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Power Rangers Time Force
"Clash For Control, Pt 1"
Original Air Date:05/05/01 Footage from:
Timeranger #30 - Todoke Honoo no Sakebi (Register Fire's Command)
*Season 9, byte 14
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1115
*14th episode of PRTF
*393rd total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Additional Cast:
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Gluto (voice) [Formally absent since "A Parting Of Ways"!]
Dave Mallow _AS_ Commandocon (voice)


In the forest surrounding Silver Hills, the former Time Force Prison turned time-faring ship remains tilted on its side like a drunken TF Officer at happy hour. Inside the central detention hall (you know, the main room thingy), a meeting of the mutants is about to occur around the central Command Console. Nadira enters through one of the side hall-doors, and angrily shoves aside two Cyclobots standing in her way with an annoyed grunt. The white-leathered mutated female human, with her pink hair hanging loose as always when not in action, storms over towards her father Ransik and his henchbot Frax at said Console. She's followed directly by her loyal lackey, the whale-frog-goomba mutant named Gluto. Ransik & Frax seem to be up to something at the Console, though more specifically, the orb-like Time Warping Device set atop it. Nadira whines like the spoiled brat she is, "Daddy! There's SIX Rangers now. WHAT are we going to DO!?" Ransik leans against the Console, and explains, "The Rangers have the POWER of the Quantum Ranger. But I'M going to get... Quantasaurus REX!" Nadira smiles widely & wickedly, while Gluto excitedly replies, "Ehhh, YEAH! YOU'll get the Quantasaurus Rex! Even BETTER! Hehe! (scratches face) Uhh... Question. What's a Quantasaurus Rex?" Nadira instantly pushes him away by his oversized head, knocking the goon into the wall, as she exclaims in disgust, "Ahh! What a DING-Dong!" Frax explains, "EVERYbody knows it's the most POWERful Megazord EVER created by TIME Force!" Nadira waves her hands in the air, and remarks, "DUH!", during Frax's speech, as Gluto recovers in the background. The flashback, seen in the previous episode, replays in full, showing the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord heading into the Time Gate circa 3000, and getting lost in the timestream. Frax narrates, "NO criminal would have stood a CHANCE against its INCREDIBLE power!" The flashback ends, and Frax adds, "Unfortunately for us, it was lost in a TIME travel experiment!" (more like 'fortunately', considering how they're criminals!) Gluto groans, clutching his aching noggin, "Ohh... brudda!" Ransik heads over to one of the cold storage shelf compartments, and pulls out a Chrono-Tube. He states with maniacal glee, "Which means we need a MUTANT, that can go back... and GET it. Hehahahahahahahe!" The cryogenically stored & shrunk mutant in the tube is shown, a robotic type with black & white camouflage.

Meanwhen, millions of years ago on Earth, the area which will one day become Silver Hills is nothing but a mass of jungle foliage. The growling and howling of animals fill the air, echoing through the near-endless greenness filling the lands. At a break in the mist-pocketed jungle, an active volcano in the distance can be seen. Pterodactyls fly past the scenery, as smoke pours slightly from the red-hot tip of the volcano nearby. And yes, even then California was abundant with palm trees. Elsewhile, back in the present day, the rent-a-cop squadron known as the Silver Guardians are at a warehouse, aka: their base of operations. Many of them march around the lot, while others stand outside of the massive garage doors (encrusted with the golden eagle CGD symbol), and watch a training session occurring. Eric Myers, the self-proclaimed "most loyal and dedicated member of the SGs", is sparring with a few fellow members, using large double-cushioned staffs against each other. Most all four or so of them gang up on Eric, who viciously defends himself, easily taking the other Guardians out down with mighty shouts of exertion. There's a man in a red beret standing and monitoring the session with a clipboard, though whether he's the same new Commander introduced last episode or not (good old Uno) remains to be seen. Past the various parked SG SUVs in the lot, stands Wesley Collins. He watches his former schoolmate mop the blue-padded floor with his sparring partners, and likely is reminded of what a great fighter Eric used to be & still is. In the background, over a public announcement system, a man announces, "Delta Squadron, report to training area B. Units 4, 8, and 11, begin combat simulation." Eric tosses his staff over to one of the SGs on the side, and starts to dust his hands off after a successful workout. He glances up past the marching soldiers, and spots Wes. The other four Time Force Officers appear suddenly, stepping out from behind a white van, but remaining behind Wes as they all glare back at their new rival with a hint of contempt. Eric gives a smug smile, chuckling, "I was WONDERING when you'd show up!" He casually walks over towards them, with the Quantum Morpher still visible on his wrist.

Soon, all six are on a secluded rooftop, with a great view of the skyscrapers of Silver Hills just ahead. Eric leads the way, the scattered TFs slowly following behind. The lone Silver Guardian reaches near the edge of the roof (likely of the SG warehouse), turns to the others, lifts his Morphered left arm up, and says with air of confidence, "You can FORGET it. The Quantum Morpher's MINE." Wes reminds him "It DOESN'T belong to you." Eric smirks and replies, "Finders keepers." Jen folds her arms and exclaims, "YOU don't understand the POWER it has!" Eric responds as much assuredly as ominously, "Oh, I understand... MUCH more than you think I do." Wes & Jen look at each other, almost fearfully. Eric adds, "That's RIGHT! Once I get control of the Q-Rex... (looks up) The SKY's the limit!" Nearly on cue, a sudden zap of energy is heard going off in the distance. The five TFs look up towards the line of skyscrapers and Eric turns around, all aiming their attention at the disturbance. Jen and the others rush over closer to the edge of the roof, as she wonders aloud, "What's THAT!?" The six watch as a beam of pink-like power is shot into the sky from a location downtown, creating a small portal of deep-blue energy high up in the light-blue skies above. Eric stares at it deepest, showing off his single-ear headset to us, which he wears whether on-duty or off.

