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Power Rangers Time Force
"Clash For Control, Pt 2"
Original Air Date:05/12/01 Based on:
Timeranger #30 - Todoke Honoo no Sakebi (Register Fire's Command) [Plus some stuff from #28 and #29]
*Season 9, byte 15
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1116
*16th episode of PRTF
*394th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Isaac Florentine
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Edward Laurence Albert _AS_ Mr. Collins
Additional Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Mystery Man (uncredited!)
Jerry Rector _AS_ Assistant
Michael D. Guerin _AS_ Guardian #1
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Dave Mallow _AS_ Commandocon (voice)


[Recap of "Clash For Control, Part 1".]

The giant Quantasaurus Rex stands in the center of a central street in the city of Silver Hills, scraping its (his/her, whatever, it's a sentient machine so all pronouns may apply) left foot along the pavement like a bull about to charge. Q-Rex stirs about, raising its rigid hands in the air as it lets loose an angry howl into the air. Somewhere below, the Quantum Ranger rushes through the debris-covered sidewalk, staring upwards at his destined Megazord, remarking, "I can't STOP it! The Q-Rex is out of control!" Quantasaurus growls and grumbles, as he begins to move swiftly down the empty road. Elsewhere, the five Time Force Power Rangers remain together, helplessly witnessing this. Green Ranger notes, "We NEED help!" Q-Rex slaps its fist against the side of a building, breaking the roof's edge, in footage we've seen before. Red Ranger concurs with Trip, shouting into his left-wristed Chrono-Morpher, "Right! Circuit! We need the Megazord!" At the Clock Tower, the robotic owl called Circuit relays, "You GOT it! Time Force Megazord, on-line!" Over at the stadium dome, the greenish warping time vortex pops open, and the five Time Flyers zoom out from the future once again. The Rangers are instantly in the cockpits, with Wes activating, "Time Force Megazord: Mode RED!" The Time Flyers come together into Mode Red Megazord formation. Atop a nearby building, the mutant controlling Q-Rex with his staff-spear, Commandocon, yells, "Destroy them! Destroy them ALL!" The Quantasaurus Rex obeys, by shuffling its feet along, and heading toward yet another cement overpass that barely comes up to his ankles. The Time Force Megazord in Mode Red faces the savage Zord with its Saber & Shield at the ready. But even those things fail to help, as Q-Rex growls, whips its tail around, and pounds Mode Red's green-gemmed chest. The five Rangers inside the Megazord Control Room are rocked about by this attack, with Red Ranger urging, "Hold on, guys!" Quantasaurus lunges at the dazed Megazord, chomping down on Mode Red's Saber-wielding arm with its mighty metal-toothed jaw! The tight hold Q-Rex has on Mode Red's right arm with its mouth lasts for a few moments, causing a flash of sparks as the Saber suddenly drops out of the Megazord's grip. Quantasaurus then grabs Mode Red and flings it into the air briefly, slamming it into the ground nearby, shaking the Rangers up again. Within the vicinity, Quantum Ranger stands watching the battle, and finally expressing remorse for his selfish acts as he gasps, "Oh, MAN. This is ALL my fault!"

[Opening Credits]

At some point in the year 3000 A.D., the footage of the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red facing the Quantasaurus Rex plays on a Hologram Imaging Screen in a dark room. Q-Rex bites into the blue Saber, growling as the blade sparks around its mouth. The person watching this display is none other than the white leather jumpsuited Mystery Man from previous shows. (Now, there's a good chance that him watching this Shadow Force footage is a mistake on the film editor's part, as he hasn't even sent the Time Shadow back in time to do this yet. They might have accidentally stuck this in, mistaking it for regular Mode Red footage. If not, if this was intentional, then it means Mystery Man's mastery of the timestream surpasses Time Force's, since he can see the outcome of what he's about to initiate BEFORE he does it! This could prove to be an interesting variable in future shows, or it could just be a one-time glitch.) Mystery Man grips his black leather gloves, tightening them up on his fist. He then turns away from the Holoscreen, and sets his shadowed attention on the large control console he's sitting at. The bigger screen above the console shows the Shadow Winger spinning around slowly on the Time Gate runway. Mystery Man begins pressing buttons with his black leathered fingers, causing a female computer voice to reply, "Time Shadow, prepared for launch." This voice is quite different than last time, as it sounds totally robotic! Mystery Man presses a few more buttons and keys on a keyboard, prompting the voice to state, "Systems activated. Launch in 3... 2... 1..." The dark haired mysterious man sits back and watches on the large screen, as the Trans-Warp Megazord swings its arm back, and sends the Shadow Winger zooming into the Time Gate. Shadow Winger flies through the green metallic "Jump Tube"-style portal, causing an eclipse of the sun in 2001. It drops out of the vortex in the sun's shadow, quickly rearranging its structure to form the humanoid-shaped Time Shadow Megazord! The eclipse dies off, and the appearance of the second Zord causes Quantasaurus to turn his attention toward this new arrival. In Mode Red's control room, Green Ranger exclaims joyously, "The TIME Shadow!" Pink Ranger adds, "Perfect timing! With both of us, I think we'll have enough power to BEAT that thing!" Q-Rex howls deeply, as the Time Shadow Megazord lands beside the Mode Red Time Force Megazord. Standing amid the battle weary skyline of the city, the two Megazords face off with the rogue Zord. Mode Red readies its Saber, Time Shadow readies its blue arm-blades, and Q-Rex howls once again, seemingly letting out a call of as much pain as fury. Quantum Ranger runs through the rubble-filled street, stopping suddenly when he looks up and wonders, "Whoa! What's THAT?!" Q-Rex growls angrily at the two Megazords standing in its way of lashing out at the city. Eric, who hasn't seen a Megazord battle up close onscreen before, implies he hasn't paid them much attention at all this series, as he remarks about the Time Shadow, "It's here to help destroy the Quantasaurus REX!" (why he said 'destroy' when they want to merely control it, is anyone's guess)

