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Power Rangers Time Force
"The Legend Of The Clock Tower"
Original Air Date:05/19/01[Premiered as part of a full new hour!] Footage from:
Timeranger #25 - Don No Yuutsu (The Don's Dejection)
*Season 9, byte 17 [Note: This line always represents original airing order.]
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1108
*09th episode of PRTF [Note: Adjusted, see far below.]
*387th total Power Rangers episode [Note: Adjusted, see far below.]
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Yoshi Hosoya
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Jordan Belfi _AS_ Walter Brown
Lacey Beeman _AS_ Gwen
David Blayne _AS_ Drake
Marc Patrick Shaffer _AS_ Buddy #1
Mitch Gould _AS_ Buddy #2


Night has befallen upon the Silver Hills Clock Tower. Stars struggle to shine through the misty clouds filling the dark skies, and to fail in an attempt to outshine the bright full moon. In the central floor, located behind the large yellow clockface of the tower, Katie pulls down the rusted metal lever situated amongst the numerous gears. Said gears start to grind, as they churn back to life before Katie, as well as Trip, the two TF Officers smiling as their hard work appears to pay off. Everything looks to be working find in the dusty metal clockworks, prompting Trip to pat Katie on the shoulder and say, "I'm gonna go check outside!" She nods to her close pal, "Okay!" presuming to remain watching the gears triumphantly posing with her hands on her hips. Trip crawls out on the terrace, and hops down on the balcony near a stone gargoyle. He looks over to the side, catching a glimpse of the massive clockface. None of the black metal hands appear to be moving one inch. Trip, btw, is still wearing his bucket hat, despite not needing it to disguise his Xybrian forehead crystal. Must be a tough habit to kick. The bucket hat wearing, that is. Some people refuse to kick the bucket hat habit. Anyway, Jen spots the gears spinning, and taps Katie's bent arm, asking with a jolly smile, "Hey! Is it working?!" Katie confirms suspiciously, "I THINK we just about got it working." Lucas smirks and scoffs with a snicker, "Okay! You said that HOURS ago!" Katie elbows him sharply in the chest for that remark. Trip calls out from the terrace, "Something's not right! The hands aren't moving!" Katie's attitude shifts to frustration, as Lucas just looks at her smugly. Trip crawls back in, as Katie storms off, leaving Lucas & Jen smiling at one another amusedly. Katie & Trip inspect the spinning gears closely, with the green haired teen eventually spotting the problem. He points out a metal stick above, noting, "Oh-h, look! The pendulum rod is stuck." Indeed, the rusty old rod just cranks the nearby gear rapidly in the same spot. Katie looks up at it, and sees that the rod extends up to the upper attic. She announces, "I'll go check it out," leaving Trip to stare at the loudly squeaking gears some more. Katie heads off around one of the barely lit corners of the room, finding a cobweb covered stairway leading to the attic. She approaches with caution, having likely never been in that area before, not to mention the fact it's night (the time when all the creeps come out). Katie slowly sets foot on the first few steps, the boards creaking. Wes notices her doing so, and calls out, "Hey! I wouldn't go up there." Katie asks flatly, "Why not?" Wes expresses a strained loss of choice words on his face, simply offering, "Well, uhh... C'mere! I'll show ya!" Katie slowly backs down the steps, staring into the cobby, webby, and dusty void on the stairway above with inescapable inner dread.

[Opening Credits, Version 1.]

Wes opens up an old chest in the main room, and pulls out an old portrait of a young man. He holds the large painting in his arms, and walks across the room, explaining in an ominous tone, "This is Walter Brown. He used to live here. And legend has it... he STILL haunts the place." Wes shows Katie the picture, allowing her to get a good look at the colorless painting of the man with dark ponytailed hair, glasses, and colonial attire. At the table, Jen & Trip are playing chess against one another, while Lucas sits next to them and reads a book (likely "Zen And The Art Of Hair Primping"). They overhear Wes, casually turning their attention his way, while still maintaining their activities. Lucas asks in disbelief, "Haunts? You mean, by... ghosts!?" Wes seriously confirms, "Yep. They say he fell in love only ONCE. To the most beautiful girl in town." Katie is curious, asking, "So what happened?" Wes puts the portrait down, and reveals, "He NEVER had the courage to stand up and fight for her. HE was a coward. So he ended up living in loneliness. And THAT is why... he HAUNTS the tower. WAITING for his true love. So that he won't be lonely..." He starts gesturing his fingers eerily at Katie's head, adding to the effect of his story (to make up for the missing campfire & s'mores). Trip, despite the fact he's an alien with psychic abilities, scoffs at the ghost story, "HIGH-ly imPROBable!" Lucas concurs, remarking, "Highly riDICulous! (shakes head) I'm goin' to bed." He closes his book, and departs, prompting Trip to add, "Yeah, me too!" Jen, who had been resting her face against her hand boredly, has now slowly lowered it, smiling as equally entertained but as unpersuaded as the rest. Katie ignores their anti-Scooby-ness, and proceeds to sit down on a bench, picking up the portrait and admiring Walter Brown's romantic tale some more. She stares into it, and notes somberly, "A lonely ghost. That's so SAD!" Katie focuses on Wally's painted face, then glances upward, towards the attic section of the structure. She looks up through the skylight window, seeing a mysterious misty mix of moonlight and light cloud cover filling the sky.

