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Power Rangers Time Force
"Love Struck Rangers"
Original Air Date:06/23/01
[Note: "The Last Race" was scheduled to air, but switched at last minute.]
Footage and a few story elements from:
Timeranger #22 - Momoiro no Yuuwaku
(The Alure Of Pink)
*Season 9, byte 21
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1122
*22nd episode of PRTF
*400th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Additional Cast:
Rachelle Pettinato _AS_ Angelique
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Contemptra (voice) [Note: Kendrix lives again, again!]


At the ancient Silver Hills Clock Tower, addressed street number 16953, Katie enters the Nick Of Time Odd Jobs office. She steps through the double green doors, wearing her white NOTOJ jumpsuit, and carrying a cardboard box filled with Styrofoam cups of fresh coffee. Katie walks over to the front desk, ignores the "ring bell for service" sign, and leans forward towards Jen, who's not wearing her jumpsuit, instead operating the phone. She's busy listening to the non-cordless receiver, as someone talks to her. Katie doesn't have to wait long, before Jen motions gratefully to her smiling pal and pulls out one of the coffees. Jen sets it down gently on the desk, and begins to talk to the person on the phone, stating, "Yes! Oh-kay, we will be there, NO problem." Lucas, also in his NOTOJ jumpsuit, picks up a metal blade from off the tool rack in the background, and brings it over to the work table. There, Trip & Wes, also in jumpsuits, are busily fixing one of those old manual-push lawn mowers. Lucas hands Wes the blade, and he attempts to install it into the rusty antique grass-cutting device. Katie approaches them with the coffees, and all three guys each take one. Alright, so maybe they're not all coffees, but it's way too early to start hitting the booze! Jen hangs up the phone, picks up three index cards, and announces in an excited voice, "Everybody, listen up! We've got WORK to do!" She heads over and hands one card to each of the guys, and notes, "Heeere are your Odd Jobs for the day." (Notice, in one shot, Lucas appears to be about to take sip of his drink, when suddenly in the next, he's setting the cup down!) Katie, having been left out of the job assigning (despite being suited up for work, unless buying drinks was her 'paid' chore), smiles amusedly at the others' expense. Wes checks out his task, and asks the normally dressed Jen, "So what're YOU gonna do?!" She walks back towards the desk, before stopping and pointing out, "SOMEbody has to stay here and answer the phone!" Wes remarks to his fellow Odd Jobbers, "See, why does SHE always get to answer the phone?" Lucas shrugs his shoulders, failing to remind Wes that technically Jen's their boss in a lot of ways. Jen notices they're still just stand around, and with a tap of her pencil to the stack of index cards, she urges, "What're we waiting for?! Let's MOVE it!" Katie continues smirking, as she takes her box with the last remaining coffee and departs. Lucas grabs a bucket and squeegee for his assignment, Trip snatches a rag for his, while Wes puts the final adjustments on his rusty old hand-mower.

Soon, we find Lucas at his Odd Job. He tosses the bucket full of soapy water onto the driver's side window of a car. Once it's nice and foamy, he scrubs off the window with his trusty squeegee. He's not the only person washing a car, as quite a few other people are soaping up their vehicles, in the parking lot of the Youth Center from MMPR (a popular location for car washing, as evident in "The Whole Lie" from PRT). It's quite odd to see Lucas in his jumpsuit while everyone else washing cars around him are dressed casually. Anyway, the sound of an engine stalling begins to catch Lucas' ear, as he sees a beautiful brunette woman, around his age (no, not "nearly negative a thousand," you goober), getting frustrated as she tries in vain to start her expensive imported red sports car. The woman, with dark shoulder length hair (with sunglasses atop her scalp), tight brown leather pants, and a red halter top, annoyedly steps out of her car, and walks to the front. She struggles with the section of the hood with the windshield wipers, attempting to get it open. Lucas sees this as his opportunity to make his smooth move, dropping his squeegee and abandoning his soapily soaked vehicle as he puts his hands in his pockets and offers charmingly, "You need a hand?" The lady in distress smiles, sighs, and admits, "I'd LOVE one. I can't even get the hood open!" Lucas, likely drawing upon his recently acquired knowledge of current automotives (unless cars don't change much in 1000 years), grins as he helpfully points out, "Well, for starters, the engine's back here." The woman watches him motion to the trunk, replying only with an embarrassed chuckle of, "Oh!" Lucas suggests, "I'll take a look," just before doing so, by popping up the engine cover and fiddling around with the internal mechanisms. He remarks expertly, "These foreign engines can be REALLY sensitive." The dark haired lady walks closer and admiringly views his work.

Lucas finishes fixing the engine with his bare hands, dusts them off, and tells her, "Ahh, that oughtta do it. Try it now!" She sits back in the driver's seat, and turns the key, causing the car to start right up, its engine purring perfectly. The woman turns her head and with a wide smile, replies, "Wow! THANK you!" Lucas acts humble, simply lifting his shoulders and arm as if it were no problem, before he closes the rear hood's cover. His eyes trace along the chassis of the vehicle, prompting him to comment, "Say, this is quite a car. Is it pretty fast?" The woman stands back up and continues facing him, batting her eyelashes and giggling, "NO car is fast enough for ME!" Lucas finds this amusing, echoing the sentiments in his head. She mentions, "I can't help it. I'm NUTS about fast cars!", and he's instantly hooked on her. Lucas stares agape with disbelief as he asks, "Really?!", to which she nods. He reveals, "I used to be a racecar driver!" She appears interested, gasping, "How exCITing!", before finally introducing herself, "I-I'm Angelique." He shakes hands with her, and returns the intro, "I'm Lucas!" Her arm slowly begins to rise as they shake hands, as if Lucas is attempting to kiss it. He doesn't get far, however, as he suddenly notices a golden serpent bracelet wrapped around her right wrist. Lucas stares into it confusedly, just as the twin rubies adorned on it flash into his eyes! The golden waves of energy pulsating off of her bracelet entrance his mind, causing a trio of Cupids to float past his face. Angelique keeps her arm up, and wickedly smirks as he becomes overwhelmed by her spell, taken totally unawares. Watching this from the roof of a building above the car wash parking lot, is the golden hench-robot Frax. He has a good view of Lucas frozen in place, still holding Angelique's arm, while people go about their business all around them. Frax turns away and gloats to himself in a very high pitched tone, "Ahhh, PER-fect! Ahehehehahuhuhah!" (aka, "evil laughter")

[Opening Credits. Eric credited, but doesn't appear.]

