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Power Rangers Turbo
"The Wheel Of Fate"
Original Air Date: 09/15/97 Based On:
Carranger #20 - Shijou saikou no meisha!!
(Test Drive The Ultimate Famous Cars!!)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-505
*21st episode of PRT
*226th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jackie Marchand Director: Blair Treu
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
Steve Kramer _AS_ Dreadfeather (voice)

Sentai Scene


In the Subcraft, Elgar's arrived with a couple of Piranahtrons holding a large treasure chest, telling Divatox it was right where she said it'd be. They head in through the hatch, Elgar going over the directions of going to the Slaton sea, make a left, down about twenty-thousand leagues and then jackpot! Divatox has the P-Trons put the chest down and open it up to see what they've got, everyone happy (even Rygog, who's speechless). Diva inspects the booty (not Elgar's thankfully), finding the usual mix of gold & jewels not too impressive, one such golden necklace-chain she calls 'so last year' before chucking it aside. The creamy surprise inside the box of goodies comes in the form of a large piece of parchment, taking a look at it to reveal an interstellar map with the pictures of two vehicles upon it. Divatox is giddy, saying this has been missing for eons, ordering Porto to bring her Dreadfeather, he waddles to get him right away. Elgar wonders what the paper is, asking if it's her birth certificate. She tells him no and calls him a dunderloaf, telling him this star chart shows the location of the Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster! He has no idea what they are, she angrily states they're only the two most powerful vehicles in the universe, if she possess them nothing will stand in her way. Porto brings Dreadfeather onto the bridge, he's ready to tackle any big job the Pirate Queen Of Evil has in store for him. She shows him the map, and begins to tell him the plan. the scene padded out with her evil laughter.

Soon, Dreadfeather is soaring through outer space, he's finally reached the Omega Quadrant, the map says the cars are hidden inside an asteroid somewhere there. His special binoculars scan the area, and come up short in locating the proper asteroid among the many millions. He feels discourage, and decides to end his winged flight to take a break. He lands on a barren space rock, sitting down on a well placed chest. He hangs a pickax over his shoulder and sighs, saying this could take centuries. Suddenly, the whole asteroid begins to rumble, shaking like crazy, Dreadfeather quickly takes off as the chest he sat on splits in two, the crack running down the entire rock until the whole asteroid snaps open. Two balls of light stream out, one red & one blue, Dreadfeather knows it's the cars he was looking for and they're heading for Earth! How he knows that considering they're millions of miles from it is beyond me, maybe bird's intuition?
[opening credits]
TJ & Justin are walking out of an area of what seems to be Angel Grove High School that we've never seen before. Teej is complaining, saying they need to come up with a machine that you put on your head before you fall asleep and when you wake up in the morning, Justin completes the wish by filling in the 'your homework's done' line. TJ tells him exactly, when both their attentions are turned to the balls of light falling from above, Justin thinks it's a meteor shower, but whatever it is, it's landing just a block or two away! They rush over to check it out, as Lightning Cruiser, the red car, and Storm Blaster, the blue jeep, materialize in an alleyway! Dreadfeather's on their tail, landing in front of them, accompanied by Piranahtrons & Elgar as backup, ambushing the vehicles easily. Dread checks out Storm Blaster's hood, when the sentient vehicle revs & rolls up some, it's tire running over Dreadfeather's foot! He's hopping mad, as some P-Trons attempt to open Lightning Cruiser's door, only to have it slam shut on it's on before they can get in. They try to yank it open, Elgar calling them amateurs and trying it for himself. This time the door flaps open trying to hit him, to which the mutant scolds the bad car. He finally makes it in and sits in Lightning Cruiser's driver's seat, trying to figure out how to make it go by saying 'giddyup'. Both Storm Blaster & Lightning Cruiser take off like bats out of TV-Y7 hell, stepping on themselves so fast Elgar's thrown from his seat and violently tossed on the ground. He rubs his aching egghead, while Dreadfeather & the Piranahtrons shake their fists angrily at the elusive living vehicles, Elgar in disbelieve over how those ponies bucked him.
Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser

