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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Up To The Challenge"
Original Air Date: 04/00/00 Based on:
GoGo Five #03 - Bakuha Sareta Kyoudai!
(Explosive Brotherly Love!)
*7th Regular Season
(8th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1008
*8th episode of PRLR
*346th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jackie Marchand (the first ep she's solely written since "A Date With Danger"!) Director: Koichi Sakamoto (coincidentally, he directed that same episode!)
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
David Leitch _AS_ Brian
Kenya Jimenez _AS_ Sheila
Betsy Slenzak _AS_ Pretty Girl
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice, credited, but not heard!)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Wen Yann Shih _AS_ Impus (voice, uncredited, but heard!)
Richard Horvitz _AS_ Smogger (voice)


[Recap of "Operation Lightspeed" & "Wheels Of Destruction"]

In stock footage likely provided by the folks at Sea World, we see what is supposed to be Chad, underwater, petting a fish. After playing with the grouper, he takes off to scuba around some sunken relics located beneath the Mariner Bay around the outside of the Lightspeed Aquabase. Soon, he returns to the Aquabase, by means of the water tank located in the Weapons Lab. Few minutes later, he dries off and walks through the Aqua Apartment section of the base, stopping to knock on the Girl's Quarters door, shouting for Kelsey to wake up and meet him in the Galley. Chad walks off, and the door opens after he leaves, with a half-asleep Kelsey in her yellow pajamas quietly stating a "yeah, okay" to him. Sometime later, Chad sits at a table in the Galley, finishing off his healthy breakfast. Kelsey finally enters (wearing her usual outfit, which I hope she's washed lately), yawning off a good morning to him as she ties her hair back. Kelsey heads over to the main bar of the Galley and sits, wishing the guy behind the counter a good morning, which he wishes back to her as he blenders up some juice. So I guess that makes it a Juice Bar, now? Chad hands his tray with hardly any food remaining to that nameless guy (let's call him "Ernest Rock"), and begins to inform the still-sleepy Kelsey about how he made friends with a huge grouper fish this morning. Kelsey takes the blender top with the freshly made juice in over to the table, and tells Chad she can't believe he gets up every morning just to swim with the fishes (better than sleeping with them, let me tell you), remarking "and they call ME crazy". Chad asks if she's ready yet, Kelsey begins to drink straight from the blender (which I hope Ernest Rock paid attention to and doesn't try mixing more drinks with before cleaning it out) and pauses to ask what he's talking about. Chad merely grabs her arm, and drags her off before she can even get a sip out of her liquid breakfast.

Meanwhile, in the Skull Cavern palace, Diabolico stands in front of the hell-mouth and laments about how Mariner Bay would be rubble now if it weren't for those Rangers. He recaps the plot for those just tuning in, as he says they've got think of a way to destroy them before Queen Bansheera returns. As expected, Impus calls out for Mama upon hearing her name spoken, though quite cheerfully. Vypra claims she has a monster that will blow (emphasis on blow, ironically) this city to smithereens. She hands Jinxer al Demonic Card, with the monster's vital stats on it, and tells him to use it to do is evil work. He takes the card, bows, chuckles and agrees to do so with pleasure, walking over and tossing the card into the hell-mouth. Loki doesn't get any lines today, thankfully, but can be seen in the background, lurking. With the card tossed, Jinxer recites a spell: "Hocus pocus, bullfrog croakus. Bring this monster into focus!" This causes the demonic energies surrounding the palace to swirl about into lightning, striking the hell-mouth head and summoning forth a red fireball from within! The fireball takes shape in the mist-filled room, as the monster on the card rolled-up into ball-mode (think good old Soccadillo). He soon stands up, and announces with a laugh that Smogger is here! Vypra calls this excellent, saying the Rangers will be no match for Smogger's explosive firepower. Smogger simply puts it, "you got that right, sister".

[opening credits.]

