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Power Rangers Time Force
"Something To Fight For"
Original Air Date:02/17/01 Footage and some story elements from:
Timeranger #02 - Mitoenai Mirai (The Unpredictable Future)
Time Jet intro sequence from:
Timeranger #01 - Toki No Toubousha (The Fugitives Of Time)
*Season 9, byte 03
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1103
*03rd episode of PRTF
*381st total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Edward Laurence Albert _AS_ Mr. Collins
Additional Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Alex [Hologram image & flashback]
Roy Werner _AS_ Captain Logan
Douglas Fisher _AS_ Philips, the Butler
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Gluto (voice)
Derek Stephen Prince _AS_ Jetara (voice)


[No recap of previous episodes!]

Night has fallen in the forest, and no one is there, but it makes a sound. Namely some animals howling. The mushroom-saucer shaped Prison Ship has come to a rest within the woods, though it's tilted onto its side, rather than parked perfectly poised. Obviously, the expanse of trees makes a perfect hiding spot for the massive structure. The lights are on all along the exterior of the ship, meaning nobody within it has gone to bed just yet, if there even are beds aboard. Inside the main control room, Nadira, her white helmet off and her long pink hair being let down, sits with her white boots crossed up on a table. The table is covered with money & jewels stolen during her last raid on Silver Hills. She clutches some of it, and clutches some more, between her grubby white gloved fingers. Nadira laughs wickedly, as Frax and a Cyclobot wander around in the background. Over in a side room, Ransik has set up his own private quarters. He sits at a large conference table, and slams his mutated arm down. Ransik has removed the metal plate from the left side of his face, and placed it on the table prior to the scene. He covers the scarred flesh from our view, with his left arm, the cybernetic one. The mutated right arm begins to bubble, the veins along the skin twitching and becoming aggravated. Ransik stares in horror as this happens, and once the mutation rupture increases on his arm, so does it begin to happen on the left side of his face! He clutches the pained section with his hand, and lets out a bloodcurdling scream, one surpassing the yelp he releases when removing a bonesword. In the other room, Nadira, Frax & the Cyclobots overhear Ransik's agony. When he lashes out at various items set on the table, knocking them across the room, Nadira rises from her chair and approaches his door. Frax & Gluto join her, as they stand before the door to Ransik's room, which is a tightly sealed vertical barred chamber door. Ransik's screaming grows more intense, echoing outward. Nadira concertedly calls into the room, "Daddy? Are you okay?" She waves an excitedly arm shaking Gluto off, before she presses her ear closer against the door. Ransik, still groaning in pain, opens up a triangular shaped compartment, and removes a small vial of bluish liquid (there are several others inside, meaning someone stocked up before leaving the future). He holds it in his mutated hand, with his cybernetic one still clutching his exposed facial disfigurement. Nadira can be heard faintly shouting, "Daddy?!", in the background. Ransik struggles to open the childproof cap of this strange mutant drug, but manages to pop the top off it with just his pained right hand. He eagerly chugs down the liquid, spilling some over the side of his goatee as he downs the whole vial in but a moment. It doesn't take long at all for the liquid to kick in, as Ransik's frown turns upside down! His painful grunting switches to happily gasping for breath, as he picks up his metal faceplate. Nadira, with a worried look on her face, stands back with the henchmutants, as the door to Ransik's chamber opens. He marches out, standing calm and collected, with his mask now back where it belongs, and his mutated skin no longer bubbling. Nadira speaks to him in a soft voice, "Daddy, I-I..." Ransik lifts his hand and silences her gently with a "Hup!", before promising with a grin, "Everything's FINE, my sweetness. Heheheha." He turns his head, and as we see, beneath his ragged black hair, he's begun to sprout small horns all over his scalp! Ransik orders his crew, "Now let's get to work." The chamber door finally shuts behind him, nearly crushing Gluto & Frax, who were standing nearly under it. Nadira notices the horns, and wants to mention them, but remains quiet, looking concerned for her father. She stands there, clasping her hands together, while Gluto replies to Ransik, "Great idea, boss! Hehe! I am DYIN' for some action! Heh!"

