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Power Rangers Turbo
"Parts And Parcel"
Original Air Date: 11/18/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #43 - Merii Kurumajikku Kurisumasu!
(Merry Carmagic Christmas!)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-527
*43rd episode of PRT
*248th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: John Fletcher Director: Liberty Goldman
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)


Hey, what do you know! Bulk & Skull have yet another new job! This time, it's delivery men for the "Super Duper Fast Deliveries" Service, as seen as they drop off a few packages to the Juice Bar while wearing UPS-like outfits. TJ & Cassie watch the bumbling duo enter, Teej comments that you have to admire them for always working, Cassie agrees, even if it isn't the same job twice! Bulk gives Lt. Stone a package, what he expects to be the new blender he ordered, only to open it to find the well-sealed box empty. Bulk & Skull gasp that the daytime thief has struck again, Jerome asks who that would be, Skull says they don't know, just that he keeps taking stuff right out of their packages. Bulk decides to do some mail tampering and rip open a box in front of everyone, revealing that the radio supposed to be inside it is gone. Skull does the same, discovering a microwave vanished, and explaining that their boss thinks they're stealing this stuff. Bulk mentions he told them if they don't find out where it all went, they're going to be arrested! TJ reminds Cassie that Bulk & Skull make mistakes but they're not thieves, so he's going to help them out. Teej walks over and tells Bulk & Skull that the daytime thief has struck so many times, he's going to strike again. Skull seems what he's getting at and says when he does they'll nab him, Bulk brings up the plan of doing a stakeout, which TJ thinks is the right idea. They then each extend their hands out together in a pile, stacking them, one on top of the other, and wiggling their fingers in one goofy handshake (a joke on the old MMPR group hand-huddle they always ended the episodes with?).
[opening credits, The Fall Of The Phantom version]
Bulk, Skull & TJ enter the Super Duper Fast Deliveries warehouse, all dressed in black (Teej has a red undershirt, though). Once inside, Bulk & Skull hop into a huge empty crate together, which Bulk calls an excellent view to catch a thief. TJ climbs a nearby stack of large boxes, and hides from view, before putting on an earpiece communication device with a microphone on the end and saying to Bulk & Skull that now they wait. And just like Tom Petty said, it's the waiting that's the hardest part. The Bulk & Skull theme plays, with a "mission impossible" twist, and soon Bulk pops out of his crate and calls for TJ, asking him to go get some food. He says it's no problem, hopping down from his hideout and exiting the building. Bulk returns to inside the darkened crate, telling Skull that Teej will be out of range, meaning they're all alone now. He grabs Skull's head and tells him to be strong, as only a thin strip of light illuminates their fearful faces. Meanwhile on the Moon, the Catzord & Divazord stand towering above Rygog, Porto and a few Piranahtrons, as they have since "Little Strong Man". Rygog tells Porto he's almost done, Porto tells a few P-Trons who are lugging some objects around to please hurry up. Not far away on the Space Base Balcony, Divatox anxiously paces back and forth. She finally reaches for her bullhorn and screams towards the lunar surface, asking what they're waiting for. Porto replies back on his horn that they're putting the finishing touches on the remote control, Divatox mimics his excuse and screams back to hurry up! Porto obeys his queen and hands Rygog a remote control device (which resembles three fused Game Boys with a large joystick), explaining to him he can use it to control all three Evil Zords at once, if he doesn't mess up. Rygog cackles maniacally over impending victory at last, staring up at the two Evil Zords and waving his arms about.

