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Power Rangers Time Force
"Trust And Triumph"
Original Air Date:06/02/01 Footage and some story elements from:
Timeranger #25 - Togireta Shinrai (Broken Trust)
Timeranger #26 - Shinrai no Byouyomi (The Countdown of Trust)
*Season 9, byte 18
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1118
*18th episode of PRTF
*396th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Additional Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Alex (uncredited!)
Roy Werner _AS_ Captain Logan (uncredited!)
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Steve McGowan _AS_ Turtlecon (voice)


Inside the Silver Hills Bank, the intense lack of proper security is once again exploited by the money-hungry mutant brat from the future, Nadira. Cyclobots have captured all of the tellers and patrons, rounding them up forcibly. One poor guy is held against the clear glass of one of the walls by a Cyclobot, rather painfully smooshing his face. Nadira's on the other side, tauntingly smooching her lips against the glass opposite his face. She taps her fingernails against the glass opposite his hand and bids, "Ta-ta!" Nadira turns around and excitedly squeals out some wicked laughter, with her fingers wiggling anxiously for the recently stolen loot. She takes a bag of money from one of the nearby Cyclobots, a group of them standing near the front exit. Nadira looks at the cash, and her laughter fades as she disappointingly decides, "I want more!" She "harumps", storming back into the bank to continue emptying its apparently endless vault. Just outside the front doors, though, help has arrived. Crouching down and hiding behind some parked cars, are the Time Force Power Rangers! Each one has their V-Weapon out (aka their Vector Weapons, aka their Vortex Blaster components), clutching it tightly and at the ready. Pink Ranger commands, "Okay, here's the plan. When I give the signal, WE'LL force her out of the bank, and then Wes? YOU arrest her." Red Ranger nods, replying affirmatively, "You GOT it!" Jen urges Blue Ranger to follow her by saying, "C'mon!", while Yellow & Green head off in the other direction. Wes sticks around in place, stating with concern, "Be careful, guys." Inside the bank, the Cyclobots continue grabbing bags of money, while another Cyclo is shown playing 'made ya flinch' with a hostage woman. Nadira dashes across the room, to a pile of money, squealing again as she picks up several handfuls. She confidently remarks, "Oh, YES! LARGE bills will do JUST fine! Hehehehe!" Outside, Pink Ranger whispers, "Everybody into position." She & Blue Ranger duck down near one of the side doors, trying to remain out of sight, with help from the various shrubbery. On the opposite side of the building, Yellow & Green Rangers do the same, their large cannon weapons sticking out like sore thumbs (the Chrono-Blasters are far more practical for tactile sneak-attackiticles!). In front of the building, Red Ranger leans against a vehicle, getting his V-1 weapon aimed and positioned. Wes speaks into his Chrono-Morpher, confirming, "Standing by!" On the side, Jen whispers a reply into her Morpher, "Let's do it." Other side, Katie also talks softly into her Morpher, stating, "We're right behind you." She then looks to Trip, asking, "Ready?!" He nods and responds, "Ready!" Yellow & Green quickly stand back up, and begin to make their move. Elsewhere, Lucas opens the side door, letting Jen in first, and shouting, "Alright, GO!"

Suddenly, the sound of screeching tires pierces the air in front of the bank. Red Ranger looks around, and when he spots the source as being the two Silver Guardian SUVs, he gasps with a closing frustrated grunt, "Oh no! Those guys are gonna ruin EVERYthing!" The SUVs pull to a stop, and the red beret-wearing squad Commander, our old buddy Eric, steps out first. He glances around, and gives a few hand signals to his troops. The platoon of navy-blue uniformed Silver Guardians pile out, and begin to position themselves against various support beams and vehicles. They pay no attention to the guy in the bright red & white suit standing nearby, instead focusing clearly on the bank. The funny thing? The bank probably has to pay the SGs more to guard the place than Nadira is stealing! Wes grunts frustratedly again, and flanks across the parking lot, over to the Commander. Red Ranger tells his reluctant ally, "ER-IC! We're in the middle of a PLAN! You GOTTA pull your team BACK!" Eric removes his sunglasses, and smugly informs his former classmate, "Sorry. We've got a JOB to do, here." Several more SGs race around the lot, preparing for the worst. Finally, the front doors swing open, with a pair of Cyclobots exiting and tossing hundred dollar bills freely into the air! Red Ranger's Chrono-Morpher beeps, with Jen urgently noting, "Wes! Here she comes!" Wes replies, "Alright!" He tries to rush to the front of the bank, but the area leading up to it is blocked off by several Guardians positioned together. Red Ranger grunts as she realizes he can't get in that way, and hurries around the vehicle to find another vantage point. Eric, meanwhile, draws his SG Blaster, and joins his troops.

Wes pushes a Silver Guardian aside, trying desperately to get over to the bank entrance. Nadira comes charging out of the bank, skipping daintily with each hand filled with money, and squealing happily at a high falsetto pitch. Red Ranger makes it around the SGs, aiming his V-1 and screaming, "Nadira! FREEZE!" Instantly, Nadira stops in her tracks, and smiles as she spins her body around, whipping her white leather cape up, and teleporting away in a flash of pink light. The Cyclobots behind her also teleport out, in a zap of blue, taking the bags of money with them. Wes darts into the spot where Nadira had been a second earlier, finding only a rain of bills which she tossed into the air before escaping. The front doors remain open, allowing the four Time Force Officers within to see their teammate standing with his head hanging low in defeat. They lower their weapons, and rush out to him. Pink Ranger asks loudly, "What HAPPENED?! You were SUPPOSED to cover this exit!" Wes replies truthfully, "Eric and the Guardians! They..." Jen cuts him off, angrily telling him, "Just SAVE it. Let's go." The other three TFs immediately follow her as she storms past Wes, who pleads, "Guys! Wait! I... Guys! C'mon!" They oddly just look at him, remaining silent and walking on by. Wes sighs defeatedly, lagging behind his disillusioned teammates. Eric watches this, intrigued, and soon remarks with slight contempt, "Nice work, Wes." Red Ranger looks at him for a moment, likely realizing his sarcasm is correct. Silver Guardians are shown assisting traumatized citizens out of the bank in the background. Wes lifts up his V-1, and slowly heads off into the parking lot.

[Opening Credits. Version 1, without Eric, despite how he's in this ep!]

