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Power Rangers Turbo
"Cars Attacks"
Original Air Date: 05/20/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #02 - Odoru Souon Kougai
(The Dance of Noise Pollution)
*4th Regular Season
(5th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-445
*15th episode of PRT
*220th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Douglas Sloan Director: Chip Lynn
Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk Chimp (voice)
Jason Narvy _AS_ Skull Chimp (voice)

Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
Peter Greenwood _AS_ Wolfgang Amadeus Griller (voice)

Sentai Scene


It's Daytime and the Juice Bar is closed. That place actually closes?! Either it's really, really early, or the national juice holiday. So, someone is inside the empty, curtained up spaces of the Youth Center, busting mad moves to the song "Tell Me Now" (one heard on so many episodes of PR it's not funny). As she boogies down to the hip-hop grooves like it ain't nobody's business, in comes Katherine, sneaking around the closed Juice Bar being something she's been known to do in the past. Her eye is caught by the female form in motion, stopping to watch the girl dance & prance around thinking she's alone. She spins around and notices Kat, halting in her tracks and embarrassingly turning off the music. Kat tells her not to stop, that was great, asking if she made that routine up herself. The girl remains silent as she quickly packs her gear into her gym bag, giving Katherine a dirty look. She storms by her, Kat letting out a 'nice meeting you too'.
[opening credits]

Jenny Hunter
First time I saw this episode, damned if this girl didn't look like Amy Jo Johnson's dark haired, evil clone from three parallel dimensions over. I'd play more on that but everytime I do I get people saying "well I don't see the resemblance". Anywho, the girl rushes out the door, passing Lt. Stone, whom reveals her name to be 'Jenny Hunter'. He spots Kat and can see she's met Jenny, his niece. Kat heads over to the bar to talk with Jerome about Jenny, he spills the news that his sister has been having problems with her lately and felt like she needed a 'firm hand' for the summer. She sent Jenny to stay with him until school starts (given we never see her again after this episode, school must be a week away!), Kat asking if Jenny's always been this 'friendly'. He says he hasn't seen her since she was little so he's hoping she just needs time to adjust in a new place. Katherine can relate to that, having moved here with quite the attitude once herself (sure it was a spell, but still). Lt. Stone hands her a pink towel or dress or something she came to get, she thanks him and leaves. Sometime later, Kat & Tanya are entering the dance hall for Royal London Dance Academy auditions. Kat's a, ahem, 'scaredy Kat', nervous about auditions at usual, Tanya telling her those girls don't stand a chance since she's been rehearsing for months just for this moment. As the two young women sit down in the seating area, Kat agrees but points out so have they. Kat asks Tanya if she knows what it would mean for her to get into the Royal Academy, Tanya reminding her she's been talking about it nonstop! She apologizes, asking her best pal if her being too into this is driving everyone crazy. Tanya tells her to forget about it, have a great audition and all will be forgiven.

Before long, Kat's taken the floor and gracefully showing her pink leotarded moves to the panel of judges. She finishes, Tanya excitingly telling her she did a good job as she returns to her seat a bit out of breath. The main British judge, whom I call Snidely because it sounds right, announces the final candidate for the day will be Miss Jenny Hunter. She doesn't show up, so he calls her name again, no one seated knows where said dancer is. The doors open and Jenny hurriedly rushes in asking if she's too late. Snidely tells her not if she begins within the next 30 seconds, Kat whispering to Tanya that the girl is Lt. Stone's niece. Jenny apologizes, stating she's new in Angel Grove and got lost. Snidely sternly tells her he gave her 30 seconds and she spent 10 of them talking, get to it before she wastes anymore time. Jenny gets to it, popping her own tape into the small audio cassette player on the table. Tanya asks Kat if she knew Jenny was going to be here, and she had no clue. "Tell Me Now" plays again, as Jenny starts getting down like only that petite brunette surely can! Shaking her groove thang to the beat, the crowd murmurs to themselves over this new girl, Tanya telling Kat she wasn't kidding when she said she was amazing. Jenny finishes, and shuffles off to take a seat, catching a glimpse of Katherine waving to her. She gives the Pink Ranger's show of kindness the cold shoulder, Tanya remarking she was also right about that attitude.

