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Power Rangers Time Force
"Dawn Of Destiny"
Original Air Date:08/18/01 Some Serverax footage from:
Timeranger #24 - Kiiro, Tokidoki Ao (Yellow, Sometimes Blue)
Footage and some story elements from:
Timeranger #42 - Hakai No Datenshi (The Harbinger Of Distruction)
*Season 9, byte 28
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1128
*28th episode of PRTF
*406th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Edward Laurence Albert _AS_ Mr. Collins
Additional Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Alex (Mystery Man)
Ken Merckx _AS_ Dr. Zaskin [uncredited!]
Nicholas Guest _AS_ Taylor
Dennis Garber _AS_ Jennings
Mitch Gould _AS_ Guardian Miller
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice; uncredited!)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Severax (voice)


Frax is going for an early morning jog through the forest surrounding the Prison Ship, on the outskirts of Silver Hills, cackling evilly. His devil-may-care attitude is betrayed only by his frantic pace. Ransik's ferociously angry voice screams out, "FRAAAX!!" The tall golden cyborg/ robot pants from exertion, as he turns, realizes the voice is pretty close, and exclaims, "AH! Ransik is following me!" Frax continues on his brisk-pacing way, ducking into a patch of leafless trees & strange mist. Nearby, Ransik is on the hunt, he's after Frax, and hungry like the wolf. He's accompanied by a small army of Cyclobots, and a newly unfrozen mutant, named Severax. He's a robotic-type creature, with purple skin and bluish stripes (coloring very similar to what lies under every DNA Patch!), giant half-orb helix-pupil green eyes, cords coming out of his back to connect on his arms, and numerous jagged-bladed edges on his head, chest and arm (plus a blaster for a left hand). He appeared once before as a TF Shooting Range hologram in "Trust & Triumph" (the flashback section). Ransik looks around the woods and calls out a warning, "FRAX! You'll PAY, Frax!" Severax remarks supportingly, "Ohh, he'll PAY, alright!" Frax continues racing through the forest, giggling like a young delinquent. Severax chops his right blade-arm into some bushes, and urges, "SHOW yourself, coward!" Cyclobots comb the sparsely wooded clearing to no avail, prompting Severax to order, "Spread OUT, you worthless machines!" Ransik, bonesword in hand, keeps yelling Frax's name, and patiently seeking the traitor to his cause. The Cyclobots rummage through bushes and behind trees, seeking their creator as per their current "employer"'s instructions. Ransik vows, "FRAX! I WILL find you, and when I DO... !" He fails to finish the threat, glancing around the area, his breath showing due to the coldness of the air. Ransik wanders across the zone, bumping a Cyclobot over into the shrubbery on his way by, reaching a small shred of Frax's golden cape, dangling on a branch. He plucks it from the branch, sniffs the gold cloth, and whispers, "He must be close by..." While Ransik follows that lead, two Cyclobots (one of each color) discover Frax's trademark thick-square feetprint in the dirt. They march along the path, finding that it leads to a thick patch of bushes. The robodrones pull the shrubs back, finding Frax ducking down out of sight. Their creator whispers softly, "Shhh! Don't turn me in! Hehehuhuh! We robots have to stick together." The Cyclobots nod. Ransik scopes out the scene, spotting the two drones in the bushes, demanding, "You there! What's going on?" Frax motions his hand, and urges, "Go on! Go, go!" The two Cyclos merely turn around, look at one another, and shrug their shoulders in unison. Ransik shakes his head in disgust over the robodrones' incompetence. The two Cyclobots march away from the bushes, rejoining the rest of their kind, keeping their true masters' secret safe by virtue of their usual lack of speech.

Elsewhen, in a dark console room (though not at Time Force Headquarters, the console & above-screen are exactly the same), the Mystery Man sits at his chair, as per usual. He's watching the Hologram Imaging Screen, set on the desk to his right. The Holoscreen is displaying a slightly unstable transmission of the scene we were just watching. The point of view for the image is from inside Frax's bushes, showing Ransik, Severax, and the Cyclobots moving out of the wooded area. Frax sits up and watches them departing, promising cruelly, "You'll find me soon enough, Ransik. Eheheh!" Mystery Man just stares at the Holoscreen, through his silver-framed dark sunglasses, in intense silence.

Meanwhile, at the Silver Hills Clock Tower, Wes sits at the picnic table, near Jen, who's focused on their own Holoscreen. Trip enters the room from below, and announces excitedly, "HEY! Look at this antique camera I found!" He's carrying a typical dark purple Polaroid camera in his hands. Wes smirks and walks over to him, taking the Polaroid and noting amused, "Tr-i-ip! That is NOT an antique! Here." Katie comes down the steps, curiously joining them. Wes holds the camera, pointing at him & Trip, as he puffs out his cheeks in a goofy expression, and Trip simply smiles in awe over the classic item. Katie grabs the Polaroid before any pics can be taken, commenting in a high-pitched tone (and acting like she's never seen a camera before, despite working with a photographer just a few shows ago), "Oh, CUTE! Take a picture of me!" She hands it to Trip, who backs up to get into a photographing position. Wes figures with a grin, "Cool!", until Katie grabs his arm sharply, and, using her super-strength, picks him up into the air with just her left hand! Wes cries out, "Oh! Whoah!", as he's hung by the back of his pants, dangling in the air. (music begins playing, with much use of an acoustic guitar) Trip laughs, "Ye-e-ah!", and snaps a picture, a quick flash leading to the first pic slipping out the slot in the front. He pulls it out, sees that the shot isn't developed yet, then squints and prepares to snap another pic. Lucas comes rushing down the steps behind him, and taps him on the shoulder. Trip turns, and sees Lucas primping the spikiness of his hair, getting it just right before stretching his arms out, and smiling big. The picture is snapped, it slides out, and Trip turns his attention to it. Wes looks at Katie, both smiling as he shouts, "Get Trip!" The two rush at him, grabbing the Xybrian and dragging him across the room against his will. The Polaroid is handed off to Lucas, who gets a kick out of the scene. Jen, sitting at the table, appears visibly frustrated, very much not in a fun-time mood and trying to focus on her Holoscreen tasks (despite how the Holoscreen ain't turned on). The laughing trio eventually stumbles against the couch, Wes being crushed under the weight of Trip & Katie, all having a gay old time. Lucas snaps a picture of their collective legs jumbled in the air.