Outside of a large oriental temple located somewhere in Mariner Bay, one that looks like Ryan Steele is going to show up in any minute, we find Chad & Kelsey. Chad is trying to show Kelsey something new, that being the gentle grace of Tai Chi. She attempts to mimic his slow hand movements, but can't quite keep up. Kelsey points this out, saying that skateboarding is more her speed, before taking a break as she walks over to take a drink from her yellow waterbottle. Chad notes this will help her attain inner calm, something that she needs likely more than anyone. This remark causes Kelsey to once again miss an opportunity to quench her thirst, as she turns to him and angrily asks if he's saying she's not calm. Chad nervously tells Kelsey he thinks she's awesome, adventurous and totally fearless, which causes her to go from folding her arms to blushing. But he cautiously admits that sometimes she gets a little overexcited, causing her to show him "overexcited" by playfully rushing over and attacking his chest. Their frolicking comes to a halt when a motorcycle races onto the scene, carrying with it two young punks named Brian & Sheila. Brian steps off his bike and approaches Chad & Kelsey, smugly chuckling about bumping into the Blue & Yellow Rangers, and he thought they fought monsters, not each other. Chad introduces himself and Kelsey, and extends his hand out to Brian, who starts to shake it, but quickly pulls his arm away, faking Chad out immaturely. Brian bets Chad thinks she's tough, Chad causally denies that, but that doesn't stop Sheila from remarking that she bets he's nothing without his fancy Ranger powers. Brian wants to see what Chad's got, readying to put up his dukes to take on the Blue Ranger. Chad just shakes his head and walks away, pulling the hotheaded Kelsey away with him before she takes up the battle herself! Brian scoffs that he thought so, calling Chad chicken without his powers, doing a little chicken dance in regard to such. Kelsey snaps away from Chad's grip and shouts that he's not chicken, telling Chad to show him, but Chad feels he doesn't have to prove himself to anyone, since he already knows who he is to himself.

Brian continues bawking in the background, as Kelsey & Chad start to pick up their belongings over near the temple. Brian stops his chicken-impression and turns to Sheila, who sternly points to Chad, pressuring her boyfriend to go instigate a fight with him. Brian marches over and steps on Chad's blue towel, preventing him from picking it up. Chad excuses himself, Brian feigns not hearing him say something, prompting Chad to excuse himself again, before yanking the towel from under the bully, knocking him on his sorry ass. Kelsey gets a good laugh out of this, and even Chad cracks a smile while wiping his hands off with his boot-stained towel. Sheila shouts for Brain not to let him get away with that and to get him, encouraging the brute to jump up and attack Chad with several violent kicks. Chad dodges every punch and kick thrown at him, with ease, even wrapping his towel around his arms while keeping them behind his back! This infuriates Brian even more, and eventually Chad trips the lout and sends him flying off towards his girlfriend some feet away. Brian gets up and dusts himself off, seemingly ready to admit defeat, if not for his woman's nagging about how he said he could beat that guy. Kelsey & Chad's fun comes to end when their Rescue Morphers beep, with the voice of Captain Mitchell. He informs them that there's been an attack in the downtown area, which prompts the two Ranger teens to get going. Brian whines that he knows he can beat that guy, but Sheila says it looks like he missed his chance, notioning him to the departing Rangers. Brian punches his fists in the air, and his girlfriend is never seen again. Is there a connection between his violent tendencies and her disappearance? We'll never know.


Smogger charges up his amphibian-like body, and musters up two large white balls. He tosses them at a building in Mariner Bay, causing the whole place to be racked with a sudden explosion, and the remainder of it to sink into the ground a bit. Those under the building in the parking garage get a bit of a wake-up call indeed. Not to worry, the Supertrain is on-track and on it's way with all five Lightspeed Power Rangers inside. Carter orders Joel & Dana to help the people outside of the building (using footage where Red Ranger looks at Yellow & Blue), and has Chad work on getting that fire out (using footage of Red Ranger looking right at Green! Can't you tell it's April Fools Day yet?). The three Rangers salute and depart the Supertrain cockpit, Blue Ranger, at least, goes off into his Aqua Rescuezord. Back in the cockpit, a scan reveals three life responses trapped in the parking structure, Carter tells Kelsey they've got to get those people out. Yellow Ranger is eager to do it, and within moments, Haz Rescue rolls out with Red Ranger tagging along inside! It heads into the pungent smoke filled remnants of a building, and finds the location of the people instantly. Kelsey boasts she'll show us how to break through a wall, spinning her Zord around so fast that the unseated Carter falls over. She just thinks this is cool, as Haz Rescue's backside reveals a large metal claw inside! Did Fairweather strip the Megatank for parts too, while she was at it? Probably. Yellow Ranger tells Red to hold on and drives her Zord backwards into one of the charred walls of the building. Ripping through to the room where the people are imprisoned beneath heaps of debris, Kelsey remarks it works every time, despite how she's never used the thing before. Carter & Kelsey exit the Zord, and as the large claw lifts up some of the overhead rubble, the Rangers get to the rescue just in time.