Soon, at the Clock Tower, Wes sits on top of the picnic table, and endures a speech from the angered team leader. Trip, Lucas, and Katie all stand around a box that Circuit is sitting on in the background, keeping out of the scolding ceremony. Wes listens patiently, as Jen motions her hand and stresses, "I SPECIFICALLY told you to stay at that exit, and you DIDN'T." He speaks up for himself, explaining, "I KNOW. But YOU didn't see the Silver Guardians pull up!" Jen argues, "Wes, I DID see them!" He asks matter of factly, "You did?! You saw them!?" Jen seems hesitant to answer at first, but finally admits, "Of COURSE I did! And I was changing the plan until you decided to go it alone!" She walks around him, as he stares at the floor, and the others watch silently. Jen sighs, and tells him a little calmer, "Look, the ONLY way we can work as a team is if we trust each other. But after this morning, how am I supposed to trust you?!" Wes has heard enough, and defiantly stands up, causing Jen's expression to flare as he admits, "OKAY, okay. So I messed up! But you know what, Jen? Trust is a TWO-way street." She's perturbed by his remark, asking, "Meaning WHAT?!" Wes explains for the whole Time Force crew, "You expect us to TRUST you to lead us? No matter what you say, we DO it. But YOU don't trust US enough to open up! You never let anybody in." He tilts his head around Jen's, and asks the other three, "Guys, am I right?!" They fail to respond, and when Jen turns her head around, the three fear their leader's wrath. Lucas quickly picks up a book and buries his face within it, Katie stammers uncomfortably, "Uhhh....", and Trip instantly begins to wipe off Circuit's beak. Wes smirks, since their silence proves his point. Jen returns to arguing with him, stating furiously, "I am NOT here to open UP to you. I am HERE to capture Ransik!" She turns her back to him and starts to walk off, when Wes actively points out, "SEE?! See?! And THAT'S what I mean. It is ALL business with you, Jen." She pauses, folds her arms, listening to him while facing away. Wes reminds her, "Now, I KNOW you said you liked me." Trip, Katie, and Lucas all look over from their nonchalant tasks at the mentioning of this. Wes continues, "But tell me. How am _I_ supposed to trust YOU, when I don't even know who you are!?" Jen spins around and faces him, glaring daggers at him. Wes just stands vindicated, lifting his eyebrows and begging for a retort with his body language. Jen is speechless, unable to argue with his correct reasoning.

Out in the forest, is the tipped over Prison Ship. Inside the central detention hall, Ransik stands beside the mutant of the day, a grey armored creature with a golden scalp beneath a clear glass dome, later named Turtlecon. This is because he's sort of a mutant robotic turtle (as was Jetara, I thought). Turtlecon holds a small device in his hand, and remarks in a gruffy voice, "That should do it, Nadira!" He and Ransik watch, as Nadira stands on a sunny beach with her pink hair down, wearing sunglasses, a hula skirt, a flowery bikini top, and a lei! There's a pink & yellow umbrella behind her, a beach chair, two tiki torches, and of course, beautiful blue waves of the ocean crashing against the sands. Nadira enjoys her fun in the sun, motioning her hands in a hula dance she likely learned from TV, and humming gently. Turtlecon presses a button on the gold & purple metal plate-disc device in his hand, and states, "Time to return to reality!" The entire beach, and everything but Nadira, dissipates in a warping flash of purple. Nadira, still wearing her hula-attire (and not a single white leather item among it) throws her hands up in the air for a second time today, and squeals joyously as the beach dimension fades into what was just the area around the central control console! Frax & Gluto stand to the side, awfully quiet. Nadira walks past them (and the Reanimator, which is still pouring smoke out, obviously having been used recently), exclaiming, "Haha! YAY! That was GREAT!" She stands before her father and Turtlecon, her happy demeanor giving way to her pointing out viciously, "But make SURE you send the Rangers somewhere super NASTY!" Turtlecon, with yellow and grey wires sticking out of his domed head, replies, "Of THAT you can be ASSURED!" Both he and Nadira giggle evilly, as the camera pans down to the device in his hands, as the purple lights on the sides flicker in rapid succession. Soon, in the city, various Asian citizens flee for their lives, as a band of gold-suited Cyclobots march through the lobby. At the Clock Tower, Circuit detects this, announcing, "Mutant at the Trade Center!" Jen & Wes are still facing each other as we last saw them, ending their quarrel the moment the robotic owl speaks. Jen snidely states, "Let's go do our JOB." Wes glares at her disgustedly, but follows, as do the other three. At the Trade Center, those gold-suited Cyclobots enter a computer room, scare off some teenage girls, and then open fire on the crowd with their Saber-Blasters. Once the people are sparkily scared away, the robodrones begin to trash all of the computer equipment in the room for no known reason.

Outside of the building, as Cyclobots round up more people in the parking lot. Around the corner, the five Time Force Power Rangers have made the scene, much as they did earlier. Strangely, only Red Ranger has his V-Weapon out and in hand. They peak around the corner, and prepare to strike. Pink Ranger orders her team, "Alright, everybody STICK to the plan." Blue, Yellow, & Green Ranger nod. Jen looks at Red, and asks facetiously, "Do you think you can do that, Wes?!" Red Ranger lowers V-1 and sighs exhaustedly, snapping, "Will you get off my back!? I'll DO my part!" Pink Ranger clenches her fist, and angrily notes, "Well, THIS time you had BETTER!" Lucas, his arms folded, adds with far more warmth than the leader, "We're all counting on you, Wes." Jen commands, "Move out!", and that they do. Blue goes with Pink, while Yellow goes with Green (notice, Katie was fondling Trip's shoulder in the previous shot). Wes just lags behind again, trampling his feet against the garden soil. After waiting a moment, and lifting his V-1 back into a readiness stance, he flanks across the yard. Meanwhile, inside a purpley-blue subdimension nearby, Turtlecon is spying on our heroes. The mutant holds his transporter device in hand, and comments to himself anxiously, "That's riiiight. SAVE them." Inside the Trade Center, the four Time Force Rangers have their Chrono-Sabers out, each pair of TFs taking a separate section of the inner lobby. Cyclobots are shown harassing several women, causing them to cry out continuously, all regretting coming there to see, "The Vypra Monologues." Red Ranger is the last one to arrive, set up in his own position. Our heroes, despite having faced thousands of Cyclobots prior, treat this mission far more seriously than it actually is. Just shoot the damn robodrones and be done with it! But no, the plot can't have such logic. Jen shouts, "Now!", and the five all dash into the lobby at once. The point of having Wes by himself when they just regroup without fighting anyway is lost on every human being alive. Turtlecon takes advantage of their goofiness, by hitting a button on his transporter device, and chuckling, "Hope you HATE your new surroundings! Hahaha!" The central orb of the device begins to gleam brightly with pinkish energy, causing small spheres of energy to zip around. Blue, Pink, and Red Rangers suddenly race into a hallway together, with Jen demanding, "Hold it RIGHT there!" The moment she stops talking and the trio stop running, three pink power spheres swing around and strike them. They let out gasps of surprise, as their bodies become engulfed by a warping wave of urine-yellow light. It instantly fades, taking them with it, and leaving the scene free of all traces of the trio. Turtlecon presses the device again (which is now attached to the armored shell on his back), remarking, "Two more, please! Hahahaha!" More balls of pink energy stream off of the transporter, striking Yellow & Green Rangers without warning. The urine-yellow wave surrounds them, swallows them, and vanishes. Nobody comes to save the captured people, so apparently the Silver Guardians must not have been paid for this building, for a change.


