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Power Rangers Time Force
"The Quantum Quest"
Original Air Date:04/28/01 Footage from:
Timeranger #29 - Honoo no Shin Senshi (The New Warrior Of Fire)
*Season 9, byte 13
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1114
*13th episode of PRTF
*392nd total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Isaac Florentine [As "Floretine" again]
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Edward Laurence Albert _AS_ Mr. Collins

Special Uncredited Guest Stars:
T.J. Roberts _AS_ Dex
David Stenstrom _AS_ Hal
Rheannon Slover _AS_ Molly
Ashton McArn _AS_ Albie

Additional Cast:
Kai Wulff _AS_ Dr. Hammond
Crystal Green _AS_ Colleague
Michael D. Guerin _AS_ Guardian #1
Alanna Boatright _AS_ Reporter
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice) [Also the Quantum Morpher computer voice]
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Michael Sorich _AS_ Brickneck (voice)


In the windy deserted outskirts of the city of Silver Hills, lies the actual Silver Hills. A team of paleontologists are excavating a patch of land, with several crates set around them, reading "Silver Hills Historic Society." Deep trenches have been dug, along with a few smaller holes closer to surface. In one of those, two men are shown using brushes to dust off the fossilized bones of a dinosaur. Nearby, a guy pushes a wheelbarrow, while a woman in a ditch clears the fossils of yet another dinosaur. Up at the base camp, located at the edge of the dig site, a man wearing your typical archeologist outfit, shows two fellow historians a layout map of some sort. The man, named Dr. Hammond, remarks, "Alright." In the ditch below, a blonde woman darts out of the man-made opening to an ancient cave, and screams out for Dr. Hammond. She rushes to a ladder, as he approaches intrigued. The woman, named only as "Colleague," exclaims with intense joy, "We've FOUND something!" Hammond suddenly shares her enthusiasm, hurrying down the ladder as the numerous fellow researchers begin to murmur with delight. Dr. Hammond follows the Colleague into the cave, and several feet towards the center of it. Colleague breathlessly aims her flashlight at the find, and notes, "RIGHT here, Doctor!" Hammond is stunned at what she's showing him. Several other archeologists are also gathered around the site. The whole cave quite well lit, between the huge floodlights, and the many electric lanterns carried by the researchers. Dr. Hammond crouches next to the particular section of large rocks, and holding his lantern towards the dirt, he witnesses fully what has been found. Sticking up out of the ground, is a cornered edge of silver. Colleague notes, "I think... it's some sort of metal!" A few of the other archeologists are shining their lights on a slab of the rock wall the strange finding is located near. A rudimentary drawing, likely by prehistoric man, is scribbled against the dusty stone. The picture shows a volcano, with a few small dinosaurs nearby. Towering over those dinos, is a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex. It appears quite odd, as it has a white toned body, with a red underchin, and what look to be robotic features all along its neck & tail! Dr. Hammond fails to see that, instead focusing on the silver metal. He rubs against it with his finger for a second, before asking an assistant, "Give me my brush!" The man hands it to him, and Hammond quickly brushes aside the loose soil covering the strange box. A few deep strokes later, the silver corner is shown as part of a metal block, with gold & red coloring designs on the side. Dr. Hammond gasps in his German accent, "It's no metal i've ever SEEN before!"

Some time later, at the Prison Ship elsewhere in Silver Hills, Nadira is once again watching her stolen television set. She relaxes on her leopard print recliner, with a gang of Cyclobots hanging around. One Cyclo holds a case for her, with a leopard print box of tissues atop it. She pulls one out, and presses it to her teary eyes, as she discards a well-used tissue off to the side. Nadira never takes her eyes off the boob tube, and thus, her small pink felt garbage can is only half filled with snotty Kleenex, while the floor around it is completely littered with them! She sobs very loudly, totally moved by the program she's watching. Not only is she brought to tears, but so are several Cyclobots in the background, who also use tissues against their metal-plate faces, and tremble with emotion (their software apparently mimicking their mistress). What is it that Nadira is watching that is causing her to cry? It's a very special episode of "Saban's Masked Rider", from 1995-1996! It seems some channel in Silver Hills still carries it in 2001. Apparently, while Masked Rider exists normally in the PR universe, his spin-off TV series is nothing but fictional! Dex walks into his adopted home, and happily reunited, says, "Greetings, everyone!" Albie & Molly return the greeting, saying, "Welcome back, Dex!", as they both hug him. Albie notes, "MAN, am I glad to see you!" Their adopted father, Hal, adds, "We ALL are! Here, take a seat. We saved ya some dinner!" Dex sits down at the table, as a woman to the side says, "Yeah, you must be FAMISHED!" Nadira's loud sobbing and crying cuts off suddenly, when the screen instantly turns to static. She stares anxiously, until a news reporter shows up, prompting her to squeal, "MY SHOW!!" The young female reporter, inside of the cave we saw earlier, explains into the camera, "We interrupt THIS program for a SPECIAL report!" Nadira pitches a fit, whining aloud, and pitching the box of tissues across the room, striking the control console (which is adorned with her pink feathers, as she seems to have been redecorating).

