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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"The Fate Of Lightspeed, Pt 2"
Original Air Date: 11/18/00
*24th episode of 8th Regular Season
(40th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1040
*40th and final episode of PRLR
*378th total Power Rangers episode
*Due to Fox's tentative "new episode every week for a year" schedule plan, for the first official time ever, both regular & incarnational seasons are concluding at once.
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Directors: Ryuta Tasaki & Makoto Yokoyama
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Rhett Fisher _AS_ Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Angela Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Additional Cast:
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice; uncredited!)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice)


[Recap of "The Fate Of Lightspeed, Pt.1", with a new shot of the Omega Megazord tearing a building apart.]

Looks like that new shot is actually an alternate view of what we see right here at the beginning. The Omega Megazord, piloted by Jinxer and some Batlings, casually knocks a small apartment building over. It explodes, and the next towering stone is set into place where the building once stood. In the foreground, police guide the fleeing citizens in a safe line away from danger. Below the waters of Mariner Bay, the Lifeforce Megazord, piloted by some Batlings, continues to Saber-slash the half-ruined Lightspeed Aquabase. Most of the domes and pods show considerably damage to their hulls, as the Saber begins to fall explosively on another section of the abandoned undersea structure. Inside one of them, Batlings are still hard at work, trying to break into Rescue Ops. One of the demon drones pitches a Bat-grenade at the reinforced steel door to Ops. The other Batlings cover their ears as the bat-bomb blasts against the heavily dented door (from the battering ram last ep), causing slight damage, but not budging the entrance a bit. Within Rescue Ops, the battering from both the Megazord and the Batlings shakes the place up, causing bits of debris to crumble to the floor around the room. Dana Mitchell sits on the floor, covering her ears in terror. She quickly gets up and travels a little farther away from said door, to the center of Ops, where the rest of what remains of the Lightspeed Rescue Operation are. Captain William Mitchell sits somberly on a chair next to the several of the rubble covered consoles, as Ms. Fairweather stands close to the shattered windows. She stares horrified at the large cracks in the glass, small air-bubbles flowing out of them on the exterior side, caused by the water starting to pour into the base. The small drips add up to a thin stream, which continues to flood slowly but surely through across the tops of a console, burning out the circuitry it passes over. The stream begins to form a puddle, rolling across the floor, and splashing against the sneakered feet of Kelsey Winslow. She's gazing into nothingness, in shock over this entire ordeal, with her arms wrapped around her knees as she sits on the floor. When Kelsey spots the puddle nipping at her toes, she instantly scoots backward away from it, growing more frightened. Chad Lee spots his close friend and teammate's distressfulness, and sits down on the floor next to her, asking, "Hey, Kels. Are you scared?" She tries to shrug it off with shake of her head, but admits, "A little", asking in return, "Are you?" Chad pauses for a moment, but finally replies, "Yeah." He leans over and bumps shoulders with Kelsey, remarking with a smile, "But at least we're scared together." She smiles right back, and puts her left around him, the two pressing heads together in comfort as they await the inevitable.

Speaking of inevitable, a few feet away, Joel Rawlings has his mind focused on the floor below his seat. Angela Fairweather walks up to him, puts her hand on his shoulder and tries to provide solace by saying, "Joel, don't worry. We'll be okay." He turns and looks at her with hopelessness on his face, asking, "What are you talking about?! We're trapped in here. This place is gonna cave in on our heads any minute." To remind us of the situation, we see the shower of seawater spraying in nearby. Angela replies with as much cheer as she can muster up, "I hope not. I was hoping that once this was over we could actually go on that date. Assuming, of course, you're still interested." Joel's in as serious a mood as you'll ever see him, as he tells her, "Don't joke with me about this." Angela stoops his level (literally, since he's sitting down and she was standing up, with heels no less), smiles warmly and says, "I'm not." Joel stares at her as she continues smiling and chuckling slightly, realizing that she's being sincere to him for a change. Their Kodak moment comes to a close when Dana calls out, "Hey, guys! Look at this." All arise from their seating positions to look over at what she's spotted, one of the few remaining monitors (which is slightly shattered and thus is quite staticy with the signal). It shows the Omega Megazord walking through the city with a stone over its shoulder. Careless disregard for where its stepping causes the massive feet of the Megazord to stomp harshly against the street, the shockwaves tossing citizens of the city into the air, along with chunks on concrete. Chad & Kelsey watched worriedly, as a young boy stands around crying amid all the chaos, until a woman grabs him and pulls him away. Their location is just around the corner from the Omega Megazord's path of destruction. More people continue to run for their lives, though you'd think all would have gotten out by now. Joel & Fairweather also watch the screen, as they see the Megazord shove aside another building, causing it to blow up. Seeing their own weapon being used against the people they vowed to protect, Joel proclaims, "Guys... we got work to do." Dana seems to quietly agree, as Captain Mitchell looks at Joel and gives a stern affirmative nod to the suggestion.

[opening credits. Same exact one we've had since "Ryan's Destiny".]