The scene shifts to a more focused snapshot, the trio gather around Circuit's perch, with Wes to the robo-owl's right, and to his left, Katie with her arm around Trip. All smile (except Circuit, who freezes like a deer in headlights) as Lucas takes their picture, yanks it out of the slot, and remarks, "You guys are NUTS!" Next snapshot setup, Trip, crouching down with his back against the perch. Circuit sits on it as normal, wearing Trip's black bucket-hat, wings a'flappin'. Trip growls and gives a feral expression as best he can, as the pic is snapped. Katie has the camera that time, snickering much. The pic slides out, she removes it and says with a smile, "Okay, one more!" Next shot, Katie at Circuit's right, puckering her lips and leaning in as if she's going to kiss him, while Lucas stands to his left, posing with one hand in his pocket and the other aiming at the camera like a gun. Wes snaps that picture, pulls it out, and nods affirmatively. The next shot is basically the same one from earlier with Wes, Trip & Katie around Circuit. Except this time, Lucas turns the Polaroid towards himself, and snaps away. The others call out for him to stop, and to turn the camera over there, away from his vain ego! He fails to listen, just smiling and snapping away, as to have more pictures of himself. Soon, Lucas stands behind the table, aiming the Polaroid at Jen, who's still sitting in front of the Holoscreen. She turns her attention to him, just when she's ambushed by Trip, Katie & Wes! They pile onto her with friendly embracing, Wes giving her a big smooch on her right cheek. Lucas makes that shot a permanent Kodak moment. Jen wriggles out of their grasp, at first restraining laughter, but quickly sternly stating in protest, "You guys! Please! We have a lot of work to do." She stands up, ending the joyful laughter and Polaroid-snapping with her serious attitude, reminding them, "We need to keep FOCUSED on our mission. I'm worried that every day we stay here, we jeopardize the future." Wes asks, "How?" Jen sits back down, presses a few buttons on the control board, noting, "Like this serum..." The Holoscreen shows a computer readout of the Anti-Venomark serum, with several vials of the blue-liquid, its basic molecular structure, and other periodical table data (including the formula of its components, roughly something like: Co, H2, Ag3, O, Fe3). The others watch over Jen's shoulder, as she explains her research findings, "It's not supposed to be invented for 200 years." (considering Time Force had no data on a Venomark cure, the serum must have originated as a chemical used for a different purpose) Jen worriedly admits, "We're tampering with the balance of time. The results could be disASTerous." Trip nods, likely remembering earlier history changes like the Raimei tank, confirming breathlessly, "Yeah, you're RIGHT." Wes slowly rises, realizing, "The serum's at Bio-Lab." He thinks about it for a moment, and vows, "I'll get it back." Without hesitation, Wes bolts for the exit, leaving the team somberly quiet (and Circuit still with Trip's hat on in the background.)

[Opening Credits, V. 2.1, Makoto gone again.]

At the Bio-Lab main office building, in downtown Silver Hills, a meeting is taking place is the board room. Two accountants (or some such type of guys in business-suits keeping track of business) stand at the far end of a large oak boarder-sided table. Sitting on the opposite side is Mr. Collins, head and CEO of Bio-Lab, reading a report. Eric, Commander of the Silver Guardians, stands beside him, in full uniform. The dark haired accountant with glasses in the dark suit, named Taylor, informs his boss, "I think it's CLEAR that profits have skyrocketed, thanks to the serum." Mr. Collins looks at the report, and comments, "Excellent! That's excellent. What about the Guardians?" The second accountant, an older man in a dark blue suit, named Jennings, replies, "Enrollment's doubled. I suggest we RAISE our prices, and expand the force by 100 men." Collins slaps the report down on the table, gets up, and motions to the Commander, "Eric can handle any decisions regarding the Guardians. I trust him completely. Excuse me, gentlemen." He hastily departs, slapping Eric firmly on the right arm on his way out, in support. Eric stands tall, though does appear to be basking in Collins' admiration of his work ethics. Once Mr. Collins is gone, Taylor remarks with a hint of jealously, "Looks like you've become his right-hand man." Eric smiles, looks down at his red-beret lying on the table, and modestly responds, "Just doing my job, sir."