Instantly, her father, Ransik, steps in front of her viewing path. He's intrigued by the report, watching the TV closely as the reporter explains, "Deep in the Silver Hills, archeologists have discovered a STRANGE energy box, buried DEEP in the mountain." The cameraman begins to zoom in on the surrounding area, showing the female Colleague from earlier measuring the depth of the spot where the box was found. The camera also takes a full view of the stone wall drawing of the mysterious robotic dinosaur, which we later learn is the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord! The reporter goes on to say, "Scientists have been unable to determine the age OR origin of the object, but say that it was embedded within a layer sediment that dates back to the Jurassic Period: over 150 Million Years ago!" Ransik sucks in his cheeks and crookens his mouth (kind of like Ernest used to do), while recognizing the images displayed on the television. The camera spots the box in question sitting on a table, showing the silver, yellow & red rectangular block with a large square hole at one end of it. Dr. Hammond shines a penlight into the hole, inspecting it carefully. The reporter concludes, by stating, "Scientists are reluctant to theorize how it got there, refuting stories, it MAY have been left by aliens that..." During this entire scene, Nadira drowns out most of the dialogue, as her heart-warmed sobs have now become the immature yelpings of a spoiled brat. Ransik rubs his gloved fingers together, whispering to himself with wicked glee, "THAT'S from Time Force. FRAAAX!!" Momentarily, Nadira is reluctantly up out of her chair, and is removing a Cryo-Tube from the nearby storage freezer. She pouts and lets out a huff, as she holds the tube out, and stares daggers at the robotic servant her father just called in. Frax takes the capsule with his clawed-hand, and says in his general cold robotic tone, "Preparing Brickneck for Reanimation!" Nadira folds her arms and glares towards her golden plated arch-nemesis. Frax removes the mutant from the Chrono-Tube, places it inside the Reanimation Chamber, and starts walking backwards, ordering, "Ready... and... BE-GIN!" Nadira joins Ransik's side to watch this, as the Cyclobot at the controls presses a few buttons as ordered. Seconds later, the chamber slides open, with Brickneck (a bluish bodied creature, with a pointy white featureless head, fly-like purple eyes, two holstered weapons, and golden bricks around his neck area) stepping out from the smoke, coughing slightly. He's happy to be out of cryo-lockup, lifting his arms and shouting, "Hahaha! FREE AT LAST!" Nadira looks excited (in the background, we see Masked Rider is back on TV, but like with many other children her age when the show first aired, she's already lost interest in it), as Ransik steps forward towards the mutant. Brickneck bows in honor before him, asking humbly, "Ransik! How may I be of service?" The mutant master explains, "I NEED you to find SOMEthing for me, BEfore ANYONE else!" Brickneck promises, "Gladly. But what IS it?" Ransik puts his mutated arm around the creature, and reveals, "Hehehehe. The POWERS of the QUANTUM RANGER!" Frax pops open his facial compartment in concurring evil delight, chuckling heavily as he turns and looks at Nadira. She smiles devilishly at him, and wiggles her fingers in a gesture of diabolical intent. Ransik's continued laughter deepens, nearly borderline psychotic now as it echoes through the ship along with Frax's. They are happy mutant men, indeed.

[Opening Credits, Version 1.2! Eric is added after Jen (a shot of him with the SGs, wearing a red beret). A shot of the Quantum Ranger, Blue Ranger spinning in the air, one of QR with QRex, and a Quantasaurus clip are also added afterward.]

Soon, at the Dig Site, Dr. Hammond places the mysterious box (later named the Quantum Controller) inside of a larger silver & black storage case. He shuts it, and smiles at his fellow researchers, remarking proudly, "GREAT find! Thank you. Well done." The archeologists & paleontologists all cheer for themselves, and smile, with some clapping over their team effort success. The joyous occasion comes crash down, when the front flap of their home tent behind them is blasted from out of nowhere! The scientists duck down under cover of the large table, and once the smoke clears, Hammond & his Colleague rise up to witness the source of the attack. Brickneck is standing off in the clearing, holding his rifle-blaster in the air, and quipping, "Hahahaha! THANK you for wrapping it for me!" The mutant laughs gloatingly, as his back-up entourage of Cyclobots rushes towards the camp. Dr. Hammond & Colleague stick closely together, likely having an affair going on between scenes. Hammond holds on tightly to the case containing the box, until the Cyclobots attack. They swarm all over the Dig Site, knocking over the large cardboard display map of the site, harassing the many workers, and just plain wreaking havoc. The robotic drones overwhelm the older man in charge, and as his loving Colleague screams his name in terror, Dr. Hammond drops the silver & black case on the ground while he falls. She tends to his unconscious aid, allowing Brickneck to casually walk over and pick the case up by its handy handle. The mutant remarks, "Excellent!", thinking everything going great. Suddenly, he hears the sound of vehicles approaching. He turns his attention to them, and wonders, "Huh!?"

The two black SUVs of the Silver Guardians swerve to an immediate stop, nearly next to one another in the unpaved parking area of the Dig Site. Brickneck wonders impatiently, "What NOW?!" The Silver Guardians race out of their two vehicles, and get into instant bracing Blaster-aiming positions. The temporary leader, a young man never named (in the end credits, he's called "Guardian #1", so we'll call the chump "Uno"), announces, "HALT! You're under arrest for trespassing, put the box DOWN!" Brickneck replies in disbelief, "You've got to be KIDDING!" The Cyclobots cease harassing the archeologists, and instead amass to face the blue uniformed squad of humans. Uno gives the order to the team, "FI-RE!", and all dozen and a half or so of the men do just that, including our old pal, Eric Myers. No rocket launchers this time, just good old fashioned palm-sized Blasters. The yellow & blue bolts of energy discharged from the Silver Guardians' Blasters mostly aim towards the main mutant. Brickneck pulls out his saber, and manages to deflect most of the blasts. Eventually though, they get through, and strike him in the chest, causing him to shout in agony. Speaking of agony, Dr. Hammond remains on the ground, with Colleague at his side, as he clutches his head in pain, both of the scientists fear-stricken. The Cyclobots charge at the SGs, only to meet with heavy firepower resistance. If the blasts weren't enough, the robodrones also end up dropping into the man-made trenches, which slow down their march considerably. The Historic Society researchers are able to escape under the cover of their Blaster-fire, and make a break for it the first moment they can. The upperhand doesn't last long, as the first Cyclobot manages to make it to the Silver Guardians' position. He leaps atop the crate Eric had been braced against, causing him to leap back, allowing his fellow SG to shoot the drone in near pointblank range. Closer to the camp, some SGs have taken the incentive to journey across, but find things tougher on the other side of the ditch as several Cyclobots overpower and beat them senseless. Dr. Hammond & Colleague reach the side of one of the SUVs, and lag behind some in concern for their saviors. Uno demands, "Go, GO! Leave it to us! GO!", which they do, running off with their fellow scientists, allowing the squad to continue firing their laser weapons at the Cyclobots.

