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Power Rangers Turbo
"Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers, Part II"
Original Air Date: 09/9/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #22 - Higeki no Koutsuu Ruuru Taishitsu
(The Tragic Traffic Rule Habit)
*5th Regular Season Premiere
(Now the same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-501
*17th episode of PRT
*222nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Shell Danielson Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger; voice only)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger; voice only)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger; voice only)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger; voice only)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk Chimp (voice)
Jason Narvy _AS_ Skull Chimp (voice)

Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Shrinkasect (voice)

Sentai Scene


[Recap of "Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers, Part 1"]
Deep beneath Angel Grove Lake (or wherever the Powers That Be figure it is this week), the Subcraft floats ominously. Inside, Divatox toys with the puny Power Rangers, asking them how it feels to be shrunk like a skunk. She plans to do something positively 'seismic' to them, closing the top of the box they bug sized Turbos are helplessly trapped in. They shout out in protest, but it does no good as she seals them up in it. Blinded by darkness, Tommy calls for the group to turn on their Turbo Headlights, a gimmick not used since T:APRM. Divatox giggles maniacally, telling Elgar to put them away. He picks up the box, mentioning he needs to be very careful with the package, as he shakes it up. The Rangers get rattled as Elgar finally places the box on a treasure chest, telling them to sleep tight as he returns to scheme with his Aunt & Company. Within the package, Kat wonders what they're going to do, spotting wings spouting out of Tommy's back! Each of the Turbos look around, noticing every one of them now are wearing insect wings. Tommy realizes Divatox is turning them into bugs, and they've got to get out of there before the transformation is complete! They plan to split up and find an escape route, the four Rangers searching areas of the box to find a weak spot. Adam hits the jackpot, tearing a corner open rather easily. He alerts his teammates, but they peek out and discover it's right in view of Divatox & her celebrating mateys. Tommy tells them to keep quiet on their way out, which they try their best to do. Divatox has no such qualms, living up this victory as if it were her first real victory (which it is)! Red Ranger is the first to exit the rip in the box, followed by his friends one by one. Trying to use the villains' partying as a distraction, the tiny Rangers tip toe across the treasure chest and approach a string of pearls dangling off the side. They begin to climb down slowly, knowing they'd be too heavy to go down all at once. Unfortunately, their discretion leads to Divatox catching on to their escape. Upon witnessing them trying to get away, she orders her henchmonsters to get them! All four Rangers try sliding down the pearls as quickly as they can, but the pressure causes the necklace to snap! All four shrunken Rangers begin to fall to their pint-sized doom.
[opening credits]
The Rangers fall dramatically, and somehow slower than the pearls, until they finally strike the floor hard. None are flattened just yet, but apparently those wings don't do much good in a jam. Recovering and shaking off the pearls, Elgar laughs at their misfortune and Porto trips while hurrying his little legs in capture our heroes. He falls over onto Elgar, who tumbles towards the Turbos. They get out of the way in time, but the mutant takes a slide on the pearls and reluctantly chases them across the room. Luckily, he stops just short of getting his hand on them, so they slip around some decorative items and Elgar is yelled at by Auntie D once more. He gets back up, runs after them, stumbling around while trying to stomp them like bugs. Unbalanced enough as it is, he's unable to get a foot near them as the four Shrunken Rangers make it behind a control console. He gets what little of his big head he can between the crack in the back, telling them they can run but they can't hide, before giving up his wild Ranger chase. Tommy asks him 'oh yeah?' and he comes back for more, trying to reach in and snatch a Ranger or two, but failing as always. Red Ranger gives his fingers a kick, and he's injured, the Rangers think they're safe, until Divatox herself knocks her nephew out of the way. She crouches down and peers through the grating under the consul, right in view of the hiding munchkin Rangers. She asks them why fight her when they can't win, suddenly extending her lizard-like tongue through the grating and lashing out at our heroes! They attempt to fend off the oversized mandible only Gene Simmons would love, Diva-slobber doing more damage than the thing itself! She whips it back into her mouth, calling the taste of them 'yummy', remarking they're the 'Mighty Morsel Power Rangers', and finally asking 'Guess who's coming to dinner?' before she aims that licking monster right at Tanya! It wraps around Yellow Ranger like a vice, yanking her in Divatox's direction. Her teammates try to prevent her from being taken away, giving a mean tug-of-war with Divatox's tongue! Tommy finally takes out his Auto Blaster, firing off a round to take the bite out of Divatox. The laserblast causes her tongue to snap back into her mouth, sending her falling backwards onto the floor with the formally extended appendage smoking from the attack. Elgar knows just the thing to help, grabbing a bucket of water and dumping it onto his Auntie D's head, despite her objections. She's severely doused, as Elgar realizes the mistake he made, playing it off by asking if anyone felt the rain.

