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Power Rangers Turbo
"Stitch Witchery"
Original Air Date: 09/12/97 Based On:
Carranger #17 - Oshikise shoumen shoutotsu!
(Forced to Wear a Head-on Collision!)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-504
*20th episode of PRT
*225th total Power Rangers episode
*Note: Fox Kids aired this episode at any given opportunity during the 97-98 season (over a dozen or more times, while Passing The Torch only aired three times). If you ever hear the term "This episode is pulling a 'stitch witchery'", you'll know what it means.
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Blair Treu
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Delisha Ennivel (voice)

Sentai Scene


Welcome back to Angel Grove High School after a lengthy hiatus. Good thing those graduate teens quit being Rangers or else we'd never see this place again! There's a little known room in this place, where design class is taking place, Ashley working on a new yellow jacketed outfit. One girl comes over and compliments her jacket looking great, Ash thanks her, saying she was going for a trendy yet timeless style. The girl tells her not the one on the rack, but the one on her rack, the plaid yellow (boy, it's good thing she didn't become Pink Ranger as she was originally casted or her wardrobe would clash) jacket she's got on over an orange shirt. She's doesn't understand why the one she's working on isn't impressing anyone, but we can tell why. Cassie comes walking into the class, which seems to be finished, asking her Ranger pal how everything the glamorous world of high fashion is going (it's a good thing Angel Grove is so close to Stone Canyon, or the commute to this school would prevent her from appearing often). pretending to interview Ash with her rolled up tablecloth. Ashley is distressed, thinking she's lost her sense of fashion, showing Cassie a magazine article featuring the latest overpriced foreign designs that nobody but bulimic runway models would wear, covered in airplanes. She asks if that's vogue, but Cass takes the mag out of her hands, tells her she needs a break and leads her out of the fabric ridden room. As they depart, a cup of hot cocoa sitting nearby covered in tiny marshmallows contains an extra topping of evil: The Subcraft Periscope spying on the Ranger teens!
[revised opening credits, featuring the new cast, and new shots for remaining members. The Turbozords and the Turbo Megazord fill the rest.]

Meanwhile at the Angel Grove beach, a family is taking the day off out near the waves. Little do they know that Bulk & Skull are lurking nearby, complaining about how they were turned into monkeys and now they're invisible! Their footprints are all that appear in the sand, but don't confuse this is a religious story! Bulk thinks they can at least scarf some free food, Skull notices the picnic basket, giving his best Yogi Bear impression as they secretly raid the family's hard earned edibles. The lady notices as the top of the basket pops open and the bologna sammich floats upwards and a bite is taken out of it. Bulk asks if they got any mustard, while Skull slurps down the soda in the grandfather's glass (eww! you don't even know where that guy's mouth has been), thanking him for the drink. The family stops in their tracks, and then begin running away screaming over the ghostly invasion! Bulk sits down, as evident by his large rear end indentation appear on the blanket, as he speaks of how when he was a kid he always thought being invisible would be great. Never have to work, never take a bath (as if they ever did), Bulk begins to eat a piece of pie while Skull gulps the soda, but upon the promise of no work or cleanliness, they jump up and toss the food. They begin boogying down the beach planning to make the best of this bad situation, and I guarantee the girls' locker room is their next stop!

Elsewhere in the park, Ash & Cass walk through, Ashley talking about baffled she is by someone liking this outfit she made in the eight grade, something she thinks is kinda tacky (then why wear it?). Cassie honestly agrees, thinking people say they like it because they don't wanna hurt her feelings. They approach a hot dog vendor and buy two drinks, as a black limousine pulls up on the road ahead. Some sophisticated looking lady hops out, wearing a long boa and speaking in a fancy accent, rushing to Ash to compliment her on the jacket. She's seen many things but nothing quite like that. Ash is at first stunned by the remark, then acts like she made it in design class, happily smiling hypocritically. The lady calls it a find, giving Ash her card and telling her she's Delisha Ennivel, fashion diva, she wants to buy her design saying her jacket will be to people what leaves are to trees (and what water is to toilet bowls I bet). Delisha asks Ash if she wants to be apart of the fashion world, Ashley giddily saying more than anything, reminding us yet again she's in design class. She tells her not to talk, just call her, if she wants to be a fashion designer she has to know when opportunity knocks, leaving as quickly as she appeared. Cassie, giving a hesitant attitude to this thing the whole time, points that was opportunity banging the door, Ash still grinning like a toothpaste model. Delisha returns to the limo, sitting right next to Divatox, who tells the lady to make these jackets fast & furious, she wants everyone in Angel Grove fighting to wear one, including those Rangers. Delisha suddenly morphs into a freaky looking creature that never gets another name, so we'll just call her pseudo name from now on, laughing evilly.

