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Power Rangers Turbo
"Chase Into Space, Part I"
Original Air Date: 11/21/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #48 - Itsu Made mo Koutsuu Anzen!!
(For No Matter How Long, Traffic Safety!!)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-528
*44th episode of PRT
*249th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Michael Cunningham _AS_ Doug Stewart
John McGee _AS_ Commander Norquist
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Goldgoyle (voice)


It's a bright new day at the Stewart homestead in Angel Grove, Justin walks his father to his car. Little history to remember about Justin and his dad, after his mom died, Justin's father ended up going from job to job in various cities. Justin ended up alone in Angel Grove in Little Angel's Haven shelter and orphanage or something like that, and soon became a Ranger by way of the Turbo movie. His dad dropped by for his birthday ("Bicycle Built For The Blues"), and once again when he finally got another job in Angel Grove ("The Gardener Of Evil"). He hasn't been seen since, but guess what? Old slacker-butt deadbeat dad is on the move yet again! They've got a pretty nice house for a kid and his single father who can't hold down a job for more than a few weeks. Anyway, Doug Stewart is nervous about meeting with the president of a company, calling this a good opportunity for a great job. Justin fixes his father's tie for him, and when he hops in the car, Justin also hands him the briefcase he almost forgot in his nervous rush to leave. He then tells his dad to relax, because if they have any brains they'll pick him for the job. His father smiles and drives away, leaving his son behind to once again save the world. Speaking of which, there's something going on up on the Moon! More Evil Zords being made? Worse. Elgar, Porto and some Piranahtrons are on the lunar surface, when Divatox pulls up in her good old Divacar (from "Fire In Your Tank"). Elgar helps her out and hopes her driver her was good, she ignores her mutant nephew and turns straight to the main attraction. Before them stands a giant creature with red shoulders and a golden face, who laughs deeply while looking down at them, frightening some P-Trons, who hide behind the Divacar. Porto tells Divatox that Goldgoyle is the most destructive monster in the galaxy, Goldgoyle corrects him on the last part by saying "in the universe"! Divatox says he can prove it by destroying the Power Rangers once and for all, Elgar & Porto applaud while she stretches her arms out and laughs evilly.
[opening credits, Clash Of The Megazord version]
Later that day in the Angel Grove Youth Center: Gym & Juice Bar (its final appearance! This episode is the end of an era in more ways than one), a crowd of teenagers sit at the tables and watch the small television set on the counter next to Bulk & Skull. Most notable attendants are the five teens secretly known as the Power Rangers, who sit next to where Lt. Stone, owner of the bar, stands. On the TV, the event that transfixes them all is the landing of a space shuttle. Justin watches it in awe, his eyes glued to the set, Carlos quietly points TJ to their pal's wowed enjoyment of the program. The announcer on the television says that the mission of the specially equipped space shuttle has come to a successful end, and they now go live to the mission control, at a place called NASADA (PR's version of NASA). A female reporter introduces us to General Norquist, the Mission Control Commander of NASADA. The grey haired man tells us that the mission was a complete success and that their next goal is the longer range exploration of space. While this plays on TV, Doug Stewart enters the Juice Bar and bumps into Lt. Stone (in his final appearance ever!), the two seem to be acquainted well as Jerome greets Justin's dad by his first name. Carlos says hi to Mister Stewart, the Ranger teens smile at their teammate's father, and Justin asks his dad how it went at the interview. Doug tells him he got the job, Justin cheers and hugs his dad, but he's got something he has to talk to him about. They walk over to a secluded table together and sit, Justin's father says that he hasn't accepted the job yet, as he found out that if he takes it he'll have to leave Angel Grove again, and he won't leave unless his son comes with him. Justin tells his dad he likes this city, and all his friends are here, naming off TJ, Cassie, Ashley & Nico (remember him?), and not calling Carlos his friend, but he does say he's going to put him on the soccer team. The four Ranger teens are seen raising their juice glasses in a toast, and given the circumstances I like to think that one was in honor of the Juice Bar itself. Speaking of raising glasses, Justin tells his dad he'd even miss Bulk & Skull, glancing over at the two doing what could be their own toast. They each have milkshakes, Skull taking the foam off the top of his glass and flicking it all over Bulk's head. Bulk takes the mess, and returns it in kind by spraying his drink all over Skull. Doug smiles and says it's decided then, they'll stay. Justin's Communicator goes off, he watches his friends begin to leave and motion him to come along, so he tells his dad not to decide yet but to talk some more later. His father says they can talk, but he's more important to him than any job, they hug and Justin says he'll see him later and rushes off. Carlos & Cassie are waiting for him and ask if everything's okay, Justin tells him no and breaks the bad news to them.