Brickneck faces four Silver Guardians almost at once. Two try grabbing both his arms at once, but he shrugs them aside, then gut-punches a third with the butt of his saber, and flips a fourth over with ease. Nobody's getting that case away from him that simply! Over by the tent, a Cyclobot kicks Eric over onto his back. Angered intensely, he rips off his sunglasses, and tosses aside his Blaster! The Cyclo jumps into the air, trying to go for a flying attack. Eric and his partner lunge suddenly into the robodrone, growling with fury as they grab the bot's lower torso and slam him into the ground in unison! They then turns their sights on the mutant, dashing at him with unwavering vigor. The partner slips away to fight a Cyclobot, leaving Eric alone against Brickneck. He throws a high kick into the mutant's arm, but Brickneck ignores that attack, and merely knocks him down with just the butt of his saber. Eric writhes in the dirt in pain, as Brickneck towers over him, poising his saber, and boasting, "Ahahaha. Silly human! You're OUT of your LEAGUE! Hehehehaha!" Brickneck follows the old cliche, of lifting his blade into the air for the killing blow. Like always, when lifting for dramatic effect, this allows the person at the receiving end of the attack, in this case Eric, to be given a reprieve when a hero blocks the saber and saves his life. The Red Time Force Ranger has appeared, and uses his Chrono-Saber to do just that. He takes the mutant by such surprise, that he's even able to counterattack, slashing the Saber fiercely into Brickneck and stunning him. Wes isn't alone, since we see his four Time Force Ranger teammates nearby, all posing with a single Chrono-Saber in hand each (how they knew to come there is a mystery, though it's likely Circuit spotted the newscast). They only then rush into action, assisting the failing Silver Guardians in tackling the Cyclobots. Red Ranger (his visor repaired since last ep) tries to give his former acquaintance Eric a hand in standing up, asking, "Are you okay?" Eric swats his hand aside, quickly gets back on his feet, and screams offendedly, "I DON'T need your HELP!" He races off after the mutant, prompting Wes to cry, "Eric!", and follow. A Cyclobot gets in the way, distracting him from following the Silver Guardian.

At the Dig Site, the Pink Ranger flips out of a jeep while Chrono-Saber striking some Cyclobots. Green Ranger takes some Cyclos down, and Yellow Ranger does too, sending a few sparking robodrones flying into the delicately carved trenches channeling throughout the barren dirtmounds around them. Brickneck stands in one spot, assessing the situation, and stating, "I TIRE of this game. I must get back to Ransik!" He begins to depart, inspiring Pink Ranger to take down the two Cyclobots she was facing, and shout in protest, "Wait!" Jen doesn't heed her own warning, and instead jumps into the air, landing a perfectly flying drop kick into Brickneck's white-colored backpack. The mutant is sent hurtling into the deepest and central ditch, where the cave entrance is located. He's dazed by the sideswipe, allowing Pink Ranger to run rapidly along the loose dirt wall and launch herself into a running kick attack into his bricked neck. The mutant stumbles, and drops the silver & black case on the ground. Brickneck quickly recovers, though, clutching the box and promising, "You'll NEVER have this!" Jen lowers her Saber, aims her finger at him, and replies, "The Quantum Controller doesn't belong to you! Give it UP!" Brickneck retorts, "Don't make me laugh! You're PATHETIC, Pink Ranger!" As the battle with an endless platoon of Cyclobots versus four Time Force Rangers & the Silver Guardians rages onward above, Eric slowly begins to realize the real interesting part is going on directly in front of the cave opening. He slowly sneaks down into the trench, and hides just within an earshot around the corner, out of sight. Brickneck gloats to Jen, "Oh, you may WANT this box, but you AREN'T going to get it... OR it's contents! RANSIK is going to have the power of the Quantasaurus, AND the Quantum Ranger! And there's nothing you can DO about it!" Eric's puzzled by these references, wondering to himself, "Quantum Ranger?!"

The majority of the Cyclobots are finished off, prompting Blue, Yellow, & Green TF Rangers to hop down into the ditch to join Pink Ranger's side. Brickneck is ready for all of them, boasting, "It'll take MORE than you four to stop ME!" Red Ranger shouts, "No problem!" from the distance, as he leaps into the air, and drops down into the trench with a mighty "Hiyaah!" and his Chrono-Saber aimed outward. He lands the blade directly into the mutant's chest, causing Brickneck to drop the silver & black case on the dirt as he tumbles backwards. Wes picks it up, and remarks, "I'll take this, Brickneck!" The mutant's down but not out, as he throws his saber at the Ranger, purposing missing. He then fires his long white rifle-blaster at the saber, impaled in the soil less than two feet behind Wes! This ignites the saber into a massive fireball, sending the Red Time Force Ranger literally soaring into the sky, hollering all the way. Though Wes never loses grip on his Saber the whole fiery trip vertically, the silver & black case does manage to slip between his bomb-blasted fingertips. Eric shields his face from the explosion, and turns away from the instant fireball. The prized case containing the Quantum Controller just so happens to drop perfectly in front of Eric, safe & sound! Red Ranger's screaming trek through the air continues briefly, as he passes over his teammates heads (the Silver Guardians are also in the shot, still tied up in tangling with the remaining Cyclobots). Wes finally is restored to normal gravity harshly, as he plummets onto a mound of dirt, and rolls to a grunting stop. Lucas cries, "Wes!", and Katie gasps, "Oh no!" All four of the Rangers race to their recently airborne teammate's location, allowing Brickneck to head the other way, laughing all the while. In that direction, Eric notices the misplaced silver & black case lying next to him. Quickly, he takes the initiative and grabs it, getting out of the area before anyone can even spot him. Brickneck's shocked to find the case missing, looking around frantically, saying, "Huh?! This can't be! It's gone!" He moves a few feet up, and gives up, exclaiming, "I'll have to find it LATER!", as his eyes glow, and his whole body turns to a golden spinning mist: his teleportation signature.