At a small office building or something, elsewhere in the city, Trip is working on his Odd Job. He sprays generic Windex upon the glass of one of the window-plated doors, and readies his own squeegee for cleaning. It spills soapy water all along the transparent surface now layered with the blue window cleaner. He cleans away all of the smudges with ease, and seems to be enjoying his work. Just around the corner, a small plastic blue & silver toy robot with four large black wheels ("Robota" in Timeranger), races along the pavement. It's apparently remote controlled, though the pilot appears to be nowhere around. The tiny robot zooms past a second corner, and finally slams into Trip's feet, causing him to yelp an "OW!" in more shock than pain. Intrigued by the apparent artificial intelligence, Trip ditches his squeegee, and turns around. He bends down, and cradles the robot in his hands, talking to it in a kind voice, as if it was a stray animal, saying, "Hey! Where did you come from, little guy?" (Trip has 6 different half-empty bottles of window cleaner next to him, talk about overkill!) The toy bot just whirrs its gears, unable to respond due to lack of programming. The pilot eventually comes running from around the corner, a nerdy young woman with brunette pigtails, large glasses, a hat similar to Trip's, a blue backpack EXACTLY like Trip's, grey short shorts, a yellow blouse, and a strangely familiar face. She has the radio-controls to the robot on a rope hanging from her next. The mousy lady apologizes to Trip, in a slightly nasally tone, "I'm sorry!" He stands up, with the bot in his hands, and gently replies, "That's okay!" She explains, "I'm still working out some of the bugs in his servos." Trip is pleasantly surprised, asking, "You mean you BUILT him!?" The brainy beauty admits, "From scratch! I've always found robotic technology to be the most challenging field of scientific experimentation." He's speechless, which causes her to nervously look away and push her large red-framed glasses up on her nose some more with a single finger. She worriedly tells him with a snort, "I must sound like such a GEEK!" Trip denies it, beaming, "NO! I-I think you're TOTALLY interesting!" They smile at one another. He adds with a kindred sigh, "I mean... I built a robot, too!" (marking the first time he's admitted to being Circuit's creator!) The nerdy girl expresses return interest in him, by exclaiming, "You DID?! Wow!" It becomes perfectly clear that this intellectual stranger is none of than Angelique (she doesn't bother telling Trip her name in this scene, so she might as well be named "Angelgeek"), when she reaches her right hand around the wheels of the robot. Trip glances down and sees the golden serpent bracelet on her wrist, the way she's holding the wheels allows for the red rubies to aim directly for his head. His psychic powers fail to warn him of danger once again, as the bracelet zaps his eyes with a pulsing golden beam of light. His pupils do as Lucas' did, rippling with waves of red, as several imagined birds and bees flutter in front of his face (talk about a metaphor!).

Angelique coyly shifts her shoulders, and asks, bordering on a double-entendre, "Would you maybe... SHOW me your robot sometime?" Trip ceases staring at her bracelet, and gazes at her face with a broad smile, replying breathlessly, "Ohh... I... I'd-i'd LOVE to!" Angelique seems nervously excited, replying, "Great!" She takes her wheeled robot and walks past Trip, leaving so quickly that she never gives him her name, thus complicating their seeing each other again! Trip can't keep his eyes off her, staring with a gaping smile at Angelique, even as she is about to depart out of view. She turns and looks back, seeing him still watching, incredibly lovestruck thanks to the spell. Since he doesn't stalk... err, follow her, Trip's completely oblivious to the large golden henchbot standing just past the wall she's heading to nearby! Angelique hands Frax the remote controlled robot, and as she walks around him, she loses her shy brainiac attitude and boasts, "Two Rangers down... and ONE to go! Hahahahaha!" She lifts her hands into the air while laughing maniacally, and once she lowers them, her whole body shifts from human mode, to mutant mode! Angelique is now Contemptra (named "Contempra" in the end credits, though the extra "t" is clearly pronounced during the whole show, so i'll go with that instead), a slightly taller creature, with a pale Medusa-like head, a pink & purple scaly armored body, and, ahem, a rather solid set of breasts for a monster. Contemptra, speaking in her deepened female voice, gloats, "My PLAN is working PERFECTLY! Hahahaha!" Frax doesn't make a sound, though his body expresses that he's laughing silently along with the mutant.