TJ & Justin are wandering around trying to find the crash site of whatever they saw in the sky, stopping in the center of the street while Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster barrel their way behind them. They turn around in time to spot the two cars speeding towards them, Teej's first instinct is for both of them to run for it, but stupidly staying in the center of the road! They take off, but the race for their lives comes to a halt when Justin trips and TJ comes to his side. Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster are about to flatten both Ranger teens, but they hit the brakes rather suddenly, stopping in their tracks just before they can make Ranger-pancakes. Both are relieved to still be breathing, TJ stands up and smacks the hood, telling the driver he's crazy for almost running them over. He approaches the driver's side, but notices nobody's inside the thing! Justin notices the same thing over in Storm Blaster, thinking these driver-less vehicles were what they saw in the sky. Teej has never seen anything like them, admiring the cars when Dreadfeather & Friends teleport in just a few feet away. Elgar tells the two teens to step back as the cars belong to them, the two vehicles backing away slowly from the henchmonster of evil. Teej has a feeling they're not his, Elgar tells him he catches on quick for a new guy before taking a swipe at him with his card-sword. Justin starts battling Piranahtrons, while Teej takes on both main monsters. Justin pries the P-Trons off of Storm Blaster, but as he frees the vehicle, Dreadfeather prevents him from getting away by calling forth a giant net! It covers Justin & Storm Blaster, he yells for help, but TJ is stick in Elgar's embrace (sounds worse than it looks). Dread waves his Axe and causes everything netted to teleport away in a quick vanishing, the monsters hate to grab & run but they do the same, leaving TJ & Lightning Cruiser by themselves.
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         TJ is frustrated at the sudden kidnapping of his youthful teammate, quickly grabbing his Communicator and alerting Alpha to the situation. He tells him Elgar's got Justin, and to tell everyone to meet him at the Power Chamber. As his back is turned to Lightning Cruiser, the sentient vehicle's driver's side door opens up, and the car begins to step on its own gas, racing toward the unexpecting Ranger teen. The door smacks through TJ, knocking him onto the ground on its way by. Teej brushes himself off, asking the car what that was for, and it only responds with a few engine revvings. He is sure the Cruiser knows where to find Justin & Storm Blaster, but the vehicle is reluctant to help him, trying to keep a few feet ahead of the Red Ranger. Teej isn't about to let his only chance to rescue his buddy slip away, so he makes a mad dash at Lightning Cruiser, trying to take it by surprise, but its too quick for even the fast paced teen. TJ attempts to keep up behind it, the car outracing him just by a few feet, swerving all over the empty road before suddenly hitting the brakes and stopping in its tracks. TJ isn't as lucky, his attempt to stop sends him leaping over Lightning Cruiser, and falling flat on his ass on the hard pavement in front of the arrogant car. Lightning Cruiser teasingly blinks its headlights at Teej, who thinks this whole thing is nuts. He's tired and cranky, and wants to save his Blue buddy. Before he knows it, Lightning Cruiser's door opens again, so he slowly gets up off the ground and approaches it with caution. The moment he sits his red butt down in the driver's seat, Lightning Cruiser takes off, Teej trying to steer the thing to no real avail, and all the swerving ends up knocking him against the unlocked door and violently throwing him out to the street. Sick of playing an evil game of "Knight Rider", TJ gets up once more, bruised & pissed, standing in front of Lightning Cruiser and taunting him back, asking what its going to be. He tries to corner the vehicle so it can't get away, but it begins to quickly back up and he once again goes chasing it. Finally, he's able to catch up to it and jump on, barely hanging on to the driver's side door as the car races down the road. He pulls himself back into the seat and tries his best to steer the thing into his own control, still unable to tame the wild car.

