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Power Rangers Turbo
"Clash Of The Megazords"
Original Air Date: 09/26/97 Based On:
Carranger #32 - RV Robo Daigyakusou!
(The Great Reverse Run Of The RV Robo!)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-513
*29th episode of PRT
*234th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Brett D. Born Director: Steve Markowitz
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Alex Dodd _AS_ The Phantom Ranger (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Metal Mangler (voice)
? _AS_ Crosspatch (voice)

Sentai Scene


[recap of "The Fall Of The Phantom"]
Inside the Power Chamber, Justin tells Alpha they're not going to find Divatox's Space Base with the shields up, Ashley asking if they can increase the scanners any higher. Alpha says not without burning them up, Dimitria saying they must get the Phantom Ranger's Ruby back before Divatox learns how to harness its true power or she'll become the most destructive force the Earth has ever seen. TJ & Cassie are out on location, having found an area above the Phantom's access tunnel, asking Alpha to teleport them down below into it. He does so, and within seconds Pink & Red Ranger teens are inside the sewer corridors searching for Phanty with the Turbo Navigator and a couple of flashlights. The Navigator gets a reading on something ahead, and they discover the Phantom Cruiser floating by itself, with Phantom Ranger hunched over on the ground nearby. Cassie rushes to him and tries to get a response, but he says nothing, so she fearfully asks Teej if he's even alive, trying desperately to awaken him.
[opening credits, featuring a new montage of scenes: the Carranger 'Carmagic' Carstars hitchhiking stance and the Rescue & Turbo Megazords standing side by side.]
On the Space Base, Divatox yells for Porto, asking when the Turbo Megazord will be ready. He tells her within the hour as his Chromite assistants finish up their inspecting of the cockpit (and repairing of it, for that matter). Divatox thinks that at long last the end of the Rangers is near, but Elgar shoots her down by mentioning their new Rescue 'hubba-jubba-thinga-majiggers' blew the General right out of the water! She slaps him around while saying he's a simpleton, explaining she's going to combine the power of the Rangers with the power of the Phantom, holding up her prized Power Ruby. She says this will change the course of history forever (a Millennium Message reference, perhaps?) as she laughs evilly and Elgar thinks the plan is cool. In the Power Chamber, Phantom Ranger is lying in stasis as Cassie watches over his helpless body. Dimitria states without the Power Ruby there is nothing they can do to help him, without its power he'll soon cease to exist. Ashley tries to cheer the saddened Cassie up by saying they'll get the Ruby back, TJ mentions time is running out and they have to find the Space Base. Carlos says they know where the Base is, but nothing can get through Divatox's shields. Teej thinks for a moment and comes up with a genius move, if they can get to the Space Base they'll attract it to them! Justin is on the same wavelength as TJ, shouting about a magnet as Alpha says if even they had one large enough they wouldn't be able to penetrate her shields. Teej says she can't keep them up forever, asking Alpha to tell them the second Divatox lowers her shields and telling Justin to warm up Storm Blaster as they have a lot of work and no time. The team Shifts Into Turbo pretty quickly, as on the Space Base Rygog orders a Piranahtron to install the Power Ruby into the battery at once. Once it's locked into place on the battery, a set of giant batteries are lowered onto the Turbo Megazord's chest in the hanger, Porto guiding the operation. He tells his queen the batteries are in place on the Megazord and almost fully charged, as Divatox sits on the balcony talking about how glorious the sight of Megazord Vs Megazord will be and she has the best seat in the house! In the background, Rygog dances a cute little jig while Divatox laughs maniacally.
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Red Ranger almost has Lightning Cruiser in position, as Yellow Ranger adjusts large laser on the ground aimed for the clear skies above. Storm Blaster rolls up, Green & Blue Rangers hop out and hook the energy flow of the sentient vehicle to the magnet laser's energy box power core. Lightning Cruiser lands, Pink Ranger hooks it up to the power core as well, Red Ranger revving on the engine to give added boost to the power flow. On the Space Base, Porto informs Divatox the batteries are fully energized, Divatox giddily runs around talking about showing the Power Rangers their newfound power, ordering the Turbo Megazord to be launched! Porto has the shields lowered in preparation of unleashing the Megazord, Alpha picks this up and lets our heroes know. They haven't had time to test the power junctions of the magnet yet, Teej says they'll just have to energize the system and hope it doesn't blow, turning on the magnet ray and firing it into space. The beam strikes the Space Base, yanking it violently towards Earth as everyone on the bridge is caught in the magnetic field. Divatox knows this is the Ranger's doing, tumbling towards her Neutron Laser and firing at our heroes. She's unable to do any damage to them, as Ashley is happy they hit the bull's-eye. Every unanchored piece of metal on the Space Base is sent hurtling into space, the bolts on some of the structure coming loose as well. A large metal paddle goes flying and smacks Elgar in the ass! Divatox screams for Porto to get her a monster to destroy the beam, he says he has just the monster, presenting the Metal Mangler! It's ready to serve the pirate queen of evil, but Porto's large brain must be on the fritz as the magnetic ray locks onto the metal monster and pulls him toward Earth. Metal Mangler hangs onto Divatox's Neutron Cannon, but is ultimately ripped out into the void along with it!

