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Power Rangers Time Force
"Force From The Future, Pt 2"
Original Air Date: 02/10/01 Footage & some story elements from:
Timeranger #01 - - Toki No Toubousha (The Fugitives of Time)
*Season 9, byte 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1102
*2nd episode of PRTF
*380th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Edward Laurence Albert _AS_ Mr. Collins
Additional Cast:
Eddie Perez _AS_ Guard
Jerry Kokich _AS_ Salesman
Philippe Bergeron _AS_ Chef
Douglas Fisher _AS_ Philips, the Butler
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Gluto (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Recap Narrator (voice; uncredited)


[Recap of "Force From The Future, Pt. 1"]

It's nighttime on planet Earth, a blanket of darkness covers a series of warehouses. Inside one of them, a security guard relaxes with his feet up on his table. Salsa music plays on the radio, his little rock water fountain thing flows freely, a goldfish in a tiny tank swims around, and a close up shot reveals he has a coffee cup full of pens with the words "New Year's Day 2001" on it. No indication that the cup is all new, rather one he's had for a few weeks, or even a few months (since he has a different cup near him full of steaming hot java). The guard reads a newspaper, until suddenly a rapid flash of light with a crack of thunder booms into the vicinity. He takes notice, lifting his hat, setting down the newspaper, and getting up to investigate the strange phenomenon. Whatever it was is still flashing a light, and making a squiggly noise (similar to the sound when Alex was struck down last episode). The guard takes his trusty flashlight/ nightstick with him, and ventures outside into the darkened alley. He grips the brim of his hat and starts at the source of all the flashing and squiggly noises. Needless to say, he's stunned by the sight. It's the purple mushroomed shaped upper section of the Time Force Cryogenic Prison! It hovers over the warehouses slightly, electricity crackling off its hull randomly, a side effect of having successfully navigated a Time Hole. Before the guard can even blink, four creatures teleport before him. Gluto teleports in via a sort of warping effect, Ransik via his digital pixel & lines of resolution, Nadira a flash of pink energy, and Frax a vertical set of golden lines. They march slowly towards him, so the guard does only what instincts tell him, and he reaches for his gun. Aiming the pistol at the four mutants, he shouts nervously, "Freeze!" They ignore his pleas, and once within close enough range, Ransik glares at him furiously, lifts his right hand up, and his extended fingertips glow with a bluish green energy. This causes the gun to be attracted magically magnetically to Ransik's hand, as it rips out of the guard's clutches and flies across the alleyway. It floats in front of Ransik's hand, giving Frax ample opportunity to inspect it. He snaps open his facial plate, and glances at the pistol with his bright pink eyes, stating in his metallic voice, "Hmm. Appears to be an early 21st Century weapon!" Ransik finally grabs it with his mutated hand, and literally crushes it into a mangled metal heap in his palm, before dropping it on the ground. The guard watches this in horror, now as frozen as he ordered the mutants to be a moment earlier. Nadira laughs wickedly, and struts over to the guard, wiggling the fingers on her right hand intently. She approaches the guard, and runs those fingers along his upper chest, smiling all the while. Nadira quickly grabs the neck area of his jacket, and proceeds to lift him up into the air! Holding the guard over her head, she demands sternly, "What YEAR is it?" He grunts frightenedly, and tells her, "Two thousand... and one!" Nadira thanks him by heaving the guard down the alley through the air. He slams into a well placed stack of empty cardboard boxes. Nadira turns around and wiggles her eyebrows with a grin. Ransik strikes his goatee, and ponders, "2001? Hehehe. THAT means, NO Time Force." He breaks into a fit of evil laughter, which prompts Gluto to join in with. Ransik turns around, whipping his cape up, and heads back towards the Prison Ship. Gluto & Frax just stand there, and Nadira follows a bit far behind.

[Opening Credits]

It's daytime on planet Earth. Guess I should stop saying that, since this whole series likely takes place on Earth. Anyway, on a secluded beach, the yellow sphere-like Time Force Time Ship has crash landed, after having barely navigated the time vortex. It's nestled just at the edge of the water, next to the side of a rocky cliff. Bluish smoke pours into the sky from its hull. Inside of the Time Ship, Circuit, the robotic Hootsy, yells to the top of his metal lungs, "Wake up! Wake up! The ship has a fuel leak! We've got to get out of here, right now!" (captions say "Right away" for some reason) Trip, lying on the floor, sees him at first in the form of a blurry set of yellow eyes with a blinking red light, until his vision clears as he awakens. The green haired Xyrian/Xybrian takes a moment to fully realize what's going on, but the moment he does, he instantly springs to his feet. The ship is a complete mess, fires are raging in certain areas, debris is everywhere, exposed wires are sparking, and as you can tell, the seatbelts in their chairs didn't help keep them fastened in too well! Trip shouts, "C'mon! C'mon, let's go! Let's go! The ship's gonna explode!", and shakes Katie's neck (better hope it wasn't injured!) attempting to get her moving. He rushes around the room, and heads over to the Time Force unit leader, Jen. She's against a wall, as unconscious as the others. Trip takes her face between both his hands and shakes urgently, yelling, "Jen, come on! Let's go! Let's go! The ship's gonna explode! Wake up!" She recovers groggily as looks around the room, the side effects of their first trip through time apparently quite rigorous mentally and physically. Trip rushes over to the last crew member, "Lucas, wake up! We gotta get out of here NOW!" Jen spots the yellow briefcase she had earlier in her possession, now under a pile of loose debris. She quickly grabs the handle and yanks it from underneath the remains of the center table, before heading for the exit. Lucas, still in his seat, staggers away in her direction, his face expressing pain. Trip returns to his gal pal Katie, and helps her up by the shoulders, encouraging, "Come on, let's go!" She coughs, and struggles as she rises from the floor. The four time-lost Time Force officers race out of the Time Ship, attempting to get as far away from it as they can. They don't get far enough, as the consoles within the ship suddenly erupt, and the entire spherical hull of the ship is atomized in a violent blast. Debris rains down all over the beach, and the blastwave at their back knocks each of the TF cops into the sand. Jen & Lucas are first to be shown tumbling to the ground. The screen blacks out, meaning these poor officers are once again knocked unconscious!

