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Power Rangers Time Force
"Bodyguard In Blue"
Original Air Date:05/19/01 Footage and some story elements from:
Timeranger #33 - Ritoru Ledei (Little Lady)
*Season 9, byte 16
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1117
*17th episode of PRTF
*395th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Edward Laurence Albert _AS_ Mr. Collins
Additional Cast:
Ken Merckx _AS_ Dr. Michael Zaskin [Note: Voiced "Ghouligan" & "Moleman" in PRLR!]
Jordan Clare Green _AS_ Holly Zaskin
Ron Surels _AS_ Angry Man
Jason Faunt _AS_ Mystery Man (uncredited)
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Tony Oliver _AS_ Klawlox (voice) [Note: Rick Hunter on Robotech & a former PR Writer/Producer!]


Another sunny day at the glass tower home office of the high-powered company, Bio-Lab. Inside the press room, which seems a bit darker since last we saw it in "Worlds Apart," a crowd of reporters and cameramen have gathered. Head of Bio-Lab, Mister Collins, steps up to the podium, which is adorned with the golden CGD eagle symbol. Standing around the podium, after various Silver Guardians, including the newest Commander to wear the red beret, Eric Myers. Collins ignores the media's pleading for questions, and braves the flashbulbs, to state pleasantly into the grouping of microphones, "Good morning, everybody. Welcome! I'm pleased to announce today, that the Silver Guardians will now have the Quantum RANGER... leading in the defense of our clients." Eric turns his head briefly at the mentioning of his alter ego, though he gets no fame or spotlight for it since apparently his status as the Quantum Ranger is a company secret. Mr. Collins quickly points to a middle aged, dark-haired man in a business suit quietly standing behind him, and informs the press, "Uhh, our team, lead by Doctor Michael Zaskin, is researching EVERY aspect of the Quantum Ranger Powers." (last episode's scenes from next time showed such research which was cut out of this ep, with Quantum Ranger passing through a CAT-Scan machine) At the Clock Tower, the five Time Force Officers are sitting around the picnic table, watching this live event on the Hologram Imaging Screen. Mr. Collins concludes, "Soon, EVERY Silver Guardian... will have Ranger weaponry. Any questions?" The reporters begin to raise their hands and shout for attention, queries foaming at the mouths. Wes can stand no more of seeing his powermonger father, and hits the off button on the control deck of the Holoscreen. Disgusted by this, Wes stands up, and angrily notes to his teammates, "He doesn't know when to STOP." The four remain silent, watching Wes walk out of the room. Lucas looks over at Jen, who is also quiet about this, all seemingly agreeing with the estranged offspring of the owner of their newest rivals. Soon, at Bio-Lab, Mr. Collins returns to his office. He's followed by Dr. Zaskin & Eric (should I call him 'Commander Eric' now? Nah!), and gets his door opened for him by a quite loyal assistant. Collins heads to his desk, telling his employees, "Gentlemen! We need to stay ahead of the competition! Dr. Zaskin, that's where YOU come in." He pats the man on his back before sitting down. Zaskin confirms, "Yes, sir. Research on the Quantum Ranger's weapons is proceeding VERY well." The good doctor looks over at (the at-ease standing) Eric, before patting his briefcase, implying the paperwork on this research lies within. Mister Collins smiles greedily, as says, "Whatever it takes. I want to know the secrets of the Power Rangers." Zaskin smiles back, and nods, "Yes, sir." He heads off to continue research, leaving Eric watching his departure with a goofy grin on his face for some reason.

[Opening Credits]

The following morning, Dr. Michael Zaskin departs his house in the Silver Hills suburbs. Notice, the house has the number of "16812" prominently displayed on the front. Yet later, it's claimed to be at "325 Elm Street." Boy, I'd hate to be the guy delivering pizzas to HIS house! Anyway, Zaskin puts his briefcase in his car, and prepares to get in, when his young blonde daughter with the yellow shirts on (and an equally blonde small teddy bear in her hands) comes rushing out of the house. She cries out, "Daddy! You forgot to kiss me good-bye!" Zaskin smiles warmly at his daughter, later named Holly, and apologizes profusely, "I'm sorry! I WON'T let it happen again. I'm SORRY!" He walks over and bends down, bombarding her cheeks with several quick kisses. She begins giggling loudly, as he also attempts tickling her. The funtime ends, as daddy tells her, "I'll see you tonight, honey." Holly smiles, and says, "Okay, daddy!", before running back into the house. He bids, "Bye-bye!", and i'm left wondering who's watching this girl. She can't be more than 8 or 9, and it's implied that she's a typical PR single-parent child (though daddy has a wedding ring on)! Ahem, back to the thing, Zaskin hops in his car, and is just about to start it up, when he hears wicked snickering coming from nearby. He peeks out the window, and spots a yellow ant-like mutant (with two big horns, a tail, and a funky shaped head) staring back at him through the side rearview mirror! The mutant, later named Klawlox, blinks his quite-separated eyes, and asks facetiously, "GOING somewhere?!" In the house, Holly has just closed the door, when she realizes her teddy beat was ignore. She tells the bear, "Hey, Theo! He forgot to kiss YOU good-bye, too!" That answers it, Theo was gonna watch her while pop was gone. Okay, I see. Holly rushes back out the front door, stopping in her tracks suddenly when she hears her father screaming, "Hey! What're you doing?! Let GO a' me!" Nadira's high-pitch squeal turns Holly's attention towards the two, black painted vehicles I call the Mutant Mobiles (from "A Blue Streak", apparently not as destroyed as we thought) parked in the street. Klawlox stands on the side, as Cyclobots manhandle Dr. Zaskin, shoving him into the evil convertible with Nadira in the passenger side. Holly cries out, "DADDY!" Zaskin, being forced into a seat, motions for his daughter, and screams, "RUN, Holly, RUUUN!" She listens properly, racing across her yard instantly. Nadira orders the Cyclobots, "Get that little BRAT, too!" Several robodrones begin to chase the young girl, as Zaskin pleads, "No! You leave her alone! Holly, RUUUUN!" Holly makes it to a gate, and heads out into a back alleyway. She takes the brief moment of gain, and manages to vanish from the foursome of Cyclobots' clutches. They look around, finding no sign of her, lifting and raising their arms in confusion. She slipped into a discarded cardboard TV box, lying amongst bags of trash. Holly covers Theo's mouth, gesturing with a finger over her lip for him to be quiet. The dimwitted Cyclobots fail to notice the child-size box, and head off down the alleyway together. Holly peeks her head out the top, and once the bots are gone, she tips the box over, crawls out, and makes a run for it in the opposite direction.