Outside, Aqua Rescue sprays a steady stream of water onto the fiery building, and soon reports to his pals that he's got the blaze under control. Haz Rescue pulls out of the building not long after, the Rangers lead the victims off to real trained emergency professionals. With that disaster all sewed-up, the Rangers stand around together for a moment. Chad comments about that being some stunt Kelsey pulled in there, she just says that old trick was nothing. Carter goes a bit out of character by grabbing Yellow Ranger and giving her a helmet-noogie, while asking her to next time tell them when she's going to do something crazy like that. The family... err, group bonding is interrupted by the smoggy entrance of Smogger, who appears before our heroes and tells that playtime is over! Red Ranger asks what he's doing here, speaking of the monster by name, despite having not been told it by anyone. Though he seems familiar with the creature, as does Joel, so it's likely they had a bit of a short battle offscreen. Smogger reveals what he's doing, as a horde of Batlings show up and begin to restrain each of the Power Rangers where they stand. The monster plans to have a ball, literally, as he goes into ball-mode, curling up and rolling off down the street. The Rangers have broken loose of the Batlings, apparently, and are seen fighting the darkwing crooks as Smogger gets away. Red Ranger tells Yellow & Blue to go after the monster, while the others remain there to finish up the Batling infestation.

Nearby, in a rundown area of the city, Brian parks his motorcycle and takes a quiet moment to himself. He just seems to love the ruined buildings of fair Mariner Bay, or else he was dumping Sheila's body down there. When the rumbling of Smogger's ball-form racing down the road is heard, he nervously hides behind a pillar and watches as Yellow & Blue Rangers (coincidentally the same two he harassed earlier that day, what a small world!) chase the madball of a monster into the abandoned buildings. Smogger rolls down stairs and up them, through small narrow spaces and eventually in through a set of doors. Chad & Kelsey kept up, and think they have him cornered in there. Little do they realize, that Smogger is finally living up to his name, as he releases a blast of gas from his fingertips (giving new meaning to the gag "pull my finger"), filling up the room with the noxious fumes! Yellow Ranger tells her teammates to stand back as she's going to blast him out with her Rescue Blaster. Chad cautions her and says to first think this through, but Kelsey simply quotes Sledgehammer as tells him to just trust her, she knows what she's doing. Brian lurks around the tattered building, spotting the Rangers in action from afar. Yellow Ranger tells Blue to watch as she fires her Rescue Blaster at the door, rather erratically and randomly (it seems Mitchell should have gotten on to her about her shooting instead of Carter). After filling the wooden door with enough holes, Kelsey thinks she got the monster and prepares to rush in, but Chad notices the smog flowing out and then back into the room through the laser-holes. He shouts for her not to go in since it looks like a backdraft (more of a Carter term, oddly), but she ignores him and busts through the doors, just in time to see the smog vacate the room through a stairwell in the back of the room. It sends a huge stream of fire in return, the "explosive" part of Smogger's "explosive gas", which rips through Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger, as it ignites and erupts through the building.