[Opening Credits]

The source of the lightshow phenomenon is Commandocon, the mutant Ransik revived earlier. He's a camo-armor mutant with numerous spikes on his body, and special metal spear-staff. He aims the staff into the air, struggling to hold on to it with one arm, while operating a small control-stick near the base. This multipurpose staff is seemingly harnessing Time Warping energy (possibly the one at the Prison, but more likely his own personal device as Ransik implied), as it fires the pinkish beam of blue-ringed energy into the sky from its nosecone tip. Commandocon grunts, as he jiggles the joystick, and continues fueling the portal forming high on the horizon above him. He remarks, "Just a little more juice and I can BLAST into the PAST!" The energy creates a vortex of blue & white ripples between several skyscrapers, and once a suitable black hole appears dead center, the mutant notes, "The Time Hole's OPEN!" Commandocon ceases fueling it, jumps into the air, and zooms off towards it, his body trailing energy echoes behind. He enters the Time Hole quite quickly, and vanishes from sight, though the portal remains opened. Atop the Silver Guardians warehouse, the six unmorphed Time Force Rangers continue staring at the strange singularity in the sky. Trip suddenly realizes, possibly with help from his Xybrian powers, "A Time Hole?! Ransik's going back for the Quantasaurus!" Eric instantly darts away from the roof's edge, prompting Wes to ask, "Eric! What're you doing?!" The man in the navy blue uniform pauses, and determinedly states, "NO one's gettin' the Q-Rex but ME!" Eric holds up his left wrist, and shouts into the red & black Quantum Morpher, "Quantum Power!" The other five Rangers just stand and watch, as Eric goes through his first onscreen Morphing Sequence. We see Eric surrounded by an endless amount of crisscrossing & rising walls of bluish-white digital data. His Quantum Morpher flashes red, and transforms his entire hand into a crimson glove with a black & silver gauntlet. Eric aims his empowered left arm into the air, causing a rain of golden rings to wash over him, until his entire body blasts with a surge of white energy. This quickly fades with a reddish gleam, leaving Eric morphed completely into the Quantum Time Force Power Ranger!

The scarlet & black suited Quantum Ranger informs the five TFs, "I'll just beat Ransik to the punch. SEE ya!" He gives them a short salute, before turning around, and summoning with a shout into his Quantum Morpher, "TF EAGLE!" Out of nowhere, a white & black jet streaks through the cloudy blue skies, slowly hovering down onto the roof once it reaches Quantum's position. Our heroes are speechless at what they see, as is Eric, never once explaining where the TF Eagle came from. Apparently, for all we know, the TF Eagle is just another one of the items which go along with the Quantum Ranger powers. After all, Circuit had no data on this Ranger, so there's no telling what Time Force-related goodies will pop out of storage-limbo, depending on the Morpher button he presses. The TF Eagle is designed quite differently here than the toy, as it has the orange hover-booster ovals at the back of the blue-topped side thrusters (instead of the front), the twin gold cannons below the thrusters are aiming forward all the time, it's missing its large under-cannon, it has no under-wheels, and apparently never flips the thrusters & sprout wings in order to fly. Anyway, the TF Eagle gently lands, its back "wheel/tail"'s orange spots glowing to signify the source of its hovering flight. The class dome over the cockpit opens, allowing the Quantum Ranger to hop up onto the jet, and climb right in to the single-occupancy cockpit. Wes screams in protest, "Eric! WAIT!" Quantum Ranger ignores him, more focused on pulling back the control throttle situated between his legs. A female computer voice, different than the robotic one from the Quantum Morpher (awfully similar to the one which activates the Time Gate in the future, or even the one at Mystery Man's console!), announces from the colorful dashboard, "Charging Turbines for time travel!" The TF Eagle slowly lifts-off, kicking up a rapid gust of wind across the rooftop. Wes' demands of "DON'T do it!" are drowned out by the sound of the TF Eagle's engines. The jet zooms past the five Time Force Officers, causing them to duck down to avoid contact with the flying machine. The TF Eagle stalls just off the side of the building, hovering in place, as the computer voice states, "Adjusting Power... 3... 2... 1..." Quantum Ranger glances out of the cockpit window, as he prepares to depart. Wes makes a mad dash towards the TF Eagle, leaping freely off the side of the roof, and yelling, "Time For Time Force!" in midair. His teammates shout his name in protest, but he's too far gone. Wes' body gleams multicolors as he quickly passes through the red digital data tunnel while flipping through the air. The Red Time Force Ranger lands on the thruster-wing right beside the cockpit window, clutching tightly against the frame. Quantum Ranger notices him and asks, "What're you DOING, Wes!?" The Red Ranger tells him, "I'm comin' with you!" Jen cries out, "Wes, NO!", as she and her fellow teammates from the future helplessly witness the TF Eagle soaring upwards at the increasingly decreasing Time Hole. Wes barely manages to hold on, as the TF Eagle aims for dead center of the nearly closed bluish-portal, passing through it in a flash of white.