Soon, at the Power Chamber, the Ranger teens enter through the door-hatch, and TJ asks Dimitria what's up. Dimitria tells them they're receiving an urgent message from Eltar, Alpha 6 yo's that it's breaking up. Ashley looks like she's drawing a blank on the name of Eltar, until Justin exclaims that it's the source of all their powers (guess that explains the Turbo Powers to some extent, no Zeo Crystal retread). They hurry over to the Viewing Screen, and watch the big blue head of Zordon fading in and out through static, Alpha tries to increase the signal gain. Zordon talks, the words barely heard but enough makes it through, he wishes he were calling under better circumstances, but Eltar is under attack! So far they have resisted their advances, a shot of Eltar (resembling the moon) being bombarded by explosions is seen, Zordon says that although they may be tempted to come to their aid, the Rangers must stay and protect the Earth. He begins to beware them on an evil force, when the signal vanishes mid-sentence! Dimitria has Alpha run a long-rang scan, thinking Zordon may have been warning them of an attack. The Ranger teens are all in a state of shock over the pending emergency, TJ wonders what Zordon was warning them of. Perhaps it has something to do with what's happening on the Moon, as Porto tells Divatox that Goldgoyle is ready to go on her command, Goldgoyle proclaims he'll eat the Rescue Megazord for lunch! Divatox says they'll just have to see about that, ordering him to get to Earth and not to come until he's pounded the Rangers into dust. Goldgoyle's jet-boots lift off from the lunar surface and take him to the big blue marble in the sky, leaving Divatox and her gang behind, laughing maniacally in the dust.
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In the Power Chamber, the blinky alarm light pulsates, and Alpha tells the Ranger teens that something has entered the Earth's atmosphere. The readings indicate it isn't just a monster, but massive, maybe even bigger than a Megazord! TJ boasts that the bigger they are the harder they fall, asking his team if they're ready, they nod and together they Shift Into Turbo gear one last time! The Turbo Rangers land in a wooded area, and take a good look around, not spotting the monster anywhere. Green Ranger notices something above them, pointing it out, just as crimson lightning thunders downward, revealing Goldgoyle standing tall and wearing a large robe, the robe quickly disappearing and leaving him as we saw on the moon, laughing like the psycho he is. He calls himself Goldgoyle, and tells the Power Rangers they're about to be destroyed. Yellow Ranger mentions he sounds a little overconfident, Green Ranger agrees and calls him oversized too. Goldgoyle had hoped for more worthy adversaries, saying they're all so puny, but fires a crimson lightning blast from his mouth at them anyway. It strikes down at them, the Rangers jump out of the way, and avoid much of the blast, yet still get a little scorched from the explosion behind them. Green Ranger says this guy means business, Red Ranger states it's time to show him they do too, the Power Rangers shout that they need Rescue Megazord power now! The Rescuezord race out of Artillitron, and quickly link up into Megazord form. They face the ever-cackling Goldgoyle in the forest, the Rescue Megazord holds each of its rarely used blasters in hand, ready for battle. Goldgoyle says that's better, now he can have a little fun destroying them, before he fires off another crimson lightning strike their way. The Rescue Megazord leaps from the ground and dodge the blast, returning the attack from the sky by firing the pistol blasters at Goldy from the air. The Megazord lands, and Goldgoyle states it's his turn, shooting off two red vines from his shoulders, wrapping them around the pistol blasters and charging up! The blasters are fried to a crisp, and Goldgoyle mocks them about breaking their little toys.

Red Ranger shouts that they need Artillery Power now, pressing a button and launching the two Artillery Cannons off of Artillitron (in its final appearance as well). They load onto the Rescue Megazord, the Rangers fire the Artillery Power at Goldgoyle, who takes the blasts and laughs the whole time, like it tickles! Pink Ranger says they need more power, Red Ranger exclaims they don't have any more. Goldgoyle absorbs the Artillery attack into his hands, focusing the energy into a fireball and using it to blast back at our heroes! The Rescue Megazord takes hit after hit from the recycled Artillery power, the Cannons mysteriously vanish, then reappear, then vanish and are never seen again. The Rescue Megazord sparks like crazy, before finally toppling over into a smoking heap. Red Ranger says they've got to find a way to get back on their feet, Yellow agrees, and somehow they get the Rescue Mega standing again. Goldgoyle giggles, coughs up some crimson lightning, and bombards the Rescue Megazord with a nonstop barrage of explosive blasts! The Rescue Megazord eventually is thrown backwards into a small mountain, despite the best efforts of our heroes to keep it up. With the Megazord down and still getting hit, Pink Ranger says they're doing to half power, Yellow mentions the shields are off-line, Red Ranger exclaims the need to get back up, Green Ranger tells Justin to reroute the auxiliary power, Blue Ranger does as requested and gets the servos back online. The Rescue Megazords gets back up again, only to get blasted down once more, Carlos says they can't take much more of this, TJ informs him they have no choice and they somehow initiate film-reversal power to pick themselves up. Cassie states all systems are failing, TJ tells her to divert power from the weapons systems, Justin says the weapons power is all gone, they can't defend themselves and they're literally sitting ducks!