Down in the lower levels of the Bio-Lab building, is the actual Biogenetic Laboratory itself. At a particular, swirly-tube device, blue liquid flows through the system of bubbling beakers, before coming out at the beaconing of a man wearing blue-latex gloves. He pours a small vial full of the blue liquid, apparently a freshly-synthesized dose of the Anti-Venomark serum. The man in the labcoat with goggles on holds the vial close and inspects it, revealing to us that he's none other than Doctor Michael Zaskin, head researcher on the Quantum Ranger Powers! I guess he finally gave up trying to unlock the unlockable, and is toiling away in reproducing the serum. Zaskin corks the top of the vial, and places it in a large silver box (with a red-cross sign on the side and the Bio-Lab logo on it), along with numerous other tubes of the serum. The doctor begins going over his progress on a notebook, and wanders off. Just then, Wes wanders in, having managed to avoid being noticed and harassed his father's building for a refreshing change. He conveniently spots the unguarded box of serum, likely Bio-Lab's only current supply (after mass-producing so much for the public last episode), and immediately goes for it. Wes latches the sides of the metal box shut, and picks the whole thing up. Right when he turns around, he finds that he hasn't gotten in undetected, as Eric is standing in the doorway. The Silver Guardians' Commander mentions with callousness, "JUST because you're the boss's son, doesn't mean you can walk in here and do as you please." Wes sighs and expresses agitation. Eric orders calmly, "Now put the case back." Wes tries to reason with his old friends, "Eric? Just listen to me. This serum is from the FUTURE. For everyone's sake, I HAVE to destroy the rest of it." Eric steps forward, and intimidatingly states, "THAT is Bio-Lab property. And i'm HIRED to protect it." Suddenly, Mister Collins walks in, approaching his right-hand man, while looking at his Rolex watch and remarking, "Eric, we only got about 10 minutes..." Collins looks up, and pauses when he sees his son, saying with pleasant surprise, "Wesley... !", until he notices the case of serum in his clutches. Wes, caught red-handed (no pun intended), tenses up. Collins asks disappointedly, "Son, what're you doing?" Wes desperately states, "Thank you for helping to save the city, Dad. Now I NEED the serum back!" Mr. Collins wonders, "Why?" Wes, unwilling to admit the truth about his teammates, simply replies, "It doesn't matter WHY. It's not yours." Collins, ever the ruthless businessman, steps forward, coldly telling him, "Maybe it wasn't before... But it IS now." Wes is unable to find the words to argue with his father. Collins motions his head to Eric, prompting the Commander to take the silver case out of Wes' hands, shooting him a resentful glance. Eric takes the box off into the other section of the lab. Wes silently listens, as Mr. Collins stresses in a soft tone, "Son... i'm sorry, but you've got to understand. I believe this serum has such treMENdous potential." Wes looks away from his father, and watches as Eric places the case of serum at the bottom of one of the freezers. Eric turns and looks back, before marching off, following orders like a good soldier, despite knowing the true origins of the blue liquid.

Meanwhile, over in the Prison Ship, Ransik reenters his office in a hurry. He frantically searches through the piles of broken glass on his desk, still left over from where Frax shattered his supply of serum. Severax and the Cyclobots hang around in the detention center hall, awaiting further orders. Ransik's on his knees, desperately seeking any trace of the valuable vaccine, to no avail. Nadira comes into the hall from elsewhere in the Prison, distraughtly informing her father, "I checked. There's NO serum left!" Ransik's voice increases in anger, as he points out, "The traitor... destroyed... every DROP!" He slams his fists against his desk in an enraged tantrum, causing Nadira to flinch and Severax to twitch as shards of glass go flying. Ransik gets up and faces them, reluctantly calming his perturbed mood as he glances down at his right arm, panting cautiously as he slowly walks out of the office, realizing, "What can I do? The next attack... May finish me." Nadira, likely remembering something she overheard on TV (but forgot, due to her short-attention span), gasps as she recalls and suggests, "What about Bio-Lab?! Didn't THEY make some serum?" Ransik, also having failed to connect recent events in the city thanks to current management issues, turns around in slow contemplation (Gluto is quietly in the background with some Cyclobots), growling gently with a hint of happiness, "Bio-Laaaaab... You, are a genius, my sweet." Nadira smiles, taking the compliment straight to her spoiled heart. At the Clock Tower, Wes heads up the stairs empty handed, nearly dragging his feet and sighing defeatedly. Jen is the only one in the room, still at the Holoscreen, going over the read-out of the serum's properties (next to her is the Polaroid camera, with pictures scattered about). She spots his entering, turns off the Holoscreen, and asks, "Where is it? Where's the serum?" Wes throws his hands in the air, admitting hopelessly, "Bio-Lab's holding onto it! My father has SEEN what it can do, and he is deTERmined to make MORE money off it, if he can." Jen folds her arms and stands up, walking over to Wes and complaining, "That's exACTLY what I was afraid of. That serum shouldn't be out there! And who knows what your dad might do with it?!" Wes blinks a lot, and appears very worried about the serum-exploitive lengths Mr. Collins would go to just to make a quick buck.

Inside a dark storage room, Cyclobots pry open the tops of crates with crowbars, while others carry small boxes around the room. Frax has apparently moved his entire base of operations out of the Prison Ship's engine room, and set up shop in what appears to be a VERY big warehouse. He's brought along his computer console set, along with whatever else he may need, packed up in various boxes. The small army of Cyclobots do his bidding as usual, with Frax supervising the operation without lifting a finger. He orders around, "Yes. YES! Everything's going extraordinarily well! C'mon, men! Let's get everything unpacked, quickly & carefully! Splendid! Very good, my masterpiece is coming to LIFE! Ahahahah!" The warehouse has what looks to be solar paneling along the largest wall, or else just a very large amount of very small windows. What takes up the most amount of room is the two giant construction girders up against that wall. They're situated in such a way to allow Cyclobots to take the mechanical parts removed from the opening of the crates, and carry them up to be attached to Frax's masterpiece. This giant robotic creature is not named yet, but appears to be colored gold & blue in places, with a bestial metal face and an elongated neck like a kangaroo or something (it doesn't look much different from General Havoc's Metalasaurus in PRT, to be honest). Several Cyclobots weld, hammer, and mold the masterpiece together, and from the looks of things, are nearly complete (notice there's a support beam across the neck in one shot, then it's far lower in the next, oops). Frax announces, while looking up at his Zord-sized masterpiece, "Without the serum, RANSIK will soon be out of the way. And then, you and I, my fine robot, can put out plan to crush the city... into ACTION!" He snaps open his facial features, and laughs maniacally. Frax calms down and refocuses on guiding the robodrones to work, commanding, "Ohehe-kay. Okay, let's keep moving! Now CAREFUL with that! That's part of the main computer! Get those up to the BRAIN, at once!" This last part of the scene appears only via a staticy-flickering image on Mystery Man's Holoscreen. He's still in the console room, the view-screen reflecting off of his dark lenses. Mystery Man presses a button on the control board, switching the Holoscreen to a view of Frax's giant masterpiece. In front of the transmission of the Evil Zord being built, the word WARNING flashes in big red letters. Mystery Man arises from his seat...