The two Rangers are thrown out into the open, and Brian was a safe distance from the blast, so all he has to do is block his face from the heat. He does manage to witness Blue Ranger demorph back into Chad as he lies on the ground, continuing to gasp for air from the blast. Yellow Ranger also demorphs, still holding her Rescue Blaster in hand the entire time. She's covered in bruises and a few minor injures, but doesn't look too bad considering. Smogger shows up to gloat over taking two Rangers out for the count, and can't wait to tell Vypra. Brian overhears this and gets an idea, leaving the scene to go execute it. Chad finally recovers from the blast, no worse for the wear (though, oddly, neither were wearing their Lightspeed Rescue jackets. A bit of a departure from their usual routine), quickly turning his attention to the beaten Kelsey next to him. He picks her up in his arms, and she grunts about being sorry and should have listened to him, smiling a little when asking if that's what he meant by getting overexcited. She suddenly passes out. Meanwhile, in a nearby empty warehouse, Vypra is pleased to hear of the double Ranger whammy Smogger pulled off today. She thinks it's not bad, but wants him to use his explosive gas to blow up all of Mariner Bay. Brian is sneaking around, watching as Smogger mentions he hasn't even used his strongest gas yet, promising to destroy Mariner Bay and the other Rangers for her too! Brian accidentally bumps a barrel, which alerts Vypra to his presence. Several Batlings rush over and capture him, presenting the eavesdropper to the demonic princess on his knees. She orders the spy destroyed, but he shouts that he's not a spy, but wants to join her. He breaks free from the Batlings and runs closer to Vypra, Smogger tells Brian to bow his head, to which he does. He wants to be her student as he knows that only she can teach him how to destroy the Blue Ranger. Vypra thinks this could prove interesting and agrees to his request, by bending over and blowing her purple demonic-spirit breath (or the Violet Vypra Vapors, as can be called) into Brian's face! She tells her student that it's time to get to work, and Brian lifts his head to reveal his face pale, his eyes orange and his voice possessed, as he replies "yes, my mistress".


In room 413 of the Mariner Bay Emergency Medical Center, Kelsey Winslow lies in a bed, still unconscious. But at least she's got her yellow jammies back on, whoo! As the I.V. drips, the monitor beeps, and she still sleeps, Chad somberly watches over her. He finally departs, feeling guilty over her current state. Chad even says as such out in the waiting room, telling his Ranger teammates that this whole thing is his fault, since he should have stopped her. Joel gives a disbelieving "yeah right", pointing out that nobody can stop that girl from doing anything once her mind is made up. Dana comforts Chad with a pat on the back, saying the doctor said she's going to be fine. Carter's Morpher beeps, and Captain Mitchell's voice comes on it, telling them they've located the Smogger in the Main Street tunnel! This message is heard on all Rescue Morphers, apparently even Kelsey's, which sits on the table beside her bed, allowing the recently awoken Yellow Ranger to be privy to the knowledge. The four Ranger teens race out of the hospital (possible unused line: "Say Carter, isn't there a boy in this place that you used to vis..." "Shut up!"), with Chad last out, causing him to spot a lone Batling across the parking lot behind a tree, motioning him to come over! Chad begins to do so, when Carter grabs his shoulder and tells him to wait, as it might be a trap. The Batling rushes off, and Chad tells his pal not to worry, he'll deal with the demon and meet up with them later. His word his bond, I guess, since the team of three take off, leaving Chad to follow the Batling behind an ambulance. The Batling hands him what looks like an ancient scroll, but is really a recently written scroll that someone likely used to put out a few fires with. It reads: "Blue Ranger, Under the guidance of my new master Vypra, I now have the skills to defeat you. I challenge you to fight me again and this time I will be the victor. -Brian".

Elsewhere in the city, near Main Street there's a drainage tunnel, where Smogger and a few Batlings are taking a stroll. The monster thinks blowing up the city from underneath is a perfect plan, and doesn't seem to know it's been tried before, unsuccessfully. The three remaining Power Rangers show up on the scene via their instant-ropes, and aim to put a stop to him. He sends the Batlings after our heroes, and our heroes whip out their Rescue Batons. Meanwhile, in the outskirts of the city, where the deer and powerlines play, Vypra watches intently as Brian trains for battle. He's got his own special evil karate outfit on, which he shows off as she breaks a set of boards held by a set of Batlings surrounding him. Vypra sits on her Vyprari for a bit, but gets up to tell her student that he's learned quickly and is ready to action. Chad is escorted to the scene by the Batling, and immediately yells for Vypra to let Brian go. She simply notes he's just in time and that he's already met her new warrior. Chad tries talking to Brain, telling him to come on and he'll get him out of there. Brian, possessed by both Vypra and intense rage, screams that he's not going anywhere, except to going to fight. Chad tells him he doesn't have to do this, but Vypra says that yes he does, ordering her warrior to get him (Brian's always getting pushed around into fighting by women!). Brian races into action, and the battle begins. After some well-placed kicks and punches thrown, some of which actually strike Chad, Chad grabs his rival's arms and restrains him, telling him to stop as he's here to help him. Brian doesn't need his help, and the battle resumes, as furiously as ever.

