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Power Rangers Time Force
"Force From The Future, Pt 1"
Original Air Date:02/03/01 Footage and some story elements from:
Timeranger #01 - Toki No Toubousha (The Fugitives Of Time)
Prisoner monster suit from:
Timeranger #17 - Nejireta Seiken (The Twisted True Fist)
*Season 9, byte 01
[Due to FK's "plan" to run new eps every week for a year, "Seasons By Series" and "Regular Seasons" have finally, 100% officially, merged... for now.]
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1101
*01st episode of PRTF
*379th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Alex (Red Ranger) [As Wes on opening; Alex only in end credits]
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Additional Cast:
Roy Werner _AS_ Captain Logan
Ric Mancini _AS_ Judge
Michael Ballew _AS_ Driver #1
Rueben Landgon _AS_ Driver #2
Tadashi Kondo _AS_ Policeman
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Gluto (voice)
Michael Sorich _AS_ "Punky Bruisester" (voice, uncredited)
David Stenstrom _AS_ Narrator (voice; uncredited)


An overview of a massive futuristic city greets us beneath the TV-Y7 FV logo. The design of the buildings is all fancy, most seemingly painted pinkish, as cars zoom through the skies Jetsons-style. The Trans-Warp Megazord stomps around on the horizon, doing who-knows-what as people in white gowns wander below his feet. This is all recycled Timeranger footage, obviously. A pleasant male voice-over narrates, "A thousand years in the future, peace and justice reign. Thanks to the brave legion of the Time Force Police, the streets have been cleared of EVERY criminal. EVERY criminal, except one, that is- RANSIK!" As confirmed next episode, this all takes place in the year 3000, despite the voice over guy's estimate. The suddenly scene shifts from Ultra Futurama to a dark, barely lit warehouse, where we find Ransik standing below a tall metal arch. Cyclobots march around in the background, as their leader muses beneath lights flashing about from helicopters flying around above the building. Ransik turns around upon cued by the voice over, and stares kinda towards the camera. He's a long black haired man, with a goatee, and a silver cybernetic plate over the upper left side of his face (his left, of course). Around the rim of the metal implant, is intense scarring, hinting only slightly at what pink malformed horror lies beneath. He also has a very sharp spikey shoulder-pad on his left shoulder, and wears a caped outfit adorned with lots of leather straps. Ransik may have gotten his wardrobe from the Mondo The Magician collection. His right arm is uncovered, revealing a slightly muscular mutated form, covered in blue bulging veins. Anyway, as he calmly turns around, a sudden, violent montage of Ransik in various stages of screaming anger rip into the screen, before returning to reality. This represents his shattered psychotic attitude, the shadow of pure evil lurking heavily under the surface at all times. Whatever crimes this mutated human has done in the past is merely reflected by his horrendous appearance.

Outside of the warehouse, the whole building is surrounded by Time Force Police Officers. They wear white designed jumpsuits, and carry small Chrono-Blasters in hand. Some of the TF Cops even have sort of bulletproof vests on, as they swarm into the arm, flanking around a huge mess of burning debris littering the main entrance to the warehouse. The man in charge of this operation, Captain Logan, is easy to spot as he's the only one not wielding a weapon and the only one wearing an outfit with some color in it. Sort of a grayish monochrome. He stands behind one of the Time Force Police Cars, the lights atop it flashing, while shouting orders. Such as, "A Team, secure all exits on the right flank. Go!" (seems even in the future, there's room for Mister T), and "B Team assist A Team! Contain the perimeter, left flank. Go!" The many TF Cops, varying in races, sizes, genders, and humanoid species, follow orders to the letter. The Captain speaks into a speaker commlink, "This is Captain Logan to air assault! I want you to cover all possible escape routes on the roof. All teams check in at final position, over!" One of the many Time Force Officers racing about, is Lucas, a young, dark haired upper-teenaged male. He gets near the back of one of the cars, positions his arm, and aims his specially designed Blaster in the direction that everyone else is also pointing theirs. Up inside the warehouse, Ransik takes in the lovely view. He stares out a window, witnessing the searchlights waving all around, and the all around general commotion that he's causing. Ransik can only give a low throaty chuckle at the sight, before inhaling deeply, widening his eyes, and turning away from the scene to continue his evil duties. It's nice to see from the window view, that way above the hovercars zooming around, is the good old moon, which appears to be in its final quarter. Down below, the Time Force Cops continue scrambling. Some have set up shop behind a barricade, while a few others, with a lot more riot gear on, are located in front of it. Soon, we see a whole squad, one of the Alphabetic Teams no doubt, of Officers charging past one of the parked TF vehicles. Among the cops, is the young African-American female (uhh, if this IS still America a thousand years from now) named Katie. Also, spotted is the green-haired alien humanoid, Trip, just in front of her.

Back in the warehouse, Ransik takes a small time device, and places it inside a special slot likely made just for that purpose. It's atop a control station for that metal arch we saw earlier, which is apparently a person-sized Time Portal. The small time device, is a robotic sphere with a tower sticking out of the top of it, among other gimmicky gadgets. Ransik, after placing the device, turns a knob on the control station. The machine hums to life, the portal preparing to become activated. Ransik steps back and faces the metal arch (which has a symbol design at the top center of it, which resembles the Time Force badge shape), remarking aloud in a slight accent, "If I can't rule the present, then i'll just rule... THE PAAAAST!" His angrily screaming rant comes to a halt, when out from the shadows in the opposite side of the arch, steps a Red Power Ranger! (or rather, Ransik appears to have gone around the arch between shots, as the control station is on the flip side now. In fact, there seems to have been an edit! If you saw the PRTF preview promo, you'd know that after his rant, Ransik darts towards the Time Portal. There's a massive explosion which follows. This appears to be caused by Red Ranger, tossing his Chrono-Saber at the console and trashing it. That's how the evil mutant ended up over on the other side of the arch without having gone through time. Shame, really, that'd have been a nicer entrance than just showing up like he did.) Ransik watches curiously, as the Red Ranger slowly walks in from behind a stack of crates. The Cyclobots (which are what you get if you breed Cogs with Quantrons), backing Ransik up, aim their saber-guns towards the Ranger. He lifts up his small golden rimmed & blinking lighted badge, points it their way, and proclaims, "In the name of Time Force, I place you under arrest!" Ransik remarks simply, "You DON'T know what you're up against!" The Red Ranger, his morphed suit design displaying an arrow-like symbol on the helmet and chest, replies in kind, "You don't know what YOU'RE up against, Ransik!" The Time Force Officer and the future's most wanted mutated man slowly begin to walk around the arch in parallel directions. They stop when facing one another without the Time Portal in the way; Red Ranger readying his arms for battle with a mighty kiaii. Ransik takes the incentive to kick a crate on wheels off at the Officer. The Red Ranger leaps over the oncoming distraction, and launches himself into the air off the top of it. He does a quick flip, before descending directly into Ransik, rapidly kicking his feet at the mutant's mutated face. Ransik fights back, deflecting the attack with his arms. Red Ranger quickly lands in front of him, and starts to toss high kicks at Ransik, left and right. He dodges all blows perfectly, as the lighting in the room increasing to an envigorous flashing, like almost a Gladiator Disco. Finally, Red's right leg gets snatched in mid-kick by Ransik, who swings the Ranger around, pushes him into the air, and gives a mighty kick back. Red Ranger is hurtled across the room, slamming sparkily into a stack of crates around where he entered the place! Ransik seems to love a good brawl, as he laughs maniacally, and rushes over to his downed sparring partner to continue the fight.

