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Power Rangers Time Force
"Uniquely Trip"
Original Air Date:04/14/01 Footage from:
Timeranger #23 - Biito Appu (Beat Up)
Redeye monster suit from:
Timeranger #06 Itsuwari No Shoutai Kyaku
(The Forged Guest Invitation)
*Season 9, byte 11
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1112
*11th episode of PRTF
*390th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Additional Cast:
Tyler Neitzel _AS_ Mikey
Marissa Stovall _AS_ Cindy
Mark De La Cruz _AS_ Jimmy
Brittany Robertson _AS_ Tammy
Rachel Monet Koda _AS_ Traci [Note: Played Nancy on PRLR!]
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Wendee Lee _AS_ Redeye (voice)
Steve Kramer _AS_ Electropede (voice)


At the intimidating Clock Tower in Silver Hills, inside the ground floor Nick Of Time Odd Jobs officer/workshop, Trip explains the exhausting details of his newest invention to Wes, with Circuit on the side. The Holoscreen displays a computer readout of all the schematics for the device, while next to it lies the guts of the orange & white device amid heaps of wiring and loose pieces. Wes wriggles in his seat antsily, while Trip enthusiastically points out, "It's gonna have energy shields HERE, and HERE, which can harness power overloads! OH! And THIS, this can refocus them into laser charges, that can vaporize anything!" Wes yawns, but tries his best to look interested despite his bored for technical jargon. Trip smiles widely the whole time, concluding by saying, "I call it the Electro Booster. Pretty cool, huh?!" Wes picks up one of the orange & white components, and figures, "Uhh... YEAH. I guess so!" Trip's excitement turns to disappointment as he finally notices that Wes couldn't care less about his creation. Wes begins to make the excuse, "Hey! Could we do this later? Cause I have to...", when Jen comes rushing down the stairs. She's followed by Katie & Lucas, and urgently shouts to Wes & Trip, "Guys! We've got trouble!" Wes sees that as his opportunity, and quickly joins them in racing out the door. Trip lags behind with his head hung low. The chipper-voiced Circuit flaps his wings and tells his pal/likely creator, "Trip, _I_ think your invention is cool!" Trip, caring more about what his teammates think than the robobird, says somberly, "Yeah, right." He slowly walks off to join his disinterested teammates.

In the middle of the city, sparking explosions tear through areas surrounding crowds of people. Smoke pours through the courtyard, and the citizens panic & flee, at least those who manage to escape capture and herding by the Cyclobots. One blonde woman falls over onto the debris-covered cement with her eyes closed, likely having been shoved over. Her daughter, a dark-haired little girl in an orange sweater, screams to the top of her lungs as a couple of Cyclobots grab her and drag her off. The mother extends out her hand, trying to reach for the girl, crying out, "Noo! NOOO!" The girl is brought over to the mutant in charge, a purple body female creature with a football-shaped head and a single red eye within. She also has a red gem on her chest above her breasts, and therefore, she's listed only in the end credits as being named Redeye. The girl is held by the Cyclobots in front of Redeye, who remarks in a gravely voice, "Hello, my little pretty!" The female mutant wiggles her fingers intently, as the girl ceases screaming and merely watches the woman in fear as she draws closer to her. Suddenly, Cyclobots in the area surrounding them get struck with red & blue bolts of laserpower. The two Cyclobots holding the girl also get laserblasted, and Redeye does as well (offscreen, since we only see her clutching her pained arm). The girl turns around and sees her saviors, the five Time Force Power Rangers, each wielding a Chrono-Blaster. Happily smiling, the girl runs towards them with open arms, as Redeye angrily shouts at the departing prey, "Hey!" The girl wraps her arms around the Red Ranger, exclaiming, "Oh, Rangers! I KNEW you would come!" Wes bends down and accepts the kind gesture, replying, "That's right! Are you okay?" The girl confirms, "Uh-hmm!", and lets go of the Ranger, as she rushes over to her mother lying on the ground behind them. The mother gratefully embraces her safe child, laughing joyously. The Rangers reholster their Blasters, before Pink Ranger aims her TF Badge (the three lights on it blinking), held in her right hand, at the mutant, and shouts, "Time Force! You're under arrest!" Redeye, having attached a long tentacle-blade type attachment to her right arm between scenes, hints at having a past with Time Force, as she remarks, "I DIDN'T like it the last time you said it, and I DON'T like it now!" The mutant points her blade-arm into the air, and orders her robodrones to, "Attack!" The five TF Rangers get into fighting stances, and, leaving the still-captured crowd of people behind them, race into action. They charge towards the screen, with Pink Ranger leaping into the air on one leg, as the shot immediately cuts without a black space to the...

[Opening Credits]

The five Time Force Rangers fight the Cyclobots. All of them. Kicks, punches, flips, cartwheels, leg-swipes, gut-hits, all of those things which you know by heart are done. Red Ranger does well against several Cyclos at once, while Green Ranger gets flung over onto his back on a chunk of debris by the robodrones. Wes kicks a Cyclobot away, and then bends down to comfort the dazed Trip, asking with a gentle touch on the shoulder, "Hey, buddy! You okay?" Trip confirms with a depressed tone, "Yeah." Wes slaps him on his back, and replies, "Great!", speeding off and leaving the Green teen lying on the ground surrounded by Cyclobots. Nearby, Pink Ranger confronts Redeye up close. She avoids contact with the mutant's bladearm by flipping, and once far enough away, Jen flexes her arms and eagerly entices her to, "COME ON!" Redeye lunges forth, but Pink Ranger rolls under the approaching blade-arm. Green Ranger is about to help Red Ranger tackle a trio of Cyclobots, when his attention turns to Jen. Trip gasps at what he sees, "Whoa!", witnessing Pink Ranger racing up a wall, and once reaching the top, flipping over and landing a drop kick perfectly on the back of Redeye down below. The strike causes a burst of sparks from the mutant, while Jen lands perfectly on her feet, ready for more. Trip laments upon his shortcomings, "Oh, MAN. I could NEVER do that!" Behind him, Red Ranger finishes elbowing a Cyclobot in the chest, and instantly pulls out his Chrono-Blaster. He aims it at Redeye, whose red eye and chest gem flashes, as she laughs wickedly and fires a bolt of fire from her bladearm! Wes is barely able to ducks out of the way, as the ball of fiery energy smashes into a wall in the background. He quickly darts across the courtyard sideways, aiming his Blaster at the mutant, shouting "Hyaaaah!" loudly, and firing away. Redeye gets struck by the ironically red beams of laserpower. Red Ranger zooms through the air, firing a few shots, until he lands standing triumphantly, twirling the Chrono-Blaster on his fingers by the trigger. Green Ranger admires this, gasping, "That was SO cool!" Wes finishes the useless spinning of the Blaster, and raises it to near eye-level, as he aims it at the stunned mutant. He fires at Redeye once more time, causing her to spark, and cry out in agony. Wes smoothly orders, "And STAY that way", before reholstering his Blaster (wherever that is). The crowd of newly freed men, women, and children behind him erupts in cheers and applause at the sight of this sharpshooting heroism.

