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Power Rangers Turbo
"The Rival Rangers"
Original Air Date: 11/17/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #42 - Zensha Ensuto! Kyodai Robo Zettai Zetsumei
(Engine Stall On All Cars! Desperate Situation For The Giant Robo) And:
Carranger #43 - Merii Kurumajikku Kurisumasu!
(Merry Carmagic Christmas!)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-526
*42nd episode of PRT
*247th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Mandy
? _AS_ Bobby [Played by the same guy who played 'Rob' in PRT's "Built For Speed"]


The place is the Space Base, where Divatox continues living up to her reputation of Pirate Queen Of Evil by hoarding an amass of gold & jewels brought in by her Piranahtrons. She plays in the riches while her scientific advisor Porto tells her the Sharkzord is nearly completed and assures her she'll have no problem with it this time. Divatox says he's right since she won't be driving it, he will! Porto seems to have forgotten she threatened to make him pilot the next Evil Zord test run in the previous show, and thanks her but cannot accept such a dubious honor bestowed upon him. She says he built it and he claims to have all the brains, so he's going to go down there and destroy the Power Rangers. Divatox pats the pudgy fellow on the back and wishes him good luck, leaving him behind to mute his anger. Meanwhile in the Juice Bar, Lt. Stone takes money from the customers, as the blaring music from Ashley's dance class down in the Youth Center a few feet away can be heard. Ash is teaching a bunch of little girls how to shake their groove thang on the dance floor. The class ends, she asks if everyone has a ride home, they do, she bids them good-bye and they pile out. She wipes off her sweat with her yellow towel and drinks from her yellow (and green) water bottle over at a nearby table, when Lt. Stone heads over and asks if she's going to the dance on Saturday night (what, is he asking?!). She tells him no as she doesn't even have a date. She spots a boy over near the Juice Bar entrance eating an ice cream cone, who's been watching Ashley dance for quite a while. Ashley grabs Jerome's shoulder and points him to the teen, asking if he bought tickets to the dance. Lt. Stone informs her that not only has he bought two, but he doesn't even have a date (which should clue Ash into him being a complete moron for buying two tickets when he doesn't even have a date)! Ashley eyes him like a hungry animal looking for both a hot meal and hot monkey love, purring out a "not yet..."
[opening credits, The Robot Ranger version]
The guy is next seen trying to lick a little girl's ice cream cone! Well, turns out the girl is Mandy, from Ashley's dance class, and he's Bobby, her big (and rock stupid) brother. She lets him have a taste of the cone he bought for her and she was being greedy with, getting it all over his nose. Ashley walks over in full pert-mode, smiling an introduction of being Mandy's dance teacher. Bobby wipes off his nose and shakes her hand, causing Ashley to giggle. Bobby mentions Mandy loves her class, Mandy tells Ashley that she can dance better than her brother. Ash says maybe he should take a lesson or two, she just so happens to know of a good instructor. Suddenly, Cassie walks in and stands next to Bobby, he then introduces Ashley to his friend. Cassie heads over and puts her arm around Ashley, revealing to Bob that they're best friends. Visions of French words fill Bobby's tiny little brain, and the first thing he blurts out is "small world", followed by a mentioning that Ashley thinks she can improve his dancing. Mandy yanks his arm out of the door, and Bobby bids farewell to his new female friends. They're left breathless over the brainless hunk of beef, Ash asking where he came from, Cassie says he just moved here (ahh, Angel Grove, land of never ending "new kids in town"), and he's so nice. The two girls turn and giggling in unison as they call him cute, proving there is no accounting for taste.

