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Power Rangers Time Force
"Frax's Fury"
Original Air Date:08/11/01 Footage and a few story elements from:
Timeranger #39 - Ame Ni Fureta Usu (A Lie Soaked In Rain)
*Season 9, byte 27
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1127
*27th episode of PRTF
*405th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Edward Laurence Albert _AS_ Mr. Collins
Additional Cast:
Jeff Griggs _AS_ Dr. Louis Fericks
Christopher Glenn _AS_ Jimmy
Greg Siff _AS_ Shouter
Deanne Hixson _AS_ Reporter
Helen Slayton-Hughes _AS_ Elderly Lady
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Gluto (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Venomark (voice)


Deep within the bowels of the ever-titled Prison Ship, lies an incredibly dark and rather vast chamber. Frax has turned the place, that appears, judging by the huge mechanical device overhead, to be the generator room, into his own little workshop. Said device, likely the battery or engine for the entire former Time Force Prison's power supply, has two red blinking lights, one at the top and one at the bottom. The dark wall behind it has yellow & black stripes in long strips, definitely indicating this room is a dangerous place to be. Nearly below the apparent reactor, Frax stands at his high-tech workbench. There's a dismembered arm of a Cyclobot lying atop, being inspected via a sort of laser-cutting wand. Frax is doing this work personally, with what seems to be hundreds of Cyclobots standing around, in two very long rows (most all seem to be silver-suited). They stand vigilantly, motioning their arms up and down as they usually do when just hanging out, awaiting orders. Aside from those robodrones, there are a few Cyclos helping Frax out at his workstation down directly between the two facing lines. Despite the darkness, there's scant illumination, mostly provided by the sparking of various electrical items being used by the assistant Cyclobots, mist & smoke flowing freely. Frax ceases working on that arm, pausing only to grouse aloud to his audience of mute drones, in his usual nasally metallic tone, "Ransik! You think us robots are merely SLAVES to do your bidding?!" He drops his laser-wand and scoffs, stressing frustratedly, "But no matter how LOYAL we are, or how HARD we fight for your empire, you STILL treat us like... JUNK METAL!" In a rage, Frax slams his fist against his worktable, crushing a gold-metal cog with loose wiring into shattered pieces. There's a small speaker on the table, allowing the tall golden robot to hear as Ransik calls out in a weakened pitch, "Frax!" He turns his attention to the sound of his master's voice, his anger diffusing and giving way to what seems to be loyalty. Ransik calls out again, sounding desperate, "Get in here, right away!" Notice, on the floor behind the table, are several pieces of a single gold-suit Cyclobot, the remains of his head & leg still smoking. Did Frax take his rage out on one of his own creations? Probably not, and since it would be out of his character, the footage involving that was likely cut.

Immediately, Frax heads up to find Ransik lying on the floor in the TF-36 hallway, mere inches from the central detention center. He crawls on his belly, unable to move much at all, groaning lowly (the scenes from next time in the previous ep showed how he got there, in a quick clip of Ransik walking through the room, shouting, "FRAX?! Where is that moron?!"). Frax bends down to comfort him, wondering with care, "Ransik! What has happened?!", before popping his facial compartments open with red-eyed surprise. Ransik snaps, "My SERUM!" Frax gets up, and obliges to the obvious, "Oh, yes! Right away!" He heads across the central room, towards Ransik's office, the bars & doors sliding open long before he reaches them, though not quick enough, causing Frax to gripe, "COME on!" He enters the office without haste, keeping his facial compartments open the entire time. Frax pulls out from the desk a small silver metal case (that we've never seen before), containing rows and rows of the small vials of aqua-blue liquid Ransik needs to control his mutation. He opens it, showing us the contents, and complains in a whisper, "Stupid serum." Frax takes the entire case with him, while holding a single vial in his clawhand, and hurries back through the main room. He quickly grumbles under his breath, "One day, i'll get my revenge, and then i'll..." Suddenly, Frax stops his tracks. He realizes Ransik is now at his mercy, unable to do much but moan and lie writing on the floor, near death. Frax looks at the vial of serum in his claw, and realizing his revenge could be as easy as not doing anything at all, giggles with sadistic glee, "Ah-HA! Hehehehe!" Ransik's struggles against his reluctant mutation grows slower and slower by the ticking second. Frax is so caught up with cackling that he fails to notice Nadira, who snatches the vial of serum out of his claw, and yelps, "GIMME that!" The golden robot is taken by surprise, as Nadira calls out lovingly, "Daddy?", and rushes to his side. Gluto, her faithful lapwhale, grabs the case-supply of serum out of the still-stunned Frax's hand, remarking, "I'LL take DIS!" He follows Nadira as she gasps, and helps her father to sit up against the wall. Ransik groans in agony, until the pinkhaired woman in white hands him the vial, urging, "Here, daddy. Drink it!" Frax watches from afar, irking with disgust. Ransik wastes no time, guzzling the blue liquid in one gulp, some spilling out onto his chestplate. He holds his right arm outward, showing the skin slowly ceasing its bubbling & warping, returning to its usual disfigured state. Ransik sighs in relief, exhausted from the prolonged ordeal. Nadira turns her head and stares daggers at Frax, her prior resentment of him apparently justified. Frax just stands there, gently balling his black fingers into a fist, as his vengeance has been temporarily interrupted.

[Opening Credits]

Remember that footage from "Worlds Apart", where Frax is in a very well lit room, viewing a small green hologram diagram of several buildings in the city, with readout lines pointing to a pulsing circle point above a skyscraper? Well, here it is again! Frax turns off the hologram, and stands up, and proclaims ominously in his sterile chamber of solitude, "I know the PERfect mutant to Reanimate." He then walks through the dark cobwebby hidden hallway, laughing wickedly, as he heads over to the charred-up door to the X Vault. Holding the tiny arrow-like key in the air, Frax remarks a reminder, "It's hidden in the X Vault, which only _I_ have the key to!" He then inserts his secret key into the slot, and the burnt doors slide open, revealing roughly 6 cryo-canisters in cold storage. Frax picks up a single tube, with the skull & crossbones label, and comments, "I'm sure Ransik will have NO trouble remembering THIS one..."