[Opening Credits!; The logo is different from the ads and boxes slightly (more gold in the TF section); As per usual, quite a bit of Sentai footage (mostly smooth direct Megazord shots, with various Morphed Ranger stuff scattered about), mixed with various stuff from PRTF that you'll end up seeing pretty soon (like the five Vector Cycles and their Clock Tower base). People credited but don't appear, include Edward Laurence Albert as Mr. Collins, and of course, Jason Faunt as Wes.]

Outside of the warehouse, Captain Logan informs Ransik over the bullhorn, "You're completely surrounded!" Indeed he is, though he doesn't seem to care. He's too busy fighting the Red Time Force Power Ranger! He's really getting into the action now, ripping into Red with both arms. The Officer manages to block all attacks, and when the opportunity arises, he slips behind Ransik, and tugs on his cape! Bad move, as Ransik lifts up his leg and knocks him off furiously. Ransik then lunges for the Red Ranger, prompting the hero to flip backwards and a bit sidewards at the same time. He falls through the air in slow motion, taking the incentive to reach out and grab his Chrono-Saber from the control station (which he threw earlier at the Portal's control console in that cut scene I mentioned). Red grips the saber perfectly as he lands poised on his feet, just about an inch from underneath the metal arched portal. Cyclobots look on, far in the background. Guess they know better than to interrupt Ransik's fun. Red Ranger whips the saber about intimidatingly, as he stands beneath the arch and the bright light being shone down from the skylight above him. Ransik, not to be outdone, gives hearty laugh to this. He bends his right leg, lifts up his knee, and then reaches down, chopping at his thigh with his right arm. This causes a flash of energy, before his knee bone suddenly pops up out of pant-leg! Ransik lets out a bloodcurdling groan, as he grasps the bone, and yanks it out. Halfway out, the bone morphs into a long machete blade, which he wields with malicious valor. Ransik's enraged screaming doesn't phase Red Ranger, who valiantly readies his saber and charges at the mutated creature. Red Ranger & Ransik lock sword to saber, causing a backlash of energy to swirl around at the clanging together of their blades.

The Time Force Police wait patiently around the perimeter of the warehouse. Their Blasters on alert, aimed at the building, ready for anything to happen. A black & white Vector Cycle pulls up onto the scene, and the TF Cop riding it dismounts, while removing her helmet. She's Jen, a brunette female with apparently some high ranking in the force. Jen intently races over to Captain Logan, approaches him, and the two exchange salutes. She asks him, "Captain. Where is he?" Logan points out sternly, "In there!" Jen marches around the TF Policecar, pats Katie on the shoulder and asks, "You okay?" Her pal only nods, not wanting to take her eye off the main warehouse door. Jen turns to Trip & Lucas, who are to her right, positioned behind the barricade, and seemingly acknowledges them. She pulls out her Blaster from her waist-side holster, and grips it firmly in her hands as he worriedly stares at the warehouse. The waiting comes to a violent halt, when the huge door explodes massively, sending debris raining throughout the area. The multitude of Time Force Officers positioned just in front of the entrance are knocked aback by the blast, everyone shielding their face from the sudden explosion. As it dies off, Jen cries out, "Alex!?" The smoke slowly starts to clear, prompting Trip to raise his Blaster again, just to be safe (though Katie & Jen seem too stunned by the prospect of their teammate being dead to do so themselves). Out from the ashes steps Ransik, in sturdy handcuffs! He's not alone though, as the Red Ranger is behind him, holding the time device in his hand, and leading the captured criminal out of the building. Jen is overjoyed to see her boyfriend/partner alive, exclaiming happily, "HE DID IT!" Katie also seems happy, and I assume the others. Red Ranger leads Ransik past the charred wreckage of the door, where the mutant instantly collapses to his knees, groaning in agony. Whatever action we missed must have been a doozy to wear that big guy out so much. Captain Logan shouts, "Get him, and make sure he's secure!" Several Time Force Officers dart towards Ransik, and forcibly grab him. He struggles, but is overpowered by the first three, as they drag him off into the crowd of cops.