Chad & Kelsey rush over to one of the main console platforms, and quickly brush off the debris coating it. Dana helps them out, as the Captain & Fairweather clean out one over against the wall. Joel wanders around, keeping an eye out, until he notices something on the floor. He removes a knocked-over chair, and wipes an area under a control station free of clutter. It's there that he finds the metal latch for a secret compartment! Joel turns to Mitchell & Fairweather (who are moving a panel to the center of the room), and asks, "Hey, what's this?" The Captain gasps, "It's a maintenance shaft!" Angela adds, "Let me check it out! I'll see where it goes." She heads over to one of the wall displays, wipes away some dirt, and presses a few buttons. The screen above shows a computer diagram of where the shaft leads, through a small tunnel into the main docking center of the Aquabase! In a lovely connection to "Operation Lightspeed", Angela excitingly exclaims, "It leads to the Submarine Bay!" As you recall, that sub is how the Ranger Recruits got to the base the very time. Joel shouts, "Alright! We're getting out of here in style!" He lifts up the hatch and looks into it, finding it filled with seawater. Joel shakes his head in defeat, as Dana complains, "Oh, it's flooded!" Chad saves face as he notes, "Wait a minute. Maybe we can swim to the Sub Bay! I'll go first and see if I can make it. He rushes over to a wall, and opens up a compartment, labeled "Air Station". Inside, are about six small canisters filled with oxygen. Chad takes one out, twists the top, and readies it for use. Dana protests, "No, Chad. This place is under attack, it's too dangerous!" He points out, "There's no other way. I'm going." He gently pushes her aside, and since he's the only expert diver around, who is she to argue? Chad gets down on the floor and prepares to hop into the flooded shaft. He looks to Joel, and the two bump fists as a sign of good luck. Chad inserts the tube atop the oxygen canister into his mouth, and slips into the maintenance shaft, diving deep instantly. He begins to swim around the tunnel, searching for the exit. No signs of blockage anywhere, so he continues the trip submerged in seawater.

In the city, the Omega Megazord places the next stone down where a few buildings once stood. Four tall stones are now aligned in a clear circle, as Jinxer (who sits in the Red Ranger's seat of the cockpit) notes, "The circle of stones is almost complete, my Queen!" Queen Bansheera, still in that other dimension of Skull Cavern, replies, "Then it's time for me to join the party! Ahahaha!" She holds the Golden Key in her hand as she laughs, the essential tool for said party. On the streets of the city, a cop is directing the flow of pedestrian traffic. One frantic guy slams into him and falls to the ground, prompting the police officer to help the man up. As he does this, he suddenly hears the sound of something large flying in overhead. The cop, and all the civilians behind him, gaze upward in astonishment & fear, as the main mountain palace from Skull Cavern hovers in and lands in the center of the circle of stones! This causes the people to panic some more, and likely gives them an excuse to riot & rob all the stores along whatever is left of Main Street. I should note, the skull-face of the Skull Cavern palace is half-blasted off, as we saw it in "Wrath Of The Queen" towards the end (yet not as it appeared the two episodes after that). Queen Bansheera stands in the right eye socket and proclaims, "Excellent! With the circle of stones nearly in place, my time of triumph is at hand! NOTHING can stop me now! Ahahaha!" The camera pulls back from the palace, and continues pulling back through the wreckage of buildings, passing backward through a tunnel in a mountain, and finally pulling up into the air show what lies over the hills. Namely, the full scope of Mariner Bay, the city backdropped by the waters surrounding it. The Omega Megazord puts the fifth stone in place, just a few yards away from the newly inserted Skull Cavern palace. Meanwhile in Rescue Ops, the cracks in the windows grow even more unsteady, as two small holes pop up, springing an even bigger leak into the Aquabase.

As this happens, the Lifeforce Megazord's pounding rocks the room, causing consoles to spark and rubble to fall. Kelsey is most vocal in her terrified screaming, as she, Joel, Dana, Captain Mitchell & Ms. Fairweather huddle together away from the exploding walls. The Captain glances down at the open hole to the maintenance shaft, and notices a few bubbles beginning to float up, along with the shining of a light under the water. He rushes over, just as Chad surfaces to full his lungs with a much more generous amount of air. Mitchell & Joel help hold him up, as the Captain asks, "Chad, did you reach the Sub Bay?" He gasps for breath, and replies, "Yeah, it's not that far. We can do it! Come on!" Chad quickly puts his oxygen tank back in his mouth, and dives back in. Joel hands Captain Mitchell one of the tiny tanks, and proceeds to slide into the shaft first. After Joel, Mitchell helps his daughter into the water. With the leaks in the hull of Rescue Ops springing up faster, and more consoles sparking, time is running out. Kelsey goes in next, followed by Miss F. Captain Mitchell is the last one in, hopping into the shaft and shutting the hatch behind him, just as all of Rescue Ops begins to come apart with a series of random bursts and blasts. In the flooded shaft, Chad lags in the middle, pointing out the proper way to go for the rest of his teammates. All have those oxygen tanks in their mouths, if you're wondering. The six swim through the water, and eventually reach the Submarine Bay. Interesting to note, Ms. Fairweather is one of the last ones shown exiting the shaft and surfacing, proving good old Captain Mitchell is a pretty fast swimmer. Our heroes wade in the pool of water in the Sub Bay, breathing deeply out of their noses, as a quick look above them reveals that the Lightspeed submarine is hoisted up in dry dock. Joel points out the sub, and says, "That's our ticket out of here. Let's go!" They follow their teammate to the side of the pool, and soon climb up (offscreen) into the submarine.