Green Ranger continues swooning over Red Ranger's prowess, noting to himself, "That was great!" He glances over at the mutant, and gasps, "Oh no!", as Redeye stirs and arises with a loud groan of pain. The four of the Rangers regroup in the vicinity of the mutant, with Wes summoning, "Vector Weapons!" Their V weapons are yanked out of whatever tight limbo-pocket they're stored in, and are readied into a firing position. Red Ranger calls out, "C'mon, Trip! We need you!" Trip is still in the same spot he's been in for the last few minutes, staring at Redeye. He hears Wes' plea, and finally reacts, "Huh? Oh yeah!" When the Green Ranger races towards his teammates, he fails to notice the oxygen tank lying on the ground in front of him. Trip literally trips on it, his foot rolling on the side of the discarded cylinder, and sending him dropping harshly on his legs. He lets out a loud grunt of injury, and rubs his leg as he sits on the ground. Wes asks concerned, "Hey, are you okay!?" Green Ranger shrugs off the shinned knee, saving the whining for later, as he stands back up, and replies, "Yeah. V-3!" His green diamond side-striped V cannon instantly appears in hands from out of literally nowhere. Red Ranger questions his team, "Ready?!", as he, Yellow, Blue, & Pink Rangers lower their V Weapons and aim them at the mutant. Green Ranger confirms, "Ready!", aiming his as well, though situated a few feet away from his pals. Redeye, truly the weakest mutant these Rangers have faced thus far on the series, just stands there, holding her left hand out in cautionary protest. Was she about to surrender and come in peacefully? Nobody cares to find out, as Wes orders, "FIRE!", and all five Rangers unleash the full fury of their V Weapons. The numerous balls of Ranger-colored energy blast towards Redeye, and once the green charge hits her, the mutant explodes sky-high. For some odd reason, her body vanishes during the initial explosion! Don't ask me how, but somehow Redeye must have been returned to Chrono-Froze mode by a mere attack from the Vortex Blaster's components! How embarrassing! Trip rejoins his teammates, or rather just in front of them, as all five put their Vector Weapons at ease, and pose victoriously as the smoke clears from where Redeye once stood. The crowd of recently liberated citizens cheer and applaud the successful actions of our heroes. each person oddly having a small elementary school child in front of them (what? Was it "Mini-Me" day at the office or something?). The kids, including the orange sweater girl, all rush over to hug the Time Force Rangers. Several kiddies huddle around each Ranger, greedily squeezing their legs and waists as a gesture of thanks. Notice, the Rangers keep their Vector Weapons out during all of this. I suspect it's in case the crowd of admiring fans gets a little out of hand. Anyway, Red Ranger states, "I'm GLAD everyone's okay!", while Blue Ranger tells a white-lie to the young boy & girl hugging him, "We'll ALWAYS be looking out for you." Predictably, all kids ignore the Green Ranger. Why? Is it because they miss Tommy Oliver? Is it because they all suffer from red-green color deficiency, and think Red IS Green? Is it because they're too lazy to go around the Rangers to meet up with the lone one standing behind the others? I think we have a winner! Trip takes this lack of affection from the target audience to mean there's something wrong with his competency as a Ranger. He lowers his head in shame, rather than use his intuition to tell that the kids there are all a bunch of short-attention-spanned Mon-addicts.

Later, the Silver Hills park is the site of a friendly game of soccer by four adults. But they're just likely relatives of the producers, and so, the scene switches over to Trip. He's unmorphed, in his standard orange coat, green pants, white backpack, and bucket hat attire. Small children play on the playground located in the middle of the park, overlooking a lake in the short distance. Trip takes the time to sit a bench, a favorite pastime of Jen (as we saw her doing this exact same thing in "Jen's Revenge"), and mope about. He even does the "sad kicking" gesture on his way across the lawn. Once he sits at the coincidentally green bench, his staring into space gets interrupted by a group of rugrats heading to a spot on the sand directly in front of him. The kids (named in the end credits as: Mikey, Cindy, Jimmy, and Tammy) lug a little red wagon, one of those Radio Flyers (not to be confused with Time Flyers), into position. Immediately the four begin to toss several sports-related balls in the wagon aside, attempting to get at what's underneath. One of the two boys asks, "What'd you guys bring!?", and once he sees the stack of cloth Halloween outfits beneath the balls, he gasps, "Cool! Costumes!" Trip, sitting with a depressed look and his shoulders slumped, slowly glances over as the kid shouts to his pals, "Hey, let's play Rangers! I'm Red!" He picks up the Red Ranger costume, which just happens to be an exact duplicate of the Red Time Force Ranger's costume, actually. It seems unlicensed merchandise of the Rangers is still as big a business on Earth as it's been since "Zedd's Monster Mash". Though you have to wonder the damage to the timestream the existence of these images bearing the Time Force teams' likeness will have. No matter, the Red boy (named Mikey) coincidentally wears a red shirt, and is going for the Ryan Mitchell hairstyle look. The brunette girl (with the yellow shirt and yellow bows in her hair, likely named Cindy) standing next to him picks up the Yellow TF Ranger costume, and exclaims, "I'm Yellow! She's the strongest!" Trip begins to smile, as he watches the kids continue casting themselves as replacements. The Hispanic boy (named Jimmy) holds the Blue TF Ranger costume over his chest, and says, "I wanna be Blue! He's so COOL!" The blonde girl with pigtails and a pink shirt (likely named Tammy) grabs the Pink TF Ranger suit, and merely says, "I'm Pink!" The 4 Kids (as they shall now be known) all scream in unison a sound of excitement, as they rush off to attack bullies and other children with more money than they. Trip finds this pleasing, as he smiles and watches them run off (though he should be wondering, "Boy, it's a good thing none of those kids are fat, otherwise 'one size fits all' would be just a suggestion!'). The green haired alien teen glances down to the discarded wagon, and his smile quickly fades away. Seems the lack of a fifth kid has left the Green TF Ranger costume lying all wrinkled amid other forgotten relics of their parents' bank account. Trip is visibly hurt by the fact none of the kids wanted to be him (though Jen would have been annoyed to have all the others be given excuses as to why the kids wanted to be them, while Tammy just claimed "I'm Pink!" because it was the only girl costume left). He stares at the unwanted Green costume for a moment, sighing and finally looking away at the ground. Rather than sit there and be sorry for himself, Trip instantly stands up. A look of contemplation on his face leads to a look of determination, as he rushes offscreen, with a plan to change opinions in mind.