In what we must assume is the next day, Ashley strolls through the halls of Angel Grove High and spots Bobby come down the stairs. He's talking to some girl, and then another girl walks up and starts talking to him. He excuses himself from the barrage of bimbos and makes his way to Ashley's locker. She pretends she wasn't watching him, but thankfully he's too dumb to have noticed. He brings up the dance that'll be occurring on Saturday, Ash needs to be hosed off from the heat of anticipation as she waits for him to ask her, but all he does is ask for dance lessons he thinks he needs. She agrees to do it tomorrow, when Cassie shows up and takes Bobby off to the park as they planned. Cassie walks off in arm with the reanimated beef patty they call Bobby, turning around and waving to Ashley with a mocking finger wave. Ashley's left furious, until she notices salvation waiting just behind her. TJ is at his locker (which means, by the by, all five Ranger teens have lockers located next to one another), acting like a normal human being instead of a dog in heat like everyone else in this episode so far. Ashley asks Teej to go play catch with her at the park, something he thought she didn't like. She says that maybe she changed her mind, slams his locker door shut and pulls him off to the park in flash. Soon at the Angel Grove Park, we find Cassie sitting on a bench playing her string guitar, with Bobby sitting against a tree nearby. He seems entranced by the "purty music", and gets a rude awakening when TJ shouts a heads up, Bobby jumps and grabs the fly ball heading his way. Teej apologizes for the throw as Ashley is just learning, Ash innocently tells them it was her bad. Cassie grinds her teeth upon seeing her rival Ranger teammate, TJ asks if they want to play and she immediately says no, while Bobby pops off a yes! Cassie then changes her mind and gives an evil grin, stating that she loves baseball. Moments later, Cassie has the ball and tosses it to Ashley, with a mighty powerful pitch, causing Ash quite a bit of pain even through the glove. Bobby comments on the nice throw, which prompts Ashley to scope out a nearby sprinkler head with a puddle in front of it. Ash tosses the ball in its direction, shouting for Cassie to get it. Cassie races for the ball, but fumbles right into the puddle, getting soaked to the delight of Ashley. The guys help her up, she's madder than a wet hen, Teej says it was a good effort and Ashley just busts out laughing, returning that finger wave from earlier.

Later, Bobby loads Cassie's guitar-case into his car and opens the door for her. TJ & Ashley walk by, waving they'll see them later. Once Bobby's in and trying to start the car, Cassie starts asking him if he has a date for Saturday's dance. Ashley quickly reappears and tells him he flooded the engine and to pop the hood open. Ash gets to work on fixing the problem, Cassie mentions to Bobby that she took auto shop, something that ever amazes Bobby the Bobo. Ash tells him to put the petal to the floor and turn it over, the car starts and Bobby tells her that was incredible, thanking her. Ashley gives Cassie a dirty look, pats Bob's shoulder, leans enough so he can see down her shirt and tells him it was no problem, before departing once more. Cassie tries again to bring up the dance, when her good old Communicator goes off! She whines at the sound of the beep, turning around to see Teej & Ash rushing off to answer it, TJ beaconing her to come along. Cassie tells Bobby that was her pager and asks him to wait a minute, which he agrees to do. She joins up with her two pals, TJ tells Alpha they're on the way, mentioning to Cass that Justin & Carlos are in trouble. The still soaked Cassie (apparent by those wet spots on her shorts, I hope) frustratedly asks if they can handle it since she's busy with Bobby, Teej tells her he'll have to wait. The three Shift Into Turbo, and flip on over to the plywood storage yard where Green & Blue Rangers are facing Elgar, Rygog and some Piranahtrons. Elgar's ready to crush them all, ordering his troops to attack, the Turbo Rangers race into action, as per usual.