Once inside it, they quickly head to the control room. Joel remarks, "Now to get this baby moving!" Chad seems to know what he's doing as he heads to a wall of switches and begins to press them, Kelsey as well. Guess all of the Megazord training has come in handy when operating heavy machinery. Dana is last one down the ladder, but is fast when it comes to joining in on the button pressing. Captain Mitchell does some stuff to a control panel, including twisting a knob. Fairweather looks at a few gauges, and spots a button, which she hits. This causes the cable holding the submarine up to begin to lower it down off the crane. The sub starts to slowly sink towards the pool of water. Dana takes a look into one of the small monitors on the control console, and alerts her father to what she sees. Fairweather & Mitchell take a look, and witness Batlings breaking into the Submarine Bay! They storm in through the gates, squealing and waving their Bat-blade around widely. The Batlings race around striking everything they can, destroying every computer console in the room in an effort to halt the submarine's takeoff. Outside, the Lifeforce Megazord slams its fist into one of the other domes, causing it to both shatter and explode. The Batling controlled Megazord next readies its Saber, and begins to pound the center dome, the Sub Bay! The first strike rocks the submarine around violently, sparking the control room up considerably. They seem to lose some power, as the lights switch over to pure red. Our heroes are unharmed, just shaken up a bit. Batlings continue to beat up helpless computers around the Sub Bay, though nothing they do is really slowing the submarine down from being lowered. Eventually, our old pal Bazookaling aims his cannon at the sub, and fires upon orders by another Batlings. The missile released hits the cable-crank that is lowering the sub, causing it to jam permanently, suspending the submarine in the air. In the control room, our heroes are knocked around, with Kelsey noticing, "We've stopped!" Joel looks up to the ceiling in terror after hearing this. Miss Fairweather looks at a monitor, spotting that the submarine is just a few feet away from the pool. She exclaims, "We're not even in the water! We're not going anywhere." Chad frantically looks around, searching for another option in the crimson glow filling the area.


In the Submarine Bay, there are now two Bazooka-carrying Batlings. As other Batlings cheer them one, the pair of Malicey Launcher wielding drones fire away, blasting into the bottom of the sub. Quite a bit of firepower in unleashed, as they fire unrelentlessly into the submarine. The control room within it is jerked around, sparking with jolts of electricity. Joel returns to being eager, as he stumbles all over the room, shouting, "I'm not just going to sit here! I've got a date to keep!" Captain Mitchell tries to calm the Sky Cowboy down by noting, "It's not use, Joel. It's not an airplane, it's a sub! It only works underwater." Joel ends up wandering next to where Kelsey is standing. He takes a look at the wall display, a series of buttons, and is inspired, saying, "Fine. Then let's add a little water." Kelsey sees it too, gasping, "Yeah!" She heads over to where Chad is standing, and flips some switches on an overhead control, stating, "Power, comin' online!" Chad gets the drift, pointing his fingers like a gun at her, before running across the room. He reaches another console, and calls Dana over to help him out, which she does. Captain Mitchell looks to Ms. Fairweather confused, so she asks them, "What are you doing?" Chad replies, "Just watch. Ready to go, Joel!" He gives the signal, and Joel nods, as he hits a red button marked "Fire". An alarm sounds, and the Batlings get a surprise, as two torpedoes are launched from the submarine! They blast into the Lightspeed Emblem window on the wall, causing it the cracken considerably. The Lifeforce Megazord pauses from its destruction and stares into the Sub Bay, until the torpedo explosion smashes into the side and gives the Batlings in it a bit of a wakeup call. In the Sub Bay, Batlings watch as the emblem window shatters and rips apart, flooding the entire room with a gush of seawater! As we've seen before, Batlings can survive brief exposure to untamed water, but given the excess pressure of it pouring in there, their weakened bodies don't stand a chance of swimming to safety. Speaking of swimming, if you're wondering why the Rangers just don't swim out of the base like Carter did in "Olympius Ascends", the answer's pretty clear. Sure they might survive the trip, but that Lifeforce Megazord sure isn't going to sit around and let them escape without chopping them to pieces.

