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Power Rangers Turbo
"Built For Speed"
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Original Air Date: 05/6/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #08 - Henshin Buresu fu Keitai
(No Longer Carrying The Transformation Bracelet)
*4th Regular Season
(5th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-437
*8th episode of PRT
*213th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Ralph Soll Director: Chip Lynn
Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk Chimp (voice)
Jason Narvy _AS_ Skull Chimp (voice)

Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Demon Racers (voices)
? _AS_ Rob [Note: He's played by the same guy who plays Bobby in "The Rival Rangers" later in the series. Since Bobby is supposed to be a new kid in school then, it appears Rob is just his evil twin, literally!]

Sentai Scene


The Fonz knows it's a happy day when he can play his favorite song on the jukebox! Welcome to 1950s Angel Grove, everything is as stereotyped as you seen it in the movies, except maybe "Grease" which features more sex and foul language. So, here we are at Ernie's Malt Shoppe, all the poodle-skirted girls & the leather jacket clad guys dance around to a generic 'rock & roll' hit, one teen with a huge forehead I'll call 'James' talks to another teen i'll call 'Dean' whom is standing next to a girl named Marie. 'Dean' complains about being stuck with her, until Rob, the guy I mention in the credits, comes in and sweeps her onto the dance floor. 'Dean' gets jealous, having thought she was his girl, but she twirls around while dancing, sticks her finger in his ice cream float and licks some cream off it. What that was a metaphor for, I have no clue. Soon enough, 'Dean' jumps up and grabs Marie's arm, playing tug of war with Rob. She's almost made into a wishbone, but instead they turn their domestic violence toward each other. Getting right up in each others faces, suddenly they're broken up by Adam, decked out with overgreased hair Elvis hairstyle. He stops briefly to run a comb through it, when he gets a surprise by someone yelling 'let's rumble' before 'James' comes plowing into him. Rob & 'Dean' go at it, and as Adam holds his own against the unruly punk, he gets pinned by two other rebels without causes!
[opening credits]
Lenny & Squiggy can't hold Adam back, as he flips out of their arm lock and takes them down with some of his classic karate moves. Rob & 'Dean' are also sparring heavily, when Rob gets taken out and Adam comes in to take him on. Adam takes a tumble, when Tanya yells for everyone to hold it and stop. She turns off the strobe lights and music. She talks to the whole group of stunt actors, telling them she thought they had it worked out where this scene the Bad Dogs would beat the Wild Cats. The Wild Cats, apparently made up of the 'James', 'Dean' and other hot-blooded punks, complain the Bad Dogs won last week in the Wild West Show. Rob, a Bad Dog, tells them it's like that because it's in the script. Tanya tells them all to chill, explaining the premise for all this confusion in the plot so far. The KAGV Radio Station decided to put this Back To The 50's Stunt Show on, she thought it'd be fun. She asks if they can just all work together, try to have a good time and put on a good show. They promise to be good, she playful hits 'Dean', before telling them she'll see them tomorrow. Meanwhile in the Subcraft (yes this is still a Power Ranger show), Divatox is enjoying the stunt show rehearsal via her periscope not for the action, but for the arguing amongst the teens. Rygog thinks this would be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the confusion, Porto says he has just the thing. Elgar rushes in and shows off a tiny cube clock to the camera, Porto announcing his newest invention, a super-duper, high-powered detonator! So small the Power Rangers will never notice it until it's too late. Elgar continues in Home Shopping Mode, trying to make a sale to either his Auntie D or the viewers at home by claiming it's the only device those truly bent on world domination will ever need, for only $19.95! Divatox wonders who will deliver this countdown to chaos, Elgar saying they'll need someone fast, Porto knows just the monster, Demon Racer! In comes the super speedster creature, Demon Racer, racing in a blur everywhere inside the bridge, around every one of the henchmonsters before snatching the detonator and running to the surface faster than the eye can focus on. Divatox remarks in the smoke trails left by the quick creature, he's just like all the rest of the men in her life. Elgar does his 'Apocalypse Now' impression by saying he loves the smell of burning rubber, it smells like complete world domination!