TJ returns to the Super Duper Fast Deliveries warehouse with lunch, but before he can reach the door, his Communicator goes off. He answers it, Alpha tells him sensors indicate Piranahtrons in downtown Angel Grove, Teej has his robotic buddy tell Carlos & Ashley to meet him at the coordinates to check it out. TJ leaves the food on the seat of the SDFD truck and then races off to location of the disturbance. Inside the warehouse, something is lurking around and making noise, alerting Bulk, who tries to contact TJ to no avail. Skull asks why he doesn't go look, Bulk argues back, Skull does the same, and eventually they decide on both standing up to take a peek. They see the door to the warehouse slam shut, Skull realizes the daytime thief is there, so they both quickly duck back down into the crate. Outside it, the shadow of a lone figure is spotted running into the building. Is the Phantom Ranger back and doing petty crimes? Of course not.
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In downtown Angel Grove, two Piranahtrons are dismantling a pay-phone, with TJ, Ashley & Carlos spying on them from around a corner. TJ notes it looks like Divatox is looting again, Carlos is glad that they at least have the jump on them. Little does he know that the rest of the P-Tron school is sneaking up behind them, until it's too late! The Piranahtrons attack without warning, our three heroes are forced out into the open, where they take on the fishdrones unmorphed. TJ uses his black leather coat with the red interior to toss on a P-Tron's head while kicking it. Carlos tries beating a Piranahtron away from the phonebooth, but winds up knocked to the ground himself. Ashley smacks a few drones around as well, and TJ's coat ends up coming back to haunt him in the midst of his P-Tron pummeling. Carlos falls on his miserable behind, allowing the two Piranahtrons to swipe the pay-phone and puddleport away, he grunts out a joke about them must really be needing to make a call. Carlos gets up and staggers to his comrades, Ashley wonders what Divatox would want with a phone. TJ doesn't know, but he does know he needs to get back to his stakeout as Bulk & Skull will be wondering where he went. He returns to the Super Duper Fast Deliveries warehouse, bringing the food (which has likely gone cold by now) with him, only to find the whole place a mess! TJ heads through the wreckage to Bulk & Skull's hiding crate, opening it to find the bumbling duo covering their faces with stuffed animals. Teej asks if they saw the thief, they stop their teeth-chattering long enough to shake their heads no and tell him not really. He reminds them that was the whole point of the stakeout, but ceases from yelling at them when he notices they're scared stiff, sighing and calling this no harm. TJ says they'll just have to regroup and try this again, shutting the crate and leaving them behind in the quiet darkness.

The next day in the Juice Bar, Ashley & Cassie are putting the finishing touches on their makeup masterpiece. Ash thinks it needs more rouge, Skull slaps Cassie's hand away and peers into a vanity mirror, gasping in shock at the sight of the little old lady they've turned him into! Nearby, Justin, Carlos and Bulk toss packages onto the bar, having just completed wrapping them, leaving Lt. Stone & TJ to put the string seal around them. Teej tells Bulk & Skull it's time to go do another stakeout, Skull puts on a flowery over his gray wig wearing head, licks the lipstick off his teeth and heads off to continue this drag-net. Soon, Skull is trimming some bushes at someone's house in the suburbs, with TJ watching behind a tree. He calls Justin up through the Communicator to ask if he's set, he responds he's ready, stationed around the corner. Teej asks about everyone else, they're sitting in Ashley's good old yellow VW Convertible car across the street, all set. TJ then talks through his ear-set to Bulk (who doesn't seem aware the Ranger teens are getting in on this stakeout action), telling him he's ready when he is. Bulk drives the SDFD truck up to the house where Skull is playing old maid, the Ranger teens duck out of the way when Bulk passes. He pulls up at the location, bidding the "ma'am" a good day, "she" responds by telling him "howdy, cutie!" as he takes a package out of the truck. And you know, as weird as all this is, they did far weirder when Detectives, or even Junior Police Officers back in Season 3 and Zeo. Bulk hands the box to the "lady", who mentions she always relied on the kindness of strangers, before trying to smack him. He blocks the hit and tells the "lady" to watch it, storming off back to his truck and asking TJ what he does now, Teej recommends to stall by delivering packages to the next house. Once Bulk walks off the scene, a small group of Piranahtrons puddleport behind the open truck and begin sifting through the packages. TJ tells his teammates to stand by, as he realizes they're the daytime thief after all!

