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Power Rangers Turbo
"Spirit Of The Woods"
Original Air Date: 11/3/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #45 - Honto no Koi no Shuppatsuten
(The Starting Point of True Love)
Story Based On:
Megaranger #18 - Mamoru zo! Fushigi na Shounen no Mori
(Protect it! The Mysterious Boy's Forest)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-519
*35th episode of PRT
*240th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Steve Markowitz
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
Broc Benedict _AS_ Erutan
? _AS_ Lord Litter (voice)

Sentai Scene

Sentai Scene


We're treated to the beauty and splendor of the natural forest, obviously setting up the peacefulness for a quick trashing by humanity. A jeep pulls up with three teenagers inside, gabbing it up and throwing soda cans and garbage out into the woods. None notice the young blonde boy standing nearby watching them angrily, spiteful over their lack of care of the wilderness. First he fries out their CD player, then kicks up a wind that blows leaves onto their windshield spelling out the words "Go Away!". They take the gusting hint blowing their way, not wanting to disappear in the woods and for this footage to be found years later to be released as a megahit independent movie. The boy gives an eerie smile, walking down the hill as the jeep retreats, he vanishes and reappears several feet away on his way down.
[opening credits, Clash Of The Megazords version]
It's early morning in the Juice Bar/Youth Center, Lt. Stone whipping up a super-duper protein shake for TJ, his only customer at the moment. He guarantees the juice will get him going for at least Six miles of running, the yawning Teej reiterating it'll be two as he's too tired to remember ever saying six. Not ready to rise every day at the crack of dawn to keep in shape, TJ chugs down the shake and heads off for his first run in his shiny red jogging suit. Elsewhere in Angel Grove, Bulk & Skull are using their Patrol Bike to deliver newspapers door-to-door. Skull drives while Bulk pitches papers, rather poorly and dangerously, at every home on the block. TJ comes running down the sidewalk from the other way, saying to himself he's the only one crazy enough to be up at this hour, as the bumbling duo passes him on the road. He thinks again, running by some bottles of Angel Grove Water which contain a treat for the owners of the water cooler, Divatox's Periscope! She witnesses the Red Ranger teen all by his lonesome, casually walking over to her new monster, Lord Litter and looking him over, asking Porto if he thinks he's up to the task. Porto states TJ doesn't stand a chance against Lord Litter's powers, Divatox telling the creature not to blow his big day.

Back on Earth, TJ's jog takes him into a forest trail, he stops for a breather to pick up a paper cup someone ditched into a bush. Stuffing it into his pocket, the strange boy smiles while watching him and Teej is surprised by the sudden appearance of the child. He tells the boy his name is TJ and asks for his name, the kid stating his name is Erutan, Teej then asking what he's doing all alone out in the woods and if he's lost. Erutan says he isn't lost and neither is he, Teej asks Erutan if he knows how to get home and he says he does. TJ then hears an owl hooting in a tree, turning around for a moment only to turn back around to find Erutan missing! His communicator goes off, so searching for the child will have to wait, answering Alpha who detects an energy source in his area but he can't get a lock on it. Teej says he'll keep a lookout, continuing on his run into the deep woods, when he notices a piece of trash on the ground behind him. As he moves, so does the garbage follow, stopping when he does. Teej finally makes a dash at it, causing the trash to reveal itself as Lord Litter, promising to trash the place and him if he doesn't want to join in! TJ refuses and gets a blast of wind hurled against him, with loose paper and other garbage slapping him in the face. Teej falls over a few times, but is able to stand up, face the gust of Litter-air and Shift Into Turbo. He has no idea that Erutan is standing nearby in the forest, watching this occur, much to his shock! Red Ranger then attacks Lord Litter in physical combat, only to get tossed back to the tree like yesterday's lunch. He reaches for his Auto Blaster, firing at Litter, who then fires back with his own natural blast attack all monsters seem to come with. TJ yells at the creature for his littering habits, but the duke of the dumpster admits litter is his specialty, unleashing another garbage wind. Red Ranger is covered in newspapers, burger wrappers and scripts for MMPR episodes, Lord Litter laughing up a storm, literally, while Erutan gasps in horror over the natural disaster.
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Red Ranger is encased in an amass of scraps, Lord Litter approaching him and saying he's going to dispose of the garbage known as him! Erutan suddenly appears and tells the monster to go away, aiming his arm towards the creature and creating a powerful enough gust of wind to blow Lord Litter across the forest! TJ is cleared of his trash prison, but discovers Erutan mysteriously gone again, Turboing down just as his Ranger teen pals make the scene a little too late. They ask him if he's okay, Alpha told them there was trouble, he tells them there was a monster but he and a boy named Erutan took care of him. Justin wonders what boy is fronting in on his cute kid status, Teej unsure of just who Erutan really is, but wondering. Later on the Space Base, Lord Litter tells Divatox about how he had Red Ranger right where he wanted him, but the nature boy made the wind come up stronger than a tornado. Divatox is intrigued by the possibility of possessing the elements herself, doing destruction with lightning, hurricanes and basically becoming one badass Mother Naturetox. She orders Lord Litter & Elgar, who's laughing his mutant butt off at Litter's broken wind tale, to bring her this nature boy and don't fail her again! Soon at Angel Grove High, Cassie & TJ are sitting around in class or study hall or something. Teej is doodling in his notebook, writing down Erutan's name and slowly reworking the letters. When he finds out that Erutan spelled backwards is 'Nature', he shouts out the revelation, getting shushed by a nerd behind him. TJ glances out the window and spots Erutan standing there and looking back, he gets up and rushes after him, telling Cassie that he's outside.