Soon outside the Juice Bar, the Wild Cats continue whining about always losing with Rob rubbing it in. Hot tempered 'Dean' wants to settle this the old fashioned way, by whipping out a set of keys for the two 50's cars used for the stunt show. Rob knows what this means, good old fashion drag race at Angel's Bluff, whoever chickens out and turns first has to lose the stunt show! Adam is setting up signs nearby and overhears them, rushing over to try and talk sense into them. 'Dean' asks who says they can't do this, and Adam points out the police, since drag racing's illegal, not to mention the fact they could end up getting themselves killed. Adam reminds them it's not worth it, the whole 50's thing is just pretend and it's doesn't matter who wins, it just matters that they work together, put on a great show and entertain people. Rob & 'Dean' appear to have listened to reason and agree on his mindframe, when Tanya beeps the horn of her Yellow VW convertible. Adam's gotta go, but he'll see those guys later, thinking he's worked it out with their bruised egos. Once the two Ranger teens are out of sight, the true colors are revealed as Rob tells 'Dean' the race is on! 'James' & 'Dean' walk off together and prepare to get their dragster ready (one of them is really named 'Max', but I can't figure out who so i'll keep up with this lame running joke). Just around the corner, Speed Demon is lurking, giggling maniacally about the boys getting the car ready.
That same day inside the Juice Bar, two leather jacket punks talk to another leather jacket punk at the counter about the drag race. Behind the counter, the Bulk & Skull Chimps, once leather jacket punks themselves, overhear this and know it's trouble. Trouble indeed, and as Bulk points out they know what happens there's any trouble around. Skull correctly mentions they always get blamed for it, but that's not the answer Bulk is looking for. He's talking about the Power Rangers showing up, but Skull thought they gave up on finding to find the Rangers' secret identities. The Bulk Chimp has a plan, takes Skull's monkey hand, and drags him off to go execute it. Skull asks that he please not hold his hand, but the two simian simpletons leave the Juice Bar hand in hand anyway. Adam & Tanya give the Chimps a confused look as the two wander off into mischief. Tanya & Adam check out one of the posters a teen is painting for the stunt show when their communicators go off. They sneak away to answer them, with Tommy on the other end inside the Power Chamber. The alarms are blaring loud, Alpha complains about the noise, asking what he's gotta do to turn that thing down. Justin reminds him it's an alarm and it's alarming for a good reason. Tommy reaches Green & Yellow Rangers and has them come to the P.C. right away, Tanya says she'll call Kat on her way there. Apparently still new to the systems, it's up to Tommy to silence the nerve-racking alert siren. Alpha impatiently awaits the three Ranger teens arrival, and once they teleport in he sarcastically says he was about to call 911. Kat asks Tommy what's going on, and he fills them in on the situation. They were charging the Turbo Navigators, when they picked up one of Divatox's detonators in the city. Alpha covers up the fact it was an accident they discovered it by trying to act like Divatox was foolish to think she could really sneak it past them. Each of the Rangers equips themselves with a Turbo Navigator and readies a trip to Angel Grove in search of one of their enemies' explosives. Dimitria questions them as usual, asking if they feel Divatox will allow them to approach her detonator without obstacles. Adam notices she's right, and they should split up in combing the areas, Tommy trying to assert his leadership by reminding them to keep their eyes open and be careful.

Demon Racer
In the Juice Bar parking lot, Demon Racer continues trying to find the perfect place to hide the detonator, which is in the shape of a pair of large fuzzy dice. He believes he's hit the jackpot, racing over to the two drag racers to place the explosive inside. Just a few feet away, Adam is approaching the scene with his Turbo Navigator which locks onto a disturbance. Doing just what Tommy suggested he's kept his eyes out for anything suspicious, and a lighting quick monster would definitely fall into the category of suspicious events. Hiding behind, well, nothing but a small branch but giving a brief lookaround, he Shifts Into Turbo and immediately boards his Green Turbo Cart! Giving chase to the fast as a flash creature, he tries to prevent the monster from planting the detonator. Unfortunately, not only has he already done so, Demon Racer's got his own evil looking automobile that can only be described as a modern day Dragula (Grandpa Munster's dragster made of a coffin, close enough I guess)! Peeling out, Adam follows behind him, and pulls up along side Demon Racer's vehicle. Demon Racer asks Green Ranger to race him, if he wins he'll tell him where the detonator is. Caught up in an adrenaline rush, Adam totally forgets that this is a monster he's dealing with and agrees to the race. Luckily they're out on a long open stretch of deserted two lane road on the outskirts of town, because just when the Turbo Cart takes the lead, Demon Racer spouts off a few blasts from his head-horn. Adam spins out, giving Demon Racer an unfair advantage before zooming back into action as if he never left. Swerving back and forth, both locked in a heated battle, the home stretch is reached with two large metal dividers block the road ahead (with Japanese writing on them). Demon Racer is taken by surprise as Adam races around them and crosses the makeshift finishing line, leaving Demon Racer in his Turbo dust! The Dragula slams right into the metal slabs, exploding on impact, Adam turning around and hopping out of his Cart. Demon Racer isn't quite finished yet, stumbling out of the ashes, boasting he'll never find the detonator until it's too late. Green Ranger tells him they'll find the detonator with or without him, spinning around and lifting his arm into the air as Demon Racer dies explosively behind him as Adam gives a victory pose.

