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Power Rangers Turbo
"One Last Hope"
Original Air Date: 09/23/97 Based On:
Carranger #30 - Shougeki no Debyuu! Hataraki Kuruma
(A Shocking Debut! Working Cars)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-511
*27th episode of PRT
*232nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Steve Markowitz
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich

Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Alex Dodd _AS_ The Phantom Ranger (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ General Havoc (voice)

Sentai Scene


[recap of "The Darkest Day"]
The final scene from Darkest Day replays, from the moment Phantom unveils himself to the second he leaves the Rangers speechless. Later, on the Space Base, the Turbo Megazord is chained up inside a hanger being worked on by Chromites and Porto. Next to it, what appears to be the upcoming Heavy Duty Metalasaurus is being built right next to it, but it seems that may just be some bad footage splicing. General Havoc tells Elgar the upgrades to Metalasaurus' operating system are almost complete, having borrowed a few ideas from the Megazord but improving upon them. Elgar shouts to the Turbo Megazord that it's obsolete, Havoc is sure this is the most advance fighting machines ever built and the Earth's conquering is within range. Porto approaches with a black "Top Secret" binder, having printed the information from inside the Megazord's database. It contains not only stuff about certain Rescuezords we'll see later, but the Phantom Ranger, including stuff even we didn't know about (the hell?!). Porto explains from the info that to defeat the Rangers, Phanty must fall and on his chest is located the Power Ruby, source of his powers. Get the Ruby and he'll fall, Havoc begins scheming to draw the Phantom out into the open. But for now, he's finished setting up the Neutron Laser on the Space Balcony in case of an attack. Divatox is excited to have a new toy of mass destruction, asking when the next attack on Earth will commence. Havoc states his armies are almost ready, Elgar is eager to go but Divatox would rather wait for someone who can actually do the job. She mentions the world has waited too long already to fall into her clutches, putting her hands on the Neutron Laser and accidentally firing it. The ricochet bounces all around the Megazord hanger, luckily missing anything it could damage. Havoc gets up from his ducking position and asks his sister to be a bit more careful, and she gives an embarrassed sorry.
[opening credits]
In the Power Chamber, the Rangers teens wait impatiently for the inevitable. Ashley mentions without the Turbo Megazord they're sitting ducks, but Alpha's scans show everything in Angel Grove to be perfectly quiet and no sign of Divatox. Carlos, the ever pessimist, knows she'll be back soon, as Justin wonders what Phantom's 'one last hope' line meant. Dimitria tells them the meaning will be revealed only when the Phantom Ranger chooses to tell them, Carlos hopes it's soon enough. Dimitria knows it seems grim but reminds them they're Power Rangers and no matter what Divatox can never take their courage, TJ says they'll fight with what little they've got. Alpha tells them this is their chance, they all breath one quick sigh before Shifting Into Turbo. In Angel Grove City, Bulk & Skull lead another Monster Tour around a building, showing tourists where the Rangers once fought the Mechanizer monster. An old man resembling Santa Claus complains the brochure states they'll see the Rangers or a monster, but Lt. Stone is the crowd, explaining as the owner of the tour that it's a misprint. They all grumble, when Bulk spots the Red Ranger above them! He's not lying, as Lightning Cruiser zooms overhead, but too fast for any of the grouchy tourists to see, an old lady thinking it only a plane. Lt. Stone leads the group into the skyscraper to get a good view of the city, Bulk & Skull leaving the tour to get some of the best food on the 43rd floor. Meanwhile, Metalasaurus is on Earth and heading toward the city, Havoc using what he calls Elgar's layout (but appears to be more of a crude Angel Grove map he got from a hotel) to make his way to the center of town. Lightning Cruiser, with Yellow & Red Rangers inside, continues searching around for signs of trouble but so far nothing. They head for downtown, just as Metalasaurus begins stomping his way through the city streets, causing people to run and scream in panic. TJ notices the commotion, but when Ashley tries getting a lock on Havoc, he blocks the Cruiser's tracking system. They call the other Rangers, who hop into Storm Blaster and race to the scene of the disturbance (not like it's hard to miss). Lightning Cruiser fires off