "Oh, no! Chad's down!" Olympius, looking like he's related to Sean Connery, unleashes an electric-breath attack on the SuperTrain Megazord. It caused the SuperTrain to life up into the air, suspended by the electrical sparkling surging from the dragon demon's gaping maw. Joel tries holding it together, as Olympius lets go, and caused the massive Megazord to fall to the ground like a rock. Kelsey cries out, "Joel!", as this. Pink Ranger calls back to base, noting, "Our weapons are failing!" In Rescue Ops, Captain Mitchell stands at attention, as Ms. Fairweather informs Dana, "We've got to try the Lifeforce Megazord!" Pink nods and exclaims, "Kelsey & I are on it!" Mitchell turns to Angela, with a very concerned and reluctant look. He doesn't trust the use of the dangerous new model mecha, but keeps his opinion to himself, even though Fairweather can tell he's against it. In the city, Dana & Kelsey ride on their Pink & Yellow Lightspeed Cycles, heading to the location of the newest Megazord. Red Ranger finally does something, as he fires the weaponry of the Lightspeed Solarzord. The hand-cannons unload their laserpower with precise aim, but all shots are deflected by Diabolico, who seems to have learned a lot since the last time he was killed by this same Megazord. He lets loose surging bolt of energy from his mouth, which hits the Megazord, and for some reason not explained, it doesn't end up being absorbed by the paneling! Carter is shooked by the hit, noting, "Our main power supply is too low!"

Diabolico & Olympius chuckle demonically, as they wander closer to the fledging fleet of Megazords. Joel calls out, "Reserve power, online!", as both he & Chad get their Megazords on their feet again. Just when the SuperTrain & Omega Megazords join up with the Lightspeed Solarzord, and Chad orders, "Fire!", Olympius & Diabolico do just they. The both unleash their own flame-breath blasts, engulfing the Rangers in a storm of destruction. A second blast, this one from Olympius' mouth, hits the SuperTrain more directly, causing a wall of flames to burst out around the Megazords. The heat is so intense, that the three male Rangers have to cover their helmeted faces from it. Diabolico & Olympius blow off some more fiery steam, striking the Omega & SuperTrain Megazords. There are lots of shots of explosions and sparkings and Rangers grunting and groaning. Eventually, the SuperTrain Megazord loses its right arm offscreen, and tumbles over. Also, the Omega Megazord loses its left arm, and tumbles over. Sounds like the Centaurus & Stratosaur Megazords' fate back in "Grunchor On The Loose", doesn't it? Anyway, those Megazords are out of the game, though when they fall, their arms are suddenly back on. Their crippling is so excruciating, that both Blue & Green Rangers are thrown from the cockpits! They end up laying the streets, amid various Megazord-related debris. Joel helps Chad up, asking him if he's alright, which he is. Elsewhere, near the former NASADA building, Pink & Yellow Rangers race by on their Lightspeed Cycles. In Skull Cavern, Queen Bansheera plays with her extra-long fingernails and commands, "Don't give up, my warriors! They're almost defeated!" In the Lightspeed Solarzord cockpit, Carter calls out, "Captain, i'm just about out of power!" He's not kidding, as Olympius coughs up another flame-breath blast, it strikes the Solarzord and causes lots of sparks. A more physical blow is throw into it next by one of the demons, causing the Solarzord to stumble around aimlessly. Diabolico & Olympius double time the Lightspeed Solarzord with a dual dose of hellfire. For some reason, Carter shifts the Solarzord in front of a tall skyscraper. It's there that it gets blasted by the twin streams of energy, taking as much damage as it possibly can. Below, Chad & Joel shout, "Carter! No!", as the Lightspeed Solarzord falls forward, and explodes into a massive fireball in the middle of the city. Pieces of it crumbles onto the streets, just down the road from the heavily damaged Omega & SuperTrain Megazords.