Soon in Silver Hills, at one of the many food court areas (seems the restaurant is "under new management" by the sign), various citizens sit under the shade of parasols at several tables, eating their lunches. An unseen force dashes towards a blonde middle-aged woman, snarling along the way. Her expression turns to frozen fear & pain, as a chomping sound rips through the air. She tumbles out of her chair, revealing her assailant's face to us. The X Vault mutant is named Venomark, he's a sickly purple colored creature, with a ghostly pointed head, three pure white eyes, boils all over his body, and a circular mouth like a flukeworm! He chuckles viciously, and motions his arms, searching for the next victim. The woman he just attacked falls to the ground, clutching her neck. Seems Venomark has left his mark where he bit her, a large crimson & purple-rimmed mark with a yellow center, shaped almost like one of the DNA patches. The people begin to panic, screaming while fleeing the food court, as two men also fall down, grabbing their necks. The ground is now littered with the unconscious bodies of just under a dozen people bitten between scenes. Venomark spins around, his body trailing as he instantly zips up to a nearby rooftop, leaps off it, zips again, and hops off to a higher roof, damaging the edge and sending debris falling under his weight as he zips off once more. Expected stock footage, two Asian youths playing baseball collapse, their necks inflicted with the mark of venom. The Silver Guardians make the scene, with Eric, their red-bereted Commander, driving one of the two SUVs. He snaps off his seatbelt, exits the vehicle, and stares intensely at the scene. Eric leads the small troupe of soldiers into the courtyard, ordering, "See if you can find out what happened here!" Makes you wonder who called them to the scene, and who's paying the bill for their services. The Guardians begin inspecting the dozen or so victims, lying about nearly lifeless. Eric cradles a man in his arms, checks out the bloody mark on his neck, and notices something about the man's right arm. Eric grimaces and gasps, "What?!", as the arm begins to show signs of bluish-glowing boils along the skin. They cease glowing before his eyes, turning into the usual warping bubbles as seen on Ransik's forearm many a'time. Eric is visibly disgusted by his witnessing of the virus' effects. Up on the rooftop of some building elsewhere in the city, Venomark is now wearing a black full-body robe. He shrouds his face, before revealing it to us, and laughing maniacally. The mutant's eyes glow yellow, as the camera zooms down to focus on the gash on his neck, the same shape as the marks he's inflicting on the humans.

Back at the Prison Ship, Ransik has found the empty X Vault Chrono-Tube near the Reanimation Booth. He curiously opens and closes it, confused as to how it got there, and where the contents are. Nadira enters the room, and announces joyfully with a wide grin, "Daddy! Your mutant has the whole CITY on the run!" Ransik asks sternly, "WHAT mutant? I haven't sent a mutant to attack the city YET." Nadira wiggles her fingers puzzledly, and remarks intrigued, "Well... SOMEone did!" Ransik eyes widen angrily, as he closes the empty X Vault capsule, sets it on the grey table, and notes "I BET I know who it is." He presses a button on the blue control plate of the Hologram Viewing Screen, causing it to flicker to life with a holo-image of downtown Silver Hills. Nadira smiles and leans in over her father's shoulder to watch the Holoscreen, Gluto looking over her's. Ransik zooms in on the mark of venom on one of the downed civilians' neck, and his jaw drops, "It COULDN'T be... !" Nadira, obliviously wonders, "What IS it, Daddy?" Ransik trembles, and whispers with both dread and bile, "Venomark." Nadira rolls her eyes, and scoffs snobbily, "What's wrong, Daddy? He's JUST another mutant!" Gluto is biting his fingernails in pure fear, quite aware of the nature of Venomark. Ransik softly explains, "WRONG. Venomark and I... have a LONG history."

The camera slowly zooms into Ransik's blue eye, as the scene shifts into a full-color flashback, to Ransik's days circa quite some time before the year 3000, as a bum on the streets (last seen in "Ransik Lives"). It's raining heavily, like always, on one of the city sidewalks at night time. The scene is lit only by the triangular futuristic streetlights, and the occasional flash of lightning. Venomark has apparently just bitten Ransik offscreen, and is now jittering about intimidatingly. Ransik, dressed in rags, and sans any of the metal or leather attire to cover his exposed mutations, clutches the spot where the rogue typhoid mutant bit him. He leans against a wall, painfully crying out. Ransik narrates, "Venomark attacked me one DARK rainy night. The pain was SO immense, I couldn't even cry out for help. As his venom RUSHED through my veins, my flesh began BOILING and mutating, right before my eyes." We see the ragamuffin Ransik staggering out of the sidewalk, and into an enclosed alleyway. Venomark races off down the deserted streets, as the rain pours down in buckets, and lightning flashes violently on a regular basis. The bitten mutant bum collapses to the ground, and watches as the already misshapen skin on his right forearm starts to bubble and warp. I should point out that the mark of venom has been on the bottom right side of Ransik's neck the ENTIRE series, yet we've only thought it was just another scar! The enclosed alleyway seems to be near a stairwell and garage, as a man in a black trenchcoat with matching hat comes up the steps. He wears glasses from the Billy Cranston Collection, carries a tattered yellow umbrella (similar to the one that lady ditched when running from Ransik in the prior flashback scene in ep 4), and is accompanied by two Cyclobots (one of each suit color)! Ransik narrates, "It SURELY would have been the END of me, if not a most FOOLish, and naive doctor stopped to help me." The doctor spots the mutant in agony, and rushes to his side, inspecting his arm as Ransik shouts excruciatingly. He seems to have come prepared, and asks the silver-suited Cyclobot, "Give it to me!" It's carrying the same tackle box case we saw earlier, filled with countless vials of the anti-Venomark serum. One seems to be missing from a slot, the doctor likely has been making a habit of going around and helping the victims on the street. He takes a vial out of the case, opens it up, and hands it to Ransik, offering in a very deep, manly voice, "Here, drink this!" Ransik holds on to the doctor's black gloved hands, and guides the vial to his mouth. Ransik's left-eye mutation has never been shown more clearly than in this shot, the pinkish slimy swollen tissue around his lidless blue eye is quite a gruesome sight. He graciously gulps the serum down, lapping the runoff up as his attitude clams considerably from the vaccine. The doctor turns attention to the raging thunderstorm occurring around them, and orders to his robotic bodyguards, "It's not safe here. Take him to my lab."