Soon, at the Clock Tower, Trip mixes a protein shake, with a few raw eggs cracked into the glass. He stirs it all up, and gulps down the white & yellow concoction. Trip manages to get most of it through his throat, before he yanks the glass away, disgustedly grimaces his entire face, and lets out a loud, "UGH!" Circuit, sitting nearby, flaps his wings and comments on this 'Got Egg?' commercial, "THAT is SO GROSS!" It's save to say with the raw-eggshake mustache above Trip's lip, that he has egg on his face. Next, Trip's up in the attic (which appears to be quite clean, and ghost-free, after Katie's time-traveling exercism in "The Legend Of The Clock Tower"), jumping rope just near the steps. One slip of the rope, and he goes slamming down a countless number of wooden planks, and likely into a Time Hole! Next, he attempts to lift two barbells. Trip's scrawny Xybrian arms strain to their limit, as he's barely able to lift a single 50+ lbs freeweights. He grunts, "C'mon, just.... ONE!", but can't do any arm curls at all. Next, he's on a blue mat on the floor, doing pushups, having reached ten of those without breaking too much of a sweat. Next, he's trying to do some pull-ups on a well-placed metal bar. He hangs there, struggling with all of his might, grinding his teeth as he tries pulling himself up to no avail. Meanwhile (before or after this, whenever), Trip's ditched the large barbells and switches over to the much smaller and easier to handle dumbbells. He lifts and lowers those with simple ease. Notice, Trip is wearing a white tank top shirt, and grayish jogging pants. Under his shirt, you can see the outline of a necklace. Those who remember a few shows back know that necklace has the key to the Mutant Storage Freezer on it! Next, we see Trip doing sit-ups on the mat, having reaches 16 without a hitch. His jumproping is also going nicely. Finally, after much struggle, Trip is able to get his chin up over the bar on the pull-ups! He smiles joyously, as he states, "ONE!", and lowers himself to try to go for a second. Momentarily, Trip darts towards a large red punching bag, slamming against it with his body and sending it swinging away from him. Circuit takes the time to ask him, "WHAT'S gotten into you?!" Trip turns his attention over to the robotic owl, and informs him assuredly, "I-I LIKE working ou...!" The punching bag suddenly swings back towards him before he can finish the statement. The moment it slams back into him, Trip is sent on a trip down towards the floor.

The former Time Force Cryo-Prison turned makeshift fugitive ship remains leaning sideways in the lush forest surrounding Silver Hills. Inside the center detention hall, Frax opens up one of the numerous Chrono-Freeze shelves, and remarks, "We need a MUTANT to give the RANGERS a CHARGE! Heeheehuh!" He grabs one of the Cryo-tubes out of the cold-storage containment departments, and soon places the contents of said tube onto the floor of the Reanimation Chamber. The tiny yellow & brown mutant is set down by Frax's clawhand, as the golden robot snickers to himself, "Electropede should be PERFECT! Heheha!" The Cyclobot running the controls of the Reanimator hits the "enlarge" button the moment Frax tells him to, "Be-GIN!" Frax stands before the flashing-lights of the chamber, with Ransik by his right side, and the silent-as-usual Gluto by his left. Ransik laughs heartily, as the Reanimator door slides open, pouring out smoke. Electropede, a yellow & brown striped centipede-like mutant with a leechy-mouth, exits and quickly asks, "I'm HUNGRY! What's for dinner, huh!?" He looks around and spots something, to which he remarks, "Oh! Mmm!" Electropede heads over to the wiring on the side of the cryo-shelves, yanks it out of place, and starts to slurp down the bluish electricity crackling from the torn end. The lights hanging above the room begin to spark, as the power in the prison begins to be drained massively. Frax cries out, "Oh, no! He's out of control!" Sparks fly from the numerous overhead ceiling light-fixtures, as the room goes through a violent brownout. Ransik doesn't like what he sees, screaming, "My PRISON!", before charging towards Electropede. He grabs the mutant's arm, and slams him down on the floor, away from the wiring. Ransik scolds the creature, "What're you, NUTS!?" Electropede replies, "No, i'm just hungry!" Ransik grabs the mutant by the face, and pulls him up, telling him directly, "You want to eat power? How about Power... Rangers? Hahahaha!" Both begin to laugh at this pun in the nearly totally dark room, lit only by the light from the Reanimator, and the occasional shocking spark flash in the background. Nadira comes walking into the room, wearing a leopard print robe, with a matching leopard print hairdryer in her hand. Her pink hair is all matted in a wet mess, having just gotten out of the shower, it seems. Nadira whines with a high-pitched cry, "HEY! Who turned off the POWER!?" She nearly sobs as she looks over at the powerless hairdryer with a frown, through her dangling soaked pink locks.