Not much later, all is quiet in the Clock Tower, except for the hooting an owl (not to be confused with Circuit, their robotic one, who must be on migration vacation at the moment). Strange faint creaking sounds begin to echo through the room, causing Katie to open her eyes, though likely still rattled from that scary story so close to bedtime. She lies on her sleeping bag, on the second side of the second floor of the main room, right next to Jen, as always. Jen's snoozing away in her pink pajamas, possibly enjoying the lack of Katie snoring for a change. Anyway, the yellow pajama'ed Katie sits up suddenly, after hearing the paranoia-enhanced noises increase. She looks over at the clockworks, seeing the gears have all grinded to a stop (much earlier, before Wes' story). Katie begins to shake her pal's shoulder, whispering, "Jen! Wake up! Did you hear that?!" Jen groggily opens her eyes slightly, and groans, "I don't HEAR anything. Go back to sleep!" She pushes Katie's hand off her shoulder, and starts snuggling up to her pillow yet again. Katie's determined to discover the source of the sounds. She gets up out of her heavily padded bed, and goes to investigate. Soon, she's taken the liberty of getting fully dressed, and slowly makes her way to the attic stairway with a flashlight. Katie treads carefully, walking as gently as she can, aiming her torch at nearly every step in her path. The bright moonlight also helps illuminate the way, though not by much. Katie makes it to the top of the stairs, and enters the attic for the first time. She pauses, and waves her flashlight around the moody room, finding dusty storage boxes and other junk all over the place. Her intuitions pan out into a poltergeist, as before her eyes, a white, translucent spirit materializes! It's Walter Brown, staring longingly out the window. An eerie hum accompanies him, as his whole body shines with a bluish tint. Katie is spooked speechlessly, lowering her flashlight, and nearly going as white as the ghost upon witnessing the spirit. Walter's spirit spots her, and slowly begins to float effortlessly her way, his hair blowing around rapidly as if caught in the wind. Katie starts backing away from the ghost of the young man (makes you wonder how old he was when he died to be appearing at the same age as the picture). She cries out in protest, "Stop right there! DON'T come any closer!" Walter's spirit ignores her pleads, hovering towards her emotionless. Katie takes about two steps back, too fixated on the approaching living dead entity. She fails to notice that there's a steep drop of stairs behind her, and without warning, Katie drops her flashlight and plummets backwards!

Katie lets out a few restrained grunts, as she falls to her apparent demise. Lucky for her, though, one of those random events in the universe that Zordon & Alpha told us about back in "Wild West Rangers," a Time Hole, opens up behind her! Katie falls into the green & blue swirling vortex (nearly identical in colors to the Time Hole in "Clash For Control, Part 1"), dropping uncontrollably through the tunnel. She suddenly realizes that she's not about to break her neck against a series of wooden stairs, and panics, screaming, "What's HAPPENING?!" Katie does a few flips through the air, before falling through the dark end of the Time Hole, disappearing into the void in a blink of orange light. She emerges via that flash of orange light, dropping suddenly from a few feet off the ground. Katie screams as falls onto the dirt harshly, but upon hitting the ground, she's knocked nearly unconscious. Slowly, she opens her eyes, noticing that not only is it daylight, but she's no longer in the Clock Tower! Katie dazily looks at the straw-covered cobblestone road she's lying on, and becomes aware of two horses galloping her way at a fast pace. She's too disoriented from her trip through time to react quickly, and the men on the horses are too focused on being on their high horses to notice her. Katie barely makes it onto her feet, as the horses charge towards her. Suddenly, a man dashes out into the road, and pulls her to safety. The dark ponytailed haired, glasses and traditional colonial attire (i.e., from the Ben Franklin collection) wearing young man smiles gently, and remarks kindly to the strange African-American female in the bright yellow shirt, black vest, and camouflage pants, "You have to be more careful!" Katie starts to recognize the man, blinking rapidly and shaking her head slightly as she replies, "Oh... yeah. Thanks!" The helpful man, who is none other than the person from the portrait and the ghost from the attic, Walter Brown, looks across the street, and nervously tells her, "Oh, I-i I have to go. Good day!" Katie thanks him once again, as he rushes off to return to his duties. She starts to look around, seeing the area filled with various people of different sexes in old fashioned wardrobes. Katie gasps, "WHERE am I?!", as she gazes at the surrounding, old tymey courtyard. She sure ain't in 2001 anymore!