Inside the doctor's lab, we find various bodyparts of Cyclobots scattered about, being either repaired or built. Wiring and all kinds of strange, futuristic science devices are strew across the rather confining workspace. Ransik groggily awakes on a table in the incredibly dark room, groaning as he sits up, and confusedly wonders, "Where am I?!" The doctor exits a greenish, better-lit room around the corner, the two Cyclobots marching along behind. He's wearing a long brown & goldish robe (typical of what we've seen people in the future wear), as he approaches the disoriented mutant, and explains, "In.... MY laboratory. I'm Doctor Louis Fericks. You're VERY lucky I came along!" Ransik sits up completely, and remembers as he grasps the mark on his neck, "Venomark... (Gasp!) He bit me." He rubs the wound, while Dr. Fericks confirms, "Yes. I'm afraid he did. But my serum, saved you." Fericks motions his arm over to the container case filled with vials of serum, laid out for all to see. Ransik looks down at his right arm, runs his fingers along the course mutated skin (using his left hand for a rare change!), and comments softly, "So it DID. Heh heh heh heh." Doc Fericks adds, "But unfortunately, your DNA is different. You'll have to KEEP taking it, or the attacks will destroy you." Ransik hops off the table, and grabs a vial of serum from the case. Fericks steps in front of him, listening as Ransik asks in a rather innocent manner, "Why would YOU, a human, help ME, a mutant?" The dark-haired doctor smiles humbly, "Humans, mutants, robots-- It makes no difference to me. I just live here peacefully, building my... mechanical friends." Fericks motions to the two Cyclobots, both jerking their arms in synch, as the robodrones still do now, but both are lacking Sabers! Ransik fiddles with the vial of serum, admiring the aqua-blue liquid, shining against the light of the repeatedly flashing lightning, filtered through the window. He remarks as cruelly as possible, "Heheheh. Robots are a WASTE of metal." Dr. Fericks smirks, pacifistly replying, "Hrm. Actually, they can be quite useful!" Ransik's mood swings viciously, as his eye widens into an evil glare, and he reiterates, "Maybe as slaves!" The mutant grabs Fericks by his robe collar, prompting the twin Cyclobots to start marching forward to protect their creator. Ransik merely aims his left hand, wrapped in a thin purple cloth, charges it up and fires a bolt of energy, trashing both bots into a sparking heap. Dr. Fericks, still held by the collar, asks in shock, "What're you DOING?!" Ransik holds up the vial, and demands to know, "Is THIS, ALL the serum you have?" Fericks, disoriented by the unkind gratitude, blurts out, "YES! But you MUSTN'T!" Ransik shoves him across the room, into one of the consoles, where he comes to a grunting stop. The doctor helplessly looks back, and watches as the mutant takes the case full of serum, locks it up, and remarks, "You're as FOOLISH as your ROBOTS! Hehehehe!" Dr. Fericks shivers in fright, realizing what violent fate awaits him momentarily.

The flashback shifts to not long later (that violent fate of Fericks left up to your imagination. C'mon, you can do it. Use that wrinkly brain for a change!), as Ransik, still laughing maniacally, slowly exits the small laboratory. He walks along, carrying the case of serum, under the drenching rain, as the building behind him explodes massively. Several angles show just how big the blast is, and just how crazy Ransik is, as he's only a few feet ahead of the wall of flames emitting from ground zero! Ransik's narration ends with a mentioning of, "And THAT was the LAST I ever saw... of Doctor Fericks." The flashback ends, showing Ransik in 2001 as he opens the case full of anti-Venomark serum in his office. It seems quite well-stocked to still be just the one supply Dr. Fericks made all those years ago. It's possible, though, that Ransik's symptoms have only been acting up more lately than ever before. He picks up a lone vial of the juice, stares into its aqua-blueness, and states in a near-whisper, "With THIS, I am safe from Venomark." Nadira stands behind him, giving a worried expression before forcing a smile, holding her locks locked together. Gluto is right behind her, still nibbling on his nails silently. Ransik turns around, still clutching the vial, his voice growing increasingly louder, as he proclaims, "But HE is not safe from ME. When I find HIM... it will be PAYBACK TIME!!!" (there's another scene cut from this episode, possibly here or elsewhere, of Frax hiding behind a corner in the Prison Ship, remarking to himself, "I remember QUITE well what you did FOR me.")


It's football season in Silver Hills. Jimmy, his best buddy Shouter, and a couple other jocks are casually tossing around the old pigskin in the park. Who are these people? Who cares! The ball goes too far long, and so Jimmy heads out into the bushes to seek it, claiming, "I'll get it." Of course, he couldn't find his way out of a plastic shot-glass, so the Jimster wanders around a bit. Laying in wait, is the slurpingly hungry leech-like mouth of Venomark! Jimmy finally finds the football, only to have the mutant zip across the field, body trailing and hovering through the air at a blurring speed. Venomark grabs Jimmy and tackles him into some shrubbery, the football being thrown to the side in the process. Nobody can hear Jimmy's gurgling groans as the mutant feasts on his neck, save for Shouter, who worriedly calls out his name. Venomark zips out of the bushes, aiming for Shouter! Despite his blurring speed, the mutant's next meal is pulled out of his grasp by the Pink Time Force Ranger, who yanks the frozen-in-fear Shouter to safety, shouting, "Look out!" Venomark, empty-mouthed, comes to a hover halt against the trunk of a palmtree, where he sticks to the side and prepares to double-back. Pink Ranger guards Shouter, telling him, "STAY behind me!" Venomark launches himself (seemingly by a fart-blast) towards the two, just before the Red TF Ranger cuts across his direction, literally, by slicing into the mutant's chest with his Chrono-Sabers. The creature takes a sparking tumble, allowing Jen to order Shouter, "Run for safety!" He does so, posthaste, prompting Green Ranger to announce to the crowd, "Everybody CLEAR out! Hurry" Yellow Ranger urges with him, "GO!" They do so, despite appearing to want to watch the action. Venomark recovers and races towards the near-perfect row of Rangers with his arms held outward, smacking each one that fails to duck out of the way in the chest. Trip, Lucas, and Katie seem to be the only ones struck, their chest sparking & smoking. The snarling mutant then turns back around, and flips back across the bushes. Venomark tries to attack Wes on his way down, but the Red Ranger manages to dodge and roll out of the way. Trip notes, "He's FAST!" Wes exchanges his Sabers for his V-1 cannon, pulling it out of thin air and boasts, "Let's see if he can outrun THIS!" Venomark is taken down by the sudden burst of reddish energy, the V-1 blast knocking him off his feet. Despite his fall and roll on the ground amid the smoke, Red Ranger claims, "He DODGED it!"