At the Clock Tower, Circuit sits on the table, watching as Wes & Lucas compete in a sudden arm-wrestling match. Both have their usual outer shirts off, to allow for full muscle-flexing glory. The two struggle against one another with their unused left hands bracing against the table. The arm-wrestling is cut short, when Jen & Katie walk in. They're both decked out in their white painter's jumpsuits, which now has the "Nick Of Time Odd Jobs" logo (matching the sign out front) adorned on the back and left breast. The pigtailed Jen asks the two testosterone-driven men, "Working hard!?", with Katie giving the men a cruel glare. Wes & Lucas drop their arms suddenly and look at each other stunned, quickly attempting to cover-up their diversion. They stand and grab their bundled painter's outfits, as Wes plays it off, "Ladies! We were JUST comin' to help you paint!" Katie hands Lucas two large buckets of paint, and Jen does the same to Wes, sarcastically saying, "Of COURSE you were!" Katie looks around as she sits at the table, asking, "Where's Trip?" Circuit turns and tells her, "He's in the attic! Working out... a-an IDEA, that is!" Wes wonders, "Working on WHAT?" Circuit explains, trying not to reveal the truth about his buffing-up, "It's a SECRET! Yeah, it's TOP secret!" The instant sound of Trip wailing in agony from the attic gains all four of the TFs attention. The guys drop their stuff on the table, and race towards the stairwell without hesitation. The four rush up the steps to the very top floor (somehow the girls were able to get in front of the guys, despite starting last!), heading towards the source of their teammate's plight. Katie gets to him first, seeing that Trip is lying on a bench, pinned beneath the weight of the benchpress! He's got quite a few weights on it, and is nearly being strangled as he tries his best to lift them with his arms. Katie calls out to him, before she picks up the benchpress with relative ease, setting it back on the bars. This allows Trip to sit up and gasp for air. He realizes that his cover is blown, simply telling his pals, "I-I didn't need your help! I almost HAD it!" Jen & Katie look at each other, smirking and snickering slightly as they restrain themselves from bursting into laughter. Trip is distraught at the sight of their not taking his bodybuilding serious. He looks away, and lets out a deep defeated sigh.


Sometime later, Trip & Lucas walk through the city, side by side. Lucas is wearing strange clear sunglasses we've never see him have before. Trip sighs, and asks his fellow future feller, "Lucas, do you ever wonder if you're cut out to be a Power Ranger?" Lucas chuckles, smirks, and shakes his head, saying without hesitation, "NEVER. Why?" Trip admits, "I dunno, I feel like..." Lucas looks around as they walk, and his new sunglasses are apparently are set to scan for any hot babe DNA in the area. He spots a dark haired female in the distance, standing and talking to two of her female friends. Lucas stops in his tracks, halts Trip's speech and progression with his right hand, and notes, "Whoa! Hold ON a minute!" Trip looks at his idol as he lowers his sunglasses and scopes out the woman a little clearer. Lucas then walks over to a nearby side-garden, and pulls five or six petunias out of the dirt. He sniffs then, and smiles smoothly, as he heads over towards the woman, with Trip watching in slightly confused, and highly impressionable awe. Lucas approaches the dark haired woman, removing his sunglasses and smiling widely, as hands her the makeshift bouquet, and macks... err, states, "Sorry, but... couldn't find any flowers as pretty as you." The woman takes the petunias from the tall, dark, and handsome stranger, sniffing them and smiling in return. Lucas charmingly offers, "Go for a walk?" She nods, smiles, and takes his arm in hers. They head off for a stroll, leaving her friends incredibly dumbfounded to the point that they show no emotions on their faces at all. Trip overhears as much of this as he can from the distance, gasping breathlessly, "Huh, WOW!" He's both impressed and inspired by Lucas' skills with the ladies. The gears in Trip's alien brain begin to churn, as his eyes glisten with a new strategy. He rushes off to initiate this scheme.

Soon, Trip walks through the city, wearing dark pants, a dark leather jacket, a lime green shirt under that with a black shirt under that one, a silver studded necklace, and a dark beret on backwards! Trip tops the new Lucas-homage ensemble off with a pair of dark sunglasses. He walks down a few steps, and passes two females as he does. They both turn, smile, and giggle at the green haired teen in dark clothing. Trip tries to act cool and smooth, but this distraction of attention by women causes him to trip on one of the steps! He staggers down the short flight of stairs suddenly, grunting surprised as he barely is able to maintain an upright position. A man walking past him at the time gives his stumble a long stare. The moment Trip regains his composer and ceases staggering uncontrollably, he pulls off his sunglasses and looks around to be sure he didn't make too big an ass of himself. He breathes a sigh of relief, and while putting his shades back on, he gives an expression of frustration. Seems the pricetag is still on his jacket! Having no intention of returning the item to get his money back (how can he afford all of this, plus the workout equipment?! Those must be some high-paying paint assignments!), he yanks it off, and litters it on the ground (pollution is good, kids, but only when you're a cop yourself!). Trip straightens his coat, and presses onward as if he's the Xybrian Shaft. He walks tall around a large water fountain in the center square of the courtyard, checking out the scenery, and seeking some single women. Trip pauses suddenly, when he spots one such a lady on the other side of the fountain. He lowers his sunglasses as he sees her, a blonde woman wearing a golden coat, sitting on the edge of the fountain, drinking a cup of coffee with her girlfriend. Trip smiles big, fully dimpled, as he swallows hard and prepares to make his move.

Trip walks around and smoothly pulls a grouping of red & yellow flowers out of the garden, taking their dirty roots with them, too. He approaches the two giggling woman, heading directly at the blonde, golden-jacketed, black-panted woman who resembles the shuttle pilot Nancy Cooper, but is named here as Traci (Nancy's identical cousin!). Trip holds the flowers before Traci, who looks at him with an awkward smile, and tells her, "I picked these flowers. (winks and makes a clicking sound) They're prettier than YOU!" Traci looks offended by his paraphrased remark, until Trip drops his Fonzie demeanor and nervously stammers, "Oh-oh! I-I mean, there aren't ANY as pretty as you!" She lightens up her expression some, giving him a smile and accepting the flowers. Trip appears quite happy, as she leans forward and smells the roses. Suddenly, a small, angry bee pops out of the buds, and begins to buzz around. Traci squeals, "A BEE! AHH!", likely allergic. It buzzes around her, as she stands up and tries swatting the insect away with the bouquet. Trip attempts to come to her rescue, promising, "Don't worry, i'll get it!" He swings his hands around, trying to strike the bee, only to end up shoving Traci's arm, causing her coffee in hand to spill all over her, as she tumbles backwards into the water fountain! The drenched Traci stands up, looking madder than a wet hen. Trip apologizes honestly and profusely, "Oh, oh! I'm so sorry! I'm SO SORRY!!" Traci quotes Nadira, as she screams, "Get LOST, LOSER!" She storms away. sloshing and splashing in a huff. Trip remains behind as the two women depart, prompting him to walk off with a frown. The stray bee continues buzzing, and shoots off at Trip, attacking him offscreen, causing him to cry, "Whoa-ohhh!"