Moments later, Snidely announces the following dancers are asked to return at Five O'clock for a final audition. He names off nobodies, finally reaching Katherine's name, followed by Jenny's! Kat & Tanya are excited, but the surprise turns to shock echoed by everyone there to hear Jenny is in the preliminaries. Kat grins because she knows beneath the rough shell is one smooth dancer, Jenny picking up her bags and getting away from the prying eyes of the judgmental people. As she walks by, an apple juice container in someone's bag pops open, the Periscope appearing to peer out at the scene. In the Subcraft, Elgar takes advantage of a juice leak at the bottom of the scope, sucking it down while mentioning apple is his favorite. Divatox is on the prowl again, giving a fake sophisticated accent while mocking how there's nothing like a day at the ballet, NOT! She tells Elgar to stop fooling around, going over to tell Porto to get off his flabby keister as there is work to be done. He's ready as always, Divatox not wanting a replay of last time, clutching his face-glass and pressing her mug to his plate, about to tell him her plan. Back at the Juice Bar, Lt. Stone is failing in his attempt to balance the books. Working through piles of receipts and frustration, he wonders how Ernie ever kept this place running. He throws some paper at the Bulk & Skull Chimps sitting at a table playing cards. Bulk asks Skull if he remembers the accounting class they took, Skull remembers they flunked it three times in a row. Bulk cares not about details, he's just got an idea of how to prove who they are and get turned back to themselves. Over at the dance hall, Kat & Tanya exit the building talking about how Kat's one step closer to her goal. Katherine talks about this is where it gets really ugly, with competition really heating up to get into the dance school. Suddenly, Elgar and a school of Piranahtrons teleport onto the cemented scene, Elgar thought he's show them a few new steps, asking if they're ready for their lesson.
Elgar kicks up his heels in anticipation of putting the two female Rangers through his own evil audition. No casting couch for these ladies, they dodge and counterpunch every move the Piranahtrons try throwing at them. While they're busy with the gratuitous unmorphed fight of the day, Elgar sneaks behind them and heads into the dance hall, holding a replica of the tape player in his hand. He loves this gig, giggling and cackling like the mutant maniac he is while watching the Ranger teens knocking the fishdrones around like a regular routine. Elgar is heading toward the judges table, when Porto's communication bubble spouts from his head. He's reminding Elgar to zero the counter on the player, when the music starts and the counter hits 100, the detonator will go off. He heard him the first time, popping the bubble and proceeding to switch the audio cassette players around. He places the detonator-packed one down, and gently resets the counter to zero with a stomp of his fist. Outside, Kat & Tanya take quite a few gut punches from the P-Trons. Outnumbered, help arrives when Blue Senturion calls for everyone's attention. He takes out a fishfoe and orders all the soldiers of evil to halt for disturbing the peace. Kat & Tanya are happy to see him, gaining their second wind enough to help the intergalactic police officer beat the sushi out of the Piranahtrons. It comes to an end soon enough, with the villains lumped together and Blue Senturion grimly telling them to leave now, or suffer the consequences. They puddleport away, as Tanya & Kat approach the Senturion to thank him. Tanya asks where he learned to fight like that, and he tells her he was trained at the intergalactic police academy (likely by Space Steve Gutenberg). Tanya shakes his hand and tells him they owe him one, but it was just his duty, Kat shakes his hand and thanks him.