Later, at the Clock Tower, Lucas, having switched out of his jumpsuit to his normal clothes, has out his usual supply of grooming products. His large vat of blue hair gel is thoroughly dipped into by his right hand, while his left hand is fixed on holding his vanity mirror. The goop is applied meticulously to specific points on his head, providing just the proper amount of spikiness to his jet black hair. Lucas gives a cool smile and wiggle of the eyebrows to himself in the mirror, ever the egomaniac. Katie spots him doing this, and circles him with a look of contemplation. She inspects his basking in his own glory closely, and remarks with a raised eyebrow, "Heyyyy, Lucas." Katie picks up the oversized tub of blue styling goop, and quips, "Ya think you used enough hair gel?!" Lucas snatches it out of her hands, and offendedly tells her, "Gimme that!" Katie just chuckles as he sets it back down and returns to primping his 'do. Jen is also amused by his attitude, walking over to the picnic table and picking up a heart-shaped box filled with chocolates. She slowly opens it up, and asks with an intrigued grin, "So, Lucas... Tell us about this DREAMY girl that you met." Lucas lowers his vanity mirror, and stares off into space, swooning, "She is BEAUTIFUL. And she loves fast cars! She IS perfect." Jen reaches into the box of candies, and pulls one out, saying in a singsong voice, "I hope she has a good dentist!" Lucas' ceases smiling and admiring his memory of Angelique, turning and scolding Jen, "Hey, hands off! Those are for her." He grabs Jen's hand just before she can get the chocolate past her lips, though she's already chewing on another one. As Jen & Katie get a laugh at Lucas' expense, Trip enters the room. He shuffles his feet, and drags his backpack along the floor behind him, totally lost in a daze. Katie shouts warmly, "Hey, Trip!" Lucas & a stuffed-mouth Jen look at him, then at each other, confused by his zombie-like behavior. Trip approaches the table with a loopy smile, and picks up the pink-plastic wrapped flower bouquet lying atop it, apparently belonging to Lucas. He sits down and gazes at the daisies, completely lost in passionate thoughts. Katie heads over, and leans forward to ask, "Uhh, Trip?" His attention is unreached, as he doesn't even look at her, causing both Jen & Lucas to raise eyebrows in bemusement (this scene brought to you by the Eyebrow Foundation). Trip finally admits bewilderedly, "I met the most aMAZing girl." Katie & Jen exchange glances, and replying in stunned unison, "You TOO?!" Lucas walks over by his side, and proudly states, "I didn't know you had it in you!" He gives his pal an encouraging elbow nudge, and urges, "GO for it!" Trip remains staring into space, even as Lucas yanks the daisies out of his hands, takes the heart-box (mostly) filled with candy, and leaves. Katie figures, "I guess, love is in the air!" Jen smiles, and gives Trip a pat on the back, causing him to laugh softly.

The last Odd Job of the day is revealed, as we find Wes using his hand-mower to tackle a large patch of lawn just outside of a tennis court. Under the blistering sun, he toils away in the NOTOJ jumpsuit, getting quite a workout. The spinning blades of the classic red metal mower near chop off more than a few blades of grass when a stray yellow tennis ball bounces into its path. Wes narrowly avoids damaging the ball (or, more likely, narrowly avoids destroying the frail old mower), and picks it up, just as the owner comes running out of the court to retrieve it. It's a young brunette woman, with a ponytail, a light blue sleeveless top, a sweater tied around her shoulders, a loose black skirt, and sunglasses atop her head. The apparent high class female rushes over to Wes, and giggles, "I'm SO sorry! My backhand needs a little work!" She takes the ball out of his hand (yet fails to use the golden serpent bracelet on her wrist at the appropriate time), and he just shrugs off her flirtatious looks, and responds nobly, "Ahh, it's NOT a problem." Wes quickly gets back to grinding the mower against the grass, prompting the female to step in his way and graciously offer, "Thank you so MUCH! How can I repay you?" He grows suspicious of her come-on's, replying, "Really, you don't have to! It's... JUST a tennis ball." When he starts mowing again, the woman halts his progress once more, undauntedly stating with determined desirability, "Bu-but, I insist. I know the most charming little Italian cafe! I'm Angelique." She extends her right hand outward, but Wes refuses to return the gesture, telling her flat out, "Listen. Thanks for the offer, BUT. Actually, there's this other girl I kinda like. So, it was nice meeting you." Angelique is quite offended, staring daggers at him. Wes ignores the scorned woman, and continues mowing the lawn, repeatedly passing over the same spot. She storms away, but pauses just behind him, and slams her tennis racket to the ground in a huff. Angelique aims her snake bracelet at Wes, and fires a slithering beam of gold light at him. He never sees it coming, immediately overcome with a flood of forced emotions. His head is surrounded by blue skies and rapidly passing white clouds, as small hearts with wings float across his face. Angelique taps her foot and waits patiently, as the initial effects of the spell set in, and Wes hazily realizes aloud, "What am I, CRAZY?!" He walks over to the witchy woman, shakes her hand gently, and confesses, "Angelique, I would LOVE to go out with you." They continue holding hands and staring into each other's eyes. Angelique laughs with delight, smiling over her success at having ensnared the final male Time Force Ranger in her hormonal trap.


Katie & Jen enter the main room of the Clock Tower, both giggling like a couple of schoolgirls (notice, the picnic table has been moved. Does Circuit spend all day pushing it to different areas of the room, or something?). Jen remarks, "I think it's SO great that Trip & Lucas are dating!" Katie replies giddily, in a very strange delivery, "ME TOO!" (are they unusually slaphappy because the term "Trip & Lucas are dating" could be construed in different ways?) They two girls stop in their tracks, when they see Wes coming down the bedding-area stairs. He's wearing his fancy business suit (the crimson shirt & tied one, as seen in earlier episodes of the series), and is quite eager to be going somewhere. As he slips on his dress jacket, Jen wonders, "Where are YOU going?" Wes tells his teammates, "You won't BELIEVE what happened." Katie, again with the dopey giggly voice, says, "Let me guess. You met a GIRL!" Wes asks surprisedly, "How'd you KNOW?!" before stressing to both of them, "She... is SO sweet." Katie exclaims, "That's GREAT. Isn't it, Jen?" Jen is unusually quite during all of this, appearing a bit flabbergasted. When Katie turns to her, she snaps out of her state of shock, and fibs, "Uhh, yeah, that's terrific!" Wes pulls out a small can of mouth spray from his pocket, and fires two minty bursts of it into his jaw. His face lights up with a brief but pleasant smile, and while he walks between the two girls, Wes pauses for a second to spray two more bursts of bactene into his mouth (is his breath THAT bad?!), before pressing on. Jen watches Wes go, her face increasingly expressing silent inner heartbreak.