With the Sub Bay now filling up with seawater at an impressive rate, the submarine is knocked free of its cable supports. It slowly sinks into the waves, and once it's official, Chad walks over to Joel's side and puts his hand on his shoulder with a smile. They turn to the others, and Joel notes, "NOW we're underwater." Captain Mitchell nods affirmatively, as does Fairweather, with Dana smiling in the background. Outside of the Sub Bay, the Lifeforce Megazord peers into the gaping hole in the side of the hull. In the sub, Dana presses some buttons and states, "Locking torpedoes on target." Kelsey tries making herself useful by doing some button pressing next to her. Mitchell & Fairweather look to Chad, as he does the honors this time, shouting, "Fire!" Two torpedoes are released from the front of the submarine. They rocket outward, and in a move that would make Divatox jealous, both projectiles slam directly into the Lifeforce Megazord's chest! The Batlings within the cockpit, who are obviously unaware of the major defense systems the Megazord is capable of, are knocked around by the explosion. The Lifeforce Megazord topples backwards onto the ocean floor, taken by complete surprise and damaged severely. It crackles with electricity, its Saber still in hand. In the submarine, Captain Mitchell orders, "Full speed ahead!" Chad salutes, "Yes, sir!", and quickly flips a few switches, getting the engines in gear. Faster than you can say "Mighty Jack", the Lightspeed Submarine takes off from the flooded Sub Bay (which is also where the Train & Max Bays were stored, though they were both likely demolished). The submarine sails through the water, safely passing the downed Megazord. Just after it reaches a good distance from the area, the Lifeforce Megazord tries lifting its arms up. Suddenly, the entire head of the newly built Megazord explodes, killing the Batlings within, no doubt. The decapitated Lifeforce Megazord drops its red symboled Saber onto the floor, as its body begins to explode. Not only that, but the Lightspeed Aquabase starts to go up in flames, bursting into a series of blasts just as the Lifeforce Megazord is demolished. Which one caused which other to go up first is unclear, though suffice to say, the waters around it become heavily unsettled with debris and dust. Those series of explosions are strong enough to send shockwaves across the bay, rattling against the submarine. Kelsey, Fairweather, Mitchell & Dana stare into the control panel screen, witnessing the final moments of the Lightspeed Aquabase. Dana has her hand on her father's shoulder, as he laments the loss of his life's work, gasping, "The Aquabase.", before lowering his head in sorrow.
Meanwhile, high above planet Earth, the moon is slowly slipping in front of the sun. In the Skull Cavern palace, Queen Bansheera exclaims, "Excellent! Everything is going as planned! Haha! The eclipse is underway, and only ONE more stone must be placed before my evil reign can begin!" The Omega Megazord carries the sixth stone into the city over its shoulder, and walks into position next to the Skull palace. Suddenly, the Megazord gets struck with a bolt from the blue. Jinxer and his Batlings in the cockpit get shook up, the entire place shocked with sparks from the attack. The source of the sudden bombardment is revealed to be Red & Titanium Rangers! As expected, they're on the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, with Carter piloting it and Ryan riding atop as if it were a Galaxy Glider. Titanium Ranger remarks, "Right on target! Carter, can you get us any closer?" Red Ranger replies, "I'll see what I can do." The RMAV swoops through the air, maneuvering between skyscrapers. Ryan aims his rarely seen weapon, shouting, "Titanium Laser, fire!" It blasts away, as Carter adds, "Missiles, fire!" The two large rockets from the RMAV are launched, both striking into the body of the Omega Megazord. It's taken aback by the sudden blasts, nearly smashing the tip of the stone on its shoulder into the skull-face of the palace! Bansheera stands on the eye-socket balcony, shouting, "Jinxer, do something!" In the Omega cockpit, Jinxer replies, "Yes, my queen. Blast them!" As ordered, his Batlings begin to toil effortlessly at the control panels. On the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, Titanium Ranger tells Red Ranger, "Let's do it together, Carter. Ready?" Red Ranger replies, "Fire!", and that they both do. Ryan unloads as much firepower from his Titanium Laser as he can, as Carter shoots off a few rounds from the RMAV's side blasters. The series of light-streaks pummel into the Omega Megazord, which has one of its arms full with holding the stone. It tries lifting its right arm and firing its cannon weapon, but the laser attack prevents that from happening. Jinxer and all the Batlings in the cockpit are shown being showered with sparks, causing him to whines, "Eh-hoo-hoo!"

The Omega Megazord finally gets its arm extended, and fires its handheld cannon device. The large beams of heated light shoot towards the Mobile Armored Vehicle, but Carter manages to dodge every one of them (the blasts instead strike into buildings behind them). Titanium Ranger has a tough time hanging on while ducking at the same time, but holds on long enough for the blasting to cease. He then begins to fire his Titanium Laser back at the Omega Megazord, firing as rapidly as he can. The RMAV flies in closer and closer, and Ryan's attacks grow even nearer to their target. Funny how this is the first time Ryan's even been in contact with the Omega Megazord, which was introduced the episode after he left. Anyway, the nonstop Titanium Laser blasts hammer into the Megazord, disorienting it. The RMAV swoops back around, taking into the air, and passing through the view of the sun, which is nearly a quarter eclipsed. As it flies off to gain more space, the Omega Megazord readies its weapon again. Ryan looks back and spots it, telling Carter, "We're in their sights! Brace yourself!" They try their best, as the Omega cannon's blasts hit the RMAV, knocking it out of control. Down below, the remaining Rangers race up the side of the dock, having just come in off the submarine offscreen. Chad's first into the smokey streets, pointing out, "Hey, look!" That they all do, witnessing the Omega Megazord firing at the Mobile Armored Vehicle. Its not that good of an aim, and thus, causes large explosions to strike stray buildings. After watching the Megazord take three unsuccessful shots at the RMAV, Captain Mitchell orders the Recruits, "Go!" They obey, and race towards the battle, leaving Ms. Fairweather & Captain Mitchell behind, watching the fight from the safety of the debris & fire filled vacant street. Queen Bansheera grows tired of the games, and demands, "Hurry, Jinxer! Place the last stone!" Jinxer, in his final onscreen appearance, replies, "As you command, my Queen!" The Omega Megazord turns its attention back to placing the final stone in its proper location.