Inside the Mode Red Megazord control room, Red Ranger stands at his saber-grip controller (notice, his visor is damaged in this shot, ala "Worlds Apart"!), and patiently urges his teammates, "Hang tight, guys!" Time Shadow is suddenly in the air, diving down with its arms back, and bombarding the Quantasaurus Rex with a barrage of missiles! Q-Rex growls annoyedly, as explosions burst into a series of bright white flashes behind it. The continuing series of explosions soon engulf the Zord, blasting him with smoke and sparks, and causing him much pain. Time Shadow does that trick again, striking Q-Rex not directly, but indirectly by way of surrounding bursts filling the nearby construction area. The Time Shadow Megazord whips out its blue arm-blades again, and drops down with a surprise double-chop into Quantasaurus Rex body! This hits the savage Zord at a weak spot, leaving a large wiry & sparking gash on his right shoulder. As Q-Rex focuses on his own pain for the moment, Circuit informs our heroes, "He's injured, Rangers!" Red Ranger asks (in Shadow Force Megazord control room footage! Oops!), "What should we DO!?" Q-Rex recovers, and snarling aims his sights on those which inflicted the gaping wound. Circuit tells the Rangers, "You've GOT to keep fighting!" Quantasaurus Rex crouches down, aiming its twin back blaster-barrels at the Megazord. While growling, Q-Rex unleashes its Quantum Lasers, firing at Mode Red with a dangerous double-stream of crimson energy! This lasts for only a moment, shocking the Rangers within. Time Shadow walks over and stands in front of the weary Mode Red, wielding its arm-blades in defense. Quantasaurus Rex opens his big mouth, and fires off a massive burst of screaming yellow electricity at both Megazords! Time Force Megazord in Mode Red, and the Time Shadow Megazord, get bitten off more power than they can chew. Both are instantly enveloped in smoke, leading to the five Time Force Rangers being ejected from the Control Room, and dumped demorphed onto the ground! His wound sparking, the Q-Rex slowly staggers off, leaving the city like a dejected child's toy. The five TFs groan and begin to recover from their loss, rather slowly. Wes helps Jen up, Lucas helps Katie, and Trip helps himself (wearing a gold chain around his neck we've never seen before, and vanishes between shots!). Trip looks around at the skyline, finding no sign of Q-Rex and wondering, "W-where'd he GO!?" The other four also jerk their heads, quickly searching for Quantasaurus, but never finding it. Come to think of it, the Megazords are also missing, meaning Shadow Winger & the Time Flyers must have returned home to refuel or something between scenes. Commandocon holds his staff-spear in hand, remarking with glee, "Round 1 is MINE! Next comes the KNOCK-out!" He departs, and we never do get to see Ransik & Company's reaction to this fight, despite their appearance on the scene of battle last episode.