Some time later, the burning remains of the Time Ship pour grayish smoke into the sky. Katie stands up on the beach, and runs along through the smoke and fiery rubble, aimed for Trip. She helps him up, and whispers, "Thanks. We were almost history!", for the assist in getting the team out of there. Lucas, in the background, brushes his white jumpsuit uniform off. Circuit, propelled by his glowing yellow ass, hovers through the air and lands on the beach safely. He replies to Katie's remark, "Yes, you were! But luckily my Circuit circuits weren't damaged in the crash, and I woke you just in time!" (captions oddly read "And I saved the day!" instead) Lucas, his face as covered in as much soot as his teammates, comments aloud, "I wonder where we are." Jen races past behind him, and recovers the yellow briefcase from the sand beneath a chunk of burning debris. Circuit replies to Lucas, "I can tell you EXACTLY where we are. We're just northwest of the city called Silver Hills, in the year 2001." (which places the location on the west coast, since it'd be hard for an ocean to be northwest of a city on the east or gulf coasts) Trip is visibly shocked, as is Katie, who exclaims, "2001?! We've got to get back!" Trip nods in agreement. Jen, as the team leader, vetoes this idea. She opens the briefcase, and states, "We're not going ANY-where! It's OUR fault Ransik is loose. We aren't going back until we capture him!" Jen hands Lucas one of the Chrono-Morphers stored within the cushiony case, then another to Katie, and a third to Trip. They stare at the devices silently. Trip speaks up, "But, Jen... He already beat us once!" Jen takes the final one out the case, and notes, "True. But that was BEFORE we had these Chrono-Morphers." She tosses the empty case into the sand, and will probably have to arrest herself later for littering! Jen places the Chrono-Morpher over her left wrist, and holds it tightly against her skin. Suddenly, a ring of pink digital data washes over her entire body. With the scan completed, the Morpher blinks and says in a female voice, "DNA locked!" The other three Time Force Officers clutch their Morphers, and seem reluctant to attempting what Jen so bravely did. Trip & Katie look to Lucas, who nods affirmatively, and the three all place their Chrono-Morphers on their left wrists at the same exact time. Each are scanned with a stream of digital data, Trip's is green, Katie's is yellow, and Lucas' is blue. The female voice confirms, "DNA locked!", which means nobody's going to be swiping their Morphers anytime soon. A side effect of the DNA locking is that the silver strap arm band wraps around their wrist between shots. Lucas seems cool & calm about the whole thing, while Katie is notably excited with a chuckle, and Trip smiles profusely. Jen, who is still wearing her engagement ring where Alex placed it, grips her Chrono-Morpher wearing arm, and orders the team, "Let's go!"

Momentarily, the four Time Force Officers enter the city of Silver Hills. They walk casually through a crowded plaza area, tall, poised, and focused on their mission. The citizens stare at the jumpsuit wearing weirdoes, but generally keep their distance. The four pause in the middle of the walkway, their feet stopping in perfect well-trained unison. Jen mentions to her team, "They're bound to be around here. Go to scan mode!" Jen is first to do so, reach around her right ear and touching a small plastic implant with her index and middle fingers. This activates an instantly transforming pair of sunglasses! The silver frames expand around her eyes, and flash pink in the lenses before turning black. Lucas does the same, though his flash blue. Katie's flashes yellow, and Trip's glow green. I wonder if they always did that, or if they just started doing that now that they have a DNA lock on Ranger powers. The surrounding civilians are agape with the sight of this, one guy nearly choking on his drink. The four Time Force Officers stand in a circle, facing outward in a 360 degree view of the entire city of Silver Hills. The camera whips around them, all focused on their new task. Jen orders, "Let's go!", and the four split up to investigate the area. Trip, realizing he was aimed for a wall, turns and heads the other direction. Soon, Lucas is utilizing his special TF issue sunglasses. He sees everything in a blue tint, with a set of computer readouts all over the range of view. One of them is a DNA strand, another a kind of radar. Each person Lucas looks at is scanned in a yellow light and checked out to be human. Lucas says aloud, "There's nothing abnormal here, Jen." Trip, Katie, and even Jen do the same, each of their visions appears to be blue in tint with yellow light scanning all the people in the area. As it stands, the food court is completely free of mutant activity! Branching the search outward, we find ourselves following a man in a leather coat, his face unseen, as he carries a helmet over to his blue motorcycle. He sits on his bike, and places the helmet over his dirty blonde hair. The man pulls out his keys, and while swinging them around his fingers, he ends up dropping them onto the ground. He leans over to pick them up, just as Jen walks up nearby. She's so lost in scanning people, that she fails to see where she's going! Jen's pelvic region slams into the man's helmeted head, prompting him to quickly sit back up. She apologizes as best she can, "Excuse me!" The man, his eyes smiling beneath his visor, replies in kind, "Sorry about that!" Jen turns away for a second, but for some reason turns back a moment later, only to see him drive off on his motorcycle. She seemed to have recognized something about his eyes. Jen shakes her head, and continues on her mission.