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The Power Rangers fight P-Trons on well-stacked plywood and lumber boards. This scene doesn't come any easier to describe than that. Elgar calls out to the two Piranahtrons taking turns fighting Red Ranger and tells them to finish him off at once. TJ ditches the P-Trons and leaps down to take on the two Henchmonsters, grabbing Elgar and kicking Rygog a bit. Red Ranger finally heaves Elgar into Rygog, and then calls on Lighting Cruiser, which teleports onto the scene in the blink of an eye. He has the sentient vehicle fire upon the weary Elgar & Rygog with its laser cannon, blasting the monsters as the rest of the Rangers complete their Piranahtron routines and regroup with their leader. The Henchmonsters take the blasts like true secondary villains, Elgar tells them to keep their stupid supersonic laser-firing flying vehicle as they're going to need it when Divatox sends down her big gold, the final part being cut off by Rygog, who quickly shuts him up before they teleport away. The Rangers cheer over the losers taking off so easily, but TJ wonders what Elgar meant by that last line. Green Ranger says he'll check with Alpha to see if the Command Center (hey Carl, it's the Power Chamber! Hasn't been the CC in years, and come to think of it, how would you know anyway?!) sensors can find anything. Pink Ranger remembers her previous engagement with hormonal fulfillment and rushes off before her teammates can get a word out. Cassie returns to the park, discovering to her dismay that Bobby has already left (and come to think of it, he stole her guitar too!).

The following morning at Angel Grove High, Bobby meets up with Ashley in the library. He asks her if Cassie is okay as she disappeared on him yesterday, she tells him she's fine, then sees this as an opportunity to slander her. Ashley explains that's how Cassie is, she's here one minute and gone the next, something she can't stand about her. Another girl sits down at the table, Ash seems to know her and says hi to Glenda (or Glenn?), Bobby gives the girl a googily look. Ashley asks Bob if they're still on for the dance lesson, he tries shushing her to revealing his shame of having two left feet to Glenda. But Glenda tells him not to worry about it as she's bad herself, nervously trying to correct what she said by not trying to accuse Bobby of being bad, just that the point is to be better. Poor Bobby's puzzler must be aching by now with all them words, he says he'll see Ashley after school and then walks off. Glenda whines about what a fool she made of herself, and Ashley does what she's been known to do on occasion, giggle. That afternoon, it seems that "next week" to Ashley's preteen girl dance class is "two days from now", as it's back in session at the Youth Center. Lt. Stone boogies down to the music while closing down the place for the day. Mandy's feet hurt, so Ashley sits her down and lets the rest of the girls keep practicing the repetitive moves she taught them. Ash loosens the girl's shoes and starts to ask who her brother is taking to the dance, Mandy says no one but he likes this girl and is too chicken to ask. Ashley asks who it is, and before Mandy can mention the name oft he girl, Bobby shows up. Mandy rushes off to see him, leaving Ashley behind to tell the kids to practice at home and she'll see them next time. Bobby informs Mandy that their mother is taking her home and is out front, he's going to stay a little while. Mandy understands what that means, mocking him by singing that Bobby likes Ashley. He points at his little sister and tells her to get out of here. The place is relatively cleared out, leaving Bobby alone with Ashley. She names the first lesson, that being rhythm, and shows him some simple moves while the ever popular "Tell Me Now" song from a ton of earlier PRT & PRZ episodes plays. The moves are far less than simple, considering Tracy had this whole dancing plot made up especially for her since she supposedly loves to dance. She finishes shaking her moneymaker and Bobby is dumbstruck by the complication of the so-called "simple moves". She grabs his arm and shows him how to do them slowly, step by step. He almost falls over attempting to do a spin, but we couldn't be so lucky.