Inside of the Time Hole, a warping river of green, purple, and blue energy surrounds the throat of the tunnel. Rings of white pass audibly over the TF Eagle, which struggles to maintain balance against the surging timestream. Red Ranger keeps his grip on the side of the jet just barely, his body hanging in the air like a limp rag blowing in the wind. Quantum Ranger pays him no mind, concentrating more on piloting the TF Eagle through the Time Hole vortex. Wes screams loudly as he holds on for dear life, until another flash of white envelopes them with a vapid noise. Sometime later, in the prehistoric jungles, Wes slowly awakens, lying flat on his back. He's demorphed, and a bit disoriented from the experience. His eyes open, and witness a single pterodactyl circling around the palm tree tops above. Its screeching and buzzard-like behavior startles Wes, inspiring him to instantly sit up in a panic. He gulps and breathes deeply, gradually looking at his tropical plantlife surroundings. Wes wonders in a near whispers, "WHERE am I?!" Just behind him, the also-demorphed Eric steps up, installing a fresh silver clip into his Silver Guardian Blaster. He answers his reluctant companion's request, estimating, "My guess is... we went BACK about 150 Million Years!" (give or take a few million, judging by the animal life and other factors) Eric slips his Blaster back in the holster, and walks off. Wes gets up off the ground, and follows through the mist-laden jungle. Eric approaches the TF Eagle, parked in a small clearing, and begins to adjust one of the side thrusters. Wes pauses in his tracks, when he hears deep grunting sounds coming from off in the bushes. He slowly turns and looks at the source of the noise, watching stunned as he sees a large brown triceratops calmly munching on some leaves! It blinks with its tiny eyes, and seems to smile as it opens its mouth and wags its tongue. Right beside it, is a tall yellow, umm... Pachycephalosaurs or whatever (one of those two-legged guys with the boney domed skull), also eating a few plants. Its gentle snorting is suddenly interrupted, by loud, booming footsteps in the opposite direction. Wes turns his head, and sees a mighty Stegosaurus stomping through the jungle. A pair of slightly oversized mosquito zips past it, rounding out the supporting cast of circa-Jurassic Era creatures.

By the TF Eagle, Eric finishes checking the structure stability of the thruster, when he notices Wes' wide-eyed bewilderment. He shakes his head in dismay, and heads over to his former classmate to snap him out of his enjoyment of this trip to the set of "The Land Of The Lost". Eric slaps Wes on the shoulder, taking the distracted teen by surprise, and stating, "That was STUPID! You shouldn't have followed me here." Wes argues, "You're NOT the only one after the Q-Rex. Ransik's mutant is here to get him, too. And if he GETS him, he will use the Zord and destroy ANYTHING he WANTS!" Eric boasts egofully, "That's not gonna happen, because I'M gonna get the Q-Rex. Not some mutant!" He grabs Wes by the collar, pulls him close and stresses, "And I DON'T need your help!" Eric shoves Wes away, knocking him to the ground. Wes lands on his stomach, and groans for a moment, before he notices something near his landing spot. He crawls over to it, discovering its a small nest of dino-eggs! A couple of the green baby dinos are beginning to hatch, making puppy-like cooing as they crawl from the slime. Wes smiles warmly at the miracle of life, which segues into a signal of death for those low on the food chain. The ground begins to quake, and a distance rumbling is heard. Birds in the trees caw loudly as they flutter out of the area in a hurry, other animals apparently doing the same. Wes stands up and starts looking around, searching for a cause. Eric is equally confused, but quiets Wes when he calls out to him. The Silver Guardian listens carefully, slowly looking up towards a line of trees just off to the side. The tall bushes are being disturbed by something large, which quickly makes its presence known. It's a tall, green, and ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex! (or Allosaurus, or whatever fits the time period for PR. I'm no dino expert!) It growls intensely when it senses the two fleshy humans near the next (likely belonging to it). Wes & Eric stand together, both shocked senselessly at the sight of a snarling T-Rex heading in their direction! Eric gets Wes moving, ordering him with quick reflexes, "Let's GO!"

The two time-displaced rival Rangers race into the jungles, prompting the Tyrannosaurus to follow as fast as its lumbering hind legs can take it. There's lots of mighty roaring and growling from the dinosaur, and lots of frightened shouting from Wes. T-Rex tears through the walls of plantlife like paper, also digging up the soil beneath its feet while it runs. Wes & Eric, despite their differences and dislikes for one another, help each other out considerably. As they charge through the lush abundance of branches filling their every turn, whenever one will begin to stagger or slow down, the other will, without hesitation, reach out and drag the lagging man along until he recovers his footing. This works both ways, aiding the sheer adrenaline rush coming from having a snarling and wailing 20-ft. creature on their tail. The leaf-beating marathon goes on and on, Wes & Eric barely staying ahead of the Tyrannosaurus. The two reach a mass of bushes & trees, blocking their progression. Frantically, they comb through the foliage, searching for a way through. The T-Rex marches at them, aiming his gaping jaw full of fanged teeth downward to catch a bite. Wes & Eric each leap off to a different side, narrowly avoid becoming a modern stone age happy meal. Eric lands perfectly in a small clearing, and turns to see Wes getting flung into the air by the Tyrannosaurus' snout. His body slams against a pair of palm trees, and falls in a limp heap on the ground. The T-Rex growls directly at Eric, before sharply headbutting him off into the air, similarly to what he did to Wes. Eric lands harshly against the dirt, losing his CGD hat & headset on the way down. He remains frozen on his back, grumbling slightly in bruised pain, as he defenselessly watches the Tyrannosaurus lean in and begin to sniff its prey. Strings of saliva flow between the T-Rex's large teeth, shown prominently during its jaw lifting inspection of the strange meaty creature. Eric sweats bullets, facing the massive dinosaur as it lets loose a deep, throaty grunt. It toys with Eric, snapping its jaw a few times tauntingly, causing the human to stir nervously. T-Rex snorts viciously, sending a few spurts of nasty breath at Eric, causing him to cover his face and be knocked onto his back again. Eric stares his fate in the face without any visible emotion, until the Tyrannosaurus quickly lowers his head towards him, and belts out a bloodcurdling roar! This gets a response from the Silver Guardian, as he covers his head and kicks his feet in protest, crying out in terror with a realization that his life's over.