Katie begins to wander through this strange new... err, old town she's been thrust upon. The first thing she notices, is how classic the clothing is, with many of the men wearing ruffled long-sleeved shirts, and some with vests. Not to mention all the Cocked Hats, and other early era outfits the men are dressed in (think "Sleepy Hallow" and be done with it). The Women have on petticoats, bonnets, and such, with nary an ankle in sight! Nobody stares at Katie, oddly, though it's not due to her being black (since we see at least one fellow incredibly non-slave African-Colonial-American walking around). They just don't seem to be very judgmental, or are used to weirdos in bright clothing coming through town. Anyhoo, various horses and horse-drawn carriages ride by, with Katie wide-eyedly watching them all. She heads down the cobblestone street, and eventually comes across an open area of the town, discovering the loud chiming of bells in the near distance. Katie spots the source, recognizing it as, "The Clock Tower!" Indeed, her current... err, future home stands in the middle of what appears to be colonial Silver Hills. The layout of the place is obviously changed in the past two centuries (this is possibly circa 1801, since the Revolution has been won and Uncle Sam's favorite son has a job th... nevermind), given how situated in the township the Clock Tower is. The tower itself seems pretty much the same, though it's got a few different buildings built around its base, including a lovely water fountain. I should take this time to point out, that in our natural history, there was no Colonial California like this. This strange fictional history was established in the MMPR classic, "Return Of The Green Ranger, Parts 1-3." So, complaints about how history in PR doesn't jibe with our history should go to Shuki Levy, who came up with the idea that PR California was inhabited by the British as early as the 1790s. Katie gazes upon the familiar sight for a moment, and once the chiming ceases, she hears a dog barking somewhere around her. She turns her head, not spotting a pooch, but instead glancing over at one of the buildings beneath the tower, and seeing her savior (and source of her current predicament) Walter Brown! He's slowly walking towards a young, dark haired beauty near the water fountain. Walter removes his cap, and bids admiringly, "Hello, Gwen." Nobody in this town has an accent of any kind, by the way. Gwen, in a brown & white dress, stands on the sidewalk, holding a folded parasol, and gabs with a galpal. When he appears, she nudges the blonde woman away, and turns to Walter, her face lighting up upon greeting him, "Hello! I've been meaning to thank you for the lovely poem." Walter is speechless at her gratitude for his introverted romantic gesture, soon stammering with a wide grin, "W-well, I... uhh, I-I've got... I've got MORE, if you'd like to read them." He pulls out a rolled stack of parchments from inside his vest, offering them to her. Gwen smiles, and replies, "I'd LOVE to."

Just then, a tall, brown haired man comes out of a nearby establishment, with a permanent tough-guy look on his face. He glances around, and when he sees Walter happily conversing with Gwen, his angry expression turns even more furious, as he shouts, "HEY! What're you doin'?!" Gwen turns and looks at her boyfriend, as Walter explains as innocently as he can, "We were just TALKING, Drake." Drake, now joined by his two lackeys, steps up to the 80-lbs weakling, and notes, "Yeah? Well, i'm not payin' you to talk to my girl. GOT IT?!" At that last remark, he shoves Walter, pushing him not only into the street, but causing him to land into a stray pile of horse crap! Walter looks down at his manure-covered rear end, as a horse whinnies loudly in the background, likely angered by the defiling of his recent steaming load. Drake & the two lackeys get a laugh at his expense. When Drake prepares to continue the public humiliation, an offended Gwen gets in his way, and demands, "DON'T, Drake! Leave Walter alone!" Nearby, Katie remains standing in the same spot, and finally recalls where she knows the Horse Pooperer from. She gasps to herself, "Walter?!", and then flashes back to Wes showing her the portrait of WB (not featuring a frog, thankfully), while saying, "THIS is Walter Brown." Indeed, the picture was painted at a less turd-reeking moment in the gentleman's life. Gwen's halting of Drake pays off slightly. He pushes Gwen's hand aside, and then orders his paid servant, "I want that WHOLE wagon unloaded TODAY." The two lackeys (aka Buddy #1 & Buddy #2) chuckle at this like a Colonial Beavis & Butt-Head. The wickedly grinning Drake stares at the disgraced Walter, before grabbing Gwen's arm roughly, and pulling her along with him as he rushes off and shouts, "C'MON!" Gwen lets out a piercing scream of, "Let GO of me! That HURTS!" The two lackeys remain behind, one punching his palm intimidatingly at Walt, before the other laughingly shoves him away, as the two then follow behind their dark lord and master. Walter finally stands up, in more ways than one, calling out to the foursome, "Hey! You shouldn't treat her that way!" The four pause in their tracks, with Drake letting Gwen's arm go as they turn around, all stunned by his sudden display of being a fellow vertebrate. Walter gulps deeply in terror, Gwen slowly shakes her head, and Drake begins walking towards Walt, asking twice offhandedly, "WHAT did you say?!" The two lackeys look at one another and snicker, ready to enjoy seeing the chivalrous chap get pounded into dung yet again. Katie seems quite impatient, with a bit of anger brewing on her face. Gwen raises her eyebrows hopefully, only to have Walter gradually lower his head in shame, backing down in the face of danger. He replies to Drake, who's right up in his face, "Nothing." Gwen seems incredibly disappointed that he chose to stay out of their domestic dispute. Drake remarks smugly, "Hehe. Coward." He helplessly watches as Drake returns to his gang, uncomfortably leaving him no choice but to remain a solemn whipping boy.