Elsewhere in the city, two cars have collided in a minor fender bender. A crowd quickly gathers, including Holly & Theo, watching the passengers of the vehicles confronting one another. The female driver of the blue car, which was rammed into and likely pulled out without warning, rushes (along with her much shorter, dark-haired, fellow female passenger) over to the driver of the silver car, which sustained a major dent in its front side. Blue car's driver is a beautiful buxom blonde lady, who innocently apologizes to the silver car driver, an annoyed man with long hair and a goatee. The girl, whom we'll call Becky (as that's from a line CCed but cut "Becky, are you all right?"), gets an unwelcome greeting, as the man inspects his steaming and marred car, and replies angrily, "Why don't you WATCH where you're GOING?!" Becky laments, "I'm SO sorry. We didn't see you." Angry Man grabs her arm, holds up a shard of blinker-light glass from his car, and filled with road rage, says, "You're gonna PAY for this, you know." She's taken aback, and he lets go of her arm, by the time one of the many witnesses steps up to be a good Samaritan. It just happens to be Lucas Kendall, who slaps his hand against Angry Man's shoulder, and tells him, "Hey! Yelling at THEM isn't gonna help." Angry Man jabs his finger into Lucas' silk jacketed chest, and remarks, "Why don't you mind your own business?!" Lucas calmly waits a moment, until Angry Man takes a swipe at him. The well-trained TF Officer parries the punch, and shifts his leg so as to trip the assailant and send him falling onto the cement! The crowd murmurs in the background, as the Angry Man groans, and recovers, not wanting anymore trouble. Lucas dusts his hands off, and walks over to Becky (whose headlights don't seem to be damaged at all in the crash, judging by the fact she's got her highbeams on BIG time). He smoothly tells the, errm... perky blonde, "My friends and I run an Odd Jobs shop." Lucas hands her a Nick Of Time Odd Jobs business card, and a big smile, while adding, "If you EVER need ANYthing." Becky takes the card gratefully, and swoons, "Thanks." Lucas winks, and clicks his tongue at her, before heading off on his macking way. The crowds begin to disperse from the quelled scene, though Holly has become inspired by what she saw. She follows Lucas to his vehicle (seems he got his license after all!), and pokes (i'm not talking about Becky anymore!) her cute little head in the open passenger-side window and greets him just as he's putting on his seatbelt. She says, "Hi!" Lucas pauses, and asks, "Uhh... what'd you think YOU'RE doing?" Holly tells him, "I wanna HIRE you.... to be my bodyguard!" Lucas exclaims, "Your BODYGUARD?!" Holly confirms with a paranoid glance around, claiming, "Yeah! 'Cause they're AFTER me." Lucas suspiciously replies, "Riiiiight. Look, I don't have TIME for this. I got..." Holly cuts in and cuts to the chase, "Hey! I HEARD you did Odd Jobs. Now, you WANT the work, or not?!" Lucas wrinkles his forehead while raising his eyebrows, stunned by the little girl's woman-sized audacity!

Meanwhile, at the Bio-Lab building, Eric reenters Mr. Collins' office. Collins is on the phone as he looks at some papers, informing the man as desperately as ruthlessly, "No, I-i don't care HOW you do it. Just get it done." Eric approaches the table, salutes, and immediately tells his superior, "Doctor Zaskin's been kidnapped." Collins worriedly states into the phone, "I'll call ya back." He hangs it up (is it me, or are there no phone lines connected into the receiver?) slammingly, before staring into space somberly. Afraid for his worker's life? Nope, Collins cares only for one thing, as remarks concerned, "The Quantum Ranger research." He stands up, and stresses, "If THAT information falls into the wrong hands..." Collins nearly turns pale at the thought of his precious info getting used by a competitor. He quickly turns around, and leans on his desk, demanding to Eric, "Get Zaskin BACK." The Commander of the Silver Guardians salutes, bidding, "Yes, sir!", as he marches off to do the deed. Mr. Collins remains standing by his desk, glaring at the departing Eric with near contempt for this situation he presented.