Soon, out in the thick forest surrounding the Silver Hills, the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord staggers into a cave. Not the same cave he had way back in 150 Million B.C., but just as nice and cozy. Q-Rex moans and howls, as his shoulder wound continues smoking exposed. The savage Zord gets as far into the cave as he can, before growling one last time, and collapsing on the dirty stone floor. Q-Rex writhes in agony, but is unable to lifts its own body up off the ground. It does manage to snap its tail up and down, kicking up a bit of dust. Quantasaurus Rex resigns himself to just lying there, groaning deeply, and taking a gentle nap. Meanwhile, at the Bio-Lab home office building in Silver Hills, Eric Myers meets with the man in charge, Mister Collins. He stands before the seated man, revealing to him the events of the past two episodes. Eric (who looks like he's changed into a clean SG uniform for the third time in as many shows) explains to Collins in the secluded office, "There's no one better qualified to lead to the Silver Guardians now that I am the Quantum Ranger." He taps the black & red Quantum Morpher on his wrist, having just revealed his new identity to his boss. Mr. Collins smirks, and replies, "I agree with you that the Silver Guardians should be lead by a Ranger... But not necessarily YOU." Eric squints his eyes at the elder, spurned unfairly by his former classmate's father for a third time in a row. Collins turns his black leather chair around, and faces the back wall with the Bio-Lab logo on it. He holds his hands upward, tapping his pressed-together fingers in contemplation, as he tells Eric, "No, I plan to have four MORE Time Force Rangers on my team. Rangers that CONTROL Megazords." Eric salutes his superior, then spins about face, returning his CGD hat to his head. He begins to walk away, but stops and asking, "And what if I get control of the Quantasaurus Rex?" Mr. Collins grins widely, and revolves his chair back around. He leans forward on his desk, and points out literally, "Well, now, that WOULD be impressive." Eric resumes walking, with an even more determined look on his face as he exits the room. Elsewhere in Silver Hills, at the Clock Tower, the five TF teens sit at the picnic table, and listen closely as the perching Circuit gives them the 411. Circuit explains, "Although the Q-Rex is injured, it ONLY needs a short time to heal its wounds. Its powers will be completely restored in just 2 hours. We've GOT to get the Quantum Morpher back!" (last ep's "scenes from next time" had some footage cut from this scene, where Trip says, "If I had the Quantum Morpher, I could bypass the blocking device!") At the cave, Quantasaurus Rex starts to stir. He slowly arises, growling & slapping his tail against the floor more and more violently. Suddenly, his yellow eyes begin to flash, as a glow of reddish energy begins to overtake his whole body! Q-Rex howls angrily, as this strange power washes over him, apparently repairing him in a blinding gleam!


Downtown Silver Hills, at the glass building which didn't really look like the Bio-Lab main HQ previously but now apparently is the same place or at least another location for Bio-Lab and the Silver Guardians' home office (run-on!), Wes sits in the lobby. He waits patiently, looking around the room, having been out of his father's business complex for quite some time. Various men and women in business suits pass by, and finally, Eric comes down the nearby stairway. Wes quickly stands up and stares at his rival, prompting the cocky Silver Guardian to give a smug smile as he remarks, "YOU'VE got a lot of nerve come here, after the disrespect you've shown your father." The two unmorphed Rangers get uncomfortably up in each other's faces, inspiring the blonde woman who was walking down the steps near Eric a few seconds earlier to gossip with the female receptionist. They smile and talk back & forth, keeping a close eye on Wes & Eric, though what exactly they're yakking about is unknown. Wes looks over at the women, as he tells Eric, "We need to talk... Not here." They exit the building, and head off quite a ways from the area, ending up in a run down steel yard, probably near the Storage Depot. Eric leads the way, so that's probably where they went, given his history with growing up in abandoned factory zones (or not). All that matters is it's secluded, allowing the two talk. Eric finds a nice open space, and asks Wes, "Now, what's so important?" Wes replies urgently, "The Q-Rex will be back any time now. You HAVE to give me back that Quantum Morpher!" Eric glances down at the stolen Morpher on his wrist, and asks, "If I can't control it, what makes you think that YOU can? You just don't want ME to be the Quantum Ranger." Wes honestly retorts, "That is NOT what this is all about!" Eric gloats, "It really BURNS you inside that I have as much power as you do. DOESn't it, Collins?" Wes doesn't say a word, merely blinking slightly and look away from his former classmate, his expression confirming the question. Eric gazes out on the city, commenting, "Well... pretty soon I'LL be the leader of the whole Time Force Rangers." Wes scoffs in disbelief, "You?! Lead the Power Rangers?! What are you talking about?" Eric looks at him with a boasted hint of heavily sarcastic surprise, saying, "Oh... you didn't know!" He smiles, having found a revelation worth rubbing in his former acquaintance's face (does Eric ever take that damned headset off?!).

At the Clock Tower, down in the dusty Nick Of Time Odd Jobs office, the four TF Officers from the future gather around the workbench. Katie lays out a map of Silver Hills, and Jen starts pinpointing strategic locations, while stating, "Look, the Q-Rex landed right here. So if we go to Scan Mode..." Suddenly, there's a soft knocking at the wooden front door. The four turn around, and witness two men welcoming themselves in. The one in front is Mr. Collins, who strolls in, hands in pockets, and smug smile on face. The other is Collins' assistant, a middle-aged man with black hair in a business suit. The four TFs are stunned speechless, until Jen finally speaks up, "Mister Collins! I'm... sorry, but Wes isn't here!" Collins admits, "I'm not here to see Wes." He looks around, and remarks, "This place looks familiar to me!" The assistant reminds him, "You own it, sir." Collins gasps corrected, "Ahh!", before stepping forward and re-pocketing his hands as he says, "No, actually, I have a BUSINESS proposition for you." Jen looks to Katie, both anxiously worried. Mr. Collins reveals with self-serving joy, "I want to HIRE you." Jen responds with disbelief, "HIRE us?!" She glances around, seeing that Trip, Lucas, and Katie are all equally speechlessly agape with shock. Back at the rusty pipe yard, Eric walks towards the stunned Wes, telling him about his papa Collins' plan, "He's gonna HIRE your friends to join ME and the Silver Guardians. I'LL be their new leader." Instantly, a flashforward to an imaginary universe appears, as we see the Quantum Ranger shouting, "Time Force!" He stands, holding his Quantum Defender, in line with the other four Time Force Rangers. They pose behind him, obeying this replacement Red Ranger of a different shade. Also there, are roughly 6 Silver Guardians, though apparently acting mostly as back-up.