a few airborne laser blasts at the Metal mongrel, and all they do is make a few fireworks around it. Havoc realizes they're more resourceful than he thought as TJ makes another pass around. Inside the skyscraper, the tourists go running for their lives as Jerome wonders what the big deal is, Santa telling him there's a monster outside. Lt. Stone quips that they wanted one so much, and now they're complaining, peeking out the window and getting a good view of Metalasaurus' big head and making a run himself. Lightning Cruiser shoots off a few more laser rounds at the giant Zord of evil, as on the Space Base Divatox takes aim with her Neutron Laser and gives the Rangers a taste of their own medicine. She fires it off and strikes the bull's-eye, sending our two heroes plummeting to Earth uncontrollably in the wounded sentient vehicle.
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TJ quickly has Lightning Cruiser revert to landing mode, which saves his & Ashley's bacon as they land hard in the panicking streets. Storm Blaster rolls up and the whole Turbo team is reunited safely, but with the city continuing to be bomblasted, Red Ranger calls on the Turbine Laser. They get into position and fire it at Metalasaurus, but having not learned from last time they did this that it doesn't do much good, Havoc unleashes some eyebeam blasts at our heroes. This knocks them off their feet, as Piranahtrons puddleport in and cause the obligatory Morphed fight scene. This doesn't last long before the weary Rangers are able to beat them into a retreat, left to deal with the giant dog-face metal monster above them. Pink Ranger notices someone appearing nearby and alerts her friends, it's the Phantom Ranger! They rush to see what he wants, and he tells them they must leave this place immediately. TJ tells him they can't leave Angel Grove while it's under attack, and Phanty explains they have to come and they have to trust him. They reluctantly agree, as Phanty points at the cemented ground, causing a door to pop up and telling them to follow him when he jumps inside. The five Turbo Ranger do so, and end up in what appears to be a sewer tunnel under the city. They initiate their Turbo Headlights to see better, wondering where they are and where he's taking them, but following the ominous hero nonetheless. Racing down the endless corridor as debris comes tumbling down on them from the Metalasaurus street-stomping above, the six Rangers finally reach a large wall, TJ thinking it a dead end. Phantom states their final destination lies just beyond this rubble, telling them to stand back as he whips out some kind of wrist-based laser weapon and firing upon it. Metalasaurus continues to smash everything in its path, while Dimitria tells Alpha to scan the city for the Rangers. Alpha contacts TJ on his Communicator and asks where they are, Teej saying he thinks under Angel Grove somewhere, Alpha mentioning the city is crumbling and they'll be crushed! Metalasaurus never hesitates to do his Godzilla impression, while Divatox watches from her Periscope and gives a triumphant 'Viva La Diva!' over this history making day of destruction. Below the city, the Rangers offer Phanty help in blasting the rubble, pulling out their Auto Blasters and firing in unison with their mysterious pal. Soon a hole is blown open, as Alpha tries getting in touch with them to say he can't pinpoint their location and Metalasaurus' casual walking causes tons of debris to finally avalanche on our heroes! Dimitria tells Alpha to have faith the Phantom would keep the Rangers out of harm's way, even though where our heroes once stood is now covered in massive concrete chunks.
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Alpha doesn't give up trying to contact the Rangers as the citizens of Angel Grove scurry about like rats on a sinking ship. Alpha is about to quit when Dimitria tells him no to lose hope, so he continues to whine and press buttons. On the Space Base, Elgar is playing around with the Neutron Laser, finding firing at the Earth and its satellites is fun! Divatox pushes him away from her new toy, but has to ask him for a token as she's all out. He gives her one and she plops it into the cannon, unleashing more laser blasts upon the city of Angel Grove in a sadistic manner. Metalasaurus approaches the skyscraper, and as Havoc tells the good people of the city to say good-bye, the building is beginning to be ripped apart. Alpha continues his search, when loud noises are heard all about, sounding like engines revving, Alpha wondering what that awful racket is. Havoc recognizes the sounds, wondering himself where he's heard it before. Suddenly, from underneath a stadium we've never seen in Angel Grove before, comes a large segmented vehicle.

