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Power Rangers Turbo
"When Time Freezes Over"
Original Air Date: 09/19/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #24 - Kyuuhasshin?! Nyuu Riidaa
(Emergency Lift-off?! New Leader)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-509
*25th episode of PRT
*230th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Yuri Alexander
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Alex Dodd _AS_ The Phantom Ranger (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Clockster (voice)

Sentai Scene


Somewhere in the woods, TJ is watching Elgar order some Piranahtrons around. He's a safe distance away from the scene, using those binoculars seen the Turbo movie to check things out. The evil space aliens are up to something bad, and upon spotting a large container being loaded to a rocket (the same rocket the Rangers were attached to last episode?), TJ tells Alpha via his Communicator to call in the others right away. In the Subcraft, Divatox admires herself in her vanity mirror, telling Porto it's almost time for lunch, err she means launch! She asks him if that Freeze Key is going to work, he says it'll make things nearly as cold as she is. Divatox tells her scientific advisor he's such a charmer and he'd better be right. She sends a school of Piranahtrons to the surface, telling them to drive carefully, there's going to be some icebergs out there.
[opening credits]
At the Power Chamber, Justin & Ashley are the last to teleport in. They join the others in watching the Viewing Screen, where they spy on the Piranahtrons carrying the container we now know as the Freeze Key. TJ is still on the scene, witnessing as Elgar removes the camouflage from the rocket as the P-Trons load the Freeze Key onto it. TJ lets Alpha know it's a missile, and gives a play by play of the events, not realizing just a few feet behind him the Phantom Ranger is in stealth mode, watching him! Phanty also checks out Rygog down below, setting a few P-Trons straight on it not being time for lunch yet. Elgar has the Piranahtrons put the Freeze Key in the missile, but warning them not to touch it just as one of the fishdrones does just that. He walks over and knocks the ice cold crony over, shattering the Piranahtron into pieces. He shouts to get his point across, never touch the Freeze Key!

The Freeze Key
His yelling gives TJ a name for the device, to which he tells Alpha they're going to freeze something, while Phantom Ranger continues spying on the spying Ranger. He notices a gang of Piranahtrons sneaking up on Teej, so the invisible warrior races down to help out. TJ is about to call in reinforcements to stop the missile, but is taken unaware by the P-Trons! Overtaken by them, Rygog approaches and is about to teach him a lesson when the unseen hero Phanty rushes in and throws the Piranhas aside. Rygog quickly retreats, as Phantom Ranger finishes them all off. Finally, Teej's Turbo teammates leap to the scene Morphed, too late to give him any assistance. They do get to watch as Phanty takes out the last P-Tron and decloaks before them, TJ telling him thanks as Phantom replies with a 'no problem'. He then silently turns his helmeted head at Pink Ranger, staring at her staring back as he returns to invisible mode. Cassie wonders who he was, Carlos tells TJ they need to hurry as Justin explains the Freeze Key is pointed at the sun! Teej Shifts Into Red Turbo Ranger, and the whole team races down the missile site to put a stop to Elgar's mission. Elgar takes this resistance in stride, reminding us at home to always wear shades while firing missiles, as he slips on some goggles over his big ugly head. Red Ranger points out if he fires that at the sun, they'll all freeze including him! Elgar finds that cool, ordering his Piranahtrons to keep the Rangers busy while he begins the launching at the rocket control panel. TJ is able to fight his way through to stop the missile from being activated on time, but gets pulled away by a P-Tron, giving Elgar a chance to hit the launch button! Alarms sound as the missile takes off into the sky, Elgar thanking everyone, and saying for an encore, here comes the end of the sun!
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The missile is really taking off nicely, Elgar and his P-Trons regroup together victoriously, as Elgar mentions with no sun there'll be no need for everyone to be free to wear sunscreen! Needing to put a stop to this, Teej calls in the Turbine Laser, it appears on the scene, adjusts to Assault Position and the Rangers brace themselves against it as it's fired into the air. They've got one shot only, and lucky for them it's all they need as the energy ball blasts the missile out of the sky instantly. Elgar admits that was a heck of a shot, but his Auntie isn't going to be very happy about this, but he teleports back to the Subcraft with the Piranahtrons anyway. Once on the bridge, he immediately gets yelled at by Divatox for failing. He mentions it was Rygog's fault since the Phantom Ranger ran him off. She mentions she'll find Phanty's weakness as he's next on her list, right after Elgar of course, shoving him into the hatch. He pleads with her, since he can't swim, to which she says she'll guess he'll learn! Elgar asks for one more chance as the hatch closes, and Divatox scoffs on the one more chance thing. She begins to think about that, realizing maybe there can be one more chance as she walks by the porthole window. Elgar is floating around outside asking to be let back in as this is going to shrink his underwear! Soon at the Juice Bar, a girl & boy are eating spaghetti while TJ, Ashley & Cassie are sparring heavily on the mat nearby. Bulk & Skull enter the place and are met by Lt. Stone, who notices what they have with them and figures out they're selling vacuum cleaners now. Bulk says not just any vacuum cleaner, but the Total Vac 8000, trying to make a hard sell with Jerome. He reluctantly listens to their sales pitch, as Skull dumps feathers all over Lt. Stone and the floor. Skull gets to work with the vacuum cleaner, sucking up the dirt from the floor when it gets clogged. He smacks it till it clears up, spewing out a ton of dirt at Jerome, the reverse suction knocking the plate with smoothies he was holding right onto him! So, as Jerome stands there covered in feathers & milkshakes, Bulk & Skull quietly leave with their vacuum cleaner before they incur the wrath of the Rock.