The Bio-Lab building from a different angle. Strangely, from this point of view, the skyscraper doesn't have a single mirrored-piece of glass on it, so thus must be one of the "other" buildings making up the Bio-Lab headquarters complex. Men & women in labcoats wander around wide lobbies, some talking, some reading reports on notebooks. Outside, several Cyclobots cut through some hedges surrounding the parking lot. They're accompanied by an obese brown & white mutant, who appears nowhere else but this brief clip. That's because he's TR#42's mutant of the day, and is here by a glaring editing mistake. Strangely, he grumbles what appears to be an order to the Cyclos, but speaks in Severax's voice! I guess the purple-striped robotic mutant went incognito as another creature on his way to Bio-Lab or insert your own plothole filler. Speaking of insert, this leads to footage of secretaries being sparkily blasted at, then footage of technicians being harassed and blasted at by Cyclobots in a cafeteria. Severax's "disguise" as I just called it, does make a quick, smokey cameo. The Cyclobots storm into the lobby, sending the technicians there fleeing in a screaming panic. Severax, now in his usual purple robotic-mutant form, jumps into the lobby, waving his weapons around and cackling evilly. Upstairs, in a Silver Guardians office, Eric is taking unseen things out of a small closet. Suddenly, an SG officer, named "Guardian Miller" on the end credits, opens the door and informs the Commander, "Sir! We're under attack!" A couple of Guardians go rushing down the hall behind him, shouting, "They're headed for the lab!" Eric instantly orders, "Get Collins to safety NOW!" Miller dashes off to do just that. Eric slips on his headset, and commands, "ALL squadrons to red alert," then departs to defend the building. Downstairs in the lobby, a technician shoves a red couch into a wave of approaching Cyclobots, knocking just one robodrone down. The man then follows as his fellow labcoated scientists race for their lives away from the oncoming robots. A silver-suited Cyclobots uses his Cyclo-Saber to chop a potted plant off of its pedestal stand, for no good reason at all. Near the edge of a second floor, an Asian man in a business suit is blasted, and falls over the side screaming. When he lands on a couch, he's transformed into a white guy in a labcoat, clutching is his broken ribs in agony. Ransik walks into the room, his magnificently diabolical presence commanding attention. Flashes rip through the air, as does the screaming of grown men, especially those being thrown around and beat up by Cyclobots. Ransik basks in the carnage silently, before beelining for his destination elsewhere.

In a stairwell, the Silver Guardian named Miller races into a misty corridor with his SG Blaster drawn. He encounters a slash-happy Cyclobot, but manages to kick it into submission. A second robodrone appears, only to get blasted by the driven soldier, allowing Miller to cross into one of the floors. In a hallway not far from there, Ransik is heading for the lab zone, throwing Silver Guardians around like used tissues. Four lunge at him, one at a time, so he just howls and slams the men into the wall, barely ever ceasing his progression. Around the corner, more Silver Guardians fight more Cyclobots, the humans outnumbered considerably, though not completely outgunned. Blasts fly from both sides, as doe kicks and punches. Elsewhere in the building, Guardian Miller has reached Mr. Collins, and is escorting him to safety. He checks the coast, it's clear, so with his hand holding onto Collins (and Collins holding onto the SG's shoulders), Miller urges, "Let's go." Just then, a small platoon of Cyclobots come marching in. Miller shouts, "Watch out!", as he and a fellow SG engage the robodrones in combat. Mr. Collins backs away, fearfully watching the men fight to protect him. Miller is a pretty good fighter (his actor played Drake's Buddy #2 in "The Legend Of The Clock Tower" episode), fending off several Cyclos at once. Mr. Collins sneaks around the invading forces, and makes a break for it, leaving his would-be protectors behind. In the central lab of Bio-Lab, two technicians stagger in, only to have a huge explosion burst behind them, sending both painfully flying to the ground. Ransik emerges through the smoke, searching around the area for his desired bounty. He spots the injured techie on the floor, picks the man up by his labcoat collar, and demands in a creepy whisper, "Where... is the serum?" The poor man leans his head back and looks toward the lab, but refuses to admit its exact location. Ransik slams the man down, and marches into the middle lab room. There, Dr. Zaskin is ordering a few fellow scientists to, "Call security. Hide the serum! Get this stuff out of here! Go, go, HURRY!" The technicians grab some of the chemicals and devices used to synthesize the serum, and bolt for the door. Ransik grabs Zaskin by the back of his coat, and forcibly turns him around, screaming, "Where IS it?!" He lifts Zaskin up in the air by his collar, the frightened father of one stammers, and cowardly informs him in fear of his life, "T-the.. freezer." Ransik tosses him with a grunt, harshly onto the table, sending Dr. Zaskin toppling over to the floor in an agonized heap.