Suddenly, Wes leaps in from the side, snatching Eric up swiftly and rolling both of them to safety, just a split-second before the T-Rex chomps into the spot Eric had been at. The weary Wes recovers from the roll, and urges, "Get up! C'mon, let's GO!", helping the brown-trousered (from all the dirt, not from crapping himself... I think) Eric onto his feet. Tyrannosaurus' growling grows more frustrated, as he's forced to follow the two humans into the jungle for another lengthy trek. Due to a glitch in time, Eric's hat & headset suddenly reappear on his head during the racing through the bushes! This is corrected the moment he & Wes reach a wide open space, and the running Eric nearly falls off the side of a cliff! He stares down into oblivion, but thanks to a combination of Wes pulling him back, and his well-oiled leg-breaks, Eric fails to take a dive. They both take a look at the drop, but breathlessly have bigger concerns stomping their way. The duo turn around and see the T-Rex fast approaching. The large green dino knocks a palm tree down causally, while whipping his body around and tossing his thick tail towards the dead-ended humans. Wes reacts quickly, pushing Eric off to the side and yelling, "GO!" He's unable to get himself out of the way, though, and is struck by the T-Rex tail suddenly, sending him flying over the rock-jagged cliff. The Tyrannosaurus Rex seems pleased, wiggling his tail in success. Eric screams off the side of the edge, "WES!", as he helplessly witnesses his reluctant partner plummeting to his doom. Wes cries "Ahhh!" the whole time, his body doing flips while falling. Several rock shards accompany him down the side of the mountain, all heading towards an endless sea of green trees, apparently quite far below. This is death-dropping mayhem on a Mirinoi scale!


The end of the last scene is reprised, as Eric screams, "Wes!", and Wes' flipping cliff diving drop are replayed. Eric doesn't get time to mourn for his former classmate, as the Tyrannosaurus Rex makes his presence felt by stomping his large tri-clawed foot down. The T-Rex bites into the air and snarls, wagging his tail around and towering over the lone human intimidatingly. Eric appears to consider jumping off himself, but luckily spots a small cave in the rock wall just behind the T-Rex (the "Cave Of Orion" from PRLG, among others). He takes a leap of faith, and decides to make a dash for the cave! Eric rushes underneath the lumpy-skinned dinosaur, and makes a jump for it. The Tyrannosaurus' tail lashes around at him, but he manages to remain in midair and avoid it. Eric slams into the ground, unharmed for the moment. He turns around in time to see the T-Rex also turning around, and becoming quite fed up with this meal-chase. Eric crawls backwards toward the cave in a panic, hopping back onto his feet and getting into the narrow opening at the last second. The T-Rex sticks his huge head inside the hole, but finds himself unable to fit enough of his noggin into the cave to bite Eric. It doesn't stop him from trying, filling the cave with his angry roaring, as he turns his head sidewards and sticks it in. Eric is backed up against the wall, kicking his feet up in protest again. His terrified grunting and kicking wins out, as the T-Rex slowly removes his head from the cave. Eric breathes rapidly in relief, anxiously awaiting the next attack. It never comes. Instead, the Tyrannosaurus Rex lifts its head into the air, and lets out a loud, defeated howl. The foiled dinosaur stomps off, likely back to its nest. Eric continues inhaling and exhaling deeply, and once the booming footsteps get far enough away, he begins to stand up. He presses his hand against the side of the small cave, causing a pile of rocks to suddenly fall apart, revealing a much larger and darker cave behind it. Eric peeks into it, and appearing as though he'd better not tempt fate by going outside again too soon, he crawls through the tiny opening into the rest of the cave.

Eric's climb into the hole leads to a sudden drop, causing him yet more bruising. He quickly recovers, and yanks the small flashlight off his chest, flicking it on and aiming it into the darkness. Eric also pulls out his SG Blaster, which he probably would've done sooner had he the time. He slowly flanks through the cave, stepping his boots into a mud puddle, formed from a drip in the roof. Eric passes by multiple stalagmites, heading toward an eerie crimson glow in the far side of the cave. He accidentally knocks over a small rock, causing him to aim his Blaster & flashlight at it in paranoia. Eric pants constantly, swiftly scoping out as much of the cave as his small light can shine on. This eventually leads him to running the light along a thick set of boulders nearby. These aren't just any boulders, but walls of ancient drawings! Eric intriguedly checks out the crude pictures of dinosaurs, likely drawn by whatever primitive lifeforms existed on PR Earth around that time. The pictures look quite old for even then, so you have to wonder just when they were drawn. One boulder has a T-Rex, while a second boulder features an active volcano. He follows the pictures, towards the far right, finding a familiar sight. Eric puts his hand to the drawing of the silver, red, and black dinosaur, remarking with a smirk, "The Quantasaurus Rex!" It seems that this cave is the same one the archeologists dug up in the previous episode! Thankfully, he fails to dig around for the Quantum Controller Box, and thus, spares us a possible paradox. Instead, he moves the light across the wall, finding the active volcano picture right next to it. Eric puts his hand to the drawing, and remarks, "THAT'S it. The volcano... So, THAT'S where it's at!" He's pretty good at reading ancient cave drawings, for a guy who quit school! Oddly though, that strange crimson glow at the back of the cave is never explained, but is just likely some molten lava or something.