Elsewhere, in the Lightspeed Aquabase, the Yellow 4 Jacket gets picked up by it's rightful wearer from the Transport Bay. Kelsey's back in her dirty old usual outfit again, and struggles to get around, still recovering from her injures. She takes the bandage off from around her forehead and makes her way through the Weapons Lab, when a voice asks if she's going somewhere. It's Ms. Fairweather, who notes Kelsey is supposed to be in bed. Kelsey says yeah, but the others need her! Fairweather smiles and knows there's nothing she can say to talk her out of this, but at least allow her to give her something than can help. With the press of a button, and a flick of the footage, the Red Lightspeed Cycle lifts up in the Transport Bay, along with a new gadget aside it. Ms. Fairweather states she's equipped this Cycle with the Rescue Speeder, which might come in handy. Kelsey smiles and calls it awesome, rushing over and giving Miss F a big hug. Fairweather shouts concertedly to be careful, Kelsey turns to her and the self-proclaimed genius tries to correct herself by saying she means to try to uhh, bring it back in one piece. Kelsey smiles yet again, and calls out "Lightspeed Rescue!", positioning her arms and pressing her Rescue Morpher, morphing into Yellow Ranger, full-screen. She leaps onto the Lightspeed Cycle, and revs it up, speeding off with the Rescue Speeder attached.

Brian seems to be kicking Chad's butt around for a while, but after getting pushed down one too many times, Chad removes his jacket, and says he's coming with him, even if he has to do this the hard way! Chad tosses his jacket to the side and gets his arms ready for some serious self-defensive maneuvers. The battle gets started once more, only this time, it's not just a one-sided fight as before. Chad knocks the demon-powered crap out of Brian, in none so many words. Elsewhere, the Rangers have taken care of the Batlings and have tracked Smogger down to the usual abandoned factory warehouse district. Smogger coughs up a set of green energy ropes from his mouth, which wrap around Green, Red & Pink Rangers. The ropes cause our heroes a bit of explosive pain, and if that wasn't enough, Smogger pulls out two more large white smog balls to throw at them. The resulting blasts send each of the three Rangers toppling over, and likely falling right onto the metal Batons they just dropped. Ouch. Don't fret, power's on it's way, as Yellow Ranger drives down the always empty freeway (are the streets ever filled with traffic anymore?!). Smogger readies a larger smog ball, and chucks it at our helpless heroes. But Kelsey makes it there just in time, racing the Lightspeed Cycle at the speed of (poor man's) light, Yellow Ranger launches the Rescue Speeder from the bike! It flies through the air (Hey Fairweather... you've been playing with the Galaxy Gliders, haven't you?), intercepts the smog ball just over the grounded Rangers, and ricochets it right back into Smogger. He gets a blasting jolt and falls over. Kelsey parks the Lightspeed Cycle (with Rescue Speeder having returned like a boomerang), much to the surprise and delight of her teammates. She merely comments that what do they expect, she couldn't let them have all the fun. Kelsey Baton-bashes the smog-ropes off of each of the three Rangers, and when Dana notices she's okay, she tells them (holding her shoulder, as to denote being still hurt) that it's hard to keep a good Ranger down.

