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Power Rangers Turbo
"Chase Into Space, Part II"
Original Air Date: 11/24/97 Featuring Shuttle Scenes From:
Megaranger #01 - Yurusu na! Nejireta Shinryakusha
(Don't Allow it! The Twisted Invaders)
*5th Regular Season Continues
(5th Season by Series Finale)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-529
*45th and LAST episode of PRT
*250th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Additional Cast:
John McGee _AS_ Commander Norquist
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
? _AS_ Cimmarian Planet Messanger


[recap of "Chase Into Space, Part 1"]
The Power Rangers Turbo race out of the Power Chamber's outer doors, heading for the oncoming invading army of Piranahtrons. Red Ranger proudly shouts for his team to get them, rushing up to the P-Trons as they reach the upper plateau of the mountain. Our heroes face dozens of fishdrones, and as apparent by the looks of it, hundreds more await at the foot of the mountain. The Rangers battle onward, outnumbered ten to one, Blue Ranger gets piled on by a group of Piranahtrons, Red Ranger flips over one to find several more behind him, Yellow Ranger is pinned to the ground but continues kicking, Pink Ranger finds herself surrounded on all sides, and Green Ranger swipes a P-Tron's hammer, attempting to use it on them. They plot fails, and Carlos falls after taking tag-team beating, but he gets right back up to endure more.
[opening credits, The Robot Ranger version]
The Power Rangers fight on, Piranahtrons continue climbing the mountain to meet them in battle. Below, the armies slowly advance, until red & blue laser blasts strike out a large group of P-Trons! The smoke clears to reveal the Rangers' sentient vehicle allies, Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster, joining in the action. TJ notes the Calvary has arrived, Justin says it's just in time. Divatox watches this from her throne, remarking that they brought the cars and calls this pathetic before ordering her troops to finish 'em off! Piranahtrons standing at attention near their pirate queen salute, and proceed to take out conchshells they blow into and sound like trumpets. All P-Trons within an earshot heed the call and turn around, racing down from the lower part of the mountain at the living vehicles. Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster keep firing away, and for every five fishdrones they knock out, eight more take their place. Unfortunately, they make the stupid mistake of getting boxed in by driving too close to the mountain. Piranahtrons swarm on the two cars, halting them from movement and giving both quite a beating. Lightning Cruiser backs up and swerves around, only to face a horde of P-Trons carrying large mesh-nets. Within moments, both Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster have been netted and captured by Divatox's Piranahtron forces. They won't be seen or mentioned again until "True Blue To The Rescue", in PRiS!

Elgar comments to his Auntie D that things are looking pretty good, but she's too caught up in the excitement of conquest to comment on that, gleefully saying that it's only a matter of time. Up on the mountain, Pink & Blue Rangers bump into each other while taking a moment's repose from the fight, Justin states there are too many of them, Cassie nods and tells him to look out, both returning to the fishdrone war along with their teammates. Something's got to give, our heroes are forced back against the Power Chamber Building, trying to get back inside while keeping the Piranahtrons out. Red Ranger stays outside while the others slowly seal the large outer doors, TJ finally leaps inside just as the doors slam shut. He activates the security lock, the gathering of Piranahtrons outside the door beat on it to no end, but it's of no use. Our heroes remove their helmets and stagger into the Power Chamber, all weary from constant battle. Ashley, Cassie, Carlos & Justin plop down for a rest over on the steps in front of the colored tubes in the background, while TJ asks Alpha if they still have shields. Alpha says the shields are totally gone (which makes no sense, since there was no attack on the shields by any of Divatox's forces!), he's afraid it won't be long until they break through. Ash & Cassie cuddle close in fear, as the sound of P-Trons clattering at the doors is heard nonstop, before suddenly dying off as quickly as it started. The Viewing Screen shows the armies walking off and leaving, Justin witnessing this odd event and pointing it out to everyone, as Teej & Alpha press buttons on the control panels nearby. Carlos gets up and walks over to Justin's position near the Viewing Screen, Justin says that pretty soon they'll probably all come back. Carlos asks if he's scared, Justin asks him the same thing, to which he answers that yeah he is, Justin dittos his statement.