In a darkened warehouse, somewhere in Silver Hills, the thoroughly roughed-up Dr. Zaskin is being held against his will. He's wrapped in quite a few coils of rope to a chair, to the point that he groans loudly in agony. A Cyclobot prepares a large silver lamp next to him, with intent of turning up the heat, ala old fashioned Police interrogation. In the background, a couple other Cyclobots prepare some weapons of torture, including what seems to be a few bent wire coathangers! Klawlox approaches Zaskin, and seeing that he's not talking, threatens, "THAT's it! I'm going to give you ONE last chance to tell me everything you know about the Quantum Ranger power!" Zaskin, sweating bullets, asks, "Why!? So you can use the information to destroy the whole city?! NEVER!" The Cyclobot at the prisoner's side immediately yanks on his hair, jerking his head back painfully (while another Cyclobot is shown sharpening some silver metal torture tools in the back). Foiled, Klawlox scoffs, "FINE! Have it YOUR way, then. Meet... da CRAW!" The mutant holds up his clawed right hand, with a long gun barrel poking out from between the pinchers. Zaskin faces certain death, but never flinches, as Klawlox prepares to use his internal weapon. Before the mutant can harm the man, Nadira pauses Klawlox, "WAIT! He'll tell us...!" She grabs Zaskin by his tie, and notes with diabolical glee, "... When we get his DAUGHTER! Hahahahaha!" That brings fear to Dr. Zaskin's face more than any blunt instrument of destruction up an orifice ever could. Elsewhere in the city, a Silver Guardian brand SUV races down the street, taking a very sharp turn, skidding around in the middle of the road. It heads to the other SUV, parked on the side of the street. Eric's standing near it, commanding for the first time onscreen. A female Guardian rushes over to him, salutes, and reports, "Sir, no sign of the doctor." Eric remains determined, ordering for the woman to get into the recently arrived SUV, then telling the driver, "Roll to the next coordinate!" The red bereted Commander puts his finger to his headset earpiece, and informs base through his mic, "Still no sign of Zaskin yet." Eric slaps his hand against the SUV's hood, and shouts, "Alright, let's MOVE out!" The men reply in unison, "Yes, SIR!" They pile into the SUVs, with Eric getting in the passenger side of the recently arrived one. The two vehicles speed off down the nearly traffic-less road, to their next destination.

Speaking of speeding, Lucas is carefully driving along with Holly, asking her, "Okay, where do you live? I'm gonna take you home." Holly stresses, "But I CAN'T go home!" Lucas quietly looks at her seriously, and she reluctantly admits, "325 Elm Street." He thanks her, before she begs, "PLEASE don't take me home! They're STILL trying to GET me!" Lucas finally wonders, "WHO?! Who is trying to get you?!" Holly reveals, "The robots! The ones who took my daddy." Lucas changes his tune at the mentioning of this familiar word, as he now begins to take her worries seriously. He pulls the vehicle over near a sidewalk, prompting Holly to ask, "Why are we stopping?!" Lucas sets the parking break, and tells her flatly, "I need to make a phonecall." She gladly replies, "Okay! Can I play the radio?" He tells her no a split-second too late, as she hits the knob on the cassette stereo, causing an unusually loud rock song to blast over the speakers. Holly bobs her head to the beat, such as it is, while Lucas clutches his ears and begs, "Ahh! Turn it OFF!" He quickly does so himself, and angrily tells her, "NO! Just STAY here!" He hurries out of the car, slamming the door and storming away. Suddenly, he rushes back over, points his arm through the open window and demands, "And DON'T touch ANYTHING!" Holly watches him walk around the blue four seater family vehicle, and once he's out of range, she grumbles, "Gr-ouch!" She sticks her tongue out at him, before immaturely sitting back, and folding her arms with a temper (poor Theo gets strangled in the process). While Lucas is walking away from the car, two young women begin checking him out. He humbly notices their hormonal admiration of his perfectly sculptured build, as one remarks to her pal, "Wow, what a CUTIE!" The other confirms, "Uh-huh!", before the two start giggling as they continue heading down the sidewalk. Lucas seems interested, but shakes it off, and presses on, heading over to a nearby phonebooth. He holds the phone to his ear, then turns and looks to make sure Holly isn't watching. Lucas then holds his left wrist up into the curved metal half-booth, before pressing a button on his Chrono-Morpher, and saying, "Trip." No answer, so (while still holding the phone against his shoulder), he repeats the process.