Diabolico & Olympius laugh evilly as they stand triumphantly tall, high above the rooftops of Mariner Bay. In Skull Cavern, Queen Bansheera gloats, "Hahaha! The final moment has arrived!" She waves her fingers around, and we suddenly see those big old fingers covering the entire Earth! This seems to be a spell of hers, as a total eclipse of the sun results from having the whole world in her hands. Jinxer makes his first appearance this episode, as he stands in the city and incants, "Darkened sky with electric shower! Give these two unbeatable power!" The thunderous clouds now storming above Mariner Bay begin to unleash bolts of massive electricity, flooding over Diabolico & Olympius, charging them up even more than before. Meanwhile, Dana & Kelsey, still morphed, but helmetless, enter a dark room somewhere, possibly in the Aquabase (or else at a hanger at the NASADA building, but that's just wishful thinking). Dana runs a keycard through a card scanner, which has a Lightspeed emblem embossed on it. This causes lights atop the ceiling to flicker on suddenly, slightly illuminating the shadowy structure of the Lifeforce Megazord. Kelsey (holding a flashlight) and Dana are wowed, commenting, "Whoa, incredible!" They can't even barely see any details on the thing, and yet Kelsey gasps, "This is amazing!" Boy is she in for a let down when she sees how it's just a carbon copy of one they already have. Anyway, soon, the eclipse ends, and the stormclouds disperse. Jinxer recites, "Turn nighttime into day, and say goodbye to Mariner Bay!" The sun shines brightly, and Diabolico & Olympius' eyes gleam with renewed power. Diabolico lifts his sword and remarks, "We have been recharged. I have never felt such power in my life!" Olympius gloats, "Nothing can stop us now! Not even the Rangers!" Speaking of them, on the streets below, Red Ranger wakes up from his ejected fall from the demolished Lightspeed Solarzord. He glances up and says, "Oh no! The Lightspeed Megazord is down!", showing us a view of the Lightspeed Solarzord's head & shoulders, charred a bit, laying on its side, but still intact. Carter exclaims, "It's up to me!", calling out, "Hey! Olympius! Diabolico!"

The two super demons turn their attention to the tiny Power Ranger, as he rushes to the feet and shouts, "My Megazord's down, but i'm not!" Diabolico chuckles, "Not yet! Hehe!" Carter whips out his Rescue & Thermo Blasters, and proceeds to fire them towards the gigantic monsters. The blasts don't even scratch the supercharged supernatural creatures, prompting Diabolico to laugh as he scraps his sword across the ground. This sends Red Ranger flying off against a shipping crate, and back to the ground again. Blue & Green Rangers make the scene, both showing signs of bodily injury. Chad gasps, "It's Carter!", with Joel noting, "He's alive!", obviously having feared the worst. They rush to his side and try to help him recover, just as Diabolico spews some more molten mouth-spray down their way. The three Rangers are blasted, and knocked to the floor, writing around in pain. Olympius proclaims, "Let Queen Bansheera's reign begin!" Diabolico tells our heroes, "Your time's over!" Carter cries, "NO!", as Chad, & Joel remain helpless on the ground. Diabolico lifts his sword, getting prepared to slice & dice the guys, when he's struck by a bolt from the blue. He turns to see the Lightspeed Solarzord hovering towards him. Oh wait, that's the new Lifeforce Megazord, which is just the Lightspeed Solarzord with a few gold & black repainted trimmings. Run out of ideas, did Fairweather? Interestingly, since we see Mitchell's displeasure with using it, the fact there's a red Lightspeed emblem on the Saber, and it runs off life energy, or "souls", I suspect this was General McKnight's team's project. Remember, "Cyborg Rangers", and these references will all make sense. Diabolico & Olympius are unimpressed with the recycled Megazord, but the three male Rangers sure are.

The Lifeforce Megazord (or Life-Force Megazord, I'll use the non-conjuncted version for the sake of being easier to type) stands glistening in the sunlight. Inside the cockpit, which doesn't look anywhere near as nice as the one we saw earlier in terms of detail. Yellow Ranger remarks, "Guuuuuys! Are you going to sit there or come join us?!" Red Ranger gasps, "It's the Lifeforce Megazord! Let's go!", as he and his two teammates join the two females inside the shiny new mecha. When Carter sits down in his chair, his suit has all sorts of smoking gashes on it that weren't there before. He inserts his Blaster Grip and shouts, "Let's do it! Life Force, Level 1!" All five of them are hooked up to it by way of the intravenous neck cord/tubes, like earlier. They blink with energy, but fail to activate. Chad notes, "It didn't work! Try it again!" In Rescue Ops, Fairweather & Mitchell look at each other, thinking the new project a possibly dud. Carter tries again, shouting "activate", and it does just that. Their morphed bodies glow with their Ranger powers and life energies, surging into the Megazord as an added power source. The monitor shows a graph of the amount of lifeforce they're inputting, which increases steadily. Diabolico & Olympius fire their double cough-blast attacks at the Megazord, causing an explosion which rocks the Rangers within. Jinxer puts his gloved hands to his face and exclaims, "Oh dear! This doesn't look good!", starting off with concern for the Rangers, but trailing to sounding like it's a good thing as he puts his hands together gleefully. Diabolico & Olympius laugh, as Carter tells his team, "We need more life energy. I'm going to take us to level 2!" He notices their lifeforce levels are steady and rising, calling them good and telling everyone to hold on. They shout, "Right!", as he activates level 2. They suddenly glow even brighter with life energy, coursing the power into the Lifeforce Megazord. It gleams golden with the added power, kinda like the Omega Megazord did when it got Lights Of Orion powered-up. Sayyyy... Ahem, Red Ranger proclaims, "Alright! It's working! Everybody still with me?!" They shout in unison, "Right!", all making fists similar to their leader.