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Later, Bobby seems to be getting the hang of the swing of things. He wants to do it again, Ashley tells him sure and then walks over to check out the labels on some of her cassette tapes (and "Tell Me Now" is still playing, what, is it the extended 8 hour remix?). Just then, her Communicator beeps, leaving her no choice but to tell the big lunk to keep practicing as she's got to step out for a minute. She leaves the poor goof unsupervised in the Youth Center, and he probably breaks his leg the moment she leaves. Ashley steps out (not in the dancing term) to a secluded area and answers Alpha, who tells her Divatox is on another rampage, and has a new Zord! Ash reluctantly leaves her dance partner and teleports to the Power Chamber, finding the rest of the team already there, doing scans on the city. Carlos fills us on in the new Zord blowing up an abandoned ship in the harbor. Dimitria speaks without the echo effect she once had, telling the Rangers to be careful as the evil Zord has the ability to operate underwater. I guess water is bad for their Zords, TJ tells her they got it and they Shift Into Turbo instantly, racing onto the harbor docks a second later. Elgar & His Piranahtron entourage pop up right in front of them, and another battle breaks out. Your usual "focus on a Ranger fighting a bunch of P-Trons while doing fancy moves" set appears. Red Ranger, though, is fighting Elgar, who's wielding his card-sword rather well, striking TJ a few good times. Red Ranger finally whips out his own sword, a Turbo Blade in a rare American footage appearance, and is ready to rumble. Elgar locks swords with TJ, and they appear to actually be evenly matched. Pink Ranger quickly hops in and kicks Elgar off Teej, angering the bumbling mutant to the point that he fires off some energy bolts from his sword at Cassie! She backflips out of the range of fire, just in time for the other Rangers to join their teammates in facing off with Elgar. When he realizes he's outnumbered, Elgar teleports back to the Space Base. Red Ranger grunts over the incomplete fight with the henchmonster, until Alpha beeps in on the Communicator and tells them the Sharkzord is headed downtown.

The Turbo Rangers call on the Rescue Megazord, which links up faster than usual. Porto is piloting the Sharkzord as Divatox requested, the marshmallowy fellow sits atop the head in a fancy Space Taxi of his own, it seems. The Sharkzord headbutts the Megazord, only to get pushed back just as fast. Porto plans to finish them by firing off the Zord's supercharged Fin! It floats around the Rescue Megazord before finally striking it in the back, allowing the Sharkzord an opening to shove the Megazord backwards. The Rescue Megazord topples back into a swimming pool, err, Angel Grove Harbor, and sinks to the bottom (apparently, it's just as impossibly deep as it was in "An Oyster Stew". Too bad Dragonzord is nowhere to be seen, though). The Sharkzord jumps in and faces our heroes, Porto attacking the Megazord with the Zord's left drill-hand, helping to deplete its power. Seems like the Rescue Megazord isn't waterproof, and is taking a power-dip just being in there, and the blows thrown by the Shark aren't helping. Power in the Megazord is at 60% and dropping, Yellow Ranger notes they've got to get it back onto dry land as soon as possible. The Sharkzord headbutts the Rescue Mega's chest a few times, and this gives Red Ranger an idea to call for Turbo Power Booster to go online. The Rescue Megazord's chest guns are aimed downward, propelling our heroes up from the briny depth and back into the clean dry city. Porto promises they won't get away that easily, firing two torpedoes from the Shark's right hand. They blast the Megazord, giving the Sharkzord time to leap out of the water and position itself for another blast attack.