Soon, Walter starts to unload the various bags of feed or whatever from the cart, as Drake is paying him to do. Katie interrupts his chores, by coming over and gratefully saying, "Hey! I didn't get to thank you. That was brave of you to help me back there." Walt smirks, and sadly states with a hint of sarcasm, "Yeah, well... that's me. Brave." He returns to struggling with the bags, the heavy sacks proving too much for his frail arms to manage lifting. Katie sees his distress, and offers, "Mind if I help you? I... kinda OWE you one!" Walter slings a bag nearly half his height over his shoulder, and sexistly (though fitting with the times) replies, "Thanks, but... These are WAY too heavy for a girl." He heads around the cart, as she bemusedly lifts her brow, and comments. "Ohhhh, REALLY?! Huh." Walt chucks the bag onto the rather small stack of a few others near the establishment Drake came out of earlier. He seems pained by this hard labor, and while taking a moment's rest, he turns and witnesses Katie coming his way, with three bags flung over each of her shoulders! Walt stares agape at this sight of the mysterious visitor from the future, lifting six sacks without breaking a sweat. Katie smiles, and quips, "Strrrronger than I LOOK!" He finally overcomes his surprise, by gasping breathlessly, "Gosh." (Katie'd better watch out, or else Walt will fall in love with HER instead!) Not much later, just in front of the Clock Tower, lies a local tavern (the exact same room that will one day become the Nick Of Time Odd Jobs office!). Inside, among the various townsfolk, far behind two men strenuously engaged in an arm wrestling match, sitting at one of several tables in this popular pub, are Katie & Walter, each with a silver goblet in hand. Walt raises his drink in a toast, bidding, "Thank you for all your help." Katie does the same, tapping her goblet against his and humbly replying, "It's the LEAST I could do." They both drink up whatever it is that people of this time drink, likely something of the 80 Proof variety. Notice, they sit right next to the piano, but even though someone is shown sitting at it, no songs are heard. Walter quietly looks around, and muses to his new drinking buddy, "You know my father BUILT the Clock Tower? He could build ANYthing. But me? Ahh... I could NEVER do anything with my hands." Katie appears interested, nodding continuously. Walter motions his hands, prompting Katie to reach over and touch them quickly, as she chuckles and notes, "You MUST be good at SOMEthing!" He nervously reaches into his vest, and pulls out the folded stack of parchments, explaining in an honest manner, "I-i like to write poetry." He hands the papers over to Katie, who reads off the first line on the wrinkly text, "Your smile is as gentle as a summer breeze." She then excitedly comments, "These are BEAUTIFUL!" Walt smiles, at least two for two in the female demographic of enjoying his poems.

Suddenly, Drake and his two lackeys show up, with the head man shouting out, "Walter? What're you doin' sittin' around?! I told you to unload that wagon!" Walt grabs his poems quickly out of Katie's hands, and confidently tells the bully, "I've already finished." Drake echoes in disbelief, "Finished?!" Lackey #2 confirms in a very Confederate accent, "He's RIGHT, Drake. The wagon's TOTALLY empty!" Drake annoyedly exclaims, "THAT fast?! A skinny wimp like you?! No way. Hehehe. You had help! You can't even wipe your own NOSE without help!" He elbows his lackeys, prompting them to join in on a short round of laughter at Walt's expense. Walter's about to put his poems back in his vest, when Drake darts over, snatches them up and shouts, "Hey, what's THIS?!" Walt tries to stop him, but the bully is too swift. Drake slowly opens the parchments, and remarks mockingly, "Well, lookee here. Poetry! Haha! I LOVE poetry." Walt turns away, embarrassed and humiliated yet again. Katie watches Drake with anger, then looks at Walter with compassion. Drake reads aloud the first poem, "Her smile as gentle as a summer breeze, that carries the morning wren. Her voice as sweet as a whippoorwill, no other girl but Gwen!" He and his lackeys snort, chuckle, and guffaw at this for a moment, until Drake does a double take to the pages, shouting aloud, "GWEN!? You're writing poetry about MY girl!?" Drake starts to rip the pages to shreds, when Katie finally speaks up. She grabs his arm, halting his poem-defiling in mid-rip, demanding, "HOLD it RIGHT there, Drake!" For a second time today, Katie makes good use of her super-strength, clasping the bully's arm tightly, and forcing it downward against his attempted protest. She slowly rises from her seat, staring at the widened-eyed Drake with her enraged glare, while telling him, "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?!" Walter grows afraid of backlash, whispering, "Katie, don't!" Drake acts tough, despite his being overpowered in front of the entire tavern, and states, "If you WEREN'T a girl, i'd..." Katie asks straight out, "What?! You'd WHAT?!" She then looks across the room, prompting one of the lackeys to step out of the way, as her sight falls upon the front counter, where the two men from earlier are still in the middle of arm wrestling. They've stopped, as caught up in this current dispute between customers as everyone else (including the ale wenches!). Drake's eyes bulge, as Katie taunts, "How 'bout it? You and me? Or are ya SCARED?"

Moments later, they're both sitting at the table, with Walter standing by Katie's side, and the lackeys on Drake's. Lackey #1 releases his hand from Katie & Walter's locked fist, shouting, "Go!" Immediately, with whimsical period-piece music playing in the background (the jig-dancing type), the struggle begins! Drake gains the upperhand at first, lowering Katie's hand to the table, with his neck-veins popping out. Katie just casually allows him to do so, with an eyebrow of hers raised and her lips pouting. Drake is overcome with confidence, Walter seems despaired, and the lackeys are excitedly urging, "C'mon, boss!" Just when it seems to be over, Katie tightens her grip, causing Drake to expand his eyelids. She begins to lift his arm up, slowly but surely, and while he expresses strain on his face, she expresses nothing more than boredom! The lackeys are stunned speechless, as are the other patrons witnessing the arm wrestling bout of the century. Drake seems to be retaking control for a second, inspiring cheers from the lackeys ("Yeah, yeah, yeah! You GOT her!"), but she's just pausing to jerk her head around, cracking out a kink on her neck. Walter smiles joyfully at this sight, of both their arms caught in a stalemate back where they started from. Katie finally puts an end to it, but ceasing to hold back, and giving Drake all she's got. With a mighty thrust, Katie sends Drake flying from his seat, and slamming against the floor and taking one of his eager lapdogs down with him. The crowd of people in the tavern erupt in applause and cheers for Katie, who basks in the glory of teaching the bully a lesson. Walter's also happy, though his moment of relief comes to an end quick, as Drake is helped up to his feet by the lackeys. He pushes his two pals away in a humiliated fit, before screaming at Walter, "You're FIRED!" The trio of troublemakers storm out of the tavern, and the crowd slowly disperses. Katie stands up and attempts to comfort Walt, gently telling him, "I am SO sorry. I didn't mean to get you fired." Used to losing, Walter brushes it off and remarks with a grin, "I'm GLAD for what ya did. Been dreamin' about doin' it MYSELF someday. But it's not gonna do me any good. It's just gonna make him angrier." Walt's smile fades, and he walks off with his head hanging low, as usual. Katie somberly lets him go, unable to figure out a way to boost his self-esteem. Walter goes behind her, and heads up the stairwell towards his room in the Clock Tower above.