On the Subcraft, Clockster introduces himself to Divatox, who gives him orders to reverse time back to before the Freeze Key exploded. Elgar returns from his watery punishment, carrying a large octopus on his head that looks much like a monster in an early episode of Kakuranger! Divatox asks Clockster if he can swim, he can't so she tells him not to mess up. He teleports to the surface (rather interestingly, with roman numerals on a digital scale) and overlooks the busy traffic filled city streets from atop a building. He speaks in nervous jumble rhyme, ordering time to move in double speed, more or less casting a spell as the clock-hand on his head spins around. Cars move faster, the girl in the Juice Bar eats her spaghetti like a pig, a guy with a banana sitting hear her peels lightning fast. Clockster makes time move even faster, the girl devouring the spaghetti in a flash and the boy almost choking on the banana as the sun quickly being to set. In the Subcraft, Piranahtrons run around quickly as Elgar talks about too much coffee. Divatox is somehow the only person not effected by Clockster's powers, screaming loud enough for her monster to hear as she tells him to go backwards! He obeys, and begins to reverse the timeflow, the sun rising, the cars going backwards, the girl doing her bulimic impression as she removes the spaghetti from her throat, the boy repeeling his banana back up. Clockster's time reversing is so far reaching, it causes the footage of Kat leaping into the pool from "A Different Shade Of Pink" to replay backwards! When surfers ride the waves the wrong way, Alpha finally notices the readings in the Power Chamber are all wrong, thinking something malfunctioned. Dimitria tells him it's correct, there's been a disturbance in the space-time continuum, Divatox is turning back time trying to undo something that recently happened. On the Viewing Screen, Lt. Stone's little mess-up in the Juice Bar undoes itself as Alpha realizes she's trying to bring back the Freeze Key. Alpha tries to contact the Rangers, but Dimitria warns him they can't answer for they're caught in the time warp. On the View Screen, TJ, Cass & Ash's sparring goes in reverse rather amusingly.

Time finally makes it back to before the last commercial break, the missile unexploding as the Turbine Laser blast returns to whence it came. The missile sets back down, and once the Rangers are back in the woods racing down to fight Elgar & the Piranahtrons, Clockster puts a stop to his rewinding of the timestream. Divatox teleports to the forest and grabs Elgar, telling him to bring the Freeze Key back to the Subcraft. He thought they were going to shoot it at the sun, but she says been there done there, pointing out the events that were about to unfold. The Rangers appear on cue, but this time TJ is surprised Divatox is there too. She tells them this time they're too late, and they'd better put on their parkas as there's a cold front coming for good! The Rangers talk big talk about putting a stop to her, but she just teleports back to the Subcraft with her henchmonsters and the Freeze Key in tow. TJ wonders why she didn't fire it, and what she'll freeze now.
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Inside the Power Chamber, Justin is checking the scanners and finding the temperature is down seven degrees. He mentions to Carlos the whole planet will freeze in about five hours, Carlos saying that because she can't freeze the sun Divatox is going to freeze the Earth instead! Carlos contacts his teammates via Communicator, Yellow, Pink & Red Rangers are driving around in their Turbozords searching for the Freeze Key. They're coming up short with any energy readings, Teej thinking they hid it underground and he's not far off. In a cave somewhere, ice and snow are forming rapidly, Divatox is suited up warmly as her Freeze Key is working perfectly! Awaiting an ice cube world, Divatox begins to order Elgar to do something with some Piranahtrons, when Clockster, ever the childlike imbecile, walks over to the Freeze Key curiously. He doesn't listen as Divatox yells for him to stop, saying time will freeze if he touches it. He sticks his hand on the Key, and everyone on the whole planet freezes in their tracks, the timestream paused completely! All except inside the Power Chamber, as Alpha finally locates the Freeze Key. Carlos calls for TJ to tell him where it is, but none of his teammates are answering. The Viewing Screen shows their Turbozord cockpits, the monitors working but they're not moving! It appears they're all frozen, Justin figuring out Clockster must have been put on ice. Carlos knows it's up to them to unfreeze the monster, Dimitria explaining once Morphed they'll be able to survive a few seconds before freezing, and if they don't make it in time, they'll be stuck that way forever. Willing to take those odds, Carlos & Justin Shift Into Turbo and teleport to the cave, Justin taking a moment to point out the bad guys being frozen which wastes precious time. Green & Blue Rangers succumb to the time freeze before reaching the Freeze Key, just inches from it and saving the world! Alpha gives the bad news to Dimitria, who is afraid there is nothing they can do.