The flashforward ends, as Wes bursts out laughing! He responds to Eric's taunts with an offended attitude, "Ahh... You MUST be joking. Because they would NEVER work for my dad." Eric walks off, reminding him confidently, "Don't be so sure, Wes. They want ONE thing, and that's to capture Ransik. With your dad's money and technology, they'll DO it... a LOT faster." He pauses, and turns back to face the increasingly red with rage Red Ranger, noting, "They'd be FOOLS to pass up the offer." The words strike Wes to the core, as a part of him remembers how the TFs only picked him to be the Red Ranger because they had no other choice. Eric gets the last laugh, gloating, "Hahahaha. You never THOUGHT about it, did ya? You only think about YOURSELF, Wes! Typical, spoiled rich kid. Truth is... your friends are better off without you." The Silver Guardian walks over to a stray crate, and leans back against it, feeling like he's on top of old smokey or something. Wes denies his urges to pound Eric's head in over this, by looking away from the egotistical jerk. He shrugs the speech off as best he can, and refocuses on his original goal of trying to settle things peacefully, by reiterating, "I CAME here... for the Morpher." Eric ceases relaxing, stands tall, and holds his Morphered left arm up, stating, "You wanna save the city? You're gonna have to TAKE it from me." Wes is more than ready to release some steam, as he sternly replies, "If that's the way it has to be." Immediately, the two rivals race towards one another. Eric screams into his Quantum Morpher, "Quantum Power!" A flash of golden light from the Morpher, coupled with a brief burst of flames around him, leads into his morphing into Quantum Ranger, while never ceasing running. Wes grabs his Chrono-Morpher on his left wrist, and shouts at the top of his lungs, "Time For Time Force!" In a burst of red energy, he morphs into the Red TF Ranger, also never missing a step. They meet up in between, with Red Ranger throwing the first kick high into the air on his way by Quantum. Eric ducks down, and pops back up, as Wes tosses a few punches at him. Quantum Ranger blocks the blows, and returns with one of his own, leading to both of them with their arms locked together. Red & Quantum Rangers break off, and prepare to continue the battle.

If this footage of Commandocon in the forest, summoning the Quantasaurus Rex seems familiar, it's because it was used already last episode. Anyway, Commandocon walks through the woods, readies his staff-spear, and remarks, "Alright, Sleepyhead! Naptime's over, let's run some tests!" He jiggles the purple control knob on his staff, and commands, "Quantasaurus, ARISE!" The tail of the mighty metal beast rips out of the dirt, slashing through branches. Q-Rex's head pokes out of the ground next, with a prominently flash spot above his nose (where the control device is located). He crawls out of his hole, growls loudly, and shakes a cloud of debris & dirt off his massive body. After Q-Rex's wake-up howl ceases, Commandocon braves the bursts of dust and orders with his spear held high, "Good! Now move THIS way!" Q-Rex apparently does so, following the mutant's motions and staggering in the direction of the city. Commandocon struggles with his staff control, and cries out, "Hey! Slow down! W-wait for ME!" The Quantasaurus Rex Megazord gets up a brisk pace, racing across the forest very swiftly as it snarls. Commandocon looks at his spear-staff, and figures, "I'd better catch up with him. THIS I can't MISS! Huhuhehahahaw!" Q-Rex keeps on truckin' like a runaway logging rig. Back in the city, the battle of the Power Preppies rages on. Quantum Ranger rolls along the ground, before recovering and leaping up into the air. He holds his arm out for a chop, but gets it snatched suddenly by Red Ranger, who anticipates the move and brings Eric down to the ground harshly. While down, Eric whips his foot up and kicks Wes in the head, knocking him away long enough to get back up. Quantum Ranger rips into Red with a couple of sharp kicks. In an odd move, the footage cuts in the middle of one of Eric's kicks to the middle of one of Wes' kicks in an American shot. This cuts off after Quantum & Red both kick each other's feet in midair at the same time. Anyhoo, the Quantum & Red Rangers each pull back their right arms, preparing their fists for powerful punches. They both strike at once, hitting the other's chest with explosive sparking results. Both Rangers are flung across the lot by the force of their simultaneous blows, landing in weary heaps at opposite sides. Eric & Wes groan out loud, their morphed spandexes still smoking. Slowly, the bruised warriors rise back to their feet, getting into fighting stances again. Wes attempts diplomacy once more, stressing, "Eric, listen... we DON'T have much time left!" Eric turns the tables by replying, "You mean, YOU don't!" Red Ranger tries to correct his flawed viewpoint, "It's NOT about ME, Eric!" Quantum Ranger, chip firmly planted on shoulder, states, "It's ALWAYS been about you." Wes underscores priorities, by saying, "The Q-Rex is gonna destroy the CITY!"