At the Clock Tower, the green haired alien teen finally responds, simply by pressing the button on his own Morpher, causing a small hologram image of Lucas' upper body to appear above the glass oval. Lucas quickly tells him, "I need you to check an address." Trip grabs a pad and pen, and rushes over to the table. He sets it down in front of the Holoscreen, switching it on with a press of the control-board button, telling Lucas, "Okay, i'm ready!" The tiny holo-Lucas with the echoey voice and flickering image says, "325 Elm St." Trip starts hitting random buttons on the blue & white designed control-board, causing the Holoscreen to display some computer images. A map of the suburbs surrounding Elm Street appears (including such areas as "Kerrigan Rd.", "Carter St.", "Di Leo Blvd.", "West Dr.", "Harris Blvd.", "Shum Way", "Berger Park", "Dutcher Park", "Spratt Canyon", plus a few others), and the computer zooms in on 325. Lengthy read-out records appear on the screen, as well as a greenline human body model. Trip reads the name, and writes it down on the pad aloud, "Doctor... Michael... Zaaaskin..." The other four TFs enter the room, and watch as the green computer model suddenly switches over to a 360 degree image of Zaskin's head (apparently a very recent photo)! Jen recognizes him, "Guys, we just saw him on TV! He's in charge of the Quantum Ranger project." Holo-Lucas adds, "I think he's been kidnapped! His daughter's with me. For some reason, they're after her, too!" Trip turns to Jen, who then gives the order, "You stay with her! We'll check on her dad." (notice, Jen appears as a hologram on Lucas' Chrono-Morpher now, showing her holding her arm up to talk, despite how she's talking down to Trip's Morpher and not using her own!) Lucas unhappily replies, "She's kinda a pain in the neck! ...But, okay, i'll do it." He hits the button, turning the transmission off of his Morpher, then hanging up the phone on the booth. He stops for a moment to shake his head and sulk, until Holly's scream gains his stunned attention. He sees several Cyclobots hanging around his vehicle, reaching in the window and harassing Holly. Lucas darts across the walkway, leaping into the trio with a flying kick. The bots fight back, but Lucas blocks all blows and returns his own successfully. He knocks one Cyclo down by kicking its Saber-wielding hand, knees another in the chest, then just plain chest-kicks the last (notice, the Cyclobot colors change between scenes. At first, it's two golds & a silver. Then in action, it's just two silvers & a gold)! Lucas races into the driver's seat, puts on his seatbelt, and tells the shaken Holly to, "Hold on!" Utilizing his professional racecar driving skills, Lucas peels out backwards, turning his vehicle around perfectly, though leaving a few skidmarks. The car speeds off, as the trio of Cyclos jerk their arms up & down in frustration.

Driving away, likely within speed limit, Lucas gets the cold shoulder from Holly, who scoffs, "Some bodyguard YOU are! They almost GOT me!" Lucas quips sarcastically to the nonpaying customer, "Yeah? Well, you can have your money back!" Holly asks, "And what about my daddy?!" He tells her in a comforting tone, "Don't worry. My friends are looking for him right now." The little girl rolls her eyes, remarking unimpressedly, "I hope they do a better job than you." Lucas bites his lip and shakes his head, trying to prevent himself from strangling the little brat. They continue rolling down the street, both bitterly silent about their reluctant coupling. All seems to be going well for this road trip, until they exit the city limits. Klawlox teleports in via yellow electricity, landing in the middle of the street! Holly spots him and squeals. Klawlox aims his clawed hand out at the approaching vehicle, boasting, "It's the END of the road, for YOU! Hrrmph!" Lucas retorts, "I don't THINK so. Hold on!" He steps on the gas, prompting Holly to brace herself against her seat. The car zooms towards the mutant, who ceases walking, and instead jumps into the air. Klawlox holds his claw outward, trying to attack, but fails to strike anything as he himself is stuck by the car! Lucas slams the vehicle into the mutant, who lands on his side of the front window, and hangs on tightly. Holly squeals again, as Lucas swerves side to side, attempting to get the mutant off his car. Elsewhere, Dr. Zaskin beneath the scorching hot light, and watches worriedly as a Cyclobot walks back and forth, scraping two metal hooks together. He sharply looks back and finds another Cyclobot with what seems to be a hack saw. Zaskin struggles with his binding restraints, desperately trying to get out to no avail. Nadira stands against a support beam nearby, wiggling her fingers in the air sadistically, as she whistles a loud, chipper diddy. Just around the corner, the four TFs given the task of finding Holly's dad have succeeded. They hide behind a door frame, and watch the torture scene carefully. The scraping of metal, Zaskin's grunting, and Nadira's whistling fill the air. Our heroes look at one another, with Jen nodding for Wes to make a move. Momentarily, someone knocks over a barrel just behind a Cyclobot. The robodrone heads over to inspect the disturbance, and is greeted by a laser shot to the chest, taking him down. Nadira & Zaskin spot this sparking event, and witness the source, as the Pink Time Force Power Ranger pops out of the door with her Chrono-Blaster in hand. Green Ranger stands behind Jen, as she aims her Blaster at the Cyclos, and shouts, "FREEZE!" Yellow & Red Rangers come into the room from the other door, with Wes telling the villains, "It's OVER!" Dr. Zaskin's face switches from dread to excitement at the sight of our heroes. Pink Ranger reholsters her Chrono-Blaster, and demands, "Let Doctor Zaskin go, right NOW!" Nadira scoffs, "Yeah, RIGHT! Cyclobots, ATTACK!" The bots charge forth, inspiring Yellow & Red Rangers to do the same.

