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Power Rangers Turbo
"Shadow Rangers"
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Original Air Date: 05/1/97 Monster Suit From:
Carranger #Any Episode - a grey/ monotone Whumper, the multicolored foot-soldiers of the series.
They will later be seen as General Havoc's troops, called Chromites much like this monster
*4th Regular Season
(5th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-433
*4th episode of PRT
*209th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Mark Hoffmeier Director: Chip Lynn
Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk Chimp (voice)
Jason Narvy _AS_ Skull Chimp (voice)

Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Chromite (voice)

Sentai Scene


Welcome to Angel Grove Racing Technologies, we'll be spending a lot of time here this season. Inside the garage, Justin helps out Tommy with some tweaking of a race car's engine. Justin gets the chance to start it up and give it some gas, while Tommy monitors the diagnostics from outside it. The youngster hops in, and hits the gas. The engine revs up, devices hooked up to it to test the readings hitting their stride in no time flat. Tommy notices they're going a little too high on the charts, telling Justin to ease off the gas some. He doesn't do so, the engine starts smoking and the monitors hitting overload. Tommy yells for Justin to stop, but the little boy Blue can't, his shoelace has locked his foot on the petal!
[opening credits]
Justin calls for Tommy to help him, and the long time leader rushes over and grabs his new pal. Pulling him out of the car and to the ground, just as the engine explodes in front of them! Everything's shorted out, Justin apologizes to Tommy for causing such a big mess. Tommy tells him it's alright, he should have checked to make sure the accelerator wasn't sticking anyway.

Meanwhile in Angel Grove Lake, Divatox's Subcraft floats diabolically beneath the waters still. Divatox asks her scientific advisor Porto if his latest creation is ready, he's happy to report it is. The Chromite walks onto the bridge, Elgar escorting it arm in arm. Chromite carries a bouquet of flowers, lights flashing all around as Piranahtrons toss confetti in an arrival of a celebrity couple fashion. Divatox & Porto speak into microphones, ala the hosts of a pre-Oscars ceremony, discussing how much of a lovely couple those two monsters make. Porto's created this Chromite with the special powers Diva asked for, the Rangers should find it illuminating. On a related note, the Refracto-Detonator is also finished, unveiling it in a seemingly harmless stack of paint cans. The main one has a bomb inside of it, Divatox finding this extra firepower in her war against the Turbo Rangers to be marvelous. Back at the Garage, Tommy & Justin have their work cut out of them in repairing the race car. They begin to get down to business, Justin going to put on his new CD to give them some music to work to. He goes over to the table, but can't find it anywhere. This isn't the first thing to turn up missing, over the past few weeks Justin's basketball & Tommy's sunglasses have mysteriously dropped out of sight. Both Rangers are clueless as to where their objects have been disappearing to.