Venomark recovers, extends his right hand outward, and creates via a shimmering purple light, his very own yellow jagged-bladed sword! The mutant growls as he whips the sword in the air, firing a bolt of purple laser light at our heroes. All five Time Force Rangers are screamingly engulfed in a spark & flash exploding in front of them. Pink Ranger rolls along the ground uncontrollably, until she bumps into a red wooden fence. Jen gets up into a crouching position, just when Venomark zips right up on her! She cries, "NO!", as the mutant bites down on the left-side of her morphed neck. His feast lasts only a few moments, Pink Ranger moaning in agony all the while, until the Green Ranger shouts her name and reaches for the mutant. Venomark smacks Trip's hands away, and lunges for his neck, chomping down on the right-side against the alien's will. He doesn't feed long, before pushing Green Ranger away, and seeking out his neck... err, next dinner. There's a 2-fer-1 buffet a few feet away! Venomark bites down on both Blue & Yellow Rangers' necks at the exact same time, Lucas' left-side, Katie's right. They're then dumped onto the ground, writhing in pain, clutching their necks, as Red Ranger screams, "NOOO!" He rushes to their side, urging, "Hang on, guys!", before hiyaahing and flipping into the air in retaliation. Wes lands atop the steps Venomark was climbing, blocking his progression. He throws a high kick at the mutant, only to have Venomark block it with his sword, and then give Wes a jab to the ribs with the handle. Red Ranger then tries to land a punch into him, allowing the mutant to grab his arm, and redirect his momentum by tossing him onto the pavement harshly. Wes plops onto his belly, and rolls onto his back, just as Venomark leaps down on top of him! He stands with the Ranger lying between his legs, proceeding to bend down and try to reach Wes' neck with his circular sucker. Wes struggles as best he can, one arm held down, and the other failing to hold the mutant's head back. Venomark gloats as he slowly closes in, "Relax, Ranger! It'll only hurt FOREVER!"

Suddenly, a surging ball of pulsing purple energy shoots across Venomark's back, frying him off of Red Ranger's body with an electrical jolt! Wes quickly spins around, and witnesses his savior with dumbfounded confusion, "RANSIK?!" Indeed, Ransik is here to save the day, by giving back vengeful pay! His metal chestplate shines brightly in the sunlight, the leather caped mutant mastermind approaching with his right arm held outward. Ransik points his finger at Venomark, and yells bloodthirstily, "YOU!" Red Ranger staggers back to his feet, and retreats to the spot in the background where his venom-inflicted teammates are reluctantly hanging out. Venomark is as surprised to see Ransik as Wes is, apparently not having seen him since the night he bit him, gasping, "R-ransik!? I thought I destroyed you!" Ransik proclaims evilly, "YOU... will WISH... you HAD!" Venomark waves his sword around, scoffing, "Oh, YEAH!?" Ransik reaches around behind his neck, and yanks his own sword made of bone, right out from his spinal column! The sound of flesh ripping ends when he completely removes the bonesword, aims it at the fellow mutant, and lets out a vicious battle cry. Ransik jumps into the air, landing right in front of Venomark. Immediately, he strikes on the way down, Venomark blocks the blow with his sword. Ransik undercuts swiftly, knocking his sword back and cutting through the purple flukeworm as he darts around him. Red Ranger watches this fight in awe, with Blue & Yellow Rangers also witnessing the action, ignoring their venomous injuries for a short time. Ransik slashes at Venomark again, but fails to hurt him. Venomark tries to slice into him in return, but Ransik spins around, knocks the blade away, and lands a direct side-kick into the creature, knocking him to the ground. Ransik growls mightily, and follows the mutant to his landing spot. Venomark whimpers, but manages to get into a crouching position, where he holds his sword up and blocks a few attempted slashes by Ransik. The two mutants then lock blades, pressing against one another's swords at a rather close range. Ransik's blinding rage is visible on his scarred & metal-plated face. They break off their locking sword-hold, allowing Venomark to try to slash at Ransik, who blocks it, then uses his bonesword to hold Venny's in another, looser lock. Ransik pushes Venomark's sword down somewhat, prompting the mutant to hold it with both hands. Proving that despite the metal surface, it can still pack a wallop, Ransik punches Venomark into the air simply with a blow from his generally unused left arm!

Venomark in flung behind the bushes, where he quickly crawls back onto his feet, fearfully backing away as Ransik slowly follows. He's incredibly terrified of the mutant mastermind, begging for mercy, "No, no! PLEASE!" Ransik shows him no quarter, firing a purple bolt from his bonesword, striking Venomark's body with sparking results. He falls against a fence, his body smoking from the last blow. Ransik continues aiming his shiny bonesword outward, laughing wickedly as he slowly marches toward the downed mutant. Venomark backs against the fence, fidgeting in fright and shielding his face, stammering, "R-ransik! N-NO!" Ransik ignores his pleads, approaching closely, before holding his bonesword high above, and preparing to drop the blade into a fatal chop. Venomark yelps in fear, as Ransik's vengeful shout turns into an agonized scream. He begins clutching his left arm, as it tenses up, and lets the marrow-handled sword fall from his fingers, missing Venomark entirely on its way down. Ransik lets out one long primal howl, the skin on his right arm beginning to boil and warp once more. Venomark staggers back to his feet, and nervously makes his getaway, narrowly saved by the same action that got him into this situation in the first place! Ransik braces himself against the nearby fence, and in a very beautifully photographed shot, his whole body flashes several times, as the sun glistens off his faceplate. He's all screamed out, merely coughing dryly from the intense torture ripping through his mutant body, and judging by the flashes, is gradually growing worse. Nearby, the Rangers confusedly watch this scene. Green, Pink, and Yellow are all distracted by their neck wounds (which aren't visible when morphed), though Blue seems tougher than he looks, not bothered at all by his. Lucas in fact is helping Wes in helping Jimmy stay on his feet, as the teen jock grasps his neck in a daze. Ransik leans against the fence, and grunts as he pulls a vial of the serum out of his pocket. He struggles to pop the top, but gets it open quick enough, and chugs the whole small shot of blue liquid. Red Ranger, the only one witnessing this clearly, wonders, "What...?!" Wes sees Ransik panting gently, before dropping the mostly empty vial onto the ground, the tiny glass tube shattering on the dirt. Red recognizes the vial from previous encounters, noting, "That serum!", though still unclear what it's for. Ransik's right arm ceases boiling and warping instantly, to which Wes realizes, "It CURED him!" Inspecting his arm to be sure the venomous mutational outbreak has been quelled, Ransik screams, "VENOMARK! AHH!", as he slams his fist against the fence. His arm bursts into a small yellow electronical flash, erupting his body into a scattering storm of digitalized pixels. His face appears in a purple flickering hologram image briefly, every trace of Ransik vanishing in the blink of an eye, this being his teleportation method.