The four TF Rangers reach the downed Red Ranger, and crowd around him limp & weary body. Green Ranger seems to instinctively sense that the burn marks on his suit are much deeper, and urgently informs the others, "He's in BAD shape! We GOTTA get him back to the Clock Tower, right away! C'MON!" Lucas & Trip assist Wes in returning to his feet, aiding him in staggering alone, groaning the whole time. Yellow & Pink stand guard in front, holding their Sabers out in case the mutant attempts to retaliate. Jen stresses, "Let's go. HURRY!", and they hurry to the best of their ability. Above the trench, the Silver Guardians have defeated the Cyclobots, but are all in scattered shambles. The unarmored men and women stagger around, groaning similarly to the injured Wes. Uno shouts for the only missing member, "Eric! Where are you?! ERIIIIC!" He gets no response, simply the sound of the wind kicking up quite a bit of dust from the nearly barren and now abandoned Dig Site. The camera focuses in on one of the discarded projects, the fossilized bones of a dinosaur, stuck in the dirt with a chisel & brush lying beside it. Eric's made a great deal of ground between him and his fellow SGs, though at the price of him going AWOL. Likely having swiped one of the archeologists' jeeps, Eric is now at the Storage Depot, a tall metal complex which looks like a refinery or power plant. On one of the top floors of the building, Eric climbs up the steps, and takes a good glance at his surroundings. No sign of anybody around is found, allowing him to set the silver & black case on the floor. He gets on his knees before, looks around again to be sure, and then opens 'er up. The Quantum Controller Box is nice & shiny now, having been brushed & spit-polished by the scientists earlier. Eric removes it from the case, picking it up with both hands, and admiring its silver, red, & gold design. He whispers, "The Quantum Ranger powers...", contemplating how they can come from this small device. Eric notices the large block slot, and while he hesitates for a moment, he finally starts to slowly insert his right hand inside. It doesn't get far, before the entire QCB shimmers brightly with a blast of golden horizontal energy beams! This creates a backblast of sparks, frightening Eric off, causing him to drop the QCB before he can finish installing it on his arm (the box changes positions between shots, notice). He yelps in fright, and breathes rapidly until the smoke clears. Eric realizes its dangerous, but doesn't write it off, simply picking it up carefully, and deciding to hide it behind a stack of wooden crates nearby. He looks around again, remembering his location, and departs, quite frustrated and confused.


Sometime later, at a tall glass tower located in downtown Silver Hills (not Bio-Lab, from the looks of it), we find Mister Collins wandering the halls in a West Wing style. He's accompanied by a silent younger man in a similar business-suit (staring into a file, likely Collins' assistant), and a member of the Silver Guardians, known only to us as Guardian #1, aka Uno. Where they're headed to is unclear, but the conversation is crystal, as Uno explains to Mr. Collins, "Sir, the Guardians are getting GREAT press. Phones are ringing off the HOOK with new clients!" Collins walks slightly ahead of the two men, remarking simply, "Good." Uno continues, by stating, "We still don't have the firepower to match the Rangers'. Now if only we knew HOW their weapons work... Sir, your son's a Ranger. Maybe he could help us?" Mr. Collins thinks back to Wes' words in the previous episode, hearing in his head, "I don't want any PART of your team." Collins turns to Uno, and tells him matter-of-factly, "You leave my son out of this." Coming from the opposite direction, and wearing a cleaned up uniform (he had to have changed between scenes, since he has his sunglasses & Blaster back), Eric Myers approaches. He stops in front of Mr. Collins, saluting, and exclaiming, "Mister Collins, SIR!" Collins halts and gives the young man his attention. Eric says intently, "I understand that Commander Porter was injured. I'd like to take his place as the leader of the Silver Guardians. There is NO one more loyal and dedicated than ME, and I fight as well as your son... the Red Ranger... if not BETTER." Mr. Collins stares at the soldier, looking down only at the mentioning of Wes. He responds to the request with negative results, informing Eric, "I need someone I can trust." Collins looks to Uno and tells him, "YOU'RE in charge." Uno, the slimy bootlicker without a name, salutes and shouts, "Sir!" Collins glares at Eric, remarking, "I don't know the first thing about you. Excuse me." He passes by the spurned SG, leaving him standing in the same spot in disbelief, though saluting out of respecting anyway. Once the three men head off to their destination, Eric lowers his hand, only to clench it into a fist. He stares at the departing men, thinking to himself, "So, you're going to make it hard, are you? Well, i'll PROVE to you who the leader SHOULD be."

In a near reversal of a scene in "Jen's Revenge", Wes is laid out on the table in the Clock Tower's central clockface room, with Jen tending to his wounds. Katie is right beside her, watching concerned, as Wes sleeps peacefully before them, his shirt off, and his entire chest bandaged. Jen dabs a rag over his forehead, which also has a large bandaid stripped across a red wound upon it. Trip asks worriedly, "Is he gonna be okay?" Jen tells him, "He was hit pretty hard, but he'll be FINE." Katie gets proactive, stating, "We've GOT to find that control box, BEFORE it falls into the wrong hands!" Trip wonders, "How'd it get here, anyway?" Circuit, his perch placed rather close to Wes, gives his best explanation on the matter, saying, "When Time Force first started experimenting with time travel, they sent the Quantasaurus Megazord, AND the Quantum Controller, back in time!" A flashback instantly plays, showing the TF Time Gate, circa 3000, shining to life. The large robotic dinosaur begins to run wobbily down the runway, with the Trans-Warp Megazord shown way in the background (oddly, frozen with its extenda-arm held outward, and its body devoid of any color!). Q-Rex's structure begins to flash with electricity, and its molecules start to scramble the closer it gets to the time portal. The moment it reaches the event horizon of the portal, its entire body transforms into a ball of reddish energy, zapping through the vortex without warning (and leaving a small trail of flames on the runway). The Quantasaurus is now within the timestream, though apparently stuck in one place (the interior portal looks odd, as it's just a swirling whirlpool of rainbow colors, rather than the usual rapid warping. Chalk it up to differences in technology since). Circuit narrates, "But SOMETHING went wrong! The controller, AND the Megazord, got separated, and were both LOST... SOMEwhere in TIME!" This plays out for us, as the Quantum Control Box slips out of Q-Rex's mouth in a flash of light, and flips through the air, heading off uncontrollably away from the Megazord. The flashback ends, prompting Lucas to note, "So whoever finds the control box... will control the Quantasaurus!" Jen confirms, "THAT'S why we have to find the box FIRST." She looks down at the unconscious Wes, dozing peacefully despite how this battle has seemed to have reopened wounds from the previous episode's attack.

