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Power Rangers Turbo
"Beware The Third Wish"
Original Air Date: 10/17/97 Based On:
Carranger #35 - Uragiri no Shingou Yarou
(The Traitorous Traffic Light Guy)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-515
*31st episode of PRT
*236th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Larry Kent Litton
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Michael Cunningham _AS_ Doug Stewart
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Wicked Wisher (voice)
? _AS_ Wild Weeder (voice)

Sentai Scene


Ashley stands around looking hot as ever, wishing for world peace and tossing a nickel into a fountain. TJ asks what she wished for but she can't tell him or it won't come true, Justin's turn to make a wish is next, he steps up and pulls out a coin, Carlos stopping him. He mentions he can't use that coin for his father gave it to him, Justin stating it's a really important wish and worth the use of the lucky coin. Carlos leaves him along, as Justin flashes back to his youth when his father gave him the coin for luck while he was away on his new job. Justin then wishes for his dad to come back to stay, flipping it into the air dramatically and watching it slowly sink to the bottom. Ashley says all that remains is to sit and wait for their wishes to come true, Teej suggesting they get something to eat while they wait, Cassie remarking that's just what she wished for. The four teens walk away, leaving Justin staring at the fountain, when a monster named Wicked Wisher (not to be confused with Wes Craven's Wishmaster) fishes Justin's lucky gold coin out of the fountain along with a few others saying it will do nicely. Justin yells for him to put it back, as Wisher heads over to Rygog, having succeeded in getting the coin.

Wicked Wisher
[opening credits, Darkest Day version]
Wisher admires the coin while Justin tells him to put it back again, Rygog wishing for Piranahtrons to attack the young Ranger, and he gets his wish! The others finally notice they left Justin behind and spot the commotion and rush back, just in time to join Justin in enacting justice the good old fashioned unmorphed way! As our heroes beat the fishcrud out of the P-Trons, Wicked Wisher robs the fountain of another coin, bringing his total to only four when Blue Senturion flips through the air ordering him to halt as he fires his Synergizer Blaster at the monster. Before Senturion can arrest the creature for looting a public wishing well, he & Rygog teleport away as the Piranahtrons finally fall. The Ranger teens head over to thank Blue Senturion, and he mentions it is the duty of all intergalactic peace officers to render assistance, before departing for parts unknown. Justin whines to his friends about losing his coin, wondering what Divatox wants with coins from a wishing well, as on the Space Base, Porto shows his queen the three coins from the fountain. Wisher waves his hand across them and turns them into magic coins, any wish Divatox wishes to make is now hers to have! Divatox is excited, but begins to complain of there being only three and she needs hundreds to wish total conquest of the universe. He tries to tell her he's not a young monster any more and doesn't think he can do more, she begins to assault him and threaten that if he doesn't bring back more wishing coins she'll throw him off the space balcony! Divatox starts walking around pondering wishes, including a new Space Base, as Elgar slips a coin off the table and says he'd wish for a full head of hair. Since he's holding one of the magic coins, his wish is granted, long live Fabiogar!
Elgar's New  Do
Elgar's wishes of Hollywood stardom from his full head of luscious locks come to an end when she his Auntie D gets mad for his wasting of her wish. Turning her attention back to herself (ignoring Elgar's wishes for a cream rinse), she gets a great idea and blurts it out, wishing for the Blue Senturion to be evil! Meanwhile on Earth, Blue Senturion has stopped to help a bicyclist who has a flat tire on the side of the road, when he suddenly is overcome with evil, his signal chest-lights turn black, as does his helmet visor & signals, suddenly attacking the biker and ripping his bicycle apart!
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At the Power Chamber, Dimitria explains the purpose of Wicked Wisher to the Rangers, that he can ordinary coins from a wishing well into magic ones that are capable of granting any wish. Ashley thought such a thing was just a myth, Alpha explaining only on Earth, a place the monster sure isn't from. Justin tells them he got three coins, including his dad's, TJ stressing the need to prevent him from getting any more coins. Dimitria talks about how ever coin is another wish Divatox may use against them, TJ telling his teammates to keep an eye out in case Divatox decides to go through her wish list as he heads to get all the coins out of the well before Wicked Wisher does. Wisher is already there, skimming for coins, mentioning no one has ever asked for more than three before. He stops to try to wish for a lizard with a coin found, but it doesn't work so he tosses it back in and pitching a fit as each coin he tries fails to become magical. TJ notices the monster near the fountain, Shifting Into Turbo offscreen and jumping in to give him a hello kick, and taunting Wisher about his failure to make more magic coins. Wicked Wisher whips out two huge metal coins that he tosses at Red Ranger, causing mild explosions, Teej returning fire with his Auto Blaster, frying Wisher off his feet. Wicked Wisher makes a run for it as Red Ranger chases the 'junkyard genie' as he calls him, the Periscope popping out of the fountain as Divatox watches the scene. Divatox stomps over to order Elgar's request, but spotting the way he has his hair combed into a beehive, she calls him "Ellen" and instead has Rygog send in the new weapon to help Wisher.