Up in the Silver Hills, Lucas has detoured his car off the road, still trying his best to shake Klawlox off his hood. The laughing mutant maintains a constant grip on the front window, unwavering from his position. Eventually, after speeding through a few mud puddles and taking incredibly sharp turns, Klawlox is thrown from the car. Lucas pulls the vehicle to a halt, skidding along the muddy ground. Klawlox lies on his back in the dirt, his oversized horizontally-stretched head apparently weighting him down. Lucas gets out of the car, and checks on Holly, who also exits the car safely, along with Theo. He asks her, "Are you alright?!" Holly confirms, "Uh-huh." Lucas bends down next to her, and tells her, "I'll take care of him. You go to safety." They both look over and see the mutant on his stomach, now slowly rising back up. Lucas tells her to go, and she instantly does, sprinting across the yard and hiding behind some bushes. Klawlox recovers, aims his claw at Lucas, and boasts, "Hah! You CAN'T defeat ME!" Lucas exhales deeply, puffing out his cheeks briefly, before racing into battle. Holly watches from between the shrubs, likely hoping her bodyguard is as tough as he seems. Lucas begins to strike Klawlox, his first punches and gets blocked. He gets a few hits into the mutant's chest, before that leaves him open for a return swipe. Lucas ducks under the attack, rolls across the ground, and quickly pops up. He's nearly kicked by the mutant, but defends himself, then throws a few high kicks at him. Klawlox eventually grabs Lucas' leg in midair, holds it, and kicks his other leg out from under him! He falls, and is helpless as the mutant picks him up by his shirt, lifts him in the air, socks him in the gut, and then pitches him across the field. Lucas rolls along a mound, and wearily recovers to his feet. Klawlox aims his claw-blaster at him, and states, "Listen up, whoever you are! I don't know what your problem is. Just GIMME the girl, and that'll be the end of it! So, play nice, and get LOST!" Lucas looks over to Holly, seeing her fearful expression looking back. Klawlox slowly approaches him, threatening, "I'm WARNING you!" Realizing he has no choice but to forfeit his secret identity, Lucas arises, and proclaims, "Time for... Time Force!" while gesturing his arms. The button on the Chrono-Morpher is pressed, the DNA stand pops out, gets charged, forms with his body, and in the blue digital data tunnel, Lucas morphs into the Blue Time Force Power Ranger! Holly covers her mouth and gasps, as she witnesses Lucas becoming a Ranger before her eyes. Her shock turns to excitement, as she smiles and clutches Theo tightly, giggling slightly in happiness over her wise choice of bodyguard.

Blue Ranger leaps through the air with his two Chrono-Sabers attached into double-blade mode. He lands before Klawlox, whips his Sabers around, and begins to slash at the mutant. Even though none of the Ranger's attacks prove useful, Holly still happily cheers, "Go Lucas!" from the sidelines. Blue Ranger gets grabbed by Klawlox (who, only in the Sentai footage, doesn't have his blaster-barrel protruding from his claw all the time), and held in a tight lock. Lucas struggles, but eventually the grip the mutant has on him causes him to drop his double-bladed Chrono-Saber on the ground. Klawlox lets Blue Ranger go in a daze, allowing him to be able to beat Lucas severely a few times. As Holly watches, Klawlox hits the Ranger over and over, then tosses him in the air. Lucas lies groggily on the ground, while Klawlox pops his claw-blaster out, and shoots off a blast of yellow electricity at him. The burst of flames overtake Lucas, causing his suit to smoke as he writhes and cries out in agony. Klawlox prepares his claw-blaster again, aiming it at Lucas he approaches, and gloats, "THIS is my lucky day. I not only get the kid, but I get to destroy the Blue Ranger, too! Hehehehe!" Holly exclaims, "Leave him alone!" as she rushes out from the bushes, and stands between the mutant and the burnt Blue Ranger. Klawlox orders her, "Stay out of this!" and Lucas agrees, grunting, "Holly, no!" The brave and cocky young girl ignores all demands, holding her arm out to block the mutant's way, as she states, "You big bully! Why don't you pick on somebody your OWN size?!" Klawlox replies evilly, "You know what I think? You should listen to your little blue friend over there! Now... MOVE it! I've got some tidying up to do." Holly holds Theo up, and barters reluctantly, "Wait! I-if you don't hurt my friend, i'll... i'll... i'll give you my teddy bear!" Klawlox snatches the yellow bear up with his left hand, and grumbles, "Here's what I think of your moth-eaten old bear!" The mutant tosses Theo into the air, causing Holly to gasp. Klawlox fires his claw-blaster at the stuffed animal, striking it with a jolt of yellow electricity before it hits the ground in a smoking heap. The burning bear drops to the dirt, as Klawlox snickers sinisterly, "Hahahaha! New & improved!" Holly cries out, "Theo!", and races over to her charred pal's side. Blue Ranger shouts, "Holly! Get to safety!" She doesn't listen, focused more on mourning for Theo, holding his lifeless, smoking body somberly in her hands. Klawlox mocks her, "Wahh! Wahh!" Blue Ranger's injuries take a back-seat, as Lucas returns to his feet, clenches his fist, and angrily vows, "You're gonna PAY for that!" (I suspect Theo was the one who offered to give Lucas money for the bodyguard service, and therefore, the bill is transferred over to the mutant upon death) Lucas jumps into the air with a twirling leap kick, landing perfectly into the gloating Klawlox. The mutant is stunned, allowing Blue Ranger a chance to get a series of consecutive kicks and punches into him without much resistance. This high-paced action comes to a pause, when Lucas high-kicks Klawlox in the oversized head, sending him tumbling off to the side. Blue Ranger quickly turns his attention to his ward. He hurries over to her side, comforting her with a shoulder embrace, as he asks, "Holly?! Hey, are you okay?" Holly sadly looks up from Theo's fried corpse, nodding gently with a slight pout. Lucas notes amusedly, "How 'bout that. It looks like you turned out to be MY bodyguard!" Holly smiles widely at this. Blue Ranger pats her on the shoulder, then stands and turns to face the downed mutant, proclaiming, "Klawlox!" The mutant recovers from his fall, angrily replying, "WHAT?!" Lucas lifts his Time Force Badge, and announces, "Time Force! You're under ARREST!" The badge sparkles with bluish energy the moment Blue Ranger holds it out. Klawlox lunges forth, growling, "I don't THINK so! Hehehahahe!"