The Red Time Force Power Ranger (helmet visor blinking slightly), his work done, yells, "Power down!", as he lifts his left arm up. His Chrono-Morpher flashes, swallowing his body in a red light and surrounding him in a flood of green digital numbers for but a split second. Alex, a normal-height, dark haired Time Force Police suit-wearing male holding the time device, is all that remains. Captain Logan walks past Trip, Katie, and Jen, who are all smiles, as they reholster their Blasters. Logan approaches Alex, and commends him, "Well done, Alex." Alex replies, "Thank you, sir", and the two exchange salutes. He hands the metal sphere over to his boss, noting, "This is the heart of a Time-Warping device. He could have traveled to ANY time period he wanted." The Captain states, "THAT would have been a disaster." Alex remarks with a smirk, "Well, now he won't be going ANY-where for a long time." Logan pats him on the shoulder, takes the device, and walks off. On the way past Jen, he touches her arm and whispers, "Take care of him, Jen." To the side, Katie is overemotionally hugging Trip. He comedically struggles to break free of the tough woman's tight hold, but is unable to escape her strong clutches. Jen's happy to oblige to the Captain's orders, hopping over to stare at Alex. Captain Logan spouts orders to the rest of the platoon, "Attack teams, listen up! I want ALL units inside! Secure the interior! Go!" (after all, Cyclobots are still lurking in the area) Jen lovingly smiles at Alex, and when he smiles back, she reaches up and the two in embrace in a firm, yet romantic, hug. Nearby, Katie's still in a happy mood, hugging Trip tightly. She tries to do the same to Lucas, but he manages to slip out of her strong grasp. She seems let down, as Lucas brushes off his suit. Katie takes out her "rejection" on Trip, by tightening her hold on Trip, turning the hug into a deadly headlock! Soon he's gonna be a green haired boy with a very blue face! Jen & Alex's hug continues, and she appears to be sobbing joyously at his safe return.

Later, possibly the next day, at a Time Force courthouse (which is actually the same exact design as the TF Police HQ: a tall white building with blue highlights and a roundish structure to the side. Kinda resembles a huge toilet for the Trans-Warp Megazord!), a trial is occurring. Ransik stands in the center of the room (basking in an ominous glow from the ceiling), which is filled with seats for the court audience to watch the proceedings. The mutated man is bound in a massive set of silver chains and locks, assuring his submission to the officers. Ransik has a wicked grin on his face, as he looks around the courtroom. He spots a woman sitting at one of the tables, wearing a black leather coat and a rather large leather hat. She has pink hair, with matching lipstick, and a line of similarly colored gems over her right eye. Ransik and this mysterious woman make visual contact, as she smiles at him and wiggles her eyebrows. An announcement echoes through the room, "In the matter of The People V. Ransik, the judge's council is still in chambers!" Among the many jumpsuited people attending the trial (we can safely assume those in the reddish colored ones are either civilians or lower ranking rookies), is Trip, with Katie & Lucas sitting in the row behind him. Katie turns to the fellow officer sitting next to her, and grabs his arms as he excitedly states, "This is SO cool, Lucas! Ransik is going down for sure!" Trip turns around and happily watches someone other than him getting manhandled by the rugged female for a change. Lucas, who was minding his own business, seemingly contemplating thoughts, looks down at Katie's arms squeezing his shoulders, and shakes his head. He pessimistically notes with an exhale of breath, "NOTHING'S for sure." Trip has a bag of some sort on his table. The contents of the bag is sticking its head out, revealing a blue & white robotic owl! Circuit, as he's named (though he has a female-like voice, more along the lines of a young boy), blinks his big eyes and struggles to get free of the bag. He yells, "Trip! I can't see ANY-thing down here! Would you help me up?!" The green haired teen frustratedly turns back around and grabs the bag, informing the robot (possibly his creation), "Please, Circuit! This is a courtroom!" (notice Trip's lips as he says the line. His mouth slightly falls in front of the owl as he says his name, appearing that the change from "Digit" to "Circuit" was last minute indeed).

Just outside of the courtroom, on a balcony overlooking the futuristic landscape (notice the Time Force Time Gate Runway is not far off in the distance, along with the actual TF HQ building!), Jen & Alex are enjoying the view. The sky is tinged pink and orange, as it's either around dusk, or the smog content is abnormally high a thousand years from now. Several hovercars of varying designs zoom rather quietly by, as Alex notes to his girlfriend, "Now that Ransik and his gang of mutants are put away for good, we have a little more time to spend together." Jen smiles and nods, "That'd be a nice change! To actually have a DATE with my boyfriend!" Alex quietly agrees. He waits a pause and looks at her beauty, before ceasing his leaning against the white railing, and saying, "Actually, I was thinking of something a little more permanent." Jen looks down as he lifts up a small crystal case from the palm of his hand. She's stunned, as he removes an engagement ring from within it, and slips it on her left ring finger! Alex asks her truly, "Jennifer... will you marry me?" Jen can only smile widely, and reach around him for another loving hug as she giggles happily. Alex ends it abruptly, asking, "Whoa, whoa! Does that mean yes?!" Jen nods and laughs, "YES! Hehehe! Oh, Alex!", and then begins hugging him deeply again. Her shiny new engagement ring sparkles in the sunlight. I somehow suspect that the lack of them kissing is either due to them being on-duty (taking the rules a little seriously!), or because kissing has been outlawed in the future for the spreading of germs or something. The hug-fest ends, as Alex stares into his fiancee's eyes, and states, "Ya know, AFTER Ransik's locked up... it's you and me." Jen agrees lovingly, finishing the statement, "Forever." They lock hands, but don't get any more time to celebrate, as a man comes over the loudspeaker, "The judges have reached a verdict! The court will now reconvene!" Alex takes Jen by the hand, and the two of them head back into the building, their future together starting as of that moment.