Somewhere in Silver Hills, is that "great little Italian cafe" that was mentioned earlier. Angelique sits at a small table in the middle of the busy outdoor restaurant, and is given a glass of iced tea by a waiter. She smiles and accepts the drink as flirtily as always. Just when she takes a short sip of the tea, she spots Lucas wandering into view, carrying the daisies and box of candy. Their eyes meet, and Lucas waves at her happily. Angelique doesn't return the gesture to him, instead looking to her left and seeing Trip, also with a bouquet of daisies and a box of candy in hand, entering the cafe. She giggles and gives Trip a smile & prissy wave, urging him to walk closer. Wes is the last to arrive, carrying the same exact box of candy & pink-plastic wrapped daisies as the other two guys! He appears to her right, but she's too busy waving at Trip to notice. Wes is smiling, until he sees Trip & Lucas. Lucas is also smiling, until he sees Wes & Trip. The guys all approach her table at a brisker pace, with Wes calling out, "Angelique!" Trip's smile fades when he sees Wes & Lucas. The trio of male Time Force Officers reach her table at the exact same time, saying in unintentional unison, "Hi, Angelique!" She smiles widely, showing off her attractive teeth, with a near-gap between the top front two. Lucas grumbles at Trip, asking, "Hey, Green Boy! What're you doing here?" Trip explains, "Well... I'm... here for my date with Angelique!" Wes, the only one of the guys to actually dress up, grabs Trip's orange collar and scoffs, "YOUR date?! She's here to meet ME." Lucas pushes him off Trip, and warns, "Look, look... BACK off." Angelique rests her chin against her hand, and enjoys the clash of testosterone playing out before her. Wes retorts to Lucas, "Back off?! She doesn't LIKE you!" Lucas turns the tables on him, by noting, "You have nothing in common with her." Wes "Nothing in common?! She's a tennis pro. I'M a tennis pro." As the two guys argue in each other's faces, Trip looks around and makes his move, by taking off his backpack and slipping under Angelique's table. Lucas snaps back at Wes, "So? She's a racecar driver. She likes fast cars." Wes resnaps at Lucas, "NOBODY likes racecars, except for you!" Lucas quips, "Nobody likes YOU! You're just a richboy trying to buy her!" Trip emerges from beneath the white & red checkered tablecloth, right in front of Angelique's chair. He holds up his bouquet of daisies, but before he can get a word in edgewise, Lucas & Wes notice him. They furiously shout, "HEY! C'mere!", as they pull him to his feet by the back of his coat collar! Lucas grabs Trip's bouquet & box of candy, and tosses them into the air, while asking, "What, are you sneaking behind our backs?!" Wes keeps his grip on the nervous alien teen, and notes angrily, "What, you think she'd like green-haired Xybrians like you?! YOU would be the last!" While Wes & Lucas verbally assault Trip, thus gaining the attention of everyone in the cafe, no one is aware that just behind the rose-vine covered decorative pillars, Frax is watching. The golden henchbot turns away from the scene, and presses his claw-hand wrist, whispering, "It's TIME, master. Destroy the city!"

Kaboom go a few skyscrapers in downtown Silver Hills. Big fawooshy explosions tear buildings apart, via stock footage we've seen several times prior. A trio of gold-suited Cyclobots chase off a man and woman in the middle of the smoking rubbled filled street. Nadira lets out an evil cackle, noting, "I just LOVE these family outings!", as she and her father stand amid the epicenter of the chaos. Ransik laughs diabolically while flexing his fists, and telling his pink hair-helmeted daughter, "Ahh! If you want to take over the world RIGHT, you've just got to do it YOURSELF!" Nadira & Ransik laughs wildly together, as fires burn behind them. Ransik finally steps forward, aims his right arm outward, and screams loudly, as a beam of blue energy streams forth from his glowing-gold gloved hand. The pulse of power strikes that good old mirrored skyscraper that's been destroyed at least once a season on PR. Nadira laughs hysterically at the sight of that building blowing up, likely getting the inside joke. At the Clock Tower, Circuit flaps his wings frantically upon his perch, and announces, "Red alert! Ransik's attacking the city!" Katie & Jen, standing on the upper sleeping area balcony, are the only ones around to hear this alarm. Jen tells robotic owl, "Call the guys! We'll meet them there." The two female TFs race into action, leaving Circuit to respond affirmatively, "You GOT it!" At the Italian cafe (possibly named "Gluto's" or something), the guys continue arguing, each talking over one another to the point it's hard to make out much of what they say. Angelique grows board with their bickering, simply sitting back, bobbing her black-booted foot in the air, and nibbled on a breadstick. She's wearing her 4th outfit of the day, tight pink leather pants, a black sweater & top, with her hair done up. Trip's voice becomes the loudest, claiming, "She don't even LIKE you, okay?!" Lucas silences him & Wes, by screaming, "QUIET! She likes ME the best. Tell 'em, Angelique!" She pulls the breadstick out of her mouth, and looks at them, admitting with cute frustration, "Ohh... I JUST can't decide!" Trip pushes his hand against Lucas' chest, and hurries over to Angelique, stating, "SEE?! Step aside, Lucas, she's coming with ME!" He takes her left hand for only a moment, before Wes pulls him back, takes her hand himself, and corrects him, "WRONG Greenie!" Wes appears to be ready to kiss her hand, as she smiles at him. Suddenly, his Chrono-Morpher beeps, cutting his admiration short. He drops her arm and quickly rushes off to find a secluded spot to answer it. Lucas & Trip brush him off, and begin to kneel before Angelique, pleading to the effects of, "You don't wanna go with THIS guy!" and another "You have nothin' in common!" Wes is very unhappy to abandon his place in line for a shot at the highly desired strange woman, but ducks behind a pillar and readies his left-wrist. The Chrono-Morpher displays a tiny flicking hologram of Circuit's whole body, informing him, "Wes! The girls need your help! Ransik is destroying the city!" Wes replies impatiently, "Well, tell 'em we're BUSY!" He covers his Morpher with his right hand, disrupting the hologram image, and causing Circuit to yelp in more surprise than pain as his bodily transmission is interrupted! Wes rejoins Lucas & Trip kissing up to Angelique on their knees, already in progress.