Somewhere in a jewelry shop in Silver Hills, Nadira is in her more-human form once more. A salesman snaps on a set of silver bracelets over her black leather gloved hand (which matches her attire, a black leather sleeveless dress). He holds his hands in a praying stance (hoping for a sale), as the long pink haired woman tells him, "Thank you!" She pulls off her dark sunglasses and checks out how the jewelry looks on her. Nadira waves her hand around, admiring the set of rings and bracelets she has on over her fingerless glove. Doesn't take long for her to decide, as she breathlessly informs the salesman, "I'll take them... ALL!" The salesman states, "Wonderful! Will you be paying with cash, or credit?" Nadira reaches into her black leather purse, and pulls out a handful of something. She opens her palm and shows off a set of golden screws, asking, "How about... nuts and bolts?" The salesman doesn't get a chance to reply to her wicked grin, before she tosses the bagful of metal bolts onto the floor. Nearly instantly, the pile of nuts & bolts expand upward, creating a base robotic skeleton, and a dozen or so similar ones around the room. The skeletons finish forming in a golden flash, into an armada of Cyclobots! Some wear silver bodysuits, some have golden ones, but all have blade weapons in their hand as they stand at attention, facing their master. Nadira rips off her black leather outfit, and hurls it aside, revealing her normal white leather look. She laughs evilly, prompting the salesman to scream like a girl and run for his life. All the other costumers in the store do the same, fleeing the scene in a blink. The Cyclobots smash glasses cases and swipe as much jewelry as they can. Several Japanese customers end up getting harassed by the drones for no good reason at all.


At a bank in Silver Hills, Cyclobots get in a line, and aim their blade weapons into the room. They fire off concussive blasts, which cause lots of sparks, and lots of people to panic. The Cyclobots then proceed to loot the place, taking money out of the vault like crazy, not even caring as they drop bills everywhere. What do you know, more Japanese customers get harassed. A police car pulls up, its sirens blaring, only to find the road blocked with abandoned vehicles. Cyclobots have taken their Japanese customer war into the streets! They march around, walk up on people's cars, and even hop up and down on the police vehicle. Cyclobots finish robbing another store, rushing out of it with their bounty in hand, just before an explosion rips out from behind where they left. While this is all going on, Trip is up in a park area, near a small waterfall. He slowly glances down on the scene, and presses his fingers against the side of his sunglasses. The blue tinted vision zooms in and scans the Cyclobots' swarming on the citizens, confirming the DNA strand display, which says "Strand Data", and glows green as it shows an abnormal mutant helix. Trip lifts his wrist and presses a button on his Chrono-Morpher (which makes a warble sound effect, just like the Astro & Trans Morphers used to!), which activates communications. He speaks into it, "Jen, i'm picking up mutant DNA!" He grips his Morpher, and a hologram image of Jen's upper body appears over the top of the device. Jen, also gripping her Morpher, confirms, "I see it, too! Let's go!" The images cuts off, Trip nods and rushes to the scene. Lucas overhears this on his Morpher, inspiring him to look up at Katie, who is atop a flight of stairs. They nod to each other, and race to action. Down at the scene of the crime, the Cyclobots continue harassing dark haired people, while cars burn brightly throughout the street. Nadira, backed up by her moneybag carrying Cyclobot entourage, carries more silver & gold beaded jewelry around her hands than you can even find at Mardi Gras. Gluto is at her side, and since he's an expert when it comes to jewelry, he kisses up and says, "Nadira! You looks gorgeous!" She egotistically replies, "I KNOW, Gluto. But, feel free to remind me as often as you like!"

The four Time Force Officers finally make the scene (now all sunglasses-less), rushing in as a group of citizens rush on out. Jen pats on person on the back and urges them, "Go!" She and her team race up and face Nadira and her mutants. Jen demands, "Stop right there!", which causes Nadira to cease admiring her stolen goods and turn her attention to them. Jen points her finger at the mutant woman and informs her, "Shopping spree's OVER, Nadira!" Nadira is quite surprised to see them, gasping, "You!? HERE!?" Jen tells her, "There's nowhere to run this time." Nadira laughs, "I have NO intention of running!" Jen lifts up her Chrono-Morphed wrist, and shouts to her teammates, "Ready?!" The other three reply by lifting up their wrists as well, each with serious expressions on their faces. The four Time Force Officers get into a motion, swinging their arms around and commanding, "Time for Time Force!" This concludes with a pressing of Morpher buttons together at the same time. Nadira just raises her eyebrows, and appears disappointed that nothing happened. Gluto chuckles heartily, "Heh heh! Are we supposed to be scared now?!" The TF cops look baffled, each constantly pressing the Chrono-Morpher activation button over and over. The buttons make slight beeps, but nothing else happens whatsoever. Lucas asks the leader, "Why aren't they working?" She's clueless, worriedly telling them, "I don't know!" Nadira giggles wickedly, and throws her hands up (pitching all of the stolen jewelry into the air), before sarcastically clapping her hands and gloating immaturely, "Well! THAT was impressive.... NOT!" Jen grows visibly afraid, as Nadira orders her drones, "Cyclobots, get them." The army of robots come to life instantly, dropping all of the robbed money and readying their sabers. The fight is on, as Lucas rolls across the cements on his back, and gets into position to throw a high kick at one of the Cyclobots. He grabs another by the arm, and does a back kick into a third. Katie is nearly struck with a saber, but luckily she's able to grab the Cyclobot's arm, and hurl him away for a moment. The bot comes back, keeping her hands busy and kicking her in the gut. Trip does some fancy footwork, shoving a Cyclobot away, and spinning around off the ground as another attempts to cut his feet off.