Alex & Jen reenter the courtroom. Jen shows off her fancy engagement ring to Katie, who's shocked by the sight, and can barely contain herself. Trip's also quite smiling at the sight, though Lucas just sits back, hand to his chin, and continues pondering as he always does. It should be noted, that not only are there Time Force Officers in attendance, but members of various alien races. For instance, on the back row, for instance, is a purpley-pink haired female, possibly of the same race of pink haired women as we saw in "Protect The Quasar Saber". Next to her is a white haired lady, who could be Kerovan, judging by her outfit. The most amazing, though, is the woman sitting next to Katie. She's an Aquitian! The same exact headpiece, the same jerky manner of the way she holds her head, and a similar kind of nylon outfit all people from Aquitar seem to wear (with a red neckpiece). The Aquitian doesn't seem to understand the commotion concerning Jen's engagement ring, of course. Jen & Alex head up to the front row, and sit side by side in their chairs (Alex wears his Chrono-Morpher on his left sleeve at all times, it seems). Up in front of them, against the main wall (with the Time Force V-shaped symbol adorned largely over it. The center circle between the ring of spades, triangles, hearts, pentagons, and diamonds, glows a shimmering shade of bluish purple. Below that, a set of three hologram judges suddenly appear, each wearing pinkish robes as their transmissions rather staticy. Our five main TF Officers watch closely, as does Ransik, as the center older judge speaks, "The panel has reached a verdict!" Everyone within the room rises to their feet and face the panel of holograms. The judge continues, "It is the ruling of this court, that the defendant is found guilty of ALL charges, and is sentence to cryogenic containment... for LIFE!" The whole room erupts in applause, Jen most especially. Alex breathes a sigh of relief, almost like he doubted the justice system for a moment. He then leans over and shakes Captain Logan's hand. The bright-pink haired woman in black doesn't like the tone of the crowd, as she rises from her seat, glares angrily at the people, and gives a nod to Ransik. He watches as she walks off, before turning his head and smiling cockily. Everything seems to be going as planned for him! The guards start to lead him around like a rabid dog, yanking on his chains forcibly. As they lead him out, he faces our five heroes, and pauses for a moment. Jen's smile fades instantly, as does her applause, when she makes eye contact with Ransik. His evil grunting and staring at her chills Jen to the bone, and kills the great mood she's been in. Ransik's hauled off, but it doesn't make her any less afraid of what the mutant has up his sleeve (besides rotted flesh, of course).


It's nightfall in the future once more. Ransik is drug around by a squad of Time Force Officers into a large trailer truck. He's strapped into yet more locks once within the massive containment structure. Lucas sits in the driver's seat, as he's the expert on driving. Trip & Katie hop on Vector Cycles, put on their helmets, and prepare to ride backup for the prison transport vehicle. Captain Logan and Jen enter the security zone, where the superior officer sternly informs her, "I'm trusting you and your team to get Ransik to prison on schedule." Jen assures him, "No problem, sir! You can count on us!" She salutes with a smile, and he returns only the salute (since a smile would probably crack his face). Jen rushes up the ramp into the cargo trailer, slaps her hands together and shouts to her team, "Let's move out!" Lucas hears this over his earpiece, nods to himself, and starts the engine & headlights up. The other TF Police seal up the trailer, which has the TF badge logo on the back, with big bold letters "Time Force" above it. Trip & Katie rev up their Cycles, and take off up ahead of the transport vehicle. Lucas follows behind them, the massive smoothly futuristically truck looks like it's was chopped out of a greyhound bus or something! Soon, they're on the road, pulling around the curb on the side of a mountain. Inside the back of the transport, Jen stares at Ransik, who is sitting across from her. He's got restraints up the wazoo, his neck bound the tightest by the latches, connected to his hand, and the firm structure of the metal trailer. Ransik's has an unwavering evil grin on his face, to which Jen remarks, "I wouldn't be smiling if I had your future!" The mutated man confidently responds, "Ahh... but the future... is FULL of surprises." Almost on cue, the transport vehicle comes to a grinding halt. Jen nervously looks around, as Ransik starts to laughs evilly. She gets up and approaches the front door, asking through the intercom, "Lucas, what's going on?!"

Jen gets no answer just yet, as we see outside of the convoy what is actually going on. Katie & Trip hop off their Vector Cycles, and rush towards a woman lying in the street. It's that bright-pink haired woman in black leather from earlier, seemingly unconscious in the middle of the road. Lucas replies to Jen, "I'm not quite sure!", as he watches his two teammates crouching by the woman's side. They touch her to see if she's alright, and she rolls onto her back, eyes closed. Trip screams out to Lucas, while waving his arms, "Call for an ambulance!" The green-haired alien's gullibility gets the best of him, as he fails to notice the woman's hand spring to life. Her pink colored fingernails suddenly extend outwards, forming into quite long and sharp blade claws! She quickly opens her eyes, and Katie & Trip gasp in shock, just before the woman slashes her nail-blades across both of their chests! They're knocked to the ground by a sparkily explosion resulting from the attack to their persons, both taken down instantly. Lucas' eyes widen as he witnesses this in disbelief. Jen asks for a status report again, "What's going on?!" The bright-pink haired woman stands up, holding her white gloved fingernail-bladed hand upward. She suddenly grabs her black leather coat, and rips it off, taking not only her whole outfit with it, but her whole appearance as well! All that remains the same when she finishes switching back to her true form, is her face and hair color. The woman is Nadira, a wicked lady indeed. She wears a white leather outfit, with gold chains around her exposed midriff, black elbowed gloves, pink highlights on her shoulder-pads, a cape, and a helmet headpiece which keeps her pink hair encased. Nadira grins maliciously, and quips to the stunned Trip & Katie, "YOU'LL be the ones needing an ambulance!" The whirring of helicopter blades suddenly appears behind her over the horizon, as does the bright light from the bottom of it. We don't see what it looks like, so it's obviously all futuristic looking. Lucas is nearly blinded by the light which rips through the darkness without warning. Jen sees only a hint of the light, and screams into the intercom again, ordering him, "Go! Lucas, GO!" He obeys the command, and steps on the accelerator.