Speak of the Devil Dinosaur, the echoing growls of the Quantasaurus Rex gets the two combatants attention. Q-Rex races down the street like the oversized robotic-reptilian that it is. Wes restates his original argument, "You've GOT to give me that Quantum Morpher. Right NOW!" Eric replies in mere actions, by pulling out his Quantum Defender, and firing it at the Red Ranger. The ground around him erupts into a sea of sparks, taking Wes down while screaming in agony. He lies there in pain, as Eric comes towards him, aiming his Q-Defender at the helpless Ranger, and demanding, "Stay out of my way, Wes. I can handle the Quantasaurus Rex." Wes weakly warns him, "No, you CAN'T!", and Eric bids, "Just WATCH!" Quantum Ranger rushes off to put his money where his mouth is, leaving Red Ranger behind and shouting, "ER-IC!" He finally gets up, and follows, albeit a little staggeredly. Q-Rex sprints through the city of Silver Hills, explosively taking out that cement walkway overpass yet again, after having spared its life earlier. He then dashes past a few buildings, flaying his arms out and causing bursts in his rampaging wake. In the area around the chaos, the two black Silver Guardian SUVs pull up to the scene of a panicking crowd. The numerous troops pile out of the trucks, and fall into attention before their newest Commander, "Guardian #1" (or as I like to call him, Uno). The man in the red beret informs the squad, "This is one of our client's buildings. Make sure everyone gets out safely." The SGs salute, and reply, "Yes, SIR!" Uno salutes in kind, and the navy blue uniformed mercenaries spread out to do the task they were paid to do. Meanwhile, Quantasaurus Rex focuses on trashing two specific buildings. He stands there explosively bashing his fists against the twin structures, as a flood of citizens flee the scene. Debris flies everywhere, while Q-Rex roars with tantric rage amid the burning rubble. The inhabitants of the city run for their lives despite the rainstorm of edifice-chunks. Quantasaurus swings his tail around, and smashes a medium-sized blue building into smithereens. On a nearby rooftop, Commandocon cheers, "GREAT work! Here's MORE juice!" He adjusts the knob on his staff-spear, sending a jolt of bluish electricity surging through Q-Rex's body! It emanates from the control device in his head, taming him with a burst of power. Q-Rex must obey, even though his howls of pain display signs of protest.


Quantum Ranger runs through the city, with the Red Time Force Ranger on his tail, crying out, "Eric! WAIT!" Coming from the opposite direction, past the smoking debris, are the other four Time Force Rangers. Pink Ranger sees the oncoming two, and notes to her team, "He's HERE!" Eric rushes towards them, wagering all went well with Collins, as he boasts, "They're MY Rangers now!" Wes stop in his tracks, defeatedly gasping, "No...!" Quantum Ranger and the four TFs meet up, as Eric orders, "Alright! Fall in line!" They ignore him, running past him and joining Red Ranger's side instead. Jen happily states to him, "Wes! You're finally here!" Trip agrees, "Y-yeah are we GLAD to see YOU!" Quantum Ranger turns around, realizing he's been spurned. Eric remarks to the four, "I don't know why you guys are so happy to see HIM. He's NOT on your team anymore!" Pink Ranger quips, "That shows how much YOU know." Green Ranger adds, "Yeah! We told Mr. Collins we weren't interested in his offer." Yellow Ranger puts her arm around Red, and tells Quantum, "Right! We decided we like our team JUST the way it is!" Blue Ranger stands behind them all, simply folding his arms and remaining silent. Red Ranger pats Katie on the shoulder, and tells the gang, "Thanks, guys. That's what TEAMwork's about!" Quantum Ranger realizes that last statement was aimed at him, and replies with sour grapes, "You'll REGRET this." At the CT, Circuit flaps his wings & blinks, and informs the reunited Time Force Rangers, "Rangers! I've called for the Time Flyers. You've GOT to stop the Quantasaurus Rex!" Jen listens in via her Chrono-Morpher, responding, "Right!", before asking her pals, "Ready?!" The others concur with an echoing unison of, "Right!" The five Rangers race off to do battle, leaving Quantum Ranger standing alone in the mist. He crosses his arms, and with a tinge of respect for their decision, remarks to himself, "Huh! Good luck, Power Rangers. You're gonna NEED it."

