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Power Rangers Turbo
"The Darkest Day"
Original Air Date: 09/22/97 Based On:
Carranger #29 - Yokisenu Daikaijuu Jiko!!
(The Unexpected Great Monster Accident!!)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-510
*26th episode of PRT
*231st total Power Rangers episode
Writer: John Fletcher Director: Steve Markowitz
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich

_And Resuming The Role She Originated In T:APRM:
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Alex Dodd _AS_ The Phantom Ranger (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ General Havoc (voice)

Sentai Scene


It's a beautiful day outside, so Cassie talks TJ into going on a hike in the mountains. It appears these are the same mountains they found Tommy at in "Passing The Torch", but it could be anywhere. As they head up the rocky range, Elgar & some Piranahtrons are well hidden behind a pile of boulders. Divatox is watching from the Subcraft, awaiting the moment when those two Rangers get flattened. Meanwhile above the Earth, a large mass of what appears to be highway overpasses strewn all over it is heading for the planet. Inside it, the pilot makes orders to contact Divatox at once, and soon on the Subcraft Rygog answers the phone. He tries giving it to her but brushes it off she says she's not in and to take a message. She's busy watching as Elgar and a few P-Tron begin to shove a large boulder down the mountainside, telling Rygog those two power pests are about to become boulder souffle. He insists she take this call, but she yells at him, saying it can wait! Elgar gives up on trying to budge the boulder loose, and when after he sits on it the thing goes tumbling down! TJ hears the rumbling and looks up in time to see said boulder and several others rolling their way, he & Cassie make a run from the rock slide!
[opening credits, same as before except HST added.]
While dodging the never-ending onslaught of boulders sliding after them, TJ calls for Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster to give them help right away. Elgar plays what he calls 'bowling for Rangers' with a rock while the Piranahtrons with him continue shoving rocks in the direction of our two heroes. The mountain continues to shake violently, as Storm Blaster arrives for TJ & Cassie to hop into and Lightning Cruiser flies above, firing energy blasts at the evil space aliens. Storm Blaster takes them out of harm's way, Elgar recovering from the aerial attack and noticing the objects of his destruction have vanished. The living jeep has taken them up the hill and they come up from behind the gang of baddies, TJ asking if anyone ever told him not to throw rocks. Elgar sends the P-Trons to fight them, and the two Unmorphed Rangers start to knock the fishes out of water around. Cassie's own mountains really shake, as she knocks a couple of the Piranahtrons down the slope. Beaten into submission, the P-Trons regroup with Elgar, who says Auntie D is really not going to be happy. TJ asks Elgar if he's run out of boulders, so the ugly mutant teleports away with his loser army. This attempt on their lives over with, Teej & Cass jump back into Storm Blaster. In the Subcraft, Divatox complains of her nitwit nephew's failure to move a couple tons of rock, pondering the use of something bigger & better to take out the Turbos. Suddenly, a strange visitor enters the bridge, asking why his sister won't return his calls. Divatox turns to witness her brother, General Havoc (or Havok if you prefer), with his green & blue Chromites by his side. She apologizes for being out of touch lately, asking how he got there and he states he took the Space Base. She's excited at the sound of that name, asking if the Space Base is here, and Havoc says it is, just as she ordered her men to build it. She scoffs about having asked for it about a hundred years ago, Havoc tells her better late than never but if she doesn't want it he'll leave. She screams at him, then putting on a happy face to say she wouldn't dream of her dear brother leaving so soon, asking if it has a docking bay for the Subcraft. He says yes, there's room for everyone, Divatox giddy over this being the perfect thing to defeat those Rangers. She orders her henchmonster crew to prepare the ship for takeoff, Porto pointing out Elgar hasn't returned yet. She hesitantly says they'll wait for him to get back and then they'll leave.
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General Havoc
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Soon at the Juice Bar, TJ & Cassie tell of their near Wily E. Coyote experience to their teammates, Justin frustrated because he misses out on all the good stuff. Ashley has a little surprise for him in that regard, she got him a ticket to the Angel Grove Monster Tour! Justin happily snatches it up, Cassie explains for us that it's where tour guides take you all around town to where Rangers have fought monsters over the years. Carlos says there's no way they'll ever get him on the tour, but Ash waves two tickets in front of his face and he quickly shuts up. Later, Ashley, Justin & Carlos are in the tour crowd, being lead around by Bulk as the guide. They've come to the end of it, having reached the ever-popular Angel Grove Lake. Carlos can't believe they got him to go on it, Ash saying they had fun although he won't outright agree. Bulk tells the crowd if they wait a few moments they might see one of Angel Grove's famous monsters, naming off the possibility of Pudgy Pig, Eye Guy & The Peckster. Instead, a fuzzy big head monster pops out from behind the tree and attacks Bulk! The tourists do nothing but laugh, a little girl walks over and kicks the monster in the shin for not being real. Skull removes his helmet, Bulk explaining to them this is his good pal and they were trying to have a little fun. Bulk mentions they really did see a real alien spaceship land in the lake behind them not long ago, the little girl saying she saw aliens once and some guy sarcastically saying he saw the alien ship too. Skull sticks his tongue out at the people, as a lady angrily mentions the pamphlet says they were going to see the Rangers or a real monster in action. Bulk whispers to Skull he'd better put his mask back on, as the crowd breaks up in disgust, Carlos pats Skull on the shoulder and says he had a nice monster suit. Lt. Stone comes walking up, saying he thought he hired them to give Monster Tours, not create a mob. Bulk mentions they were just trying to show them where the alien spaceship landed in the lake, Jerome not wanting to hear that nonsense again says they'll try this again tomorrow.