Five beams of red energy materialize onto a strange, deserted beach, with a yellow-tinted atmosphere. The beams turn out to be the five Time Force Rangers, all dazed from the reluctant dimension-hopping experience. Yellow Ranger is the first to arise, looking around at the dimension, colored similarly to her powers, and asking, "Where in the world ARE we?!" The other four also get back on their feet, equally puzzled. Red Ranger adds, "That is, IF we're on our world." Suddenly, all five are struck by instant bolts of blue lightning, raining down from the sky. The TFs are knocked back onto the yellowish rocky ground, writhing in pain. Turtlecon's voice echoes through the area, announcing, "Welcome to MY dimension, Rangers! Meet you new hosts!" They look over at a group of five people walking their way. The smoke slowly clears, and the new, multicolored hosts begin to come into focus. Wes gets back on his feet, and gasps at the sight, "Whoa! Do you see what I see?!" He stares at the one in the middle, an exact duplicate Red Time Force Power Ranger! Wes, not mistaking the double Red for Quantum, admits, "I don't BELIEVE it!" Jen sees her Pink TF Ranger double approaching, and notes, "It's NOT possible!" Lucas watches the Blue TF Ranger double also slowly walking towards them, and corrects Jen, "It looks like it IS." The double Yellow TF Ranger keeps the same pace as her teammates, prompting Katie to say surprised, "MORE Rangers?!" Trip wonders, upon seeing the Green TF Ranger double, tilts his head and wonders, "Whose side are they on?" The five doppelgangers eventually stop dead in their tracks, keeping perfectly in line and in step with one another. Wes shouts from across the beach, "What do you WANT with us?!" The Double Timers, as they can be called, shift their shoulders as they all make one extra step closer, causing all five heroes to stir nervously. No answers escape the mute clones' helmets, instead Turtlecon speaks for them, his voice echoing from everywhere, "They have ONE purpose, and one purpose ONLY! And that is to destroy YOU!" Double Red whips out his Double-Bladed Chrono-Saber, prompting his teammates to do the same. They slash their swords outward, causing five bursts of energy to spew forth and hit each of their hero-counterparts in the chest!

The Double Timers ready their Chrono-Sabers for some more action, inspiring their flash-fried heroic twins to do the same. The true TF Rangers whip out their Sabers (in two sword mode, not connected Double-Blade), and prepare to fight. Pink Ranger stresses, "We HAVE to defend ourselves!" Red Ranger takes charge, commanding, "Let's DO it!" He meets his doppelganger halfway, the two locking Sabers perfectly. The Reds break off, and as they continue swordplay, the camera zooms backwards, showing the scope of the scene. Each Ranger is squared off against their color counterpart, in this mysteriously yellow-tinted beach dimension. More Saber-slashing occurs, with the evil Pink Ranger bashing her Double-Blade against Jen rapidly, before closing things out by switching into two-Saber mode and poking her twin in the chest. Lucas loses his Chrono-Sabers somehow, and ends up rolling across the ground. He quickly jumps up, launches himself off his evil twin's shoulders, and leaps into the air. Blue Ranger lands atop a hillside cliff above, safe for only a moment, as his doppelganger tosses a blue power bolt off his Saber at him. The cliff is blasted, and Lucas is sent hurtling towards the ground. Similarly, the two Reds send each other hurtling into the nearby ocean of kidney-water! Wes & his twin fall into the urine sea, only to pop out at the same time, and magically be able to stand atop the waves, facing each other. The good Red tries to slash at the bad one, but the bad one spinning jumps in the air, and splashily lands on the opposite side. More fighting between them happens, kicking, slashing, blocking, ducking, etc. This leads to Wes blocking his clone's Double-Blade attack with his two Sabers. As he holds them up, the double Red pushes downward, causing Wes to slowly sink into the water! Yellow light flashes as this happens, and the good Red TF Ranger disappears beneath the waves. On land, the two Yellow TF Rangers are locked in a tight grip. They lead one another around, until the evil one finally gives Katie a hefty shove, sending her flying through the air! She slams into the side of a mountain, embedded there painfully. Evil Green TF Ranger displays a move that we've only seen Trip use once before, that "Time Slide" maneuver. He spins around in place with his weapon-holding arms out, and begins to circle Trip, bashing into him like a vicious cyclone. The good Green can't move or defend himself, simply getting the sparks beat out of him.

