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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"A Matter Of Trust"
Original Air Date: 03/11/00 Featuring footage from:
GoGo Five #04 - Hanabira Ni Ijou Kishou
(Flowers In Abnormal Weather)
*7th Regular Season
(5th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1005
*5th episode of PRLR
*343rd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Hal England _AS_ Earl
James Healy, Jr. _AS_ Dr. Hanson
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Wen Yann Shih _AS_ Impus (voice, uncredited)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Fireor (voice)


[Recap of "Operation Lightspeed" & "Riding The Edge"]

The Lightspeed Aquabase, located deep under the Mariner Bay, is the site for today's Lightspeed Ranger briefing, since that's their base, and all. Sitting at the conference table, the five Ranger teens listen to Captain Mitchell's instructions to watch very carefully, as he shows them a video on the viewing screen. It's of some mysterious scientists placing a Top Secret fuel cell into an ice-cold container, Mitchell notes that it's extremely powerful and high-temperature sensitive, so they must keep it away from heat no matter what. To get the point across, the video displays an image of some of the fuel going off in a test area, shocking our heroes by how grainy the picture quality is. Captain Mitchell turns off the fiery pay-per-view event, and tells the Rangers their job is meet Dr. Hanson at the airport and help safely transport the fuel cell he's carrying to the Aquabase. Carter stands up and exclaims to his superior that this is understood and nothing will happen to the fuel cell under their watch! The Lightspeed recruits then pile out, all but Dana, who dawdles back long enough for her father, the Captain, to stop her. He has a different assignment for her, and not one to disobey, she stays in the room while her team slowly heads off to do the Lightspeed Security task. Mitchell tells his daughter that he asked an old friend to stop by the Aquabase, but the guy's eyesight is pretty bad, so he wants Dana to go pick him up and bring him there. The Cap writes the man's address on a piece of Lightspeed-owned stationary, ripping it off and handing it to the dumbfounded Dana, telling her he appreciates it. Dana grows angry with her Cap'n Dad, stopping him before he leaves the room and telling him, with all due respect, to call his friend a taxi! She cites that the other Rangers need her help with the dangerous fuel cell, but Mitchell just tells her that the others have their assignment and she has hers. This sets the testy Pink Ranger off, saying this assignment is nothing more than baby-sitting (diapers may be involved, oddly). Dana cries about that he can say he trusts her, and he can choose her to be the Pink Ranger, but in the end all he sees her as is his little girl. She storms off in apparent tears, leaving her father standing in the doorway, silent and stern.

[opening credits. Fairweather, who?]

In the thunderous pocket dimension known as the Skull Cavern, we find Diabolico and his henchdemons spying on our heroes from the comfort of their own foggy palace room. Diabolico stabs his staff into the ground, stating that the Rangers must not get that powerful fuel cell, as he watches them drive their Humvee to the airport. Vypra makes the plot clear, saying that if they can steal the fuel cell, they can destroy Mariner Bay easily. The baby dragon Impus starts sobbing, prompting Loki to grab the bundle of evil and lift him up, complaining that his crying is driving him crazy! Jinxer snatches Impus up out of the angered claws of Loki, mentioning that Queen Bansheera's little darling is just maturing, and Jinxer thinks he may be ready to create his first monster. Loki asks what kind of monster a baby could create, and the reptilian rugrat shows him, by forming a Demon CCG Card (gotta trash 'em all!) from energy that spews out of his pacifier! Jinxer takes the card, pats Impus on the belly, sets him down on his pedestal and commends the little one on his good work. Jinxer then flings the card into the decorative hell-mouth, and begins to chant a spell: "Little child Impus, frail and small, create us a demon, the evilest of all!" Lightning flashes, the gargoyle monstermatic is filled with power, and up from its mouth comes a fiery dude! Fireor, that is, ready to serve the Queen as best the winged paleface creature can. Loki rags on the infant-enduced monster, asking him to show them how powerful he is. Fireor remains silent, until Loki grabs his shoulder and shouts if he heard him, causing Fireor to reply back with a fireblast from his eyes at Loki! The cobalt-dolt falls back from the attack, and Diabolico steps forward to Fireor, seeing this display of power as excellent, and ordering him to get him that fuel cell.