Soon at the Juice Bar, Lt. Stone walks over to give Tommy & Adam their juices, preoccupied by other events. They point out the glasses he handed them were empty, so he sits down to let them know what's bugging him. He mentions the money from the entire weeks receipts is gone, Adam asks if he thinks someone stole it. He shrugs, not believing this, considering he used to a cop! Not to mention a detective, which he fails to mention as he is torn up about money begin swiped from right under his nose. Tommy suggests the possibility that Emily might have put it someplace safe, but Lt. Stone writes her out of the series by saying she's back east visiting her grandmother. The only other person who knows where the keys to the safe is his niece Jenny, and speak of the deviless here comes Miss Thang now! Jerome walks over to ask her if she happened to borrow money from the safe, but she's clueless as to what he's talking about. He tells her there's money missing and she's the only one who knows where the keys are. She's outraged at her own uncle thinking she stole it, denying the accusation flat out and saying he's just like her mother. Jenny storms off, something she's done quite often today. Kat & Tanya just pass her, confused as to why she's in a bad mood again. The two girls sit down with Adam & Tommy to tell him the good news of Kat's audition. The guys are happy, and Tanya brings up the tango with the P-Trons they had afterwards, with assistance from the robocop. Adam wonders what Divatox wants with a ballet audition, Tommy gives him three guesses and he gets it in one, a detonator. Seems she's still in the mood to ruin their future life plans, so it's time to investigate. Justin's at the Power Chamber, they'll swing by there to pick up the Turbo Navigators on their way to the Rehearsal Hall.

Just as they leave, the Periscope submerges from the juice pitcher on their table. Divatox has been spying like usual, ranting about their usual 'look for a detonator drill' the Rangers do so often. As she likely begins to contemplate a new strategy that doesn't involve repetitive explosives, the doorbell rings! Divatox asks Elgar if he's expecting anyone, but who'd come see him? Porto says his own friends would never appear unannounced, so Elgar opens up the hatch to see who's there. The bulky big haired monster steps out and introduces himself as Wolfgang Amadeus Griller, conductor, musician and monster extraordinarie. He thinks they may have heard of him, Elgar asking if he's the guy who did the music video with the worms are crawling out of that guy's skull. Griller tells him no, he's conducted symphonies all around the world, his music can make virtually anything come to life, commenting they might have some need for his service. Elgar reaches around the hatch, pulling out a "No Smoking" Sign and asking him if he can't read that it says "No Solicitors"! Divatox is intrigued by the ability to bring anything to life, thinking she may have use for him after all. At the Power Chamber, the four Ranger teens show up and are greeted by Alpha. Justin has the Turbo Navigators charged and ready to go. Suddenly, the alarms go off and on the Viewing Screen they watch Wolfgang Griller in Angel Grove conducting a symphony. He tells his automotive ensemble to arise, and so they do, a ring of gigantic vehicles quickly surround the Earth (as the mirrors say, objects in the view screen may be smaller than they actually appear)! Tanya asks Alpha when he started watching music videos, but Alpha points out that's live from downtown Angel Grove! Wolfgang waves his stick around, creating music only a car would love. He's conducting a symphony of horsepower, causing thousands of every kind of vehicle in range to float into the skies in droves. He boasts he'll bring the Turbo Rangers to their knees, as the Rangers are watching the traffic jamming the atmosphere
Wolfgang Amadeus Griller
Wolfgang continues conducting, as cars spin around midair in choreographed grace above the streets of the city. Alpha runs scans, discovering empty cars are coming to life all over town, the special effects look more like Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" video. Adam quips it looks like they've just become Angel Grove's Highway Patrol, and it's time to make some real stories happen! The five Shift Into Turbo in the quickest edited Morph scene yet, rushing to the scene only to have to dodge a dive-bombing vehicle! More and more innocent cars chuck themselves at our heroes, causing huge explosions that would make the Dukes look less hazardous! As gas tanks go off int firewalls, Griller cheers on his Auto Orchestra to lay rubber on the Turbo Ranger's heads. One car begins to park right on the Rangers' noggins, the team doing all they can to keep from being street pizza as they become outmatched by the endless onslaught of automobiles. Over at the dance hall, one of the finalists shows off her pointy toed stuff as the cassette player counts up to 51 (good thing nobody uses CDs in this town). Griller turns his attention to the horn section, having his widowmakers let loose on the horns, annoying the Rangers with noise pollution. Red Ranger is about to put a stop to this before they all go deaf, calling forth the Turbo RAM. It revs up and they strip it for weapon parts, Griller dismayed to see new instruments, the Rangers ready to end his songs. Wolfgang leaps at them, Blue & Green Rangers take the stage with a double team blast of their Hand Blasters & Thunder Cannons. Griller takes a grilling, his symphony ruined, the Turbo Rangers put their weapons back together for Turbo RAM Cannon Mode. They brace themselves against the RAM, and prepare to fire, Wolfgang standing his ground in the face of destructive applause. The Rangers fire, he gets struck and falls, as the ring of vehicles fades away from the Earth's atmosphere.