There's a dead silence without and within the Power Chamber for a few seconds, until Carlos turns to Justin and tries taking their mind off the current events by bringing up his dad getting the new job. Justin states he's never seen him so happy, but he won't take it if it means his son has to leave this city and friends. Carlos smiles and tells him he has a great dad. The two Rangers' conversation ends the moment Elgar appears on the Viewing Screen, leading the way for the Piranahtrons back up the mountain. This time, the troops are hoisting up a large battering ram! Our heroes watch in fear as the fishdrones slam the ram into the outer doors, rocking the entire complex with each impact. If this wasn't enough, another school of P-Trons sneak off to the side of the building, and toss grappling hooks up to the roof. They scale up the sides and reach the top rather quickly. Our helpless heroes listen to the sounds of footsteps above them, and the battering ram at the door. The Viewing Screen displays one final image, the faces of several Piranahtrons looking into the roof camera, before smashing it and killing the signal. Alpha 6 tells the Rangers that he may still be able to teleport them to safety, TJ stops him and says they're going to stay there with him (apparently, Alpha 6 can't teleport himself out like 5 did a few times).

The Piranahtrons at the gate finally break through the outer doors, the security lock gives out to the intense battering, allowing the fishdrones easy access to the inner sanctum of the Power Rangers! They pile into the outer chamber, Elgar walks in and comments on what a nice place they've got here. The P-Trons start banging on the door-hatches to the main Chamber, our heroes are left with no other option but to split up and guard the two main doors to the Power Chamber. They pop back on their helmets, Alpha stays in the center and tells them to be careful. Piranahtrons are slowly peeling back the doors, the Rangers vow to stand steady & ready and not let the armies past them. Their confidence gets crushed the instant the lights suddenly go out, due to the roof being blasted in by the fishdrones above! Debris rains down on the Rangers, and Alpha ducks behind a console, as Piranahtrons slide down their ropes and drop in to crash the party. The villains enter and either battle Rangers, or begin smashing machinery! Even worse, this allows the other fishdrones to open the Chamber doors and rush in. Blue Ranger fends off as many as he can with his Turbo Blade, while Yellow Ranger's fighting turns to a need for weapons. She pulls out her Auto Blaster and aims it, unable to fire as a Piranahtron kicks it out of her hand and smacks her gut with a pipe. Ashley knocks him away and slides across the ground for the Blaster, she has it barely in reach when another P-Tron instead trashes it with his hammer. Nearby, a fishdrone stands atop the ruined console, waving his partners on, only to get cracked in the legs by Alpha wielding a pipe! This leaves the robotic assistant open for an attack by a Piranahtron, until Green Ranger runs up and knocks it away, asking Alpha if he's okay before returning to battle.