The Sharkzord aims its right hand torpedo-gun at the damaged Rescue Megazord, but is unable to fire as Robo Racer suddenly appears out of nowhere and punches the evil Zord in the nose. The Battle Mode Zord of Blue Senturion has returned at last (where it's been for so long, I haven't a clue), the robotic cop offers his assistance in stopping this fishy character. The Rangers take advantage of this breather and head the Rescue Megazord slowly away from the action, Justin says they're still losing power and TJ mentions the systems are shutting down. Carlos knows there's got to be a way of stopping them from draining their powers (I assume he means "them" as in "all that water that's filled the Rescue Megazord up"), Ashley says they'd better do it soon as they've lost all weapons. Red Ranger tells his team to lock them up, the Turbozords are called on and Turbo Megazord quickly joins in on the Jaws sequel. The Sharkzord gets a charge Dune Star Leg kick in the nose, knocking him over for but a moment. Porto gets it back up and has it plow through Robo Racer, heading for the Turbo Megazord. TJ exclaims they're still losing power (how or why is never explained, guess Porto has some kind of dampening device going that they never mention), Justin says he can't slow it down. The Turbo Megazord tries to defend itself against the Sharkzord with its Saber, but the Shark brushes it off and strikes with its drill-hand. This drains the Megazord energy to 25%, Cassie says they can't take another hit, so Teej says to hold on since the Sharkzord is getting ready to fire again. It does indeed, launching its double torpedoes at both the Turbo Megazord and Robo Racer. Turbo Megazord's power ends up at zero, Justin has Carlos put reverse power online. Blue Senturion tells them he can draw the Sharkzord's fire, giving them just one clean shot. The Rangers think the plan is good, preparing themselves and watching as the Sharkzord throws a huge anchor at Robo Racer. Senturion's Zord batters the anchor back into Sharky's face by deflecting it with the rarely seen Senturion Shield! This stuns Porto, allowing Robo Racer to grab the Sharkzord's arm, telling the Rangers to go to it. Cassie has the tractor beam locked, via the Turbo Navigator hooked into her control panel, Justin gets the honors of firing the Turbo Headlight beams at the Sharkzord. Porto is blasted out of his Space Taxi seat and into the air, leaving the Sharkzord without a pilot. Robo Racer releases its grip on it to salute our heroes, the Rangers cheer over the hard victory. Sheesh, their Megazords really have been malfunctioning like crazy lately, haven't they?
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It's another day in the Juice Bar, Lt. Stone is still peddling tickets to the dance. Both Carlos & TJ buy two tickets each, while Justin tries swiping one of Carlos' to no avail. Bobby comes over to their table and asks for advice about asking a girl to the dance but he's afraid she'll say no. Carlos tells him that asking a girl on a date is like jumping off the high dive, it's much scarier to think about it than to actually do it (and the best method is to just go limp and hope you don't fracture your head). Bobby has trouble understanding the concept, the stupid dope, and TJ explains it best, telling him to "Just jump in". Cassie & Ashley just happen to walk into the Juice Bar, Bobby turns his head and looks over, telling the guys she's over there. Bobby repeats what they told him, over and over, as he walks over to ask her out. Time moves freaky slow in this scene, Bobby approaches Ashley, who looks at him with a huge smile and starts giggling like crazy, until he tells her to jump in. He passes Ashley by (I told you he was rock-stupid, didn't I?), and heads towards Cassie, who smiles at him with every tooth in her pretty little head. He walks right past Cassie and taps Glenda on the shoulder, quickly asking her to go to the dance with him on Saturday. Given that the ratio of girls to guys in this town seems to be 2 to 1, she doesn't have a date and says she'd love to. They walk off to total obscurity together, leaving Cassie & Ashley behind to the shocking revelation of his crush on Glenda Wagner. They apologize to each other for being jerks, hugging and becoming the bestest of best friends again. The Ranger babes sit with the Ranger dudes at the Ranger table, telling them they have a big problem, they need dates for the dance (funny, since Ashley didn't seem to mind not going earlier in the damned episode)! TJ says he already has a date, Carlos tells them not to look at him (why not? is HE Teej's date or something?). Justin extends his arms and says he'll take them both, the girls don't seem to mind the little shrimpo's proposal, both saying it's a deal and shaking his hands. Everybody laughs and laughs, and giggles and chuckles and snorts and chortles until the cows come home. Hey Cassie, forget about Phantom Ranger already, have ye?
[end credits]

Ashley says that maybe she changed her mind, starting to say "let's go" but unable to get it out, and instead starts laughing; TJ thought she didn't like playing, forgetting the line and tossing his baseball glove into his locker in amused frustration; Blue Ranger falls on a P-Tron in the plywood park; Justin says he'll take them both in an alternate take of his shot from a few seconds ago, finishing it off by saying he likes that; Yellow Ranger reaches around and grabs a Piranhatron's ass! Isn't that a role reversal for Ashley?

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