At the warehouse, the Red TF Ranger chops, kicks, punches, and slaps a couple of invading Cyclobots. He even flips one over onto a stack of dirty old mattresses, which are probably covered in human filth. Yellow Ranger dodges a few Saber-swipes by the surrounding Cyclos, kicking each one down with a few bouncy kicks and a foot sweep. Green Ranger kicks his way to the stairs, where he nearly gets sliced by a Cyclobot behind him. Pink Ranger frees Dr. Zaskin from the roped chair, and helps him stand, telling him, "Come on!" Suddenly, two Cyclos Saber attack, prompting Jen to scream, "Watch out!" She grabs his back, and helps him duck out of the line of blades. The bruised and sweaty Zaskin remains standing in a daze, as Pink Ranger kicks his left leg out, forcing him to kick one of the robodrones. Jen then kicks the bot herself, taking him down. The other Cyclobot slashes at them, but luckily Zaskin sees him in time to gasp out loud. Pink Ranger bends the doctor backwards, allowing him to avoid getting a haircut. Then Jen flips him around, bends him over, and rolls over his back, sending her legs flaying into the Cyclobot. Pink Ranger quickly stands the man back up, brushes off his jacket, and notes, "Those are GOOD moves! Are you alright?" The dazed and confused Zaskin runs his fingers through his hair, and breathlessly nods. Suddenly, Nadira appears, and throws a mighty kick into Jen, knocking her off against some barrels. Zaskin is snatched up by Nadira, who hold her right hand across his chest, and extends out her fingernails into their lengthy knife forms. Nadira holds the frightened man hostage, demanding, "Get OUT! Or the doctor's gonna NEED a doctor!" The other three TF Rangers regroup with Pink, who recovers from that strong kick, exclaiming, "Let him GO, Nadira!" The white leathered mutant woman drags Dr. Zaskin towards the opened front door, laughing wickedly and continuously as she slowly makes her getaway. Her back to the door, she fails to notice the Silver Guardian SUV pulling up right outside. It screeches to a halt, passenger-side facing the building. Nadira turns and sees the SUV with wide eyes, as the door rips open, and Eric leaps out of the vehicle, firing his SG Blaster! The double bolts of energy strike Nadira in the shoulder, causing her to squeal, release Zaskin, and drop to the floor, exposing her matching knickers once again. Eric rolls across the pavement into the warehouse, keeping his SG Blaster aimed steadily. Dr. Zaskin, dripping with sweat, looks at his savior with near trembling eyes (likely due to the incredibly close shot that was!). Nadira glares at Eric, as he rises up and urges smoothly, "You want some more... or have you had enough?" The troop of Silver Guardians pile out of the SUVs behind him, giving him excessive backup. Nadira merely rubs her uninjured right arm, and boasts, "HA! You're just lucky I have a HAIR appointment." She turns and sees the four Time Force Rangers nearby, ready for anything. Nadira bids to Eric, "Ciao!", before twirling her white cape around, and teleporting away in a flash of pink & blue light.

The Silver Guardians begin to reholster their Blasters, as Eric reports into his headset, "Situation's under control." Dr. Zaskin runs his fingers through his hair again, and sighs in relief as he staggerly approaches the Commander. Eric makes a circle motion in the air, a signal for his squad, before inspecting Zaskin's ragged body. The doctor promises, "I'm alright," and Eric says, "Let's get ya outta here, huh?" Zaskin nods, but stops him, turning to the four Power Rangers, still standing nearby, and gratefully stating, "Wait, wait. Thank you." Red Ranger humbly replies, "No problem. Just glad we could help!" Zaskin nods. Eric motions him towards the other SGs, saying, "C'mon, doctor. These people will take care of you." He's helped off to one of the SUVs by two men, leaving Eric behind to enact his opening credit scene as he turns and looks down at the Rangers with quiet discomfort. Wes tells his old rival, "Eric, take good care of him." Eric stares at the team for a moment, without a single word to say for their assistance. He then returns to his squad and heads back to base, along with the safely retrieved Zaskin. Jen pats Red Ranger's shoulder, and thanks, "Good job, Wes" This likely due to Wes actually not getting into a brawl with Eric for a change! Over in the mountains, Blue Ranger continues battling Klawlox up close. Things have reaches another stalemate in hand-to-hand combat, leading to the mutant firing his claw-blaster again. The yellow jolts flash around Lucas, causing him to dive and roll across the ground, scooping up his dropped Chrono-Saber on the way by. Blue Ranger leaps into the air, and tries slashing at Klawlox with the double-blades, but the mutant acts quickly and blocks the blow, taking Lucas down sharply. Not sharp enough, as Blue Ranger literally bounces off his feet in the landing, and ricochets back up, kicking Klawlox over without warning! The mutant's fall doesn't last long, as he too gets right back up, and starts claw-blasting once more. Blue Ranger becomes engulfed by yellow electricity and fiery explosions all around him. So what does he do? Lucas spins his body into the air, taking advantage of the updraft by twirling higher and higher along the area of landing bursting below him! Blue Ranger spins around in the air, also as seen on the opening credits. Holly swoons, "Wow!" at the sight of this impressive, one-time stunt. Lucas lands up on one of the hills, and immediately gets his double-bladed Chrono-Saber ready. Klawlox unleashes the full fury of his claw-hand rifle, unloading a stream of yellow energy into the approaching Ranger. The hovering hero swoops down, getting sparkily blasted by the surge of power, but never being fazed. He lands right in front of Klawlox, and jabs his Saber directly into the mutant's chest! Lucas quickly prepares another attack, as he holds his double-sabered weapon up, charging it a flood of blue energy, while summoning, "Chrono-Saber Double Strike!" Blue Ranger slices each side of his double-blade into Klawlox, shredding through him with sparkling aqua power. The mutant groans aloud, as his body bursts into a massive fireball.