Elsewhere in the city, Brickneck is combing the streets along with a troop of marching Cyclobots. The mutant looks at the large clock-shaped device on his left wrist, as it beeps loudly. Brickneck explains, "My tracking device tells me that we are very CLOSE. It will SOON be back in my possession!" The red button atop his wrist device blinks, and pinpoints the Quantum Controller Box's location. Footage fails to match, as we see the camera zoom up a completely different looking factory than the one earlier. According to what we see here, the QCB has moved itself out of the darkened hideaway spot behind the wooden crates, and is basking in the sun behind a cement curb. The QCB glows with a golden gleam, and wonders why we used this unmatching footage at all. At the Clock Tower, Circuit goes on alert, announcing, "My sensors detect a mutant at the Storage Depot!" Jen gasps as she realized what this means, "The control box!" Before you can blink, the four uninjured Time Force Power Rangers are on their Vector Cycles, and zooming toward the shipping dock area of town. After they leave, Wes suddenly reawakens, with his face all sweaty & scrapped. He darts his eyes around, and spots no sign of his teammates. Groaning loudly, Wes sits up slowly, and asks Circuit, "Where IS everyone?" The robotic owl, "There's a MUTANT at the Storage Depot! The others went there to find out WHY!" Wes never hesitates, immediately hopping off the table, grabbing his white & red shirts, and staggering off to the stairwell. Circuit yells in futile protest, "Don't go, Wes! You're NOT strong enough!"

At the Storage Depot area, Brickneck walks around, holding his left arm out, and keeping a close eye on the tracking device. The mutant notes to his mindless Cyclobots, saying, "The signal is peaking! I finally have the EXACT location of..." Suddenly, the sound of engines approaching rips through the air. Brickneck finishes his statement with a stunned, "... Power Rangers?!" The Vector Cycle riding Rangers charge into battle, driving in a tight formation. Blue Ranger leads the way, as he leaps off his bike, inspiring the other three to follow, all four hiyahhing in midair. The Rangers land in near the shipping hard of large crates, and in front of an abandoned vehicle, posing intimidatingly. Brickneck asks, "What're YOU doing here?!" Pink Ranger replies, "We were about to ask YOU the same question, Brickneck!" The mutant informs her, "I'm here to reclaim some MISSING property!" Blue Ranger tells him, "That's NOT your property to claim!" Brickneck readies to settle a score, responding, "We'll SEE about that.", as he removes the tracking device from his wrist, and hands it to a Cyclobot, ordering, "YOU Keep looking! I'LL dispose of the RANGERS!" The mutant whips out his long blue & black bladed saber, and rushes towards them. The four TFs do the same, pulling out their Chrono-Sabers, and charging at him. They're a little more focused this time, as each of our heroes has both of their Sabers locked into double-blade mode. The fight is fierce, but Brickneck is just too good at swordplay. Each Ranger holds their own with their Sabers at first, until the mutant slashes their weapons out of defense positions and sparkily strikes their chests. Lucas is the only one to really prove capable, as he attack Bricky with both slashes and a few kicks. None hit the creature, though, instead allowing Brickneck to launch himself off of Blue Ranger's shoulders, into the air, and onto the top of a shipping crate. The four Rangers look upwards at the mutant, waiting for his next move, which comes in less than a second. Brickneck changes weapons, pulling out his long blue & black rifle from the holster, and firing it at four TFs, all crowded together for perfect targeting. They're each blasted in the chest at once, with smoke & sparking results.

Nearby, at the actual Storage Depot complex, the Cyclobots continue their quest for the Quantum Controller Box. The tracking device leads them in the right direction, with the QCB beaming with gold energy in almost response to the signal. Eric, having given up on trying to gain power the promotional way, quickly returns to the site where he stashed the box. His running ceases the moment he spots the gang of Cyclobots marching slowly up the stairway. Eric doesn't get mad, he gets even, by racing towards them and yelling, "Hey, Metalheads!" The crowd of about five robodrones on the ground floor turn around at the sound of his voice. Eric dashes between them, landing a kick a kick into the one closest to the stairs. He then tosses a few kicks in a Cyclo behind him, knocking it down into a fellow bot in its way. Eric makes a clean break for the stairs, storming up them like a bat out of Skull Cavern. Another platoon of Cyclobots climbs a different stairwell, reaching the same main set of steps that the first group is now journeying up. Eric rushes at them, kicking two down with pure rage and anger, taking his problems with Collins out on these poor robodrones. A lone Cyclobot tries to slash at him with its Cyclo-Saber, but fails to cut the well-trained Silver Guardian at all. Eric snatches the bot's arm, twists it around, and forcibly uses the Cyclobot against its fellow brethren! The Cyclo-Saber shoots off several beam of pink energy from its blaster tip, striking some of the Cyclobots standing on the upper platform. Without missing a beat, Eric spins around, and aims the Cyclobot's Saber-Blaster holding arm in the other direction, shooting two more Cyclobots nearby! Eric flips his reluctant weapon over with a strong thrust, letting out a grunt, before fixing the brim of his hat, and heading up the nearby Cyclo-exterminated stairwell.