Finally, Green Ranger falls, and his body rolls over to where his weary teammates are regrouping. Pink Ranger, clutching her shoulder, puts a concerned hand on Trip's shoulder. The five Time Force Rangers barely get time to breath, when their evil doubles regroup as well. Red Ranger points out, "They know ALL of our moves before we even DO them!" Evil Red TF Ranger grips his Chrono-Saber, and slowly aims its tip at the injured heroes. Still between dimensions, Turtlecon motions his hand as he gloats, "That's RIGHT! But guess what? You don't know ANY of theirs! Hahahahaha!" In the yellow universe, the Double Timers strike as one, each evil Ranger slashing downward into the chest of their counterpart with both Sabers at once. The five heroes fall, and lie on the ground, groaning in agony. Turtlecon simply laughs. Evil Red starts up the next round of cleaning the Time Force Rangers' clocks, by running his finger across his Chrono-Saber blade, Full-Power-ing it with red energy. Our heroes make the mistake of getting up again, allowing for the next stuff to happen. Evil Red jumps up and does a Time Strike on Wes; Evil Yellow does one of her Double-Blade black-background double-swipes into Katie AND Lucas; Evil Pink does her own Time Strike into Jen AND Trip! The five Double Timers (including the two who didn't do anything) jump backwards, and land facing away from their targets. They pose, as the real Time Force Rangers become all surging with bluish electricity. Our heroes then explode into a massive fireball, which quickly quells, causing them to fall back down, once more in internal agony. The doppelgangers turn back around, as if basking in triumphant glory if they had personalities. Pink Ranger struggles back to her feet, commanding with ragged breathes, "Let's take it up a notch. V-WEAPONS!" The five TFs instantly recover, and aim their V cannons at their diabolical clones. Predictably, the Double Timers do exactly the same, pulling out their own Vector Weapons, and aiming them at those aiming at them. Wes shouts, "FI-RE!", and both team of Time Forces unleash a completely equal burst of multicolored energy at one another. Perfectly stalemated, the ten beams of light crash into each other between the two teams, causing an explosion so intense, that both the heroes and the villains are knocked on their collective arses.

The yellow-smoke begins to clear, and Lucas is the first to spot the ramification of their combined attack. He gasps, "Woah. Look! Over there!", noting a large gash made in the structure of the dimensional barrier. Basically, a big gaping hole leading back to Earth! Our heroes get excited, despite their injures, with Trip stating, "Whoa! We blew a hole in the dimension!" Jen says enthusiastically, "Alright! That looks like our ticket OUT of here!" Wes urges, "Well let's get GOIN' then!" The five TFs get back on their feet, once more with feeling, and between scenes, they return their V-Weapons to wherever it is they keep them. They race away from the beach, towards the rip in the dimensional fabric, located near the mountain range. Their doppelgangers, ever the mirror images, follow right along behind them. Between dimensions, Turtlecon presses his transporter device, and says, "I'll close the tear before they can leave!" The device shimmers, firing off the usual balls of pink light. Red & Pink Rangers are the first to reach the hole, both leaping into the air and launching away from the yellow-tinted universe. They're far into the bright white light of the tear, when Blue, Green, and Yellow Rangers also hop into it. But by this time, the gash is quickly healing itself! Lucas, Trip, and Katie are in the middle of the hole's event horizon, when the entire thing shrinks into a spinning yellow vortex, sucking them right back in. They cry out, with Katie being the loudest, as they go down the dimensional drain, though apparently not back to the yellow-world. Jen & Wes demorph as they drop onto a sidewalk in Silver Hills, their bodies shining with red energy as they rematerialize in our dimension. Slowly, the duo arise, their faces all smudged up. A look around reveals the spot they landed at to be the one right outside the Trade Center from earlier. No sign of their three teammates, unfortunately. Jen repeatedly presses the buttons on her Chrono-Morpher, shouting frantically into the speaker, "Katie!? Lucas!? Trip!?" She keeps pressing the buttons, until Wes somberly remarks, "They didn't make it out." Jen sighs, but refuses to give up, ordering, "Come on", as she presses onward. He stands there for a second before joining her, thus showing signs of still having issues with her attitude. Back in the yellow universe, Turtlecon teleports in, and walks over to the Double Timers, who're just waiting around for their next orders. The mutant comments, "Those pesky Rangers are VERY tricky! But they haven't escaped from me YET!"

At the Clock Tower, Jen & Wes have cleaned their faces and reported in to Circuit, who sits on the picnic table and explains, "Turtlecon has captured them and has locked them in an alternate dimension with the Evil Power Rangers. And they won't STOP until they've destroyed all the GOOD Rangers!" Wes asks, "How can we get them out?" Circuit rotates around, and faces the Hologram Imaging Screen, bringing up a computer display (reading "Simulate" on the top) of a green wire-framed globe. Inside the globe are three dots, two green and one blue. An icon of the Electro Booster appears, and fires at the globe, as Circuit states, "You've GOT to break through the dimensional wall. Then, by firing an energy blast from the inside AND the outside at the same time, you'll SHATTER the dimension!" The Holoscreen shows this, as the EB icon shoots the green-globe's side just as a beam within it hits the same spot, causing the entire globe to vanish, right before the whole image is shut off. Jen eagerly volunteers, "I'll go back in." Wes worriedly looks at her, but seems to not want to express positive emotions towards her just then. Circuit turns back around, and stresses, "You two are going to HAVE to work together! Can you DO that?!" Jen nods slightly and looks at Wes, who looks back, continuing to appear worried, but for likely different reasons than concern for her well-being. Circuit takes this as a yes, and finally gets to do some ordering, by saying, "Now go to the portal, while I locate the target coordinates." Jen urges Wes to, "C'mon", as they both rush towards the stairs. Circuit stops them with one last reminder, "And DON'T forget! Unless you trust each other completely, it'll NEVER work!" Jen breathes deeply, hoping for the best. She slaps Wes' arm, and tells him, "Let's go!" He obeys without any protest.


In a dark and misty room, Lucas stands up, finding himself demorphed and looking sharp. Katie & Trip are also there, equally demorphed, and quite oblivious to their new, non-yellow surroundings. This strange new dimension they're in is quite familiar to anyone who saw Lightspeed Rescue, as it's one of the interior rooms of the Skull Cavern! Marble pillars everywhere, including a few broken ones. Mist rises off the ground, and behind the endless rows of pillars, is nothing but black space. It's most likely this isn't Skull Cavern, since the whole place was destroyed in the final ep of PRLR. But if TF takes place before LR, then there's no reason this can't be. Otherwise, dark & smokey pocket dimensions filled with marble pillars is quite the rage in the PR galaxy. Turtlecon is over in his own little blue & purple dimension, holding his transporter device in hand and demanding, "Evil Rangers, GET them!" Lucas notices the lack of two TF teammates, and figures, "I guess Wes & Jen made it out." Katie wonders panicky, "Well, NOW what do we do?!" Just then, the five evil doppelganger Time Force Rangers walk into the room, and silently face the trio. Trip quips, "How 'bout we run!?" Lucas encourages Katie by shouting, "C'mon, let's go!" The three make a break for it, running away from their crazy counterparts. The Double Timers follow right along, and this whole scene looks an awful lot like Ryan's flashback-dream from "Ryan's Destiny." Turtlecon activates his transport device, and laughs as the balls of pink light are shot off. Trip, Lucas, and Katie reach a mist-filled clearing in Sk... err, Bulk Cavern, when the transporter lights strike them and teleport them away in a warping wash of greenish light.