The upperhand doesn't last long for our heroes, and soon Lucas is ganged up on and held restrained by the Cyclobots. Same goes for Katie, who is grabbed and restrained. She kicks a Cyclo's saber away, but gets gut punched again by another one. Trip is so caught up in fighting a drone, that another is able to kick him down easily. He falls onto his back, and nervously crawls up against a wall, as the Cyclobots aim their sabers at him. There's no telling where Gluto went, but Nadira is having a ball as she giggles loudly and leads Jen up the stairs and onto an upper level. She urges, "Hehehe! C'mon, come on! Hahaha!" Jen is furious, letting out a loud grunt as she begins to toss high kicks at the mutant lady. Nadira blocks each of the blows, before grabbing Jen and kneeing her in the gut. Jen attempts to punch her in the face in return, but Nadira deflects it. She then tries out a high kick of her own, exposing her white leather panties for all the world to see. Jen ducks down, and tries to throw another punch, to no avail. Nadira grabs Jen's hand, and squeezes it tightly. They face each other up close, both clenching their teeth and growling. Jen kicks Nadira in the knee, causing her to squeal and fall back slightly. Jen tries another high kick, to which Nadira falls backward and avoids, returning with a lower kick of her own. Jen does a cartwheel, and narrowly misses that attack. She stands poised for more action, only to have Nadira screech like a cat and toss another swift kick at the weary Time Force Officer. Jen is knocked into the air from the blow, landing atop a set of table and chairs with a loud groan. Nadira smirks successfully. A couple of Cyclobots rush over to Jen, and forcibly pick her up off the ground (the table had food on it, apparently, as she's lying in a pile of something). Nadira (in a shot which looks like it was filmed while it was sprinkling out) orders the Bots, "Finish her OFF!" Quite exhausted from the fight, Nadira turns away, whips her cape up, and activates her pink energy teleportation.

Jen angrily struggles with the two Cyclobots, finding herself too weak to escape their grasp. One of them knees her in the breast, as they both release her and start to punch and kick her up against a wall. She stumbles against it, clutching her bruised body, her face visibly pained. The Cyclobots raise their saber weapons up, and into blaster mode, aiming them at Jen. She stares back at the drones, appearing to be quite ready to join her fiancee in the afterlife. That is, until she hears a motorcycle zooming down the nearby street (the building she's up against is the old NASADA complex). Jen turns and looks, as do the Cyclobots, as that guy from earlier speeds up to save the day! He lifts his leg off the bike, and kicks one of the Bots down on his way by, sending the drone flying onto another of the plastic food-covered tables. The biker comes to a parking halt, as the second Cyclobot comes after him. He hops off and engages the robot in action, blocking blows and swiftly kicking it away. The other Cyclo recovers, and gets more of the same! Jen watches this, quite curiously. The biker grabs one of the Cyclos by the blade-wielding arm, and flips him over. The second tries grabbing him from behind, but he manages to break out of the lock, and flip the bot over his shoulders into a pile of debris. With both of the drones knocked senseless, the biker heads over to Jen, and holds her wearily staggering body steady. He asks muffled, "Are you okay?" before removing his motorcycle helmet and wondering clearly, "What was THAT all about?!" Jen opens her eyes widely at the sight of his face, she's stunned speechless by what she sees. She puts her hands to her mouth as she gasps deeply, staring at him without blinking once. The biker's face revealed, he's a blond dead ringer of Alex! The biker, later named Wes, remarks, "Whoa, what's the matter? You look like you've just seen a ghost!" Jen's eyes are swelling with tears, as she slowly lowers her hands, her voice breaking as she says, "I...", her mouth trailing off as she can't find the words to express how she feels to see her fiancee alive again.

The other three Time Force Officers, having freed themselves of their own Cyclobot problems offscreen, rush onto the scene. Katie heads to her teammate's side, and shouts, "Jen! Are you...?" She notices Jen's stunned expression, and looks at the man standing in front of her. Katie gasps, as does Trip, who begins to chuckle happily, "WOW!" Lucas, as calm as usual, states, "It's unbelievable." Wes, who wears a red turtleneck, smirks confusedly, "Whaaa?" Jen wipes the tears from her eyes, as Katie starts to manhandle Wes' face, squeezing his cheeks and exclaiming, "He LOOKS just like Alex!" Wes peels her fingers off his mug, and replies, "Whoa-ho-ho! Who's Alex?!" Jen comes to her senses, and yanks Katie off of Wes, informing him, "Nobody! Thank you for helping me, but i'm fine now." Wes is fine with that, casually remarking, "Okay! It's been a blast, but I gotta jam. See ya!" He takes his helmet, waves, and heads for his motorcycle. Katie says, "But...", just to have Jen hold her back and silence her quietly. Wes hops back on his bike and rides off down the street. Lucas curiously watches him leave, and looks at Jen & Katie, no words exchanged. (An alternate take of this was on one of the promos, showing all four of them together, with Jen holding Katie back, and Lucas pondering while crossing his arms and rubbing his chin). Later, the Time Force team has set up shop inside of a run down warehouse on the outskirts of town. Circuit sits by Trip on a crate, and says in his loud childlike voice, "Hey, guys! I've discovered the problem! It looks like the Red Chrono-Morpher is the key to the others!" Trip glances at his own, and reiterates while standing up, "Which means, until someone Morphs with it, the others can't be activated! But, it's encoded with... Alex's DNA." Jen doesn't seem to chipper at the mention of he deceased love's name. Trip continues, "So, we have to find someone whose DNA matches Alex." Katie says the obvious, "Well, hey! What about the guy on the motorcycle! (looks to Jen) You saw how much he looked like Alex!" Jen sternly arises and is adamantly against this plan, stating, "NO. I don't think it's a good idea." Lucas notes the reality of the situation, "It might be our ONLY chance, Jen." The leader of the gang quietly thinks it over, struggling to come to terms with her feelings versus the good of the team.