Chad & Brian keep on fighting, or at least, Chad keeps on kicking up a storm. He shows that while he may spend his time deep beneath the waves, he can sure bash some air with the best of them. Brian is overwhelmed by Chad's true skills, and ends up eating dirt. Vypra realizes what a pathetic human he is and thinks she should have known. Chad walks over to Brian and extends his hand to him, saying that it's over and they should go. Brian raises his trembling hand slowly to Chad's, when suddenly the set of Batlings pop up and take the Blue Ranger unawares! Holding his arms and legs in place, Vypra thinks that now maybe her warrior can finish the job. Brian says that what she's doing isn't right as this was his battle alone with him, and when faced with his defiance, Vypra socks Brian in the gut. Aiming her sword at Brian, she orders him to destroy Chad or she'll destroy him! The still-possessed Brian obeys, getting himself ready to enact the killing blow as Chad tries protesting while under restrain by the Batlings. Brain screams out a howl as he releases his fist at Chad, but suddenly shifts his fist and strikes a Batling instead! The spell is broken, Brian's face returns to normal and he gives Chad a quick smile. A Batling's coming up behind him, as Chad points out, so Brian starts kicking one of them that's holding Chad's leg, allowing Chad to break free and take out the Batling that was going for Brian. Together, they wipe out the entire lot of them. Vypra can't believe her eyes, as Brian & Chad stand side-by-side, Brian says that no one is going to tell him what to do anymore. Vypra aims her sword and gives the usual set of empty threats, saying the Blue Ranger will regret this. She walks over to the Vyprari and drives off (just let her get away, Chad, real smart move!). Chad picks up his jacket and slips it back on casually, as Brian thanks him and apologizes for everything. Chad tells him to forget and now he doesn't have to prove himself to anyone! They shake hands.

Smogger flips Red Ranger into the air, and the most commonly seen shot of this series, where a Ranger lands on the ground and the others are right there, ready to help him up, is seen again. Smogger remarks that with one wounded Ranger, there's three left to take care of. That's when Blue Ranger makes his entrance by leaping onto the scene with a flying jump kick, or make that, flying jump set of rapid kicks to the monster's chest. Smogger ends up in an alleyway, just as Carter on the Lightspeed Cycle and Chad in the Rescue Speeder, wielding his Blaster, come speeding down the road! They sure hopped on it fast, didn't they? Red Ranger fires his Cycle's laser guns, while Blue Ranger sits up in the Speeder and fires his blaster away. Both hit their target, bombarding Smogger with a nonstop set of bursts. Carter notes that now they've got him, Chad says they should finish it. By finish it, they mean ram right into Smogger, drive through the always well-stocked set of empty boxes, then through a wall and out the other side, causing the small shed to explode in their road raging wake. When the Cycle/Speeder comes to a halt, Smogger is thrown from it. No need to use the Rescuebird, or even the Lightspeed Megazord, it seems Smogger's explosive gas filled shoulder bags erupt upon impact, causing him to spontaneously combust! I guess there's not even enough left of him to use a Booster Card on, or else Jinxer was too busy trimming his mustache to show up. The Lightspeed Rangers stand at attention and salute, Chad giving a happy "mission accomplished!", before noticing Kelsey, to whom he notes should be in bed. Kelsey gives her new catch phrase of the day again, "you should know me better than that!".


It's another day, and from the looks of the lack of Kelsey's injuries, either she had a miraculously overnight recovery or it's a few weeks later. Chad & Kelsey practice some Tai Chi in the park, apparently deciding the busy people-filled surroundings more safer than that biker-prone temple. Kelsey moves perfectly in tune with Chad, and ends the session by shouting happily that she did it. She tells him not to laugh but she really does feel a lot calmer, which he told her she would. Over on the nearby path, a group of karate students are jogging along, with their teacher, Brian! Chad calls out to him, and he waves to them, saying it's good to see them, before returning to his duties as instructor to the class of kids. Kelsey is wowed, realizing that people really can change, Chad says "absolutely". Kelsey mentions that she's now learned something from him, and they've got to figure out something he can learn from her. Chad seems a bit perturbed by this idea, when suddenly a girl shouts for them to look out! A stray tennis ball flies out of bounds and heads right towards Chad's head, but his reflexes are too quick and he leans out of the way. This means Kelsey gets struck on the noggin by the oncoming ball, and if she didn't have a concussion before, she'll likely have one now! Chad apologizes with a laugh, and goes after the ball. Upon picking it up, he notices who it belongs to, a young female the end credits like to think is a Pretty Girl. Slightly cute, maybe. Chad tenses up the moment he locks eyes with her, shyly looking away and stuttering. She apologizes and takes her ball back, he tells her that's okay, and continues acting nervous around her until she leaves. Kelsey walks over, waves her hand in front of Chad's face (which is now transfixed on the girl he refuses to look at a moment ago), and says she's got it. She's going to teach him how to talk to girls! Chad gives a bit of protest, but Kelsey says she's got a lot of work to do, grabs his arm and drags him through the park, kicking and screaming.

[scenes from "Go Volcanic"; end credits]

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