The battle rages on, no rest for any Ranger comes despite the unflinching determination to win. Piranahtrons continue destroying everything on the site in sight, the main control panel console of the Power Chamber is titled over ablazed. Each Power Ranger takes on several Piranahtrons at once, punching, kicking and just plain fighting with every skill and ability they have to use. Elgar enters the room carrying a briefcase, he pauses and takes a good look around at the carnage he has wrought, spotting his next target for demolition. He calls it "Zordon & Dimitria's Plasma Tube", the usually stupid henchmonster notes that if he destroys it neither of them can come back to Earth! Elgar takes one of the P-Tron hammers and walks across the room, standing in range, kissing the blunt object good-bye (literally) and suggesting the Rangers do the same to Dimitria. He heaves the hammer through the air, it zips above our heroes without warning and smashes into the green glass of the tube. The Plasma Tube shatters upon impact, blue electricity sparkling about the remains, Elgar then cheers for himself. The Rangers are too busy battling to take notice of this, not like Dimitria was coming back, anyway! Elgar then opens the briefcase, revealing eight small detonation devices (must be leftovers from Divatox's early days), he takes two out and says let's blow this join, up that is. He places one bomb against a wall near the colored tubes in the back, two on the red colored tube in the back (you know those tubes, unexplained replacements for the original PC's Ranger statues?), one on a console, and one on the open door-hatch. Piranahtrons smash the hammers into the walls, destroying every inch of the Power Chamber by hand, or by feet in the case of a fishdrone swinging into the circuitry in the walls. Elgar exits after placing the last detonator, laughing about this being the end of the Power Rangers! Our heroes fight like there's no tomorrow, and by the indication on the detonator bomb being armed and ready to blow, it looks like there won't even be much of a day left!
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Inside what's left of the Power Chamber, the Turbo Rangers fight the invading Piranahtrons in the dark. The only real light that illuminates the scene is that of machinery exploding and sparking all around them, and of fires burning where once our heroes sought refuge. Outside, Divatox sits on her throne with her nephew Elgar and scientific advisor Porto standing next to her (there is a close captioned line of Porto saying "Oh, isn't it wonderful, my queen?", but it was cut, meaning he never gets to talk again in his onscreen life), watching the chaos from a safe distance. The Power Chamber building's exterior is shown, smoke pours out of the roof and the skylight at the top. Divatox chuckles evilly, saying bye-bye to the Rangers, extending her leather-glove covered finger and flipping the switch on the device in her lap. The Power Chamber ignites in a white-flash, exploding three times over in dramatic reusing of the footage from "Hogday Afternoon, Part 2"!

The screen suddenly goes black, fading back in a few hours later. A charred Divatox Jolly Roger flag blows in the breeze amid the rubble that was once the Power Chamber. Several Piranahtrons are spread out, a couple are carrying off a few injured comrades on stretchers, while others are helping Divatox in her search. She, Rygog & Elgar, are calling out for the Power Rangers, not being able to find any trace of them in the wreckage. The pirate queen asks Elgar if he's positive they were inside when it blew up, he says he isn't sure, it was smoky and he couldn't see much of anything! Divatox orders her henchmonsters to find them, Rygog quickly tells her they'll do it right away. Piranahtrons knock over the remains of the PC, leaving no burned console unturned. One fishdrone crawls through mangled metal, while others comb around the debris in search of our heroes. They find nothing, but one comes close, peeking his head into a crack between remains of wall, a wall that TJ is taking shelter behind! He's almost discovered, when the a whooshing sound thunders in, alerting all to its presence. Divatox watches a flame streak through the sky and stops in midair above the Power Chamber ruins. She walks over to where it halted, standing between Rygog & Elgar and calls the fireball's entrance nice, asking what he is. The flame shapes itself into that of a humanoid face, telling her that he is the messenger from the Cimmarian Planet, breaking news that Zordon has been captured! TJ hears this and is overcome with a shocked look on his face as he cowers in the shadows, Divatox seems only mildly interested in this fact. The Messenger says that she, queen of evil, will leave at once for the Cimmarian Planet. Divatox laughs, telling him to give congrats to whoever captured Zordon, but she just captured the Earth and she isn't going anywhere! The flame-headed Messenger states the Dark Specter will not be happy, causing Divatox to give a high-pitched screech, asking him if he just said Dark Specter. He reiterates by calling said person "The Grand Monarch Of Evil", Divatox whispers to Elgar to load up as they're going to the Cimmarian Planet. She turns to the Messenger and pretends like a vacation to that planet is just what she needs right now, thanking him for his suggestion she's going to take him up on it. The Messenger takes off once again, leaving the scene as quickly as he came. Divatox screams out for any Power Rangers listening not to worry, as she'll be back! Divatox shouts a "Viva La Diva", Elgar & Rygog cheer for her, and they (along with every Piranahtron in the area) are swallowed up by her red teleportation lightning.