At one of the many power plants in Silver Hills, Electropede gets ready to make the California energy crisis just a little more hands-on. Speaking of which, the mutant's hands resemble fanged-teeth, with which he latches onto a transducer. Electropede remarks, "Now THAT'S what I call a POWER lunch!" He yanks the wire off the top of the transformer, and shoves the live-wire into his gaping maw. The bluish electricity zaps directly into his mouth, filling it completely with energy. Sparks fly, and surrounding electrical equipment being to burst from the discharging overload. This assault on a battery doesn't go unnoticed, despite the fact the power plant seems deserted. Power in the city begins to flicker, especially in the Clock Tower, where the lamplight by the stairwell fades in and out. Circuit, sitting on a barrel nearby, announces, "Alert! There's a mutant at the power plant!" Jen & Lucas rush down the stairs, joining Katie on their way out. Jen orders the robo-owl, "Call the others! Tell them to meet us!" Inside the power plant, Electropede has taken his wire-sucking spree to a long empty hallway. More bluish electricity is gobble up, giving new meaning to the drink Surge! Electropede's greedy voltage-hogging experiences a blackout, when suddenly the Red Time Force Ranger (having made the scene before his team) runs down the hallway, and shouts, "Hey, you!" He grabs the two dangling fiber-fangs on the mutant's face, having totally taken the power-hungry Electropede by total surprise. They struggle, switching sides several times, but Wes just won't let go. Electropede has no choice but to release a blast of concentrated bad breath from his mouth directly into Red Ranger's face. Wes lets go and falls onto the floor, covering his masked nose, and noting, "Oh, you STINK!" Electropede laughs wickedly as he runs away, prompting Red Ranger to recover and give chase. They exit the building, with the mutant taunting, "Catch me if you CAN! Ahahahah!" He gains good distance from the Ranger, or so he thinks, when the Blue Ranger orders, "HOLD it!" He, along with the Yellow, & Pink Rangers show up, blocking his laugh-filled escape.

Red Ranger finally catches up to Electropede, and tosses a kick at the mutant as he rushes towards him. The mutant dodges the blow, and returns his own, striking Wes in the chest with his fanged-hand. With one down, the eager Electropede charges at the other three, who vigorously return the gesture. The mutant shoots off a bolt of his own electricity at them, which they avoid. Blue Ranger fights back, only to get flipped over when he tries grabbing Electro's head. Yellow Ranger tries to attack as well, but get chest-sparked by the angry creature. Red Ranger returns for more action, again reaching for the slumped-over head of Electropede as a target. Just around the corner, Green Ranger makes the scene at last. He notices that all four of his teammates are getting beaten senseless by the mutant. Trip says to himself, "Alright! Here's my chance! I'll show 'em what I can do!" He races into action, doing a quick cartwheel before leaping up and bicycle kicking Electropede's back! The mutant becomes furious and turns around, swiping at Trip to no avail. Green Ranger rolls under his reach, and rushes towards the metal ladder on the side of the power plant. He quickly climbs the ladder without using his hands, and once at the top, he flips backwards, trying to mimic Jen's move from earlier. He lands a drop-kick on Electropede's back, but is unable to land successfully. Trip falls on his ass, with the mutant being completely unharmed by his failed maneuvers. Green Ranger rolls away just as Electropede turns around to see the other four Rangers have grouped together, and now have their Chrono-Blasters out and aimed at him. Red Ranger orders, "Ready? Fire!" The four shoot their respective-colored energy beams at the mutant, trying to try their luck at taking two monsters out in one episode the same pathetic way. Electropede creates a quick shield of pink electricity, deflecting all four laserbeams into various explosive directions. He then steps up and aims his arms at the four, causing a set of orange rings to be emitted. These start to siphon the energy directly off of the four Chrono-Blasters, turning them into glowing rivers of orange light! The power is then channeled into bluish electricity, and sucked into Electropede's system by his two mouth-hands! Our four heroes barely keep a grip on their Blasters, as the entire internal power source (which, if you look at the C-Bs, you'll see a silver infinity symbol on each side, meaning they're supposed to be unlimited ammo in them) of them are depleted reluctantly. They do manage to keep the Chrono-Blasters from being pulled free from their hands by the siphoning, but it comes at a price. The moment the power-drain stops, the four Blasters are totally fried, to the point that our heroes drop the superheated weapons onto the ground in a smoking pile!

Electropede rubs his striped belly, and proving he's not full yet, states, "And NOW for the main course!" Green Ranger, the last one with a working Chrono-Blaster, recovers from his fall at last (he's even shown rubbing his rear end) and stands a small ways behind the mutant, calling out, "Electropede!" The mutant turns around to scoff, "What do YOU want?!" Trip unholsters his Chrono-Blaster from his unseen pocket, and boasts, "It's time to put YOU on a permanent diet!" He attempts to showboat like Wes did earlier, by twirling his Blaster amid his fingers. Green Ranger wastes too much time doing it, and winds up losing his hold on the weapon, sending it flying out of his grasp and onto the ground! The Chrono-Blaster lands at Electropede's feet, prompting him to pick it up and quip, "Weapons? Now THAT'S my kind of diet! Aheheha!" Trip lunges forth, but the second he tries to touch the mutant's body, a shock of electricity zaps him away. Green Ranger stands there, wailing, and jerking his body around as the jolt floods through him. Electropede drains Trip's Chrono-Blaster of its energy while holding it, and shoots a beam of orange power off from his other hand. Trip's defenseless and stunned position causes the blast to send him flipping over onto the cement. With all his opposition current weaponless, Electropede gets out while he can. He tosses the last sucked-dry Chrono-Blaster over to the injured Ranger it belongs to, and gloats, "Hate to eat and run, but... bye-bye! Huhehehahah!" Before anyone can do anything, Electropede converts himself to the bluish electricity he loves to much and teleports away. The other four Rangers reaches the spot the mutant was just standing at, and Wes wonders, "Where'd he go!?" He notices Green Ranger lying on the ground, calls out his name, and the four race to his aid. Red Ranger asks, "Trip! You okay, buddy?" Trip stands up with Jen & Wes' help, only to push them away and drop back on his knees defeatedly as he sighs, "Yeah, i'm alright." He punches into the air, and lets out a frustrated grunt, having screwed up yet again.