Somewhere in Silver Hills, lies the massive Collins Estate mansion. It was once featured on "The Lifestyles Of The Filthy Stinking Rich & Infamous". Wes, as it turns out, is heir apparent to the whole homestead and fortune! He doesn't take this legacy too seriously, being a teenager and all. Wes hangs out in the kitchen (now wearing a sleeveless vest, blue undershirt, and red tie), sampling the food which is being prepared for dinner that night. He's overwhelmed when a maid brings in a turkey, prompting him to sniff it deeply. Wes spots the chef putting the finishing touches on a chocolate cake. He takes the incentive to dip his finger into the white frosting and lick it up. The chef, a Frenchman, scolds him, "'ey-'ey-'ey! Get out of dere!" Wes pleads, "But i'm SO hungry!" The chef responds, "You're ALWAYS so 'ungry!" The young man snickers, and leaves the cake along. Philips, the butler, walks in, carrying two coat suits on hangers with him. Wes is named for the first time onscreen, when the butler speaks in a British accent, "Master Wes, you MUST get ready! Which would you like to wear?" Wes scopes out the two stuffy coats, and replies, "Hmm, how about.. neither! These meetings are so BORING!" He departs the kitchen, rubbing his hands. Philips quips, "That's why they're called BORED (board) meetings!" On the way out, Wes swipes an apple, and tosses it in the air as he passes through the lobby. Sitting on a bench, is Jen! How she found him is unclear, though it could be any number of reasons (his license plate, his face in a newspaper, Circuit doing a scan, whatever). Wes notices her, and asks Jeeves, err, Philips, "What is SHE doing here?" Jen stands up, and stares at her fiancee's doppleganger. The butler explains, "Oh, she's been waiting for you. Says it's VERY important." She nods gently, inspiring him to pocket his apple and head over towards her. Just then, Wes' father, Mister Collins (hopefully not Phil), walks in. He's an older man, wearing an expensive business suit. He says in a deep voice, "You're not going to be late, are you, Wesley? You know how I feel about punctuality." Mr. Collins enters the fo... the foer... the font room near the door, and takes his coat from one of the maids. Wes seizes the opportunity, and informs his father, "Ahem, actually, dad. I can't go!" Father is not pleased, jerking his coat over his arm angrily. Wes looks to Jen, and points out, "I have a DATE!" Mr. Collins exclaims, "A date?!" Wes leads Jen over and tells him, "Yes, this is my... friend!" She reluctantly follows, and introduces herself to his father, "Uhh, i'm Jen!" Collins, first name probably Barnabus from the looks he's giving her, checks out Jen's weird jumpsuit, and replies coldly, "Charmed." Wes adds, "And you always tell me to keep my commitments, so I told...", Jen reinforms him of her name, "... Jen, that I would take her out!" Mr. Collins the two a deadly look, but seems kinda amused by his son's resourcefulness. Wes chuckles nervously, then takes Jen by the hand and leads her out, saying, "Shall we?" She's drug along, and taken out the massive front door. Wes bids, "Bye, dad!", and shuts it behind him. Mr. Collins annoyedly looks to Philips, who simply smiles at the boy's antics.

Outside of stately Collins Manor, Wes holds Jen's hand as long as he can, and once out of his father's sight, he lets her go, pats her on the shoulder, and says, "Thanks. NOW we're even!" Wes grabs his helmet, and prepares to hop back on his motorcycle. Jen stops him, stating, "Wait a sec! I need to talk to you!" Wes straddles his bike, and smiles with a smug attitude, "You don't have to thank me again. Actually, it was kind of fun!" Jen sees his keys are still in the ignition, and she quickly snatches them up before Wes can react. Wes protests, "Hey! Gimme those!" Jen promises, "NOT until you listen to me! Look, I didn't come here to thank you. I need your help." Intrigued, Wes folds his arms, licks his lips, and asks with a grin, "Help? Well, what KIND of help?" Jen ignores his arrogance, and pulls out the Red Chrono-Morpher from her side pocket. She places it on his wrist, and tells him, "I need you to put on this Morpher and activate it!" Wes slips his arm out of her grasp, and demands to know, "Whoah-whoa-whoa, hold on! Now, what's a Morpher?" (he doesn't appear to keep up much with the news!) Jen figures, "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me." Wes sits back and urges, "Try me!" Jen takes a leap of faith, and nods, "Alright." She turns away and tells the tale, "My friends and I are from the year 3000. We're trying to recapture a gang of mutants that escaped THROUGH time, and take them back with us. We think you may be the ONLY one who can unlock these Morphers so we can defeat them." Wes smiles, and states, "I believe you!" Jen lights up happily, only to have Wes hold his hands out and add, "Whoa whoa! I believe you're NUTS! Now give me back my keys." Jen's smile turns upside down, as she throws the keys at him, and yells in anger, "I KNEW you wouldn't help us! You're NOTHING like him!" She storms off, but only gets a few feet before her Morpher beeps. She answers the communication, pressing the button and causing a hologram image of Trip's upper body to appear above her wrist. Trip tells her, "Jen! Ransik is attacking the city! We NEED you!" Wes spots this strange occurrence, seeing the hologram clearly from his cycle. Jen replies, "I'm on my way!", and races towards the exit gate, which looks to be quiet a ways away. Wes, having seen the odd hologram, begins to rethink everything she told him.