Once he reaches the area the boy was at, no child is seen for a moment, until Erutan races by some feet away, Teej quickly giving chase. He follows Erutan until he reaches the lake, and once he stops, Erutan suddenly appears in front of him from thin air! TJ isn't too surprised by this ability, mentioning that he was the one who made the wind, Erutan admitting it. Erutan goes on to say the woods want to thank him for helping them, Teej wondering why they'd want to thank him for picking up one whole piece of trash (I wager inmates in chain-gangs picking up trash daily get thanked by the woods a lot). Before he can realize it, Erutan has made himself appear over the waters of the lake. Teej asks if he's the spirit of the woods, Erutan saying sometimes he's the woods, or the winds, or the water, before quickly vanishing. Lord Litter, Elgar and two Piranahtron show up, looking for Erutan but finding only the Red Ranger by himself. Elgar wants to do battle, but Litter reminds him of their mission, all teleporting away to find the forest boy. Later at the Power Chamber, TJ explains the entire phenomenon to Dimitria, she finishes it off by coming to the conclusion Divatox wants to use the boy for her own evil purpose. Teej has to find him before she does, Alpha mentions all computer scans come up short on finding Erutan anywhere in the woods. Alpha tells him to calm down and wait until morning to continue the search for his newfound ghostly buddy, Teej following his advice and giving up for the moment but wondering where the spirit of the woods could be. Hint, Teej, drop an empty can in the woods and await his wrath!
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The following morning, Bulk & Skull are continuing their paper delivery route, Bulk's precision at tossing the newspapers into mailboxes perfectly has increased dramatically. He even throws one right into the hands of a guy standing around drinking coffee! He tells Skull to speed up as he's falling asleep over there, the patrol bike zooming by TJ, who's making another morning jog down the sidewalk yet again. Reaching the wooded trail, he calls out for Erutan, and within moments the boy appears almost on cue. He warns the ageless child there are evil forces who want to capture him and he should leave for a while, Erutan saying he knows, and knows they're also after TJ, asking if he'd leave for a while too. Teej says no, but they both need to be careful. The ever alert Turbo leader hears a sound coming from nearby, leaving his force of nature pal's presence long enough for Elgar to appear and sound the trap! Erutan is caught in a net hidden under him, hoisted up into a tree as Lord Litter boasts he knew they'd find the boy by following Red Ranger. Speaking of Red Ranger, TJ Shifts Into Turbo, taking on a small school of Piranahtron as Erutan struggle to escape. TJ contacts Alpha while fighting, telling him he needs the other Rangers, and before a tree can fall without making a sound, the entire Morphed Turbo Team is there to save the Earth day. They engage the P-Trons, while Elgar tells them they're too late as the Eco Kid is coming with them. Pink Ranger Auto Blasts Erutan's net down, Red Ranger catching him as he falls, the nature boy is perfectly safe, but Green Ranger wonders who he's talking to as he sees no child there. Teej sends Erutan off to the sidelines while he continues sparring with P-Trons, Elgar tells them time is up as Lord Litter blasts energy their way and knocking them down. Lord Litter says it's time to can this garbage, firing off garbage cans at our five heroes, packing them extra tightly into metal trash cans! Litter starts his walk towards the defenseless Rangers with the intent of kicking them to the curb, but Erutan refuses to stand by silently. He reaches skyward, his hand covered in lighting bolts as the clouds darken and begin raging with footage seen quite a bit during Lokar footage in season 1. Erutan focuses the energy through him until lightning strikes down from the skies and fries Lord Litter! Elgar takes off as the Rangers, as well as Lord Litter, recovers, our heroes taking the cue from Erutan to call on the Turbine Laser. The rarely seen Laser swoops in, the Rangers lock on and fire, the ball of power smacking into the monster and then floating off into the air.