Metal Mangler

Divatox mourns the loss of her new toy, as Porto calls for a monster will less metal, namely Crosspatch. He does as ordered, teleporting down the surface with a few Piranahtrons at his side. The Rangers are ready to protect the power core, as Crosspatch sends the P-Trons to engage our heroes in battle and stop the magnetic gizmo of theirs. One crafty fishdrone is able to sneak around the Ranger resistance and shut off the laser simply by flipping the switch! The Space Base returns to normal, as Divatox regains her composure and starts to order Rygog to launch the Turbo Megazord. She's unable to get the words out, when Pink Ranger takes out the Piranahtron and turns the magnetic ray back on. Crosspatch fights off Red Ranger and makes his way to the ray, taking out Pink Ranger and using his head, literally, to destroy the ray activator switch. Space Base once again returns to normal, Divatox cracks her head back into position as Porto tells her the Megazord is still ready for launch. She yells for him to launch the damned thing, the Turbo Megazord lifting off from the hanger with evil on its robotic mind! Back on Earth, the Piranahtrons & Crosspatch exit after having smashed the control panel to bits. The Rangers figure it'll take a while to fix, but Alpha tells them to forget it as he's detected a massive object heading right for Angel Grove. Our heroes quickly hop into their sentient vehicles and leave to rendezvous with the object, unknowing the object was once their Megazord! Rygog watches the Turbo Megazord approaching the city on a TV set in the Space Base, he states he wishes he could see the looks on the Rangers' faces when it returns to destroy them!
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The Turbo Megazord drops down to the city streets, as the Power Rangers get a good glimpse of their lost fighting machine. Unfortunately, inside the cockpit is Crosspatch, who's running the Megazord along with four Chromites! He's ready to give the Rangers a taste of their own Megamedicine The yellow eyes turn red as the battery pack powers up and the Megazord walks away, Red Ranger thinking there something different about their old Mecha. Blue Ranger spots the batteries on top of the power module, Alpha telling them what it is and saying he'll keep running scans to find out just what it's for. TJ calls forth Rescue Megazord, and oops, the footage of the underground garage hanger where Artillitron is held shows all five Turbozords sitting nearby! That's ignored as Artillitron rolls out of the stadium and the Rescuezords exit each segment as usual. After Artillitron sets itself up, TJ initiates Rescue Megazord formation, as all five Zords transform from vehicles to the Megazord in no time flat. The Rescue Megazord enters the cityscape, facing the now evil Turbo Megazord, the Rangers telling Crosspatch to surrender now or else he and the Megazord are going down (willing to sacrifice the Megazord, Teej?). Crosspatch informs them that now the Turbo Megazord is using the Phantom's Power Ruby as a power booster, they don't stand a chance of stopping him! The Rangers are stunned at this revelation, now a little more sure of just what that battery pack is for and worried over the threat of the Ruby used for evil.
Turbo Megazord Gone Bad
The Turbo Megazord picks two batteries off it's pack and tosses them at the Rescue Megazord, the resulting explosions cause Carlos to reformulate their plan to take the Megazord down first. Ashley says they're launching missiles, but we never see the Rescue Megazord fire anything even though the Turbo Megazord starts getting tossed around after being hit. Alpha contacts our heroes and tells them to hold on, if they destroy the Ruby they'll destroy the Phantom Ranger with it! Luckily, his sensor search is coming close to finding the Ruby's exact location, something they'll need to find and fast. The Turbo Megazord suddenly halts in position, Divatox watching the battle calls Crosspatch up to complain about his lack of attacking. He tells her to hold on, he's got to recharge the batteries, so both Megazords wait silently as the sun begins to set around them.