Meanwhile, Porto & The Chromite teleport to an empty construction site in Angel Grove. The blubbery Porto begins to explain to Chromite just what the Refracto-Detonator will do, asking it to take the lid off the can containing the bomb. The detonator is triggered by radioactive paint dripping out of a hole in the bottom of the can. When the paint on the ground forms a rainbow of colors, it'll cause a massive explosion. Chromite must guard it while the paint drips out, Porto needing to return to ship and leave the real task to his creation. Soon, Tanya is walking with Adam, asking him how his summer stunt job is going. Kat approaches them both, and at that same time, all three Ranger teens are greeted by Chromite, hooting like an Indian in a cowboy movie. The flamboyant monster calls them sweet & cutesy in a sick way, before leaping over them, bouncing off a wall and shoving Adam to the ground. His friends rush to his side, Chromite running right toward them with a few sharp punches and kicks to the female Rangers! The trio decide they're not going to take this anymore, and Shift Into Turbo. Just what Chromite was waiting for, pulling out a laser gun device, firing a beam at the Morphing Rangers. The beam strikes our heroes as they become infused with the Turbo energies of their Turbo Zords. The ray causes them to fade to grey as the Morphing sequence ends (at least for Adam, the only one shown). This causes Adam to become Green Turbo Ranger only for a moment, before his shadow strewn across the ground forms to life, siphoning off his powers! Unmorphed and taken aback as to why, all three Rangers' shadows rise up behind them, and give them each a powerful surprise blow! Chromite prances about happily, telling the three humans that the Shadow Rangers have stolen their powers and there's nothing they can do now! The Green, Pink & Yellow Shadow Rangers stand before their doubles, each Morphed into their corresponding colors (except helmets, which are all grey). Green asks the teens what their problem is, they look like they've seen a ghost! The three Shadow Rangers laugh evilly, as their human counterparts lie on the ground speechless.
The Refracto-Detonator drips it's paint continuously, the puddle forming a pool of several bright colors. Meanwhile, Adam gets pummeled all around the construction site (of a future homeless shelter) by his Green Shadow Ranger. Same thing goes for the girls, every move they make anticipated and counterattacked by their diabolical doubles. It'd be one thing to fight themselves on an equal scale, but they're doing battle with their Evil Turbo Morphed twins here. Things aren't shaping up well for our heroes, racking up quite a few bruises in this failed attempt to defeat themselves. Finally, all three humans get beaten to the ground, Adam mentioning he had no idea he was so strong! Chromite has his constructs take their weary prisoners to the Chromite Cave, they evilly obey, teleporting in a multicolored fashion with their defeated doubles. Elsewhere, Justin finishes modifications on a homing device from radio parts to find the identity of the thief swiping Tommy & his stuff. All he needs to do next is stick it on something primed to be stolen, but until then he stuffs it in his pocket. No time to play detectives, as Alpha 6 contacts them via communicators. There's trouble at the construction site, the two Rangers rush over and begin scouring for the source of the disturbance using the Turbo Navigator. Doesn't take long, as Chromite and his group of Shadow Rangers are waiting for the final two Turbos to show up! Justin runs in halfcocked, and despite Tommy yelling for him to wait, the boy begins to Shift Into Turbo. Chromite whips out his ray, beams upon and intercepting the Blue Turbo Morphing sequence. Like with the others, the Blue energies get drained out and surge into his shadow. Up rises the Blue Shadow Ranger, casting a powerful attack on young Justin! The Four Shadows follow their master's orders and race into battle as a team, outnumbering the two Turbos. It proves to be almost like battling their own teammates, Justin quickly overwhelmed and captured by his dark double. Tommy also falls, questioning where his friends are, but Chromite gives up no clues. Justin gets hauled away, the Shadows leaving Tommy eating dirt after a final gut punch by Yellow. The four Shadow Rangers teleport to the Chromite Cave, and Tommy takes the incentive of freedom and teleports himself to the Power Chamber while he still can.

Shadow Rangers
Tommy heads in through the corridor hatch and is greeted by the obnoxious Alpha 6, not letting Red Ranger forget this loss so soon. He doesn't need reminding of this, but needs some guidance by their new mentor Dimitria. He questions her on how it's possible the Turbo Powers were swiped, and if those Shadow Rangers are really like the humans they spawned from. Dimitria returns in kind by asking him if he really thinks they could be exact duplicates and if he believes power given to them by Zordon could be stolen so easily. Of course not, but such an easy answer sends Tommy in a bout of confusion and a bit of frustration as it really isn't helping his imprisoned friends any! He cuts to the chase, demanding her to tell him how to find the others and what to do about the Shadows. Alpha calms him down, explaining the deal with the white robed lady flowing about in the plasma tube above. Dimitria is from Inquiris, as in Inquire, meaning she doesn't give answers but she asks questions. The old Tomster doesn't like how she does things, as it's a far cry from Zordon's explanations a go-go. Alpha sternly points out she ain't Zordon, so he'd better make lemonade out of this query-ridden lemon patch. Tommy starts to ponder what little he gathered from Dimitria, if the Shadow Rangers aren't Rangers, then what are they? Speaking of those shady fellows, in the Chromite Cave await orders for the next step in their creator's plan. Large illumination crystals scatter about the cave, apparently keeping the Shadows around with a solid light source. Chromy takes them offscreen to explain the plot to overtake Turbo Red, leaving the four captured Ranger teens behind a force-field jail-cell. All attempts by Tanya to contact the Power Chamber by Communicators prove futile, the cave dampening their traditional Ranger accessories. Kat overhears Chromite discussing Porto's Refracto-Detonator to his shadowy subjects, explaining it's set to go off soon so they have to prevent the last Ranger from interfering. The villains teleport to take care of this, leaving Shadow Pink behind to guard the captives. Kat is disturbed by this news, especially considering she can do nothing to stop it!