Elsewhere in the Subcraft, Elgar finds it stuffy in the cabin, opening a porthole window only to see a giant eyeball staring back at him! He runs away in horror, bumping into Porto and bouncing off. Divatox is angered the Demon Racer failed, but Porto tells her not to worry as he's prepared a Spare! She asks her scientific advisor what he's waiting for, ordering him to send the Spare Demon Racer immediately! Tanya & Justin come up with nothing in their Navigator scan for a detonator, same goes with Tommy. Alpha contacts said Red Ranger and informs him Divatox's sent another Demon Racer to wreak havoc. Tommy-boy Shifts Into Turbo, and apparently so do the rest of the unmorphed Rangers. They all leap into the scene of the disturbance (sans Adam), and look around for the monster. Yellow Ranger spots him trying to run down people in the ever-popular Japanese district of town.
Spare Demon Racer
Spare Demon Racer has his own smiley-grilled Dragula and is mowing down crowds of people in the narrow streets. The Turbo Rangers race in and attempt to rescue as many civilians as they can, and are successful in preventing any roadkill. Demon Racer parks it and revs his engine in preparation of flattening some Rangers. The Turbo Team is almost happy to oblige, standing right there in the street while getting fired upon by the Dragula lasers.

Remember that drag race subplot? Back to it we go, the Wild Cats & Bad Dogs preparing their racers for the upcoming blood on the roadway. Unbeknownst to them, the Bulk & Skull Chimps are scheming nearby, planning to hop in the back of each car (Skull, wearing an orange shirt gets in the orange car, Bulk with a blue shirt in the blue car), wait until the Rangers show up, jump out and get them to recognize their old pals and turn them back to humans! Skull thinks Bulkie is brilliant, but he knows that already. The Turbo Rangers are getting ripped through by the Spare Demon Racer, Alpha watching the brief bit of Carranger footage on the Viewing Globe/Screen. He contacts Adam and lets him know his pals need his help, but he's busy tracking the detonator. He's got a faint reading on his Turbo Navigator, but can't seem to pinpoint it. Rob's drag racer, the blue car, drives by and Green Ranger gets a surprised lock on it! Meanwhile in the Subcraft, Elgar rearranges the background Piranahtrons while trying to keep things from getting too stale. Divatox is on a rollicking, Ranger-ruining roll, ordering the torpedoes be fire to turn up the speed! The two torpedoes lift up and smash down on the Spare Demon Racer, giving the Rangers big trouble now (where'd his Dragula go?)!
The giant Spare Demon Racer puts his huge pedal foot down, followed by a horn-blast down upon the tiny Turbos. Giving our heroes another frying, he says it looks like they've reached the finish line. Green Ranger is just a few giant feet away standing next to his Turbo Cart, mentioning he doesn't think so since he doesn't see any checkered flag. His friends are surrounded by flames by happy to finally see him. Demon Racer tells Adam he's going to crush him into powder, but that's only if he can catch him! Adam hops in his Turbo Cart, and rolls out, driving off faster than Spare Demon's hands can reach. With the monster running off after their teammate, the other Rangers make a break for some reinforcements. Demon Racer lets loose some more horn-blasts at the Green Cart, but not slowing the Turbo Ranger down one beat. The monster asks Adam if he's chickening out, prompting him to steer around and head back toward Spare Demon Racer. Trying to outrace the stomping of Demon's fast feet, Adam lets off a Turbo Rocket from the front of his Cart just as he darts beneath the creature's (large cheap looking wooden) legs. Too caught up in attempting to smoosh Green Ranger, Spare Demon Racer is oblivious to his oblivion as the rocket smashes into his chest and sends him toppling. Adam takes a short victory lap in the wake of his second Demon Racer trashing of the day. Meanwhile at Angel's Bluff, the drag race is on with the rules set by 'James'. Race to the edge of the cliff, and whoever turns first has to forfeit the stunt show. Wild Cats representative 'Dean' and Bad Dogs' spokespunk Rob give each other mean looks and spit in the wind before entering their respective vehicles. Inside the back-seat of each, the Bulk & Skull Chimps lie in wait for trouble to heat up.