Elsewhere in the city, Ransik fires off another palm-blast at a stock-footage building, causing it to ignite. Nadira giddily prances about, until she, her father, and the surrounding Cyclobots all get a sudden surprise in the form of several bursts shot at them. She squeals as she's knocked off her feet, shaking her head slowly with a frustrated grunt. Ransik recovers from the sneak attack, and growls when he witnesses Pink & Yellow Time Force Rangers riding onto the scene on their Vector Cycles! They pull up to the burning rubble road, and park. Katie calls out, "Ransik!", and Jen finishes, "That's ENOUGH!" Ransik oozes sarcasm, as he puts his hand to his mouth and feigns fright, while quipping, "Ooo! Girl power! I'm SO scared." Pink Ranger flips off of her Vector Cycle with a mighty hiyah, while Yellow Ranger simply runs. Ransik laughs heartily, before slapping his left fist, and causing a shiny silver blade to protrude from his leather-bound forearm. It sticks outward, aiming toward his elbow, making him all the more menacing. Ransik dashes into battle with the female TF Rangers, throwing a high kick at them, to which Pink ducks. Yellow tries her own, but he ducks under it. When he rises, Jen tries in vain to punch him, allowing him a potshot at her instead. He turns and gives Katie a high kick, to which she ducks. Pink throws a kick, he deflects then counterstrikes with a swing of his fist. She ducks, rises back up and throws her own, just to have him kick her in the gut! Jen tumbles onto her back, and clutches her chest in agony. Yellow tosses a kick at Ransik, he blocks it and cuts into her chest with his forearm-blade, sending Katie spinning to the ground with sparks and groans. Back at the cafe, Wes painfully pulls the rapidly rambling Trip & Lucas onto their feet by the backs of their collars, telling them, "Get OUTTA here!" He takes Angelique's hand again, and nearly kissing it, laments with a smile, "I'm so sorry we didn't..." Lucas & Trip grab Wes before he can say more. The trio argue, with such exchanges as, "You go!", "No, YOU go!", "YOU'RE the leader!", "No, YOU'RE the leader!", etc. They talk over one another, and generally get nowhere in their arguments. Angelique sits back, twirls a strand of her hair between her fingers, and smiles wickedly.

At the battlefield, Ransik punches both Pink & Yellow Rangers in the chests at the same time. The girls go flying backward, landing harshly against the chunks of debris. Ransik turns around and back again, as he fires his hand-beam at the duo. They backflip away from the double blasts of blue energy, barely avoiding a flash frying. Smoke masks their positions for a moment, allowing them to regroup and get into an alert position facing the mutant master. Jen wonders, "WHERE are the guys?!" Katie worriedly replies, "I don't know, but they SHOULD have been here by now!" Ransik lifts his right leg, and slams his fist against his thigh, causing a bone to pop out of his knee! He pulls the skeletal handle up through his pantleg with a bloodcurdling grunt, and removes the gleaming metal sword instantly. Ransik lets out a battle cry as he aims his bone-sword at the girls, and braces his forearm-blade for action, while rushing at them. Yellow & Pink Rangers appear helpless to his onslaught, standing like does frozen in headlights. Ransik is just about to reach them with his sharp objects all a'pointing, when he pauses literally in midstep. His battle cry becomes strained, turning into pained groans. Katie gasps, "What's goin' ON!?" Jen, despite having seen it happen before, says, "I don't know!" Ransik drops his bone-sword on the cement, and topples over, doing a reverse somersault as collapses in agony. Nadira finally regains consciousness from the earlier Vector Cycle attack, and squeals in concern for her evil daddy as she races to his side. Ransik clutches his right wrist with his left hand, holding it steady as he stares down at the bare flesh of his right arm. It subtly warps in shape as the skin bubbles unnaturally, his mutation kicking it against his will. Nadira crouches down and hands him a small open vial of aqua-blue liquid, urging, "Your serum! HURRY!" His slowed reflexes from the mutating allows the girls to react quickly. Pink Ranger spots the vial, and shouts, "What? ZAP IT!" She & Yellow Ranger whip out their Chrono-Blasters, and fire bolts of laserpower matching their Ranger color. The combined blasts hit Ransik's left hand at the same time, causing him to drop the clear glass vial onto the street, where it shatters into a wide and worthless puddle of shards. Ransik yells in protest, "NOOOO!" Nadira gasps and sneers at the fellow females, before embracing her father's metal chest plate and saying, "We HAVE to go back!" Without hesitation, they do so, Ransik teleporting away in a hailstorm of digital pixels, with his oversized hologram head trailing with a loud scream, while she vanishes in a swirl of pink & blue light. Pink Time Force Ranger silently stares at the spot where the mutants escaped from.

Soon, at the Clock Tower, the three TF guys are put on trial by their female peers. They sit quietly and hang their heads low, as Jen walks past them, slapping her hands in a rage and shouting in disbelief, "A GIRL!? Ransik attacked and you IGNORE our calls, just because of this Angelique?!" She leans down to glare at Wes, prompting him to note, "It's ALL their fault, Jen. I WOULD have come..." Lucas pushes Wes' hands down, and denies loudly, "MY fault?! It was YOU guys!" He points to Trip, who replies, "No, she asked ME to..." Katie stands to the side, holding a star-pattern icepack to her aching noggin. Jen, her face covered with smudges from the battle, shuts Trip up with a loud order of, "QUIET!" The guys lower their heads again and stare at the floor. Jen debates, "I don't CARE how 'terrific' she is. We are Time Force Rangers. When DUTY calls, NOTHING else matters! GOT IT?!" Lucas responds helplessly, "Yeah, but she's so...", with Wes adding, "Beautiful!" Trip concurs, "She's PERFECT." Jen is stunned speechless by their unwavering and irrational desire for this mysterious woman. Katie removes the icepack from her head, and laments with a sigh, "Boys!" Wes thinks about it for a second, and eventually admits, "Ohh... You're RIGHT, Jen. So then we ALL agree-- NONE of us will ever see her again?" Lucas, when prompted, reluctantly replies, "Yeah." Trip defeatedly does also, "Oh-kay." Jen folds her arms, and seemingly less upset than before, though not by much. Poor Katie keeps the icepack pressed against her forehead, pouting continually. The camera pans down to the hands of the three guys, showing that all three (or at least Lucas & Wes), are secretly crossing their fingers! Jen has the final word, commending at first, "Good," but lashing out immediately, "Now get BACK to your jobs!" The guys stand up and walk out in a single file line, following orders. Jen folds her arms again as she watches the insubordinates depart, while Katie pulls the icepack off her head for a moment once more.