Soon, Gwen is daintily walking along the sidewalk, with her parasol folded in one hand, and a basket in the other. She departs the market area of the township of Silver Hills, and suddenly hears the sound of her boyfriend's voice nearby. Gwen follows it, finding Drake balking to his lackeys in a stable, "He's sweet on my girl! NO ONE writes poetry about MY girl but ME!" One of his henchmen quips, "But you can't even write your NAME, Drake!" The other one laughs. Gwen peeks into the stable, and sees Drake proclaiming, "So what?! I don't NEED to write MY name! Everyone KNOWS who I am!" He picks up a shovel off a bale of hay, and urges his two buttmonkeys, "Come on! It's time to teach that little coward a lesson!" Lackey #2 pulls a Skull, by concurring, "Yeah, yeah! Let's teach him a REAL good lesson, boss!" Gwen slowly looks away from the stable, gently shaking her head in dismay. Momentarily, Katie exits the tavern. She pauses on the sidewalk, and watches a horse-drawn carriage passing by. Gwen races past Katie from out of nowhere, charging into the tavern very quickly. Katie watches her go in, but doesn't have time to wonder what her urgency is. The bell tolls in the Clock Tower above, turning Katie's attention its way. It appears to be 2 in the afternoon, judging by what we see on the rather nice clockface exterior shot (with the sun gleaming from behind the tower). Inside the main clockface room, the clockworks are running smoothly, keeping perfect time with a low level of gear grinding noises. Walter Brown's bedroom is in place of where the TF Rangers will one day hang out, with his Queen sized bed in place of where their picnic table will once be. He lies on top of the bed, staring into the ceiling in worried contemplating, with an open book resting atop his stomach. Gwen calls out from the stairwell, "Walter? Are you here?" Walt sits up on his bed, when his lady love enters the room. He puts his book aside, and walks over to her, saying with as much admiration as surprise, "Gwen! What're you doing here?!" The raven haired beauty removes her bonnet, and walks closer to him, admitting, "I've come to WARN you. Drake and his buddies... they're MAD and they're coming to get you." Walter instantly turns around, prepares a bag, and begins tossing his clothes out from a wooden dresser and onto his bed. He looks at Gwen, and softly replies, "Thank you for telling me." She smiles coyly, and nods. Walt starts packing his clothes into the bag, as fast as he can. Gwen, her body aglow with the filtered light of the room, begins to walk away, stopping suddenly and adding from the heart, "Walter? I'm REALLY gonna miss your poems. And I know that someday, that i'll be able to read a WHOLE book of them." He stops packing, and merely stares deeply at her. Gwen returns the gazing gesture, her eyes nearly sparkling as she looks him for as long as she can, before walking away. Walt watches her leave, and simply accepts the loss as yet another emotional injury inflicted upon him by his own pacifist ways.

While he's packing what little amount of clothes he has into that tiny bag, Katie comes up the steps in a hurry, and enters the (drastically decoratively different) main clockface room, telling him flat out, "Walter! You CAN'T run forever!" Walt agrees to disagree, saying, "I'm NOT running forever. I'm just running TODAY." Katie counterpoints, "And TOMORROW they'll be some OTHER bully. There's gonna come a time, when no matter how scary it is, you HAVE to stand up for what you believe in." Walter ignores her wise advice, hanging his bag over his shoulder, picking his hat up off the bedpost, and retreating from his apparent longtime home. He passes by Katie, who freezes him in his tracks by asking, "Well, do you believe in GWEN!?" Walt stands there for a moment, thinking that part over, answering affirmatively only by stopping at all. He puts his hat on, and continues on his way, never replying back to the odd superhuman female from the future. Katie appears quite frustrated with Walt's reluctance to grow a backbone, but accepts his decision. Momentarily, outside the Clock Tower, Walt sits on his black horse, and looks up at the clockface. It reads 3:30. Looking at his father's monument to time, that will end up standing the test of time, one last time, Walt then motions his horse, and he rides off in the opposite direction of the sunset. Just after he departs, Drake and his two lackeys appear in front of the water fountain. They stare up at the Clock Tower, one lackey slapping the handle of the shovel against his palm, intently. Drake holds his arm and shouts, "Come out here, you coward! We're gonna settle this thing once and for all!" They wait patiently, but get no reply. When the front door to the tavern slams shut before them, they glance downward, and see the one person they feared to see: Katie! She stands with her arms on her hips, informing them fed up-ly, "Walter's GONE. You scared him off the same way you do anyone you don't like. EXCEPT me." Drake's ready to rush her, until she stresses that last part. Katie starts walking at him, boasting, "Bullies like YOU don't scare me. In fact, you... make... me... LAUGH!" Which each trailed word, Katie pushes the stunned Drake back a little, culminating in Drake ending up shoved into the fountain! The bumbling lackeys aid him in getting his thoroughly wet behind out of the fountain, and like usual, he smacks one aside for trying to help out. Drake grabs the shovel out of the other's hand, and charges towards Katie. She ducks under the surprise swing, and when he tries swiping it back around, she blocks the metal digging tool with her forearm, grabs it with her other arm, and then kicks his feet out from under him! Drake's knocked into a well placed wicked basket just big enough to fit his soaking wet rump.