In our dimension, Jen leads the way towards the Trade Center, with Wes following, carrying the orange briefcase containing the Electro Booster components. They sneak around, hiding against the wall and behind support beams, keeping out of sight. Seems the Cyclobots are STILL inside the building, just standing around like mannequins. There's not even hostages around anymore! Jen sees the coast is clear, and whispers, "Go!" She and Wes race across the grass in front of a series of windows. Cyclobots are all standing in front of the windows with their backs turned towards them, and thus fail to notice a thing. The duo reach a set of benches and tables at a spot somewhere in and around the Trade Center, where Cyclobots are scarce. Jen sits at one table, and places down a black laptop she'd been carrying with her. NOT OJ must be getting some big business for them to be able to afford that thing (assume it wasn't Wes' previously)! The laptop is hooked up to Jen's V-5 cannon, which is lying on the table next to her. Wes sticks the orange briefcase onto the same table, and opens it up. Jen's fingers (with very-trimmed fingernails, another sign of how disciplined she is) type rapidly against the keyboard, the monitor displaying an icon of the V-5, with some green digital data and the word "Setup" at the top. Wes removes one of the predominantly white barrel-end components of the Electro Booster from the case, and attempts to attach it to the end of his Chrono-Saber. His hand shaking slightly, Wes fails to latch it onto the blade, instead dropping it onto the cement. He bends down to pick it up, and sighs deeply when he recovers the component. Jen, taking her eyes off the laptop for only a moment, continues typing and tells him supportingly, "Don't be nervous." Wes wonders, "How can you BE so calm?" Jen finally opens up to him, blurting out, "Actually, I haven't always been this way!" He asks, "Really?" She stops typing suddenly, and looks at Wes, realizing that now's the time to let her emotional guard down. Jen gets up and somberly walks away some, before pausing, and stating, "I'll tell you something i've never told ANYone." She turns and faces him, admitting, "When I was a rookie, I couldn't handle the pressure at ALL. I was just about to quit... That's the day I met Alex." Jen begins to smile, as her memories take shape before us in the form of a full-color flashback!

In the future, just outside of one of the Time Force training academies, a crew of several cadets exit the building. All are not only wearing the standard TF white leather jumpsuits, but the large black vests (as seen on some people in Ep #1) as well. The men and women seem quite excited, smiling and going on with each other. Jen, though, walks a bit slower, carrying her black & silver helmet in hand. The other cadets carry silver uhh, lunchboxes, but Jen? She's got a helmet. The crowd of cadets head off in one direction, as Jen stares at her helmet, and goes off towards another. Present-day Jen narrates, "He believed in me when no one else did." So lost in thought is younger Jen, that she fails to see her superior officer Alex walking her way. He accidentally bumps his arm into her shoulder, causing her to jerk out of her own world, and accidentally drop her helmet on the pavement. Jen, acting quite shy and nervous, gasps, "I'm... I'm sorry!", as she leans down to pick up her helmet. Alex quickly pauses her, and picks it up himself, brushing it off with his hand, and gently handing it over to her. He corrects her confidentially, "No. I'M sorry." Jen & Alex finally make eye contact. He gives her a slight grin, and after a few seconds, she returns the smile. Present-day Jen notes, "I KNEW right away there was something special about him." Notice, even then Alex wore his Chrono-Morpher. So he must have been a TF Ranger for quite some time! Some time later, at the white & blue Time Force Headquarters, Jen & Alex are in the red-lighted target range together. Jen aims her Chrono-Blaster at a hologram image of a mutant (Severax, from "Dawn Of Destiny"), and fires at it. Alex has his right hand placed underneath her ponytail against her back, with his left hand helping to guide her aim a little better. Present-day Jen comments, "Then he took me under his wing, and taught me everything I know about being a Time Force Officer." Her first shot fails to hit the bullseye, so Alex looks at her through his safety goggles, and points out the spot to strike. She nods, and fires her Blaster again. This beam strikes the hologram dead in the chest, causing its image to flicker and for a buzzing sound to occur, signaling a direct hit. Jen lifts her weapon and giggles at a stunned Alex, who impressedily notes, "That's not bad! Alright, let's do this again." He lowers her Chrono-Blaster holding hands, and guides her aim into position. In the central command center of the TF HQ, Jen, no longer wearing a black vest, stands before Captain Logan, with Alex on the side. Logan smiles proudly, and opens up a small gold case in his hand. He looks to Alex, who takes the gold-rimmed Time Force Badge out of the case, and presses it against her left breast, causing it to stick. With several other non-badged cadets behind her, Jen smiles widely and gives her superior a big salute. Captain Logan happily returns the gesture. They break off salutes, and she grins excitedly, looking over at Alex, who nods and gives a smooth smile back at her. Present-day Jen explains, "I don't know WHERE I would be today if it weren't for him. And when he put that Time Force Badge on me? Well, it was the PROUDest moment of my life! And I KNEW I could always trust him, like HE could trust ME."