Concurrently, in the year 3000, the first Time Flyer is loaded onto the Time Force runway. Trans-Warp Megazord prepares his arm, and the Time Gate charges up, while the usual normal female computer voice says, "Begin algorithm 07459. Launch in 3... 2.. 1..!" Trans-Warp propels the Time Flyer with a punch to the engine, followed by the second & third Flyers, and concluding with the fourth & fifth. They take off from the base, and regroup inside the timestream vortex tunnel. The exit portal appears above the dome again. The five TF Rangers race to action, with Red Ranger announcing as he leaps into the cockpit of his Time Flyer, "Time Force! Mode Red!" We actually can see & hear three of them sitting in their Flyer cockpits and pressing buttons from an aerial viewpoint for a second, before the five Time Flyer circle around and prepare to lock into Red formation. In 3000, Trans-Warp has another package to deliver to 2001. Mystery Man's new extra-robotic computer voice sounds as the Shadow Winger is catapulted into the Time Gate, "Launch-ing Time Shad-ow." It swoops through the metallic green vortex, and comes out through the short-lived eclipse. Time Force Megazord in Mode Red finishes coming together. Immediately, if not sooner, the Megazord spins around, and inserts itself within the restructured Time Shadow. The boots lock into place, and the upper chest-shield lowers down over it. The green shoulder cannons slide into place, the yellow-trimmed visor pops over its head, and next, the blue & yellow Saber is wielded. The TF Badge appears flashingly behind this completed combination, as the Time Force Megazord in Red Mode has formed with the Time Shadow Megazord for the first time to create the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red! It towers menacingly before the Quantasaurus Rex, which growls and howls, appearing quite upset. On the rooftop, Commandocon sees his calling, and vows, "I'll be RIIIGHT with ya!" The mutant yanks off the gold & black patch on the side of his leg, and exposes his abnormal cells to the air. This causes the chain reaction which expands his DNA to the point that he and his spear are up to Megazord-like size in a moment, growling nearly as much as Q-Rex. Shadow Force spots the extra opponent, prompting Blue Ranger within the Control Room to gasp, "ANOTHER one!?" At the CT, Circuit warns, "Be CAREFUL, Rangers! Together they might have too much power!" Commandocon, now with a booming voice, commands, "Quantasaurus, WHAT are you waiting for? Get them!" He toggles the control on his staff, initiating this action into Q-Rex's implant. The Q-Rex howls viciously, and charges at the Megazord. In the Control Room, Red Ranger summons, "Freezer Nets!" Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red fires off a pair of large glowing green nets from its shoulder cannons. They both wrap around Quantasaurus, restraining him in a tight electric gleaming green bind. Commandocon comes to Q-Rex's aide, by holding out his hand, and seemingly weakening the nets with the opening of his palm. The green trap snaps apart into the energy they came from, leaving Q-Rex free to roar quite angrily. Wes gasps in disbelief, "It DIDN'T work!"

Quantasaurus lunges at the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red, preparing to bite the failed trappers. Red Ranger grips his control saber, and tells his teammates to, "Hang on!" Shadow Force holds its blue-bladed Saber out, in such a way that Q-Rex chomps down on the Saber space between the Megazord's hands. The savage Zord gets a good hold on the blade with his teeth, and though he ceases his infernal roaring, he switches to growling deeply. Shadow Force keeps hanging on to the Saber, attempting to keep Q-Rex's jaw busy. It guides him around, doing just that, but his mighty incisors begin to cause sparks popping up from the power backlash in the Megazord. (this footage is what was on Mystery Man's Holoscreen earlier!) Commandocon waits off to the side, controlling the Quantasaurus with his speared joystick, and commenting, "Hehehe! This is more fun than a video game!" On the top of a nearby building, the Quantum Ranger follows the sound of Q-Rex's howling, rushing out and facing the battle's direction while saying, "Oh, man. They think they can handle the Q-Rex alone!" Eric watches as the Quantasaurus Rex maintains its fang-hold on Shadow Force's Saber, draining Mode Red of its energy through sporadic sparks. In the Control Room, Wes grasps the Saber-console tightly, and notes, "We're losing power!" On the sidelines, Quantum Ranger laments, "If I don't help, they could be destroyed!" Suddenly, his Quantum Morpher begins to speak through its standard female computer voice, saying, "Quantum Ranger, the voice identification for the Quantasaurus is locked. It will not respond to your commands." Eric holds his Morpher to his face, and replies, "I KNOW. But I've GOT to do something." He shouts into the small speaker on his Morpher, while looking upward, "Q-REX! Obey my commands!" It ignores him, and continues biting down on the Shadow Force Saber, with sparkily results. Eric tries again, "Quantasaurus Rex! I ORDER you to stop!" The Q-Morpher explains to him, "You must find the blocking device, and destroy it." Quantum Ranger removes his Quantum Defender from the holster, and yells into his Morpher, "Hey, Q-Rex! I'm over HERE!" He fires at the rogue robot, blasting at its back with a few laser charges. This distracts it long enough for Shadow Force to break out of the Saber-mouth lock, but Q-Rex fights back, smacking the Megazord down instantly. SFM in Mode Red tumbles over onto the ground, depleted majorly, and knocking the Rangers within around violently (talk about a crummy first fight!). Q-Rex turns around, and howls viciously at the source of that shot in his back. Quantum Ranger stammers at this sight, "Uh-oh!"