Drake struggles to get out of the basket no avail, drawing quite a crowd of gasping onlookers. The two lackeys are agape for a moment, before finally attacking their pal/boss's assailant. The first lackey throws a mighty punch, which Katie ducks under, allowing him to continue on with his uncontrollable momentum. The second lackey tries to hit her, but she blocks it, then brings her other arm up to punch back. He squeals in fright, so Katie uses her other arm instead to swat him aside onto a rather easily shatter barrel! The first lackey is backey... ahem, back, frantically flaying his arms around. Katie blocks all intended blows, then hits him in his gut. He's dazed, giving her ample cause to push his Cocked Hat down over his face, and the top of it inward, sending him stumbling backwards blindly. The second lackey seeks some Donkey Kong related revenge, as he rolls a nearby barrel towards the distracted Katie, who gets knocked off her feet by the sudden rolling keg. The two lackeys (including the first one, who finally fixes his hat) rush over, and pick Katie up off the cobblestone street. She's not on her top form for some reason, letting each of them grab her arms, and hold her helplessly in place. The townspeople snicker and laugh, as Drake gets out of his ass-basket, brushes himself, and approaches Katie, remarking, "Huh! We'll see who laughs NOW!" Before he can get close enough to even attempt to harm Katie, Gwen pops up, and swings her folded parasol at her boyfriend's back! He not hurt physically, more emotionally by this betrayal, as he turns and yells, "What the?! YOU'RE supposed to be on MY side!" Drake swipes the parasol out from her hands, causing her to tremble with fear as he angrily seems to be ready to use it on her in return. Once again, he doesn't get the chance, as a man's voice calls out, "Don't you DARE!" Attention is turned to Walter Brown, who's ridden back in on his horse. Gwen stares longingly, and ever hopeful, at her gallant soft-shelled knight. Walt steps off his steed, and demands with reassured spirit, "Get away from her." Drake, going for the overacting award for a first year in a row, replies with ever-bulging eyes, "BIG mistake! You should have KEPT running!" Katie is held still in place, though struggles, and can't seem to break free. Gwen is cautiously helped away from the impending fight by a kind constable. Drake & Walter circle one another in the town square, just beside the drizzling water fountain. Drake slams the parasol onto the ground, and Walt ditches his hat & satchel. Once a half circle has been completed by the combatants, the first blow is launched. Drake lunges forth, trying to hit Walter with a high punch. Walt ducks. Drake stares cross-eyed at the empty space where a bruised Walter should be. He quickly turns around, and charges back at Walt, grabbing him tightly and kneeing him in the gut! The crowd oohs and ahhs, with a woman screaming, as Drake flings Walter into the air, causing him to land harshly on a tipped over cart of hay. Katie expresses agony at the sight of that fall.

Drake triumphantly turns around, and marches over macho-ly to finish the job. The two lackeys remain holding Katie in place, each with malicious grins on their faces at their boss's success. Drake tries to land a sharp kick into Walter with his boot, but the quick-reflexed weakling rolls off the cart of hay, avoiding the deadly heeling. Gwen watches this, her face trembling still, with her hand slowly lifting towards her gasping mouth. Drake grabs Walter, and forcibly pulls him back onto his feet. He prepares the tender teen for yet another beating, only to have Walt slips under his arm, and run for his life! Wally don't get too far, as Drake grasps his vest and yanks him back, tossing him against a crate of chopped wood. Katie breathes heavily in fear for her recent acquaintance, no longer focusing on getting freed, but rather thinking of what sort of fate awaits him thanks her to interference in history. Walter rests against the crate of wood, having avoided getting splinters in his face by a narrow margin. He glances over at Gwen, who stands idly by, clasping her hands together against her bosom, smiling pleasantly, and nodding supportively. Walt knows what he must do. Drake screams aloud, as he throws all his weight into one last punch. Walter turns around, and slides down. The moment Drake gets within arm's reach, Walt drops on his knee, cowers his head beneath his armpit, and aims his fist into Drake's groinal region! Katie's worried expression begins to ease up dramatically. Drake slowly opens his eyes, and continues opening them until they're quite wide. Drake groans deeply, and suddenly topples over in agony, clutching his nu... err, his lower stomach region. Walter holds his fist outward in a locked, stunned position for a brief couple of seconds. He stares at his surprisingly mighty hand, as Drake groans in intense pain from a single punch packed with a lifetime of pent-up abuse. Katie smiles, and between scenes, the lackeys ease off of her, since their leader has been dethroned. Walter stands up and looks down upon the permanently disgraced bully lying in a fetal position on the ground in front of the entire township. Gwen walks over to Walter, and happily remarks, "I'll be reading more of your poems after all!" Walt smiles back at her, offering, "As many as you want." They continue smiling and gazing into each other's eyes lovingly, until Walter asks, "May I walk you home?" Gwen bats her eyelashes and nods joyously, not about to point out that it's the middle of the afternoon. Katie begins the applauding, clapping first, and starting a wave of cheers. Even the two lackeys find themselves clapping for their former victim! Gwen takes Drakes arm, and the two walk arm-in-arm through the sea of adoring spectators. The clapping continues, and the townsfolk seem to follow Walter & Gwen home, leaving Katie standing next to the fountain. She smiles, having played little more than the Jiminy Cricket role in helping him become a real man. Katie's left standing alone, when the sudden chiming of the bells clangs through the air. She instantly looks up at the Clock Tower, seeing that it's 2 O'Clock yet again! Katie's stuck in a time loop forever! Ahhhh!