The flashback fades, showing Jen in 2001, about nearly brought to tears by her backstory revelation. She & Wes stare at one another silently, until Jen eventually turns away from him, trying hard to fight from releasing any more bottled-up emotions. Wes sets down his Chrono-Saber, and walks over to Jen, attempting to comfort her as best he can. Just when he's about to place his left hand on her shoulder, he hesitates, drawing it back, before deciding to do it anyway. Right before he's able to lay a gentle hand on her, his Chrono-Morpher beeps, prompting him to pulls his arm away from her, and press the button. A hologram of Circuit's whole body appears, telling Wes, "I'm sending you the target coordinates NOW!" Jen turns around, and ends the touching moment permanently, as she presses her own Morpher's buttons (causing Wes' hologram to blink off), and remarks into it, "Good work, Circuit!" She sits at the table, and begins to type on the keyboard again. The "Simulate" display of the green globe from earlier reappears, with the same two green dots and one blue dot within. Jen notes, "There it is." She turns her head and looks directly at Wes, who's leaning down only a few inches away from her face. They stare silently again, until she nods, "Let's do it." He nods back, and they rush into action. Magically, between shots, all of the Electro Booster components have been loaded onto the Red Chrono-Saber. Wes picks up the completed weapon, and takes it away, leaving not only the orange case behind, but the laptop as well. $10 says they're both gone and being sold at a pawnshop in less than fifteen minutes. Momentarily, they morph offscreen. Pink Time Force Ranger peeks her head around a corner, with Red TF Ranger holding the Electro Boostered Saber in his hands behind her. Jen stresses, "Alright, this is it. If we mess up, they'll be trapped forever." Wes looks at his weapon, and promises, "Don't worry, Jen. You can TRUST me." She lifts her fist and nods. The two rush out into the building, going in separate directions.

In the purple & blue sub-dimension, Turtlecon boasts, "Time to continue our little tournament!" He presses a button on his transporter device, and it begins to shine, with the balls of light swinging around. Lucas, Trip, and Katie are released from between dimensions, and dropped as streaks of red energy into what looks to be the Very Murky Warehouse universe. They recover from their transdimensional dumping onto the cement, with Trip wondering, "Where ARE we?!" Once on their feet, and looking around at the darkened room filled with crates and barrels, Katie is the first to spot the only recognizable landmark. She walks over and points out, "Wherever we are, THEY've followed us." Stepping out from the smokey darkness, are the Double Timers, marching in ever-perfect alignment. Lucas lifts his left arm up, holding his Morpher near his face, and with a determined look, states firmly, "No more running. Ready?" Trip & Katie are by his side, each lifting their arms as well, and replying in unison, "Ready!" They motion their arms around, and command, "Time FOR... Time Force!" The Time Force Ranger morph appears in a three-on-1 screenshot, Yellow at the top center, green at the bottom left, and blue at the bottom right, with a raging fire between all of the gaps. The DNA strands are shot off in the digital data tunnels, and the three are transformed into their Time Force Power Ranger modes once more. They dash into action, but because we apparently don't have double suits, scenes change. Meanwhile, in reality, Pink Ranger enters the Trade Center, and walks into the same hall she got ambushed at earlier. Jen calls out, "Turtlecon! WHAT did you do with my friends?!" The mutant replies from his subspace seat, "See for yourself!" She's suddenly struck with a ball of energy, causing the yellow warp wave to wash over her, and take her back to the beach. Oddly, while it is the same beach, ALL of the yellow tinting is gone! Someone must have finally flushed. Anyway, Jen stands up, and exclaims, "Alright, i'm back!" She looks around, and with her inside-helmet visor displaying a countdown clock of 4:39 or so, she activates, "Begin scanning for firing points!" A male robotic voice (a first for Time Force!) announces, "Must fire in 4:37." Her visor scanner pinpoints a spot on the top of the mountain range nearby, and eagerly heads towards it, noting, "There it is!" In our world, Red Ranger ducks down behind a plant in the Cyclobot-less lobby of the Trade Center. He glances around, his visor scanning, as the clock reads what the male computer voice says, "3 minutes, 35 seconds till fire." Wes says as the blinking lights lock on to a certain part of the building, "Scanning for firing point... GOT it!" He looks down at his Chrono-Morpher for a second, before lifting the Electro Booster into readiness position, and vowing aloud, "Don't worry, Jen. I WON'T let ya down."

In the warehouse dimension, Yellow, Blue, & Green Rangers get the snot beat out of them by their Chrono-Saber wielding counterparts, plus the extra two. Evil Red & Evil Yellow take turns bashing Katie down, while Evil Pink & Evil Green double-team Trip. Blue TF Ranger leaps into the air with his foot out, inspiring his twin to do the same. They meet in midair, boot-sole to boot-sole, and freeze in a flash of light! As expected, the doppelganger triumphs, kicking Lucas' leg out, and punching him in the chest, all while still up in the air. Blue Ranger slams onto the ground harshly, with his teammates rushing to his side, Katie calling out his name concerned. He recovers from the fall, helped to his feet hastily by Trip, as the trio prepare for the next beating from their lookalike tormentors. The five Double Timers slowly approach, each holding their own V-Weapon in hand. Evil Pink looks away like she heard something nearby, and suddenly darts off from the scene. The trio spot this, and Katie asks baffledly, "Where's she going?!" Lucas hopefully thinks, "Maybe Jen's back!" This optimistic sign of backup distracts them from defense, allowing the four Evil TFs to get into position with their V Cannons. Lucas cries, "Look out!", but it's too late. The quadruple stream of laserbeams hit Yellow, Blue, and Green Rangers without warning, causing an explosion to burst up around them. Over in the beach dimension, the good Pink TF Ranger races across a stream as she makes her way through the forest atop the mountains. She carries her V-5 weapon in hand, and breathes raggedly while running. Jen's path is cut off just before a wooden bridge, when a storm of bluish electricity begins to rage around her. She pauses, and looks around, remarking, "WHERE is that spot? I've got to get as CLOSE to it as possible!" Her visor scans the scene, finding the spot in the line of trees above the old bridge. Her computer voice says, "2 minutes until fire!" Jen gasps, "THERE it is!" She begins to run towards it, when her doppelganger appears on the pebbled stream-shores in front of her. She regasps, "Huh?! Oh no!" Evil Pink fires her own V-5 at Jen, causing her chest to burst with sparks! Jen's V-5 is sent flying through the air from this sneak attack, landing on the pebbles some feet away. In the real world, Red Ranger lifts the Electro Booster up, braces it against his shoulder, and aims it at the spot pinpointed by his internal visor. Wes comments, "Okay. It's ALMOST time." The computer voice denotes, "1 minute." Wes holds his weapon steady, and whispers, "C'mon, Jen. We can DO this!"