TJ crawls out of his hole in the wall, rushing down the rubbled hill that used to be the Power Chamber. He's still wearing his Red Ranger outfit, tears and rips are all over it, along with soot from the fire on his face. Ashley & Carlos also pop up from behind some debris in similar attire, Justin calls out to Teej from his hiding place between loose scraps. Cassie is also there, stumbling towards TJ from a shelter unseen. TJ asks if everyone is alright, Carlos shouts that they are on his way down to regroup, noticing a Diva-flag blowing in the wind. He grabs it angrily and throws it off, taking a long look at the demolition site they failed to protect. The five Turbo Ranger teens reach a clearing in the center of the debris, when suddenly their torn suits begin to glow their appropriate colors. In a flash (caused by the Turbo Powers reverting to light balls and taking off into the sky, likely due to the fall of Eltar!), the teens are demorphed into their normal clothing, every rip and tear that was on their Ranger uniforms appears in exactly the same locations on their civilian clothes! The teens remain stunned, Cassie notes that their powers are gone and Justin spots Alpha. The five powerless Ranger teens rush over and pull Alpha from the wreckage, he takes a look around and is distraught over the loss of the Power Chamber, calling it a complete "catastrostroke" as it was his home. Justin tells him it'll be okay because they'll get him out of this, Alpha asks how this could have happened, mentioning a list of their losses of one day: Blue Senturion & Dimitria leaving, both Megazords totaled, and now the Power Chamber as well. He asks what they do now, Carlos exclaims they have to go to the Cimmarian Planet, Cassie reminds him they promised Dimitria they'd stay to protect the Earth. Carlos asks who they'll protect it from, Divatox is gone now, something Ashley points out that won't be permanent, mentioning when she comes back they'll be sitting ducks. Alpha looks like he remembers something, walking off as TJ says she's right, they've got to go after Divatox before she returns to Earth. Cassie asks how they expect to chase her without the Power Chamber or their powers, something they don't have an answer to yet.

