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Power Rangers Turbo
"Weight And See"
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Original Air Date: 05/12/97 Based On:
Carranger #11 - Enka no juuryou oobaa
(Bitter Of Being Overweight)
*4th Regular Season
(5th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-439
*10th episode of PRT
*215th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Peter Elwell Director: Paul Schrier II
Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk Chimp (voice)
Jason Narvy _AS_ Skull Chimp (voice)

Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Numbor (voice)

Sentai Scene


Opening on the good old evil space alien Subcraft, Elgar & Rygog argue over the map. Elgar says they need to turn the craft to the right, and Rygog says left, since he's the navigator of the ship after all. Seems Divatox left her nephew in charge and he's trying to assert his control over the more important duties. Porto snatches the map from Elgar and tells them to quit with the bickering and turn the Subcraft before they smash into something! Almost on cue, the Subcraft makes a grinding crash into something, shaking the entire ship, and presumably awaking Divatox, whom comes stumbling to the deck, slipping her outfit on while heading to scold Elgar. She wants answers, Elgar saying they seemed to have had a little problem, she quips cause by his little brain. Porto explains what happened, according to the clearly marked map they bumped into Angel Grove Cliffs. Elgar blames poor Rygog, and this sets Divatox off once & for all. She tells Porto no more fooling around, she's had it with this Ranger ridden place. She's going to blow those pests out of the water, and she means literally!
[opening credits]
Inside the Juice Bar/ Youth Center/ Whatever Else The Plot Needs For The Episode, Kat prances about on a makeshift stage to the tune of the Nutcracker Suite. Several other females also pirouette around, the Angel Grove Ballet Company having auditions for the Nutcracker play. Tanya watches her buddy Kat from afar, giggling at how good she is at what she does best. Once the music ends, one of the other dancers named Myrtle (common name, lemme tell ya) is complimented by Katherine. She doesn't even thank her, saying auditions are just formalities as she's had the lead in the last three Angel Grove Ballet productions. Does she have the Subcraft Periscope shoved up her butt? Sadly, no, she's just snobby. Myrtle heads over to suck up to Madam Dubois, the head ballerina teacher lady person thing. The moment Kat approaches, Dubois is excited to see her, saying her performance was lovely, talking about how nice it is to see such a fresh approach. Kat thanks her, and Dubois will announce the final cut of the cast in five minutes. Katherine bounces over to visit Tanya, telling her she's nervous, having wanted this part since she started dancing. Tanya tells her it was great & beautiful, Myrtle oozing her way between them and saying it wasn't bad for a beginner. Tanya shrugs the bitch off, telling her Ranger pal her audition was excellent. Myrtle is sure she'll get a part, but not the lead, as there are lots of other parts out there for girls of her bulky build. Dubois is ready to announce the cast, Myrtle stabbing some more words into Kat's frail self esteem by saying maybe next year she'll be in better shape. Madam Dubois is pleased to announce the role of Clara will be played by Miss Katherine Hillard, stunning Myrtle Bitch (a play on words involving "Myrtle Beach", got it?). She congratulates Kat, telling her she'll make a lovely Clara, if not a little BIGGER than most, before turning up her nose and walking away in defeat. Kat is deeply hurt by her painful remarks, Tanya pointing out she was just jealous. What matters is she got the part she wanted, congratulating her and they both hug happily. Mostly happily, Katherine's pretty depressed at the skewed grain of truth in Myrtle's jerkiness.

Elsewhere, Justin & Adam are hanging out by the beachfront. No, they're not catching some waves or sitting on top of the world, they're collecting tide data for Justin's science homework. Place tide markers in various areas, Justin has just one more left to do, when Adam spots a bikini-clad woman walking by. He becomes distant, ignoring the young Ranger's ramblings and giving the girl a sheepish grin, waving & winking. Adam's finally knocked out of his heterosexual trance, telling Justin it's no problem, he'll take him to the beach anytime. Justin spots the woman of Adam's daydreams, walking with another swimsuit wearing girl about his age, and guesses if he has to measure the tide changes for school is not such a bad idea. The girls wave back to the boys, Justin thinks this could become a long term project. Adam notices his prepubescent pal giving the females an overtly hormonal gaze, reaching over and twisting his head out of range, asking him what's he looking at. The two Rangers teens head off to place a final marker in the tide pools on the cliffs. In the nearby Subcraft, Rygog fills us in on Divatox's master plan. The monster Numbor is going to add enough weight to Angel Grove to sink it into the ocean (why not just make a small Earthquake and sink all of California?), but now there are two Turbo Rangers on the beach who'll ruin everything. Divatox is annoyed, asking what is it with those guys, every time she tries to do something evil one of those Ranger yahoos shows up. Porto waddles up to her to portal-suck-up to his piratress, saying this world seems to be chock full of cruel coincidences. Divatox shoves him over and gives the camera a stare, saying she has a sinking feeling this is the last coincidence those two will walk into, before ordering Rygog to send in some Piranahtron. The last marker in place, Adam & Justin prepare to go to the dock of the bay, to sit back & watch the tide roll in.