As the helicopter zips around the skies, aiming its huge floodlight down on the area, Lucas navigates the transport vehicle around Nadira. She just stands there, with the unconscious Trip & Katie at her feet, and their abandoned Vector Cycles parked behind. The massive truck narrowly avoids smashing into them, as Lucas frantically tries to follow Jen's orders. Ransik gets a kick out of the quick movements of his surroundings, especially since he's well belted in. The unseen helicopter suddenly fires off twin missiles at the road next to the speeding vehicle, rocking it intensely. Lucas struggles to keep control of the steering, Jen is shaken off her feet, and Ransik just keeps laughing even harder. The helicopter fires missile after missile at the vehicle, making sure not to hit it, only to blast around it. One final bombardment strikes the ground beneath the back trailer. It's partially tossed into the air from the explosion, and falls to the side as the truck skids out of control. Lucas bails out of the cockpit, and rolls harshly along the pavement to safety. The scene shifts to a few minutes after the transport vehicle has completely come to a crashing halt. Ransik, his chains broken but the cuffs around his ankles still remain, steps out of the burning wreckage, taking his blessed time. The helicopter has apparently been parked in the distance, and in the foreground of the lights, the pilot is finally revealed. It's Frax, a tall golden metal robot creature. He's quite tall, and honestly resembles a super deformed Crow T. Robot! His voice is very metallic and echoey, with a tinge of British to it, very similar to K-9 from Doctor Who (or maybe a Dalek, even). Nadira anxiously hops in front of him, causing the robotic sidekick to bow before her and state humbly, "After you, Nadira!" She giggles as she heads towards Ransik, who still has his arms bound in the metal t-bar. That doesn't last long, as with one sharp heave, he breaks the final binds and casts them aside. Frax approaches the mutated human, and bows, noting, "Your plan is working JUST as you expected, Master Ransik!" Nadira skips up and down past the robot, and once at Ransik's side, she titters girlishly, "Ohh, Dadddy! I need a new dress! This one got filthy from lying on the street!" She shows him the golden blouse she was wearing under the leather outfit earlier, before casting it aside into the burning remains of the transport vehicle. Ransik's evil mood shifts to father mood for a moment, as he promises her softly, "Anything you want, my dear. Hahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA!" Nadira smiles and takes his arm, as they head off towards the helicopter. Their journey is cut short by the sound of debris being shoved aside by Jen, who crawls out of the wreckage with her Blaster in hand. Frax points this out, "Master!", motioning for Ransik & Nadira to turn to face the lone Time Force Officer. Jen clutches her injured right shoulder, as she leans against the remains of the vehicle, aiming her Blaster at the fugitives. Ransik smirks, reminding her, "You see, young lady? The future... is FULL of surprises! Hehahaha!" As his laughter grows louder and longer, Jen stumbles and staggers, before finally dropping to the pavement, rendered unconscious by her injuries. Ransik quits laughing, puts his arm around his daughter, and continues heading for the getaway chopper. Jen just lies there, knocked out, and we must assume that Lucas is as well over on the side of the road.

A few hours or so later, Lucas is up and at 'em, though is clutching the right side of his chest as he coughs and makes his way over to his teammates. They're gathered around the burning ruins of the transport vehicle, warming themselves up in the raging fires. Katie has her arm around Trip, comforting him gently (more motherly or older sisterly than romantically). Jen is scavenging the remnants of the transmission console. She gets it working, and activates a hologrammatic image screen, linking her to Time Force HQ. Captain Logan appears on the staticy screen, asking, "What's going on?" Jen informs him, "We were ambushed, sir! Ransik escaped." (you'd think a police force that huge would keep better track of their prison transports!) Captain Logan is furious, reminding her, "Do you realize how long it took us to CAPTURE him?!" Katie speaks up, or tries to, "But sir...!" Logan cuts her off, "NO excuses! It was YOUR responsibility, and you FAILED. You're all officially relieved of your duties." His transmission ends abruptly, as he's visibly disappointed in them. The decision to transport Ransik in such a low-tech manner might have been a security measure. Though, why they didn't have more backup is unclear. I suspect Logan letting the team take him to prison alone was some sort of favor, as they'd proven to be a great fighting force in the past. What really makes no sense, is why Alex isn't here with them. He's not only a Power Ranger, but the only guy who has managed to take Ransik down! Plus, he's a part of their team, after all. Maybe he was busy getting an award or something. Anyway, left sulking in the ruins of their defeat in the middle of the road, our heroes can't find the words to say anything. Lucas is the first to, though what he comes up with isn't very nice at all. He stomps over, grabs Trip by the collar, and yanks him to his feet angrily. Lucas demands with a few sharp shoves, "Why didn't you TELL us Ransik was planning to escape?! I thought all you Xyrians could read minds!" (pronounced Zyrians, but the captions use an X, and honestly, I trust that spelling a lot more. Could also be "Xybrian"!) Trip, who is a rather sensitive person, flinches and stammers wimply, "Well Iiiii-I-I can't.. I can't hear EVERY thought! J-just now and then... ya know?" Katie stands up for her pal, pushing Lucas out of the way and yelling, "LAY off him, okay?!" She then holds Trip close, babying him with a gentle hug as he pouts and milks the comforting for all its worth. Lucas frustratedly kicks a piece of debris, and storms off, his earpiece still attached to his left ear.

It's daybreak on planet Earth yet again, and out on the water, just past the shoreline of Generic-Future City, lies the Time Force Prisoner block! How our heroes were expected to drive across the bay with their vehicles is unclear, but perhaps this is a different prison than the one they were headed to. A little hover car of sorts zooms across the pink clouded blue sky, and lands on the landing pad for the sleek designed prison. Frax, Ransik, and Nadira step out of the flying vehicle (which doesn't appear to be the getaway chopper), and causally walk across the landing pad. Ransik remarks, "Ahh, it's the first time i've been HERE as a visitor. HEHEHEHA!" Inside the prison, labeled "TF-36" on some of the walls, several TF guards (the black & silver riot gear wearing kind), are stationed about. One enters with a prisoner, a tall monster creature with a big green mohawk, purple head, sunglasses, and a huge orange fire-designed huge shouldered coat. He's in handcuffs, and is lead into the room at gunpoint. An announcement is heard echoing through the room, "Send in next prisoner for cryogenic detainment!" The prisoner, whom i'll call Punky Bruisester for lack of a name, struggles slightly, as he appears to want to wander through the room first. As he should, since there's a really cool looking console in the center, which either looks like the old Turbo one or the one at the Mega Voyager base. Punky's eventually led to the cryogen-chamber, telling the guards, "Hey! Watch the suit!" They ignore him and shove him into the chamber, saying, "Get in there!" Over to the side, on a control display, a guard hits a few buttons, before hitting the "reduce" one, which is next to the "enlarge" button. The door to the cryogen-chamber slides shut, as Punky screams out in protest. Lights flash, and swooshy noises are heard, as the process of cryogenic detainment occurs within. When it stops, the lights atop it turn from yellow over to green, and the door is opened via the control panel. The main guard who was shoving Punky around bends over, and between the discarded chain buckle the monster was wearing a moment ago, he retrieves the remains. Punky is now an action figure (with hair slightly shorter than before. I blame the cold, it causes shrinkage in more ways than one), or rather, shrunk into the first form of cryogenic suspension. The guard picks the little guy up, remarks, "Not so tough NOW, are ya?!" He then places the pint sized mutant into a special cylinder device, and clamps the lid shut. The guard then takes the cylinder over to one of the many freezer compartments located throughout the room. As he opens it up and places the cylinder amid several others within the visibly cold compartment, he gloats, "Now to put ya on ice with all the OTHER tough guys! Hehehe." Sheesh, sounds like this guard's taking his job personal! He locks the freezer back up, and the cryogenic detainment of another monster has been successful.