Divatox knows that musty maestro needs help, and walks over to fire the Torpedoes. She peers into the underscope and orders them to be fired, but nothing plops out the bottom of the Subcraft. She turns to her henchmonsters to ask where the torpedoes are, witnessing Elgar & Rygog standing on the bridge with two of her special torpedoes! Elgar tells his Aunt/boss they were just trying to make them all nice & shiny for her, but she isn't pleased, yelling at her nephew. Elgar turns the blame to Rygog, but instead of getting mad she just gets even worse by sending the two of them to help Griller out on the surface. The dance hall final auditions continue, with the player timer reaching 80 as another finalist tries to impress the judges. Rygog & Elgar teleport to the debris filled battle scene, along with a few Piranahtrons to join in on the party. The Rangers are busily sparring with the fancily named monster of the day, but stop in the face of evil reinforcements. Griller is glad to seem them, though he hand things well in hand (yeah right). The three creatures create a new tune, Rygog firing face blasts, Griller hand beams, and Elgar charging his card-sword at our heroes. This splits the Rangers up, Wolfgang taking on Red Ranger personally while the others play with P-Trons. Griller tries making Tommy pay for ruining his masterpiece, but before he can return to fighting with the Turbo Ranger, Blue Senturion teleports in front of him! He tells him to halt and asks for attention, Griller scared out of his wits, asking who he is. Tommy spills his name, telling Blue Senturion he's just in time. The space cop mentions playing loud music without a permit is violation of code 41028. Griller doesn't need no steenking permit, Blue Senturion calls this perpetrator hostile and needs to be forcibly restrained. Red Ranger will gladly help do just that, as both forces of good whips out their respective weapons. Blue Senturion aims his Synergizer Blaster at Wolfgang, while Tommy points his Turbo Auto Blaster the monster's way. They simultaneously fill him full of liquid lead, causing the conductor of darkness to bow out one final time. Amadeus is rocked into a massive kaboom, knocking only the bad guys on their collective arses for some reason.

Rygog pitches a fit about losing again, worried Divatox will have his job (or nose, it wasn't clear) before teleporting back to the Subcraft. Elgar recovers, rubbing his aching egghead before heading back to the ship along with the remaining Piranahtrons. Tommy thanks Blue Senturion for a job well done, the robocop states their mission has been accomplished as he teleports off to do whatever he does when he's not around (I bet he spends his time eating Dunkin Lugnuts)! Red Ranger gives a 'till next time' too late, and then tells his teammates they did good work. Pink Ranger's worried about them getting to the rehearsal hall on time since there's a detonator there. Inside said dance hall, only detonator we see is one hot firecracker named Jenny Hunter! As she cuts a mean rug, suddenly the Turbo Rangers come busting in and asking everyone to excuse them as they scan the area with their Turbo Navigators. Red Ranger hits the jackpot in finding the tape player, the counter is at 98 and ticking, so he tosses it over to Pink Ranger to get it out of there fast! Katherine takes da bomb ass tunes to the front of the building and gives it a mighty heave into the air. It lifts off, and finally blows up, sending shockwaves throughout the entire building, Kat ducking from the fallout. She calls that one too close for comfort but glad they succeeded. Inside, Jenny gets annoyed at being interrupted in the middle of her audition, so guess what she does? No, she doesn't go on a date with me, silly! She storms out the doors like usual. She's cute when she's angry, so by golly she's always purty! At the other door, Kat comes in unmorphed asking what's going on, as the Turbo Rangers depart giving her a wish of good luck under their breaths. Snidely has no idea what just happened, but Katherine is their last dancer for the afternoon so he asks if she's ready. She nods and removes her backpack as she prepares to show her dancing skills. I hope she doesn't need music!
Snidely writes on his little note pad, signing his illegible name and the date of 4/11/97. Does that count as in-continuity? Who knows, so there's some scores on it, or his phone number, as Jenny & Katherine stand before the panel of judges awaiting the verdict. Snidely tells the two ladies they are the most promising of all the dancers they've seen here today. He addresses Miss Hunter, saying she could become a great artist, to which a compliment she thanks him. However, he tells her that her attitude is completely unacceptable, she appears to have no control over her emotions at all and that makes her untrainable by them at this point. She's crushed, as her faces reads said emotion like a book, she holds back tears and walks away, he apologizes and tells her she is welcome to try out again next year. She... well you know what she does, storms off. Snidely turns his attention to Kat, and is pleased to tell her she's been invited to join them for the fall semester. She beyond ecstatic, smiling ear to ear and thanking them and rushing off happy. She exits the building and spots Jenny sitting down depressed, and her smiles cease. Kat walks over to Jenny and asks if she can sit. Jenny seems to know the Power Rangers standard, asking if this is where they have their cozy heart-to-heart talk, hug and become best friends and everything is great. Kat tells her she doesn't even know if she'd want to be her friend, letting the truth set her free by calling Jenny mean, rude and she alienates herself from everybody! Jenny can't deny any of this, asking Kat if she knows what it's like to have her mother send her away because she doesn't want her, or have her uncle blame her for stealing, or have the only thing she cares about ruined right when she has a chance to get ahead. Katherine responds back by saying maybe doesn't, but she does know Jenny needs all the friends she can get right now. Her advice to her is not to blow it. Kat mentions her and her pals will be at that Juice Bar later, and she's welcome to join them. Kat leaves the sulking Jenny, whom seems to be gaining a clearer head in the face of friendship.