Meanwhile, atop a skyscraper in downtown Silver Hills city, Venomark sits on the edge of a roof, wearing his black cloak/robe again. He worriedly rubs what little bit of a chin he has, and whispers trembling, "I didn't know Ransik was still alive!" Without warning, Frax's metallic voice echoes in, shouting Venomark's name. The mutant looks over at the golden robot, slightly surprised. Frax, standing behind a fence (this is a very of-FENCE-ive episode!), wonders, "What is this NONsense I hear you mumbling?!" Venomark rushes to his side, and hyperly admits with dread, "Ransik's still alive! I just fought with him!" Frax walks across the rooftop, commenting confidently, "DON'T worry about Ransik. I'LL take care of him, YOU destroy the Rangers!" Venomark paces about in a panic, bemoaning, "But, if Ransik finds me again, he'll destroy ME! I CAN'T beat him!" Frax changes his path and urges, "DON'T worry!" Venomark rapidly asks, "HOW can you say 'Don't Worry'?!" Frax announces, "_I'M_ going to destroy Ransik!" Venomark slaps his hands against his purpley-pale face, and laments, "ARGH! I am HISTORY!"

Elsewhere in the city, at the Clock Tower, the venom-marked Time Force Officers are laid-up in several cots in the main clockface room. Lucas coughs painfully, and as he should, since the mark of venom is shown on the right side of his neck (despite his having been bitten on the LEFT side!). Circuit sits on the picnic table nearby, flapping his blue metal wings, and complaining worthlessly, "I feel so HELPless!" All four of the infected Rangers groan to various degrees, leaving Wes to tend to their injuries, making them as comfortable as he can. He passes out icepacks for their fevers, handing one to Trip, telling him, "Trip, keep this on your head." Katie, having kicked off most of her blankets, moans sharply, her mark of venom on the left side of her neck (despite having been bitten on the right earlier). She writhes about, and begins to sit up, when Wes comes to her aid, placing an icepack against her head and guiding her onto her back, demanding gently, "Katie, you have to lay down." She does so, reluctantly, as despite her immense strength, she can barely move, let alone make out a single word that isn't a grunt or groan. Wes sighs, visibly taxed by the ordeal of nursing his teammates to no real avail. Jen sits up and moans, gaining Wes' attention, as he turns to her, crouches down, and caresses the back of her neck, caringly saying her name. She speaks with a weak voice, stressing, "We've GOT to stop that mutant." Wes calms her, whispering, "Shh. I'll handle it. Shh. You need to rest." Jen is reluctantly laid back down, gradually losing consciousness while looking up at Wes (her mark of venom on the left side of her neck, as it should be). The television set has been on this whole time, showing a live news report concerning the Venomark crisis. A man states, "We're on the scene at Community Hospital." A female reporter reports, "Reports are coming in from ALL over the city. Hospitals are full. Doctors are baffled, and see NO cure in sight for these ailing victims." Wes crouches in front of the TV, biting his thumbnail anxiously. The report shows an intern helping a Silver Guardian hoist a hefty Asian man on a gurney out of an ambulance, the mark of venom on the left-side of his neck. The reporter continues, "Police are asking that EVERYone stay INdoors, since the... mysterious attacker is STILL on the loose." Wes grimaces, and slowly looks away from the TV, sulking somberly.

Circuit's scanning of the Time Force database is a success, as he suddenly exclaims, "I FOUND him! It's a mutant called Venomark." Wes stands up and leans against the table, watching closely as Circuit brings up the computer file on the mutant via the Holoscreen. It's got a little moving image of Venomark inside, a small mugshot, along with green digital data, plus a shot of his sword. Circuit notes, "He's from the X Vault!" Wes cuts to the chase, asking desperately, "Right, now what about his bite? How do we cure it?" The robotic owl chipperly informs him, "Sorry, Wes! There's no data for a cure!" Lucas grunts loudly, his teeth grinding together and his eyes squinting, as the skin on his left arm begins to break out with the same glowing boil-marks Ransik has occasionally. Wes glances over, and instantly recognizes this symptom. He flashes back to Ransik from earlier, drinking her serum (from a different angle), then dropping the vial, before his warpy-boiled mutating arm returned to normal. Wes thinks about it for a second, and after much deliberation, puts 2 and 2 together. He figures hopefully, "Maybe that's it!" Quickly, Wes dashes off, returning to the garden area of the park where the fight between Venomark & Ransik occurred. He reaches the fence, and begins looking around (his breath showing, meaning it must be cold out that day). Seconds later, Wes spots what he's looking for. He bends down and picks up the largest piece of the shattered vial. Wes holds it up and focuses into the glass, shaking it around, and finding there's still about an ounce or so of the serum remaining!


At the glass skyscraper home office of the Bio-Lab corporation, Wes enters his dad's building for the first time since "Clash For Control." He's wearing his brown-leather jacket for the first time in a while, also. Wes hurries as fast as he can into the lobby, so caught in his task that he bumps into a passing technician. He apologizes to the man, and carries on, but doesn't get far before Eric and a couple of Silver Guardians block his path! Eric puts his hand on Wes' chest, pausing him, and arrogantly asking, "Whoa, whoa-whoah. WHERE are you going?" Wes pushes his arm aside, and grumbles, "I need to see my FATHER." Eric places his hand against Wes' chest again, and stresses resentfully, "He's BUSY with the Silver Guardians, come back later." Wes grabs his wrist, and glares at Eric directly in his face, sternly stating, "NO. It CAN'T wait." Eric slips his arm out of his former classmate's grasp, and remarks, "In CASE you haven't heard, the city is under attack." Wes explains determinedly, "I KNOW. That's why i'm here, my friends have been bitten!" Eric's expression fades from ego-clashing mad to urgent enlightened seriousness.

Soon, he opens up the door to Mr. Collins' office, clears his throat, and salutes, proclaiming, "Ahem! SIR!" Collins is at his desk, as three men in business-suits with briefcases at their sides stand around it. He doesn't seem too pleased to be interrupted in the middle of the meeting, but looks over at the Silver Guardians' Commander, awaiting an explanation. Eric steps aside, allowing Wes to walk into the room. He appears to swallow his pride as he enters, seeing his estranged father for the first time since "Worlds Apart." Mr. Collins is visibly shaken by the sight of his son, but begins to display a curious smile, possibly thinking his son's come crawling back to him at last. He tells the men, "Excuse me, please, gentlemen." One guy says, "Yes, of course," and the leads the way for the whole trio to pick up their briefcases and exit the room. Mr. Collins arises from his chair, and once the men are gone, Wes steps up to his father's desk, while Eric stands guard at the door. Wes states firmly, "Dad, I NEED your help." Collins grouses, "You don't come around here for months, and when you DO show up, you ask for a favor?!" Wes sighs and jerks his head around uncomfortably, though appearing to have expected such a reaction. Collins smiles factiously, and sits back down, locks his fingers together, plays along, asking, "Okay, son. What do you want from me now?" Wes explains, "This isn't about ME. It's about the WHOLE city, everybody's sick!" Mr. Collins seems intrigued when Wes holds up a plastic container, holding the shattered remains of Ransik's vial. He places it on the desk, and notes, "This serum... It can CURE them." Collins looks at the tiny bit of blue liquid within, and wonders, "Where'd you get that?" Wes shakes his head, arguing as he walks around the desk, "It's NOT important. But was IS important, is that ONLY Bio-Lab... has the technology to reproduce it fast enough, to save lives." (on Mr. Collins' desk is a name plate, "A. COLLINS", the closest thing to a full name as we've ever gotten for him!) Mr. Collins picks up the container, stares within, and figures, "Well, but if it works..." He then selfishly adds with a greedy smile, "... This could be a GOLD mine."