So, as the sun sets and night falls on Angel Grove Lake, Elgar tiptoes back into the Subcraft, but is caught by Divatox. He tries talking his way out of things, when he notices his Uncle Havoc, pointing out his head's gotten bigger, Divatox saying it's too bad his brain hasn't. She tells her nephew they're leaving, and he walks over to join Porto in getting this Subtub moving. Divatox is ready to see her brother's gift of the Space Base, Rygog ordering the anchor hauled in, thrusters fired and to prepare for liftoff. The darkened lake comes alive with the Subcraft lifting out of it's icy depths and floating to the surface, Rygog engaging finwings. Divatox tells the boys to hold on to their horns, cause it's moving day! The Subcraft heads for space, exiting the Earth's atmosphere as Havoc tells his sister the Space Base is big enough for her entire crew as well as his private army of robot soldiers (the Chromites). The Space Base within range, Divatox causally fixes her makeup while telling everyone to prepare for docking speed, Elgar awaiting to pull on the brake lever as two Chromites wave the ship into the docking bay. Divatox finally gives Elgar the okay to hit the brake, and she's sent falling back, messing up her makeup. Porto's excited they did it, Rygog telling his queen they've completed docking procedures.
The Space Base
Two Chromites roll out the red carpet as Havoc welcomes his sister to the Space Base, she commends him on the space balcony she asked for he. He says from there she can have a view of any world she wishes to conquer, offering to give her a tour of the place. She gains a bloated ego from this massive gift, Havoc showing her the insides of the Base and mentioning her Piranahtrons can run the place as efficiently as his own elite forces have. He's got one last present she asked for so long ago, hitting a button with his whip and exposing the mighty Metalasaurus to Divatox! She knows this is the perfect thing to defeat those Rangers, gleefully laughing at the sight of the huge metal Zord of evil.

Back in the Power Chamber, Alpha explains to TJ & Carlos that he tracked the signal from the lake, showing the Subcraft has left the Earth. Carlos wonders if Divatox left the planet cause she gave up, Teej thinking that not likely. The sensors frequency gets interfered, and the Power Chamber gets an incoming transmission from the Space Base, General Havoc introducing himself! He tells them his relation to Divatox, asking them to meet him at Angel Grove Pier to discuss the terms of their surrender. If they don't show up, or they try any of their Ranger tricks he'll destroy the Earth! The signal ends, and Alpha quips that he can't wait to meet the rest of Diva's family.
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TJ has Alpha call the rest of the Rangers, not ready to take a chance on Havoc bluffing. Carlos & he Shift Into Turbo, and the whole gang rendezvous at Angel Grove Pier. General Havoc sits on a nice little table by the docks, sipping from a cup and mentioning what a lovely spot for a spot of tea. Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster (with the Turbine Laser attached to it) roll up carrying the Power Rangers, who quickly jump out and stand ready for whatever the brother of evil is preparing to give them. Instead of destruction, he offers a muffin, the Rangers reject and Carlos gains amnesia, asking who he is and what he wants. Havoc says they're in no position to be asking questions, but is in a good mood and tells them he's General Havoc and on behalf of Divatox, Queen Pirate of the Universe, he orders them to surrender immediately. The Rangers say they never ever surrender, Havoc states that's about to change for change is the only constant in the universe. What they don't seem to understand is the force he represents is far too powerful for them to even hope to defeat, TJ asking why he seems to think he's so tough. He tells him he's tougher than he can even imagine, but his special troops are a great deal tougher, explaining his robot warriors (the Chromites) feel no pain and with no need to breathe they're superb fighters on land and underwater. He'll give our heroes one last chance to surrender to him now or be destroyed, Red Ranger telling him no deal, leaving him no choice but to call forth his army of Chromites to attack! They leap from out of the bay, and the Rangers begin to engage the multicolored robots in intense battle. Havoc finally has enough and his troops back down, Red Ranger asking if that was the best he could do, Havoc mentioning it wasn't, pointing to something up above. It's Metalasaurus in the city, stomping down on the Turbo Rangers, they leap out of the way barely. Havoc then hops into the driver's seat atop its head, telling the 'young pups' they took the bait and now they'll have to deal with his creature of destruction! Teej calls for Turbine Laser, it locks into position and the Rangers fire it off, but the energy ball bounces off Metalasaurus' nose, not even phasing him! Havoc goes touche on them, asking if that was the best they could do, telling them sorry it wasn't good enough. As Red Ranger is telling Alpha to send them the Turbo RAM, Havoc fires Metalasaurus' eyebeam blasts at our heroes, blasting them off their feet, Havoc telling them not to bother getting up.