Far below, over the side of the cliff, Wes is lying on his stomach. He's lying on crushed leaves, meaning the sheer amount of plantlife covering the area is likely to blame for his lack of going splat. Either that, or his morphed quickly, and demorphed when he struck the ground. Whichever you believe, Wes is unconscious for a short while. He begins to awaken, shaking his head dazily from the shock of the drop. He clutches his left arm and groans, having bruised it in the fall. Wes barely manages to get himself back on his feet, moaning in agony from the pain of his arm, as he looks upwards to see the mountainside he fell off of. It doesn't look all that far a fall when looking up, compared to looking down, really. He shrugs it off, and staggers through the surrounding jungle. Wes' face is all scratched up, and covered with all kinds of smudges. He follows a trail of stamped-down plants, toward the most vivid location in the area. That being, the active volcano in the distance. Why he's heading towards the tall erupting peak of the volcano is anyone's guess, but his brain is probably rattled from the abuse he's incurred today. Elsewhile, back in the present day, at the Clock Tower in Silver Hills, the four Time Force Officers are eagerly working on pinpointing where in history that Time Hole lead to. They sit around the Holoscreen, along with Circuit, as Trip presses a few of the buttons on the bluish control board. Images of various historical items flash past: a space shuttle taking off, an observatory, Albert Einstein, an early airplane, Mount Rushmore, and far too many more on three displays than the naked eye can see. Circuit notes, "We've scanned 4,000 millennia. Not a trace!" Trip pauses, and turns to Jen, who orders, "Keep looking." He nods & turns back to the Holoscreen, and continues pressing buttons as images flicker across it. Katie takes her hands off Trip's shoulders, and moves them over to Lucas' coat, grabbing tightly and demanding to know, "What if we can't find them?!" Lucas calmly replies, "Then we'd better hope they can find their way back." Jen looks back, her face expressing subtle dread for Wes.

Roughly 150, 000, 000 years ago, Wes is wandering through the lush jungles by his lonesome. The exotic noises from nearby animals fill the air, as he searches for signs of intelligent life. His injuries from the recent fall seem to have subsided, since he's using both of his arms now to push aside various branches. Suddenly, Wes steps onto the edge of deep hole, slipping into the ditch when the dirt crumbles beneath his heel. He falls flat on his ass, landing sharply in the nearly six-foot hole. Wes exhales deeply, having sustained yet another bruise to his already fragile form. He begins to look around, realizing the wide hole he's in isn't something natural. A bird's eye view of the hole reveals it to be a massive footprint, with three block-like toes! Wes dusts himself off, and gets up. He crawls out of the hole between shots, and continues walking through the prehistoric jungles. His journey gets a similar interruption to earlier, when the sound of thundering footsteps begin to echo toward him. The difference this time, is that the footsteps shake the ground like an Earthquake! Wes is knocked off his feet by this massive stomping, and the animals in the vicinity squeal loudly, also disturbed by this event. He rolls over, and sees a tall, metal Tyrannosaurus Rex towering above! Wes widens his eyes, as the strange, oversized creature roars mightily, ripping apart every tree in his way during a major tantrum. His height is hinted in scale, as he's still a bit away from Wes, yet casts a full shadow over his body! The metal dinosaur roars some more, but its actual features are masked by the cloud of dust & dirt it's just kicked up.


Wes looks up at the shadow-casting creature, stunned. The strange metal dinosaur casually lifts its leg, and prepares to step down, not noticing the human beneath its heel. Wes quickly gets up and races away, just as the giant steel foot, the same size and shape as the one which made that hole earlier, slams down. He doesn't get too far away from it, since the updraft the foot causes sends Wes flying into the air. He drops onto the ground, and returns to staring wide-eyed at the creature while lying on his belly. The dinosaur lifts its foot out of the dirt, leaving now major print, since the soil seems quite loose under its incredible weight. Wes quickly stands up and follows it, realizing he's found what he's been looking for... the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord! The Q-Rex walks slowly over to a large cave opening, which is just a little bigger than it. We see it fully for the first time, a giant silver robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex, with red colored areas on its body (most notably under its chin). It also has large yellow eyes, and a black-edged V-shaped forehead. Not to mention huge red & silver cannons over its shoulders! The creatures walks slumped over, roaring continuously through its metal-fanged jaw. Since landing in this time period, the apparently sentient machine has gone native, likely fitting right in with the other dinosaurs. Wes isn't the only one to have spotted the mighty dino Zord, as Commandocon comes out of the bushes, and exclaims, "The Quantasaurus REX! I've FOUND it!" The Q-Rex drags its red-tipped, silver-finned tail into its massive cave homestead, probably located on the side of the volcano. Commandocon claims, "You're all MINE now!" From out of nowhere, Wes tosses a jump kick into the full-metal mutant, blind-siding him. Wes, despite his weariness, lands perfectly, and proclaims, "Think again!" Commandocon recovers, and boasts, "VERY funny. You CAN'T stop ME!" Wes wagers, "Wanna bet?!" He motions his arms, and summons, "Time FOR Time Force!" His full Morphing sequence plays for the first time in a while, replacing his incredibly dirty civilian clothes with his DNA-enhanced Red Time Force Ranger costume!