Oh no, wait, she's not. The Clock Tower has morphed (using advanced technology called 'the dissolve shot') into her Time Force team leader, Jen! The Pink Ranger repeats, over and over, shaking her teammate's unconscious body in an urgent tone, "Wake up!" Katie slowly opens her heavy eyelids, and eventually looks up at Jen, who stresses, "Ransik is attacking! Let's GO!" The fully dressed Jen marches off, leaving Katie groggily lying on her sleeping bag. She finally sits up, and notices to her surprise that she's not only back in 2001, but she's wearing her yellow pajamas again! How had she gotten back from the past? Why can't she remember changing clothes? Had she even gone back in time at all? Is all of THIS the dream, and she's really lying in a pool of her own blood on the attic stairs? The bed-headed Katie doesn't have to time to answer those questions. She just hazily looks around for a moment, pondering as best she can quietly, when Jen shouts from below, "KATIE! Hurry up! Let's go!" Katie finally shakes off her intensely detailed sleepfest, and gets her yellow tail a'moving. On the way to the battle, our heroes are caught in a Flashback Hole, and thrust into recycled Cyclobot footage from "A Blue Streak." Oh how I wish I were kidding. Red & Blue Ranger race through a line of robodrones with their Chrono-Sabers, cutting them down spark & smokily. Green & Pink Rangers use their V-5 & V-3 weapons back to back, claiming again to be doing something Jen calls, "Double team 'em!" Yellow Ranger walks solo through the field, shooting down every Cyclobot in sight with her V-4 cannon. We've SEEN this all before. I dunno about you guys, but it'd rather see more footage of Drake clutching his batch in agony than to have to deal with a pointless recyclobot scene. But that's just me, you guys probably wanna peek in the window as Gwen & Walter "write poetry together". Bfflt! Anyway, the cheap reuse cuts off quickly, as Pink Ranger ditches her V-5, and calls out, "Let's finish this, Katie!" Yellow Ranger confirms, "You GOT it!", as she approaches with V-4. Red Ranger suddenly has his V-1 out, and summons, "Vortex Blaster!" The five V weapons instantly come together into a cohesive cannon, with our five Time Force Power Ranger heroes bracing themselves around it. Their target? An unnamed, unvoiced (aside from grunting) mutant. He's a blue, robotic-type cop mutant with a fangy mouth drawn on his chest. Let's call him "Cruel Senturion", for lack of anything worse. Anyway, the creature growls as he's caught in the targeting system, the green screen suddenly flashing "Lock On" as it gets the oddly staggering monster on lock. Red Ranger orders, "FI-RE!", and that they do. The Vortex Blaster unleashes a double chimed bolt of pure bluish energy into the mutant, swirling around and blasting into Cruel Senturion.

That Vortex Blaster blast wasn't enough to refreeze the angry Cruel Senturion, merely igniting his body in a raging flame. The near-mute mutant grunts and grumbles, likely spouting some cliche had they given him a paid voiced actor, before reaching down and ripping the gold & black patch from his thigh. The mutant DNA is exposed, expands, and Cruel Senturion grows gigantically. His nightstick-arm also grows, actually becoming a tad bit bigger when the mutant's in massive mode. The TF Rangers look up at the corrupt mutocop, all five antsily moving about. Red Ranger notes, "This isn't GOOD!" Yellow Ranger presses her Chrono-Morpher wrist, and summons, "Circuit! We need the Megazord!" Instantly, we see the year 3000 A.D., as the first Time Flyer is loaded onto the revolving turntable of the Time Force runway. Trans-Warp Megazord's arm is ready, as the female computer voice calls out, "Launch in 4, 3, 2, 1..." Trans-Warp swings his arm, and sends Time Flyers 4 & 5 zooming down the runway. All five Flyers travel in a single file line through the Time Gate, and then line up side-to-side inside the multicolored swirling time vortex. In 2001, Cruel Senturion turns around, waving his arms and grunting. The Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue has been formed between scenes. It dives downward from the sky, firing its Time Jet Blaster at the mutant. Cruel takes the lasershots in his chest, and groans even louder as he sparks. As smoke overtakes his blue body, the mutant suddenly vanishes from sight! Mode Blue lands on the debris-covered ground (Cruel took out a few buildings, we see), and starts looking around. In the Control Room, Red Ranger remarks, "I don't SEE him!" The Megazord prepares its Time Jet Blaster, cautiously aiming it forward and turning its head limitedly. Wes appears in a fade-shot over this action, claiming, "He's GOT to be here SOMEwhere!" Mode Blue keeps searching, finding nothing but silence. That is, until Cruel Senturion reappears, bashing the Megazord's left leg out from under it with his nightstick! Mode Blue falls on its back, allowing the enraged mutant to viciously beat his billyclub into the downed Megazord. After two strikes of brutality, Mode Blue fights back in the only way it can without a camera taping the incident, namely picking up its Time Jet Blaster and unloading it near point-blankly into the rejected Village Villain's chest! The mutant stumbles backwards with each burst of energy, still holding a handcuff in his left hand. TF Megazord in Mode Blue recovers to its feet, and just when it's about to fire its Time Jet at the fellow colored creature, Red Ranger activates, "Megazord- Mode RED!" The transform scene is skipped, all the way to the head being formed and the Saber popping out of the chest-gem vortex. Yellow Ranger gasps, "Whoah! Wes! Use the Saber!" Red Ranger does just that, clutching his control grip, and shouting, "Megazord Saber, online! Full power!" His control stick turns into a smaller Saber remote, which he whips around, with accompanying hiyahs. The Mode Red Megazord holds its Saber outward, and creates the standard green clockface. Cruel Senturion stumbles, walking wearily and slumped over, having taken quite a beating from the blasting. Red Ranger slashes the sword-remote through the air, prompting Mode Red to flash its eyes green, and do the same with its Saber. The gold & black trailing slash rips through Cruel, causing him to groan, but suddenly freeze in place. Mode Red puts its Saber in clockface mode again, lets it countdown to 12, and the mutant unfreezes. He yelps, "Whoah!", sounding an awful lot like Neil Kaplan, before exploding massively. Mode Red lowers its Saber and poses in the foreground, as the fireball expands into the air. We never see Cruel Senturion shrink, but it's more or less implied that he became Chrono-Frozen again. Or DOES it?!