Alpha is trying to lift a fallen metal pillar nearby in the ruins, our heroes notice and head over to help him, asking what he's looking for. He says they need the Black Box, the former Rangers yank the pillar out of its broken resting place, and blue energy sparkles out from it. Alpha points that it's under there, TJ reaches down rocks, dirt and other debris and pulls out a small black box. He asks Alpha what it is, he says the box holds the Power Decoder, Teej hands it to Justin who asks what it does, Alpha tells him it has all the secret codes they're going to be needing! Justin inspects the box, which has frizzled wires coming out of the back of it, while Carlos states that what they need right now is a way to go after Divatox. None of our heroes have any clues on how to do it, looking at each other puzzled, until Justin gets an idea he calls a longshot, but thinks there might still be a way. A short time later, outside the NASADA base located somewhere near Angel Grove, the ragamuffin-looking Justin runs up to the guard at the entrance gate. The guard asks what he wants, Justin tells him he need to speak with the Commander. The guard asks if he's expected, Justin says no but he's got to speak to him on important business. The guard is sorry but no matter what, he cannot let the boy in there, ordering him to wait there while he talks to a man in a car. Justin sneaks around the other side of the car, crouching down slowly and running hidden alongside it as the car is allowed onto the base. The guard turns around and looks for the boy, but finds him missing, not realizing just yet that Justin's busy on base rolling around the ground like a spy, ducking out of sight as quick as he can.
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Justin sneaks around the NASADA base, making his way to the Mission Control building. He climbs atop a walkway located above a group of guards blocking the building, stealthily leaping down closer to the door just after two scientists enter. He grabs the card-sealed door and prevents it from closing, creeping into the complex and rushing down the hallways in search of the main control room. Justin discovers it at last, and is about to open the door, when two guards spot him and call out to him to halt. He walks quickly into the mission control room, gazing in awe at all the older men sitting in front of satellite monitors in stock footage of an actual NASA control room. He pauses too long, allowing the guards to catch up to him and begin to drag him away, kicking and screaming. They won't listen to what he has to say, so he yells it out, he's got to speak to the Commander about a message from the Power Rangers. They haul him out to the hallway, Commander General Norquist overhears the boy's outburst and decides to seek any truth in it. He walks out to the hall and has the guards release the boy, Norquist introduces himself to Justin, who immediately tells him the Power Rangers need him help. The Commander asks what they need, Justin tells him they need the space shuttle. The guards chuckle, Norquist turns to another NASADA scientist on his left that shakes his head to the request. The Commander clears his throat to the guards, which ceases their laughter. Justin tries one last thing, walking over and whispering to Norquist something we aren't privy to, the secrets end with the General shouting "Eltar?!", a place he seems to have knowledge of! He asks when they need the shuttle, Justin says right now, Norquist tells the boy to come on, and the two race into Mission Control once more.
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Outside the NASADA base, the four former Ranger teens and Alpha wait patently for their teammate to pull off the impossible. Carlos thinks he may be in trouble, TJ says to give him more time, when suddenly his Communicator goes off (the final time ever the "go go Power Rangers" beep would play). Teej answers it, Justin tells them that the Space Shuttle is all theirs, something our heroes are very pleased about. TJ wonders how he did it, the group gets up and walks offscreen, oddly not in the direction of the NASADA base. Inside Mission Control, Commander Norquist sets all system to go, turning to Justin and saying as he requested the Space Shuttle is set to take them to Eltar (obviously, they changed their minds about Cimmarian planet, planning to join up with their comrades on the one place they'll be able to get Re-powered). Alpha and the four weary teens make their way into the NASADA hanger, an announcer calls out a countdown of two minutes to launch, preparing to switch all systems to computer control. The former Rangers take a gander with smiles on their faces at the specially equipped NASADA Space Shuttle rolling into place (which is really pudgy looking compared to the one we saw on TV in the last part), before racing up the stairway up to the loading platform. Our heroes enter the shuttle's cabin and take their seats next to each other, strapping in seat-belts as the cabin is pressurized. Ashley helps Alpha buckle his belt, to which he thanks her, one of the final things the poor guy will ever say clearly with that Brooklyn-accent voice. The Shuttle is being lifted out of the hanger slowly, liftoff is in one minute. Ashley wonders where Justin is, TJ urging out loud for Justin to get moving, he turns at looks at the empty seat where his little blue pal should be. Teej presses a button with his fist, speaking to Justin and saying they're missing someone. Justin, talking through the NASADA communications line on his headset, sadly says that "he" can't go with them, there's reasons. Carlos is stunned Justin isn't going with them, TJ asks what reasons to which Cassie answers that Justin wants to stay with his dad. TJ sighs and calls back to Justin, telling him to tell "him" that he has very good reasons, and they'll miss him. Justin replies that "he" already knows, as the announcer states t-minus 15 seconds, his friends come to a quiet understanding. Justin removes his headset and whispers he'll miss them too. The announcer calls out the ten-second countdown, as the NASADA Shuttle is readied into position, the doors seal, and the Rangers hold each others hands (Alpha included, Carlos ends up holding the Black Box that's clutched in Alpha's). Carlos says a good-bye to Justin, and basically to Earth, as the countdown reaches the final second, the engines ignite and the Shuttle lifts off! Commander Norquist proudly calls it a perfect liftoff and turns to find Justin has bolted out of the room. The former Blue Ranger is outside watching the Shuttle lifting into the sky with its boosters blazing beneath it. Justin wishes the Rangers good luck, and walks away with his head held low. Inside the Shuttle Cabin, our heroes brace the G-Forces, their destiny awaiting them in the stars above. The NASADA Shuttle rips through the atmosphere, chasing the future of the Power Rangers... into Space!
[to be continued ('next season' on the first airing only).... Power Rangers In Space!; end credits]

The NASADA Shuttle blasting through the sky in a frozen shot, as the instrumental theme song plays.

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