The Red TF Ranger stands reinvigorated, holding both of his Chrono-Sabers, one in each hand. He charges at Commandocon with a mighty "yah!", prompting the mutant to gladly do the same. Fighting directly in front of the bloated cave opening, Red Ranger & Commandocon battle Sabers-to-staff. Wes slashes his blades into the mighty spear-staff, creating bursts of sparks, but unable to strike the mutant. Even a few kicks and a flip overhead prove futile, as the Red Ranger seems to have been run ragged throughout the day. He drops his Sabers during the scuffle, and ends up being viciously choked by Commandocon's spear-staff. Wes struggles with all his might to break free from the hold, as the mutant gloats, "You CAN'T beat me! You might as well give up!" The Red Ranger proclaims, "I'm a POWER Ranger! I NEVER give up!" Commandocon releases Wes from the choking position, and uses his spear-staff to slash the Ranger across the chest! Sparks erupt, as Red Ranger spins in the air and drops to the floor in a flashfried heap. Wes looks over at the mutant, as he boasts, "Uhahaheheha! As I was saying, the Quantasaurus Rex is MINE! ALL MINE! Hahahaha!" Red Ranger can barely move, but extends his arms out, crying in protest, "No! STOP!" Commandocon ignores him, chuckling maniacally on his way into the cave. Wes drops his arms, and his whole upper body, as he lets out a final groan, and passes out from the battle trauma. Within the cave, Quantasaurus Rex is slapping his... err, its tail against the ground. Hey, let's use both "he" and "its" for the genderless machine! It growls and roars, using Dragonzord sound effects and other bestial noises, as a mist starts filling the room. Commandocon enters the cavern, and finding the Zord going through an odd tantrum, he bids, "Hello, my gigantic friend! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Commandocon, your new master! Hold still for JUST one moment, and you'll be under my CONTROL!" The mutant presses a few buttons under the control-stick section of his staff, causing a green-tinted ball of white light to materialize and zap at the Q-Rex. The ball of light strikes Quantasaurus between the eyes, flashing brightly as it enters his skull, and causes him to snarl nasally. Commandocon merely remarks, "From now on, you will obey me, and ONLY me!" Q-Rex suddenly goes into an even more violent fit of rage, whipping his arms around as a surge of bluish electricity covers his body! The mutant cackles sadistically, aiming his spear-staff at the enslaved Zord as it growls and roars ferociously.

Outside, the Red TF Ranger wakes up, and groggily grunts, "Gotta... stop him... !" Wes staggers onto his feet, makes short groan strides while walking as fast he can towards the cave. He doesn't get far, before a bolt of scarlet-colored energy bursts past him, striking the rocky wall to the side. Red Ranger stops and turns to see the Quantum Defender being aimed at him! Wes gasps, "ER-IC?!" The Quantum Ranger, fully morphed, points his Q-Defender blaster at his former ally, and demands, "Just hold it RIGHT there." He brings up his other hand, and braces it against the Q-Rex head-designed Quantum Defender, while wondering casually, "Tell me... where do you think YOU'RE going?!" Red Ranger explains urgently, "That mutant's in there! I GOTTA stop him before he gets to the Quantasaurus Rex!" Quantum Ranger informs him, "You're not going ANYWHERE! Q-Rex is MINE!" Wes gets moving, heading to the cave again, and telling Eric, "Listen, he's gonna be RANSIK'S if we don't get in there and... AHH!" Suddenly, a burst of sparks strike at the Red Ranger's boots, halting his progress. Through the smoke, Wes stares back at Eric, asking, "What're you DOING?!" He turns just in time to see the Quantum Ranger racing at him, with his Q-Defender in Blade Mode aimed outward! Wes jumps aback and narrowly avoids getting stabbed by the saber, quickly chopping it away from his body and spinning around out of harm's way. The two red-colored Rangers of a different shade immediately face off against one another. Quantum Ranger slashes and parries his Q-D Blade at the Red Ranger. Though Wes manages to knock the blade away a few times and return with a couple of kicks, Eric soon takes him by surprise and gives his fellow Ranger a sparking slice to the stomach!