Skull hears the commotion and wanders to the truck, getting the falsetto voice scared out of him upon spotting the Piranahtrons. Bulk rushes over and helps Skull up, TJ races by and tells them to run for it, the two follow him down the street as the couple of Piranahtrons give chase. They pass by Ashley's car unbeknownst to them, the car rolls forward after the three have passed the area and blocks off the P-Trons from their chase. Carlos, Cassie & Ashley leap out of the vehicle and start striking the fishdrones, Justin makes the scene a little too late to prevent two P-Trons from making it around the barricade. TJ, Bulk & Skull have turned down another street, and while running for their lives, TJ contacts the others through his earpiece to tell them they have two on their tail. Only problem with this little scene is none of the others had earpieces to be in contact with Teej, just Communicators! Plus, B&S are right next to him as he calls on them, so the whole point of stealth help is pretty much lost, I guess. They finally enter an alley where they take refuge behind a dumpster, the two Piranahtrons run right by them and soon fade from sight completely after taking a wrong turn. Bulk & Skull finally get a breather, Skull thinks this is great since they can just tell their boss that space monsters took the packages. Bulk says that he's never going to believe them, meaning they're going to jail for sure. TJ breaks open the singular package Bulk kept in his hands this whole time, finding what looks to be like a circuitry board. Teej appears to put things together in his head (and likely a reason why they were chasing them so intently), and tells Bulk & Skull to meet him at the Youth Center in two hours. Bulk exclaims they'll be in jail in two hours (wow, fast justice in Angel Grove!), TJ tells them to just stay out of sight and meet him there. They hastily agree, and Teej leaves them cowering behind the dumpster, Skull apparently starting to puke.

Elsewhere, Cassie finishes punching the last two Piranahtrons into a puddled defeat. Her teammates are finished with their fishdrone dance partners as well, Cass says they've got to get to the Power Chamber, all hopping in Ashley's car. Wait a minute, it may be a VW, but it's not the RadBUG, so don't go expecting to drive to the PC! Later at the Power Chamber, TJ is reading a printout of the stolen items. They include phone parts, engine parts and other electronics, he notes none of is really valuable and ponders what Divatox would want with it. The other four Ranger teens are standing around listening to him, Justin thinks she's trying to build something, Ashley wonders what. Meanwhile on the Space Balcony, Divatox is staring down at the Moon. So meanwhile on the Moon, Porto has a Piranahtron take the remote control to make sure it's working properly. The fishdrone does the dirty job the scientific advisor wouldn't, turning on the remote and activating the Catzord, which actually looks like a Lion with the Terrorzord symbol on its chest. Catzord bends over on cue, Porto calls this splendid, and Divatox hangs over the edge of the balcony on her stomach in an attempt to get a better view of it with her binoculars. After tilting around for a moment, she bullhorn shouts down that it looks finished to her, Porto calls back that it is and is ready to go on her command. Divatox does an incantation, energy pulsates around her body as she commands the Catzord to destroy the Power Rangers! Porto has the P-Tron cue the Cat, it bangs its metal clawed hands together and lifts off from the lunar surface by way of jet-powered boots. Back in the Power Chamber, Alpha tells the Rangers that the computer indicates Divatox is using the stolen parts to make a remote control system for her Zords. The alarms go off, Alpha 6 Yo's that Divatox is attacking Angel Grove with another Evil Zord, calling it double ta-rouble and causing Cassie & Carlos to look at each other dramatically for no reason at all.
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Alpha 6 gives his usual "Yo-Yo-Yo" and tells them they'll have to move fast to defend the city, the four teens (and Justin) Shift Into Turbo and essentially telemorph to the middle of Angel Grove. The Turbo Rangers appear just as the ground shakes with the rumble of the Catzord's footsteps. It leaps into the streets, revealing Rygog at the helm this time, riding atop another Space Taxi lodged into the Evil Zord's head. He tells our heroes they won't win because they're outmatched, as the Rangers gawk at the size of the Catzord. Meanwhile, the third Evil Zord, the abandoned Sharkzord, last seen in the previous episode, is being dragged out of the harborside docks by Robo Racer. Blue Senturion asks if Divatox doesn't know it's illegal to litter, and given the timeframe since "The Rival Rangers", that Sharkzord has been laying there for at least a week! Anyway, he's likely hauling it off to the Zord junkyard where many scraps once named "Zeo" are buried, while Rygog asks the Rangers what's wrong and if the cat's got their tongue, boasting about having all the control now. He demonstrates by pressing a button on his Taxi's dashboard, which beams off a large mechanical block (built from some of the stolen, possibly) into the Sharkzord's head! The Sharkzord comes to life once more, standing up and shoving Robo Racer over to the ground before walking off to regroup with Rygog. Robo Racer does its impression of Randy from "A Christmas Story", and can't get up! Next, the Catzord fires off another beam, this time into the clouds, where it strikes the Divazord, which swoops down from above with block in head and lands next to its two Evil Zord brothers. Needless to say, it's time to call on Rescue Megazord power, Artillitron rolls out in a flash, Red Ranger says it best, victory is at hand!