Ransik walks into the other lab room, the florescent lighting flashing wildly during this entire scene. Before he can reach the freezer, he stops sharply in his tracks, and lets out a bloodcurdling scream. Ransik collapses against the door frame, his Venomark infection acting up once again. Due to his lack of serum, the standard mutation effect has been enhanced some, and much to his horrified surprise, his left under forearm-blade (used in battle many times) pops out without his prompting. If that wasn't bad enough, the right side of his face now has two silver spikes sticking of the skin! Ransik cries out a tortured gurgle, staggering slowly across the lab. Technicians continue fleeing, as he drops to his knees against a table, bracing himself with his right arm. Ransik looks at the mutated and currently warpingly-mutating skin, and witnesses as a huge & sharp jagged spike suddenly rips through the flesh (near where he usually has much tinier spikes), causing him incredible agony! After howling painfully, Ransik swipes his arm across the table, wiping it clear of all the chemical junk laying atop it. He drops to the floor, his right arm continuing to warp, and now the two small spikes on his face are joined by two more on his right cheek. Ransik cries out some more, and if you look closely, he's got a necklace on with a silver ring hanging on it (His wedding ring?!). Slowly, the fatally mutating mutant crawls across the cluttered floor, desperately trying to reach the freezer, just a few feet from his grasp. Somehow finding just renewed vigor to grab the door handle, Ransik pulls the freezer open, grabs the silver case of serum, drags it out, and opens it up. Meanwhile, Mr. Collins enters the deserted lab, either coming there to secure the serum, or just looking for a place to hide. He reaches the doorway, when he spots Ransik in the room, sitting up against the freezer. Ransik pulls out a tube of the blue serum, removes the cap, and pants exhaustedly. Collins carefully enters the outer lab, his eyes fixed on the scene unfolding before him. Ransik turns the vial's bottom up, and dumps the entire serum contents into his eager mouth, not letting a drop spill out. Mr. Collins draws closer, curiously watching the mutant mastermind. Ransik finishes off the tube, and begins sobbing. His cries of agony have totally ceased, and now he bathes in the healing properties of the Bio-Lab made brand of Dr. Fericks' Anti-Venomark serum. Notice, on his face, are four green dots, which represent where the tiny spikes just were. The special effects crew either ran out of time or money, and couldn't draw in the spikes retracting, so thus, it happened offscreen.

His latest spiky mutations have all retracted back into his body, leaving Ransik feeling fresh as a summer morn. His sobbing fades, having turned into gentle chuckles of relief. Ransik slowly gets back on his feet, picks up the case load of serum, and casually begins to leave, when he bumps into Mr. Collins, still staring in amazed horror. The two elder men, one the father of a Power Ranger and the other a father of a pink-haired villainess, stand facing one another from across the room, exchanging glances. Mr. Collins steps in front of the doorframe, blocking the mutant mastermind's path quite bravely. Ransik snarls lowly, "Get out of my WAY." Collins simply remarks, "I know who you are. You're trying to destroy my son." He walks forward, shaking his head with an angered expression, defensively proclaiming, "And If I had known that that serum could help ya, i'd have poured it down the drain MYSELF!" Ransik scoffs, "And now you want to protect your son, the Red Ranger. Hehehehe!" Dr. Zaskin stirs back to consciousness on the floor nearby, too weak to move much. The mutant overlord continues speaking, pointing out viciously, "No... you don't fool me. I know for a fact, that you THREW him out of your LIFE!" Mr. Collins makes no qualms about his actions, admitting with a nod, "That's right. I tried to plan my son's life. But he took charge of his own destiny, and i'll ALWAYS be proud of him for doin' it." Ransik smirks, mocking evilly, "Oh. How touching. The loving father." Zaskin crawls on the floor, plopping his hand against the tile, causing the tiniest of sounds to disrupt the already intense atmosphere between the dueling daddies. Ransik is set off by the sound, whipping out a bonesword from his spine, and instantly firing off surging electrical pulse of purple & pink energy from the blade with a mighty roar. The blast strikes directly in front of Mr. Collins, the bursting sparks & smoke sends the defenseless old man hurling backwards off his feet. Collins falls, his limp body sliding across the floor. When the smoke clears, his suit is a scorched mess, and his fried face covered in soot & blood. Ransik laughs sadistically, before leaving the unconscious Mr. Collins' near-lifeless body lying on his back, alone (no sign of Zaskin anywhere).

Soon, Ransik exits the Bio-Lab building through the automatic doors of the front entrance. Outside, the Silver Guardians remain locked in constant combat with the Cyclobots, the sound of the men grunting and sabers clanging echoes through the smoke-filled air. Ransik calls out loudly through the chaos, "SEVERAX!" The mutant comes hither at the sound of his first naming onscreen, rushing up to his master, "Yes, Ransik?" Ransik motions to the silver case in his hand, and orders, "I have the serum. LEVEL the place!" Severax bows, bidding, "MY pleasure!" Ransik chuckles wickedly, then turns and leaves. Cyclobot dance around, as a gold-suited Cyclo aims a bazooka (!) into the air, and fires at stock footage of several tall buildings exploding. In the parking lot of the Bio-Lab building (which is very much unblown-up), Eric flips over a Cyclobot, then high kick-swipes another. It fails to be deterred, tackling Eric with full force. Another Silver Guardian rushes in and grabs that Cyclo on his way by, relieving the Commander of his sparring partner. Eric takes advantage of the current lull in fighting to scope out the battlefield. In the distance, he spots cocky Ransik walking up an outdoor stairway, taking the scenic route home! Eric shouts into his Quantum Morpher, "Quantum Power!" His full morphing sequence plays, transforming him into the Quantum Ranger instantly. He lands atop the stairway, and turns to face the approaching mutant mastermind several steps below, aiming his fist at him and warning, "That's FAR enough, Ransik." Ransik urges, "TRY and STOP me!", before leaping swiftly into the air, landing back down in the parking lot perfectly (which, moments ago, was filled with SGs fighting Cyclos, but is now completely empty). The Quantum Ranger jumps after him, following right on his tail. They engage in battle, Ransik twirling his cape as he avoids Eric's first kick. Quantum Ranger begins throwing rapid kicks at Ransik, including a high-jumping bicycle-kick, which causes the mutant to stumble backwards, trying to protect his sturdy case of serum. Eric throws a direct kick, Ransik blocks it with his hand, then shifts the case over to his left arm, allowing him to fight better. Ransik starts striking Quantum Ranger in the chest with his left fist, blocking all return attempts and successfully punching Eric repeatedly in the stomach.