The next prisoner is brought in, drug along by chains and ropes like every one of them are. This monster, whom we know to be named Gluto, is a dark green and white bullfrog/whale/Oldschool Rapper, with more gold jewelry around his neck than Mr. T in Fort Knox! Gluto, who has a very deep and gruffy voice with a wiseguy accent, pleads, "Now, listen up, fellas! Hehe! Can't we talk about this for a second?! Iiii mean, I really wasn't trying to steal that stuff! It just fell in my car, ya know?!" (his tail bumps into a guard in this scene, and it oddly bends like rubber!) As the door to the cryogen-chamber begins to close around him, he cries out, "I was framed, I tell ya! I WANT MY MOMMY!" The guard at the control panel prepares to shrink him down, when he's suddenly struck from behind by a pinkish boltblast! The other guards turn around and gasp, "Huh?! Nadira!" (which means she's quite well know, yet was deemed not much of a threat when it came to helping out her father) Indeed, Nadira is on the scene, and is using one of their own Chrono-Blasters against them! Nadira laughs a high pitched wail, not seeing them as much of a threat (she'd already taken down another guard, who appears on the floor near here). The only two remaining guards fire their large bazookoids, with blue & gold concussive laser bursts. Nadira spins around, deflecting the attack with her whipped up cape, before returning fire with her Blaster. Both guards are shot down instantly, with quite an impressive set of flashy explosions. Nadira proceeds to walk across the room, when she notices one of the guards awakening, and reaching for the center console. He groans loudly, but manages to hit the alarm alert button, but Nadira is able to shoot him in the back. The sirens blare, sending a distress call to Time Force Headquarters. The man on duty overhears the signal, and shouts to the side, "Alarm activated at the prison!" (we don't see much of the HQ around him, but there seems to be a large screen showing a view of the city behind him) A dispatcher relays this to the rest of the forces, "All units, Code Red at the prison!" A Time Force Policecar skids to a stop suddenly upon hearing this, and is revealed to contain Alex! He answers back, "I'm on my way!", hits the sirens on the top of his car, and revs up off down the street (giving us a nice view of the city from an American-made angle).

At the prison, Nadira activates the control panel for the shrinking chamber, and opens it up. She has an evil smirk on her face, as she walks around to see what incredible creature she helped save. When the Budweiser reject steps out from the mist, her attitude does a 180, and she doesn't seem happy at all to see him. Gluto exclaims happily, "Hehehe! Nadira! You saved me! Ohh, I pledge my eternal loyalty to youse!" Nadira is disgusted, slapping his big mouth in frustration, and then turning and tantrumly yelling, "WHATEVER! EWWWW!" She ickily shakes her hands off of whatever slime she may have come in contact with being near him. Elsewhere, on the road in the outskirts of the city, it's a long walk back at dawn for the defeated four Time Force officers. Why they didn't ride on the Vector Cycles is unclear, though they were probably destroyed during the missile bombardment. Marches ahead of the rest is Jen, as Lucas rants madly to her, "The CAPTAIN shouldn't have fired us!" Jen, ever the good officer, argues, "YES, he SHOULD have! We FAILED!" Behind them, Katie has her arms around Trip, helping him along comfortingly, as he seems quite disturbed by recent events. Lucas, not wanting to back down, fondles Jen's shoulder and says, "I say we march right into the station, and tell the Captain..." Suddenly, Katie shouts, "Look!" That Jen & Lucas do, turning around and rushing back to Trip's side. Katie mentions, "He's receiving a signal!" Trip stares into space, focused on what his mind is processing psychically. The small triangular-shaped gem on his forehead begins to glow as green as his hair, and hum vividly. Trip grips his pant-leg between his fingers, as Lucas remarks, "Great, NOW he gets a signal!" Katie holds her pal tightly, as the vision starts to flood his mind at a rapid pace. Images of Nadira start to flash, before his mental state is instantly zapped by the greenish energy, over the clouds and across the city, directly into the prison. We see (with a green tint to the edges of the screen, signifying the signal he's receiving) Ransik entering the cryogenic detainment room with Frax. He looks around, like he's sizing the place up. Nadira struts over to him, and whines, "Let's get OUT of here, daddy. It's SO depressing!" Ransik chuckles, then leans in and gives her a quick peck on the lips. He informs her, "Very soon", as Frax takes the time device (how he got it back from the Captain is unknown, though this could very well be a second one, or the other could have been a decoy!) and places it atop the center console platform.

Trip's psychic transmission cuts off, and his mind flies back across the city and reenters his head (with what sounds like either a burp or a ribbit at its conclusion). Katie helps keep him upright until his episode is done, and he tells his teammates, "They're at the prison!" Jen's eyes light up with a plan, and she states, "We have to get over there!" She hurriedly turns around and continues walking towards the city. Lucas catches up to her and notes, "Wait a second! We've GOT to tell the Captain!" Jen vetoes this, "No way! We LOST Ransik, we're gonna get him BACK!" As she approaches a second road (notice all of the many small white poles around the shoulder of the road. I wonder what they're for?), she spots a small silver hovercar, float along close to the ground. Jen steps out in front of it, extends her arms and yells, "STOP!" The vehicle does, and its lid-like door pops open. The driver, a snobby blonde haired guy, asks, "HEY! Wait do you think you're doing?!" As if the uniform didn't give her away, Jen marches over to the driver and says, "Time Force! This is an emergency. We to commandeer your vehicle." The driver scoffs without a care for authority, "Get lost!" Katie rushes over, touches the driver's arm and shouts, "W-w-wait, wait, wait!" She smiles, and then clutches Jen's shoulders, informing her with some friendly advice, "Jen, you have be POLITE!" Katie pushes her away, sharply turns around, gives an innocent smile to the driver, and proceeds to grab him out of his car and toss him into the air! He screams as he's launched through the sky by the strong independent female from the year 3000, one-handedly! The driver falls flatly to the ground right in front of Trip & Lucas, who shake their heads and give "Ooh! That's gotta hurt!" expressions. Lucas quips, "Tsk, tsk, tsk." Katie smugly taps Jen on the arm as she heads around to the passenger side. Jen rolls her eyes at this, and yells to her other teammate, "Lucas! You drive!" He nods, and motions Trip to follow along. Trip, more worried about the guy they hover-carjacked, bends down and apologizes honestly, "S-sorry! We'll send ya a new one!" The driver just lies there, both afraid to get up and winded from the fall. He grunts, "Y-yeah!", and Trip races off to join his team in the rather cramped compact hover vehicle (notice, Trip has a backpack on, which apparently contains Circuit. He's been awful quiet, hasn't he?).