Red Ranger realizes something nearly every Ranger leader has done each finale since Turbo, "There's only ONE thing we can do to stop him!" Titanium Ranger agrees, "Right!" Carter stands up from the cockpit of the Mobile Armored Vehicle, as it continues jetting straight on for the Omega Megazord. They wait for the right moment, Carter saying, "Just a little closer.", as the RMAV glides towards the Megazord. Finally, when they're just about to come up on it, and just when the Megazord has the final stone lifted in both hands above its head, Ryan asks, "Ready?", and Carter replies, "Let's do it!" Red & Titanium Rangers leap from the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, sending the rarely used flying machine slamming into the Omega Megazord's back! The RMAV explodes instantly, the igniting of its advanced weaponry sends a surge of destruction ripping into the Omega Megazord, causing it to cease from lowering the stone, charging the entire structure with electricity. Carter & Ryan gently drop to the ground together, landing safely on their feet just as the Omega Megazord's back explodes where the RMAV hit it. The explosion is so intense, that the entire upper body, EVERYTHING above the waist, is obliterated! We never see Jinxer again, but judging from that blast, there's no real way he could have survived being in the cockpit when the head blew up. Sure, he might have teleported out in time, but we saw how much he'd always wanted to pilot a Megazord. He died fulfilling his lifelong dream. Either that or the whole upperbody was teleported through time thanks to that darned Mobile Armored Vehicle's temporal problems. Carter looks up and asks, "Did it work?!" The only part of the Omega Megazord's upper torso that wasn't demolished drops to the ground, that being its left arm, which still has the stone clutched in hand. It drops to the ground, past the legs (which are still standing there, similar to the Lightspeed Megazord's urinator mode) and smashing into the streets instantly. The arm lets go of the stone, and shatters against the pavement, sending a wrecked truck flying into the air from the shockwave.

Carter is amazed, noting, "The Omega Megazord is destroyed!" Ryan is so shocked by their luck, that he literally loses his grip on the Titanium Laser and lets it fall, stunned. The two Rangers cover their face as the legs & pelvic region of the destroyed Megazord topple over explosively. When the smoke clears, something even more shocking is revealed. Carter puts it best, "What? Oh no! The last stone's in place!" Indeed it is, all six stones have ended up in their proper position around the Skull Cavern palace, towering above the skyscrapers around it like a giant Stonehenge. Ryan remarks, "We need some help!" Suddenly, they overhear Chad shouting out, "Carter!" Red & Titanium Rangers turn to see their teammates racing down the ruined streets to their side. Dana quickly jumps on her brother, crying, "Ryan!", as she gives him a big hug. Ryan hugs back and mentions, "You guys got here just in time. The bad thing is the circle of stones is complete. We've got to stop that ceremony!" Dana agrees, staring her brother in the V and stating, "Right!" Chad shouts, "Let's go!", and the four Ranger Recruits stand together, calling out, "Lightspeed Rescue!" A four-screen Morph later, and all six Lightspeed Power Rangers are together again for possibly the last time! Guess those Morphers don't draw any energy off the Aquabase, which is lucky. Though it would be funny to have one of them summon a V-Lancer and getting it teleported from the damaged Weapons Lab covered in seaweed. Anyway, Red Ranger yells, "Hurry!", as he leads the team in a charge through the streets. They race to the palace, as overhead, the sun grows even more blocked by the moon. Due to a problem with scale, many of these shots make the sun look to be pretty darn close, not to mention the moon moving pretty quickly.