Meanwhile at the Power Chamber, Tommy reviews the monitoring of the Shadow Ranger attack. Particle analysis reveals them not to be real at all but made of refracted light! Dimitria questions Tommy as to what destroys light, giving him the simple solution to this shady dilemma. Now only to find the others, as they themselves are trying to figure out a way for him to hunt them down. Justin thinks he may have just the thing to help on him, activating the tracking device he had in his pocket. Tommy's on the same wavelength, rushing back to Angel Grove Racing Technologies to retrieve Justin's homing machine. The second he walks outside, he gets reunited with his new sparring partners. Chromite gives him a chance to do things easy and surrender, but Tommy isn't up to giving up and prepares to take on the ironically light-based dark threesome. He puts up as much of a fight as he can in his depowered form, Chromite baiting him to Morph. He knows better, and presses on with the brutal battle. While Tommy is one of the most skilled people around when it comes to karate, he's still no match for three Turbo Morphed constructs of evil. Beaten up against a green Stingray, the Chromite Crew swarms up on our weary hero, ready to add the final Ranger to their cave collection!
The Shadows close in on Tommy, but he hasn't played all of his Chromite-Cards just yet, glancing up at the sun shining through the trees. Time to shed something he knows all too well from being turned evil so often, that being darkness, on these dangerous doubles. Hopping up and fighting his way over enough for Shadow Blue to rush him, then tossing the evil Ranger off to behind the building. The area is shaded from direct sunlight, Blue never gets a chance to recover from his fall as he dissolves in a flash! Chromite isn't happy Tommy's figured out their Achilles heels, as he continues this Shadow Ranger blacking out by kicking Shadow Green into a de-enlightening experience. Finally, Tommy takes on Shadow Yellow, quite possibly the most spunky of the bunch. Her Turbo powered anger blinds her to the light, literally, as Tommy tricks her into knocking him into the shade. All it takes is a quick 'come and get me' to have Yellow fly at him with a jump kick, Chromite trying to warn her as she disintegrates in midair. Let without any Shadow soldiers, Chromite makes a flashy teleport getaway, giving Tommy a chance to finally Shift Into Red Lighting Turbo. Soon enough Red Ranger is searching around the mountainside, tracking the signal from Justin's device. He ends up finding the Chromite Cave, as elsewhere the Refracto-Detonator's puddle is almost finished forming a full spectrum of destructive colors. Tommy heads into the cave, calling for his teammates but forgetting Shadow Pink is still around. She fires with her Auto Blaster at him, and he returns in kind by taking out her light crystals, causing the final Shadow Ranger to fade from sight for good.