At the prison, Ransik mentions to Nadira (who rubs her hands together greedily), "The future, will be all OURS... or should I say, the past?" They both laugh evilly, while Frax readies the time warping device, The golden robot creature is leaning down and watching as the device lights up. This prompts Frax to laugh as well, causing his facial features to pop out, namely his mouth opens, and his glowing pink eyes are exposed. Ransik becomes aware of another presence in the building, as he quickly turns around and looks at the hologrammatic viewing screen. On it, is the Red Time Force Ranger, fully morphed and heading up the stairs with his saber drawn. Ransik smirks and nods. Frax announces, "Beginning Time Warp!", until Ransik halts him from pressing the activation button, "Stop! Wait! One bit... of unfinished business." Frax understands, obeying, "Yes, master!" Together, Nadira, Frax, Gluto, and Ransik scope out the hologram viewing screen. Red Ranger's journey up the steps is accompanied by a quick popup image of his helmeted face. Ransik appears quite eager for a rematch, his mood switching to focused killing machine, as he heads off to engage his enemy.


Momentarily, the Red Ranger makes his way up to the landing pad. I'm wondering how he got the prison, since it's so far out on the water, if he didn't get there with a hover vehicle. Maybe he teleported or took a boat or something. Anyway, Red cautiously makes his way to the vacant area, his double-bladed saber at the ready. A quick look around reveals no one insight, but the second he has his back turned to the middle of the landing strip, a whirring sound signifies Ransik teleporting onto the scene. Ransik gets his attention by yelling, "Red Ranger! Back AGAIN?! You're either VERY stubborn, or VERY foolish!" Alex holds his double-bladed Chrono-Saber poised, and boasts, "NEITHER! I brought you in once, and i'll DO it again!" Ransik shakes his head, saying quietly, "Oh, how wrong you are. AHH!" The mutant humanoid darts towards the Ranger with a vicious cry. Red Ranger tries doing the same, but Ransik drops his left shoulder slightly, and is able to rip into Alex's chest with his spikey shoulder-pad! There's a bright flash, and Red Ranger drops to his knee, his chest aching from the attack. He pauses for only a moment, proclaiming, "RANSIK! It'll take more than THAT to slow me down!" Ransik slowly turns around, and shows off a long curved bone blade protruding from his left forearm back towards his body. The blade grows longer, and shines sharply as it metalizes before our very eyes. He snaps it around, so that it faces the opposite direction, and begins to spar with Red Ranger again. The arm-blade hooks onto his Chrono-Saber, keeping it busy enough for Ransik to slam Alex's body with a couple of swift kicks. Down below, Jen urges, "C'mon guys, let's hurry!", to her three teammates as they race up the stairwell. Jen stares upward in dramatic slow motion, as she overhears the sounds of battle echoing from overhead.

On the roof, Ransik locks Red Ranger's Saber in his forearm blade again. As he has him held at his mercy, the mutated human reaches around his own head, summons his bone machete out from the base of his skull. While making it appear is just a flash of light, yanking it out of his spinal column is quite gruesome to behold (squishy sound effects especially). He holds the bone-handled machete over his head, releases Alex from his forearm grip, and spins him around so he can slash at his stomach. Red Ranger falls to his knees, groaning in intense pain from the ultra-powered machete strike. Ransik grabs him from behind, and holds him in a headlock. Alex boasts as best he can, "You may beat ME, but you'll NEVER escape the Time Force!" Ransik gets a wicked giggle out of this, laughing and exclaiming, "Hahaha! Where i'm going, there IS no Time Force!" Jen, Lucas, Trip, and Katie finally make it up the stairs and appear on the landing pad. Jen shouts, "Alex!", prompting Ransik to turn around with the Red Ranger still firmly in his clutches. Red cries out, "Agh, JEN!" Ransik gets a psychotic smile on his ugly face, and is inspired by the appearance of his enemy's girlfriend. He releases the weary Red Ranger, pushing him off, and before he can react, tearing into his back with his bonesword! The blade rips into Alex's back, causing an intense flash of bluish energy, likely coming from Ransik's weapon. The blow is repeating three times for effect, with varying angles. Red Ranger drops his Chrono-Saber, as he's engulfed in a storm of blue electricity over his limply staggering body. His four teammates watch in horror, as Alex collapses to the floor, and the instant he hits the ground, he explodes massively! An explosion large enough to rival even the one at the warehouse earlier. Ransik just stands there, same position with his bonesword aimed downward, waiting confirmation that his attack proved fatal. Jen screams to the top of her lungs, "Noooooo!!" Ransik wipes off his sword, and laughs maniacally, before walking away slowly.