At the Mariner Bay Airport, the Lightspeed Ranger team awaits the landing of not a bird, not a plane, but a Helicopter. Dr. Hanson, carrying a silver box, steps out and is rushed over to our heroes by two Men In Black. Carter addresses Dr. Hanson, he asks if they're with Lightspeed (not noticing the huge "Lightspeed Rescue" sign on the backs of their jackets), and Joel tells the Doc to relax, he's in good hands. Elsewhere in the city, Dana is too dressed in her Lightspeed jacket, knocking on the metal-frame door of the alleyway residence of her father's old friend. She waits a moment, and soon an old gentleman wearing glasses pops out, she introduces herself and he immediately recognizes her as Bill Mitchell's daughter. The southern-accent speaking old man opens his door and gives Dana a big hug, telling her he's Earl, and darn-tootin' he's glad to make her acquaintance. Dana seems stunned by the openness of the senior citizen, and soon he hands her a large net & rod, eager to be off while the fish are still biting. She notices his hat and tacklebox, realizing with disbelief that he and her father are going fishing. Earl thinks she's jealous but wants to make it up to her for being such a good girl, handing her keys and allowing her to drive Old Blue, his classic pickup truck. Dana sighs, and goes along with the Titanium-haired modern-day Mr. Magoo.

Meanwhile, the Rangers are driving along with Dr. Hanson in the Lightspeed Humvee (or as was just announced, is actually called the "Rescue Rover". Either works, I think. More variety that way). Joel's got shotgun, but darned, Carter still gets driving duties. Everything's quiet, until blasts of fire strikes around the Rover, sending it swerving off the road (nice how empty the streets are in Mariner Bay, they must all take the train). The Rangers quickly hop out, trying to guard Dr. Hanson, who asks what's going on, which Carter says they're going to find out. Fireor, along with a gang of Batlings, appears on the smoking debris-filled scene, surrounding our heroes. Fireor demand the fuel cell handed over and no one will get hurt, Kelsey is outspoken against letting Diabolico having it, so if they won't give it to him, Fireor will just take it! Carter tells his teammates that it's time to go, and simultaneously, they shout "Lightspeed Rescue!", and press the buttons on their Rescue Morphers. A four-shot screen Morph is seen, saving time and money. The Lightspeed Rangers stand poised in front of the surprised Dr. Hanson, who likely just wet his briefs faster than you can say "Mmmbop". Fireor quickly fires a flash of fire at the team with his blade-arm, Yellow Ranger grabbing Hanson and covering him from the explosion. Fireor orders the Batlings to get the cell, and the battle begins. Kelsey keeps the bat-drones away from the Doc, telling him to stay down behind the Humvee, which he does, cowering behind his box.

Green Ranger flips through the direction of some Batlings, kicking their feet from under them, leaping back when one tries to sword-slice him, and then ricocheting off some debris right back into that same one. Yellow Ranger's having a hard time with the ever-numerous Batlings, as she swings from the Rescue Rover, trying to protect Dr. Hanson as best she can. Doing quite well, even slamming the Humvee door on one of the Batlings. Blue Ranger kicks one Batling down, and gives his usual unique battle shouts. Red Ranger fires Fireor with his Rescue Blaster in Baton Mode, and finds that blunt-object versus sharp-arm isn't quite a fair fight. Carter's slashed back into some awaiting Batlings, who grab him for a moment, until he swats them off and returns to struggling against Fireor's overwhelming strength. While locked Baton-to-blade, Red Ranger manages to press his wrist and call on Dana, telling her that they need her help fast! Dana's driving Old Blue down Highway 40 (or something close to it), hears the plea for assistance in her Morpher, tells him she's on her way and quickly swerves the truck around, shaking poor Earl up good. In the Aquabase Command Center, Captain Mitchell monitors Blue Ranger getting beaten at the battlefield, giving his daughter a negative on that request and to return to the Aquabase. Dana speaks to her father as a Lightspeed team member, telling him that his fishing trip can wait. Mitchell won't say it again and orders her to the base! Dana tries to protest and fails, sulking heavily as she drives Old Blue, not noticing Earl looking at her, while clutching his tacklebox nervously. Don't worry, she's not gonna go postal on you, Mr. Magoo!