Down below, the four Time Force Rangers are still having trouble with Brickneck. Instead of calling in different weapons, they stick it out with the Chrono-Sabers. Blue Ranger whips his double-bladed Saber around, and fires off a charge of bluish energy at the mutant. Brickneck cuts it down in midair harmlessly, before returning fire with his rifle. The concussive blasts hit each of the four Rangers in the chest, causing them painful sparking, and flooring all of them. Above in the Storage Depot, Eric finds another stairwell, and another duo of Cyclobots. He screams, "HEY!", gaining their attention just so he can pull out his Blaster and shoot them both down in a blink. Eric passes over their limp, fried bodies, and heads up the steps to the next level. He reholsters his blaster at first, but when he finds yet more Cyclobots awaiting him, he yanks it back out, and unloads a few hot-pink rounds of explosive energy. The final three robodrones are taken out, just within reach of their target. Eric walks past their short-circuiting forms, reaches behind the nearby wooden boxes, and pulls out the Quantum Controller, just as he left it. He breathes a sigh of relief, holds it up before him, and quickly dashes off with it under his arm. Did I say those were the final Cyclobots? Well, I was lying, as the moment Eric gets out in the open, two more Cyclobots appear before him! The silver-costumed robots are prepared, aiming their Saber-Blasters at him instantly. Eric clutches the QCB in his grasp, and begins to circle around, prompting them to do the same. The final showdown between unpaid robodrones & a work-for-hire human drone has begun!


Again, the two Cyclobots circle around on the open upper platform, with Eric holding the Quantum Controller Box under his arm. In the distance, we can see a huge mass of stormclouds gathering, meaning that the film crew is likely going to have to get this shot finished quickly before it rains! Eric, unable to reach his Blaster as he's unwilling to drop the box, stares at them, breathing heavily at the dead end of their guns. The twin Cyclobots fire upon him at the same time, but instead of leaping out of the way, he waits for someone else to do it. Luckily, the Red Time Force Ranger has made the scene, and lunges at Eric, pulling him off the side of the building! The two bolts of Cyclo-energy streak past through the air harmlessly, while Wes & Eric scream loudly as they plummet to their doom. By doom, I mean they're falling to the ground, only to end up flying horizontally all of a sudden through a wooden warehouse door. The two men roll along the ground in agony, finally coming to a halt in the dirt. Eric loses his hat & headset along the way, but never loosens his grip on the QCB. He looks over at his savior, and says without gratitude, "Huh? Wes!" The Red Ranger, still groggy from his recent wounds, is hardly able to even sit up. Eric begins to get up and leave, as Wes cries out, "Gimme the box, Eric!" Those Cyclobots the Silver Guardian took by surprise earlier have recovered, and storm into the warehouse angrily. Eric & Wes quickly leave their differences in silence, instead both turning towards the approaching army of robodrones. All injures are also ignored, as both men begin to fight back against the Cyclobots with intense determination.

After quickly clearing their area of immediate threats, Eric & Wes get back to back, turning in a circle anxiously & focused. Red Ranger demands, "You DON'T know what you have! Gimme the box, and get to safety!" Eric refuses, still clinging onto QCB tightly, shouting, "No WAY! It's MINE!" The Cyclobots attack once more, splitting the former rivals up. Eric is beaten quite severely, kicked by two robodrones at once, and eventually knocked on the floor. He rolls to a smooth recovery, and gets punched by some more Cyclos. Eric finally fights back, slamming into a Cyclobot behind him with his back, and then footsweeping another down. He breathes heavily, but never once drops the box. Nearby, the Red Ranger kicks a Cyclobot through a stack of barrels, before dueling physically with a couple of others. Eric rushes across the warehouse, does a sudden flip over an exposed girder, and begins to fire his SG Blaster at a crowd of Cyclobots in his way (this shot is on the opening credits). Several of the blasted Cyclos fall through large gaps in the floor, dropping several feet to wherever below. When Eric holds his right hand out and fires at a Cyclo who was trying to fire at him, another Cyclobot pops up and grabs hold of his arm! This restrains him in place, unable to struggle much without losing the QCB. Eric groans loudly, while noticing that a trio of robodrones are aiming their Saber-Blasters at him! He quits playing around, socks the Cyclo in its gut, and uses the robodrone as a shield against the oncoming laserbeams. Eric knocks the fried Cyclo aside, and has to face the next round of blasts defenselessly. He ducks down, causing the pink streaks of energy to ignite a stack of crates behind him. The sudden explosion sends Eric flying through the air reluctantly, kinda like Wes did earlier. He lands harshly on his back against the dirty cement floor, but hey, keeps hold on the QCB! Red Ranger spots his old classmate in lying on the ground, groaning painfully in distress. Wes calls out, "Eric!", and tries to finish up the Cyclo he's currently dealing while, but instead gets himself slammed into the ground by it.

Just then, another Cyclobot appears, standing just in front of the downed Ranger, aiming its Saber-Blaster at the flash-stunned Eric. He manages to recover back onto his feet in the face of danger, but has no choice but to resort to using the Quantum Controller Box to shield himself. The rapid bursts of concussive energies blast into the silver, red, & golden colored box, not even scratching the eons old device! Instead, the whole QCB lights up with a bright, shining glow of gold. Eric slowly lowers the shimmering box in disbelief, when suddenly, the QCB releases its golden radiance in a squall of powerful light! All surrounding Cyclobots are blown off their feet by this surging wave of gold. Not only has the warehouse gotten darker between scenes, but Red Ranger's gotten his suit quite a bit dirtier! The soot-covered Wes ceases covering his helmet when the golden light halts, causing him to look up and gasp, "Huh? Whoah! Amazing!" The Quantum Controller is still steaming from this abrupt energy release, though Eric holds it between his hands without getting burned. The heavily breathing Eric remarks to himself aloud, "It's now or never!" Just then, Circuit comes fluttering in, landing atop a barrel, and yelling, "Wes! Hurry! You've gotta STOP him before he gets a chance to activate the MORPHER!" Red Ranger sits up, concurs "Right!", and begs, "Eric, hand it over!" Eric scoffs with the prospect of power coursing through his veins, "It's too late. NO ONE's stopping me now!" Wes struggles to stop him, but can't get off his knees thanks to his aggravated injuries. He clutches his shoulder, and cries, "DON'T do it!" Eric fails to obey, placing the Quantum Controller on the floor, and wiggling the fingers on his left hand with rebellious intent. He holds the box in place with his right hand, then firmly inserts his left hand into the block slot in the front of the QCB. Hardly a second later, the box begins to glow much like it did earlier, with a full golden beam enveloping it. The transformation lasts but a moment, and when the golden glow fades, the Quantum Controller Box is completely gone, leaving only the Quantum Morpher attached to Eric's left wrist!