Meanwhile down the road, a construction crew is hard at work in a section of the street. Lt. Stone is there with Bulk & Skull, mentioning his cousin is doing him a big favor by giving Jerome's former Police Patrol pals these jobs at the construction site, asking they only do him a favor in return by not messing up. They're given the task of guarding the wet cement, holding the 'slow' & 'stop' signs to direct what little traffic comes their way. They seem to understand just what to do with the signs, but unable to get their coordination in order. Jerome & his cousin are appalled by the bumbling duo's ineptness, leaving them to do their below minimum wage job (but wouldn't they have to join a union?). Bulk points to Skull about all the muscles they're going to get turning the signs back and forth all day, Skull's arm hurts already. Bulk tells him no one ever said watching cement dry would be easy, when they both turn their short attention span to the sound of a car heading their way. It's Lightning Cruiser, like a bat out of hell, TJ still trying to get control of the power steering. Bulk & Skull turn their signs to the 'slow' side, and point at it, but Teej is unable to get the brakes (which read 'anti-lock', obviously some kind of alien language) to do much good. Getting closer to the construction site, he figures the living vehicle wants trouble so he's going to give it to him. Shifting the gears and stepping on the gas, Lightning Cruiser speeds up even more at TJ's urging, Bulk & Skull urgently pointing at their stop signs pointlessly. Teej gives a loud yell as Lightning Cruiser's back booster fire up, and the wheels begin to lift off the ground, just as they pass Bulk & Skull. Thrusters below the car begin to spout off, lifting Lightning Cruiser into the air before Bulk & Skull's eyes. They're so busy looking up at the strange phenomenon, they fall backwards right into the wet cement. All the other workers stand around laughing as the clumsy twosome are covered in a grey mess, not even noticing the events above them.

Lightning Cruiser starts to adjust it's structure to flight mode, the wheels turning on their sides, and the rest of the car adjusting so it appears to have wings. TJ is amazed at all of this going on before him, scratching up against a building in midair which springs him back to paying attention to the air-road. It's smoothing sailing from there, as his seatbelt finally appears in a flash of red over his body. His communicator then goes off, he answers it to hear Cassie in the Power Chamber telling him they can't find Justin on any of the scanners. Carlos & Ashley are with her, all checking Teej out on the Viewing Screen, asking where he is. All he knows is he's about a thousand feet in the air, all he does know is they need to find Justin, Carlos saying they've searched the whole city and come up empty. TJ checks a scanner on Lightning Cruiser's dashboard, saying he's got a signal in the warehouse district and for them to check again. Alpha realizes something's blocking their sensors so they can't scan inside it, figuring that must be the place and for TJ to get over there. TJ whips out his Turbo Key and Shifts Into Turbo offscreen, piloting Lightning Cruiser a little more gently now there's nothing to bump into up there. Alpha hits some buttons anxiously, and the View screen picks up outside a warehouse where Piranahtrons are standing around. The three Ranger teens Shift Into Turbo themselves to investigate, once Morphed they sneak around watching the P-Trons guards cautiously. Carlos actually has a plan, asking for their help in moving some of the junk cluttered around the streets. Inside the warehouse, Justin is chained and begin manhandled by a Piranahtron, as Elgar tries talking things through with a chained Storm Blaster. He wants to do this the easy way, but the sentient blue jeep just wants to be free of its confines as Piranahtrons attempt to keep it prisoner. Outside, the Rangers roll some tires at the P-Tron guards, and wait until they all go to check out who sent them to hop down from above to ambush them. Inside, Dreadfeather torments Storm Blaster about ending up at the scrap heap, Justin crying out for him to leave the jeep alone. Elgar & Dreadfeather are sarcastically touched by his concern for the living vehicle, Dread pecking at its hood while trying to scratch its paint. Elgar takes a whack at it, literally with his card-sword, slashing at the hood and sending sparks flying. Justin finally has enough and takes out his Piranahtron captor, kicking Elgar and waiting for him to attack to have his sword break off the hand-chains. Elgar feels as stupid as he is for doing that, Justin now able to Shift Into Turbo and Morph to a high powered position. Dreadfeather asks what he thinks he'll be able to do, since he's surrounded on all sides by evil! Elgar tells little boy blue to hit him with his best shot, as Blue Ranger stands ready to battle.
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Green Ranger finds no way inside the warehouse, so its up to Turbo RAM Cannon Mode to blast open the steel door. Pink & Yellow Rangers stand at his side, when they discover to their disbelief the blasting didn't even dent the now smoking door! Carlos tells TJ via Communicator they can't get inside the warehouse, so Red Ranger tells them to leave it to him as he thinks he's getting the hang of Lightning Cruiser's controls. He continues flying around in the skies, telling his teammate he'll be right there. In the warehouse, Blue Ranger takes on both Dreadfeather & Elgar at once, holding his own against outnumbering odds. Suddenly, they all spot Lightning Cruiser above them through a skylight, Dreadfeather ordering the Piranahtrons to swarm on Justin to keep him from being rescued. All this does is free up Storm Blaster, who's seat belt quickly forms around Blue Ranger's chest and yanks him into the driver's seat! The platoon of goons are caught unaware, as Storm Blaster shoots off a large metal hook from the front of its hood. It fires into the air, smashing through the skylight and magnetically latching on to Lightning Cruiser's bumper. Storm Blaster is lifted right out of the warehouse, tearing off the chains and leaving Elgar & Dreadfeather in the dusty glass. Red & Blue Rangers are pleasantly surprised by these new features of the living vehicles, Storm Blaster still hanging on to Lightning Cruiser for the ride (Storm Blaster's seatbelt, which was attached to Justin in the warehouse, is missing, then it suddenly reforms around him again. Why?!). It finally detaches, and gently lands on the ground, as Lightning Cruiser reverts to land mode and returns to the ground as well. In the warehouse, Divatox teleports onto the scene and is thoroughly angry. She gives Dreadfeather & Elgar a stern yelling to, mentioning she gave them one little simple thing to do. Elgar turns the blame to Dread, who whines about the cars knowing how to fight, fly & break chains, they need something that powerful as well to combat them. Divatox has brought them a little present, waving his hand and suddenly a souped up car appears in the warehouse. It seems to be made up of spare Subcraft parts, and it's as I like to call it "Elgar's New Ride".
Elgar's New Ride
Dreadfeather sarcastically asks if tricycles weren't available, which causes Divatox to fire off her eyelasers at his chest, cooking the bird. She tells them to quit goofing around and get those Rangers, Elgar tells his aunt she's got it, hopping into the driver's side and telling wingding to come along. Diva orders two Piranahtrons to get on their Divacycles and follow, which they do sure enough.