On the sidelines of this explosion, Holly happily claps and cheers, "YES! He DID it!" Blue TF Ranger twirls his double-bladed Chrono-Saber around, and poses, replying simply, "Thanks, Holly." The sound of Wes' voice echoes in, shouting, "LU-CAS!" The other four TF Rangers have finally arrived on the scene, with Red Ranger asking, "Where's the GIRL?!" Lucas points, "She's alright. She's right over there." Klawlox recovers yet again, his whole yellow body smoking, as he adds, "Which is MORE than I can say for YOU, Blue Ranger!" He rips the gold & black patch off his left leg, exposing his purple & blue mutant DNA to the air, and causing a growth-spurt chain reaction. Klawlox towers over our heroes, growling excitedly with his renewed vigor. The five TF Rangers regroup, with Katie crying, "Oh, NO!" Blue Ranger announces into his Chrono-Morpher, "Circuit! We need some help!" At the Clock Tower, the robotic owl named Circuit sits on his perch, and responds, "Time Flyers are on the way!" In the year 3000 A.D., the Trans-Warp Megazord pitches its arm around, and sends the five Time Flyers towards the active Time Gate, after the computer voice states, "Launch in 2... 1..." They zoom through the multicolored time vortex, and exit in 2001 through the portal atop the stadium dome. Our heroes hop into the cockpits, with Blue Ranger in his, exclaiming, "Alright! Let's DO it!" Back in the future, the dark haired Mystery Man in the white jumpsuit sits at the secret console. He presses a few buttons with his black gloved hands, causing his own computer voice (which is oddly back to normal after having gone extremely roboty last episode) to announce, "Shadow Winger, in launch position." Mystery Man checks out the screen above him, showing the Shadow Winger on the TF runway, through his dark silver sunglasses. The compartment is opened, and the two switches near the two gauges are flicked. MM's computer states, "Launch Shadow Winger!" Trans-Warp obeys, punching the Time Shadow in Winger mode into the Time Gate, where it passes through the metallic green vortex, and exits through a brief eclipse in the 2001 sun. The Time Flyers shift around into Time Force Megazord in Mode Red, as the Shadow Winger converts to Time Shadow Megazord beneath the crescent moonlight. The moment following the TF Megazord in Red's transformation, it drops into the Time Shadow, and all of its parts lock together. The Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red stands triumphantly formed, with its big-ass yellow & blue Saber in hand, as the giant TF Badge glows behind it.

Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red lands on the mountain terrain battlefield, standing before the giant mutant. Klawlox gives his another confident gloat, in his new deeper voice, "You don't stand a CHANCE against me!" The Megazord readies its Saber, and charges forth. The agile mutant just waits for the lumbering Shadow Force to approach, and easily snags the blunt end of the Saber! Klawlox holds the Saber safely away from himself, and uses his claw-hand to clamp down upon the Megazord's head. The mutant then lifts the ENTIRE SF Mode Red into the air, as if he was pumping iron casually! Klawlox shifts the Megazord, held off the ground, around, sending the Rangers within into a panic. Red Ranger grasps his Saber-control, and cries, "Hold on! We're goin' DOWN!" Klawlox groans and heaves the Megazord off onto the ground, barely avoiding a crashing into a defenseless set of mountains. Sadly, though, Holly was hiding in some bushes around there, and was squished to death by the falling Megazord. At least, that's how Lucas once hoped it would occur. Instead, Shadow Force in Mode Red lies on its stomach, with the Rangers in the consoled control room struggling to stay standing while also trying to get the Megazord on its feet again to no avail. Klawlox prepares to attack SF Mode Red while it's down, but gets a surprise zap of crimson energy from off to the side. The mutant shakes off the smoke and sparks, to see the growling face of the Quantasaurus Rex heading his way! He's unable to avoid it, as the silver & red robotic dinosaur bites down on Klawlox's claw. Shadow Force Megazord regains a standing position, and watches as the Quantasaurus maintains a tight jaw-grip on the mutant's arm! Sparks burst outward, as Klawlox struggles to break free from the constant chomping. Pink Ranger exclaims in confusion, "Q-Rex?!" The savage Zord releases the mutant, shaking him off into the air, and sending him flying towards the Megazord, which steps out of the way, causing Klawlox to fall to the Earth.