Meanwhile on the Space Base balcony, Divatox whines about having to do everything, yelling for torpedoes to be fired, Rygog pressing the button and firing away. The torpedoes turn Lord Litter into a king sized mess, Red Ranger telling his teammates to take care of the monster without him as Erutan needs his help. Defending the Rangers took quite a bit out of him, the boy collapsed on the ground and seemingly near death, TJ picks him up and rushes off into the woods as the other four Rangers call on Rescue Megazord power (incorrectly, since they're just calling on their Rescuezords). Artillitron rolls out, the four Turbos hop into their Rescuezords, and we suddenly see the Zords in their Rescue Megazord component mode reverting to High Stance Modes. The four Rescuezords face Lord Litter, Carlos saying they need Artillery Power to trash this garbagebrain, Artillitron beaming off one of its cannons to Star Racer & Siren Blaster, and another to Thunder Loader & Wind Rescue. The High Stance Zords support them on their shoulders, firing Artillery Power at Lord Litter and sending him to the flaming landfill monster afterlife! With that over with, the Rangers exit their Zords and power down, rushing into the forest to assist their leader with his nature pal. He's unmorphed, asking Erutan what he can do as he watches the boy begin to slowly vanish, his body becoming slowly transparent as he tells him there's nothing he can do. The other teens rejoin TJ, unable to see Erutan as Teej says good-bye to him, the boy saying as long as people like him protect the woods he will be okay. The spirit of the woods walks away, finally disappearing back into the form of a force of nature, TJ saddened to watch him go.
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Yet another day in Angel Grove, Bulk's paper delivering pace as increased to a breakneck speed, Skull barely able to slow down as an old man runs in front of them! He tells them they're fired, they say he can't do that, as they haven't missed a single house in two weeks and they're always early. Bulk shows off his natural skills of launching newspapers into mailboxes perfectly with great ease, Skull mentions their customers love them. The old man, who works for the Angel Grove Gazette, says of course they do, the bumbling duo hasn't made any pay a single cent! The boss takes Bulk's uniformed paper holder and leaves, obviously too senile to understand the word 'subscription' (why did he give Bulk the gear of a paperboy if he meant for them to deliver AND collect at the same time!?). They mope in their patrol bike as TJ jobs by, waving to them as he heads back into the woods once more. Along the trail, Erutan apparently races by behind him, but when he turns around, all that's there is a young fawn. TJ smiles, and returns to his daily routine.
[end credits]

Bulk tosses a paper right at Skull's head, Skull removing his hands from the steering and strangling his partner!; Bulk throws papers without looking as Skull tells him he's not getting anywhere.; Bulk throws more papers, hitting Skull in the head again, and again, and again until Skull throws one back; Skull gives commentary on Bulk's aim being right in the gutter and way off; Bulk & Skull slap each other in their bike helmets as the drive around the suburbs quickly; Lord Litter's power Sneeze wind attack sends him almost toppling over.

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