Nearby, Bulk & Skull finish off another Monster Tour without a problem, Bulk telling them Angel Grove has a highly sophisticated monster detection system, In the event of an actual monster attack they are to proceed to the nearest designated monster safety zone, and not to scream or run. Skull looks up and spots Metalasaurus, so both he & Bulk scream in a panic, the tourists snapping pictures of them as if it was a joke until they see for themselves and run away as well. The Ranger regain their bearings, and with the destruction of Angel Grove nigh, they call forth Turbo Megazord, which forms together in a turbo flash. The Turbo Megazord stands before the monstrous Metalasaurus, the two giant mechas going into battle within moments. The city streets are alive with the sounds of metal clanging, as punches and counterpunches are thrown along with Megazord kicks. Red Ranger gets overzealous and initiates Turbo Megazord Spinout too soon, Metalasaurus doing a counterspin in time to not only prevent being sliced in half, but snapping the Turbo Saber instead! Metalasaurus tosses the half of the Saber it has in its hand aside and tears into the Megazord, the Ranger stunned the impossible has happened. On the Space Base, Divatox still uses her old Periscope to watch the fight, thinking her brother not so bad after all. On Earth, Metalasaurus bites into the Turbo Megazord, Havoc calls them power peons before whipping the metal monstrosity's tail around, lashing at it before and wrapping around the heavily damage Megazord. Havoc then sends an intense electrical charge through the tail, totally frying the Turbo Megazord and even melting the consoles inside! The Rangers are covered in debris and wires as the Megazord continues losing power, Havoc orders his troops to finish them off. As Elgar stands around down below, the Chromites toss up grappling hooks onto the Turbo Mega. Once firmly attached, the gang of C-Mites hoist their way up the ropes, the Rangers overpowered as Chromites smash the Megazord eyewindows and swarm on our heroes! Outnumbering them and with little room to maneuver, the crushing blow to the Turbos hits when some Chromites come in from the back door and blast them out the window! With the Rangers evicted from the Megazord, Havoc gloats some more about having told them they were no match for him and his troops. Now it's time to rid them of their piece of Megajunk once and for all, causing Metalasaurus to lift off, carrying the Turbo Megazord still attached to its tail. Our heroes recover from the long fall only to helplessly witness the Metalasaurus take off into space with their only means of stopping him in tow!
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Havoc returns to the Space Base victorious, Divatox extremely happy to see her brother and even giving him a hug! He remarks on how the tides of war have changed, they now have the Rangers' primary battle vehicle. Elgar agrees, mentioning they have the Megazord too! They brush off his stupidity, Havoc saying that this day belongs to his evil sister, Divatox says of course it does, she can launch an attack at any moment and the Earth will be completely defenseless! She jokes that she used to hate moving, laughing at her own little joke and ordering everyone, including the Chromites to do as well, and then stopping on her whim. She loves absolute power, since she's absolutely insane. Meanwhile in Angel Grove Park, dusk is settling on this darkest day, the defeated Ranger teens sit around sulking like guys from Chile. TJ thinks he should have seen this coming and stopped it, Ashley telling him it wasn't his fault and Havoc just had more power. Cassie asks how they're going to defend Angel Grove without the Megazord, Carlos saying it's hopeless. They all agree in somber silence, Carlos can't believe it, Cassie saying it seems so unreal. Justin wonders where they took the Megazord, Ash figuring somewhere out in space and Carlos mentions there's no getting it back now. The Rangers continue stewing in their own self-pity, when Justin notices something stirring a few feet away. It's the Phantom Ranger uncloaking himself before them, our heroes jumping to their feet at the sight of their only available ally. Cassie seems happy to see him most of all, Carlos in a negative mood doubts even think Phanty can help them now. Phantom Ranger tells them not to despair, there is one last hope. TJ asks what hope, Carlos in need of a real smacking today when he says whatever it is they need it now. Phantom says it must wait, and all will be revealed in time. He walks away as quickly as he appeared, leaving TJ and the rest with many unanswered questions.
[to be continued; scenes from "One Last Hope"; end credits]

T.J. & Cassie get plummeted by falling boulders until Cassie takes a tumble; Elgar scopes out the film crew on the ground below the mountain, talking to someone named C.B.; Divatox calls out her crew's name in preparation for liftoff, but says "Rygog, Elgo, Porter!'; Justin & T.J. sit there looking goofy in the Juice Bar; Skull gets in a tongue war with the annoying little girl; Two Chromites talk about Havoc behind his back on the Space Base, one points out he actually thinks he's a real General, the other calling him the General of ham acting; T.J. asks Elgar what's the matter and screws up the line, both he & Cassie go "ahh!"

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