Red Ranger swings his Baton at Fireor, the monster ducks and strikes Carter in the gut with his blade-arm! Over in Old Blue (not to be confused with "Old Navy Blue", the clothing store for hound dogs), Dana hears Captain Mitchell tell her again to return to the Aquabase, and she finally gives in. Swerving around yet again (the drivers on the show love to swerve, and as always, never a cop around when you need one!), and stopping in the middle of the road, telling Earl to hold on as she pops the clutch and tells that empty backroad to eat her dust! As the Power Rangers get their spandex-arses handed to them, Dr. Hanson creeps around the Rescue Rover with his metal box, eventually bumping into the bladed-arm of Fireor, who commands to be given the box. Vypra, hanging around in a nearby building, watches as Fireor slashes the box from Hanson's handcuffed arms and lets it drop the ground. Batlings pick it up, and open the box for Fireor, discovering it completely empty! Vypra gets a good chuckle out of this, though why she finds not being able to blow up Mariner Bay without the fuel cell so amusing is beyond me. The Rangers are being held back by some Batlings, Yellow notices the monster has the box, Red notes that he won't for long, punching away his guano-brain captors, rolling on the ground and whipping out his Rescue Blaster, firing away at Fireor. The baddie falls, the Rangers then take the initiative to dispose of their Batlings after Carter tells them to come on. Fireor recovers and informs the Rangers they've been tricked, which they just have to check out for themselves, finding the box empty. Chad wonders where the fuel cell is, and Kelsey ushers Dr. Hanson off to someplace safe. Fireor, with his backup Batlings, gives them one more chance to tell him where the fuel cell is. Red Ranger continues to hold his Blaster aimed at Fireor, but he must know from recent battles that Carter's all aim and no blast. Carter says that even if he knew where it was, he wouldn't tell him, Fireor is about to force the four of them into saying farewell, when he realizes something. Pink Ranger is absent, which must mean the power cell is with her! He promises that until he gets the cell, the city is going to burn, before teleporting away with his Batling buddies. Red Ranger tells his team that they've got to get to Dana before the monster does, our heroes rush off after her, not noticing that Vypra is nearby, smiling her useless wings off.

Inside Old Blue, Earl asks how much farther, and Dana grunts out that it's not long. Earl then gropes his tacklebox some more. Fireor stands atop a building overlooking Mariner Bay, saying that the fuel cell is down there somewhere and he's going to find it! Fireor, now with both of his arms, begins to call upon the power of the sun to bring the city down, moving his arms into place and igniting a blaze around him. Focusing it into his hand, he blasts flames into the sky, causing a ring of fire to envelope the sky above the area of the city around him. Inside of it, the Lightspeed Rangers watch as the civilians begin dropping like flies, the heat smothering them as they stumble along the sidewalk. Our heroes start helping people up, trying to get them out of the sun. The Rangers lay the heatstroke citizens in the shade, just as the ring of fire becomes visible above them all. Chad points it out, the Rangers watch and wonder what Fireor is doing, as the fire ring expands and then retracts, until it becomes a giant contact lens in the sky (how much you wanna bet if Earl used it, he's still be blind as bat! Oh, Earl Magoo, you've done it again)! The lens focuses the light from the sun into sporadic blasts of fire, striking the building above the Rangers and doing some major damage. They dodge the rain of debris, rushing out into the streets and trying to outrun more fire bombs dropping on them from the lens laser. Stock footage is overused, overblowing the effect of the attack to the point that it looks like half the city is blazing beyond control. The Rangers fall from the attack, and take a brief nap on the ground. Blue Ranger is the first to get up, and he immediately does a Lightspeed Helmet scan of the skyline, searching for Fireor. He spots the monster on the rooftop, tells his pals to come on, they stop their bellyaching and get up from the ground, Joel says they're going to rain on this dude's parade.

In Old Blue, Dana fans herself off as Earl notes it's getting too hot (maybe if she took off that huge jacket, she'd feel better!). It gets even hotter when a lens-blast almost hits the truck, causing Dana to lose control of the wheel and, you guessed it, Old Blue swerves off the road. It luckily rams into the #1 imported item of Mariner Bay, stacks and stacks of empty cardboard boxes and barrels. The truck comes to a crashing halt, Dana asks Earl if he's okay, and he's fine, though his tacklebox has dropped on the floor and the ice has spilled out. Dana exits the vehicle and takes a look around, and Earl quickly grabs his tacklebox. He spots an ice machine nearby, rushing over to it and pouring in as much ice as he can get into his box. Dana follows him and asks what's he's doing, when she notices what lies inside his prized possession. What's worse for a fisherman to keep on ice in his tacklebox than loads of beer? Why a dangerous fuel cell! Dana smiles devilishly, actually a happy glad she was deceived into being the true transporter of the deadly explosive material. Earl drops the old country bumpkin act and speaks straight to her, saying that her father and he hoped nothing would happen but in case it did Captain Mitchell insisted if she were with him, he'd get to the Aquabase safely, no matter what. Dana jaw drops after discovering her father said that, Earl assures her that the Captain couldn't believe in her more, and to take his word for it. Dana smiles, and this little chill factoring detour allows Vypra enough time to fire her sword at Earl & Dana! The tacklebox drops, Dana falls, and Earl crawls over to the fuel cell, grabbing it from the now-broken box, placing it in his coat and filling it with ice. Vypra spirit-ports onto the scene, and Dana shuffles to Earl's side to see if he's okay. Vypra struts over to them with her sword drawn, laughing evilly. Dana helps Earl up and they make their escape out of there, apparently not scared one bit by Vypra. It's the useless wings that causes her not to be taken seriously, isn't it? She doesn't seem offended though, or angered to the point of actually firing of them as they slowly rush off.