In warehouse world, Yellow, Blue, & Green TFs arise from the ashes wearily. Lucas, his suit covered in soot, grunts, "We GOTTA hang on, guys. The others'll come through for us!" At the Clock Tower, Circuit sits on his perch, wings flapping excitedly as he remarks, "I SURE hope that they're ready!" At the mountain stream dimension, Evil Pink pulls a Time Slide maneuver, spinning her body around and beating her Sabered arms into Jen's body repeatedly. Good Pink is flashfried, and knocked down, recovering just to get Saber-slashed at a normal speed. Jen's knocked down again twice more, with the second one causing her to topple into the stream! In the real world, Wes holds the Electro Booster tightly, and anxiously quips, "Come onnnn...." In the other dimension, a waterlogged Jen gets back on her feet, clutching her chest and gloating to her vicious twin, "You haven't beaten me YET!" The countdown clock appears on the screen, with the computer voice counting down from 10 seconds. Pink Ranger lifts her arms up as the Evil Pink slashes both of her Chrono-Sabers into Jen at the same time. Her forearms spark brightly, but provide ample defense from the attack, allowing her to slap the blades away and give her double a punch to the chest! Her double downed at 6 seconds remaining, Jen looks over and wonders, "Now WHERE'S my weapon?!" Evil Pink isn't out for the count, getting back up with her Sabers still in hand. The clock hits 5 seconds, and Circuit exclaims, "Time's running out. HURRY!" At 4 seconds, Jen is quite a ways away from her V-5 cannon, but makes a mad dash for it anyway, with her twin just behind. At the strike of 2 seconds remaining (this clock must be on "double Mississippi" time), Wes rubs his finger against the trigger of the Electro Booster. The clock hits 1 second, and Pink Ranger dives for her weapon. Her evil twin jumps in and grabs her legs, dragging her down into the shallow waters. Jen manages to grab V-5 just as the clock his zero, and the computer voice announces, "Ready! Fire!" Suspension of disbelief gets stretched beyond belief, as Jen somehow gets the bulky cannon up into both hands while held down on the ground and only able to reach the dripping-wet, oversized handle with one weary hand. All in under a few nanoseconds. But hey, she does it. In the real world, Red Ranger fires the Electro Booster at the target, as at the exact same time, Pink Ranger fires her V-5 weapon at the matching spot on the opposite side of the dimensional barrier. The computer display shows this with the icons and the green globe, matching perfectly to simulation. The two beams of energy hit the targets simultaneously, causing a large yellow explosion with blue electricity.

Over in warehouse world, our three heroes somehow got the upperhand, and are Saber-slashing the four evil Rangers down when they're engulfed in the reddish light. They teleport away, while the doppelgangers merely vanish into nothingness. In the purple-blue dimension, with a few spots of green, Turtlecon feels the structure of the pocket area begin to rumble. He cries out, "My dimension! NO!" Suddenly, the whole area surrounding him shatters like glass, revealing reality below. Turtlecon screams as he falls, converting to a red streak of light as he passes back into the real world, landing flat against the sidewalk on his shell. The five true Time Force Power Rangers regroup together nearby, and watch as the mutant whines miserably, "My beautiful dimension is destroyed!" Red Ranger proclaims, "Now for ANOTHER dose of reality!" Pink Ranger holds her Time Force Badge outward, and informs the mutant, "YOU'RE going back to PRISON!" Her badge gleams with a golden light between her fingers. Turtlecon gets up, and refuses to admit defeat, "What?! NEVER!" Jen continues aiming her badge at him, announcing, "WE'RE Time Force. And YOU are under arrest!" Turtlecon motions his arms as he tells her, "You can't arrest ME! Because the only place i'm going, is UP!" He rips off the gold & black patch off his left thigh, causing his exposed DNA to expand, and for his entire body to grow to gigantic proportions. At the Clock Tower, Circuit summons loudly, "Time Flyers, online!" In the year 3000, the Flyers are loaded onto the Time Force runway, as Trans-Warp Megazord slaps his fist into them (after the female computer voice states, "Launch in 2... 1..." yet again). The five flying machines zoom into the Time Gate, pass through the swirling time vortex, and exit out of the top of the stadium. Red Ranger lands in the cockpit of his Time Flyer, and initiates, "Mode Red!" The Flyers converge around, and shift into the predominantly red mode of the Time Force Megazord. It pulls out its Saber and Shield, and lands in the city of Silver Hills. Turtlecon growls intimidatingly, before lowering his shell, and aiming the former transporter device at the Megazord. He shouts, "Duplicator, activate!" The orbed device glows, scanning Mode Red and creating an evil exact double of the Time Force Megazord out of nothing but pink light rays! In the control room of the real Mode Red, our heroes are stunned. Wes gasps, "Our Megazord!" Trip clutches his control grip nervously, and wonders, "How can we possibly BEAT it?!" Turtlecon replies, "That's the point! You CAN'T!"

Evil Mode Red lifts its Saber, and marches into battle. Good Mode Red meets it halfway, but because they apparently didn't have two suits of the same Megazord, their central confrontation comes in a slightly unconvincing face-off. As usual, the good Megazord gets Saber-slashed repeatedly, sparking continuously. Evil TF Megazord blinks its eyes, and does a charged slash through the good Megazord. This rocks the control room, prompting Pink Ranger to order, "We've GOT to try something else!" Red Ranger concurs, "Right! Mode Blue... NOW!" The Time Force Megazord in Mode Red breaks down into its Time Flyer components, and regroups into the predominantly blue colored mode of the TF Megazord. While still in midair, Wes yells, "Yay!", and aims Mode Blue in a fist-outward flying dive into the evil Mode Red. This is successful, but when Blue adds a drop kick, Mode Red anticipates it, and blocks the attack with its shield. Mode Blue is basically tripped, sending it descending onto the street, knocking the Rangers within around some. Evil Mode Red hurries over and drops its Saber into the downed Megazord. Though a spark bursts, Mode Blue manages to grab the blue and hold the Saber in its grasp, preventing future attacks for the moment. Turtlecon laughs wickedly, and demands for his mirror image creation to, "Hahaha! Finish him off!" Suddenly, the mutant's domed head is struck by several explosions from out of nowhere. He looks towards the source in surprise, witnessing the Time Shadow Megazord hovering his way! It has somehow managed to make the scene without darkening the skies, and takes full advantage of this sneak attack by slashing its blue double-blades into Turtlecon on its way by. In the control room, Katie excitedly denotes, "Hey, look! It's the Time Shadow!" Lucas, reinvigorated by this surprise (yet expected) assistance, urges, "Wes! Let's get back in this." Red Ranger agrees, shouting, "You GOT it!" He makes the TF Megazord in Mode Blue kick its evil Mode Red counterpart in the gut, causing it to stumble backwards. Mode Blue is vertical again, and now holding the Time Jet in Blaster mode in hand. Wes shouts, "Lasers, ONLINE!" Mode Blue charges up the twin barrels of the Time Jet with strange glowing blue particles. Once all the particles are loaded, and the Time Jet is aimed, Wes commands, "FI-RE!" Mode Blue pulls the trigger, and the series of sharp bolts of energy are unleashed. Evil Mode Red is struck repeatedly, unable to deflect the blasts with its shield. It crackles with blue electricity, and instant explodes into a massive fireball! Red Ranger mocks the destroyed Megazord clone, "You CAN'T compete with the original!" He then calls for, "Shadow Force, ONLINE!"