With dusk falling in the background, the Rangers sit ready to defend themselves, but hoping they won't have to destroy the Turbo Mega in the process. The battery charging gives Alpha enough time to scan and locate the Power Ruby, it's atop the battery pack. With an exact target to aim for, the Rangers get taunted by Crosspatch when he asks if they're too scared or tired to fight. His blue Chromite partner hits a button on the console and fires the Turbo Headlight lasers at the Rescue Megazord, our heroes dodging the blast as it smashes a building to pieces. Turbo Megazord's Dune Star charged leg attack takes advantage of this slight distraction and strikes the Rescue Mega. Now, the Turbo Megazord pulls out its Saber (recently rebuilt) and starts to slash up a storm! The Rescue Megazord refrains from fighting back, and ends up taking quite a beating as our heroes try not to do any damage to it or the Ruby. Red Ranger gets sick of letting Crosspatch push them around, exiting his seat and telling his teammates his plan to get the Power Ruby back, He'll take Lightning Cruiser and sneak around the battle while they stay there and give him cover fire. TJ takes off, Carlos saying he's either the bravest guy he knows or the craziest as the Turbo Megazord slices at them with the Saber some more. Crosspatch initiates Turbo Megazord Spinout, striking the Rescue Megazord and sending it spinning into a building, crushing it explosively. Meanwhile, TJ drives Lightning Cruiser on the empty city streets toward the Turbo Megazord. Said Megazord is closing in for the kill on the crippled and now powerless Rescue Megazord, the Rangers inside helpless as the Saber approaches for the deathstroke. Just as it appears the Rescue Megazord is beyond rescue, Lightning Cruiser flies by, Red Ranger leaping from it and jumping onto the Turbo Megazord. He races into the cockpit, taking Crosspatch and his Chromites by surprise. This distraction gives the Rangers a chance to regain power on the Rescue Megazord, getting it back on it's feet and ready for whatever may come next.
Crosspatch & His Chromite Crew

The Turbo Megazord stands still, holding the Saber in hand as TJ fights his way through the Chromites with his Turbo Blade in the bowels of the Megazord. He finds a well placed door, leading out to the top of the battery pack where he discovers the panel containing the Power Ruby! Before he can release it, Crosspatch returns with a sword of his own to fight the Turbo leader to the finish! The two duel on the battery pack, blade to blade as Teej's teammates cheer him on from the Rescue Megazord's cockpit. They both hold their own pretty well, but eventually Red Ranger falls near the edge and is pinned down, losing his Blade over the side. TJ doesn't give up, firing his Auto Blaster from its holster, blasting Crosspatch long enough to give him a chance to stand up. Crosspatch nears the edge of the battery pack, so Red Ranger gives one last blow, kicking the monster over the side where he falls to the ground like a well stitched brick. TJ quickly gets the Power Ruby from the battery pack, before charging his Auto Blaster up and laser frying the entire battery pack right off the Turbo Megazord. Crosspatch looks up just as the huge pack crashes down on him, going kaboom with a fancy flash as the Turbo Megazord's eyes return to yellow and we have to assume the Chromites went home or something. Red Ranger gives a thumbs up as the Megazord is back on the side of good again, his teammates cheering in victory. TJ returns to the Rescue Megazord, saying he couldn't have done it without them distracting him by pretending to be helpless. Carlos tries playing off their actual helplessness by pretending it was a genius move of theirs. Divatox isn't ready to lose just yet, ordering Rygog to fire the Torpedoes, they launch off the Space Base and crash in Angel Grove. Crosspatch grows, the Rescue Megazord is there to punch him and kick him and stuff. The nighttime fight doesn't last long, before the Rangers initiate Artillery Power Cannons to unleash enough energy to fry Crosspatch for good. The Turbo Rangers once again celebrate victory, as Rescue Megazord lowers it's heavy cannon holding arms, lit by only the lights of the fires surrounding them in the half demolished city. Job well done, eh?
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The Ranger teens return the Power Chamber in a hurry, Cassie placing the Power Ruby into the napping Phantom Ranger's chestplate. She waits impatiently along with her friends, until finally the Power Ruby glows and returns into position inside Phanty's armor. He slowly regains consciousness, sitting up quickly as the Rangers breathe a sigh of relief. Phantom Ranger turns and thanks Cassie, but she returns a thank you to him with a smile. Dimitria tells them they fought valiantly on the Earth's behalf, Phanty agreeing as he hops off his stasis bed. He starts to walk away, when Cassie stops him to ask if he's leaving them. Phantom Ranger tells her he goes where he is needed and stays for as long as he is needed. She asks what to do if they need him again, Phantom telling her he will always remember her (much like in her daydream) as he walks off, leaving Cassie giggling like a schoolgirl. He gets to the center of the Power Chamber before asking where the exit is, err, I mean he stops and turns around, telling the Rangers he feels certain the Earth is in good hands with them as its protectors. They smile, as Phantom Ranger continues walking, before going invisible and vanishing from the room completely, leaving Cassie as lovesick as ever, likely forever!
[end credits]

Cassie brings the Lightning Cruiser power cord to the power core, but comes up short on enough wire to reach it as her teammates laugh at her; Cassie asks the Phantom what they'll do if they need him again, and he says "Hey, you got my pager number, right babe?"; General Havoc returns to say that everyone's a comedian; Then Cassie and her Ranger pals start laughing, despite unable to hear the pager number line just uttered; Elgar looks to the camera and would like to report that this is hilarious; And Divatox would like to report that she has a migraine; Elgar tells her that she is a migraine, and Divatox begins grunting and snorting loudly like a raging bull!

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