Did they say "Megazord"? TJ changes his mind the moment the Rescuezord pull out from Artillitron, telling his teammates to prepare for to Morph into High-Stance Mode! Each Rescuezord shifts into their robotic humanoid second-transformation, standing together in a line, with Robo Racer suddenly showing up to blend in with the similar-sized crowd. An instrumental of "Here Comes The Power Again" plays, the Catzord zips into the air, leaping through the High-Stance Zords and clawing at Thunder Loader & Siren Blaster. It turns around and tries striking Star Racer & Wind Rescue, but they block and counterpunch, Red Ranger telling Cassie that was a good move. Lightning Fire Tamer smacks Catzord in the face, as Robo Racer can be seen attacking the Divazord with its knife-arm add-on in the background. Poor Sharkzord doesn't get to do anything onscreen, and now it's regroup time again, the three Evil Zord stand together while the Rangers pilot their beaten up Rescue vehicles across the way. Divazord flies up into the air and beak-blasts our heroes, Pink Ranger complains her servos are out as we see Wind Rescue staggering behind the other High Stancers. The three Evil Zords lineup and focus their energies into the Catzord in the middle, it shoots off a fireball at the Ranger Zords, causing explosions. Speaking of explosions, Robo Racer is seen getting struck by the blast, and then is NEVER seen again! Ever! Did it survive or did Blue Senturion decided to hoist it off to the junkyard in place of the Sharkzord? The world, may never know. Anywho, the Rescuezords are all lying crippled on the ground, letting Rygog call them losers and say that it's time for them to say good-bye.

Meanwhile on the Space Base's Subcraft Bridge, Divatox scopes out the scene and cheers for her henchmonster, wanting him to rev up the Zords and blast the Rangers at full strength. Porto is at the control panel with Elgar (who remains speechless this episode, perhaps Divatox cut out his tongue for something he said last episode?), cautioning his queen to try it at half-strength first to see how she likes that. Divatox tells Porto he knows she never does anything halfway, shoving him aside and shouting into the commspeaker for Rygog to power up, as Elgar shakes his head and arms in worry (when someone that stupid knows you're doing something stupid, look out!)! On Earth, the three Evil Zords stand silent, but eventually the Catzord starts coughing up sparks from three sides of its head. Alpha is monitoring the battle, informing our heroes that Rygog is pushing his Zords to limit and tells the Rangers to try a Power Inversion. TJ hears loud & clear and tells his team to get ready to take on the power, those last four words all spoken in unison by the Turbo Rangers. The Catzord's sparking like Blackcat firecrackers continues, and finally blasts Rygog in the face, this apparently is the time when the power is inverting according to Red Ranger, he tells his team to tap in now! Five streaks of Ranger-colored light beam out from the Catzord, and hit their respective Rescuezords. Rygog says that this can't be, but Yellow Ranger reads off her Turbo Navigator that they're back on-line. The Rescuezord High-Stance Modes stand triumphantly up once again, the Rangers wasting no time in shifting into Rescue Megazord. It links up, and inside the cockpit, TJ says that if Rygog can have three-times the Zords they can have two-times the Megazord power (see? already forgotten about Robo Racer already). Red Ranger gets up out of his seat and exits the control room of the Rescue Megazord.