Back on the rooftop, Fireor boasts that his plan is working, ordering the sun to burn brighter into his giant contact lens! The Lightspeed Rangers make their way up there, Carter now knows the monster's name and tells him they're there to cool him down. Fireor speaks in his Devious Revolting voice, saying their fun in the sun is not quite finished, bringing up the Batlings with the snap of his fingers. Yellow Ranger grips her fist and says they've got a job to do, the others salute and shout "right!" in unison, before leaping into the Sentai-footage Batling battle. Punching and rolling and kicking, those are some of the fights used, like you've never seen them before (if you've never watched this show!). Meanwhile off in an alleyway, Dana patches up Earl's injured arm as they hide out behind some wooden crates. I guess that jacket's filled will all kinds of goodies, like arm slings, Band-Aids, and Jelly Babies! He says he'll be fine, and soon notices that she looks just like her mother. Dana is shocked that he knew her mother, Earl says he did and she'd be so proud of her if she could see her now, causing Dana to smile. Back at the big fight, Fireor has taken it to the streets, and brought Green Ranger down to the pavement with him! The team then regroups, and Fireor then reforms his blade-arm. They don't seem to like that effect, and within moments they're engaged in a Baton-a-thon, trying desperately to hit him with the Blaster's alternate mode, to no avail. He's a wily fiery devil, able to smack down a Ranger in a single bound! Elsewhere in the city, Dana & Earl waddle through the backstreets with an in-synch motion, and you know it's got to be more than 98 degrees out there, and come to think of it, where's Hanson? They end up at the dock of the Mariner Bay, watching the tide roll in, and a steep drop into the water. Vypra bounces onto the scene with ease, and returns to her specialty, of pointing her sword at people for hours on end. Dana stands tall in front of Earl, who holds the cold-coat fuel cell container against his sling. Backed up to the edge of the pier, Dana tells Earl to trust her, and just as Vypra finally swings her sword around to fire a blast (speaking's too good for her, apparently!), Dana frantically grabs a small anchor near her, whips it up in front of the blast, and somehow reflects it perfectly back into Vypra! By the time the smoke clears, Vypra's treated to the sight of both Dana & Earl missing from the scene. She rushes over and finds the water below disturbed, and curses, they got away. Maybe that'll teach her to fire sooner than later in the future.


Taking the old-fashioned route for some odd reason, Dana & Earl ride the Lightspeed Submarine to the Aquabase (at least they didn't have to swim there). There, they're greeted by Captain Mitchell, and his crew of nameless Lightspeed employees. Earl & Dana are soaked, drying off in towels, but they made it safely, Earl mentioning it was thanks to Dana. He hands the fuel cell to the Captain. the ice likely melted by now! Dana brings up her teammates, and Mitchell gives her the word to join them, with a smile, to which she salutes. Back at the battlefield, the Rangers get their butts kicked. Have I said that already today? Well, their lack of experience is showing here, big time. All have fallen to the might of Fireor, including Carter, to whom Fireor addresses, telling him he can't fight fire and he's going to snuff him out like a candle! His blade-arm gets a blast from beyond, when Pink Ranger appears to save the day. She quips about them not having a barbecue without inviting her, and twirls her Blaster into the holster. Carter's ever glad to see her, since he's the only one allowed to talk anymore. The Lightspeed Rangers regroup completely, and Fireor is ready to roast this extra Ranger. Dana says that now they'll see who feels the heat, the team poses, shouting "Power Rangers, Rescue Ready!"