Back in the City, Spare Demon Racer is revved up and read to battle, so the Turbo Rangers call forth the Turbo Megazord. Once everything's transformed into place, Demon Racer butts his horned head into the Megazord's chest a few times. Finally, the Rangers pull out the giant tire shield and stop his attacks and give him a head bonking. Tommy thinks Adam should do the honors to finish him off, kicking the Megazord into high gear by stomping it's leg down on Demon Racer's pedal foot before leaping up and kicking him over. Long footage short, Turbo Megazord spinout is initiated and Spare Demon Racer gets slashes and goes flat in no time flat. The gas tank of action isn't quite empty yet, as Alpha reminds them they still got a detonator to find. Dimitria knows where it is, but refuses to give a straight answer by speaking her first sentence without a question to it! "Rangers, Listen Carefully. There Is A Drop So Steep Even Angels Fear To Tread." Tanya figures it out quickly, and Adam remembers Angel's Bluff is where Rob was heading. Speaking of which, the racers are all set and raring to go. Someone vaguely calls 'Dean' Tony, I think, but I'm not in the mood to go back in change it all. Maria, like everyone there, is way way too in character, signaling the start of the drag racer with her hair... hanky. The two stupid youths take off towards the cliffs at impressive speeds, Rob not realizing the giant green fuzzy dice contain a detonator (that's the least of his worries i'm sure). They pull off the highway and take the grassy route to the drop of doom (notice in the background, the patrons watching the race must be close to half a mile away from the Bluff!). The Bulk & Skull Chimps get riled up, and proceed to cover the eyes of their drivers up. So now driving blind thanks to simian hands, the two dragsters plow towards the cliff and eventually race right off the sides! Is this the end for Bulk, Skull & the two revolting Travoltas? Tune in next time, same 1950's Time, same 1950's channel!

Oh.... wait, it's not done yet. Everyone can come back! Anyway, the two dragsters drop like bricks to the ground, plummeting faster than the Power Rangers' ratings! Unfortunately, the Turbo Megazord is right there in front of them, big as life, scooping them up in it's giant hands. Only now do the Chimps remove their hands from their eyes, and only now do the other teens rush to the scene of the crime. Did they not see or hear the huge flippin' Megazord approaching?! The Turbo Megazord stands there in full Americanized mode, as Green Ranger exits the cockpit and teleports into Rob's passenger seat with his Turbo Navigator. Quickly locating the detonator, he has only four seconds remaining, giving the fuzzy explosives a toss out the window they safely explode at the bottom of the canyon. The drag racing punks are in shock but healthy (and likely soaked in sweat & urine), Adam telling them to stay put and they'll get them down as he walks out onto the Megazord's hands. He waxes heroic, reminding them to never put themselves in danger to prove something, next time the Rangers might not be there to catch them, before teleporting away. Meanwhile in the Subcraft, Rygog, Elgar & Porto have converted one of the rooms into a sauna and are letting off some steam. Elgar thinks his Auntie D is gonna be steamed when she finds out the other Demon Racer ran out of gas. Rygog tells him not to sweat it, she'll get over it. Speak of the pirate devil, she's outside the hatch, knocking and demanding they open up. The three henchmonsters quiet down, trying to keep from getting into trouble, Rygog relaxing & reading Island Hopper magazine. She yells through the metal door that the detonator's been deactivated. Frustrated without and within, Divatox is really starting to dislike those Rangers!
On the edge of Angel's Bluff, Rob & 'Dean' gaze down to see just what fate as pancakes that almost awaited them. The crowd of onlookers finally reaches them (Adam & Tanya somehow slipped in with them, did they take the scenic route or something?) in time to witness the two teens realize the errors of their ways. Agreeing it was a stupid idea to drag race and that they should start working together, both shaking hands and becoming friends, much to Adam & Tanya's delight. The Bulk & Skull Chimps exit the vehicles and sit down on the ground, just as Lt. Stone pulls up in his usual ride. He's been searching all over Angel Grove for those two mischievous monkeys, wondering why everytime there's trouble they're always right in the middle of it. He talks to Tanya and the crowd, pondering that if he didn't know any better he'd swear they were... when Tanya interrupts him. His car is rolling backwards, the Chimps having climbed in and released the parking break! Lt. Stone whines 'not again' (given his car has been trashed before by Bulk & Skull), as he races off down the grassy plains after his runaway car. Everyone in the crowd laughs at his misfortune, and no charges are filed since Lt. Stone is the only adult in the entire universe anymore. Come to think of it, he used to be a cop, why didn't he arrest those kids? Who cares, I just want the writer of this episode arrested!
[end credits]

Tanya shouts out to Lt. Stone about his car, but screws up in pointing with the right hand, sending the crowd behind her, and herself, into laughter; The Bulk Chimp rapidly waves his fingers over his head, before uttering that he's psychic; Green Ranger holds his Turbo Navigator searching for the detonator, when some guy walks onto the shot. Adam tells him they're trying to shoot a show here, when he spots a car driving away he chases it, yelling for craft services to wait!; Rygog checks out the centerfold in Island Hopper Magazine, telling her to 'hold your horses, mama!', as Elgar wipes Rygog's brow asking if anyone has a plastic surgeon; Lt. Stone is talking to the crowd, when Tanya yells to him about his car. He turns around and notices it's still parked there and hasn't moved. Everyone laughs.

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