Quantum Ranger staggers away from the last elbow-blow, and quickly reaches for his holstered Quantum Defender. Ransik is quicker on the draw, aiming his right arm at Eric, and firing a blinding bolt of concentrated energy. The Quantum Ranger is engulfed in flames, a double-bursting explosion pounds at both sides of his body. As he collapses with a groan, Ransik keeps his arm held outward, looking bloodthirsty. The Quantum Ranger, suit smoking, suddenly demorphs from the stress of the direct hit, in a flash of green digital data and warping light. Eric is left in his Silver Guardian Commander uniform, all of his injuries internal. Ransik gives a sinister laugh at his expense, almost gloating as he watches Eric grunt and struggle to sit up. Eric watches helplessly as Ransik spins his cape in the sunlight, and races off scott-free with the entire case of Anti-Venomark serum in hand. Been wondering where the Time Force Power Rangers are? Taking their blessed time coming to help the "rent-a-rangers", apparently. They finally arrive on the scene quite too late, each TF Ranger riding their Vector Cycle. Pink Ranger attacks a single Cyclobot on her way, knocking it down in a sparking heap. An ambulance appears, sirens blasting as it rolls up to Bio-Lab. In the front parking lot, several Silver Guardians patrol the scene. Burning debris litters the area, as do various torn parts of destroyed Cyclobots. Eric leads a few troops into the thick of it, each aiming their SG Blasters (and SG Rocket Launcher) at the ready. The Commander picks up a loose Cyclo-arm, looks at the ripped wiring at the socket, and tosses it aside. While staring through the flames and rubble, Eric notices three paramedics wheeling a man out on a stretcher. Despite not being at a good angle, he immediately gasps, "Oh NO... It's Mister Collins." Eric reholsters his weapon, and dashes for the ambulance. There, one of the medics mentions, "He's gonna need some oxygen. Call ahead to emergency. Let them know what's happening." Eric, out of both caring respect and admiration for his boss, aids the three men in lifting the gurney holding Collins' body into the back of the ambulance. He waits a moment, before deciding to take his role as surrogate son one step further, by getting into the ambulance and riding along with the unconscious and badly injured Mr. Collins. The doors are closed, as Eric stares out the window at the ruins of Bio-Lab's parking lot, dazed from wounds more emotional than physical.

Elsewhere, Severax is leveling the place. Not Bio-Lab itself, or at least, not the buildings we just saw. Instead, in what appears to be the run-down area of town, he orders a gang of vandalistic Cyclobots, "Don't leave a single brick standing!" They don't, using what appear to be axes & Clown Hammers or something, battering chunks of debris as the surrounding tenements burn. Severax uses his left-arm blaster, firing at a bit of exploding-building stock footage we just saw earlier. That same Bazooka-Cyclobot blows up yet another stock footage building. A platoon of Cyclobots march in a crowd together, with a different Bazooka-wielding Cyclobot blasting a hole into stock footage of a mirrored skyscraper. As the dust & debris settles, the five Time Force Rangers make the scene on foot. Red Ranger summons aloud, "We need Chrono-Sabers!" Wes pulls out a single Saber, then leaps into the air, cutting into some Cyclobots on the way down. Green Ranger also attacks the Cyclos with his Chrono-Saber, taking the Clown Hammer-wielding robodrones down with ease. Pink Ranger does the same with her double-bladed Saber. Blue Ranger fights with both his Sabers, in American footage, slashing half a dozen marauding Cyclobots at the same time. Elsewhere in the smokey-filled alley, Yellow TF Ranger faces Severax, gripping her Chrono-Sabers and warning, "You're under arrest!" Severax boasts, "YOU and your Time-Warp friends will NEVER bring me back!" Katie tells him, "You're coming with me!" The purple-stripped mutant aims his right-arm blaster at her, and corrects her, "Wrong again!", before firing. Nearby, Pink Ranger fires her V-5 weapon at a perfect surrounding circle of Cyclobots, striking every one of them with smoking bolts of pink power. Green Ranger goes into "blurrily-fast" fight mode, ripping through several Cyclobots with his Sabers and a few kicks. Red Ranger attaches the white & orange components to his Chrono-Saber, activating, "Electro Booster!" They snap on, flashing green, and once on, he calls for full power, before firing the enhanced blaster at a small crowd of Cyclos. Every one of the robodrones are reduced to nothingness in a burst of yellow light. Each destroyed Cyclobot is replaced by three more. Wes clutches the Electro Booster, and as Trip & Jen join his side, he comments about the approaching robodrones, "These guys don't QUIT!" Lucas continues slicing and dicing a couple of Cyclos, finishing them off and posing victoriously amid the burning huge lumps of shattered cement.

Yellow Ranger rolls across the pavement, having just gotten punched between scenes. Severax lunges at her, smacking Katie aside like a rag doll. She cries out and rolls again, before recovering in time to grasp his right blade-arm. Severax tries to break free, but she's got a tight hold on him. Finally, the mutant just throws the Yellow Ranger's whole body into the air, sending her flying. Katie drops through the weak old roof of a small shack. Severax blasts the tiny shed, causing it to crumbling completely, the structure caving in on Yellow Ranger painfully. Severax proclaims, "Now to finish you OFF!", and leaps towards the rubble. He lands on the remains of the roof, and starts firing green-blasts willy-nilly into the remains of the shack. Yellow Ranger instead pops up out of the roof of a building nearby, holding her V-4 cannon, and asking, "Looking for ME?!" Severax is stunned, turning with a "huh?!", before getting yellow-laser blasted by Katie. On his way down, his left-arm blaster goes off, blowing up a deserted vehicle. Katie ditches her V-4 as she hops down, and asks factiously, "Had enough?!" Severax recovers, his purple-stripped body smoking, "You think YOU can stop ME?! NEVER!" Yellow Ranger calmly and collectedly clenches her fist, vowing, "I KNOW I can, and I WILL!" She rushes at Severax, inspiring the mutant to begin firing green-bolts her way. Katie races unflinching through the sparks surrounding her, dodging every narrow blast.