The Lifeforce Megazord readies its red Lightspeed emblem Saber, and charges into battle. Diabolico growls to his partner, "Let's take em down!", to which Olympius replies, "Yeah!" The Lifeforce Megazord marches closer, until Carter commands, "Energize!" The Saber begins to surge with golden energy, as it slashes through Diabolico, followed by Olympius. The demons spark, and Red Ranger won't let up. He quickly announces, "Life Force Level 3, energize!" The life energy graphs continue increasing to their maximum point, as the Lifeforce Megazord slices a double crossed slash with its Saber into the super demons. Diabolico & Olympius each take an equal amount of damage, howling in agony as they begin to spark, the life energy, nay, spirits of the Lightspeed Rangers prove even more powerful than their own dark magic based source of fuel. The Lifeforce Megazord spins around and awaits victory, as the two super demons explode incredibly, the blast so entire and so whole, that the wave of fire released sends Jinxer hurtling through the air. The Lifeforce Megazord whips its Saber around, as what appears to be the exploding spirits of Diabolico & Olympius ricochet up into the sky, crisscrossing each other and bursting over & over. They eventually reach a nexus point high above, and shatter together in outer space, just above the Earth's atmosphere. An inhuman face appears in the resulting cloud, screaming protest, just before the entire thing breaks apart, leaving the Earth clear of their demonic danger forever. In the cockpit, all five of the Lightspeed Rangers cheer for themselves, and the Lifeforce Megazord poses victorious one last glorious time.


Meanwhile, at the Ancient Tomb in the middle of the desert, a small fiery glowing ball of energy floats towards the location. It enters the crypt, floats around the flaming torches, and approaches one of the dusty, symbol-covered walls. It suddenly takes shape in front of a small block section of the wall with nothing written on it. Apparently, what we see if the Golden Key that Diabolico gave Carter earlier! It floats closer to the block, and merges with the wall. The key appears etched in the stone, sparkling for a moment. The camera shifts to the right, showing an ancient drawing of hands sticking out of a coffin, or tomb. In the block next to that picture, is a figure that could only be Queen Bansheera as she appears now. What does this all mean? Find out some other time! Finally, back in the Skull Cavern, Bansheera demands, "Jinxer, I need a monster!" She has the final remaining henchdemon trapped between her coiled fingers, unable to move. He cries, "Oh, but I don't have any more monster cards!" The Queen remarks, "If you can't make any more monsters, then you're of no further use to me!" She lowers him to the ground and is prepared to drain his life energy, when Jinxer exclaims, "Wait! I just remembered! I stuck a Batling card on the Megazord's leg!" We see a flashback to Jinxer's time during the battle, when the Lifeforce Megazord made its debut. He looks up at the giant new mecha in awe, before flinging his final demonic card into the side of the Megazord's leg. Jinxer informs the Queen, "I was out of monster cards and I had to do something! I only had a Batling card, so I thought it might do some good if I gave the Rangers a little surprise when they got back to the base!" Bansheera releases him from her grip, and sighs contentedly, "Ahh, the Megazord! So the Rangers are taking Batlings into the Aquabase with them? How delightful!" Jinxer remains cowering on the foggy floor as the Queen walks around pondering the wicked turn of events. She turns to him and screams, "Jinxer!" He squeals, fearing she's about to destroy him, when she finishes, "You finally did something right!" He's relieved, standing up, wiping his brow and exclaiming, "Oh! Thank you, my queen! Uhh, I guess." Bansheera gloats, "The Rangers are in for a surprise... a BIG surprise! Ahahahahaha!" She tangles her lengthy fingernails together some more, in psychotic joy.

[Scenes from "The Fate Of Lightspeed, Pt.1"; end credits]

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