Inside the Skull Cavern palace, Queen Bansheera takes the Golden Key, and inserts it into a large hole in the forehead of a skull! Ew! The skull is on the side of that boney coffin we saw in the previous episode. As sticks the key into the skull-slot, she proclaims, "Let the ceremony begin!" The slot glows red after the key is in place. Bansheera starts to recite an incantation, "Forces of evil, heed my call! Gather now, as darkness falls!" She looks towards the key, whipping her lengthy fingers around gleefully as the eclipse begins to approach full fruition. The sun grows black, and the light across the city fades as the shadow of the moon shrouds the area. Batlings even appear to be filled with dread, as a beam of purple energy is casted out from the eclipsed star in the sky! The beam strikes the skull-faced palace, and aims directly at the Golden Key. Bansheera stands just behind it, as the key glows gold, and turns under the force of magical power. The lid to the tomb starts to come alive, prompting the Queen to gloat, "Yes!" Without warning, she's struck on the back of he head with a laserblast! She and her Batlings turn to see who it is that dares intrude, and surprise, it's the Power Rangers. Red Ranger has his Rescue Blaster drawn and aimed, as he states, "The ceremony's over, Bansheera!" The Batlings grow restless, readying their bat-blades as they watch our heroes step out through the mist pouring down from the ceiling. Pink Ranger adds, "We're here to make SURE of that!" Bansheera remarks, "You're too late. NOTHING can stop me now!" Carter reholsters his Blaster and replies, "Nothing except us. And that's JUST what we're gonna do!" He clenches his gloved fist, and the Queen orders her drones to attack. The Batlings obey and charge toward the Rangers. Carter says his favorite catchphrase, "Let's do it!", and that they all do. Namely "it", "it" being kicking some bat-butt. The six Rangers flip and kick into battle with the Batlings. Queen Bansheera stands around furious, demanding, "Stop them!" Pink Ranger spins herself off one of the columns, footsweeps a Batling, and then does one of the impossible leaps into the air like her brother normally does. Needless to say, she holds her own with the drones, beating them down with some swift kicks.

Nearby, Yellow Ranger rolls around on the foggy floor, before jumping up into the air and kicking two Batlings at once. Red Ranger relieves a couple of Batlings of their Bat-blades, and proceeds to pose with them in his hands. Blue Ranger does a high kick, pinning a Batling to a pillar. Then slipping out, and footsweeping another so that he falls backwards into two more, knocking all three of them down into a collection of columns, which collapse around them. Green Ranger does a superfluous spinning leap into the air, landing with his feet extended out behind him, kicking some Batlings on the way down. Joel then launches himself off a Batling he kicks, flipping backwards and landing perfectly poised. Titanium Ranger doesn't so much impressive, mostly throwing punches into the Batlings. He does manage to grab one's arm, toss him to the floor, and then drop down on him with his leg out. Carter seems to be enjoying using the Bat-blades on the Batlings, slashing a few down sparkily. Queen Bansheera watches the fight for a moment, before returning to the coffin and incanting, "Just as darkness conquers light, let evil triumph over right!" The brim of the coffin begins to glow purple, and the lid starts to rattle and become disturbed with energy. Red Ranger seems to have ditched the blades, and after he stomps on a Batling's chest, he spots the Queen's work, shouting, "Oh, no! She's opening the tomb!" Indeed she is, as the lid to the coffin is finally lifted up the purple light, while Bansheera laughs maniacally. The lid raises far above her, revealing within a puff of fire (similar to when the tomb at the desert temple was opened to bring Diabolico back to life) that inside the tomb is a vast army of demons! They're apparently the majority of those deceased monsters residing in Shadow World, proving that Olympius in fact didn't eat them all as he was supposed to. There's so many monsters here, it'd be near impossible to spot them all (mainly due to the fact that if you look close enough, it's just the same set of monsters digitally repeated many times over with fire & smoke effects around them). Bansheera peers into the opened tomb, and staring down at the horde of howling & moaning zombies, she screams, "Demons arise!"

The channeled power of the eclipse continues to unload energy towards the palace, the purple beam is still lighting directly down, now with rings of fire being casted onto the site. The rings land perfectly on the circle of surrounding stones, turning each of the six tips into conduits for more power. They surge more purple electricity into the castle greyskull from all six sides of the sides, recharged after each ring lands. Inside, Titanium Ranger scuffles with a Batling. He has his hands full, so he calls out, "Carter, get Bansheera!" Red Ranger does away with the Batlings he's busy with by way of two super powerful punches that send the drones flying into the air. Carter darts for the Queen, but she quickly notices him, and fires her left hand at him, the red laserblast striking the Ranger in the chest. Red Ranger is sent hurtling into one of the columns to the side, so hard does he slam into it, that he knocks it over. When he finally lands on the floor, it's revealed that the impact tore the helmet off his head, and smashed the visor (notice all the blinking lights inside, must be annoying to the wearer)! Carter shakes his head to regain his composure, a bloody scratch is on the side of his cheek from the attack. Bansheera remarks, "Lose something, Red Ranger?" He angrily clenches his fist, and then grabs the helmet (which now has mist inside it from being on the floor too long), and pitches it into the air at the Queen. She smacks it aside before it can hit her, and fires another hand-beam blast at Carter. The helmetless Red Ranger rolls on the floor, dodging the bolt. Carter then leaps into the air, just as Bansheera fires again at him, explosion mere inches from where he jumped gives added momentum, sending him soaring into the air with both feet kicking! He lands at kick into Queen Bansheera's bodily form, knocking her over, and into the opened tomb. She screams in agony as she plummets into the Shadow World, rather slowly. Carter rushes over and looks in, watching as she falls. Titanium Ranger knocks some Batlings down, and calls out, "Carter! Are you alright?" The helmetless Red Ranger turns around, breathing a sigh of relief, before giving Ryan a smile and a positive thumbs up. Even though the other Rangers are still busy fighting Batlings, Ryan is able to return a thumbs up, shouting, "We did it!"