Goldgoyle fires off bolt after bolt of his crimson energy attacks at the Rescue Megazord, inside it, Pink Ranger gets out of her seat and prepares to go try to reconnect the power manually. Red Ranger stops her and says it's no use, the Rescue Megazord is too badly damaged and the monster isn't going to wait for them to repair it. The other Ranger stand from their seat and turn to TJ in the center of the cockpit room, he says they have to stop Goldgoyle right here and now, peering out the smoking window to see the chuckling creature awaiting their next move. Justin asks how they do that, TJ tells his friends they move in close to Goldgoyle and self-destruct the Rescue Megazord. Cassie seems overanxious about this plan, saying he'll never expect it and calls the idea brilliant. The Ranger all like the plan as well, hopping back in their seats and getting the weary Megazord's trashed feet moving. It slowly stomps across the ground, Red Ranger activating a button and a female computer voice sounds that the self-destruct sequence has been initiated and will occur in 40 seconds. It counts down to destruction, the Rescue Megazord takes countless hits from Goldgoyle's lightning breath, TJ tells his pals to keep it steady and be ready to jump ship on his command, Justin says they're not going to make it while Carlos exclaims they've got to, Ashley shouts that power is dropping, Cassie states they're almost there. The Megazord stomps slowly towards Goldgoyle, who scoffs at what he thinks is them coming to beg for mercy, and tells them to forget it. The Rescue Megazord reaches out and grabs Goldgoyle by the shoulders, clenching around in a deep snug hug. The computer voice sounds 10 seconds remaining, Red Ranger says it's time to get out of there, and calls on Turbozords to power up. Goldgoyle struggles to break free of the dying Rescue Megazord to no avail, the countdown is at three seconds and the Power Rangers finally leap from the cockpit together. As the Rescue Megazord ignites into oblivion behind them, the Rangers land safely in the seats of their Turbozords.

When the smoke clears from the destruction of the Phantom Ranger's Megazord gift to the Rangers, Goldgoyle is seen still standing! He boasts it was a nice try but they can't get rid of him that easily, Red Ranger is shocked it didn't even scratch him, and calls for the Rangers to transform the Turbo Megazord. The Power Rangers charge up the Turbo Megazord Saber, and begin the usual Spinout maneuver, only this time when racing towards the monster, they wait until Goldgoyle fires his crimson lightning to spin the Megazord into the air! Goldy is taken by surprise as the Turbo Megazord lifts up and continues twisting around, cycloning through the sky directly at him, TJ calling on full power just as they rip into Goldgoyle's body. The Turbo Megazord comes out the other side of the giant villain, expecting victory, and instead hearing Goldgoyle chuckling and calling that move quaint. The Rangers can't believe their eyes, he's still uninjured from everything they've done to him, Ashley puts it best by calling this "unreal!". Goldgoyle says this has been so entertaining he's almost sorry to see it end, but it must, he gathers up all the loose energy in the area and focuses it like before. Blasting off an intense energy charge at the Turbo Megazord, causing it to drop its Saber and fall to the ground explosively. The Megazord is engulfed in flames, which die down long enough for us to see the extensive damage done to the hull already by just that one attack. Goldgoyle walks towards our helpless heroes, hungry for more!
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Goldgoyle stands before the crippled Turbo Megazord, gazing down at the flaming heap of a Megazord, he proclaims that he told the Power Rangers were tough! Pink Ranger tells her pals that all systems are down, Blue says power cells are gone, Yellow can't believe this is happening, Carlos calls them history, but TJ has another brilliant idea. The Turbo Rangers exit the blazing remains of the Turbo Megazord for the final time, we have to assume the whole thing is completely unsalvageable and is hauled off to the junkyard sometime later. Red Ranger calls that one close, Ashley asks him what his new idea is, he'll show them by calling on Turbo R.A.M. power now. The Turbo Robotic Arsenal Mobilizer appears in a blink of light, already in Cannon mode, TJ has Justin set it to detonate on impact. Carlos points out it won't even dent that guy, especially from this distance, something Teej assures him he won't be using it from. Justin finishes doing as the Ranger leader asked, Red Ranger then calls on Lightning Cruiser in Jet Mode. Seconds later, TJ is seen flying Lightning Cruiser through the sky, with Turbo RAM strapped to the top of the cannon above him. He realizes he only has one shot at this and it better work, flying Lightning Cruiser towards Goldgoyle! The unstoppable creature laughs and waves his arm around, appearing to be charging up another crimson lightning breath blast. TJ asks Goldy if he'd like a little snack, flipping a switch on the Cruiser's control panel that causes Turbo RAM to fire its engine and begin to take off. Red Ranger says "bird's away", the RAM zooms off in the direction of Goldgoyle's face while Lightning Cruiser flies out of range. Goldgoyle's constant big-mouth laughter proves to be his downfall, when Turbo RAM slams into his open maw, enters his throat, and is apparently swallowed by the invincible monster! Goldgoyle chokes and gags, spewing up steam as he internally combusts, exploding outward in a massive fireball! TJ turns around and spots the smoke clearing to reveal nothing left of Goldgoyle, he cheers victoriously over finally eliminating the giant menace.