Red Ranger is confronting Wicked Wisher in Sentai-land, fighting near what seems to be Speed Demon's Dragula! They battle in the empty city walkways, TJ finally knocked to the ground, suddenly hearing the sound of Blue Senturion's Senturion Cycle heading his way. Teej is glad to see his robotic pal, until Senturion fails to slow down, plowing right through Red Ranger like he wasn't even there! As the Cycle stops, Wicked Wisher introduces Divatox's first wish, the now evil Blue Senturion, who prepares to do his duty of destroying the perpetrator of good with a Synergizer Blaster blast! Red Ranger is blasted, Teej collapsing in disbelief as Senturion asks him to at least defend himself as this is too easy. Red Ranger says he's his friend he doesn't work for Divatox, Blue Senturion sets him straight on being wrong and how he no longer fights for intergalactic good! They then begin an intense physical combat, TJ all the while trying to tell his robocop buddy to snap out of this evil trance. Senturion uses his Synergizer Baton mode to send shockwaves across the ground to fry TJ, soon chasing him with it forcing Red Ranger to pull out the Turbo Navigator gun mode which wraps an energy rope around the brainwashed Blue Senturion. Once he breaks free, he discovers TJ missing, as Wicked Wisher watches from the sidelines smirking and laughing.

Later on the Space Base, Wisher dumps out a whole purseful of coins for Divatox, she's excited until he tells her they aren't good for wishing. She asks what they are good for then, he tells her she can buy something very cheap, to which Porto explains to his queen that he's a three wish monster. Divatox is enraged she has only one wish left, storming to the space balcony to try to make good use of the final wish involving the destruction of the Power Rangers. As she begins to make her wish, Elgar fumbles with the blowdryer for his hair which ends up knocking him against his Aunt, causing her to lose grip of the coin before she finishes her wish! The coin, coincidentally Justin's dad, falls toward the Earth's atmosphere, Divatox grabbing her nephew and chucking him over the side of the balcony, telling him to go get her coin! Elgar's hair flows rather nicely though the vacuum of space as he reluctantly goes after the final wishing coin. Meanwhile on Earth, Bulk & Skull have new jobs as plumbers, working on some lady's pipes, having no clue what they're doing. They try to tell her they'll have to repipe the whole place as it's so clogged nothing will get through them, but the wishing coin falls to the roof, bounces off a few things before hitting the drainpipe and slipping down the tubes. It lands perfectly in Skull's hand, lucky coin indeed, but the proof that something can indeed get through the pipes causes the lady to fire the bumbling dumbos. Bulk & Skull leave another assignment in defeat, unaware that just a few feet away Elgar plummets to the ground, landing in the lady's shrubbery. His hair is getting tangled up in his face, deciding the hair thing is overrated as he begins his search for the coin.
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In the Power Chamber, the Ranger teens help Alpha run scans for the monster, as Carlos sits down to see what's troubling Justin. He's bemoaning about his dad again, telling Carlos he wished for him to return, and how Divatox can make bad wishes come true yet his good wishes never do. Carlos says he knows if his dad had a wish he'd wish to be with him as well. TJ mentions Wicked Wisher said Divatox had three wishes, and with Blue Senturion being the first that leaves her with two, Dimitria warning the Rangers the power of the wishes being vast. Alpha finds a disturbance in the park, putting it up on the Viewing Screen to reveal Piranahtrons forcing innocent citizens to empty their pockets before Blue Senturion & Wicked Wisher. They've got a big sign with a picture of the final wishing coin on it, saying they're looking for this certain one, which Justin recognizes as his dad's, Cassie remarking it looks like Divatox is missing one wish.
Blue Senturion Gone Bad
Our heroes Shift Into Turbo quickly, teleport to the park and rescuing the citizens as they face down the evil space alien crew. Wicked Wisher wants to vent some frustration on them, but Blue Senturion has a score to settle by facing them alone. Red Ranger asks if he still wants to fight them, Blue Senturion telling him he doesn't want to fight them, he wants to destroy them! The P-Trons and the monster teleport away, leaving one twisted Senturion to take on all five Turbo Rangers! Teej ponders with his group about a way to take him out without hurting him, Ashley more worried about him hurting them as Senty whips out a Turbo Blade in response to that notion. Red Ranger catches the blade as Blue Senturion Synergize Blasts our heroes, knocking them back but giving them little time to formulate a plan as he runs toward them, fueled by hatred for all things good as he rips through each of the Rangers with his Synergize Baton. They're trying to resolve this peacefully, and getting just the opposite returned in spades, Red Ranger holding his own with the Turbo Blade as he tries reminding Blue Senturion that this isn't who he is. Nothing gets through the power of the wish, Senty totally trashing Teej, and once the team regroups, he gives an evil lecture before tossing energy blasts at the defenseless defenders. The Rangers are extremely weary and beaten, Blue Senturion saying they're weak and the world will be better off without them, ignoring TJ's constant pleas to snap out of it as he fires his Synergizer into the air, raining down laser blasts.