Later, it's still daylight at the Clock Tower, and outside, the palm trees sway in the gentle breeze. Inside, Trip lies on his sleeping bagged bed, back in his standard orange coated attire, with a large blue icepack on his bruised head. He ceases trying to nap, and takes the icepack off, merely rubbing his temples and slowly rising up. Trip overhears the other four TFs in the room just below, all sitting at the table with Circuit, and the five fried Chrono-Blasters being inspected. Wes notes, "These things are USE-less!" Circuit comments, "Electropede drained ALL their energy. Even if I COULD recharge them, he would just DRAIN them again! They're totally WORTHLESS against him!" (does this mean the C-Bs are out of commission for good? probably not) The Chrono-Blasters are all opened up, their wiring exposed amid the charred parts from the battle. Wes picks up a small tool, and tries working on one Blaster, but his lack of knowledge in future technology causes him to get shocked when he touches the wrong circuit! Katie cautions him without much compassion, "Careful!" All attention turns to Trip, who walks down the steps and rejoins them with the icepack on his head (he has his backpack on and his bucket hat back on as well, as if he's planning to go out). Katie quickly stands up and greets him, asking in a caring voice, "Hey! You okay?" Trip sheepishly confirms, "Yeah." Jen demands to know, "WHAT were you trying to PROVE out there?" Trip lowers his icepack and explains, "I was just trying to help!" Wes stresses, "You're LUCKY you weren't hurt WORSE!" Trip looks away from his teammates, his pride far more injured than his body. Jen mentions to them all, "Look, this mutant has already taken out all our Blasters. We can't AFFORD anymore mistakes." She approaches Trip on that last part, not making him the slightest ounce better about himself. Jen turns back to the rest of the team, and devises a plan, "Let's go check out the other power plants. When he comes back, THAT'S where he'll be going." Jen leads the way, running towards the stairs, followed by each of the others. Trip lags behind, but once he starts running, Jen halts him! She orders, "NOT you. You stay and rest!" Trip tries to protest, "But I..." Katie smiles and agrees with the leader, telling him, "We'll CALL if we need you." She rushes off to rejoin her team on the way to battle, leaving Trip behind to look depressed again. He somberly walks across the room and whines, "It seems like I can't do ANYthing right." Circuit flaps his wings (notice Katie's diary is set down right next to him), and reasons, "DON'T say that! The Rangers are a TEAM! They'd fall apart without you!" Trip doesn't believe him, staring into the rusty old gears of the clockface, and replying, "Yeah, RIGHT. Katie is SO strong. Oh, and Lucas? Talk about COOL. Jen & Wes are such awesome fighters." He sits down and wonders, "But me... what am _I_ good at?"

At another power plant, Electropede appears and gloats, "Aha! Nothing like a high-voltage meal before a good battle, I always say!" He sees a sign reading "Danger: High Voltage", and quickly runs over to it, growling with devourish delight. He snaps open a wire with his fanged-hands, and begins to feed the current of electricity into his mouth once again. He makes loud gulping sounds as he drains the power plant of its power, sucking every ounce of bluish crackling energy out of the entire complex. The drain stretches across the plant, and so on and so on and so on.


More so on and so on stuff continues, as Electropede's sucking gets interrupted by the presence of the four Time Force Rangers. Pink Ranger orders the spark-hungry mutant, "Put the cables down, and STEP away!" Electropede drops the cables, but only out of sheer annoyment from seeing them there. He complains, "You know, you Rangers are REALLY starting to get on my nerves!" He fires off several bolts of orange concussive energy from his mouth-hands. All four Rangers get struck, and knocked senseless by the sudden, yet-predictable attack. At the Clock Tower, Trip picks up one of the fried Chrono-Blasters and tosses it between his hands, stating to Circuit, "That mutant absorbed the laserblasts! He ACTUALLY consumes power!" Circuit, his databanks worth jack, asks, "What exactly does that MEAN?" Trip looks at the charred Blaster and explains, "Meaning, we need to overload him. We NEED energy pulses that are too big for him to handle!" He begins to smile as he realizes the solution is right under his nose, quickly rushes towards the stairs and gasping, "Yeah!" Circuit flaps his wings some more and shouts, "Whoo-hoo! Wait for ME!" The robotic owl's butt hums loudly as he slowly lifts into the air and hovers down behind Trip. They reach the NOTOJ office/workshop, where Trip's latest invention remains in pieces. He quickly picks up a screwdriver and gets to work on the orange & white colored Electro Booster, eagerly ready to complete it. Circuit lands beside him, and asks, "What're you DOING, Trip?" The green haired Xybrian says with a grin and without a doubt, "Doing what i'm GOOD at!" (which means either inventing, or getting screwed!) At the power plant, Electropede slaps Red Ranger, sending him into a screaming & sparking spin towards the gravel. Pink Ranger leads the charge of summoning, "V Weapons" (why does she call them that, while Wes called them 'Vector Weapons'? Hrm.) All four Rangers stand in a row and aim their V cannons at the mutant. Electropede loves what he sees, looking at the Vs and boasting, "YEAH! Big & TASTY!" Wes orders, "Aaaand, FIRE!" The four unleash the laser power of their V Weapons, just to have the mutant pull the same swirly circle energy siphoning trick as earlier. The same results happen too, with each Ranger trying desperately to hold on to their weapon as the orange glow covering the cannons signifies the draining of all four. Electropede takes what he needs, and quickly cuts off the sucking, firing back a portion of the power in the form of a few boltblasts! Our four heroes are helpless to do anything but hold on to their depleted V Weapons and get blasted by the explosions bursting around them.