Divatox, soaked, tongue-tied and angry, orders Rygog to do something, which he gladly does. He marches in the Rangers' direction forcefully, leaving them nowhere to turn. Kat notices the pipes behind them, figuring they can escape through them. Tommy thinks it's a good idea, turning his and Kat's Auto Blasters on one of the larger vertical tubes. Rygog pounds on the console, ripping it from the wall with all his might, as the Rangers slowly fry open a hole in the piping. With the obstacles out of his way, Rygog is within range of ripping the tiny Rangers to even tinier shreds. That would be the case, if the Rangers hadn't blown an opening in the pipe, and jumped into it one at a time. Rygog doesn't get a chance to flatten them like pancakes, as the Turbos go on a slip sliding ride down through the drain system! The water flows freely, making this scene like something out of the Goonies as they slide as far away from their captors as they can. Divatox, her purple ponytail damp and a mess all over her face, orders her henchmonsters to down there and bring them to her. She says this with her tongue still fried, so Elgar asks Rygog if he knows what she said. Divatox's screaming of the 'Now!' is pretty clear in anger, so the mutants get moving to the lower levels as soon as they can. Divatox continues sitting hunched over on the floor where the Rangers broke out, gloating she still has one more trick up her sleeve. She stands up, calls forth Piranahtrons and Shrinkasect. Her tongue suddenly heals, as she begins talking normally again, ordering Shrinkasect to reduce her P-Tron squad to the size of the Rangers. He fires off his shrinkray at the six Piranahtrons, and once they're the size of tuna, Divatox sends them after our heroes the way they left. Meanwhile somewhere else on the Subcraft, the Tiny Turbos spill out of the end of the pipe, landing safely on their feet. Adam asks if anybody wants to go on that wild ride again, Tommy suggests maybe later, right now they've got to find a way out of that place. Somehow, the Piranahtrons are right behind them, I guess being fish they navigated the stream of water quicker or something. They plop out, and the Rangers prepare themselves for yet another skirmish with the P-Trons. As they battle someone their own sizes, the Piranahtrons get their own theme song by The Mighty RAW. Simply titled "Piranahtron" or more specifically "You're Gone, Piranahtron". It's the usual fare in the vein of "Tenga Bye-bye", where Aaron and company talk about how ugly and stupid these foot soldiers are. So, the Rangers battle the Piranahtrons, using a few oversized props like a huge chain, and soon they succeed in overpowering the undersized creatures. The P-Trons puddleport away, leaving our heroes to figure out where the exit to this ship of fools is.
At the Power Chamber, Alpha 6 runs scans on the shrunken Senturion. He's literally got the Blues, singing about since his baby left town, he's never been so down, now he's gotta find him a funky new place (rambling off incoherently once more). Justin asks Alpha if he's figured out what's wrong, but the robot can't find any cause for Blue Senturion's shrunken drunkenness. The insect-sized intergalactic police officer begins to sing a few bars about thigh bone's connected to the, functional capacity's nominal, ooh baby, baby! Alpha's flabbergasted at his behavior, but watches it entertained at least. Justin tries once more to contact his teammates via his Communicator, to no response. On the Subcraft, Divatox drips with frustration, shouting through a speakerphone for someone to find those Tiny Turbos now! Her anger echoes throughout the ship, even to the area the Rangers she seeks are wandering about. They hear her roar, knowing she's losing it and if they don't get out of there fast she's liable to get worse! Adam notices a grating that leads to some kind of shaft, so the shrunken Rangers approach the entrance with caution. Elsewhere, Lt. Stone sits on the hood of his car, overlooking the cliffs of the beach. He wonders what he's going to do with those two mischievous Chimps. They're supposed to eat bananas and climb from trees, not steal cars and collect trash. He thinks he's a jerk for talking to them as if they understand, as Bulk schemes with Skull once again inside the car. He calls this their last chance to get some garbage and prove they're just as human as everyone else is, Skull placing the Detonator-can in the bag and the two sneaking off while Jerome's back is turned. Back at the Subcraft, the Rangers stroll through the vent systems slowly, searching the areas with their Turbo Headlights for a way out. Kat places her hands on her helmet and feels two antenna bobbing atop her head! The Shifting Into Insects is getting worse, each one of them suffering the same effects as the transformation appears to be getting faster. They know if they don't get out of there soon, it'll be a bugs life for them! Tommy notices a light, appearing to be an opening up ahead. The Rangers walk in it's direction, but have to cross a river of water to reach it first. It doesn't seem too difficult, until a monstrous eel pops up from the water and attacks! The Bugged-Out Rangers race back the way they came, as the eel trails behind them, its sharp teeth hiding a mean appetite! Just as they think they're home free, from the other end another mutant sea slug thing heads their way! They're out of exits, until Kat spots a tiny pipe they duck inside, just as the two eels collide, chomping each other's heads off.