It rolls out onto the streets and stops in it's tracks, Alpha telling Dimitria it's the Rangers! Inside the head of the giant vehicle, called Artillitron (but never named on the series, only in the toys), Phantom Ranger exits his comfy seat and tells the Power Rangers to deploy the Rescuezords now! The three segments of Artillitron begin to open up, in the back, Ashley's Star Racer (a bulldozer) Rescuezord appears next to Justin's Siren Blaster (a cop car, I hope Blue Senturion sues). The next segment contains Carlos' Thunder Loader (a dumptruck) Rescuezord next to Cassie's Wind Rescue (an ambulance). The front segment unfolds to reveal TJ's Lighting Fire Tamer (a firetruck) Rescuezord, as Phantom Ranger speaks to all five heroes via a commlink, saying the capture of the Turbo Megazord by General Havoc has rendered it useless to them. These are their new Zords, more powerful than any before, telling them to go now and rescue the city. The five Rangers roll out with their five Rescuezords, as Artillitron's segments stack up on themselves in the background. Inside the skyscraper, Bulk & Skull have food and are confused as to what floor they're on since everyone is missing. They spot the monster outside, and drop their food, but in a comedic manner of course.
The Rescuezords

Red Ranger leads his team as he shouts for them to send Metalasaurus back to junkyard, the Rescuezords racing to the rescue down the empty city streets. Metalasaurus is trying to shake the skyscraper in half, with Bulk passed out inside of it and Skull trying to hoist him away. Outside, TJ thinks this guy needs a cool-out, unleashing Turbo Water Cannon at the metal mongrel. The pressure sends Metalasaurus backwards, Havoc just now noticing the Rangers with their new Zords to his surprise. He thinks he took them once he can do it again, firing off eyebeam blasts at Fire Tamer, cutting off his water stream. Justin offers assistance by driving Siren Blaster up a ramp and right into Metalasaurus' mouth! Turning the wheel causes an explosion of flavor inside the monster's jaw until Havoc maneuvers the left arm into smacking action. Siren Blaster is sent hurtling away, but lands safely on a ramp that resembles the skyscraper, racing back under Metalasaurus' feet. Wind Rescue follows, as the two Rescuezords try to keep him off balance with some fancy footwork, literally! Carlos shows the use of Thunder Loader, by heading toward the monster and downloading a truckfull of huge ball bearings! He spreads them along the street, causing Metalasaurus to slip and fall on his giant metal tail! In the skyscraper, Skull wakes Bulk up with a hot dog but instead of leaving to save themselves, they rush back to rescue their milkshakes. Havoc is down but not out, firing eyebeam blasts at the skyscraper and cutting it in half! The upper part falls to the ground, Bulk & Skull tumbling all over inside, as Ashley initiates Star Racer Tractor mode and is able to catch the building piece before it smashes on the ground. She lifts it over into the back of Thunder Loader, Carlos takes it away to safety. Inside, Bulk & Skull mourn the loss of a donut while celebrating the save of their milkshakes. Havoc mentions they're quick but not quick enough, Metalasaurus pushing the rest of the skyscraper over onto Star Racer, Ashley pushing back with her Rescuezord trying not to be flattened. Cassie comes up from behind the monstrous Zord, Wind Rescue now sporting a giant hypodermic needle on top of it. She takes a parting shot right at Metalasaurus' metal ass, striking the target dead on and causing it's eyes to pop out of it's head, Tex Avery style! Havoc loses control of his weapon of destruction, Metalasaurus trashing about in pain, its tail accidentally knocks a giant gas globe from it's position and sends it rolling toward TJ. He fires off the Water Cannon, sending the giant ball of the explosive substance right back at Havoc. He can't believe this is happening, as the globe explodes upon hitting Metalasaurus, sending it flying into the sky, blasting it all the way back to the Space Base explosively! Our heroes celebrate victory, Carlos saying he'll see him next time, Cassie saying if he dares. The Rescuezords finally park triumphantly, while Phantom Ranger sits back in his Artillitron seat, reminding the Power Rangers to never give up.
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In the Juice Bar, Bulk & Skull are being suited up in protective padding by Cassie & TJ. They aren't going to be attacked by monsters again, as Ashley, Carlos & Justin laugh their arses off while watching. Lt. Stone tells the bumbling duo they're giving tours from a big yellow bus from now on, not manning a battle tank. They bring him out the parking lot to correct him on that as the teens giggle pointlessly. Meanwhile on the Space Base, Havoc & Divatox stare out on the Earth in defeat, Divatox figuring at least she still has their Zord. In the hanger, Porto orders a group of labcoat wearing Chromites inside the Turbo Megazord to keep working to find out how everything in it works. Divatox mentions the Phantom Ranger better get a good night sleep the day she decides to use the Megazord. Havoc grumbles at the mention of Phanty, he and his sister both harboring intense hatred for him, she says he's on the top of her long, long list (hopefully not her grocery list either). Elsewhere, Phantom Ranger stands atop a building in Angel Grove. He silently stares out over the city, his mission far from over and his identity long from revealed!
[end credits]

Skull does his Felix clock impression with his tick tock eyes; Bulk's helmet is on too tight as it's lunchtime (poor guy); Divatox's accidental firing of the Neutron laser scene doesn't go as planned, as instead of firing it she breaks the target sight off!; Carlos, Cassie & Justin Shift Into Turbo, but Cass & Justin somehow ruin the take; Full group shot for Shifting Into Turbo, Ashley shaking her groove thang into position; Skull stares into space as Bulk waves his hand over his face.

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