At the NOTOJ workshop, Trip loads the four separate components which make up the Electro Booster into a large orange Time Force carrying case. This is similar in design to the yellow ones recovered from the Time Ship (which are all stacked upstairs, seen earlier), but we've never seen it before. There's even perfectly cut slots in the padding for each components! He loads the orange & white pieces up, seals the case, and lifts it up on his side. Circuit encourages his pal, "YEAH! Go get 'em, Trip!" Trip takes the large orange case, and belts towards the door. Meanwhile, near the power plant, the 4 Kids from earlier wander onto the scene, wearing their TF costumes (sans helmets, of course). Long stupid, pointless scene short, the stray drainage bolt from the mutant causes the kids to get pinned behind a sparking power pole, with a brainlessly placed and knocked-over barrel of gasoline slowly inching towards the live wire. Serves them right for playing near a power plant, doesn't it? Razor scooters are a magnet for mutant mayhem! Back to the real story, Electropede laughingly closes in on his shock-treated Ranger prey. On the sidelines, Frax appears, having enjoyed getting out of the prison lately (though he has no real place being here, since this is neither a robot nor X Vault mutant). The golden henchbot holds his clawhand up to his chin and gloats, "I wouldn't have missed THIS for the WORLD!" Electropede approaches the four Time Force officers, who are now V Weaponless, and writhing on the ground. The mutant boasts, "Hahaha! And NOW, to take the POWER out of the Power Rangers!" Blue Ranger won't give up without a fight, telling the mutant matter-of-factly, "It's not gonna happen, Electropede." Lucas quickly hops up and jumps into the air, snapping his right leg into a kick. The mutant ducks. Lucas throws another kick. The mutant ducks. Blue Ranger tosses a fist in for a punch, allowing Electropede to snatch his arm up with his fanged-hand! Electropede proclaims, "You CAN'T defeat me!", as an orange glow segues into Lucas getting his Ranger power drained! His whole morphed body shimmers with energy, as his TF energies are drained into the mutant. Electropede aims his other hand off towards the other three Rangers, firing off another juice-sucker signal at them. Yellow, Pink, and Red Ranger all experience the same body-shimmering power drain that Blue is, though from a farther distance. The four groan in agony, as they're driven to their knees by the reluctant depletion of energy.

Meanwhile, up in the skies, Green Ranger pilots the Time Jet all by himself (in the American footage debut of the Time Jet prop!). He glances around as the white craft zips through the air, wondering, "Where ARE they?" He spots them, and shouts, "Whoa! H-hang on, guys! I'm on my way!" Trip swoops the Time Jet down, spinning it around as the glide-control based cannon begins to fire off several bolts of energy. Electropede is taken by surprise, too preoccupied with sucking the TF Rangers dry that the blast from the Time Jet goes unabsorbed. With the mutant struck, the four Rangers are freed of the siphoning. the mutant rolls along the ground, his body smoking, as Frax shuffles over to his side, crying out, "Electropeeeeede!" Green Ranger yells, "FRAX!", turning the henchbot's attention to him. Frax pops open his facial compartments and yelps, "Ahhh!" (possibly getting kicked between scenes) Trip flips through the air with the orange Time Force briefcase under his arm, and lands on the ground near his teammates. Red Ranger joins his side, and says with relief, "Trip!" Yellow Ranger helps Blue to his feet, while Pink Ranger gives thumbs up and notes, "Alright! PERFECT timing!" Trip places the orange case on the ground and opens it up, informing Wes (who has his Chrono-Saber out suddenly for no reason) anxiously, "Look! I figured out how to stop him!" Wes asks, "What IS that?!" Green Ranger introduces the fully completed orange & white sectional pieces, remind him, "The Electro Booster I told you about! It's finished!" Red Ranger excitedly exclaims, "Alright! Let's try it out!" He snaps a handle piece onto the handle end of his Chrono-Saber, another to the blade, another atop the handle, another at the end of the blade, and a final piece which forms the butt of the Saber-turned-rifle. When each piece is installed, it glows green and makes a chiming-type sound. Wes holds his Electro Boosted Chrono-Saber in the air, having made his blade into a blaster! Frax notices this spoiler is horribly long, and angrily shouts, "ENOUGH of this! Cyclobots!" The army of Cyclobots immediately appear on the scene, marching down the road. Red Ranger races towards them, aiming the Electro Booster at the robodrones. He pulls the trigger, and fires several sharp blasts of yellowish energy their way. Each Cyclobot is hit with a pulse from the blaster, instantly charged with bluish electricity, and evaporated into nothingness in a flash of yellow light! Not even nuts & bolts remain of the Cyclos struck by the Electro Booster's blasts!

Which plot do you wanna see more? The "4 Kids in Ranger costumes are trapped in a corner as gasoline gets ready to ignite against a live wire", or the "Red Ranger totally wastes an army of robodrones"? I'm torn, on the one hand, seeing the annoying brats learn a lesson in fire safety is fun, but hearing the Red boy crying "Help!" unconvincingly really makes me wish Wes were firing at them with his Electro Booster instead. So, back to the story, every Cyclobot in the area is disintegrated by the Electro Boosted Chrono-Saber of the Red Ranger. When the final one fades, Wes ceases firing, and comments, "Verrry COOL!" The other four Rangers are also impressed, with Trip noting, "Looks like it works!" Katie ignores her Green pal's contribution, and cheers, "WAY to go, Wes!" Red Ranger rushes towards Electropede next, leaping into the air and firing the Electro Booster at the mutant as he fires streams of energy in return. Wes slips past the oncoming explosions, and gets a few shorts in unharmed. The yellow pulse hit Electropede, but is shrugged off and likely absorbed instead! The mutant emerges from the smoke, shooting off energy from his hands, which hit Red Ranger and knock him down a notch. The four TFs head over to Wes' agonized side, where Trip tells him, "Wes, listen! The Electro Booster has an inverse mode. Use it, and he'll overload!" Red Ranger recovers from the assault in a jiffy, standing up and remarking, "That's JUST what we need." He holds the Electro Booster up, and runs his fingers along the partially exposed part of the Chrono-Saber below, going for full power charge. Wes commands, "Inverse... energy!", as the blade glows with the infused yellow pulse. Electropede graciously encourages another helping from his fellow 'Electro' named item, boasting, "Gimme MORE!" Red Ranger simply replies, "Gladly", and activates Home Improvement mode by giving him more power (caveman grunt). Wes braces his feet as he aims the Electro Booster at the mutant. The surrounding horizon turns greenish-blue, as the barrel of the Booster radiates with the yellow energy charging. The camera spins around and pulls away, as the ball of inversed power is shot directly towards it like the Lights Of Orion. The energy blasts into Electropede, who underestimated the Rangers big time. The inverse power causes a taller rainbow colored energy shadow of the mutant to appear behind him, and suddenly dissipate, taking his sum total of power for the day with it! Electropede drops to his knees, as his body is now completely monochrome-- devoid of ALL color! The mutant cries, "My powers!", and sobs weakly.