Out in the woods, Commandocon has somehow gotten out of the cave without being noticed. He aims his spear-staff into the air, and commands, "Quantasaurus Rex, RISE UP!" The mutant jiggles the purple control knob on his staff, apparently sending a signal to the implant in the Q-Rex's head. The dino Zord has its own back exit out of the cave, as it bursts through the ground, sending debris flying throughout the jungle forest. Q-Rex roars throatily, shaking his head from side to side as he rises from within the dirt. Nearby, the Red & Quantum Rangers continue sparring. Soon, Wes' blocking of the saber swipes allows Eric to grab his right arm and grasp it tightly. Red Ranger drops to his knees in pain, allowing Quantum Ranger to slash his Quantum Defender down... to Blaster mode again, aiming point-blankly at Wes' helmet. Eric gives a diabolical chuckle, proving all of this power is really going to his head already. Meanwhile, Commandocon lives up to his name as he jiggles the control-stick on his staff, saying, "I COMMAND you, Q-Rex!" Instantly, this engages the Time Warper, reopening the multiblue portal in the sky. A gust of wind begins to blow the mutant back, and he orders, "INTO the Time Hole!" Quantasaurus grumbles, and does as ordered, changing directions and marching towards the vortex. He actually gets up quite a bit of speed for such a large silver & red robot, running with a rapid pace. Commandocon looks at his spear-staff, and as his body transforms into a glowing red surge of teleportational energy, he remarks, "Let's see what destruction you can cause in the FUTURE!" Q-Rex keeps running, until his body begins to gleam bright blue. He transforms into a streak of light, zooming upwards into the Time Hole portal above! Commandocon's red-energy form also follows, flying through the vortex right behind him. Within the vicinity, Quantum Ranger turns from his upperhanded position of aiming his blaster at his rival's head, and spots the portal, gasping, "Oh, no! It's the Time Hole!" Eric shoves Wes aside, and rushes after it. Red Ranger recovers from this drop to the ground quickest of all, getting up and chasing Quantum into the jungle, yelling, "Eric! Wait!"

Not only is the Time Hole slowly shrinking in size, but the nearby volcano is starting to erupt more actively than ever. We see footage of molten lava flowing freely, causing the landscape around the volcano to begin to crackle and explode! The ground rips open, tearing along a fault line (with old stock Zyu footage), as the entire area becomes unsettled. Could this be the reason why there was a need for Q-Rex to be taken from the past, rather than searched for in the present? This volcanic natural disaster wiped it out? I think so. Red Ranger gets caught up in all the shake, rattle, and rolling, preventing him from continuing any further. Wes wobbles in place, as the ground in front of him begins to split apart, thanks to a deep crack forming right along the path between his legs! Quantum Ranger is quite a ways ahead, shouting into his Morpher, "TF EAGLE!" The white & black jet instantly swoops through the air, gliding into position and slowly hovering down, while the glass covering the cockpit slides off. Eric stops for a second to proclaims, "TIME to get out of here!" Wes is stuck elsewhere in the jungle, struggling to hold his balance as he stands before a huge smoking-hot chasm! Quantum Ranger hops into the TF Eagle's cockpit, and once sitting in the comfy black chair, looks over at his reluctant partner. Red Ranger screams, "ERIC! NO!", and Quantum Ranger replies with a smug salute, "SEE ya, Wes!" Wes watches helplessly, as the TF Eagle takes off, lifting up from the ground and flying away. A burst of smoke blasts Red Ranger in the face for a moment, before he calls out to the departing time craft, "Eric, WAIT! You CAN'T leave me HERRRE!" Wes gets no time to whine, when suddenly the entire ground around his feet starts to crumble apart. He's panickingly trapped on a small block of land, while the rest in the area begin to shatter into the lava flow underground. The volcano lets loose a huge blast of fire into the sky, signifying the molten turmoil raging within the Earth's crust. The Red Time Force Power Ranger staggers along the island-like patch of solid ground, until it too gives way, vaporized by the lava beneath. For a second time today, Wes plummets to his doom, screaming as he does multiple flips. This time, though, his destination is an endless river of primordial fire!


Red TF Ranger's uncontrollable dip into the lava pool is briefly replayed, in all its "Nooooo!" glory. Luckily, before he gets anywhere near the hellacious heat, the TF Eagle glides in, and allows the Quantum Ranger to reach out and grab Wes' hand! Wes grasps tightly, and gratefully acknowledges, "Eric, THANKS!" Eric reminds Wes of the several times today when he saved him from the Tyrannosaurus, by grumpily noting, "I SAVED your neck. Now we're EVEN!" He half-assedly helps Red Ranger up onto his thruster-wing seat like before. Quantum Ranger pulls back on the throttle stick, and the TF Eagle zip swiftly towards the rapidly diminishing Time Hole (now barely just a blue rippling blob of light). Wes stands up amid the rushing winds and braces himself against the cockpit glass, shouting, "HURRY! We've gotta get through!" Eric responds determinedly, "Hang on tight! We're gonna make it!" Indeed, as instantly the screen flashes white, and the TF Eagle is once again within the timestream. Red Ranger rides a little more securely this time, crouching upon the central structure as they pass through the Time Hole warpy-green vortex. In the present time, at the Clock Tower, an image of the exit end of the portal appears on the Holoscreen. Circuit points it out loudly, "The Time Hole is opening!" Lucas & Jen, then Trip & Katie, rush over to the hologram viewing screen, and witness this remark as fact. Jen anxiously orders, "Let's GO, Guys!", and the four hurry to the stairs. In downtown Silver Hills, a gust of wind stirs the trees in an unnatural breeze. The Time Hole in the sky begins to eject its largest passenger, the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord, which charges forward through the vortex, emitting a flicking energy shadow of itself as it does. In the woods, at the Prison Ship, Ransik and his mutant goons stand before their own Holoscreen, watching this phenomenon. He remarks, "Commandocon is returning with the Q-Rex. So... the future, will be ALL ours!" (that last shot is recycled footage from TF Ep #1, of Ransik standing with Nadira in the Prison, but with an added effect of light twinkling off Ransik's chrome-dome!)

