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Power Rangers Turbo
"The Accident"
Original Air Date: 11/10/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #37 - Kyoufu no Dai Uchuu Haiuei Keikaku
(The Terrible Great Space Highway Plan)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-521
*37th episode of PRT
*242nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: John Fletcher Director: Blair Treu
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)


Angel Grove High School is the scene, and outside the Psychical Education class is where Carlos meets a fellow player named Owen. The soccer coach wanted to see them for some reason, Owen calling Carlos the coach's pet, figuring he'd know why. Coach shows up and says this Saturday's he's appointing a new team captain, he's choice is of the both of them, saying they're both good players. He mentions Owen needs to work on his sportsmanship, while Carlos has a habit of missing practice (the first instance of a Ranger teen missing important normal life events due to his heroic double life in quite a while), and tells them if they both want it they'll have to work harder for it. Later, Carlos is walking along the busy soccer field with Justin, telling him he should be practicing but he's played with Owen since he was ten years old and feels odd competing against him. Justin doesn't think Owen is worried about it, as he's out on the field practicing already, another player asking Carlos to play and help the grouchy Owen with his sportsmanship. Carlos tosses his backpack and rushes onto the field, and soon he's showing off why he's supposedly coach's pet. He gets the ball and heads for the goal, but Owen swipes it from him and gets away, Carlos gives chase and finally slips under Owen's feet, literally, regaining the ball and making a goal in no time flat! Little did Carlos realize that when he stole the ball from under Owen's feet, Owen fell hard and is now clutching his right leg in pain, the other players rushing to his aide as Carlos gasps in shock.
[opening credits, The Fall Of The Phantom version]
Carlos runs over to the crowd around Owen, asking him if he's alright, another player asking if he can move his legs and he grunts out a no. Carlos tells Justin to get the coach, while Owen asks Carlos in a whiny voice what he did to his leg, the other player saying that was an illegal move. Carlos tries saying he didn't do anything, as some other players defend him on not going anything illegal. Coach finally shows up and inspects Owen's legs, before judging he needs a trip to the emergency room, having some players carry the teen away, leaving Carlos behind feeling horrible. Meanwhile on the Space Base, Porto informs Divatox that the Zord Project (likely using the details stolen while they had the Turbo Megazord in their clutches) is almost complete with only one or two minor glitches. She wants the new Zord they built to be perfect like her, he says it is but needs a test drive in case it explodes. Divatox suggests the only birdbrain that might test drive something that may explode, turning to her mutant nephew who is cleaning her Periscope, clueless as to why they're looking at him. Soon, Porto introduces Elgar to the Terror Zord, calling it his beautiful masterpiece that needs only a few more adjustments. Saying there's no time, Elgar ignores these important flaws and takes off with the Terrorzord towards who knows where, Porto's pleas unheard as a cotter pin floats his way. He mentions Elgar's going to regret not listing to him once the lack of the huge cotter pin becomes obvious. Later on Earth, several soccer players in the High School are abuzz with gossip about Carlos taking Owen out so he can be team captain. Carlos is shocked when he hears Owen is out for the season as his ankle is sprained badly, two players saying they're quitting as they don't want to play for a guy who'd hurt his friend just to get ahead. Two others tell Carlos not to let them get to him as everyone knows he didn't do anything to Owen, but Carlos feels otherwise.
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Sometime later on the soccer field, the players practicing away while Bulk & Skull give cheers and commentary from the sidelines. Seems their new job is as waterboys, but they get their sports terminology all mixed up, the coach coming over and asking what they're doing. They offer their 'skills' as assistant coaches if he needs them, but he tells them they're supposed to just deliver the water. Bulk gets right back to it, lifting a large bottle over his shoulder, the cap off and quite a bit of it pours out onto the coach! He tries acting innocent as coach walks away shaking his head, Bulk continuing to dump out the water on Skull, until the two start fighting over the bottle, wetting the both of them. Only when slamming the bottle down and splashing him in the face does Skull complain. Over on the field, Carlos' abilities that made him such a great player aren't working as he flashes back to the events that took Owen down. Coach calls him over to bring up his lack of concentration, Carlos saying he feels bad about Owen, coach mentioning if he didn't mean it then it was an accident. If you're going to play sports there are going to be accidents and they need him at 100%. Carlos tries taking the words to heart and gets back into the game, as Divatox's Periscope floats around inside one of Bulk & Skull's water bottles. She loves it when the Power Rangers are miserable, trying to think of a way to make Carlos feel even worse. Porto comes waddling in, holding the cotter pin and trying to get the pirate queen of evil's attention, but she ignores him, trying to think of a real challenge to send in to break Green Ranger's spirit even more. Porto suggest Piranahtrons, but Divatox has a better idea, someone he wouldn't even lift a finger to fight!