The monster of the day, Numbor, is right there on the rocky beach, telling them not to get comfy, the tide may be coming in sooner than they think! Justin & Adam are alerted to the creature, as well as his two P-Tron companions, Justin mentioning the tide won't be in for hours. He introduces himself, saying he can adjust anything measured. Adam asks Numbor what he wants hear, and he says they'll have to do what the title says (you know, "Weight and see"). Numbor whips out a large number 2, throwing it over the Rangers' heads and causing two Piranahtrons to appear. He says their problems are multiplying, hope they paid attention in math class. He teleports away digitally (a series of numbers, of course), leaving a small school of P-Trons swarming around Adam & Justin.
Time for an unmorphed scuffle, Justin taking his little P-Tron peons up closer to the cliffs as Adam takes on several against the jagged rocks. I don't go into detail on these kinda fights, but Adam's a really good fighter. Really. I mean it. Why isn't he leader, anyway? The jerks. Soon enough, the Piranahtrons get sick of being beaten against the rocks harder than laundry in the middle ages, and get out of there. Justin & Adam reunite, and begin pondering what Numbor meant by weight & see. They're not sure, but Adam thinks it has something to do with the tide marker. It's almost completely covered by the ocean water, Justin mentioning the tide won't be up until another three hours! They go to check the other markers to make sure they didn't just screw up in placing them down or something. Meanwhile at the Juice Bar, Tommy, Kat & Tanya are sitting down to a nice meal of Submarine sandwiches. Tommy & Tanya are pigging out, but Kat refrains of taking a bite, going on a crash diet before the ballet. Tanya tries to convince her otherwise, that she'll need energy for all that dancing she'll be doing. Divatox is spying as usual, her Periscope popping up inside Kat's juice. She gives a laugh over hearing Kat's weight concerns. Tanya tries to explain starving will do less help than good, Tommy pointing out (with a mouthful of food) that she got the part based on her talent, not her looks. Kat thanks them, but she's gonna skip lunch anyway, leaving to go practice her lessons. Tanya & Tommy take once last bite before chasing off after he, Tommy tossing down some money for the mostly unfinished meal.

The Bulk & Skull Chimps are nearby (sitting on the counter), having just completed stacking up a large group of glasses & plates. Bulk's plan is to (sir)stack them in such a coordinated manner that Lt. Stone will notice they're not mere ordinary monkeys. Skull's hungry enough to eat New Jersey, and lucky for them, they spot the leftovers the Rangers left over at the table. They hop down and up to the table, Skull wrapping his chimp lips around the 'straw' in Kat's juice. It doesn't seem to be working, as inside the Subcraft, the Periscope is at the mercy of Skull's mouth, causing it to trash around violently. The screeches of the monkey chatter echo loudly through the Subcraft, Divatox & her henchmonsters fighting to regain the Periscope. As Skull flicks his fingers at the scope-straw trying to unclog it, Divatox asks Porto what's going on, and he explains it's those human monkeys again. The chattering reaches deafening levels, Divatox clutches her ears and screams for someone to make it stop! Lt. Stone comes wandering by, asking the Chimps what thye're doing, giving Porto a chance to call for the Periscope to be retrieved quickly. The scope slips back from the juice glass into subspace, causing the juice to squirt out and splash Jerome in the eye. He gets off-balance, slipping backwards until he slams into the stacked dishes, falling to the ground along with them all around and onto him. Everybody laughs (sure, it's fun until Lt. Stone gets a concussion and hemorrhages to death!). Divatox (suffering from a Rita-sized headache) gives the line we've all been thinking to ourselves for weeks: "Who's brilliant idea was it to turn those two into monkeys?!" Elgar, who is to blame for all this, thinks they look kinda cute that way, before his Auntie D hits him in the chest. He tells her that if she really wants it, they can change them back, but unfortunately she's got bigger fish to fry, shouting for Numbor to ask how the sinking of Angel Grove is coming along. He deduces that if it continues on it's present rate of two feet per hour, they'll all be swimming by nightfall. She's tickled pink, having Numbor next plant a detonator and keep the Ranger rats busy until he plan completes. He gets the detonator, asking how she wants him to keep them busy. Divatox mentions to start with Pinky, mockingly saying she's trying to lose some weight, maybe he can help. He obeys, as Elgar tells his Aunt that is SO mean. She says she knows, and laughs maniacally.