Quantasaurus heads his way, and despite Wes demanding, "Eric! Get OUT of there!", Quantum Ranger refuses to budge. Q-Rex's gaping maw approaches with an inhuman hunger, but Eric has other things on his mind. Namely, his helmet's scan mode shows a read-out of "Search Mode". It flashes as it finds a certain anomaly in the Zord's head, inspiring Quantum Ranger to note, "Hey! There's the blocking device!" He gets a sight of his silver boomerang-style target, and quickly fires his Quantum Defender directly at it. The blast somehow penetrates Quantasaurus Rex's meal skull, and shatters the signal blocker. An explosion knocks Q-Rex's noggin backwards, making him release an agonized growl of relief. Eric wastes no time in screaming into his Quantum Morpher, "Quantasaurus! Listen to my voice! I COMMAND you to STOP!" Q-Rex slowly lowers his face down towards the roof, showing the (slightly misproportioned) scale of just how large his head is compared to the tiny Quantum Ranger. He snarls calmly, though Eric remains standing tall in the face of the savage beast. His Morpher speaks, "Checking voice match.", as his helmet visor readout shows a voice print pattern line over Q-Rex's glowing forehead gem. The screen readout quickly flashes "Pattern: O.K." Eric realizes thankful, "That's IT!" Commandocon gasps, "What?!" Quantum Ranger tells the Zord, "You are NOW under my control!" Quantasaurus Rex grumbles lowly, and starts to pull back away from Eric. The Q-Morpher states, "Voice identification: Confirmed." Quantum Ranger excitedly announces into the Morpher, "Replenish Power!" A surge of energy rips through the Q-Rex, surrounding the Zord with flames as his eyes glow bright yellow. He doesn't growl out of pain or annoyance, but rather contentment, as a refreshing of energy fills his weary being. The Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red recovers to its feet, and witnesses this rebalancing of power. Inside, Green Ranger remarks happily, "Hey! It looks like Eric's got control of the Q-Rex!" Red Ranger doesn't seemed too pleased that the lesser of two evils now has command, and says disappointedly, "Yeah, it sure does." Outside, Quantum Ranger orders, "Attack the mutant!", before hitting far right button on the first row of his Morpher. Quantasaurus obeys, howling loudly as he races across the city with renewed vigor! He pauses before reaching the mutant, simply to growl intimidatingly. Commandocon holds his spear-staff close, and encourages, "Huh? Alright, then. Gimme your BEST shot!" Quantum Ranger follows his Zord, and once in position of being able to see the action, he calls into the Morpher, "Q-Rex Laser: Target and FIRE!" Q-Rex leans down, and unloads twin streams of crimson energy from the cannons strapped to its back. The blasts strike Commandocon fully, causing his body to burst massively.

Quantum Ranger listens, as his Quantum Morpher states, "Quantasaurus Megazord Mode, online." Eric yells, "Quantasaurus Rex!" Q-Rex stands there, reusing his 'replenish power' fiery stance. Quantum Ranger continues, shouting, "Megazord Mode!" He hits the left side button on the first row on his Morpher, activating his command. Q-Rex snarls, and freezes in place. Slowly, his neck & arms begin to rise, with mechanical whirring noises replacing his usual growls. His arms glide back around, dropping his huge cannoned shoulders in place of said hands. Now standing erect, Q-Rex's bestial head shifts down to his chest, as the neck (with Red & White jagged Quantum visor shape upon it) slides up and snaps apart, revealing a robotic head within! The completed Quantasaurus Rex in Megazord Mode stands triumphantly, causing a scene of an Earth-shattering explosion around him to play. Q-Rex Megazord has large green-gemmed cannon-like shoulders, his right hand is made up of a rocket-launcher with several large red missiles, his left hand is a normal fist, and despite his standing tall, he still has his usual silver metal tail. Quantum Ranger lowers his arm, and victoriously states, "Megazord Mode transformation, complete!" The Q-Rex Megazord poses in the surrounding smoke, while being admired by even Wes, who gasps, "That thing is aMAZing!" Commandocon, who lost his spear in the previous attack, cries out in terror, "No! Wait!" The Quantasaurus Rex Megazord gets in range, and momentarily, Quantum Ranger hits the bottom right button his Quantum Morpher, while shouting, "Quantum Missiles! FIRE!" Q-Rex points his rocket-launcher right hand at the mutant, and begins to unleash the gatling-style barrage of scarlet projectiles. Commandocon is overcome with a series of rapid bursts from the hailstorm of missiles. Quantum Ranger hits that same button on his Morpher again, and summons, "Activate Quantum Thunder Fists!" Quantasaurus powers-up, his body trailing, before punching his left fist outward, sending a red energy double of his hand flying at the mutant. Commandocon is socked suddenly by the Thunder Fist, sending him flying through the air explosively.