The Red Time Force Ranger watches helplessly, as his old acquaintance stares in awe at the newly activated device. Wes continues clutching his chest, crying out, "Eric, NO!" Eric ignores him, instead inspecting the Quantum Morpher. It's got a black band on it, with a black & red color scheme on the Morpher itself. It's quite different than the Chrono-Morphers, especially considering that on top of it is a series of seven buttons. Red Ranger crawls closer to him, and begs, "Eric, you don't know what you're getting into! Listen to me! This is NOT about US! Please, DON'T do it." Eric stops checking out his Morpher, and looks at the once proud richkid, lying groveling in the gravel. This gives him cause to smile smugly as stands back up on his feet, and chuckles between his deep breaths. Eric snaps his left arm upward, and screams into it intuitively, "QUANTUM POWER!" The Quantum Morpher suddenly lights up with a golden glow, initiating several displays on the skinnier end of the surface, including one which reads in flashing letters "FIRE". The whole Morpher then glows gold, shining brightly, as it releases its energies for the first time in countless millennia! Eric is caught at ground zero of the power surge, engulfed by a massive bursting explosion, so powerful that it tears into the run-down warehouse, and causes a cave-in! Debris rains down on Red Ranger's defenseless body, while Circuit also gets covered with rubble, crying out, "Oh no!" (then why didn't you peck at Eric, or something?!) Wes manages to block heavy support beams from knocking him on the noggin, and once the aftermath of the erupt subsides, he begins to look over at the location of his rival, gasping, "Huh? Eric?!" Where Eric once stood, there is now a strange figure, crouching down behind some debris and a few patches of flames. The man rises up, as stray spurts of bluish electricity crackle about his body. Red Ranger anxiously stares at the figure, asking, "Eric? Is that YOU?!" The man fails to answer, simply standing with his arms to his side, and slowly absorbing the intense energies filling his every being, as the light in the room flashes violently a tone of blood red.

Circuit confirms Wes' identity request, "Yes, it IS!" Eric is now the Quantum Ranger. His suit resembles the typical Time Force Ranger design style, with the black sections of his helmet blinking with green digital data. The dominant color on his suit is red, like Wes', but seems to be more of a darker shade, and some silver linings. Speaking of darker shades, the entire white chest area on his costume is colored totally black, along with his boots & gauntlets. Not to mention, his symbol scheme isn't just an arrow, but rather, and arrow with jagged edges along the top (or, bottom, really, given the way its aimed downward on his suit). His Quantum Morpher is visible through his left gauntlet; he has a Blaster weapon in a right-hand side holster called the Quantum Defender; and his belt buckle is a silver triangle with a strange unexplained golden piece down the center (thus making it oddly different from the other TFs). Eric just stands there silently, as the smoke clears, the fires die down, and most likely, the suit downloads important info data into his brain. Red Ranger asks the robotic owl assistant, "Circuit, what can you tell me?" Circuit shakes his head, and reveals himself at a loss, "Unfortunately... I don't have ANY information on this Ranger!" Meanwhile, outside around the Storage Depot, the other TF Rangers are still busy playing hide & go seek with Brickneck. He's got them lured under the complex with his rifle firing and malicious laughter. They've taken quite a shelling, and it's time to fight back. Pink Ranger pulls out her Vector Weapon, shouting, "V-5, FIRE!" The pink blasts nearly hit the mutant, but he's able to roll away before getting shot, returning fire successfully. She's struck and collapses, causing the others to rush to her side. Yellow Ranger asks, "Jen, are you alright?!" Between her wounded grunts, Pink Ranger confirms, "Uh-huh!" Katie notes to the team, "He's just too TOUGH for us!" Blue Ranger urges, "Don't give up, Katie. NO ONE's too tough for the Power Rangers!" Brickneck aims his rifle at them, and proclaims, "Then let me introduce myself. I'm NO ONE, and I'M too tough for the Power Rangers!" With the Rangers backed together like four sitting ducks, Jen gets on her feet and gasps, "This CAN'T be happening!" Brickneck readies his rifle, and replies, "Oh, but it IS!"