On one the main streets of the city of Silver Hills, Ransik leads his gang of mutants down the middle of the road. They march slowly, taking their blessed time, as a crowd of citizens scream and flee in terror. The mutants have been busy, judging from the amount of smoke, debris, and fires raging within the area. Ransik lifts his arms up and exclaims, "Hahaha! THIS is GREAT!" Nearby, Jen meets up with her team between buildings. Katie asks the important question, "Did you find him?" Jen confirms as much defeatedly as angrily, "Yeah, but he's WORTHLESS." Lucas says, "Then we've GOT to do it on our own." Jen agrees, and orders, "Let's go." The four sprint into the direction of the disturbance. The mutants continue their equal rights march, with Nadira laughing triumphantly over their successful domination of the city. The four Time Force Officers come running from the other end of the street (the whole scene shot in the same location as the Mariner Bay Ghouligan battle in "Operation Lightspeed"), with Jen shouting, "The party's over!" Ransik pauses and looks at the TFs, as Jen raises her golden rimmed badge in the air and proclaims, "TIME FORCE! You're under arrest, Ransik!" The badge glows with a bright gold light, assuring that she means business. Ransik walks in front of his mutants and Cyclobots, and remarks, "Oh, bravo, young lady! After what happened to your friend I am IMPRESSED, that you had the COURAGE, to follow me!" Jen ignores his speech, and sternly holds her badge up and poised. Ransik walks over to a chunk on concrete, and lifts his right leg up onto it. He slams his fist down against his knee, and causes a bone to zip out of his leg. Ransik grunts bloodcurdlingly, as he grips the bone and slowly yanks it out of his body! With one last heave and groan, Ransik pulls the bonesword out of his leg, and swings it around over his head. He aims it at the four Time Force Cops, and fires off a purple blast of energy! It drops just behind them, erupting into a large explosion, which engulfs them as it spreads to a second blast just in front of them. They fall, screaming in agony, while Ransik gives a maniacal laugh.

The smoke clears, and the four are crawling along the rubble in pain. None are able to find the strength to arise and defend themselves. Jen grunts, and tries to stand up, as Ransik walks over and towers over her, gloating, "Still upset about your fiance's untimely demise?" He reaches down and lifts her up by her arm, promising to her face, "His FATE, will be your OWN! Hehehaha!" Ransik tosses Jen into the air with a mighty heave-ho. She screams as she hurtles across the street, uncontrollably. Suddenly, Wes leaps in off the hood of a damaged car, and grabs her in midair! He safely shields her by breaking her fall, though getting his own body slammed into the car door instead. Jen looks at him confusedly, as he smirks and asks, "Whoah. So is it too late to help?" The other three race over, each clutching their arms, and join them by the wrecked vehicle. Trip smiles at him, but the others are more worried about those mutants a few feet away. Jen pulls out the Red Chrono-Morpher, and hands it to him, saying, "It's YOURS." Wes snatches it up, shouts, "WHOO!", and places it over his left wrist. A red digital ring of scanning data swarms over his entire body, and once complete, the Morpher blinks and states, "DNA confirmed!" (which means Wes isn't just a lookalike of Alex, but in fact his ancestor!) The four Time Force Officers, standing with Wes in a circle, extend out their Chrono-Morpher wearing fists together. Between them all, a bright flash of gold erupts, before leaving five balls of energy floating around. Each of the energy spheres land inside of the corresponding colored Morpher, activating all five at once! The five humans march back into the street, and face the mutants. Nadira goes to Ransik's side, and comments, "Daddy? Didn't you ALREADY get rid of him?" Wes just stands there, unaware of what they're talking about (Nadira must have watched the Alex/Ransik battle on the viewing screen, to explain how she knew what he looked like and all). Ransik points his mutated right hand at Wes, and vows (with a LOT of spit flying), "I destroyed you ONCE, and I will destroy you AGAIN!" Wes asks Jen, "What is he talking about?" She remains focused, and tells him, "Doesn't concern you." Jen calls out to the team, "Ready?!" All of them, even Wes, lift their wrists at once and reply, "READY!" They do the proper Morphing stance (though Wes has trouble with the second motion), and exclaim together, "Time FOR Time FORCE!"