Eric's Morpher has a bit of advice, by telling him, "Recommend using the Max Blizzard to complete the mission." Quantum Ranger presses the bottom left button on the Morpher, and announces, "Alright! One final assault should do it. Max Blizzard, online!" Q-Rex prepares to activate this operation, as Commandocon recovers from his fall and whines, "Uh-oh!" Quantasaurus Red Megazord starts to charge up his shoulder-cannons, with green energy particles swarming around into place. They charge up in a bright light, and the second that Q-Rex lowers his arms, the large twin barrels unleash their full verdant fury! The endless river of green energy spews toward Commandocon, leaving him with one nasty case of the "screaming-explosives" when it ends. The mutant erupts into a fireball, which quickly pauses in place. Quantum Ranger lowers his left arm, but raises his right one, running his hand across his visor-brim in a sort-of salute, as he exclaims, "Sorry, Commandocon! But YOUR time's... UP!" The explosion resumes igniting, showing Commandocon as he's engulfed in flames, which start to swirl around him. The blaze transmogrifies into pure ice, which also circles around his body, and visibly freezes him into a solid block of cold blue. Electricity surges around, and we see Commandocon shrinking down, out of sight, until he drops on the ground, now merely Chrono-Frozen, in his tiny, steaming, action-figure type form. Quantasaurus Rex Megazord snaps its face shut, and lifts its bestial head back up. Instantly, all other changes are skipped, and the Q-Rex is reverted to his dinosaur mode, growling triumphantly. Quantum Ranger leaps atop his newly tamed Zord, landing on Quantasaurus Rex's head with a mighty hiyaah. Eric stands there, reveling in his own glory, as he remarks, "Ye-ah! I KNEW I would be able to gain control of the Q-Rex." On the streets below, the other Megazords have apparently been sent back to their own time, and the five Time Force Power Rangers are out on their own. Pink Ranger holds a Chrono-Tube in her hand, likely with Commandocon in it. Circuit's also on the scene, sitting nearby as the TFs watch the Q-Rex diligently from the sidewalk. The robotic owl notes, "Rangers! It appears that the Quantasaurus Rex is COMPLETELY in his control now!" Jen wonders, "Yeah, but what's a guy like Eric gonna to do with THAT much power?" Circuit turns and replies at a loss, "I dunno! He's a loose cannon!" Trip, ever trusting, crosses his arms and comments optimistically to the team, "Maybe he's not all that BAD. Who knows?! He may surprise us all and show a different side!" Wes stares up at the Q-Rex, and somberly states, "I REALLY hope you're right, Trip."


Soon, at the Bio-Lab & Silver Guardians main headquarters, Eric enters Mr. Collins' office (the assistant from earlier shuts the door behind him). Eric walks over to the middle of the room, faces Collins, removes his CGD hat, and salutes him. He then tells the millionaire elder, "I've got control of the Quantasaurus Rex." Mr. Collins smiles deeply, remarking with a tone of impression, "Well, I see i'm not the only person around here with a little ambition!" He gets up and walks over to Eric, shaking his leather-gloved hand firmly. Collins seals the deal, by looking the young man proudly in the eyes and telling him, "You're the new leader of the Silver Guardians." Eric happily gives a quick salute, and says, holding back a smile, "SIR!" He returns his hat to his head, and spins about face. Eric pauses for a moment, smiling excitedly, before walking away, leaving Mr. Collins with an equally excited smile. Power is what they both wanted, and power is what they both have. Though their future interests in said power are far from totally mutual. Meanwhile, at the Clock Tower, in the Nick Of Time Odd Jobs office, Wes leans against the front counter, contemplating events. Lucas and the others head over towards the area where the various manual labor tools are held, and are preparing to use them for some work related purpose. Wes wonders aloud, "Are you guys SURE you made the right decision?" The four stop in their tracks, prompting Katie to ask, "W-what do you mean?" Wes turns around and honestly states, "Well, you might catch Ransik faster if you teamed up with my dad!" Katie scoffs, "No WAY! We don't need y..." Suddenly, Jen lifts her left arm up, blocking her pal's face with her engagement ringed hand, as she remarks, "Hold on, Katie! Maybe we didn't think it through. Right?" She turns to Trip, who contorts his face in disbelief, asking, "WH-AT?!" Jen looks at her three teammates, and explains, "Welllll... I was just thinking of... Wouldn't it be NICE to move out of this cold Clock Tower?! (points to Lucas) And you could drive one of those cool SUVs!" Lucas appears intrigued by this offer, smiling and nodding. Wes watches their reconsidering of his father's deal, and his face expresses the emotion of his heart sinking fast. Jen enthusiastically adds, "And no more Odd Jobs. Maybe it's not such a bad idea, after all! Right?" Wes stares at them heartbroken, Katie can't find the words to argue, and Trip is also speechless. Jen smiles widely and chuckles, "HEL-LO!? I'm just KIDDING!" Katie's stunned, saying matter-of-factly, "Jen, you've NEVER told a joke in your LIFE." Jen lifts her lips and eyebrows in mischievous manner, and looks over at the nearly scared to death Wes. He points at her, and remarks embarrassedly, "Ohhh.. you..." Suddenly, Wes dashes across the room, shouting, "I'm gonna GET you!" Jen's eyes widen, and she gasps out in a giggle, "Look out!" She races over to the stairwell, and speeds up the steps. Wes leads the way, followed along with the other three, as they chase their snickering leader towards the bedroom to have a wild orgy... of good wholesome heroic popcorn eating and TV watching.

[Scenes from "Bodyguard In Blue"; End Credits]

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