The smoke clears, and the Red Ranger is lying on the ground, his arm stretched out. Alex groans weakly beneath his breath, "Jennifer...!", just before demorphing without warning. Jen races to his side, and scoops his battle worn body up in her arms, concertedly calling out his name. Ransik continues walking away and laughing, leading into his teleportation effect (which involves digital pixilization, some yellow smoke, and a large hologrammatic image of his head mocking them all with more laughter until it vanishes out of sight). Trip appears as though he's about to cry, so Katie reaches around and hugs him closer. Lucas can only stand there, stunned wordless by the whole ordeal. Jen cradles Alex on her lap, as he grunts out what little he can, such as, "Take my... (deep cough) Morpher..." He slips off the velcro straps on his left wrist, and hands the Chrono-Morpher to his fiancee. Alex continues, throatily stating, "There's four more... in the Time Ship. It's the ONLY way you'll EVER stop Ransik..." Jen shakes her head and sobs, "NO! I can't!" Alex tells her otherwise, "You CAN." She sniffles and gazes down at him, as he asks, "Promise me... you won't stop... no matter what... until you capture him. PROMISE!" Tears begin to roll down Jen's face, as she whimpers, "I promise... I'll catch him." Alex slowly reaches up and wipes the tears from her cheek. He reminds her of their love-motto, "You and me....", to which she finishes, "... forever." Alex lets out a grunt, and drops his left hand against the cement, in slow-dramatic-mode. The music swells, and as we see the blood marks on his palms, all signs of life cease. Trip & Katie watch somberly, and the scene gets so emotional, that Lucas is even effected, looking away from the apparent end of his teammate. Jen embraces Alex's head, his eyes now permanently shut, and cries uncontrollably over the loss.

In the nearby section of the prison, Ransik enters the room and remarks nonchalantly, "That was FAR too easy! FRAX!" The golden robot replies, "Time Warp initiating!", as he finally gets to press the button on the console. The time device atop it shines to life, and literally warps the room out of temporal reality! The whole top of the building goes with them, and well as all of the cryogenically shrunk prisoners. Jen holds Alex's lifeless body tightly, as she looks up and witnesses the central section of the prison warping out of time. The time for crying has past, and the time for vengeance is at hand. But first, several paramedics and Time Force officers race up the stairs, and attempt to aid Alex. One of the medics tells Jen, "We'll take it from here", and tries to gently pull her away from her boyfriend's body. Jen struggles angrily, not wanting to leave him, but she finally gives up, and lets the medics try their best to resuscitate him (just how dead he is remains to be seen. I doubt health care hasn't evolved in a thousand years, so he's still got a chance, even if he's maggot meat as he appears to be!) Jen, Alex's Morpher still in hand, storms past her concerned teammates, and shouts intently, "We're going after them!" Katie, making a reference to "Wild West Rangers", points out, "But they went through a Time Hole!" Lucas grabs her arm as gently as he can, and adds, "There's NO WAY we can catch them now!" Jen breaks out of his grip and disagrees, "Oh YES there IS!" The three know enough not to disobey her, and they follow as she leads them away from the prison.


In the center of the futuristic city, beneath the overcrowded skyways, lies a long metal runway launching strip. It's part of Time Force Headquarters, which is located at the upper end, around a set of five sections which split off from the main track. Just in front of the HQ building, is the circular docking pad. It opens up, and loads a yellow roundish craft known as the Time Ship, onto the runway. A female voice, rather DECA-like, announces, "Launch sequence initiated!" The ship faces the end of the runway, where a moment ago there had been nothing, there is now a tall metal arch located over the very end of the road. Inside HQ, an officer salutes Captain Logan and informs him, "Captain, someone's taking the Time Ship!" The Captain exclaims in disbelief, "What?!", and rushes over to the hologram transmission console. He presses some buttons, causes a bunch of white suited Japanese people to scramble around a long corridor (I have a button which can do that too!), and commands, "Security to the launch pad! This is an emergency! All personnel to the launch pad!" Inside the Time Ship, the four rogue Time Force Officers take their seats around a funkily shaped yellow table. The DECA-voice echoes throughout the area, "Locking in Time Travel Algorithm: 07459." Jen picks up a small yellow case near the table, and opens it up, revealing a foam padded storage unit for four Chrono-Morphers (with an empty slot the Red-power one came from). How exactly Alex got his in the first place, and why they were inside the Time Ship, is unclear, though there must have been some reason for it. Trip nervously notes, "Jen, we don't even know how to drive this thing!" Jen looks over and reminds him, "Lucas can drive ANYTHING!" Indeed, Lucas seems quite entranced by the controls to the ship, smiling at the reference to his specialty in speed. He says aloud, "Give me a hand, Circuit." Trip looks down, and the owl robot named Circuit pops out, replying, "I thought you'd never ask!" His metal feathered butt lights up and he hovers into the air, landing on the disk at the center of the table. The DECA-voice asks, "Ready for final countdown." All four of them strapped into their seats, Jen nods to the robot owl. Circuit links with the computer system, and states, "We're secure and ready to launch!" The DECA-voice proclaims, "Final launch sequence activated." The engines on the Time Ship begin to fire up, just as the Trans-Warp Megazord approaches. The (unnamed on the show, as yet) tall and helpful machine provides us with some amusement, as we being to wonder what he does all day when nobody is going through time. I suspect giant hopscotch on the launch pad. Inside the Time Ship, our four heroes finish getting buckled in, when Captain Logan appears on the hologram viewing screen. He demands, "What are you doing?! Shut down those engines immediately!" Jen ignores Logan by switching his transmission off, then gives an order of her own, "GO!" The DECA-like voice starts countdown from 10, as the giant arch at the end of the runway begins to activate. It lights up, and forms within it the shimmering, multicolored Time Portal! Trans-Warp Megazord readies its right arm, extending it outward, lowering its visor, and winding up for the pitch. It swings its arm around, and strikes the back of the Time Ship with a mighty heave-ho at the exact moment of launch. This added boost from the Trans-Warp catapult the Time Ship, sending it zooming down the runway, and hovering slightly. The occupants, located in the lower capsule, feel the zero-G forces ripping through them as they launch. Lucas appears to be the coolest of them all, not flinching at all during takeoff, while the others are quite strained with facial expressions. The Time Ship finally hits portal within the Time Gate, with a bright flash resulting from their entering the timestream. The Time Ship floats through a long, rainbow colored, warped tunnel, representing the timestream itself. To make things worse for those within the capsule, the table they're strapped to starts to spin around rapidly, taking them dizzily around with it! A digital chronometer on the dashboard counts down from the upper 2999AD range, backwards. The yellow Time Ship transcends the timestream, floating down the tunnel of light, towards its destination in the past. The four Time Force Officers within as much fugitives as the guys they're going after!

[to be continued...; Scenes from "Force From The Future, Pt. 2"; End Credits]

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