Delisha Ennivel
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Either in the part of the Subcraft we never see, or somewhere in one of Angel Grove's many abandoned warehouses, Piranahtrons are hard at work. A low key version of the song played during "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" in Fantasia plays, as the P-Trons mess around with jackets & tons of chemicals! Are they manufacturing drugs to distribute on the streets? No, but close to it, working in rhythm to the music, while Divatox, Delisha & Elgar stand around the main vat. Divatox talks of coating all the coats with an anger potion, everyone laughing maniacally while Diva growls, saying she's feeling mean. Elgar feels hungry, chomping on his king-sized chocolate bar he likely stole. Divatox stills needs one final ingredient to keep the customers coming back like kids to candy, and since crack isn't available in this universe, she spots Elgar's Hershey bar, grabbing it and tossing it in. She thinks it's brilliant as they'll be irresistible (or at least fattening), but Elgar's troubled over losing his delicious meal. Diva's main goal is to get the Rangers to put them on, putting an end to their happy days. Elgar's been saving that candy bar for weeks, hopping on the vat and sticking his hand inside trying to get it before it melts. Later at Angel Grove's boardwalk district near the beach, Bulk & Skull are using their misfortune to their good fortune as Bulk dresses up in bandages and a magician's outfit. He waves his hand over a trunk, Skull lifting it and making it appear to float. The people crowded around clap to his apparent sleight of hand, except for one kid with a grudge against Houdini. Bulk is about to top it all with his greatest trick ever, removing his hat, and then the bandages around his head, giving a 'now you see me now you don't' routine that pays off well in the audience. The kid isn't fooled by smoke & mirrors, saying he stinks, Bulk (still headless) tells him to mind his manners, as the kid takes his dollar back from the tip bucket. He walks away, when Skull grabs him and lifts him up, the kid trading the buck for his safety against the phantom menace. The child shoves his way through the four Rangers teens walking the other way (sans Ashley), Cassie pointing out the commotion near a clothing sale. Cass extends her hand, asking TJ 'shall we', he takes her arm in his and gives a sophisticated remark about not wanting to miss out on the craze. The people wreck the racks, grabbing everything they can frantically, as the Power teens approach and check out the merchandise. Cassie picks up a jacket identical to Ashley's, when an old lady grabs it from her hands, saying that one is hers. Cass instead picks a white and pink one, beginning to slip it on herself. She suddenly is overcome with rage, snatching the jacket from the woman, calling her an old bat! TJ is wearing a red and yellow plaid jacket, noticing people sure are in a grouchy mood today, including himself as it appears a couple breaks up over the anger-inducing apparel. Cassie scoffs at him, sarcastically pointing out like he's always so pleasant, when Justin (wearing a bluish monstrosity) purposely spills his ice cream on her coat! Teej gets a laugh at her expense, as does Justin, angering the already pissy Cassie into calling him a little weasel and tossing her drink at him. He ducks and it splashes all over TJ, to which Cass & Justin can share a hearty chuckle over.