At the dark and murky security office in the Prison Ship, we get a pretty clear view into the contents of the secret storage vault on the table. Roughly 7 clear glass vials filled with the aqua-blue serum, each topped with brown strangely designed caps, and a small golden dragon's breath dagger lying against the red velvet interior, set aside for some unknown reason. Ransik, groaning desperately, takes out a random vial, pops off the top, and slowly brings the open vial towards his mouth. He's in such a rush to drink it, that a bit spills out past his lips and dribbles along his goatee. His grunting begins to quell, as he (and we) witnesses the sizzling mutation of his skin start to retract. Ransik sighs in relief, while watching his right arm cease warping and return to its normal scarred up and veiny state.

At the Clock Tower's Nick Of Time Odd Jobs office, Jen is writing down something near the cash register, when the phone rings. She picks up the receiver, and says, "Hello, Odd Jobs!" Katie walks in front the back room (which seems to just be a dark hole in the wall opposite of the stairwell, possibly the bathroom), and listens as Jen replies to the unheard caller with confusion, "He didn't? I'm sorry! I'll find out what the problem is. Bye." She hangs up quite slowly, just before Katie asks, "What's wrong?" Jen taps her fingers against her palm, and notes worriedly, "Wes didn't go back and finish his Odd Job." She quickly walks over to the front door, and tells Katie, "You check on the others! I'm gonna find out what this is all about." In the Silver Hills suburbs, Wes's whereabouts are exposed, as he's walking along, arm in arm, with Angelique! She smiles, giggles, and admits a load of pure malarkey, "I don't know HOW things got so confusing. Of course I like YOU best!" Wes shakes his head, smirks, and honestly believes, "I never had ANY doubt." They walk past some bushes, unaware that Jen is hiding with. Jen pokes her head out and her eyes widen at the sight she sees, before wrinkling into an enraged glare. She remarks hurtfully, "That RAT! He... lied." Suddenly, her Chrono-Morpher beeps, inspiring her to lean back into the bushes and press a button. The tiny hologram image of Circuit reappears, telling her urgently, "Jen! I'm picking up signs of mutant DNA in your immediate vicinity!" She releases the button, causing the image to turn off. Jen searches the area visually, seeing only normal human beings walking along the streets, mostly in groups, conversing casually. She presses the Morpher again, and asks unconvinced into the hologram-less display, "Are you SURE? I don't SEE anything!" At the CT, Circuit confirms, "I'm ABsolutely POSitive, Jen!" She lowers her Morpher once more, and spots Wes walking and talking with Angelique, the two just nearing the curb. Jen presses a point behind her right ear, causing her silver framed Time Force issued sunglasses to expand around her eyes, the lenses flashes pink before becoming black. We see what she sees, a blue-tinted computer readout of the strand data. Her vision zooms in on Angelique's back, and after scanning her body with a yellow flash, her human body gives way to reveal the mutant flesh beneath! Jen pulls the sunglasses off of her face, and growls, "I KNEW I didn't like her!" She rushes out from within the bushes, shouting out for Wes several times at the top of her lungs. Wes & Angelique are too far out of range, passing around the corner before she can reach them. This doesn't stop Jen from running as swiftly as she can, getting strange looks from fellow pedestrians. Unfortunately, Wes & Angelique are already in her car (the same fancy convertible from earlier), and pull away just before Jen makes the scene. She bounces to a stop, but quickly heads back the way she came when the lovebirds get away.

Later at the Clock Tower, Jen arrives to see Circuit sitting in front of the Hologram Viewscreen, with a rap sheet on Angelique's true form being displayed. He tells her, "The DNA is a PERFECT match to a mutant named Contemptra! Take a look!" Jen does so, checking out the DNA scanning of several angles of Contemptra's true form, with lots of digital words passing by too fast to read. Circuit notes, "She can put guys under a love spell!" Jen realizes, "Then Wes is under a love spell." Her face lights up, as she barely contains her excitement, blurting with an ecstatic smile, "That's GREAT!" Circuit turns to her, giving a perplexed, "Hmm?!" Jen instantly acts nonchalant about her personal position on the subject, reiterating, "I mean, that's horrible!" The Holoscreen shows the golden serpent bracelet of Angelique's, of which Jen mentions, "Her power comes from that bracelet." She presses a button on her Chrono-Morpher, and demands, "Katie, come in!" At a park in the city, Wes (who is wearing his usual red overshirt with white tank top under it) walks holding hands with Angelique (who now has on a very tight black leather miniskirt, a flimsy glittery grey blouse, a long black sweater coat, and heels). She giggles, "I LOVE to walk on the beach! Hehehe!" Wes stops her in the middle of the sidewalk, and sighs while gazing upon her and wishing, "I wanna know... EVERYthing about you!" Angelique promises with a slight chuckle, "Ohh, i'm FULL of surprises. I assure you!" He smiles, when Lucas & Trip appear out of nowhere, both shouting, "Hey!" They hurry over to Wes & Angelique, both with surprised looks on their faces. Lucas pushes Wes' shoulder, and complains, "I thought we agreed not to see her!" Wes retorts affirmatively, "Yeah. So what're YOU doin' here?!" Trip stammers madly, "I-I can't trust either ONE of you!" Angelique gives a faintly amused smile, as she slips her fingers across her snake bracelet. Its ruby eyes glow, and sends a few golden waves of energy outward. Trip's pupils begin to gleam red, coursing with a magical passionate fire within. He immediately has a violent outburst for likely the first time in his peaceful life, screaming loudly as he grabs Wes by his shirt and tosses him aside. Wes is stunned, exclaiming, "What're you DOING?!" Angelique rubs her bracelet again, this time entrancing Lucas' eyes with burning rage. He tosses a kick and two punches at Trip, who manages to deflect them all. With the third swing, Trip ducks under and rushes over to the woman, swooning googily-eyed, "Hi, Angelique!" She smirks, until Lucas grabs Trip's shoulder and flings him harshly to the ground. Wes blocks his face, as Trip slams onto his backpack, likely crushing whatever contents lie within. Speaking of Wes, his eyes ignite with the anger portion of the spell as well. He glares at Lucas, inspiring the equally bewitched TF to lunge at out him with a punch. Wes ducks, Lucas tries a kick, Wes blocks, then throws one of his own which is also blocked. Lucas tries one, which allows Trip to get back on his feet, grab Wes, and launch his feet outward into Lucas' chest. He falls onto the grass on his ass. Wes drops to the ground and rolls Trip away from his body.