Later on the soccer field, Carlos is sulking around by himself, when Owen on crutches and the two quitters show up. He asks his former friend why he wrecked his leg, the others playing early Mike Judge-toon Beavis to his Butt-Head with repeating his question. Carlos stands up to face the anger, trying to talk it out while Owen yells at him about the doctors saying he'll never play soccer again, all because of Carlos. Carlos says it was an accident, Owen brings up he's team captain and he got what he wanted, Carlos then mentioning he wasn't even near his leg! Owen and his buddies begin to get closer to Carlos, saying they're going to make him pay for what he's done, when the four Turbo Rangers teleport to the scene to tell Carlos to get away from them! He asks why, as Red Ranger says they're fakes Divatox sent, the three revealing themselves as Piranahtrons (My GAWD! Carlos has been playing soccer with a Piranahtron since he was 10!?). The jig is up, more P-Trons popping up and engaging our heroes in battle, Carlos cutting loose while remaining unmorphed. The others compete in the token Piranahtron fight of the day as the "You're Gone, Piranahtron" song plays in the background. Once they're beaten into puddles, Red Ranger talks with Carlos about how Divatox is trying to trick him with his guilt. Carlos says maybe she doesn't have to, as he's quitting soccer, the former soccer Cheerleader Ashley says quitting won't solve his problems, but he's unsure what will. Divatox is watching, frustrated as her plan almost worked, wondering how to get all the Rangers to walk away. Porto insists on talking to her, she finally gives in and asks if Elgar is back from his Terrorzord test drive yet, he says he left before he could finish the Zord! She grabs the cotter pin from his hand and tells Porto he'd better hope the contraption stays together or he is so popped.

The next day (has a whole year passed in this episode or what?), the crutch-wielding Owen drops his books while opening his locker, Carlos picking them up and handing them to him. Carlos is about to give his Piranahtron-pal a drop kick, but then remembers that was just a short-term ruse. Owen asks if he came to gloat, Carlos says he feels terrible about what happened and didn't mean to hurt him but trying to get the ball. Owen says he made an illegal move, Carlos says a slide-tackle is legal and his foot didn't even touch him, Owen says if he didn't trip him how did he end up with a cast on his leg? Carlos reminds him they've been soccer buddies since they were kids, Owen bringing up the team captain motive before walking away, leaving Carlos behind to mope. Later, Carlos walks along the sidewalk, stopping to grumble over his stupid mistakes. A familiar voice is heard from around the corner, as good old Blue Senturion continues doing his civic duty of measuring how far a car is parked from the curb and writing up a ticket for it. Before he can do that, he spots Carlos looking troubled, asking what's the matter. Carlos mentions he'd play soccer for fun with buddies and never even keep score, but now that's all changed. Blue Senturion squawks this doesn't sound like a legal matter he's qualified to help him with. Carlos says it isn't and it's something he has to go sort out himself, Blue Senturion telling him good luck as he goes back to work. Writing down the illegally parked car's license plate number, his sensors suddenly begin to go off as he detects a large metal object of enormous weight approaching Angel Grove. He scans around him before looking up and noticing a small shadow in the light of the sun, growing larger as it quickly descents to the ground. He calls it a moving violation, but as it slams into the streets not far from where Blue Senturion stands, the Terrorzord towers mammothly above him. Senturion's sensors indicate it's not of this Earth, and boy is he right on the robotic money!
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Blue Senturion chucks aside his measuring stick & ticket-book to give a yell to the Elgar in the Terrorzord about not being allowed to park in the middle of the street. Elgar asks what he's going to do about it, Senturion saying he will do what he's been sworn to do, blowing his whistle and Robo Racer coming online. As the giant police car races around into Battle Mode, the Terrorzord smashes it's way through downtown Angel Grove. The two lock horns in battle, Robo Racer defending itself for a short time, but taking more hits than it gives as the Terrorzord knocks it for a wallop. Robo Racer launches its huge handcuff at the evil Zord, Elgar maneuvering the Terrorzord for a sleight of hand and dodging the attack, grabbing the handcuff chain and wrapping it around Blue Senturion's Zord! Bound and helpless, Robo Racer falls to the punches thrown by Terrorzord, Senturion calling out a mayday heard by Alpha in the Power Chamber. How they failed to detect the Terrorzord sooner is anyone's guess, Carlos & the other teens teleporting in and watching the action on the Viewing Screen before Shifting Into Turbo.