In the Subcraft, Divatox is pleased her plan is proceeding perfectly, mentioning the Rangers will be so busy being angry they won't have time to notice when goes after those gems she wanted at the Angel Grove museum. Porto says they're being delivered today, Diva's true pirate nature finally getting a show in the spotlight again now those blasted detonators have worn thin. At the museum loading dock, the gems & valuables are being carted in, when in front of the Angel Grove Construction Company truck (they're a magnet for evil!) Elgar, Rygog and a school of Piranahtrons teleport in! They scare off the safety inspectors, Elgar reaching in and stealing an old pirate's hat, placing it on his egghead and gives his mateys an ahoy, letting the looting begin! Over at the Power Chamber, Ashley comes out of a smoke filled hatch (wherever the hell she was is a mystery to me) asking Alpha where the others are, he tells her there's something wrong as they're not responding. The group of four anger-spell affected Rangers appear on the Viewing Screen, shoving each other around while yelling at one another, all wearing those tacky-jackeys. Ashley says she better find out what's going on, but they'll have to wait as Alpha notices the museum is being ransacked. She's reluctant to stop Divatox's burglary forces alone, but Alpha tells her she can do it. She sighs, looks at the screen and Shifts Into Turbo onscreen for the first time in her young, virile life. The Piranahtrons are quickly popping open crates, pillaging the endless amount of gold while Elgar does some searching of his own, trying to find a video game or something inside, but instead discovers an ancient maraca! The Yellow Ranger leaps in and tells the evil space pirates that'll be enough, Rygog asking who's going to stop them since she's by herself, but she's still able to engage the creatures in battle, knocking the P-Trons around and causing Elgar to lose his hat. She ends up getting kicked off the loading bay, calling Alpha for some assistance from her teammates. Baby got back but no backup, Alpha tells him her she's still on her own as he can't reach the others yet. Yellow Ranger fights her way back up inside the storage room, slipping past Elgar and begins to yank on the chain attached to the door. He makes a few cracks about it's symbolism, asking if she'll mind if he cuts in, accidentally chopping the chain in half, causing the rolling doors to slam shut in front of him. She hops out just in time and gloats over tricking him into cutting them off from the goods, Rygog & the P-Trons all attempting to lift the door, Elgar not helping because he's got a bad back. The Yellow Turbo Ranger slips away a little beaten from the battle, but successful in stopping the monsters from stealing the treasure (although, why they don't teleport in to grab it is beyond me).

Ash demorphs and gets to the boardwalk, asking her friends what's up in why they didn't come to help her. Carlos complains he bought that jacket he's wearing to help her, Cassie also, calling them low-rate garbage. Justin leans onto Ash's shoulder while standing on something, telling her not worry as he likes her jacket, returning to 1991 when the addition of 'Not!' to the end of something was considered remotely funny. Ashley is distraught over the bad vibes coming from her closest friends she mostly just met last episode. She begins to bawl, pushing her way through her pals and running off to sulk like a guy from Chili. In the Subcraft, Divatox watches and figures four of five ain't bad, but Yellow is going to be tough to crack. She'll need something to really blow their socks off, turning the Periscope to the nearby street, where we see Blue Senturion back to his old ways. Old ways as in helping old ladies cross the street, yielding traffic and assisting the senior citizen across the road. Divatox wonders what would happen if he put one of those madness-making jackets, thinking this plan brilliant, sometimes she even amazes herself. Her calm ego-tripping is shaken off as she shouts so loud it shakes the ship and all of Angel Grove, yelling for Elgar, who is sitting around on a crate while the Piranahtrons continue trying to break into the museum. This stirs the evil forces, as Elgar jumps up from his juice break and rushes to do his Auntie D's will, leaving Rygog & company in a daze. Elgar sneaks up to a Delisha Ennivel jacket cart, flipping the parking break and causing the whole thing to race downhill quickly, people making mad dashes out of the way. Blue Senturion waves as the old woman thanks him, happy to be of service, when he turns around and spots the runaway cart about to hit a helpless lady garbed in a black... widow's mourning outfit. She promises to save her from the terrible danger, running uphill as fast his little robot legs can take him.
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Blue Senturion tells the lady to stay where she is (smart move) as he races toward the oncoming cart and reaching it before it can flatten the woman. He brings it to a halt, telling her to be more careful, as she removes her hood and reveals herself to be Delisha Ennivel's human form, asking how she can ever thank him for saving her life. He chivalrously states there's no need for repayment, but she takes a yellow jacket off the rack and offers it to him, he begins to weaken from his standpoint by remarking yellow is his favorite color. She just wants to help him try it on for a moment, slipping it around his wide shoulders, he asks if it's him and she tells him he looks like a knight atop a mighty horse, minus the horse. He tells her he likes it (it somehow even has a Senturion badge upon it now), but cannot accept, mood swings hitting the intergalactic police officer quickly as he shouts 'why not?!' He's done enough for these ingrates, why can't he have something for once? In the street, one of the stuntmen is wearing a flannel jacket, jaywalking and attacking the car that almost hit him angrily. Delisha points his law breaking to the robocop, he rushes toward the criminal saying he'll regret that! Elsewhere, Ashley sits on the ground in the park with her arms folded, sobbing her ever-lovin' eyes out. Alpha beeps in on the Communicator, and she sniffles while asking what he wants, Alpha has her on the View screen, asking what's wrong and asking if she's crying. She denies it and says she's okay, Alpha telling her Blue Senturion's gone bonkers and the other Rangers aren't responding to him at all. She dries her eyes and tells him not to worry as she's on her way, Alpha mentioning he knew he could count on her. The Raging Senturion is assaulting people with bouquets of flowers! Ashley rushes up and asks him what's he's doing with that on, he drops his flora-facade, fearing the intruder come to take his jacket from him. He pulls out his Synergizer Blaster and will never let her get it, firing off a few rounds at the wall right next to her. She ducks behind it, noticing how everyone acting like they're on the rag is covered in those atrocious garbs of her own design. Blue Senturion gives us the quote of the episode: "At last, free to wear high fashion!"
Blue Senturion: Free to Wear High Fashion