Soon at the Juice Bar, Lt. Stone gives Katherine a big dish of ice cream in celebration of her successful audition (surprise! he doesn't end up wearing it). This scene makes "Cars Attacks" the anti-sequal to "Weight & See", since you figure she'd more concerned about her figure. She thanks him, as Tommy thinks it's incredible she gets to go to London to study in the fall. She's excited by the amazing turn of events, but feels she can't give up her Ranger duties so soon. Tanya tries talking sense into her passing this opportunity up, to which Kat mentions Tanya gave up singing to stay a Ranger ("Song Sung Yellow", Zeo of course). Tanya tells her that's different, as she can go back to that at any time. Jenny walks into the Juice Bar, and more or less avoids the Ranger teens, sitting at the counter by herself. The Bulk Chimp wheels in a wagon containing the Skull Chimp and a collection of receipts and cash! Bulk complains Skull forgot to add in last month's inventory, Skull asking how he could add it in if he didn't know what it was. Lt. Stone comes over and retrieves the missing money, knowing he should have known they were behind this mischief. He has an apology to make (how those monkeys held on to that much dough for this long is anybody's guess) while Skull sticks the calculator in his mouth. Jerome heads to the counter and tells his niece he made a huge mistake, he's sorry. Jenny tells him to forget about it, she'd probably blame her too. He tells her it won't happen again, he promises, she smiles and they both hug. She opens her eyes while hugging her dear old uncle and spots Katherine, smiling back at her, glad to see she's finally opening up to kindness.
[end credits]

Surrounded by Piranahtrons, Kat & Tanya huddle close together shivering. Scared? No! They're freezing cold from the gusty winds blowing their way! They try putting mind over matter by saying they're not cold in unison, before getting into attack position; Snidely & the Dance Company judges tell us ladies that we are both here today because we are the most promising of all the dancers they've seen; Tommy & Adam sit at the Juice Bar, Tommy wondering what that was all about. Adam shrugs he doesn't know, Tommy asks him if he thinks she stole it. Adam shakes his head yes, saying he thinks so. Tommy casually agrees totally, as Adam & the crew start to break into laughter; The Skull Chimp munches on paper, stating it tastes just like chicken; Tommy sticks something in his mouth and eats it, causing Justin to giggle; Divatox shouts at 'Rygog', but Elgar is stunned, reminding her he's 'Elgar' as Divatox realizes her mistake, laughs and ruins the take.

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