Suddenly, a burst of energy strikes the mutant's rifle from out of his grasp! If that weren't enough, a series of explosions instantly fills the scene, knocking not only Brickneck down, but the four Rangers as well. The source of the surprise attack is not too far away, tapping his Quantum Defender (which is a Blaster with the same shape & color scheme as the Quantasaurus Rex's head!) against the back of his left hand. Brickneck recovers, and begins frantically searching for the cause of this sneaky maneuver, screaming out, "Who DID that?! WHERE are you!? SHOW yourself right NOW!" The tapping continues, with each tap against his crimson gloved hand causing the loud sound of a hammer striking against a metal anvil. Pink Ranger spots him in the distance, and wonders, "Who is THAT?!" Blue Ranger replies, "I don't know." Yellow Ranger remarks, "He's on our side, though." Green Ranger adds, "I HOPE he's on our side!" High above, and standing on the stairwell of a shipping crane structure, is the Quantum Ranger, causally standing with his back against the railing. His tapping of his Quantum Defender against his left hand finally stops cold, when Eric lowers his hand down slowly. Katie recognizes the color & design of the suit, she thinks, telling her teammates, "Hey! Look at that! It's WES!" Trip doesn't feel that vibe, correcting her, "I dunno, but... I don't think so, Katie!" The Quantum Ranger keeps his Defender held in the air, as he walks calmly down the numerous steps. Brickneck draws closer to the structure, and is stunned when he gets a good look at Eric, exclaiming, "Huh!? ANOTHER Time Force Ranger?!" Quantum Ranger announces assuredly, "Listen and LEARN, Brickneck! I'm not just ANY Ranger. Not by a longshot! I am the QUANTUM Ranger." The mutant isn't impressed, responding, "I don't care what YOU call yourself, i'm calling you DESTROYED! Cyclobots!" Yet more robodrones march onto the scene, coming in from the side of the shipping yard. Quantum Ranger glances over at them, and scoffs, "Give me a BREAK!" He aims his Quantum Defender down at them, and begins to open fire on the Cyclobots. The four Rangers watching this on the edge of their... umm, feet. Lucas asks the leader, "Jen, who IS that Ranger?" Pink Ranger replies without a clue, "I have no IDEA!" Wes finally reaches their side, while clutching his own side. He's seemingly cleaned his Red Ranger costume between scenes, as he staggers towards them and shouts in frustration, "Guys! That's Eric. He used the Quantum Controller to become the Quantum RANGER!"


The Quantum Ranger leaps off the side of the shipping crane, and lands perfectly on his feet. The Cyclobots are fast approaching, leaving him little time to decide his course of action alone. Eric shouts into his Quantum Morpher, "Computer! Assess strategy!" His interior helmet visor display gives a green readout on his weapon, and informs him in a female robotic voice, "Recommend Blaster Mode." Quantum Ranger says aloud, "Quantum Defender, Blaster Mode!", before he presses a red button on the side of the weapon. He's now completely surrounded by Cyclobots, in a near-perfect circle. Quantum Ranger uses this to his advantage, spinning around in place and firing his Blaster around the perimeter, hitting each robodrone and causing them to burst with reddish smoke. Eric then fires off another few scarlet blasts at some Cyclobots off to the side, with similar results. After shooting down a third set, Quantum Ranger realizes, "These guys don't QUIT!" Yet more Cyclobots begin to march in from the shipping yard, as apparently there's a crate of Bandai toys around there. Quantum Ranger summons, "Blade Mode, NOW!" He presses the button on the side of the Quantum Defender, and causes it to snap apart into a lengthier silver saber! Eric gets a boost from his boost, and blasts off into the air. When he lands, the scene gets all blurry, as Quantum Ranger rapidly begins to slash into each of the invading Cyclobots with his Quantum Defender in Blade Mode. Each slice into a robodrone creates a slight trail of golden energy, as expected. Once he's finished kicking and slashing the bots into oblivion, Quantum Ranger launches himself off the side of a shipping crate, ceases the blurriness, and aims for the mutant. Brickneck has the same idea, meeting Eric in midair! The two combat, saber to saber, while remaining high above, until neither prove to be the victor. Brickneck & Quantum Ranger flip off from one another in a stalemate, and land back on the ground. The two then start circling each other, with Brickneck remarking, "You may have been able to defeat the Cyclobots, but you're NO match for ME!" The mutant pulls out his rifle and instantly fires at Eric, thinking this swift move would be a sure thing. Instead, Quantum Ranger anticipates it, by dropping down on his back, and changing his Blade back to Blaster! He ducks out of the line of the mutant's firing, and successfully fires back! Brickneck is struck by the bolts, wailing in agony as he bursts with red smoke, falls on the ground, drops his rifle, and clutches his chest.

Quantum Ranger stands back up, holding his Quantum Defender ready for more. His Quantum Morpher suddenly beeps, turning his attention to it as the female computer explains, "Quantum Ranger, it is recommended that you use Freeze Strike Mode as the best possible defense for you to complete your mission." Eric looks at his Blaster, and replies to the voice, "Sounds good to me! FREEZE STRIKE MODE!" He presses the red button on the Quantum Defender once again, this time snapping the weapon into Blade Mode, while it surges with bluish energy. Quantum Ranger whips the saber around his body, letting out battle cries, before charging towards the mutant with the blade surging with power. Brickneck stands up to face him, trying to attack with his own saber as well. Quantum Ranger swats his saber aside, cuts around the mutant, and cuts back INTO the mutant with a bluish-white slash to the chest. Brickneck is stunned, as the Quantum Ranger charges up his Q-Defender, slicing the last two blows with a background of raging red flames. The blue beams slash through the screaming mutant, while Eric turns his back to him, remarking, "YOUR time's UP!" while reholstering his Quantum Defender. The Quantum Ranger stands calmly in the foreground during Brickneck's last blast, his whole body going limp as it surges with electricity, before erupting into a huge fireball. The explosion reverts to an implosion, when his mutant DNA retracts (oddly, considering how the gold & black patch was never removed from his arm), causing Brickneck to drop down on the concrete, back in Chrono-Frozen shrunk mode! Quantum Ranger lifts his left arm up, listening closely as the Morpher voice says, "Cryogenic freeze reconfiguration complete!" The five Time Force Rangers stand on the edge of the dock, all witnessing this battle in awe. Katie proclaims, "The Quantum powers are UNbelievable!" Quantum Ranger marches triumphantly toward them in slow motion. Circuit sits atop a crate, asking rhetorically, "But HOW is Eric going to use such power?" Quantum gets about 12 feet away from the Rangers, and halts. Red Ranger steps forward, and questions his former pal, "Eric, are you alright?" The Quantum Ranger replies with a tone of total self-confidence, "Never been better." The two Rangers of different backgrounds, but shared histories and similar colors, face one another against the backdrop of the bay. Their unmorphed faces are superimposed giantly over the heads, each expressing tension against one another that's going to take quite a bit of time to resolve, if at all.

[Scenes from "Clash For Control, Pt. 1"; End Credits]

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