Quantum Ranger, the remote-pilot of the Q-Rex, appears atop a nearby mountain, walking up to the edge and shouting to the TFs egotistically, "Looks like I have to bail you out AGAIN!" He presses the far left button on his left-wristed Quantum Morpher, and summons, "Quantasaurus! Megazord Mode NOW!" The Q-Rex shifts its bestial body around, and transforms into its upright Megazord configuration, with explosions abound. Quantum Ranger quips to our heroes, "You're LUCKY I was on top of this!" In the SF Control Room, Red Ranger spots him and calls out, "Eric?!" Yellow Ranger ungratefully comments to their self-absorbed ally, "Hey! We would have CALLED if we NEEDED you!" Quantum Ranger replies, "Riiight. Just stay OUT of my way!" Eric hits a button on his Morpher, and activates, "Q-Rex! Thunder Fists!" The Quantasaurus Rex Megazord powers up its left hand, and fires off an energy double of its fist. The ball of power streaks towards the Shadow Force Megazord, very narrowly avoiding colliding with it! It skirts by Mode Red, and slams into Klawlox explosively. Wes yells, "Eric! Be CAREFUL!" Quantum Ranger refuses advice, shouting, "_I_ know what i'm doing!" He hits another Quantum Morpher button, and calls for "Max Blizzard!" This seems to remind Red Ranger of Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red's as-yet-unseen finishing move. Wes grabs the blue-bladed Saber remote, and swings it around in the control room. The screen flashes green, with the words, "Blizzard Slash" appearing across a large clockface. He slices the blade through the air, causing the SF Mode Red to do the same, triple slashing its Saber through the 12-6 dead center of a clearer green energy clockface outside. Q-Rex fires off its shoulder cannons, unleashing a torrent of green energy. Together, both of these Blizzard attacks strike Klawlox at the same time. The mutant's overcome with explosions, but seconds after he becomes all fiery, the flames implode and transform into a wave of ice. In the background, Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red remains poised with its Saber held outward, while Quantasaurus Rex Megazord stands almost by its side, also patiently awaiting deactivation, which never comes onscreen. The cold fusion swarms over Klawlox's body sealing him inside the chunk of ice, quelling his excited DNA, and reshrinking him down to tiny smoking Chrono-Frozen action figure size on the ground below.


Soon, at the Bio-Lab building, Eric is back in Mr. Collins' office, giving him a personal report on the successful mission. The room is dark, lit only by low-lighted lamps, with the blinds down in the middle of the day. Collins immediately asks, "You're SURE Zaskin didn't give them any information?" Eric sprinkles the truth with some exaggeration, as he informs his boss like a perfect solider, "None, sir. The Guardians and I saved him... single-handedly. Just in time." Mr. Collins breathes a sigh of relief, remarking, "Yeah, well, I can see that I chose the right leader. That'll be all." Eric slaps his boots together, and gives his superior a salute, before spinning around and slowly stepping off. He pauses, and turns his head, adding as a side note, "By the way... Dr. Zaskin wasn't harmed." Mr. Collins is focused on some paperwork his assistant is holding, whispering to the man, before grunting briefly to Eric, "Hrm. That's good to know." Collins shows just how much he truly cares about people over products, as he doesn't even give the revelation second thought, quickly returning to his business. Eric seems stirred by the true cold-blooded ruthlessness of his boss, lagging in place and processing this for a moment. The new Commander of the Silver Guardians soon resumes his departure, with the knowledge that Collins surpasses even himself in the power-hungry department.

Meanwhile, at 325 Elm Street, Lucas backs into the driveway. He gets out of his blue vehicle, goes around, and helps Holly out of the passenger side. He then crouches down, and laments, "Well... I guess my job's over." Holly smiles, and remarks, "Yeah. You know what? You're not such a bad bodyguard after all!" Lucas nods and replies, "Thanks." He then addresses a more urgent matter, "Oh! Hey, about what you saw..." Holly asks, "Oh, you mean about you being the Blue Ranger?" Lucas sheepishly nods. The little girl gladly zips her lips by saying, "Don't worry. It's our secret!" Lucas thankfully thanks her again, before telling her, "Oh! Hold on!" He opens up the back passenger door, and pulls out a large brown teddy bear with a red scarf around its neck. Lucas nervously notes, "Since your... other one got kinda crispy..." Holly grabs the new bear, hugs it deeply and coos, "Oooh! Thank YOU!" She gives Lucas a hug as well, including a quick peck on the cheek. Lucas doesn't know how to react to the affections of the formally annoying brat, simply going with the flow and nodding with a positive look on his face. The door to the house opens up, and Dr. Zaskin races out, crying, "Holly! Ha!" The small girl rushes over to him, shouting, "Daddy!" He picks her up and hugs her & her new bear tightly. Zaskin exclaims, "It's so GOOD to see you! We were so WORRIED about you! How you doing? You alright?" She merely giggles, then waves to her former bodyguard, saying, "Bye, Lucas!" The humbled TF Officer grins and waves back. Doctor Zaskin also waves and smiles, just thankful his daughter is home, no questions needed to be asked. He takes Holly's hand, and happily rushes her inside. Lurking near the hood of his car, Lucas fails to notice his four teammates until they're right up on him. Jen taps his shoulder, catching him with a big smile and his hand still up in the waving position. He quickly puts his arm down, looks around coolly, and wipes the smirk off his face, returning to his big & silent type attitude. Jen asks with her eyebrows raised, "Hey! Thought you said she was a pain in the neck!" Lucas plays it off, confirming, "Oh, yeah. She WAS. I'm SO glad that's over with. C'mon, let's go." Wes halts him, by mockingly noting in a loud, caring tone, "Awww, Lucas!" He stops, and asks confused, "What?!" Wes concludes, "You're just a big softie at heart!" Lucas denies, "No, i'm not!", and tries going the other way. Wes chuckles, "Ohh, hahaha, am TOO!" Lucas' four smiling pals then gang up on him; Jen slapping one arm, Wes grabs his other arm, while Trip tries doing the same, but gets elbowed. Katie joyfully jumps on Lucas' back, wrapping her tough arm around his neck firmly. They all laugh, but Lucas doesn't find this so amusing. Since, as a bodyguard, he's obligated to "always love" Holly, but deny his feelings as she gets on that plane at the end of the mov... waitaminute, ...wrong bodyguard.

[Scenes from "The Legend Of The Clock Tower"; End Credits]

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