Elsewhere at the construction site, Bulk & Skull finish smoothening out the cement they took a bath in, Skull now missing his wallet & Bulk his keys. They hear something coming down the street, so they get up and try once more to direct traffic correctly. Unfortunately, it's Elgar's Ride and the P-Tron posse, Elgar hums the 60's Batman theme song while ignoring the signs to stop. He drives right past Bulk & Skull, sending them tumbling into the cement pond again. Elgar acts like he didn't see them, quipping he's sorry before slapping Dreadfeather five for a good act of evil. Nearby, Lightning Cruiser sets down from flight mode yet again (for what reason is never stated since it was just driving on the ground a few minutes ago) before both sentient vehicles park in a vacant lot. Red Ranger hops out, and contacts Alpha to let him know he's got Justin and everything is great. Justin thanks Teej, but he mentions Lightning Cruiser deserves the real thanks. He rubs his gloves across the car's surface, which prompts both it and Storm Blaster to create the 'C' symbols from the Rangers' outfits on each of their doors. Elgar's Ride rolls up and he finds the boys & their toys cute, Red Ranger returning to his seat as they prepare for another battle. Storm Blaster drives through the grouping of evil in a getaway, but Lightning Cruiser ends up with Dreadfeather hitching a ride as it tries doing the same. The Piranahtron bikers take off after Storm Blaster, while Red Ranger scuffles with Dreadfeather as he attempts to drive the Cruiser. Storm Blaster quickly turns into an alleyway, where it comes to a stop by steering to the side, blocking the road. The Divacycled P-Trons are unable to prevent themselves from slamming into the jeep and being thrown from their bikes. Meanwhile, Lightning Cruiser deals with the hitchhiker from hell, while being chased by two more Piranahtron bikers. Red Ranger lets the living car drive itself, while he gets physical with Dreadfeather. It's hand-to-pickax action, as TJ finally knocks the birdbrain off his car much the same way he had been earlier. While Dread pitches a fit on the ground, the P-Trons on Divacycles fire blasts at Lightning Cruiser while giving chase. TJ finally remembers he has other teammates, contacting them to give a little backup, Ash says they're all over it. One quick Sentai edit later, Dreadfeather's rocket pack fires up and lifts him in the air. He begins to release energy beams at both Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster, who have apparently reunited offscreen.