The Catzord rushes at the Rescue Mega, but its attempts to paw our heroes falls short due to quick defense reflexes on the Rangers' part. Catzord gets pushed back, and Divazord walks up, ready to rumble, only to end up punched in the head by the Turbo Megazord! Red Ranger runs the Turbo Megazord himself, telling his team it's time to get them. Sharkzord & Catzord walks towards the Rescue Megazord, but it shoves them backwards (kind of repetitive, ain't it?). TJ calls for Artillery Power to come on-line, and the two cannons beams out to the Megazords, one on each Megazord's right arm. The Divazord takes off into the air and flies TJ's way, he has Artillery Power fire, the Turbo Megazord blows the bird out of the sky, leaving nothing left for dinner. The Sharkzord shoots off its charged fin at the Rescue Megazord, the Rangers fire the cannon, which ricochets the fin right back into Sharky's head with explosive results. Sharkzord falls over and blows up, fried on the street just like any good Angel Grove seafood. Red Ranger says for his team to take out the Catzord together, which Green Ranger thinks is a great idea. The Rescue Megazord takes both cannons and unleashes its Artillery blast attack, firing at the Catzord. The Turbo Megazord stands in the line of fire, TJ powers up the Turbo Saber, does a spinout standing in place, strikes the Artillery energy blast passing by, and sends the supercharged cannon fodder directly into the Catzord. All nine lives are spent in the blink of an eye, the Catzord goes kaplooey, Ashley throws a cliched "see ya, wouldn't want to be ya", and the Turbo & Rescue Megazords stand victorious together one final time. Meanwhile on the Space Base, Rygog stumbles onto the bridge, his body still smoking from the Evil Zord-bake on Earth. Divatox yells at him for having three Zords and letting the Rangers walk all over him, but he remains quiet and eventually falls over onto the control panel. Hilary gives the worst performed line of her career by shouting that they are going to defeat the Power Rangers if it is the last thing they do!
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At the Juice Bar, Bulk & Skull order up a drink from Lt. Stone, both wearing disguises (Bulk with a hat, sunglasses, beard and trenchcoat resembles the lost ZZ Top member, and Skull with his shag hair wig and soul patch is a dead ringer for the lost Beatles member). Bulk remarks that even their own mothers wouldn't recognize them now, but their ruse fails miserably when their boss from the Super Duper Fast Deliveries service enters the place with two police officers! He tells the cops to arrest them and throw away the key, Bulk & Skull tell them to wait, because if they tell the truth he'll think they've flipped. The boss says to try him, Bulk yanks off his fake beard and tells him the packages were stolen by alien creatures. Their boss says they're right, he doesn't believe them and orders the cops to take the two buffoons in. The cops approach the bumbling duo, when suddenly the sound of loud thunder, flashing lights and blazing winds fills the Youth Center. No, Doc Brown and Marty aren't going to appear, just the five colored teleportation streaks of the Power Rangers! Red Ranger tells the officers to wait, handing over the smashed remote control device they found in the remains of the Evil Zords. He tells them those two should be thanked for helping to discover the thieves, since it was Divatox stole the packages and unfortunately all that is left is the remote. All in the room are agape at the sight of the Power Rangers, Bulk & Skull even more so as Red Ranger pats their shoulders, calls them by their proper last names and calls them brave men, thanking them for their sacrifice, and saying that may the power protect them both. Bulk & Skull mimic Red Ranger's affirmative fist motion (Jerome as well), he tells them they did good work before walking over and rejoining his team. They Power-Up and teleport away in a flash, mere seconds later TJ shows up on the other side of the room, asking them what's up. Bulk tells him he missed the Power Ranger saving their job, checking with the boss to see if that's true. The Boss reluctantly agrees, Bulk says that's good because they want a really big raise. Skull also wants a new truck too, a fire truck, lowered with big woofers in the back. The boss shakes his head and follows the stunned police officers out of the Juice Bar (Skull also following with more demands), Bulk spots Ashley & Cassie standing near the entrance and stops to have a serious chat with them. He says that their friend TJ is a-okay, the girls smile, Cassie says that's interesting because he said the same thing about him and Skull, Ashley nods to this. Bulk appears to tear up with joy, putting his sunglasses back on, and when Teej walks over he gets a big surprising hug! TJ looks at the Ranger gals nervously as Bulk squeezes the air out of him, crying happily and grunting out that he loves him. And speaking of love, Bulk & Skull are never seen working for SDFD again, so they likely ended up getting fired anyway!
[end credits]

TJ faces the Piranahtron who's using his jacket against him, but messes up the scene by not catching the jacket when it's thrown at him, leaping off after it afterwards; Lt. Stone catches the thrown boxes in the Juice Bar, or rather, catches one, knocks the rest over, and slips on the floor and falls over behind TJ!; Bulk & Skull's raise scene, the alternate take! Skull apparently messes up asking for a new truck on the way out of camera range, the shot lingers on Lt. Stone wiping up the bar and walking off as one of the bumbling duo can be heard asking "What are you doing?!"; Bulk Hugs TJ, alternate take from a different angle, which ends with Bulk reaching around and scratching Teej's bald head!

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