The bars imprisoning the Ranger teens dissolves with her, and they happily leave the cave confinements with help by their leader. Tommy explains the whole "opposite of light" standpoint that helped him win, and about Justin's tracking device that helped him find them. Kat's got some bad news concerning Divatox's newest detonator, the whole team sure Chromite must be off guarding it. Turbo Red's helmet headlights which are lighting up the darkened caved are revealed to have produced a special light that enables our heroes to see Chromite's multicolored on the ground. Using this they quickly Shift Into Turbo (their powers returned once the Shadows went bye-bye of course) and following Chromy's steps. It leads to the homeless shelter construction site, which according to Tanya is just past the KAGV radio station she's interning at. This explains why Chromy attacked them there earlier, and it's more than likely the location of the detonator. Chromite makes an explosive entrance, leaping into action in an attempt to keep the Rangers busy as the Refracto-Detonator slowly drips to activation. The wily and agile Chromite bounces around, firing hand blasts at our heroes as they take him on. Luckily, all the construction workers cleared out, as Chromy is really putting them back a few months of work. Yellow & Pink Rangers fall right before the Turbo Team regroups. Things are about to get messy once that paint can bomb explodes, our heroes need a way to get Chromite into the shade. The only way they can pull this off is if they call in their Turbo Zords! All five come together a lot quicker and smoother than in the previous show, as the Turbo Megazord is transformed. Chromite wonders where his adversaries went, and the answer comes stomping in the form the American Turbo Megazord. He's unable to move out of the way, as the Rangers block out the sun all around Chromite. He collapses, does his wicked witch impression and melts into nothingness. The Refracto-Detonator does the same thing, as the Turbo Rangers cheer from the cockpit, congratulating Tommy on being useful again! Later inside the Subcraft elevator, Divatox and her three mutant mateys ride it while discussing Chromite & the Refracto-Detonator being duds. Divatox is disappointed in this lost victory, calling them all duds. Porto agrees with his captain on this, as Elgar lets out a belch, stinking up the whole cramped room.
Justin & Tommy take advantage of the ingenious little homing device that helped them out earlier. The mysterious thief has struck again, stealing their bugged CD player, as they track it down to the Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar Youth Center place we all know far too well. It seems everything we know is wrong, as someone places a large sign above it reading "Under New Management." Both Ranger teens are confused about this, and decide to go check that out along with the matter at kleptomaniac-hand. Everything looks normal inside, passing by Kat who asks what the both of them are doing. She joins in the search, Justin's tracking device leading them to a back door that opens to a patio littered with tons of missing items! The Bulk & Skull Chimps are caught red handed, Bulkie playing with Justin's basketball. Life's gone on for the bumbling duo, they're enjoying the easy life of banana splits and getting away with petty theft. Skull has Tommy's sunglasses on as he relaxes in his hammock, both Chimps chattering back to the non-understanding humans. Their whole simian philosophy is they're bored, and broke, so time to make the hairless apes share the wealth. Bulk mentions they're going to be spending a lot of time there, so the items are to make the place a bit more homey. Kat thinks they should ask Ernie what those two chimps are doing there, Tommy remembering the sign out front. The said new owner comes walking in, clad in the usual flowery shirt, it's Lt. Jerome Stone! He's keeping the two monkeys there until he can figure out what exactly to do with them. Justin asks what happened to good old Ernie, and Stone reveals the original cast member's fate. It seems pudgy Ernie's Foreign Service Unit recalled him so he had to suddenly leave, something about building a bridge in the Amazon. Nothing is ever mentioned of Lt. Stone's police career again, but one can only assume Bulk & Skull's 'abandoning their posts' might have deterred him from a second chance at law enforcement. Bulk Chimp tosses the basketball at him, bouncing off his head and causing the pizza he brought in to flip in the air and splat all over him. Jerome gets the sloppy feeling he knows those two, and everybody has a good chuckle.
[end credits]

Bulk Chimp is Super Monkey, doing a slam dunk on the two feet high hoop; He tries to toss the ball again, when some human ruins his image by grabbing it; Skull Chimp realizes they aren't monkeys, but chimpanzees. He can hardly get the words out right, quipping it's like their brains have gotten two sizes smaller; Bulk is a funky monkey, jumping up and down before hopping on the hammock that Skull is on. The two chimps then begin fighting before the trainer comes over to break up the funky monkey battle; Bulk Chimp scratches his neck, needing some of that special shampoo, if he can find it.

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