Lightning Cruiser reverts to vehicle mode and lands amid the rubbled wreckage that once was the Rescue Megazord, where the Power Rangers are triumphantly reunited. It's a bittersweet win, as Carlos points out that they lost both Megazords in the battle. The Turbo Rangers stare at the ruined hull of the Turbo Megazord lying in front of them, taking a brief moment of silence to reflect on the loss, TJ eventually saying they've got to get to the Power Chamber. Our heroes teleport away from the makeshift Turbo & Rescue Megazord graveyard, the colored streaks of light streaming off to the skies (much like in teleport shots from the Turbo Movie). They speed off towards the desert area where the Power Chamber has been located since its inception, as any normal teleportation causes. Only this time it attracts the attention of Elgar, Rygog and a few Piranahtrons. For reasons never stated, the two henchmonsters are walking around the desert with their school of fishdrones, when they spot the five streaks of light and realize the Rangers just passed by. Elgar leads the way, and soon both he, Rygog and the P-Trons are climbing the mountain range, discovering hidden between some rocks in the distance is the exterior of the Command Center! Elgar realizes they've found the Power Chamber, and says his Auntie D is going to flip (only problem is, Rita, Zedd and the Machines Empire already knew where the PC was! Why is it this knowledge is so unknown to Divatox & her space pirates? Perhaps it has something to do with the new look the PC took on between PRZ & T:APRM, or maybe nobody bothered letting Diva in on the little secret). The Space Base makes its final appearance now, in what is basically the final snippet of Carranger footage. Inside the Space Base, Piranahtrons wear party hats and mingle with each other to specially made drinks on the Subcraft Bridge. Balloons are decorated about and techno house music plays, human skulls (wearing party hats as well) are adorned atop sticks each P-Tron carries. They now watch as their queen Divatox addresses the celebration, saying the Power Rangers are running and they'll keep running until she runs them into the ground! She raises a glass in toast of today the Megazords, Rygog finishes her statement by completing it with "... tomorrow the Power Rangers' Chamber"! All turn to look at Elgar & Rygog, Divatox asks what they mean, Elgar boasts he found it, Rygog shoves him out of the way and takes the credit himself. Divatox grabs Rygog by the shell and asks if he's absolutely sure, he says he is and the best part is the Rangers are inside it! The gets a restrained squeal out of Divatox, who returns to addressing her fishdrones, saying to ready the armies as today the Power Rangers go down in history! The Piranahtrons raise the skull-sticks in the air, Rygog waves his arms and cheers, Elgar takes a bow, and Porto seems happy, but doesn't say a thing.