Just after the battle is over, our five heroes return to their humble abode, the ancient Clock Tower. Exiting the stairwell, and walking into the main clockface room, Katie (wearing her usual outfit, having changed out of her pajamas apparently quickly before the fight) explains her trippy dream to her teammates. She motions her hands, and says with enthusiasm, "And I turned around, and there was Walter. And for the FIRST TIME, he stood up to Drake, and won. He took Gwen's hand and walked her home." The five stop in the middle of the room, with Wes confirming, "I KNOW. And they got married and lived happily ever after." Katie agrees, "YEAH, in my DREAM! Bu-but in real life, you said he lived a life of loneliness. W-which is why his ghost haunts the Clock Tower... ?" Wes looks at her confusedly, correcting, "Whoa-whoahh, I didn't say THAT! In real life, they got married!" Katie expresses equal confusion, asking, "Wait a minute. Are we talking about the SAME guy?!" She heads over to the wooden trunk from the previous night, opening it up, and picking the centuries old portrait out of the box. Katie stares at the painting in awe, gasping at the drawing of two happy people instead of a single lonely man, "Walter AND Gwen!?" Wes comes over, and comments with a grin, "Yeah! Like I said, it's NO dream. They got married, and lived happily ever after!" Katie can't take her eyes off the portrait, breathlessly noting, "It REALLY happened!" Lucas approaches, and facetiously remarks, "Don't you know?! There's no such thing as GHOSTS!" Almost on cue, the large brass bell hanging overhead instantly tolls loudly, just once. All five TFs turn their attention to it, stunned by the fact that the Clock Tower isn't running, and therefore the heavy bell had no reason to ring naturally. Katie remains in one spot, while the others converge beneath the bell, seeing its metal tongue wagging back and forth. They're speechless, until Trip looks at Jen & Lucas, asking, "W-who did that?!" The bell continues rocking gently, pushed by an unseen paranormal force. Katie glances back down at the portrait. Gwen is wearing a rather nice white dress, and Walter is also dressed nicely for a change. She stares at his face, and notices he not longer wears glasses! Did Katie's interference in time cause him to get his vision corrected in one of the many beatings by Drake? Probably not. Katie looks up at the bell, and smiles, realizing it's a sign from the freed spirit of the Clock Tower's former owner.

[Scenes from "Trust & Triumph"; End Credits]

[Why this episode should take place closer to production order than airing order: As always, when an episode is filmed at a certain point, but aired out of sequence, placement is disputable. There are certain facts, though, which should not be ignored. The Rangers would more likely attempt to get the tower working earlier, rather than later. The attic was seen, all cleaned up without an ounce of dust or cobwebs, in "Uniquely Trip." The opening credits here match the pre-Eric era. Though it's 1108 in prod, the capturing of a mutant means it has to be just after 1109, which begins with a look into the containment freezer. "Cruel Senturion" wasn't in there! (though some think he may have been an early, non-Zirium powered robot of Frax's, and therefore could have easily been destroyed, and not shrunk. Or, if you really wanna stretch it, just have "Jen's Revenge" first segment take place before this episode). This episode heavily sets up Katie's greatest fear in "Future Unknown." She knows, from this episode's first hand account, just how a time traveler can truly effect preexisting history, whereas as we see here, Katie doesn't seem too aware of the impact of history alterations. Yet in FU, she's quick to fear the worst when she learns her own history may be in the breaking. Also of note, is how she became a bit more quelled when Wes showed her the picture of her family. She saw in this episode, a single picture can speak for evidence of how history has or hasn't changed. Not only that, but her reacting to the bell tolling in 1111 takes on a WHOLE new meaning with this episode occurring just two eps prior. These are VERY logical reasons, and while not needed to know to enjoy the episode at all, do make it fit a bit better in a grander scheme when shifted elsewhere. But unlike certain fascists, I present all the facts to you, and allow you to make your own decisions as to where this ep goes. Mine just matches more of what the producers intended than what one lone senile fan thinks SHOULD be their intention, and thinks that's what you MUST think, too.]

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