Repeating old mistakes, that's this team's motto! Red Ranger whips out his Rescue Baton, as he's done about 58 times this episode, and leaps at Fireor. Oh, maybe it'll work this time? Nope, Fireor just calmly fire-ports out of the way of every attack by Carter, and eventually lands up on the second floor of a nearby charred and abandoned building. Fireor gets a good laugh out of this, and rushes inside, Dana won't let him get away that easily, and the team quickly scales up the side of the building, via a set of Batropes that were coincidentally left hanging there for them to use. Once inside, with Blasters drawn, Red Ranger cautions them to be careful, as they search around for the monster. He suddenly appears as an image in the ceiling above, telling them they've jumped from the frying pan into the fire! Fireor blasts firebolts from his eyes at our heroes, and then rematerializes to do some damage. Joel asks if he said jump, prompting the whole team to leap above the flames, onto a nice walkway above the monster. Green Ranger initiates the "aerial attack", where they jump off the ledge as Fireor misses firing at them, and then they swing on well-placed ropes (would it kill them to explain these things? I'm running out of rope jokes!), one at a time. Each Ranger kicks Fireor in the face as they swing low like a chariot. After they've all landed, Fireor calls on a fireball from his contact lens thing, which fires down upon the already-ruined roof of the building. It shatters through and hits the Rangers directly, they collapse, but manage to hold their Morphs, which is surprising. Fireor tells them if they can't stand the heat, to stay out of the kitchen, as he walks through the litter of weary Power Rangers. Fireor stomps on Red Ranger's chest, and prepares to go out in a blaze of glory, summoning forth another fireball to do in Carter. When suddenly, the Rangers spring up and begin to grab the monster, holding him helplessly in place long enough, with Dana shouting for them to jump at the last minute, causing Fireor to take a deadly hit from his own fireball! Pink Ranger salutes, shouting "Mission Accomplished"!.

Jinxer throws a Demonic Booster Card at the beefy remains of Fireor, from the safety of the Skull Cavern (with Diabolico, Impus, Loki, and Vypra behind him), saying it's not so easy to put out this fire. Jinxer chants "Flames reignite, this time burn even higher", which doesn't rhyme, but gets the job done. Fireor's meaty pieces turn into bats, which swarm off and cause him to be reassembled, gigantically, outside. The Rangers take a look out the window, and Dana announces the proper call, "Rail Rescues, On-track!". Skipping the whole "Train Bay lifting" scene, the Supertrain is already formed and rushing down the tracks, coming to a halt in an instant, with the Lightspeed Rangers hopping into their Zords, and inserting the Blaster Grips. Each of the Lightspeed Rescuezords takes off from the Rail Rescues, coming together in Megazord mode, at the speed of light! Fireor swings his blade-arm around fiercely at the Lightspeed Megazord, with the foreground showing the Mariner Bay bridge. His arm is finally caught by the giant metal hand of the Megazord, which them pushes him back with its right arm, both extend out in Ladder Mode, shoving him a safe distance away. They dance a bit, before the Megazord tosses Fireor aside with its big lanky arms. Dana initiates the Lightspeed Flip Kick, the Ladder Arms hoist the Megazord off the ground, and the entire metal body flips over and over, kicking the smoke out of Fireor. Pink Rangers gets to call on the Lightspeed Megazord Saber also, and even gets to make it ignite (kind of Carter to let someone else do the deed for once, eh?). Fighting fire with fire, the Saber makes its own ring of flames, slicing though Fireor, ashes to ashes. The Lightspeed Megazord triumphantly poses, and I hope someone brought marshmallows cause the city is an inferno!


Once more to the Aquabase we go, inside of Captain Mitchell's personal cabin. He's typing away on his Lightspeed laptop ("Dear Ms. Fairweather, Are you still trapped in that fortune cookie factory? Love, Big Willy"), when he gets a knock on his door, which sadly isn't a screen one. Dana says hello to her father and enters upon being given permission. The Cap asks if something is on her mind, Dana just wanted to apologize about what she said earlier. It's just that sometimes she wonders if maybe he thinks of her as just his little girl and not really a Power Ranger. Mitchell stands up and crosses his arms, saying that for years he's been training her to become the Pink Power Ranger (oh, poppycock! He was training her to be a nurse all her life, the Ranger thing didn't start till maybe halfway through it!), and after today, he knows he couldn't have been more right. She smiles, and he walks over to her, saying that for all those years, she's also been his little girl, and he guesses a part of him doesn't want that to chance. Dana is proud to be a Ranger, but tells her father that nothing tops being her being his little girl. They hug. The audience either cries or pukes. Or both.

[scenes from "Wheels Of Destruction"; end credits]

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