Time Shadow has already shifted into armor position, allowing TF Megazord in Mode Blue to spin around and land inside of it. The parts latch on, the blue-tubed Saber shifts into the yellow-gripped Blaster, and the yellow visor materializes around Mode Blue's eyes. Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue completes the transformation by standing in front of a brightly shining TF Badge. Turtlecon fearfully watches this, cowering his hands at the sight of the mighty machine. In the SF control room, Wes initiates, "Shadow Force, Time Target!" His control grip transforms in a blue light into a remote version of the yellow-handled blue-tubed Blaster-Saber thingy. Shadow Force in Mode Blue then launches into the air, and creates a green clockface between it and the mutant. Each of the 12 digits are shot out by the Megazord, causing them to land in a perfect circle atop the buildings surrounding Turtlecon, who confusedly asks, "Hey! What's goin' on?!" The 12 digit in place, the mutant freezes in a flash of green light. Red Ranger shouts, "Time BLAST!", as he aims his Blaster remote at the screen, and his own clockface display in front of it. Shadow Force in Mode Blue fires off a large ball of power from its weapon, dropping on Turtlecon and releasing him from the green-freeze, only to explode and cry out in agony. The burning freezes blue this time, allowing Wes to hold the remote Blaster in one hand, and motion with the other, "YOUR time's UP!" The screen-freeze cuts off, and Turtlecon resumes begin engulfed in flames. The explosion suddenly implodes, causing the mutant's armored body to visibly shrink into action figure form. His tiny, smoking, Chrono-Frozen body plops down onto the cement, with his transport/duplicator device on his shell rendered as totally harmless as the rest of him.


Soon at the Clock Tower, Jen, Katie, Trip, and Lucas are walking through the dark & cobwebby corridors leading through the stairways. Katie commends the leader on her V-5 handling, "Nice shooting!" Jen replies humbly, "Yeah, but we can always use more target practice!" As she reaches the steps to the top floor, Wes comes from the opposite direction, stopping them and offering, "That's why I want to show you MY idea of target practice. Come on! C'mon!" He grabs Jen's hand, and urges the whole team up the stairs. Once in their usual living room, Wes stresses, "You GOTTA see this!" He lets Jen's arm go, and allows the four from the future to stare in astonishment at what he's set up. The table, benches, and a few boxes have been rearranged at the far side of the room, near the clockface. Circuit sits on the table, blinking & wing-flapping, surrounded by small cardboard cutouts of numerous mutants! They're crudely drawn in colored markers, and while most are creatures we've seen before, a few aren't. From left to right: Fearog, Angelcon, Medicon, Mantamobile, Izout, Electropede, Ironspike, Redeye, "Grimmly" (from "Short-Circuited"), Jetara, "Punky Bruisester" (from ep 1 & 6), and an unnamed fat bug-eyed mutant from Timeranger #16 (who can be seen on a wanted poster in the Prison Ship, listed as "Extremely Dangerous"). Either these unnamed guys were fought offscreen by our heroes, or else Circuit draw their likenesses from his databanks. Jen chuckles softly at the makeshift shooting gallery. Wes lifts up a small toy gun, with tiny twin plungers for ammo. He grins and points to the weapon, urging, "C'mon. I'll show ya." Jen grins a little, not taking him too seriously. Circuit also encourages, "Give it a try, Jen!" After an awkward transition effect, Jen has the toy gun braced in her hands. She looks at it uncomfortably, but aims it towards the gallery anyway, squinting as she fires both plunger rounds at once. The small suction sticks shoot off towards the Ironspike cutout, missing him and Electropede completely! Wes and the other three snicker to themselves at their leader's poor shooting, with Lucas shaking his head in disbelief. The trio walks over, and Trip pats her on the shoulder. Jen plays it off, blaming the weapon, "Obviously, this gun needs readjustments!" Wes pats her other shoulder, and then takes the toy gun, stating, "Let ME try it." He pulls two more suction arrows (from inside of his white tanktop, of all places) out, and inserts them into the gun. Wes cockily looks over at them, and then fires the fire plunger, knocking the Ironspike cutout down instantly. Showing off, Wes whips his right arm around his back, and fires the second suction stick at the Medicon cutout, perfectly! He twirls the toy gun around on his fingers, and blows into the barrel. Trip shakes his shoulders, excitedly shouting, "Good job, Wes!" Everyone's impressed, including Jen, who scoffs, "Alright, hotshot!" Wes pulls two more suction arrows (out of the other side of his tanktop. Does he not have pockets elsewhere?), and loads them into the gun, saying, "Here. One more try." He hands her the gun, and this time she aims for Jetara. She holds both hands on the weapon, squinting as she takes aim. Wes reaches up and helps guide her arms steadied. Jen pauses, and instantly flashes back to Alex doing the exact same thing for her when she was a rookie on the shooting range. She stares at Wes, and thinks of Alex. He finally looks back at her, and figures with a smirk, "What, you STILL don't trust me?!" Jen nods, confirming directly, "Yeah, I do!" He brushes off her strange behavior, and returns to helping her aim. With his added assistance, she's able to fire both suction sticks at the Jetara cutout, taking it down. Wes chuckles successfully, and Jen smiles, the two standing quite close together, in both literal and figurative senses.

[Scenes from "Trip Takes A Stand"; End Credits]

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