Soon, the Tiny Turbos make their way down the pipe and find what appears to be another passageway. They rush to the bar-covered entrance, as Tanya discovers her hands have become fuzzy claws! It's happening to them all, their hands looking more like those of flies. The only way they can stop this before it becomes irreversible is to move on to the next room and hope to find a way home. Tanya just hopes they don't find any more eels looking for meals. They go through the grating, and find a large closet of some kind, adorned with fabrics and other junk. Suddenly, the hear Divatox's voice heading their way, telling Elgar those Rangers are still on the ship somewhere. She opens her closet, checking her ragged self out in her vanity mirror, as our pint-sized heroes duck behind a shoebox. Divatox blinks her eye and notices a golden remote controlled car, yelling at Elgar for leaving it in her closet again. The Rangers realize where they are, just as Divatox fiddles with her eye and loses a contact, which lands right on the shoebox! The gigantic plastic lens falls in front of them, so they grab it and hide it from view. Divatox wonders what else can go wrong today, getting on her knees and scouring the ground for her vision-correcting contact. She thinks if it's not one thing it's another, giving up on finding it after only a moment or two of frustration. Tanya spots Elgar's toy car, and the Rangers make their way over to it, while Divatox talks to Elgar about one of these days, Pow! Right to the moon (I guess Rita's real name is Alice?)! Just as Divatox sighs and appears to calm down, she hears a car door close. Suddenly, the race car comes speeding out of the closet and right between her legs. She bends over and watches it upside-down, knowing right away those irksome Rangers are behind the tiny wheel! She chases them on foot, but being without both contacts she slams into a metal girder. Elgar, Rygog & Porto are standing around watching this, thinking that had to hurt, as she stops to catch her breath and orders them not to let the Ranges get away! Elgar almost grabs them, but he bonks his big ol'noggin on a large pipe. The RC riding comes to an end when our heroes hit something head on and are thrown from the vehicle. The monsters continue hunting them, but not even they know where they are. They're alright from the crash, and Tommy thinks they're in the Torpedo room, which they are! He walks over, scratching his helmeted chin with his fuzzy claw, pondering if the Torpedoes can make Divatox's monsters huge, what would happen if they... Adam finishing the thought by saying 'rode them out of here', wondering if there's a chance it would make them normal again as well. Kat thinks they should try it, everyone agrees, searching around for a way to bring this to life. Adam spots the launch key, which just happens to have a long string attached to it and is inside the slot. He leaps up, grabs on and the others pull him down as the key turns slowly, setting off the alarms! Quickly, the Tiny Rangers race to get on to the two main Torpedoes, holding onto the screwed in structure. Adam & Tanya take one, while Tommy & Kat hang on another as a strange voice (David Walsh's) counts down the launch, t-minus ten seconds!
The countdown at five seconds, the bugsized Rangers brace themselves for liftoff. The two torpedoes fire off out of the water and take to the air, and once airborne, Adam begins swinging his arm, whooping like he's a cowboy riding a bull. His playing around almost costs him, as he suddenly loses his grip and is thrown back, Tanya grabbing his hand just in time and holding on. On the other Torpedo, Tommy & Kat hang tough, as Tommy contacts Justin on his Communicator. He tells the Red Ranger he's in the Power Chamber, asking where he is. Tommy tells him they're riding Divatox's torpedoes, hoping they'll explode and grow them back to normal size. Alpha brings them on the Viewing Screen, mentioning it looks like they're heading towards the beach. Justin figures if it works for the Rangers, it might regrow the Blue Senturion as well. Alpha tells him to give it a try, and checks the Turbo Navigator to inform the boy that there's a detonator at the beach too! Justin goes over to the table where the Tiny Blue Senturion stands, giving twisted nursery rhymes again, ready to give this long shot a try. He Shifts Into Turbo and teleports to the beach with Blue Senturion in his hand. On said beach, the Bulk & Skull Chimps are scurrying about collecting trash left by littering surfers, not noticing the Detonator-can inside their bag ("Touchdown Cola", by the by).