Ashley contacts Alpha in locating the Rangers, and finding them at the beachfront community yet again. Ash confronts them once again, asking for them to give her their jackets. They're as snippy as always, Cass tells her to get lost, Carlos saying they paid good money for them. Ashley quits wearing her heart on her sleeve and plays with her brain telling them fine, but she's not paying double. The four Trouble Turbo teens stop in the tracks to listen to her rage fueling words, saying that thief overcharged them for their jackets. She tells Cassie she sold them the wrong size, Justin is wearing a girl's jacket. He whines about it being a girl's, yanking it off while Cassie busts out as quickly as she can. TJ & Carlos decide that peer pressure is the way to go, following suit by removing their suits, or jackets at least. The last bout of anger comes as they toss the jackets to Ashley, as they revive from the effects of the spell. Carlos feels weird like he just woke up, TJ asking Ashley if she's okay. Ash is excited to see the people she knows so well due to development offscreen, rushing toward Teej to give him a big hug, telling them all happily she missed them. TJ asks what happens, but she says it'll have to wait since Blue Senturion is in trouble. They all have obviously been filled in on who the robot is even though they hadn't met him onscreen before, making their way to the site of his latest rampage. Senturion is trigger happy, blasting all around and kicking the flowers he kicked over earlier, all five Ranger teens Shift Into Turbo at once to take care of this serious business. The Turbo Rangers leap to the roofs surrounding Blue Senturion, surrounding him and informing him his corruption days are numbered, ready to help him any way they can. They drop in on their friend, hopping off the buildings and regrouping as team to confront him head on. Delisha is back to being a monster and is watching from nearby thinking this should be entertaining. Blue Senturion's style won't be cramped yet, blowing on his little whistle and calling forth Robo Racer!