Later in a typical Angel Grove subdivision, Kat strolls down the sidewalk, succumbing to hunger pangs. Trying to ignore it, she promises herself she'll eat again after the ballet. Numbor adds himself to the equation, telling her she looks a little heavy hearted today. She asks who he is, and he explains he's Numbor, and recalculating weights & measures is his specialty. Numbor offers her a little lift, pressing the negative and zero buttons on his body before firing off a beam from his staff at Katherine. She is overcome with intense pain, fumbling over into the middle of the street, grasping her stomach and moaning. Numbor now takes off to go plant the detonation device, just as Tanya & Tommy finally catch up to her. They rush to her side in the street, asking who that guy was and if she's alright. She says she's a little lightheaded, but it must be her diet. Tommy gives her a hand in getting up, but when she hoists herself up, she ends up floating in the air! They're all taken by surprise by this strange turn of events, Tommy holding on tight as Tanya helps bring her down from her levitation. Once her two petite ballerina feet are planted firmly back on terra firmae, Tanya remarks that is SOME diet! Kat mentions she feels weird, just as a sharp breeze begins to whip up. Unanchored to anything, Katherine goes fluttering through the wind, screaming for Tommy to get her down (screaming for Tommy, that never gets old). Tanya & Tommy run after her, but are unable to catch her as she goes flying down the street in midair (guess they don't call her power "Wind Chaser" for nothing!).
Sometime later in the Power Chamber, Justin & Adam teleport in while Tanya & Tommy are busily pushing buttons on the consoles. They're glad to see them as something weird's been going on today. A voice from on high says he can say that again, as one glance up Kat appears to be floating around almost near the ceiling! Justin & Adam ask what's up with her being up, and she says this is Divatox's idea of a diet. Tommy says Kat had a run in with a monster named Numbor, a name Justin & Adam recognize well. They think he's making Angel Grove sink into the ocean, as Numbor's name sinks into Tanya's brain. She notices the connection between his name and the word 'number', that he can add & subtract weight. The alarm goes off, Alpha complaining that it's not like they don't have enough trouble already. The viewing screen/globe observes that Numbor is planting a detonator in the rocky oceanfront area of Angel Grove Cliffs. Tommy asks Dimitria if she can help Kat, but the enigmatic mentor speaks her second non-question ever, saying Katherine's problems run much deeper than any spell a monster could cast. Who better to help Kat, but Kat herself? (I hope she's not planning on cloning her, or bringing her alternate future double back to take sense into her). Kat floats around and tells her Ranger teammates to go fight Numbor and she'll follow as soon as she can. The four gravity locked teens Shift Into Turbo, and teleport to the beach, asking Numbor where the detonator is. He asks what's their hurry, and Blue Ranger asks why he wants to know, so that he can think up some more trouble? Green Ranger gets rowdy, flexing his fists and threatening Numbor over what he's done to Katherine. Numbor then shows just how useful Sesame Street reruns can be on a young monster, counting there are only four Rangers there. He then whips out his large number 4, chucking it at our heroes, causing an explosion to blast them to the jagged ground. Numbor wants to be Wink Martindale, welcoming us to today's edition of Weights & Measures, asking who'll be his first contestant. Adam doesn't think he's so tough, leaping into the air toward the monster. Pressing his plus sign button, he aims his staff and remarks that neither is he once he puts on a few pounds! Green Ranger plummets to the sand, sinking in deep, feeling like he weights a thousand pounds. Tommy jumps into action to help, but Numbor does the same to Red Ranger, sending him dropping like a rock. He's paralyzed by the pressure of his own body, Adam telling him not to fight it since he'll only wear himself out. Tommy refuses, knowing they've got to get to that detonator. Tanya's next to take on Numbor, telling him not to count them out yet as they engage in direct combat. All her backflipping around doesn't do much good once the staff ray hits her, sending her spinning around in the air, until she gets tossed up against the hillside. Blue Ranger's discovered the detonator, but Numbor's got a solution to his problem, striking his beam on Justin. It's lifting him up off the ground, almost like what happened to Kat except the ray seems to be the only thing keeping him floating. Justin tries grabbing on to a rock, hoping he can reach the detonator on time.