Carter's continued thumbs up comes to a sudden closure, when one of Bansheera's lengthy fingers whips up from the coffin, and wraps around his arm! Red Ranger's yanked into the tomb by this, falling in backwards. Titanium Ranger gasps, "Oh no!", and rushes over to look in, spotting Carter holding onto the side of the wall, with the Queen dangling from her fingers wrapped around him. Ryan cries, "Carter! Give me your hand! I'll pull you up!" Carter struggles to hold onto the rocky wall, grunting, "I can't reach you!" He turns and looks down over his shoulder, watching as Queen Bansheera hangs around, laughing psychotically, with the Shadow World entrance just below her. Carter refuses to give up and go out like Mike Corbett, as he reaches up and tries grabbing on to another rock. It crumbles at his touch, causing him to almost lose his grip and fall, if not for his latching onto the crevice below it. Ryan shouts, "Don't let go!", like Carter has any choice in the matter. The falling rock ends up dropping into the Shadow World, where the hands of the dead demons are shown grasping for the fresh meat dangling above them (Horn, Oysterizer & Cyclopter's hands are all I recognize here). Queen Bansheera continues tugging on her fingers, exclaiming, "If I go, you're coming with me!" As this continues, the eclipse's unleashing of power runs rampant, as the purple beam of energy slips over into the tomb, blasting into the convergence of deceased monsters in the Shadow World. Noticeable here are Lizwizard, Radster, and Rhinoblaster, plus tons of others that are hard to see thanks to the dark lighting and heavy shaking. Carter, with Bansheera's vine-fingers tied all over his neck and chest, orders Ryan to, "Close the lid!" Ryan replies, "We're NOT going to let you go!" The other four Rangers finally finish off the Batlings (though you have to wonder where the bat drones went as they're no longer visible), and rush to Ryan's side. They reach into the tomb after him, to no avail. Carter demands, "Close it!" Joel responds, "Not without you!"

Queen Bansheera won't let up from her hold on Carter, proclaiming, "You're not leaving this tomb, Ranger! I'm taking you down into the Shadow World with me!" As she says this, a golden ball of light streaks above the zombie demons below. Carter gazes down, his eyes widening, as Chad wonders aloud, "What is that!?" It suddenly hovers upward, and takes a more recognizable form, that of Diabolico! He's in spirit form, just as he appeared before Captain Mitchell years ago in "Truth Discovered" (notice, he also has his Star Power gem back in his chest, possibly restored upon Olympius' death). He laughs wickedly with his staff in hand, while facing his former Queen. Bansheera says, "Diabolico! Just in time to help!" Diabolico informs her, "I AM here to help. Help the Rangers destroy you for good!" Bansheera screams in protest, "Nooo!", as Diabolico lifts his staff and fires a blast into her fingers. They're severed at the hand, causing the once mighty Queen to fall helplessly into the Shadow World forever. She's so shocked, she forgets she's got another hand with which to hang onto Carter with. Queen Bansheera drops slowly into the netherworld, with Diabolico's spirit following, laughing evilly, before returning to the form of a ball of light, and streaking off out of view. The moment Bansheera lands on the ground, the armada of zombie demons begin to beat into her, punching & tearing violently. She's lost in a sea of undead evil, which such monsters as Eyeguy, Ghouligan, Lunatick, Shockatron, Craterite Conglomerate creature, Borgslayer, Psycho Blue's Monster form, Maceface, Thunderclaw, plus those I mentioned earlier, all getting some licks in with countless others. She's in for an eternity of hurt. The eclipse finally begins to subside, and Carter continues watching the Queen beating as he hangs onto the side of the cliff. Dana shouts, "Carter, grab the rope!", and he pulls himself away from the ringside seat long enough grab the rope and get pulled up by his teammates. He rips off the finger-tendrils of Bansheera's that she left on him, and climbs out of the coffin with a little encouragement from his friends. They help hoist and heave him out of hell, all six of them collapsing into a heap on the fog-covered floor. Titanium Ranger looks up to the sky, and states, "The lid! We've got to seal it!" Ryan does what he's spent months training to do, and it amounts to him taking the Golden Key from the skull-slot. Upon turning and pulling the key out, the lid to the tomb slams down from the ceiling, and seals tightly with the purple energy which opened it. Ryan goes, "whoa!", upon witnessing the shutting of Shadow World for good.