The PRTF theme plays, and Wes presses the button on his Chrono-Morpher. A DNA strand is fired off, and merges with his body. His body (except his head) is covered in a bright red light, as he's surrounded by an endless tunnel of red colored digital data. The DNA strand (which features all five colors within it) breaks up, and with a lightning strike of red, releases the proper energies into his body. He emerges from the fully morphed, as the Red Time Force Power Ranger! Lucas does the same, cept his digital data tunnel is blue, and the lightning which breaks up the strand is blue, and he becomes the Blue Time Force Power Ranger. Jen is next, all of her colors are pink, leading up to her morphing into the Pink Time Force Power Ranger. Trip's tunnel and lightning go with his energy as well, as he becomes the Green Time Force Ranger! Katie is last, everything's yellow, including her morphed body as the Yellow Time Force Power Ranger. The five Time Force Power Rangers stand in a line, together, though because they use stock footage, they're off somewhere else in the city, rather than in the street when emerging. Wes exclaims, "WOW! You WERE telling me the truth!", as he fondles his helmet and new morphed red suit. Lucas simply comments on his new blue outfit, "Amazing!" Katie grips her yellow fists and shouts, "Awesome!" Trip looks at his green gloves and yells, "YEAH!" Jen doesn't spend any time admiring her pink attire, instead ordering, "Let's do it." Ransik yells in disbelief, "Time Force RANGERS?!" Nadira squeals in frustration, and Gluto grumbles or something. The Pink Ranger boasts, "This TIME you won't get away, Ransik!" The mutated human master scoffs, "HA! We'll see about THAT! Cyclobots!" The drones march over, get in a firing squad lineup, and aim their sabers in blaster mode at the Rangers. The stream of blast-bullets streak across the yard, on a direct line for the Time Force. Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Green all dodge the bullets by doing useless funky matte-shot Matrix rip-off maneuvers. Red Ranger, having not gotten the hang of showing off with these new powers, ends up getting struck by each and every bullet they avoided! His suit sparks, and he tumbles to the ground in agony. Jen informs him, "Don't worry! Your suit protects you!" (cept if you get struck in the back with a bonesword!) Wes recovers eagerly, and joyously remarks, "This keeps gettin' better!"

Red Ranger rushes into the fray, engaging a Cyclobot in hand-to-hand combat over a chalk outline of a dead Toaster Strudel. All of the Rangers are fighting Cyclobots, as well. The music switches from straight orchestral, to a rapid techno-beat, similar to the kind found in The Matrix. Wes kicks and elbow punches the Cyclobots, giving them what for with his new powers. Green Ranger rolls over the hood of a car in an alley, and tries his best to avoid getting saber slashed by the multitude of drones surrounding him. Not the best fight, Trip opens the doors of the cars he's pinned between, and slams them against the Cyclobots attempting attack him. Yellow Ranger socks a Cyclobot in the chest, sending it flying into the ground. Another lunges for her, and she sideswipes him into slamming into the wall behind her. Katie kicks a third directly in the chest, before twirling him around in the air and causing him to land harshly against a huge chunk of cement debris. Blue Ranger throws some high kicks at some Cyclobots, in front of a Burger King (I bet McDonalds, proud sponsor of PR, is a bit peeved at the shot of their neon sign in the background)! Lucas takes on quite a few Cyclobots at once, kicking, ducking, and generally having it easy, and doing well despite the outnumbering odds. Pink Ranger swats a few Cyclobots away, and narrowly gets her helmet sliced when two slash their sabers at her at once. She ducks under them, blocks both sabers with her silver gauntlet, and double punches them away. With a supercharged leap, Jen hops into the air, her body spinning, before landing in front of another Cyclo. He tries to slice her, but she takes him out with a footsweep. Circuit, not wanting to be left out of the fun, flies across the battlefield, and lands near a tree. He yells, "Rangers! What are you waiting for?! Use your weapons!" Red Ranger hears this, and his helmet begins to tingle with a trail of lights along the upper section starting to flash. Wes replies, "Good idea! Here goes nothin'!" He presses two of his Chrono-Morpher's upper buttons, and activates the weaponry system. The Morpher glows brightly, as a lot of energy is exposed and released, until his weapons pop out of the subspace container.

Red Ranger clutches his new weapons, and (likely knowing the name due to a readout in his helmet) shouts their names, "Chrono-Saber, RED!" He swings the two swords around, one features a red arrow at the tip, matching his suit symbol. Pink Ranger has called on her own weapons, "Chrono-Saber, PINK!" (a pink heart-shaped tip on one) Blue Ranger has his out as well, "Chrono-Saber, BLUE!" (his lock together to make a double bladed staff, with a blue pentagon symbol on one end) Yellow Ranger, breaking the mold, has a large cannon weapon (with a yellow spade on the side), which she calls, "V-4!" Green Ranger also has a cannon weapon (with a green diamond on the side), which he states is, "V-3!" (I bet they could have had a V8!) The five Time Force Rangers, weapons at the ready, stand posing with them and shouting, "Hyah!" Red Ranger leaps into the air, slashing his Chrono-Sabers about. The screen goes all blurry, as to indicate they're moving faster than their opponents. Wes rips into a bunch of Cyclobots, but everything's too fuzzy to make out. This is kinda like viewing the world in Metallic Armor mode or something. Yellow Ranger drops down the side of a building, blasting her V-4 at some Cyclobots as she plummets, and when she lands. Pink Rangers run along the side of a warehouse door, ripping into Cyclobots on the way by. Blue Ranger jumps through the air and spins around, as he Saber strikes a lot of Cyclobots all blearily. Green Ranger darts through the area, firing V-3 at every Cyclobot in sight. The drunken-vision ends, and we see the Cyclobots sparking as they're hit. Ransik, not ready to press his luck with five Power Rangers at once, uses the distraction to march off down the street. He teleports away like in the last episode, his body getting all digital pixelized, as his head appears as a laughing image, until he vanishes completely.