Back at the Power Chamber, Kat is sooooo high (no this isn't a drug abuse episode kiddies, this is a borderline bulimic moral show), telling Dimitria they have to help them. Dimitria asks her must she not help herself first. Which is more valuable, that what which is seen from the outside or that which resides within? Kat thinks she finally understands now, it's not how she looks that matters, it's what's in her heart that counts. Suddenly, Katherine decents from her featherweight position and lands on the floor of the Power Chamber. The spell's broke, and apparently so is her crisis of self-faith. Alpha calls Kat 'toots' and asks her if she's alright, and she says she is and thanks Dimitria. Dimitria says it was not her who did it, has she not discovered for herself what is truly important? Yes, she has, but what's important right now is that she helps her friends, as she quickly Shifts Into Turbo, teleporting to the beach as Pink Ranger. Numbor has the Turbo Rangers beaten to the ground, he's now holding a large number 9, remarking he's heard that cats are supposed to have nine lives. Too bad Rangers don't, as he lifts the number above his head when suddenly everyone turns their attention to a real Kat with more than enough lives for everyone. Katherine is on the scene, and before Numbor can add a few pounds to her, she's jump kicked into the air and knocked the 9 out of his pudgy digits. Landing atop a rock, Pink Ranger exclaims Numbor can't make her feel bad about herself anymore and his spell has no power over her! The Rangers cheer her on for her overcoming of her overblowing of her being overweight. Kat races down after Numbor, separating him of his staff and throwing some powerful hits in for a little payback. Flicking him a few feet away, he takes the time to say she makes him '6', but missing in striking her with the exploding number. Couple more flying punches, and she picks him up by his legs and swings him around, helicopter style! He's finally released harshly, dizzily regaining his barings and sand covered eyesight in time to witness Pink Ranger coming at him with her arm twisting into a power punch! He gets dumped into the water, as the other Power Rangers rejoin Katherine, joyously celebrating her numerous victories.

Divatox is watching from her Periscope, not about to let them add any more defeats to her long list, having Rygog fire Torpedoes! They take off and launch out of the water, increasing Numbor's sum tenfold. Pink Ranger leads the call for the Turbozords, Turbo Megazord linking up in less time than it takes to divide something! Professor Numbor attempts to turn Power Rangers into an educational series, by showing the kiddies at home that one times one equals one. One rocket silo that is (which looks more like a smokestack to me), appearing in his hands in place of the large number 1. He fires the silo off at the Megazord, causing sparkly explosions. One times two is two, as in two turtle doves, or in the case of using the Carranger footage, two ducks. Going with the flow of the show, his 2 turns into a huge block of a duck (which resembles the toilet bowl duck in the commercials). It's got quite a quack of quaking capabilities, beaming off explosive duck rays (was this weapon rejected by Negaduck?)! The Megazord gets it's feathers ruffled, but Justin initiates the Turbo Headlights to blast back at Numbnuts. Numbor pulls out a giant 3, saying it's finally here and won't you lend him your ear? A huge human ear appears in his hand, and since he's not Van Gogh it does him no good so he slams it on the ground. Inside the Megazord cockpit, Tommy gives Kat the honors in finishing him off by calling for Turbo Megazord Saber. With one sharp spinout, Numbor is crunched for good! That numerated moron equaling zero in the living department, the Rangers get back to the beach to play some bomb blanket bingo! They find it with ease, Pink Ranger using her Auto Blaster to defeat yet another of Divatox's detonation devices. Inside the Subcraft, Divatox is furious, vowing no more stupid monsters, calling the detonator a dud, asking who put it in the tide pool. She can't stand this anymore, needing a real crew around her, she thinks about hiring a temp agency! Of course, during this whole hissy fit, she hadn't noticed Porto & Elgar trying to warn her the Subcraft was off course, as it smashes into yet another coral reef, rocking the sub.
Katherine's sleeping on her bed, but suddenly she snaps awake, finding an entire audience in her room! Oops, silly me, she's finishing her performance of The Nutcracker. She gracefully dances across the room after picking up her Nutcracker doll, all her Ranger teen friends watching from the front row. The music sounds, and the applause rings in, Lt. Stone telling Tanya Kat was good. The cast pours out, Myrtle having found the perfect role as a giant rat. Madam Dubois approaches the stage, giving Katherine a bouquet of flowers, telling her that was finest performance she's seen in a long time. Kat has a style and grace all her own, she should be very proud. Katherine says that she is, as everyone takes a bow.
[end credits]

Lt. Stone is shocked, yelling from the audience 'what are you guys doing?!' On stage, are the Bulk & Skull Chimps dressed like ballerinas! Skull asks Bulk what they're doing again, he reminds him of the time they danced in Kat's ballet in "The Ranger Who Came In From the Gold". If they can get her to notice them, she'll recognize their moves! Skull doesn't know about him, but that tu-tu is just too-too tight on him-him. Bulk really gets into the role, but Skull just can't do it and sits down. Bulk Chimp triumphantly stands there in his white outfit and hairy body.

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