Our heroes look to each other, and breathing a sigh of relief, again, Carter remarks, "We did it... I think." Kelsey exclaims, "Right on!", Chad shouts, "Alright! Yeah!" Carter & Ryan shake hands, and Dana cries, "This is great!" Suddenly, the whole place begins to shake, debris falling and columns tipping over. They realize they've got to get out of there, and are quick to get moving. The Lightspeed Rangers race out of the Skull Cavern palace, just as it begins to fall apart. All six of our heroes remove their helmets (cept Carter, who left his in the palace), and watch in awe as the Skull Cavern palace, and all six stones surrounding it, begin to crumble into dust! Ms. Fairweather shouts, "Ranger!", as she and Captain Mitchell join their side. Notice, the Golden Key is visibly in Ryan's hand in this shot. Hopefully he returns it to either the Old Man, or the ancient tomb, for safe keeping. The eight of them stand silently, witnessing the last remnants of Queen Bansheera's reign on Mariner Bay turn into nothing but large piles of sand in the middle of the street. Makes you wonder where that boney tomb went. The sun comes out of the eclipse totally, and the danger passes. Angela taps Joel on the shoulder, and the two of them smile at each other, as Fairweather's saying, "I told ya so!" Carter & Ryan laugh happily at their success in pulling this battle off. Chad & Kelsey slap each other five, before he puts his arm around her. Captain Mitchell smiles at Dana, as the two hug and continue staring at the fires ravaging the city. The destruction of the Lifeforce & Omega Megazords, Lightspeed Aquabase, several buildings, and countless other items is but a small price to pay for victory over the demons once and for all. Or at least for the next several thousand years.


Sometime later, at the park overlooking the docks of Mariner Bay, an era is ending. All six Ranger Recruits are standing before Captain William Mitchell, preparing to return from Lightspeed Rescue permanently (notice, all but Joel have their LR Jackets on, despite how only Carter managed to take his out of the base before it went up). Carter Grayson slips off his Rescue Morpher, grins and approaches Captain Mitchell. He apologizes (since he obviously had no clue what was happening until after the battle was over), "I'm sorry about the Aquabase, Captain." Carter hands Mitchell his Morpher, prompting the Captain to reply, "Well at least Queen Bansheera and her demons are gone forever. Mariner Bay is safe again." Dana slips in between her father & brother, putting an arm around each one and gleefully stating, "Now we finally have time to be a NORMAL family." She then hands in her Rescue Morpher, as Ryan smilingly replies, "Sounds great to me!" Chad agrees, "Yeah, now i'll have a chance to get back to my surfing!" Kelsey notes, "And there's this extreme sports competition that I gotta start training for." They unstrap their velcroed Rescue Morphers, and hand them over to Captain Mitchell. Joel, who has a new cowboy hat on, and is wearing a nice white dress shirt, hands the final Rescue Morpher over, stating, "Here you go, Cap'n." Mitchell looks down at the five Morphers in his possession bittersweetly. Carter mentions, "I bet we're ALL ready to return to normal life." Joel agrees, "I heard THAT!" Chad nods and Kelsey giggles, with Ryan & Dana giving wide toothy smiles. Speaking of hearing things, the sound of a horn honking suddenly sounds out. A black convertible sports car pulls up, and parks down on the road next to the park. The former Rangers stare at the driver confused, with Joel being the first one to give a recognizant expression. The driver steps out, revealing herself to be Ms. Fairweather, with her hair done up, and without a labcoat! She's in a predominantly pink outfit, and after pulling off her glasses, she shouts, "Let's go, cowboy!" Carter & Chad are visibly stunned. Joel pats them on the shoulder and gloats, "Excuse me. That must be my date!" He walks tall past them, causing Angela to chuckle. Carter turns to Captain Mitchell, and says, "Sir? It's been a pleasure." He then salutes him, with the Captain returning the gesture.

The former Lightspeed Rangers walk off their separate ways, with Carter, Chad & Kelsey departing the Mitchell family, and Joel heading down and closing the car door for Angela, by saying, "Let me get that for you." He walks around to the other side of the car and exclaims, "FINALLY! Just you and I!" Before they can drive off into the sunset, the sound of a siren begins to grow louder. Carter, Chad & Kelsey stop in their tracks, and stare at the firetruck which comes blaring by them. All eyes turn to the firetruck, which is heading off to a blazing inferno down the road. Joel worriedly looks over across the park. Dana & Ryan turn to look at Carter, who makes a heroic expression with his face. He pats Chad on the shoulder, and races off after the firetruck, after all, he used to be a firefighter! Chad looks at Kelsey, she smiles, and the two race off after him. Dana & Ryan also exchange glances, before rushing down the hill to join their teammates. Joel snatches his hat off his head and cries, "MAN!" Angela is amused by his frustration. Joel turns to her, puts his cowboy hat on her head and tells her, "Don't go anywhere! I'll be right back!" She nods, and then takes the hat off, and smiles lovingly as he heads off to rejoin his team. Captain Mitchell, still standing atop the hill, looks at the pile of Rescue Morphers in his arms (notice, Ryan's Titanium Morpher is still on his wrist. Wonder why he didn't turn his in?). He yells out with a grin, "Hey! You forgot these!" They don't seem to mind, as the six Lightspeed Rescue Recruits jog through the street together. You can take the Ranger out of the Lightspeed, but you can't take the Rescue out of the Ranger. Or something like that. They've got that rescue fever in their bloods now, and possibly forever.

[The end!; end credits]

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