Back in the city, the four Time Force Power Rangers have morphed between scenes, and reached a parking area overlooking the busy sky-based Time Hole. Pink Ranger looks up at the flashing image of the Quantasaurus Rex above, and urges, "C'mon, Wes!" The flickering energy shadow of the Q-Rex is finally caught up to by the Zord itself, causing him to materialize suddenly in midair. The four Ranger gasp, and rush up closer to the edge of the lot to see where it's landing. The tall Quantasaurus roars deeply, as it falls to the ground, stepping foot on cement for the first time in ages. On a nearby rooftop, Commandocon drops softly onto the oddly wet surface. He turns, aims his spear-staff, and gloats, "Now let's see what this DINO can DO!" The mutant starts to jiggle the control knob, inspiring the Q-Rex to scrap its left foot along the pavement like a bull readying to stampede. The savage Megazord charges forth, growling and grunting, as it causes explosions from buildings standing in its way. In the distance, Green Ranger joyously exclaims, "All RIGHT! The Quantasaurus REX!" Trip soon notices the damaging explosions the Q-Rex is causing just by going for a rapid stroll through main street, prompting him to gasp, "What's wrong with it? Oh no!" The four TF Rangers rush across the lot, and witness firsthand the destruction caused by Quantasaurus' mutant-controlled rampage! While Q-Rex's busy bashing its fists and tail into a set of very closely built high-rises, the sound of a jet swooping through the air gets the Rangers' attention. Jen happily notes, "Look! It's Wes! YES!" She and her team excitedly wave at the passing TF Eagle, with Trip remarking, "They made it back!" On the TF Eagle, Red Ranger crawls over to the cockpit window, taps the glass, saying loudly, "Hey, Eric!" The Quantum Ranger stops focusing on piloting and snaps, "What?!" Wes warmly states, "Thanks again. I KNEW you wouldn't let me down back there!" Eric confirms with a wise attitude, "No, but i'll let ya down right here! SEE YA!" Quantum Ranger salutes, and jerks the control throttle sharply to the side. Red Ranger, taken unawares, cries, "No!", as he falls off the side of the swiftly tilting TF Eagle. Trip shouts, "Wes!", Katie shouts, "Oh no!", and Jen orders, "C'mon!", as the four Rangers dart to their falling comrade's direction.

For a third time today, the Red Time Force Ranger plummets to his doom. This time, he falls near the side of a tall glass skyscraper (the same one from "Trakeena's Revenge"), screaming aloud as he flips through the air uncontrollably. You'd think by now he'd just fold his arms under his head and enjoy the ride! Meanwhile, the Quantasaurus Rex's large feet decimate a metal overpass, causing an explosion while he continues to crush tiny vehicles beneath his heels. The citizens of Silver Hills, oddly all dark-haired, run frantically through the debris-raining streets, screaming and shouting. The Q-Rex seems to echo their sentiments with a mighty roar, as he passes by a building, causing it to explode. He's about to attack a skyscraper taller than he is, when he apparently changes plans, and goes after a defenseless train parked on a rail! Q-Rex snatches the connected train-cars up, chomping down on the center one with his huge silver teeth. Notice, there's a golden crest atop his forehead, matching the strange tri-arrowed triangle on Quantum Ranger's belt buckle. Quantasaurus bites into the train, causing it to burst into flames inside his mouth. The fleeing populous continue to run for their entirely Asian lives. Q-Rex ditches the choo-choo meal between scenes, and spends a little time roaring and growling into the air. Around the bend, Quantum Ranger has the TF Eagle landed on the ground. He looks up at his intended Megazord, gasping, "The Q-Rex!", as he hops out of the cockpit. Eric heads off into the middle of the street, and stands facing the rampaging Zord as it scratches its claws against some buildings just down the road. Quantum Ranger lifts his left wrist, and demands into it, "Quantasaurus Rex! I order you to STOP! Right now!" Q-Rex doesn't hear a single word he says, as it roars and roars and does other grrrrrrrrr sounds. Eric's Quantum Morpher computer voice explains the problem, "Voice identification blocked!" Quantum Ranger frustratedly looks up at the savage robot, and remarks, "What?! Blocked!? I don't understand!" Q-Rex growls and slaps its fist sparkily against another building.

Elsewhere, the four Time Force Rangers finally find Red Ranger's landing spot. It's nowhere near that glass skyscraper from earlier! Wes lies, still morphed, on his stomach, clutching his pained tailbone as he grovels on the cement. Pink Ranger reaches him first, helping him stand and exclaiming, "Wes! You MADE it!" Red Ranger puts it lightly, as he replies, "Just barely." Green Ranger points out the Q-Rex's nearby explosive attack on a tall building, explaining, "Guys! The Quantasaurus is destroying the whole city! We have to DO something, right away!" The entire team of Rangers stare together at the rampaging Zord, with Wes asking at a loss for a plan, "Yeah, but WHAT?!" On a rooftop somewhere in Silver Hills (judging by how wet the floor is, probably the same one as Commandocon landed on), the four mutants of the apocalypse get a front row seat to the destruction. Ransik, Nadira, Frax, and Gluto all teleport in together (via their individual methods, which i've gone over before) and evilly watch the carnage occurring. Ransik proclaims with enthusiasm, "FINALLY! My reign... BEGINS!" The building I mentioned earlier that Quantasaurus was about to attack, but instead went after the trains? Well, he heads back to it, obviously no fan of phallic shaped structures. Q-Rex readies his clawed hand, brings it up for a swipe, and just before he can do the inevitable...

[To Be Continued...; Scenes from "Clash For Control, Part 2"; End Credits]

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