Elsewhere, the three other Rangers leap onto the scene, right into the middle of the alley where Elgar is driving his new ride. He nearly hits them, but they get out of the way, Green Ranger yelling about if he learned to drive through mail-order. Elgar stands up in his seat and turns around, telling him no, cause he can't read! Carlos says it's time to change drivers, jumping into the back-seat of Elgar's Ride, and trying to wrestle control of the maniac vehicle. The scuffle causes the car to smash through a ton of nicely stacked boxes, and somehow causes a spark explosion or two. Hey, remember the female Rangers? They're still around, firing at the Divacycles with their Auto Blasters, causing the P-Trons to crash into more conveniently placed empty cardboard boxes. Meanwhile, Red Ranger makes up a name for Lightning Cruiser's flight mode, calling it Jet Cruiser Mode, as the whole vehicle shifts into airborne turbo. Storm Blaster continues getting blasted by Dreadfeather, before Justin releases the power hook and latches onto Dread's legs. He's unable to do anything but float as he's chained down, Blue Ranger asking for Teej's help in finishing the featherhead off. Red Ranger is ready to clip this birdie's wings, pressing a button and unleashing an endless barrage of red lasers from the many cannons strewn across the back of the sentient vehicle. Dreadfeather is overwhelmed, and explodes into a feathered fireball. Elsewhere, Carlos continues to annoy Elgar, until he finally brings his ride to a screeching halt, sending Green Ranger over the windshield and to the ground. Elgar complains he dented his hood, Carlos says that's not all he'll dent as he whips out his Auto Blaster and fires away at the junky car. Elgar hoists himself out as quickly as he can, as the green blasts cause Elgar's fresh wheels to go kaboom, leaving him a little scorched as well before teleporting away upset. Lightning Cruiser lands, TJ exiting to admire his newfound friend as the other Rangers regroup to do the same. He mentions Lightning Cruiser is a great new addition to the team, as Storm Blaster pulls up, Justin saying it's just plain awesome. All the Power Rangers laugh happily, as the sentient vehicles' headlights flash in recognition. On the Subcraft, Divatox returns to the bridge in a rage, yelling at Elgar for screwing things up yet again. He scrambles around and finds an orange map, telling her this can lead her to tons of gold & treasure, but its in Hawaii. She angrily takes the map, noticing it's drawn in crayon, as Elgar tries to tiptoe away from her wrath. She doesn't let him get away, telling him if the treasure's in Hawaii he's just going to have to swim there to get it! She pushes him into the hatch, as he tries to reason with her about talking this over, since he can't swim, to which she laughs maniacally
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At the construction site, Lt. Stone and his cousin Joe stand around complaining to Bulk & Skull. Joe couldn't even trust the bumbling duo to protect a little bit of concrete, patting his cousin on the back and telling him thanks, as monkeys could have done better! Jerome tries to explain to him to give them another chance, as they walk away from the scene, leaving Bulk & Skull covered up to their noses in almost totally dried cement. Elsewhere, Storm Blaster hits the road, Blue Ranger driving with Yellow sitting next to him and Green Ranger in the back, his feet latched to the floor securely. Above them, Lightning Cruiser floats around, with Red & Pink Rangers inside. TJ hopes they like being part of the team, to which the Cruiser honks its horn in agreeance, Cassie thinks that means yes. Justin asks Carlos & Ashley what they think of it, and both love it. Ash says this is the first car that's ever taken her for a ride (I refuse to comment on that line)! Carlos waves to his pals above, asking how they're doing, Teej says great, as both living vehicles drive down the road, the Rangers joyriding in their new pals.
[end credits]

Porto says he has all his scuba gear on (which means he looks as normal) and is ready to go down. He begins to waddle out the Subcraft hatch, but trips over part of the door and takes a tumble; TJ swerves from side to side inside Lightning Cruiser until he comes to a laughing halt; Elgar's gunning his new car in reverse, telling us to check out the horsepower on it, revealing two stagehands crouching down and pushing the vehicle. He tells them to eat a couple more spoonfuls of chili; The cement covered Bulk & Skull continue laying around in the mixture, Bulk lifting his head out of it and shaking it off, smiling & waving to us.

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