Yellow Ranger runs towards Severax, avoiding the sparking blasts, before launching herself into the air, and aiming her flying-fist at the mutant. He's bopped in what could be considered his nose, sending him hurtling aback from the super-strong blow. Severax manages to land safely, scoffing, "ONE Ranger's no match for me!" Just then, the Blue Ranger surfaces from beneath the debris-remains of that destroyed shack! The heck was he doing in there, using the little Lucas' room? He holds his Chrono-Sabers wide, posing and posing the question of, "Oh yeah? How 'bout TWO?!" Blue Ranger does two flips in the air, using his Sabers to batter into Severax's body with sparking-smokey results. The mutant rolls away, and recovers only to see both Yellow & Blue Rangers, spinning into the air, their bodies trailing in a blur. Lucas calls for, "Double Time!", as he presses his Chrono-Morpher. This causes a twirling surge of blue light into the Morpher, which activates both his & Katie's "spinning around on their heels super-fast while bashing the mutant with their weapons held outward" attack. Severax gets Saber-slapped silly by the two Rangers, the beating only ending once he tries to block their attacks with his right blade-arm. The mutant topples over with a grunt. The two Rangers pose, ready for more. Blue Ranger then comments, "I'd stay DOWN, if I were you." Yellow Ranger adds, "Cause we're TIME Force, and we're taking YOU in!" She holds up her Time Force Badge, causing the gold-rim to gleam with yellow energy. Severax gets up again, and quips, "Not THIS time!" He scraps the gold & black DNA Patch off of the left-side of his blade-nose, causing the exposed molecules to ignite into a chain reaction. Severax grows, growling deeply and aiming his left arm-blaster at the two tiny TF Rangers below. Katie gasps, "Oh NO!", and Lucas trembles in fear, as they're right in his targeting sights. The giant Severax shoots at them, engulfing their bodies in a hailstorm of bursting sparks. Blue & Yellow fall harshly. Red, Pink & Green finally make the scene, with Wes asking concerned, "Hey, you two okay?!" Lucas grunts, "Yeah." Wes decides to make things worse, by firing his Electro Booster at the gigantic mutant towering above them. The shattering yellow energy strikes Severax hard, though fails to cause any permanent damage. He strikes back, slashing his blade-arm at the Rangers. All five roll out of harm's way, none worse for the wear (though Wes appears ready to fire his EB again at any moment). Yellow Ranger wises up, and cries into her Chrono-Morpher, "Circuit, HELP!"

At the Clock Tower, sitting near the Holoscreen, the robotic owl named Circuit flaps & blinks, while proclaiming, "Help is ON the way!" In the year 3000, Trans-Warp Megazord bops the Time Flyers into the Time Vortex. They zoom out of the dome-top portal in the present, and quickly, Yellow Ranger takes command from her cockpit, "Time Force Megazord, Mode Red!" The Time Flyers reconfigure into the TF Megazord's Red mode. Elsewhere, at his shadow-shrouded mobile console command unit, Mystery Man watches Trans-Warp firing Shadow Winger into the vortex (footage of which plays on the viewscreen over his head, and reflects against his dark lenses). His extra-robotic sounding female computer voice announces, "Now launching Shadow Winger." Mystery Man presses a 0-key on the keypad with his black-gloved hands, then another button. This causes the Holoscreen next to him, showing footage of at least the Red TF Ranger standing on the ground, to shut off. The computer adds, "Launch successful. Shadow Winger operating at full power." Mystery Man gets up out of his chair, and walks back to another chair sitting some feet behind him. Notice the extra computer device to the side, meaning this clearly isn't MM's normal hideout in TF HQ. Mystery Man picks up a Time Force Uniform Jumpsuit from the chair, with TF badge & double-rank bars attached, and a holstered Chrono-Blaster. In 2001, the sun becomes blotted out by a sudden eclipse, allowing the Shadow Winger to swoop through from the future. As this happens, Mystery Man ditches his usual pure-white leather outfit, and slips on the TF Jumpsuit. He snaps on the holster-belt, and zips up the top, showing us his pea-green undershirt. Mystery Man begins to walk through a long dark corridor, with rows and rows of those saucer-shaped futuristic pillars we see in TF HQ so much. A bright light is at his back, shrouding his features to a simple silhouette form, as he slowly marches with his feet against the seemingly wet floor. The computer voice states during this, "Time Shadow Megazord transformation in 3... 2... 1..."

Elsewhere, Shadow Winger switches to TS Megazord mode, just as the computer said, landing with blue armblades at the ready. The eclipse hasn't ceased, the sky is still dark above the city of Silver Hills. On one side of huge Severax is the Time Force Megazord in Mode Red, and on the other, is the Time Shadow Megazord. Severax gloats, "Ahehehaha! You THINK, that you can defeat me with these TIN cans?!" The Megazords shift their positions around, preparing for anything. Severax fires his arm-blaster at the TF Megazord, which blocks the bolt of energy with its rarely used shield! Inside the control room, Red Ranger, holding his Saber-remote, commands, "Charging Saber!" Mode Red's silver Saber is prepped, and morphs into a surging green energy boomerang. The Megazord throws it at Severax, causing the glowing green boomerang-Saber to rip through the purple-striped mutant. On the opposite side, the Time Shadow Megazord catches the Saber as it returns to normal blade mode. Time Shadow now has its double-bladed weapon attached to its right hand, and the TF Megazord Saber in the other! He charges toward Severax, faking the mutant out by creating a sudden blue-green teleportation vortex, and emerging suddenly behind Severax, slashing him about four times using both Sabers. Severax howls as he falls, body steaming from the rapid blade-beating.