Within that afternoon, fueled by Mister A. Collins' (not to be confused with Myster-AY Man) desire to meet supply & demand as quickly as possible for the best profit, Doctor Louis Fericks' serum is synthesized by the lab technicians, and reproduced in bulk. Cases and cases of first aid kits (black boxes with Bio-Lab logos and red Lightspeed Rescue... err, medical symbols & caduceus') are loaded into crates by the truckfull at the Bio-Lab shipping zone. The Silver Guardians are in charge of distributing the vaccine, though several techies are seen checking the inventory as the boxes are shipped out. Eric commands the operation, sending three Guardians in different directions, "Alright, West Side hospitals. North Park area. South Complex. Go, Go, GO!" The Commander salutes the last solider before he rushes off to do as told. Numerous troops load the giant white boxes (every one of them with Bio-Lab's logo on the side, including a few of the trucks), and technicians continue to check inventories, people yelling orders back and forth. Eric presses the earpiece in his right ear, listening to the communications radio. He notices Wes nearby, strapping a kit of the serum onto his good old blue motorcycle. Wes is just about to hop on, when he spots Eric, gives him a smile and a grateful nod. Eric returns the nod, and that'll have to be enough. Wes climbs on his bike, and revs off down the empty street with his helmet firmly on his head. Back at the Clock Tower, Jen's right arm begins to crackle with the skin mutation. She grunts deeply, the pain unbearable. Wes rushes into the room, opens the kit on a stack of crates (near a pitcher of water), and removes two long thin vials full of the aqua-blue serum. Quickly, he hands one to Trip, ordering, "Trip, drink ALL this." He then hands one to Lucas, urging, "Lucas, here! You have to finish this!" Katie wriggles on her cot, until Wes hands her a tube of serum, telling her, "Katie, drink all of this!" Wes personally opens up the fourth and final tube (yet making the poor others have to open theirs themselves! Meanie!), and feeds it to Jen, pouring it into her eager mouth as he urges, "There ya go. You got to drink all this." Trip & Lucas sit up, guzzling their serums at nearly the same time. Jen finishes hers, and gently lays her back down. She grimaces, the flavor likely unsettling. Wes caresses her hair, and watches the red & yellow mark of venom on her neck. Within seconds (and a very poor dissolve shot), the mark vanishes completely! Wes smiles happily, and looks around, seeing both Trip & Lucas getting up out of their beds, thankfully gazing at the empty tubes. Katie sits up, looks at her teammates, and also smiles, cured and back to normal health. Jen is the last to recover, opening her eyes with renewed vigor and glancing around. Her three cured teammates stand around her cot, all surprised to be alive and feeling great. Jen quickly sits up and gives Wes a very short but grateful hug, which he gladly accepts. When she releases him, he smiles, and gets back to business, proclaiming, "Let's go save the city."

At the (generically named) Silver Hills Hospital, Silver Guardians haul boxes of Bio-Lab's own brand of serum (patent pending, non FDA-approved) out of their SUVs. Doctors rush out to attend to yet more people brought in via ambulances on gurneys. Stacks and stacks of the serum crates are set up in the emergency room entrance area. Eric is just outside of that, taking care of a quite unruly crowd of Venomark victims. He opens up a kit, and demands, "Alright, one at a time! Please, stay calm!" The people are anxiously reaching out for relief from the virus spreading through their veins, like zombies seeking tasty brains. Speaking of zombies, an elderly lady in a big sunhat drags her purse along the ground, as she staggers across the hospital loading lot, clutching her chest and appearing near death's door. Eric hands a vial to one of the men in line, and unhappily tells him, "Here, drink this." He then glances over at the elderly lady, and watches as a Silver Guardian shoves her aside while helping a hot young woman to safety. The elderly lady drops her purse and cries out, the SG totally ignoring his rude intrusion. Eric quickly gives the serum kit to one of his men, ordering, "Here, take charge!" He brings a vaccine vial with him, and heads over to the old woman, politely telling the mannerless victims "Excuse me" as he cuts through the oncoming crowd. The elderly lady is on her knees, shivering, unable to get up after bending down to pick up her purse. Eric rushes to her side, and hands her a tube of serum (the top vanishing between shots). She takes it in her trembling wrinkled hands, and gulps the aqua-blue juice down. Eric witnesses the red & yellow mark on her neck begin to disappear instantly. Her ailing health restored to its already fragile status, the elderly lady puts her hands on Eric's shoulders, and utters with profuse gratefulness, "Oh, THANK you, young man!" He simply smiles, having proven once again that a heart of gold beats beneath that rough shell of Quantum. Suddenly, Venomark leaps out of the bushes, and grabs Eric out of the elderly lady's surprised clutches! The mutant drags the Silver Guardians' Commander across the lot, slamming him against the side of the SUV. Eric reaches around and tries to grab his SG Blaster, but Venomark bashes his right hand away. He holds his wrist in agony for a moment, allowing Venomark to pull out his sword, hold it sidewards, and press against Eric's neck. Eric reaches up and tries in vain to push the blade back, struggling with all his might. Venomark leans in as they're locked together, and with his slimy fanged round mouth oozing less than inch away from Eric's face, gloats, "You're NEXT, Military Boy!" Eric likely fears more the pain of the bite than the effects of the mark of venom, considering how he's surrounded by boxes and boxes of the anti-venom serum!