Terrorzord fast approaches the defenseless Robo Racer, until it gets blasted away by the Rescue Megazord's duel laser guns. The Rescue Megazord nears Robo Racer, Blue Ranger notices Blue Senturion is down but not out, Red Ranger saying it's time to give Elgar one in the chin. Elgar's in his Terrorzord cockpit, boasting his Zord is better than theirs is, but the Rescue Megazord takes him on and tosses the Terror across the cityscape. TJ is ready to end it by having Carlos call on the heavy artillery, Artillery Cannons beaming on and the Rangers firing away. The Terrorzord quickly vanishes from the line of fire as the blasts stream past where he once was, Carlos saying even though they can't see him he has to be around there somewhere. Cassie pulls out her Turbo Navigator and prepares to track him down, and of course he's directly behind them. Red Ranger suggests they take a little spin, making the Rescue Megazord do a 180 degree turn and firing Artillery Cannons at the Terrorzord. This is exactly what Elgar knew they would do (Elgar gaining a brain here?), and using the chained Robo Racer as a blast-shield! Blue Senturion and his Zord taking the brunt of the attack, Carlos is in horror over hurting another friend by accident. Divatox cheers for her nephew doing something right for once, Porto urging his queen to call Elgar back there to reattach the cotter pin to the Terrorzord. Rygog acts like there's no problem as they're winning, but Porto knows the pin holds everything together and worries the results. The Terrorzord extends its arm and in its hand forms a large axe, Elgar saying no more Mister Nice Mutant as he performs his own version of the Turbo Megazord Spinout, without the spinning, ripping past the Rescue Megazord and causing it to lose grip of the cannons. Terrorzord lets the axe fall again, this time the Megazord grabbing and holding it from hitting them, until the Terror opens up its chest-plate and unleashes some firepower of its own!

The Rescue Megazord is thrown through a building, and lands near the still-chained Robo Racer, Terrorzord walking over and stomping on the weakened Megazord. TJ mentions power grid is offline and they're trapped, Cassie says it looks like they're finished, Blue Senturion unable to help either, Carlos can't believe they're going down! Terrorzord lifts its mighty axe above its head, Elgar telling the Rangers 'arrivederci' as he adjusts the stick-shift and the axe is lowered right at the Megazord's head! It stops just short of decapitating the Rescue Megazord, Elgar fighting with the jammed gear, lifting the Terrorzord's right arm again until it is skyward once more. He forces the controls, causing the axe-wielding arm to break loose and fall off onto the street! The Rangers don't look a gift miracle in the mouth, getting the Rescue Megazord back on its feet quickly. Elgar nervously remarks he seems to have dropped something, picking up the severed arm with the only good one it has left, and causing the Terrorzord to take off into space! Reluctantly retreating, the weakened Rescue Megazord & Robo Racer give a big Zord high-five over still being intact. Robo Racer almost collapses, but the Rescue Mega helps it stand tall in the wake of the total catastrophe. Soon on the Space Base, Elgar returns to the bridge, only to have Divatox yell at him for not finishing the Rangers off! She says he almost had them and to never stop in the middle of battle, he reminds her the arm fell off, and she doesn't care if it exploded, he should stick with it! He turns the blame on Porto, and he mentions Elgar took it to Earth too soon, she screams they talk too much and give her such a migraine! Divatox orders Porto to find her more Zords, they're going to put the Power Rangers out of business permanently, he grovels in fear and tells her he'll do it right away.
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One more day at Angel Grove High School, the soccer coach mentions to Owen & the other player, whose name we find out is Jeff, that the teams going to need all the support they can get now that Carlos isn't playing. Owen wonders what's wrong with Carlos, coach saying he quit instead of becoming the team captain, and if they want to know why they should ask him for himself. Carlos is nearby gabbing with some extras, coach bringing Jeff with him so they can talk alone, Jeff trying to make a play for captain now the position is empty. Carlos walks up and offers anything he can to do help his crutch-using friend, Owen says he's okay, but thought he wanted to be team captain. Carlos says he has his reasons for quitting, Owen remarks the team will lose before admitting he didn't hurt his leg and didn't even touch him to begin with. He just tripped over his own big feet, and he just wanted to blame someone other than himself for his own mistake. Carlos is relieved to hear this, Owen extending his hand the shaking his, the two pals finally making up. Owen plops his foot up on a trash can and asks if he wants to sign his cast. "Your Friend, Carlos" is written on it, Carlos then hastily giving back his pen and running off, telling Owen he's going to get his uniform back as the team has a game to play! Owen smiles, and is never seen again.
[end credits]

Skull complains of Bulk splashing him water, and then picks up the bottle and starts to dump it on Bulk until the director calls cut and Skull says he's sorry; Justin giggles; B&S laugh at the goalie; Divatox doesn't care if the Terrorzord exploded, telling Elgar to stick with it! Elgar says Porto screwed it up, and Porto happily says he sure did! Divatox rubs her temples, saying they give her such a headache!

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