Just as Red Ranger gets fed up with playing nice and the team is ready to take him down any means necessary, Wicked Wisher jumps in and attacks our heroes. Blue Senturion is even more mad over being upstaged right when he was about to finish them off, complaining to Wicked Wisher. He tells him he was hogging all the fun, throwing spare change at the Rangers that sets off even more explosions to which Senty salutes Wisher on an evil job well done. Wisher is about to outdo himself, when the Rangers call in the Turbine Laser, locking it into position and firing an energy ball at the monster! The blast barely misses Blue Senturion, filling the purseheaded Wisher with more power than he can handle as he falls to the ground. Divatox is watching in disgust, and gets even more disgusted when she heads out to the balcony and finds Elgar getting a haircut by some Piranahtrons. She pulls him away from his 'ugly salon' to go get Blue Senturion while Rygog fires torpedoes Wisher's way. Blue Senturion is about to counterattack the Rangers, when Elgar slips in and tells him Divatox wants to see him. Senty turns his back on destroying our heroes to follow orders by his evil queen, leaving just as Wicked Wisher goes from pocket change to giant batcave sized coins! TJ calls for Rescue Megazord, and Artillitron rolls out and everything proceeds as normal. Rescue Megazord is on the scene, Wicked Wisher wants to save it big money on long distance dialing by tossing two explosive coins at it. Wisher puts up a pretty good fight, he's spry for an old aging purse from space, but ultimately he falls to the mighty fist of the Megazord. Artillery Power is unleashed in a duel cannon salute, Wicked Wisher unable to wish for anything as he goes kaboom.
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Divatox yells at her evil crew, ordering them to get every Piranahtron down to Earth to search for her third coin. Porto suggests an excellent idea, of instead of searching all the Earthlings have the Earthlings search for them! She isn't in the mood for patient planning, telling Porto to spit out whatever the hell he's talking about, Porto presents the perfect monster for the job. Wild Weeder enters from the balcony hatch, speaking with a southern accent and asking if they happen to have some vittles around there. In the Power Chamber, Justin hands his teen pals each their own Turbo Navigator, Alpha having set them to search for metals the same weight and shape as Justin's coin. TJ reminds his team that any sign of Blue Senturion to contact each other immediately. Dimitria tells them to take care, and that Divatox will have her own search parties out looking as well, she'll do anything to find the last coin. Each of the five Turbo teens teleport off to comb Angel Grove for the coin, likely still a bit worn from the extensive battle. Elsewhere, little does anyone know that inside the Juice Bar, Bulk & Skull are kissing their new lucky coin. Bulk then plops it inside a pinball machine, the bumbling duo have no idea what they have in their hands, nor what they're about to unleash!
[to be continued; scenes from "The Gardener Of Evil"; end credits]

Red Ranger flips backwards, and begins to fall over but doesn't; Carlos tells Justin he can't use that coin as his dad gave it to him. but Justin screws up his line; Bulk & Skull sit by the fountain in their plumber garb (either in a cut scene or just hanging out on the set between takes), Skull telling Bulk to follow the coin with his eye as he fails in an attempt to do a trick.

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