Venomark doesn't get to slice Eric's head off, nor munch on his neck, as the mutant's back gets struck by two consecutive pink bolts of laserpower! He rolls off of Eric in a daze, and spins around to see all five morphed TF Rangers on the scene. Red Ranger aims his Chrono-Blaster at the mutant, and Pink Ranger lifts up her TF Badge, exclaiming, "Time Force! You're under ARREST, Venomark!" The mutant rubs his back for a moment, as he recovers to his feet, and boasts, "I BIT you once before, I can DO it again!" Jen poses in a battle-ready stance, scoffing, "NOT gonna happen!" Eric suddenly steps in front of the Rangers, getting personal by remarking determinedly, "I'LL take this one." Red Ranger offers without hesitation, "He's all YOURS!" Eric, in front of quite a large crowd of civilians standing around the hospital lot, proclaims into his Quantum Morpher, "QUANTUM POWER!" His full morphing sequence plays, leading to his emerging as the Quantum Ranger. Magically, the scene shifts from the lovely green scenery surrounding the hospital, to a very dirty and run-down series of old factories. Venomark now has a rifle-like blaster in place of his sword, and fires it at the six Power Rangers. The purple stream of energy is fired from the yellowish rifle, causing a sparky explosion at our heroes' feet. They dodge the brunt, and rush through the smoke, hiyaahing mightily and posing eagerly. Quantum Ranger whips out his Quantum Defender from the holster, firing several sharp blue bursts in return. Venomark is struck repeatedly in the chest, causing him to drop his sword on the cement. His body steaming, the mutant aims his rifle at the six Rangers, and boasts, "Now it's MY turn!" Venomark fires another purple stream of power through the team, knocking every one of them burstingly onto their backs. He then turns and notices a single silver case laying out in the middle of the lot, and remarks disgustingly, "Uagh! I SEE you were transporting SERUM for my venom! You KNOW I can't let you do that." Just when Venomark is about to fire upon a lone case (compared to the tons of boxes at the hospital), Blue Ranger leaps across the lot and shields the box from the purple bolt blast. Why? Because Lucas is a glutton for pain? Or because this incredibly pointless footage was used just to waste time? The latter, of course.

Back to where we left off before the useless Sentai footage kicked in, the Quantum Ranger, standing in front of the hospital, lifts his arm into the air and summons, "MEGA BATTLE MODE! Hyah!" His entire morphed body is engulfed in a blast of smoke & sparks, the mist clearing to reveal he's now wearing his purple & grey Quantum Mega Battle Armor attachments, oversized rollerblades, wingblades, glass-dome and all. Venomark, standing across the empty parking lot, snarls the mutant equivalent of a "Bah", before zipping off into a blur, trying to escape a battle he knows he won't win. Quantum Ranger leans forward in his Mega Battle skates, causing them to fire-up and propel him forward just as fast, leaving skidmarks on the cement. The five Time Force Rangers are all still standing where they were before the stock-footage intrusion (Lucas unharmed). Pink Ranger tries to dart out into action, wanting her own payback on Venomark. Red Ranger halts her, "Jen, wait!", allowing Eric to go solo, sort of like payment for helping Wes out earlier. Venomark zooms around the parking lot in a blur, with Quantum Ranger following close behind. The mutant's gross legs are unable to match the speeding fury of the Mega Battle rollerblades, and soon Eric pulls ahead, cutting across through Venomark on his way by. Venomark stumbles from the rear-ending Saber-attack, falling harshly in the parking lot (on the far opposite side of the hospital from where they began their short race). Quantum Ranger skids his feet-wheels to a grinding halt, and turns about-face to warn the downed mutant, "That's FAR enough!" Venomark recovers, grunting as he gets up and prepares to use his sword once more. Eric slowly lowers his purple-bladed wing-weapon, aiming it like a blaster at the mutant. He shouts, "FIRE!", and proceeds to do so, shooting several rapid bolts of purple energy at Venomark. Quantum Ranger holds one blade-blaster normally, and a second one tilted to the side, firing both simultaneously at the creature. Venomark, after taking quite a few surging blasts, drops onto his back, his body pulsing & warping violetly rather violently. Quantum Ranger lowers his bladed Mega Battle weapons, and urges, "Give it up, Venomark!" The mutant sits up, rips off the gold & black DNA patch on his left knee, and replies, "You're in BIG trouble, now!" His molecules are exposed, the DNA chain reacts, and Venomark grows huge, a foreshortening American shot shows him growling & towering next to the tall Silver Hills Hospital (along with his sword). The five TF Rangers watch from below. Red Ranger presses his Chrono-Morpher, yelling, "Circuit!"

At the Clock Tower, Circuit sits on his perch, promising, "They're ON their way!" In the year 3000, the five Time Flyers zoom into the Time Gate. Trans-Warp Megazord bops the Shadow Winger towards the vortex, as well. Instantly, the Time Shadow is setting itself up in the present, as the Time Force Megazord in Mode Red drops inside. The components lock together, creating the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red. Quantum Ranger, now sans Mega Battle armor, presses his Morpher, and summons (from the factory area again), "Q-Rex! Megazord Mode!" The Quantasaurus Rex shifts its body around into its erectly standing Megazord form. The blue daylight sky above Silver Hills begins to crackle with unnatural lightning, and without warning, a massive dark swarm of thunderclouds materialize. The camera moves across the skyscraper skyline, showing Venomark standing between Shadow Force Red & the Q-Rex Megazords, laughing wickedly, so this instant evil storm is likely his doing. Lightning flashes repeatedly in the background, and rain begins pouring upon the scene, though the three giant-sized combatants remain mostly dry and unstruck. Inside the Shadow Force control room, Red Ranger grips the Saber-handle, and anxiously remarks, "Alright! Let's get this over with!" Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red readies its blue-bladed Saber, and marches into action. Venomark returns the gesture, dashing across the city with his sword held outward, cutting into the Megazord briefly, causing sparks. He tries it again, but SF Mode Red blocks his blade with its own, and slices into the mutant's chest sharply & sparkily. In the control room, Red Ranger pulls out the Saber-remote in a blue light, activating aloud, "Megazord Saber: Blizzard Slash!" The Shadow Force Megazord creates a large green clockface by dragging its Saber in the air. Red Ranger slashes his remote version of the Saber across the huge green display of the attack's name, with a mighty hiyaah. Mode Red cuts its Saber downward through the clockface, ripping into Venomark with a green tearing surge. The mutant staggers, his body frying with electricity, but still not out. Quantum Ranger, standing below in the sunless downpour of rain, calls into his Morpher, "Q-Rex Lasers!" The Quantasaurus Rex Megazord sends a full charging blast of its shoulder-cannoned green energy towards the mutant (a move normally called "Max Blizzard", but not here). Venomark is struck, he tosses his sword in the air as a massive explosion erupts around his body. The flames twirl counterclockwise, focusing their Chrono-freezing energies into the mutant's body. He's frozen in a green glow, before immediately shrinking, his tiny body dropping into a puddle on the rainy cement. Consider this cursed creature cured!