Red Ranger lowers the Electro Booster as his teammates join his side, and breathlessly states, "I think it worked!" Pink Ranger points at the mutant criminal and asks, "You ready to come along peacefully?!" Before the color-drained Electropede can muster the strength to answer, Frax pops in on the sidelines, and screams like a robotic lawyer, "He's not going ANYWHERE with YOU!" Frax fires his rarely used finger-cannons (in place of the claw) at the mutant, striking the formally gold & black striped patch on his chest. It bursts and falls off, exposing the purple & blue cellular structure within. The mutant's DNA expands upon contact with the air, and not only makes Electropede grow, but gives him his coloring back! Frax looks up at the mighty creature, and motions his two arms, "NOW, the city is YOURS to conquer!" Red Ranger looks at his watch... err, Chrono-Morpher and yells into it, "Circuit!" At the Clock Tower, the robotic owl sits on his perch and replies, "GOT it, Wes! They're already on their way!" At the domed stadium, the exit end of the time vortex pops open, and spews upwards the five Timer Flyers! They quickly converge together to form the Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue. The sun is suddenly overcome with an eclipse again, creating the green jump-tube vortex amid its black spot. The Shadow Winger dives onto the scene, shifting around into Time Shadow Megazord form by the time it lands on the ground. Time Shadow stands beside Mode Blue, as they face the starving Electropede, who demands, "More power!" Inside the Megazord Control Room, Blue Ranger remarks, "If HE wants more power, I say we GIVE it to him!" Red Ranger concurs, "Agreed! Let's DO it!" Mode Blue ditches its Time Jet Blaster, and uses both hands to grab the wires on a conveniently massive set of wrongly scaled powerlines to the side of the battlefield. The violation of public property is for a good cause, as the Mode Blue Megazord throws the live wires at Electropede, tangling him up and causing him to get a zap from an unharnessed source. The mutant is fried in his tracks by his own dinner!

In the Megazord, Green Ranger exclaims, "Whoo! THAT'S the ticket! But I think he needs another jolt!" Wes takes the request, "You got it!" TF Megazord in Mode Blue whips out its Time Jet in Blaster Mode, and fires away into the defenseless criminal. The Time Shadow Megazord gets up some speed as it hovers above the ground, and rips through Electropede with its double-blade weapon in hand. The mutant is merely bonked on the noggin, and knocked onto the ground with a loud groan. In the Control Room, Wes initiates, "Shadow Force Megazord: Mode RED!" The Time Shadow lifts off, changes to Shadow Winger, converts to Shadow Force mode, and allows the Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue to spin around and load itself into the Winger! That's right, once again, Wes was wrong. He has a habit of saying things wrong, don't he? Anyway, Shadow Force in Mode BLUE clutches its blue-tubed Saber after its completely formed. Shadow Force lands in front of Electropede, who growls at it. In the control room, Wes converts his saber-control to match the SFMB by summoning, "Laser! Full Power!" Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue leaps into the air, creates the green clockface target, fires its blue-tubed saber laser at each digit. The 12 numbers are loaded in an aerial circle surrounding Electropede, freezing him in the green space between. Wes aims his saber-remote at the green, and activates, "Time Target!" SF in Mode Blue fires its Saber-laser's ball of energy at the frozen mutant. Electropede returns to movement as he's swallowed in a sea of pure flames. The massive explosion freezes in a blue tint, allowing Wes to motion his hand and quip, "Your time's UP!" The freezing ceases, and the explosion suddenly turns to an implosion, which targets the mutant only. Electropede takes on far too much power to absorb, and is reverted back to his tiny Chrono-Froze mode. His little action-figure sized smoking body lands on the cement somewhere, helpless to drain even a watch battery.

In the Control Room (having reverted to that of the normal Time Force Megazord, right down to the Saber-remote), Red Ranger pumps his fist and exclaims, "Alllll RIGHT!" at a successful re-detainment. Pink Ranger commends Green by saying, "Hey, Trip! That was fantastic!" Blue Ranger concurs, "Yeah. You REALLY came through." Green Ranger humbly replies, "Thanks!" Suddenly, his helmeted face fades slightly, showing us Trip's eyes beneath. His triangle-shaped Xybrian forehead gem begins to glow green, as he receives a distress signal. It's of the 4 Brats who offended him earlier! He notes, "The kids are in trouble!" Long, stupid, pointless, waste of time scene short, Trip takes the Time Jet, swoops in, saves them from a burn-ward, and flies them away in gratitude-filled glee.


Later, at the Clock Tower, Trip packs up all of his workout equipment into a box in the attic. He remarks to himself with a chuckle, "What was I thinking, anyway?!" Suddenly, his Chrono-Morpher beeps. It's a voice-only transmission from Katie, who urgently tells him, "Trip, HURRY! We need your help at the park!" Trip answers, "I'm on my way!", and quickly races to the location. Momentarily, Trip runs swiftly through the park, having remained unmorphed despite the urgency in Katie's voice. He finally meets up with her near a cabana, asking breathlessly, "What's so urgent?!" Katie gives a disciplinary look, saying, "Circuit TOLD us about your harebrained idea to be like us." Trip looks away, expecting another blow to his fragile ego. Katie instead changes to a chipper voice, proclaiming, "But since YOU saved the day, we decided WE want to be like YOU." Trip looks confused as the smiling and eye-raising female, who looks over to the other three sitting at a bench. They all pull off their Trip-style bucket hats to reveal that each are wearing their own green haired WIG! Jen has a Nadira-style do going for her green wig, while Lucas has a dark green Beatles type, and Wes sports a ratty 80s Rocker green wig-style. Trip smiles and laughs heartily at his happy green-haired teammates. Katie grabs Trip and squeezes him tightly, as she reveals that she's wearing a long, light-green curly wig as well! She even tries to give him a mock smooch, but he avoids contact with her mouth. As his pals all laugh and frolic in their faux-Xybrian glory, Trip glances over and sees the 4 Kids he saves playing on a bench. They're now all wearing Green Time Force Ranger costumes, like the man who saved their lives. Kinda defeats the purpose of playing Rangers if you all wear the same color of the same Ranger team, huh? Trip is touched, but quickly gets pummeled by his teammates when they all dogpile playfully onto him without warning. He finally accepts his place on the team as the brainy alien boy with the hair-color wigmakers love.

[Scenes from "Worlds Apart"; End Credits]

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