Meanwhile, at one of the Silver Hills Hospitals, Mr. Collins is still unconscious, his face bruised and bloody as he lies on the stretcher. A nurse places an oxygen mask over his face, as the paramedics, and Eric, wheel him down the emergency room hallway. One of the medics, with Bulk's voice, orders, "Let's get him straight into ER prep. The doctors are all ready for him. Careful, careful!" (that last part coming when a nurse narrowly avoids letting the swinging-doors smack poor Collins on the head). Eric follows along at Mr. Collins' side, until they reach the surgery room, when an intern halts him, "I'm sorry, sir. You can't come another further." He sighs, looking at first as much angered as frustrated, before calming down as he leans against the wall, two fellow Silver Guardians at his side. Eric gazes into space, very much concerned for both his boss and the father he never had onscreen. Back in the TF Megazord Mode Red's control room, Blue Ranger yelps the ever-popular, "Let's DO it!" Yellow Ranger activates, "Shadow Force, Mode Red!" The Time Shadow Megazord lifts off into the darkened sky, transforms into Shadow Winger, then shifts around to allow TF Megazord to slip inside it. The parts all lock on, creating the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red, as desired. The sun comes out again, immediately, and bet your bottom dollar that Severax is recovering right now as well. The Shadow Force Megazord merely poses tall & mighty in the daylight. Severax growls, and remarks, "DON'T you realize that _I_ am invincible?!" He fires his arm-blaster at Shadow Force Mode Red, striking it directly. The mutant asks, "How'd like THAT?!" The smoke clears, and the Megazord steps forward, totally unfazed by the bolt to its metal chest-armor. Severax is baffled. Yellow Ranger declares, "It's OVER. Now it's OUR turn." Blue Ranger commands, "Firing Laser Nets!" Shadow Force fires the two green-grid nets from its shoulders, which merge into one as they wrap around Severax's body, swallowing him in a bright green light. Red Ranger turns his remote Saber into the Shadow Force Saber, the giant green clockface is made, Wes does the Blizzard Slash, and the Megazord slices into the mutant. The laser net is shattered, and Severax screams, before freezing in place. Lucas lifts his left arm, fist clenched, proclaiming, "YOUR time's..." Katie finishes, unclenched her fist and shouting, "... UP!" Severax resume exploding, a burst of black smoke pours out of his body, as he collapses, blue electricity crackling everywhere. He falls over, and explodes massively, before the entire blast retracts, along with his mutant DNA. Severax severely falls to the cement, his tiny Chrono-Frozen body rigid.


At his new swank warehouse hangar hideaway, Frax continues toiling away on the electronic brain for his robotic masterpiece. The giant Evil Zord stands tall in the background, dozens of Cyclobots hard at work constructing the massive metal creature (named "Dragontron" in the next episode). The room is filled with the noise of screwdrivers, hammering, and welding going on. Frax comments to himself in psychotic glee, "He's COMPLETEly indestructible. Severax may have failed, but NOTHING on Earth will be able to stop my ULTimate Robotic Creation! Uhehehaha!" He uses a humming laser-drill to zap what seems to be the brain device, preparing to make robot pride known the whole world over!

Downtown, Trip holds a TF Badge over the tiny smoking body of Severax. A blue light flashes, and the Badge turns into a new Chrono-Capsule for the refrozen mutant. He picks it up and smiles, as Katie, clutching Wes' shoulder, compliments them all, "GOOD job, guys! Hehehe." Wes exclaims with his hands in the air, "That's ONE more mutant down. YEAH!" He then commends the chuckling Lucas & Katie, "That was AWEsome teamwork out there, guys. Haha, yeah!" Trip looks at the capsule, grinning like crazy, until he notices Jen isn't joining in on the celebrating. He empathetically ceases smiling, and walks over to her, wondering, "You're STILL worried, huh?" Jen, staring into space with her arms crossed and a serious expression on her face, stresses worriedly, "We've GOT to capture Ransik before the future changes!" Suddenly, a man's voice calls out in the far distance, "It's ALREADY too late." Katie & Lucas cut out their giggling, and turn their attention to the source of the voice. Past the haze from the burning debris, the Mystery Man slowly marches across the battlefield. All five Time Force Officers stare anxious, at what they can barely make out to be as someone wearing a TF Uniform. They stir nervously, Mystery Man walking closer, his Jumpsuit details focused upon. He passes through the smoke and fire, silent and stern. Wes' eyes widen as he's the first to fully notice something familiar about the mysterious stranger's face. Mystery Man stops before Jen & Trip, informing them all, "History's already shifted. And I'M here... to set it BACK on track." He reaches up, pulls off his silver-rimmed sunglasses, and makes his identity clear to the team. He's a slicked-back blackhaired lookalike of Wesley Collins, save for the seriousness of his expression at nearly all times. Jen is horrified beyond belief, appearing like she's about to burst into tears, as she confusedly asks, "... Alex?!" Wes looks his apparent descendant, and romantic rival, up and down suspiciously. Jen stands facing her believed-dead fiance, her mouth agape. Alex offers no kind embrace or compassion, standing upright and tall, locking eyes with her. In the background, Lucas (quite dumbfounded), Katie (not too surprised), Wes (likely wondering how they made him appear onscreen with his double so convincingly), and Trip (still holding the capsule and raising his eyebrows like Mr. Spock) watch speechlessly as the wind blows smoke across the area. The Mystery is solved, but the mysteries remain...

[To Be Continued...; Scenes from "Fight Against Fate"; End Credits]

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