It's daylight and dry at the Silver Hills Hospital. Wes tells a woman, "It's okay. You'll be fine now!", as he & Jen help her to drink a vial of the serum. The red & yellow mark of venom on her neck vanishes, leaving the woman smiling and gratefully chuckling. Jen helps her back to her feet, and bids, "Take care," to which the woman thanks her and departs with the empty vial. In the background, Silver Guardians shake hands with one another over a job well done, and former victims shake hands of the doctors & interns that helped administer the serum (including one guy who looks like Ryan Mitchell hanging out with Ms. Fairweather). Jen & Wes look at one another, both smiling graciously. They shake hands for a moment, before embrace both of their hands clasped together, thus turning what starts out friendly into something far more loving. Jen swoons, "EVERYone's gonna be okay... Thanks to you." Wes smiles even wider, until he notices Eric out the corner of his eye. He turns his head and looks at the Silver Guardians' Commander standing across the lot. Eric looks back at him, prompting Wes to grin and give his formally uneasy alley a big thumbs up. The other three Time Force Officers are in the background, happily shaking hands with technicians and such. They take notice of Wes giving Eric the affirmatively approving finger. Eric smiles softly, nods, and walks on, continuing his modest but proudly heroic duties.

Meanwhile, at the Prison Ship, Ransik walks through the deserted central detention hall. He approaches his office, causing the doors to slide to the side automatically, and the bars to raise, loudly clanging. The moment Ransik steps into his dark room, he hears the sound of glass crunching beneath his boots. He looks down in cautious surprise, slowly lifting his foot and recognizing the aqua-blue puddles formed along the tiny shards of glass. Ransik gasps dreadfully, and takes a good look at his office. All over the floor and along his desk, dozens upon dozens of glass piles are strewn about in a haphazard mess. Ransik's eye widens when he notices the silver case where he keeps his supply of anti-Venomark serum is lying open, blobs of the liquid dripping off the side, where the caps to several vials scattered about. He frantically rushes to the desk, wipes some of the glass & runoff juice away, and searches about for any sign of an unbroken vial. Ransik only finds the shattered remains of his complete stock of serum covering the room like a blanket of aqua-blue vomit. Frax casually walks in from a dark corner of the office, remarking in a properly facetious tone, "Can you BELIEVE it? It looks like someone's destroyed all your precious serum!" Ransik sees through the golden robot's facade instantly, "When i'm DONE... tearing you APART... !" He balls his fist and prepares to lunge at his robotic assistant, when Frax lifts his clawhand up, and shows off the last remaining vial, mocking, "Unh-ah-AH!" Ransik freezes, cautiously holding his hands out with a worried look on his face. Frax taunts, "A 'stupid', 'USELESS' robot like ME might accidentally drop your last vial!" Ransik tries to reason with him, "Be calm, my old friend. We're BOTH on the same side! HUMANS... Humans are OUR enemies!" Frax argues empassionately, "Humans are YOUR enemies! _I_ should know! _I_ was human when YOU destroyed ME!" Ransik appears stunned, asking confusedly, "What?" Frax "Yesss. _I_ am what remains... of Doctor Fericks!"

The flashback from earlier resumes, showing Dr. Louis Fericks' lab as it explodes massively, the rag-wearing Ransik walking away from it, with the case of serum in hand. Inside the burning wreckage of Cyclobot parts and other technology, amid random sparking, something begins stirring. Frax narrates over the scene, "You THOUGHT you destroyed me when you destroyed my laboratory. Well, you almost did. But I SURVIVED!" The scorched-up arm of Fericks reaches up through the rubble, and clutches to a table. Lightning still flashing violently outside of the burning room, Dr. Fericks staggers across the lab, heading to a workbench. Frax narrates, "I was injured beyond hope, BARELY alive. With my life fading fast, there was only ONE way I knew to survive! I wouldn't have made it had I remained in my human form, so I rebuilt myself, using the technology _I_ had pioneered. I transformed myself, into one of the STUPID robots you so despise." Dr. Fericks, much of his face showing third-degree burns, toils with his futuristic tools, attaching spare parts to his preexisting body tissue. His right arm is converted into a fully functioning cybernetic appendage in no time at all. Fericks looks like a man possessed as he completes work on the arm, lifting it into the air, and providing a chilling image of his shadow against the wall. Lightning flashes, and the silhouette of the injured human appears briefly as that of the dark outline of Frax, holding his clawhand in the air and snapping it repeatedly! Frax's narration concludes, "And I made a vow... to one day get RE-VENNNGE!" The flashback ends, showing Frax turning around in the still-burning lab, his robotic conversion from human fleshbag Doctor Fericks into his tall metal shell totally finished. Notice, Fericks had a gold cape on during these scenes, very similar to what Frax wears on his back. Frax pops open his facial features, exposing his glowing red eyes, and laughing diabolically for the very first time, as lightning continues flashing.

In the present day, Frax's white & black chest-gem shows a hologram of Doctor Louis Fericks' face, as a small reminder. Frax seems to grin as he stands victoriously behind the broken-vial covered desk, snickering sinisterly, "Mmm HEH-hmm!" Ransik stares agape at the cybernetic robot, betrayed by the loyal servant that he thought to be soulless. Frax paces behind the desk, gloating sadistically, "I've waiting a LONG time for this day. I showed you kindness... and YOU showed ME hatred! Well..., today, the doctor is going to give you some of your OWN medicine!" He holds the final vial of serum in his clawhand, just a few inches from Ransik's reach. The mutant mastermind pitifully reaches out for it slowly, expecting the mercy he failed to show Fericks. Frax silently waits a moment, before suddenly snapping open his facial features, giggling maniacally, and releasing the vial from his claw. Ransik yelps, as the vial plunges towards the floor, shattering upon impact into a thin and diluted puddle among the remnants of several other vials. Ransik leans against the desk, helplessly watching his final tube of juice going down the drain. The expression on his face is priceless, as he looks flabbergasted at Frax, who simply quips, "Oops!" Ransik backs away, clearing some junk off of his desk in a panic. Frax rubs the situation in, "That was the last vial!" Ransik unleashes the full brunt of his rage upon Frax, screaming bloodcurdlingly as he aims his right hand at the robot, and charges up his fist. Frax teleports away in a hologrammatic warp, just before the blast of energy slams into the area behind the desk, creating a flaming flash and reducing his chair into cinders. The smoke & sparks clear, revealing no trace of the robot anywhere, just a blackened wall. Ransik slams his hands against his desk and collapses to his knees, exclaiming as much frustration as desperation, "AHH! FRAAAAX!" The camera focuses in on a lone broken vial, nearly hanging off the edge of the desk, covered in blobs of curdling serum and chunks of glass.

[Scenes from "Dawn Of Destiny"; End Credits]

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