Inside the cave, all are silent and still. Suddenly, something stirs in the background, it's the Phantom Ranger! He uncloaks himself, knowing his assistance is needed, walking over to the two Rangers. He presses their wrists and teleports them back to the Power Chamber, then returning to invisible mode, shifting his arms around as he goes invisible again, teleporting away along with the Freeze Key! Thing return to normal, as Divatox begins to yell at Clockster for touching the Key, he chalks it up to curiosity, which Elgar informs him killed the cat. The Turbozord riding Rangers unfreeze, somehow aware of what happened and happy to be back to motion. Divatox sends Elgar to get the Clockster and try one more time to do things right, he takes the monster to the building top like before, ordering him to turn back time to before the Freeze Key exploded again. In the Power Chamber, the Rangers are all watching this from the Viewing Screen, TJ giving the command on the good old Back To Action as our heroes make the scene. They call a time out on the creeps, Elgar calling forth Piranahtrons to keep the Turbo Rangers busy with an extended fight scene. The whole P-Tron building-top battle plays out as the "You're Gone, Piranahtron" song from a few shows ago is heard in the background (instrumental). Red Ranger takes on Elgar & Clockster, but when he punches Clocky's chest it causes his time powers to start shifting! Time speeds forward, the Rangers attacking the Piranahtrons in the blink of an eye, until Clockster's powers go in reverse and undo all that we had just seen.

The backshift returns time to the point of just before the Piranahtrons began fighting our heroes, Divatox trying to see what's going on with her Periscope from nearby. She chooses a bad liquid-based substance to poke the Periscope through, as it's a can of tar that blocks her ability to see through the darned thing! Divatox is annoyed even more, ordering a Piranahtron to fire Torpedoes (Rygog still off cowering somewhere). Just when the Rangers are about to take on the Piranahtrons, the Torpedoes swoop down from the sky, blast on Clockster and cause him to grow. The monster starts to tear apart some huge cardboard building, as the Rangers prepare to clean his clock, Elgar & friends clock out by sneaking away. Our heroes call on Turbo Megazord, and within moments it's formed and ready to rock around that clock! Clockster is letting loose on the building, but when going after the Megazord, one quick Desert Thunder leg kick throws him for a loop. Using the Saber, the whole Megazord flips around in the air and slashes at the creature, before TJ initiates the Turbo Megazord Spinout. One smooth slice makes things counter Clockster wise for all time. On the Subcraft, Divatox is getting on Elgar's case again, saying he had three chances and he still didn't get it right. He whines if he had one more chance he could do it, and Divatox mentions if she had one more chance she'd go back so far none of her failure henchmonster crew would even be born!
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Later at the Juice Bar, the Rangers teens discuss what to do with the Freeze Key (apparently, Phanty teleported it to the Power Chamber, I guess). They agree on destroying it, but Carlos mentions not to worry as Justin rewired it. Justin, apparently thinking he's Billy, found the perfect use for something that could destroy the planet, by dressing it a snowman and giving it to Lt. Stone to use as a frozen pop maker! He thanks the boy for it, saying he's never seen a freezer as fast as this one. He gives the teens free popsicles, Cassie & TJ looking at each other and tapping their pops together in a job well done. Bulk & Skull are back with the Total Vac 9000, Lt. Stone saying he's not interested. They beg him to let them practice their sales pitch on him because if they don't sell at least one they'll be fired. He lets them go ahead, and the extra-strength powered vacuum ends up sucking the flowery shirt right off of Jerome's body. Skull asks if this means he doesn't want one, he growls at them, and the Ranger teens laugh at his misfortune while eating their matching color popsicles (cept Cassie gets yellow & Justin a red).
[end credits]

Carlos & Justin Shift Into Turbo, but after turning their keys, Carlos moves. Justin hits his teammate for ruining the effects shot; Elgar tries putting his shades on, but the band snaps over his big head; Banana Boy tries to bite down, but he loses his lunch as it breaks; Clockster lays down on the job; Elgar tries again to fit the sunglasses on his head, using a longer strap but they still don't fit his eyes perfectly; Skull asks if this means you don't want one, Bulk grabbing his nose and yanking it, as Lt. Stone completes the Three Stooges homage by poking Skull's eyes.

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