Wes presses his Chrono-Morpher, causing it to flash red, and announces, "Time For..." Lucas presses his Morpher, causing it to flash blue, as he completes the call, "... Time Force!" Trip stands up, does the arm motions, and activates, "Time FOR... Time Force!", pressing his flashing green Chrono-Morpher. Red, Blue, and Green Time Force Power Rangers leap into a close circle together in the park, all hiyaahing. The three Rangers get into battle stances, each one proclaiming, "She's MINE!" Angelique simply giggles as she stands beside a tree on the sidelines, watching sadistically what she hath wroth. Blue Ranger throws a kick at Green, who leans back and avoids getting hit. Lucas tries to punch Wes, who grabs his arms, allowing Trip to kick his assailant in the gut. Blue Ranger bends down in pain, so Green rolls over his bent back, and gets out Red Ranger's range when he attempts to kick him. Trip backflips away from retaliation, leaving Wes to face Lucas when he breaks free. Blue footsweeps Red onto his stomach, then steps on his back as he races after Green. Wes recovers from those blows, and arises to summon, "Chrono-Saber, online!" He swings his double-bladed Saber around, and charges after his teammates-turned-rivals. He flips in the air and lands in front of Trip & Lucas. Blue Ranger, who has his own two Chrono-Sabers out, boasts, "So, you wanna play rough? Well BRING it on!" They block blades instantly, whipping the Sabers about. Each strike causes a flash of light in the spot the metal weapons meet. Green Ranger has to roll and duck out of the way from the duel of Sabers, nearly getting chopped a few times. His first big close call is narrowly avoided by him leaping through their combined cutting. Trip doesn't get to rest easy, as Wes jabs his double-blade directly into the ground, hardly a hair away from his helmeted-head, causing him to gasp, "Woah!" Angelique laughs maliciously, nobody paying her attention anymore, not that she minds. Blue & Red return to slapping Sabers, when Pink & Yellow finally make their entrance. Jen screams, "Guys, STOP IT!" Katie adds, "You're under some sort of spell!" The guys remain locked in combat, refusing to hear anything they say, especially Jen's plead of, "You gotta listen!" Angelique's laugh gains Pink Ranger's attention. Jen spots the target of her wrath, snarling, "It's HER!" She darts towards the mutant-in-slinky-disguise without hesitation, despite Katie's protest of, "Wait!" The two girls face Angelique, with a very angry Pink pointing out, "You don't fool me for a second. I know who you REALLY are!" Angelique steps forward, and gloats, "Maybe. But with only two Rangers, you'll NEVER stop me!" She begins to lift her arms, palms spread, as she laughs diabolically. Angelique morphs into Contemptra for the last time, her vicious laughter continuing uninterrupted, despite voice changes. Contemptra aims her left hand at the two women, and shoots off two snakelike bolts of pink energy. Yellow & Pink Rangers burst with sparks, and are thrown into the air by the slithery attack.

Red, Blue, and Green TF Rangers continue fighting, ignoring the fact that their feminine teammates have just had their clocks cleaned. Wes chops one of Lucas' Sabers out of his hands, and closely locks blades with the remaining one. Trip breaks them apart with a kick to the Sabers, jolting them loose painfully. Yellow & Pink Rangers get back on their feet between scenes, and resume fighting Contemptra. Katie doesn't fare well, her kicks and punches blocked, leaving herself open to be spark-slashed in the chest by the mutant. Jen throws a high kick, which is ducked under by Contemptra, and returned with another spark-slash to the chest. Contemptra boasts, "Yahahaha! YOU don't stand a CHANCE against me!" When the mutant balls up her right fist, the girls notices her golden serpent wrist-ornament is still intact. Pink tells Yellow, "Katie, her bracelet!" Yellow stresses, "We've GOTTA destroy it!" They both stand up, and between shots, V-4 & V-5 appear in their hands, as Katie proclaims, "V-Weapons! FIRE!" The double shot burst of smoke and firepower strikes Contemptra, causing her golden snake bracelet to fall onto the lawn in several broken pieces. The mutant rolls out of the smoke, and cries, "Ugh! My bracelet!" With the love spell broke, all three guys release their grips on each other, and collapse onto the ground in a daze. Lucas wearily wonders, "How did we get HERE?" Trip asks, "What is going on?!" Katie comes to his side, touches his shoulder, and comfortingly says, "It's okay, now. But you were under some sort of a spell!" Contemptra adds, "But NOW you're gonna be DESTROYED!" She does as before, quickly putting her left hand to her face, before aiming it at the four TF Rangers and shooting off a yellow tornado of energy at them. All four are struck at once, their chests bursting as they fall. The mutant turns at the sound of Jen's voice calling her name, and sees the remaining Ranger leaping through the air with a flying kick! Contemptra is knocked away by the Pink Ranger, who has her Chrono-Saber out for protection. The mutant crosses then holds out her arms, causing a couple of tentacles on her shoulders to come to life, whipping off in Jen's direction. Pink Ranger presses her Chrono-Morpher, making the glass dial sparkle green & red as she activates, "TIME SPIN!" Similar to Trip's "Time Slide" attack, Jen's feet spin around in a circle, causing her whole body to blur as becomes a human twister. The pink tentacles attempt to ensnare the Time Force leader, but because she's spinning rapidly with her Saber in hand, each of the extended appendages are sliced and diced into multiple chunks. Contemptra sees a pile of her smokey snaky follicles lying on the ground, and frets deeply, "My beautiful tentacles! What've you DONE?!" Pink Ranger jumps into the air again, her body trailing as she strikes the mutant with her Chrono-Saber. Contemptra falls, and Jen poses with a triumphant hiyah.