Pink Ranger, now Saber-less, stretches her arms out and screams, "NO!" Two Cyclobots grab her body at once, until she breaks away and literally beats their nuts and bolts into submission. Jen's about to charge after Ransik, when Gluto jumps in and kicks her back. The frog/whale/lost member of the Fat Boyz mutant wants some action, and Jen's got plenty of steam to let off. Pink Ranger has her Chrono-Sabers out again, as the scene shifts from the street, to a shipping yard! Gluto gloats, "Gotcha!", before suddenly letting out a loud fart, and propelling himself through the air via the gas released from beneath his tail! (guess he shouldn't have ate that Mexican guard!) He slams into Jen, knocking her down with his obese body. Gluto continues hovering through the air from flatulence, until Pink Ranger jumps up, and bashes into him with a rapid series of kicks in midair. He's knocked into some garbage cans, and grounded instantly. Jen lands successfully, in time to see Frax aiming his cannon-fingers her way. She's struck with the bombardment of blasts, and sent flipping back into the street. Frax, with Nadira at his side, regroups with Gluto, and boasts, "Heheheha! It seems we've got you outnumbered, PINKY!" They head back into the street, preparing to take the lone Ranger out as a team. Speaking of team, Jen's teammates finish off the Cyclobots and join her side, with Wes noting, "You need to learn how to count, GOLDY!" Nadira feigns emotion, giving his retort a weak mock laugh. The Pink Time Force Ranger is finally sent over the edge, as she leaps into the air and commands, "TIME STRIKE!" She positions her Chrono-Sabers, and creates a pink-powered clockface in midair. This adds to her attack, as she drops down and cuts & chops into the three mutants with a flash of vertical pink energy slashes. Nadira, Gluto, and Frax are all struck perfectly, each crying out in horror as they're hit. Jen lands back where she jumped from, and, along with the rest of the Rangers, she turns and poses, just as the trio of mutants explode massively behind them. A set of gold and blue blastwaves echo out from within the burst of fire. The smoke clears, and the mutants are far from destroyed. Gluto lies on the ground, crying out, "Somebody roll me ova'!" Frax staggers and grunts, while Nadira crouches on the ground, staring furiously at the Rangers as they cease posing with their weapons and face the creatures. Pink Ranger aims her Saber at them and asks, "Do you surrender?!" Nadira replies girlishly, "No WAY! My DADDY will beat you!" Gluto, back on his oversized feet, realizes, "I've had enough humiliation for one day. FRAAAAX!" The golden mutant Crow T. Robot obeys, "Transporting now!" He presses a button on his left arm gauntlet, which glows, and causes all three of the mutants to teleport away in their respective methods. The five Power Rangers rush over to the spot where the mutants teleported off from, finding no trace of them, just a lot of burning debris. Red Ranger frustratedly points out, "They got away!" Pink Ranger whips her Saber-holding fist around and vows, "This isn't over YET, Ransik!"


As the fires die out on the main street in Silver Hills, the five triumphant Time Force Rangers celebrate their victory. Red Ranger slaps Yellow & Green Rangers five, then hugs them, all three cheering, with Wes shouting, "Haha! Hoo-hoo! I LOVE this! YEAH!" Blue Ranger stands there with his arms crossed. Pink Ranger asks them, "Ready, guys?", before she and her teammates from the future press a button on their Chrono-Morphers and command, "Power down!" Their bodies flash with energy, and they're all surrounded by green digital data, as they Demorph back to their TF jumpsuited selves. (I should note, that no civilians are anywhere within view, so their identities are protected) Red Ranger is still Morphed, exclaiming excitedly, "Unbelievable!" He finally follows suit, pressing his Morpher, and Demorphing in a flash of black background and green digital data. Wes continues praising this experience, "That was GREAT! I must have taken on a dozen of those... tinheads!" Trip & Katie are by his side, both smiling and as excited about the fight as he is. Wes adds, "And you guys, manohman, you guys are AWESOME!" He turns to the tall man with a serious face and his arms crossed, "Lucas, how many did you get?!" Lucas just stares at him. Wes waves his hand in front of the TF Officer's face, and whistles, trying to get him to snap out of it. Unable to get a rise, he turns and chuckles, only to bump into an angry Jen. She shoots down his enthusiasm, saying with her hands on her hips, "This isn't a GAME, Wes! We're fighting for our future!" Wes snickers carefreely, "Okay! Lighten up! I'm just sayin' I can't WAIT to do it again!" Jen denies him this, shaking her head and telling him, "You won't get the chance to." She reaches down and grabs his wrist, attempting to take back Alex's Morpher. He cries out, as she twists his arm around and forcibly yanks the Chrono-Morpher from his wrist. She shoves him off, and he recovers, rubbing his wrist and whining, "Hey! Ow, what's the deal?!" Jen reminds him while pocketing the extra Morpher, "We needed you to unlock the Morphers. And you did it. We don't need your help anymore!" She walks around him and faces Katie & Trip, who are visibly against her relieving him of his duty so soon. Jen refuses to change her mind, shaking her head to her teammate's wishes. She turns back around and faces her dead fiance's lookalike ancestor, looking at him coldly. Wes simply smirks, shakes his head, and replies, "Whatever." He strolls down the street, never looking back at them as he passes by the burning rubble strewn about. The four Time Force Officers watch him walk away, rolling up his sleeve as he does. Lucas finally speaks, remarking to Jen, "He's a good fighter." Jen, still against using him, more due to personal feelings about how he looks than about worrying about consequences to the timestream, states, "We can get along just FINE without him." Nobody argues with the leader, especially when she's in one of her moods! Jennifer starts walking off down the street, in the exact opposite direction that Wesley is going. Lucas slowly follows her, looking at Wes one last time and saying, "I hope you're right." Katie & Trip remain behind, continuing to somberly watch their reluctant replacement teammate walk out of their lives.

[Scenes from "Something To Fight For"; End Credits]

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