On the Subcraft, Divatox notices a button flashing on the bridge, asking Porto why it's doing that. He tells her it means the Torpedoes have been launched, but she frantically states she didn't launch any! She rushes over to the Periscope and witnesses Blue Ranger hanging out at the location of their detonation. The last unshrunk teen right in her sights, she sends Shrinkasect to finish the job he started and get up to the surface! Blue Ranger places the small Senturion down in the sand, hoping he'll be full size again real soon. The Bulk & Skull Chimps are a few feet away behind some rocks watching the event, as the Torpedoes swoop down from the sky. Justin ducks just as they streak over him, blasting into the area Blue Senturion is, exploding upon impact! When the dust settles and the smoke clears, the five Turbo Rangers and Blue Senturion step out of the crater, back to their original sizes! They're perfectly fine, thanking Justin for his quick thinking by bringing Blue Senturion there. Bulk & Skull remark what a blast that was, getting a front row seat to the Ranger festivities. Kat notices they're not bugs anymore, the effects of the insecticiding finally worn off. Justin says that for a while he was the biggest Ranger, Senty remarking indeed he was. They're not the only ones to take advantage of the growing trend sweeping the beach, as Shrinkasect appears behind the cliffs, larger than life!

Shrinkasect Unshrunk
The Power Rangers simultaneously call forth the Turbo Megazord, which quickly links up and jumps right into action, Shrinkasect tosses a huge net onto it, trying to ensnare them like the bugs they almost were. Robo Racer Patrol Mode's Synergizer Blaster (say that 10 times fast) fires off a few rounds at the monster, knocking him off balance. Blue Senturion is ready to restore peace, initiating Robo Racer Battle Mode. Once it forms, it heads in to free the Megazord from its netting, using its giant hand blade. Now they've really made him mad, as Shrinkasect fires off some eyeball blasts at the two Megazords, Robo Racer deflecting them with its giant Riot-shield. Revenge is sweet, as Blue Senturion gets Shrinkasect back for his circuit frying earlier by unleashing Synergizer Blaster Mode upon the monster. The big green bug goes kaboom once pumped full of Synergy! Elgar watches Shrinkasect biting the dust through the Periscope, Divatox pushing him out of the way, telling her dear nephew to never fear. She still has a detonator out there somewhere, given that she doesn't even know where it is, even the Rangers will never find it! They laugh as hard as ever, Divatox's purple ponytail still strewn like a bad mop.
Back at the beach, The Bulk & Skull Chimps gaze down at the smoking Torpedo crater, Skull asking if it's over. Bulk points out it would appear that way to the casual observer, telling him to get moving. As the two simians return to their trash-hunting chores, Skull mentions if they were humans they could have helped out in some way. Bulk knows what he means, but at least they still have their recyclables! The Detonator-can falls out of the garbage back, the Chimps leaving it in the sand as they inspect the Torpedo debris, still bellowing out smoke. Blue Ranger races up and grabs the can, telling the monkeys he'll take this one if they don't mind. Skull says sure, even though he knows the Ranger can't understand a word they say. Justin rushes as far as he can before tossing the can into the sky, the detonator finally hits zero and explodes midair! Divatox's final explosive scheme comes to a safe end, the Bulk & Skull Chimps astonished they were almost at ground zero of that bomb. They ignore the haze of the fallout smothering over them, as Skull stops in the middle of his sentence. Blue Ranger calls that a close one, turning around to ask the monkeys if they're okay. Once the smoke clears, there's nobody around, let alone any chimps! He wonders where they went, figuring they must have gone home. He decides to do the same, teleporting off the beach and never speaking of a 'cleanup week' again. If he'd stayed there just a moment longer, he'd have heard Bulk's voice coming from around the crater, telling Skull he can feel his head again! He asks if he knows what this means, Skull asks if it means he can buy a bigger hat. He tells him no, calling him a knucklehead, it means they aren't monkeys anymore! Skull calls this fantastic, giddy with excitement over being human once again. Bulk stops him to point out the newest problem, they're invisible! They begin screaming and crying, only their footprints are visible as they walk away from the wreckage, out of one mess and into another!
[end credits]
Bulk and Skull Unseen

Does a Kat always land on her feet? Not when battling Piranahtrons and weighted backwards by heavy bug-wings!; Divatox bends over and looks under her legs, giving us an upside-down 'Huh?!'; The Shrunken Turbo Rangers rock into action, but Red Ranger trips forward and ruins the spectacular charge to battle; The mad-as-a-wet-hen Divatox looks annoyed with her purple ponytail hanging over her face. She finally begins to cough, likely a hairball coming on; The Chimps sit in the car and stare at a hand flapping from under the dashboard, Bulk finally understand what they mean by "talk to the hand"; The Subcraft Eels lock lips, one with a sophisticated accent talking about how he missed his darling so; and finally, Divatox goes huh?! again!

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