Meanwhile in the Power Chamber, the Rangers have taken off their helmets and are telling Dimitria that both Megazords have been destroyed. She says unfortunately that could not be helped, and she has grave news for them, the planet Eltar has fallen to evil forces! TJ asks about Zordon, Carlos questions if he's okay and says they've got to go and help him. Dimitria cautions our heroes, telling them if they go then Divatox will take over the world, the Power Rangers are the Earth's only defense against her. Cassie asks Dimitria that if they don't go to help Zordon, then who will. Dimitria says that she will go to Eltar, with the Blue Senturion, who walks in from the door-hatch on cue. The intergalactic peace officer's body-signals are all lit up as he enters, telling Dimitria he is ready. Dimitria states that together they will go try to help Zordon, Ashley asks when and the enigmatic mentor tells them it'll be immediately. The Ranger teens fall silent, as silent as the desert area surrounding them. That silence at the foot of the mountain range the Power Chamber sits atop is interrupted by the sound of Piranahtrons puddleporting onto the scene. Not just a few, but hundreds of them appear, spread out along the edge of the hill. Each carry flags with the Divatox Jolly Roger symbol, some with sledgehammers, some riding around on Divacycles, the P-Trons lurk out of view in what is likely a blindspot in the PC's sensors. Back inside, Dimitria tells the Rangers not to worry, as they'll be a cautious and safe as they possibly can. Justin gives Blue Senturion a hug, before taking the robotic cop's hand and placing his lucky coin (from "Beware The Third Wish" & "The Gardener Of Evil") in his palm. Justin gives it to him, the same coin that he used to wish Blue Senturion back to being good, in case he needs it. The Ranger girls smile while watching this, and Blue Senturion thanks him, squawking that he shall miss the Blue Ranger. Justin walks over to his teammates, TJ puts his arm around the boy and tells Dimitria she can count on them to protect the Earth, something she has no doubt about. Little do any of them know, that outside the Power Chamber, Divatox marches through the rows of thousands of Piranahtrons standing at attention. Elgar & Rygog trail behind her, as she smiles wickedly at the army she's assembling at the gates of her greatest enemies!
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Divatox continues her march, asking her Piranahtron "boys" if they're ready to take over the world. She commands one of the fishdrones to suck in his gut as she passes by, grabbing a flag from another's arms and waving it around like crazy, laughing loud and proclaiming "Viva La Diva!" and pressing onward towards victory. Back in the Power Chamber, Dimitria tells her human friends that against the darkest danger, when all hope is lost, whenever they bow their head, to raise them high again, for they are the Power Rangers! Her plasma tube glows gold as she begins to dematerialize from within, TJ bids her a good-bye, and she gives her final statement to our heroes (and us), saying that may the power protect them. Blue Senturion tells his friends farewell (his final line on PR ever), and teleports away in a blue & white blur of light, following Dimitria's bright white glow. The Rangers are left behind feeling sadden by their lost, and lonelier than ever without them around. Outside, Divatox sits on her snake-throne amid the countless Piranahtron troops, Elgar approaches and informs her they are all ready to attack. Porto speaks his last line ever on PR, by saying he can't believe Elgar finally did something right for a change. Rygog anxiously asks when they get to start the blitzkrieg, but it'll have to wait a moment as Divatox notices something in the sky. She spots Dimitria & Blue Senturion's teleportation streaks taking off to the sky, realizing her counterpart (and one-time hinted twin sister) is gone. Divatox growls "You really wanna know when we attack? We attack.... NOW!!!" Rygog shouts, Divatox continues screaming the 'now', Piranahtrons scramble and their Divacycles burn rubber. The endless P-Tron army races up the side of the mountain, charging straight for the Power Chamber building with destructive intent. Alpha finally detects them and alerts the Rangers that they've been discovered! Our heroes watch on the Viewing Screen as the entire desert surrounding the Power Chamber is littered with Piranahtrons as far as the eye can see. Ashley wonders how they found them, Justin is agape at the amount of them rushing for the PC. The fishdrones scale (get it? scale?) the side of the mountain leading up to the Power Chamber, moving slow and steady, with no real hurry to reach the top. Ashley notes they're going to be all over the building in a couple of minutes, TJ says they've got to go outside and face them. He walks to the hatch-door, his team following him heroically. Alpha tries to stop the Rangers from leaving as there are way too many of them out there, TJ states they can't wait for them to attack first. He asks if everyone is ready, they put on brave faces and nod, Teej then asking Alpha to open the outer doors. The fully sentient multifunction automaton with a Brooklyn accent tells the Power Rangers to be careful out there, something they seem to take to heart. They put on their helmets and race to the outer doors, Alpha presses the button and the huge door slowly open, our heroes racing out the doors and into daylight shining outside. The Power Rangers Turbo rush onward from the Power Chamber, unsure of anything except their future is at stake!
[to be continued; scenes from "Chase Into Space, Part 2"; end credits]

The final Shift Into Turbo, but TJ can't keep a straight face and messes up the group Morph! ; TJ calls for the team to Shift Into Turbo, but drops his Turbo Key and sticks his tongue out; Bulk & Skull, the Milkshake war extended mix, showing the entire event. After Skull gets covered in the shake, he dumps what few drops remain in his own glass onto his pal, drops it, grabs Bulk's and pours what little remains of it all over him. Skull shouts in a dramatic British accent "Disarm the enemy before he has time to reload! You fool!", finally stopping to laugh along with his best bud Bulk after the voice of Director Judd Lynn breaks them up.

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