The other four Time Force Rangers regroup around their leader, with Green noting, "Alright, Jen!" Red Ranger clenches his fists, and remarks, "Yeah, that was AMAZING! You really let her have it!" Pink Ranger pulls out her V-5 weapon again, and in a vengeful tone, shouts, "And i'm not FINISHED yet! Vortex Blaster!" All five of the V-Weapons come together into the oversized Vortex Blaster cannon, held in usual positions by the team. The green targeting screen shows Contemptra staggering to her feet, moaning weakly, until the words "LOCK ON" appear. Wes proclaims, "We're locked! FIRE!" The Vortex Blaster unleashes the condensed ball of pure power, blasting into Contemptra perfectly. Her body drowns in steaming mist, but she's not finished by a longshot. The mutant removes the gold & black patch under her right forearm, and activates the chain reaction in her DNA. Contemptra's entire body expands to giant heights, making her laugh a great deal. Jen yells into her Morpher, "Circuit!" At the CT, the robotic owl instantly replies, "Time Flyers, online!" Inside the time vortex, the five Flyers soar forth from the future. Circuit adds, "And the Time Shadow is right behind the Time Flyers, too!" Pink Ranger lands in her Time Flyer cockpit, and exclaims, "Great!" The Flyers zoom around, forming the Time Force Megazord in Mode Red. The sun eclipses, and from within the dark spot comes the Shadow Winger. Its body folds out, and forms the Time Shadow Megazord in a matter of moments. It lands next to the TF Megazord in the middle of the city, facing the mutant. Contemptra wastes no time in attempting to waste the Times, as she fires off her regenerated pink shoulder tentacles at both Megazords. They struggle with the binding scaly ropes, yet can't break free. Contemptra cackles as she sends a surge of electricity through her tentacles, frying both Megazords into a burst of sparks & smoke. In the control room, our heroes get rocked violently. When it clams, Pink Ranger tells Red, "Wes! Take it up a notch!" Red gives a thumbs up and obeys, "You GOT it, Jen!" Mode Red lifts its Saber and cuts the tentacles off of itself. Time Shadow does the same with its blue arm-blades. Contemptra yelps, and the retracting of what's left of her tentacles sends her toppling backwards. Jen summons, "Time Force... Mode Red!" (oops, uhh, Jennifer? You're already IN Time Force Mode Red! You want SHADOW Force Mode Red.)

The Time Shadow races along, reverts to Shadow Winger, shifts around, allows TF Mode Red to hop in, the parts latch on, and Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red is transformed successfully. Contemptra is unafraid, boasting, "You CAN'T stop me!" In the souped-up control room, Pink Ranger activates, "Laser Nets!" The two green-grid blobs of energy nets are fired from SF Mode Red's shoulder cannons. They form into one big blob and wrap around Contemptra, holding her sobbing in place. Red Ranger yells, "Saber, online!", as he pulls out the remote version of the blue & yellow Shadow Force Saber from the holster. Its tubed side lights up in his hands, as he calls for, "Time Strike!" Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red spins its own Saber around in a circle, and creates a massive green clockface bigger than itself. Red Ranger cuts his remote version of the Saber diagonally into the air (letting out a deadly howl), with the big green words "Blizzard Slash" addressed behind him. The Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red chops downward with its Saber through the clockface. Contemptra is sliced free of the Laser Nets, screaming the whole time, until the flashing energy around her causes her body to freeze in place. Pink Ranger motions her left arm and tilts her head, while stating, "YOUR time's UP!" Contemptra's bodily explosions resume immediately, sparks firing outward as she cries in agony. The mutant falls forward, and erupts into a squall of fire, only to have the flames retract along with her expanded DNA. Contemptra's tiny Chrono-Frozen body falls onto the grass, pouring smoke harmlessly. The five Time Flyers reenter the time vortex, with the Shadow Winger right on their tails as it seals back up. Contemptra's toy-sized body is now on the cement, where Pink Ranger holds a TF Badge over her. In a blink of blue light, the mutant is returned to a Chrono-Capsule. Jen notes, "There'll be NO more trouble from YOU!", and departs with the recaptured mutant in hand.


Soon, at the NOTOJ office, Wes, wearing his jumpsuit, enters the room with his hand-mower in tow. Jen is standing at the desk, pressing buttons on a calculator, and writing down the numbers in a logbook. Wes remarks, "Well, another job finished!", as he sets the mower aside. Jen quips playfully, "FINALLY!" He wipes off his recently rugged hands with a reddish rag, and begins to mention, "Ya know, i've been thinkin', Jen... You REALLY did a number on Contemptra. 'Cause, I have NEVER seen you fight that way before!" Jen looks up from her bookkeeping work, and innocently asks, "What do you mean?!" Wes figures inquisitively, "Well... it was ALMOST like it was personal, or something." Jen vehemently denies it, "That's ridiculous. She was JUST another mutant!" Wes replies with brutal honesty, "Yeah! But, come on, she was a BABE in human form!" Jen's a bit stunned and offended, asking, "Really?!" Wes gives her a confused look. She snaps, "So THAT'S your type?!" He lifts his eyebrows, and expresses a sort of confirming attitude. Jen's eyes narrow, like she's ready to bite his head off at any time. Wes breaks his straight face and laughs, explaining, "NO! C'mon, I was just kidding!" She begins to display a half-smile. Wes walks around the desk, closer to her, and confesses in a warm tone, "Actually... MY type is more like...." Their eyes lock. Jen's smile widens, as she asks, "Like...?" Wes doesn't reply, simply leaning his head closer to hers slowly. She does the same, their faces approaching, their eager lips closing in on an embrace... When that blasted phone ring. It jolts the two out of the moment and back to reality. Jen quickly picks up the receiver, and answers, "Nick Of Time Odd Jobs!" Wes bows his head and snickers, likely thinking to himself just how appropriate their business name is. Jen fiddles with her pencil, keeping her eyes on Wes, as she tells the caller, "Of COURSE. We'll be there right away." He smiles at her, and she smiles back, both thankfully having been spared from crossing the romantic threshold of liplocking... for now.

[Scenes from "Full Exposure"; End Credits]

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