The patrol mode races in, Blue Senturion enters the cockpit, still dressed for success as he says, ready to teach them the secret as well by initiating Robo Racer Battle Mode! Our new heroes all call for Turbo Megazord to form together and get there quickly, the Rookie Rangers getting their first run in the powerful vehicles. Time to knock some sense into their wirebrained buddy, taking the fight to a Zord to Zord confrontation. They each give punch after counterpunch, the battle evenly matched, until a gigantic rocket (or just one of Diva's torpedoes) flies through the city carrying a huge green plaid jacket for Robo Racer to wear! It does so quickly, sporting a Senturion badge on it as well. Red Ranger remarks they have to get the jacket off him, Pink saying they look even worse megasized!
Robo Racer's New Look
Robo Racer whips out it's blades on both arm, double dicing the Turbo Megazord. Inside, Yellow Ranger regrets ever dreaming up those jackets, as the Megazord grabs onto Robo Racer and Red Ranger gets a plan. He has them hold the Megazord steady, while he exits the cockpit and jumps over to Robo Racer, entering it and trying to stop the crazed space cop. He elbows TJ in the gut and tells him to back-off, returning to his piloting duties while Red Ranger feels he has no choice but to pull the plug on his power pack. Teej's attention suddenly turns to the ground below, noticing Delisha Ennivel giggling like the nutbag she is. Blue Senturion is deactivated offscreen, while Red Ranger removes the jacket from him, apologizing to his ally. Once it's off, Blue Senturion turns back on, telling Teej he was having a horrible dream. He knows since they had it too, but now it's time to put a stop to this fashion nightmare. Senty knows there are criminals to apprehend, Red Ranger hopping from Robo Racer and falling to the ground, while holding his Turbo Blade. Blue Senturion's first order of business it to remove the unsightly garment from his Zord, ripping the sleeves off by the seams one by one and then the centerpiece. The clothing falls to the city streets, and what doesn't smother bystanders to death ends up getting stomped on by Robo Racer. Divatox is facing another failure, calling for Torpedoes to be fired, which they are by Rygog's most useful body part, his finger. The torpedoes blast upon Delisha, making her grow to colossal proportions, firing off eyebeam blasts at the Turbo Megazord. Explosions ring out all around it, and Red Ranger is somehow back inside in his seat. Delisha aims her arms at the Megazord, and huge rolls of cloth stream out and strike the Ranger's Mecha. It fuzes with power, draining the Megazord's energy in the process. Robo Racer cuts the cloth and cuts Delisha off from the Turbo Mega, slashing out on her before she calls forth some multicolored fabric to wrap around Blue Senturion's Zord. She drains it's power, and somehow affects the Megazord's cockpit as well, TJ ready to end this fashion show, as Justin initiates the Megazord Blaster (aka Headlights Flash), frying Delisha from her Robo Racer wrecking. Blue Senturion has the Synergizer Blaster Mode used by Robo Racer, unloading some molten lead on the tacky dresser of evil. Turbo Megazord Spinout does some sewing of it's own, slicing through Delisha Ennivel and ending her career. Robo Racer & The Turbo Megazord stand together triumphantly, and nude as Zords can be! Starkers! Ahh, my eyes!
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Later at the Juice Bar, Ashley sits at a table with her Ranger friends, asking if no one really liked her jackets, everyone honestly telling her no. TJ points out that neither did she, Ash realizing she should trust her instincts, next time something sounds too good to be true, Cassie fills in the 'it probably is'. No overnight sensation for this excheerleader! Lt. Stone drops off Cassie's juice and walks over to deliver two plates of burgers & fries to two hard studying dorks! One of the chairs at the nerd table slips out, seemingly by itself, but we hear Bulk's snickering so it's no surprise. He mentions lunch is served, beginning to eat a French fry off the plate, Skull sitting at another chair and slurping down the milkshake. It's taken awhile, but the fallout effects of the torpedoes have worn off, as Bulk & Skull become visible once again! They're both wearing the same exactly overall outfits they wore as chimps, but sized to fit, of course. Bulk continues to scarf on the fries greedily, not realizing the geek can see him. Skull sticks out his tongue and gives a raspberry to the supposedly unsuspecting teen. Bulk waving his arm in front of face and giving an eerily sound, telling Skull this guy is looking right through him! He pokes the boy in his glasses ala the stooges, to which Skull chuckles. Bulk displays the mysterious floating french fry, and how it disappears when it enters his mouth. He does his last magic trick, as the hamburger 'floats' and a bite disappears, Skull mocking the nerd he doesn't think has any clue as to what is going on. The guy's had enough, putting down his pencil, grabbing the shake from Skull, mocking them back by making he 'mysterious floating milkshake disappear' by spilling over Bulk's head! Now covered in strawberry Quik, Bulk examines his hands and realizes he's no longer transparent, just as Lt. Stone walks over and is extremely delighted to see them! He puts his arms around his former Junior Police Patrol student, saying it's great to see them, it was just like they seemed to drop out of sight! Bulk quips that they were just uh, monkeying around, Skull gives a faint trademark laugh. Lt. Stone rolls his fist against Bulk's shake-covered chin playfully, saying it's really great to see them, walking away as Bulk thanks Jerome. He never before, nor ever would again call his former superior officer by his first name, I might add. Bulk lifts his hands up in confusion over the loss of invisibility to Skull, and the shake continues dripping off his big old human head.
[end credits]

Cassie & Ashley walk in the park. Cass chomps down on an apple, trying to spit out her line. The camera bumps into the hot-dog vendor anyway so the take is ruined as Ash laughs at Cass; Ashley missed TJ so much, she jumps up to hug him. On her way up, he turns his face and smooches her on the cheek quickly, she bursts into laughter and the director tells them to back up as they're still rolling; TJ whips his jacket, having stepped on it so it went nowhere. He laughs, mentioned what happened while trying again. Carlos does his accidental Rita impression, saying he has a splitting headache; Bulk uses his fingers as a forehead-wiper, doing the squeaking sound effects while wiping his head clean of milkshake.

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