Sunrise falls on the beach, just northwest of Silver Hills. The Time Force salvage operation has begun on the wreckage of the Time Ship. Trip struggles, grunting loudly, with a thick piece of debris. Katie carries half of the burnt out circular table over her shoulder, and spots her partner's plight. She tosses the table to the side, then walks over to Trip, and yanks on his backpack. Katie shoves him off the debris, and inspects it for herself. As Trip lies on the sand where she pushed him, Katie lifts the chunk of rubble up over her head! Trip gives a weak laugh, as his partner has no trouble at all holding the wreckage twice her size up in the air. She seems rather nonchalant about it, holding the rubble with ease. Trip quickly crawls over and grabs what was beneath the debris, a yellow case, similar to the one the Morphers came in! He drags it out, and opens it up, finding a small white Time Jet sealed safely within the padded box. Katie casually releases the debris from her grip, causing it to smash back down against where she picked it up from. She walks over to check out Trip's find. Lucas watches the ordeal for a moment, while leaning up against a bundle of wires. He turns around and heads over to Jen, telling her, "Look, I want to catch Ransik as badly as you do, but we're GONNA need help." Jen sits atop a yellow case, and remains silent. She refuses to reconsider her decision she made at the end of the previous episode. Just a few feet away, the twin antennas of the holoscreen have been recovered and set up. Suddenly, the hologram viewscreen comes back online, with a transmission from the future! Jen quickly stands up and shouts, "Hey! Over here!" Katie helps Trip up, and they rush to join their teammates, as Time Force begins its broadcast day. Lucas stands and folds his arms, as Jen bends down near the holoscreen, and is soon accompanied by Katie & Trip. The holoscreen forms a staticy, barely stable image, which speaks, "This is Captain Logan. Do you read me?!" Jen confirms, "We read you, Captain!" Logan asks sternly, "Where have you landed?" Jen explains, since TF's instruments don't seem to be able to pinpoint where they are, "We followed Ransik to the year 2001." Katie stresses urgency, "Sir, he's got a WHOLE prison full of monsters. We need backup!" (this is the first time they've called the mutants "monsters"!) The holoscreen shows Captain Logan from a farther view, standing at central command, with several other TF Officers around him in the background. He informs the timelost team, "That's impossible. With the Time Ship destroyed, we can't send any human help!" Our heroes get a collective defeated look on their faces upon hearing this news. Captain Logan, overlooking his recent troubles with them for the greater good, states, "Our weapons ARE at your disposal, but the rest is up to you. You're our ONLY hope." Jen swallows hard, before nodding and replying like a good soldier, "Yes, sir. We WON'T let you down!"

[Opening Credits]

In the city of Silver Hills, a black stretched limo drives down the street. Inside, Wes Collins sits in one of the backseats, struggling with a red & white necktie. He remarks to his butler/limo driver, "Philips, I HATE these things!" The British manservant looks into the rearview mirror and reminds him, "You CAN'T attend an executive meeting without a necktie!" Wes figures, "Yeah, well maybe I shouldn't even..." He glances out of a window, and cuts himself off when he spots something occurring outside. Wes shouts, with spittle, "Philips, STOP! Stop, stop!" The butler does as ordered, slamming the breaks and stopping the limo in the middle of the street (luckily not a crowded one). Wes rolls down his tinted window, and looks out at what he saw. It's Nadira, sitting at a desk, inside of the Silver Hills Bank! Either she's applying for a job as a secretary, or she's robbing the place. The latter gains truth, when a Cyclobot marches over and bows, presenting Nadira with a huge bag full of money. A clerk stands nearby, fearfully whimpering as he's backed against a pillar, yet oddly not tied up. Wes sees that as his cue, and hops out of the limo, saying to his butler, "I gotta go! Sorry, Philips. Tell them... something came up!" Philips tries to reason with him, "But sir, I-I-I... Come back here, sir! Come back here!" His words fall on deaf ears, as Wes rushes off, leaving the poor butler to explain his absence to the abominable Mister Collins. Inside the bank, Nadira clutches a fistful of hundred dollars, before telling her entourage of moneybag-carrying Cyclobots, "Alright, you boltbrains! Let's blow this joint!" You'd think after the last attack on the bank, they'd have stepped up security against the mutants. She casually wanders around the corner, heading for the door, leaving the customers huddling in terror. Her triumphant strut comes to a halt, when she spots Wes standing at the front door! She gasps, as Wes just leans against the door, playing with a ring on one of his fingers. He overconfidently remarks with a smirk, "You're gonna make me kick your butt again, aren't ya?!" Nadira corrects him (since it was really Jen who did all the Nadira ass-whomping), "YOU kicked MY butt?! Let me JOG your memory." She and a few moneybag-carrying Cyclobots step out into the open floor, as Wes stands at the other side, rolling up his sleeves for a fight. Nadira shouts, "Let's ROCK!", prompting the Cyclobots to ditch the bags of money, and prepare for action. Wes simply smiles, "Alright! The more, the merrier!" He flexes his fists, and lets out an exerted grunt, posing readily for battle.

Blink, beat, something gets cut! Wes is standing there, as the crowd of people begin to pile out of the building. A Cyclobot is shown lying on his back, while another is crouched down clutching his side. Seems Wes had some action edited from the episode, which would explain how those two got taken down. Nadira replies to his last remark, "I'm GLAD you feel that way!" Wes, poised still, turns around as he hears a commotion behind him. A platoon of Cyclobots lead a fearful guard out of the giftshop! Gluto is right behind them, with a lollipop and a stack of candybars in his possession, commenting, "Well, looky who decided to crash our party! Hehehuh! Destroy him!" The Cyclobots, also carrying bags of money, ditch them and charge for the lone human. He backs up a bit, having a tough time maneuvering properly in that business suit he's in. He blocks a few punches and kicks thrown at him, and makes his way over to a post (one of those which marks the rope trail for the bank lines). He snaps it off the rope, and swings it over his head, smacking a Cyclobot off. He holds it over his shoulders, and engages a Cyclobot's saber with the rounded metal end. Wes then tries to jab the pole end of the post into the stomach of another Cyclobot, but the bot blocks it and shoves him off. He loses the post, and falls into a chair. Wes realizes things aren't looking up for him, as he becomes surrounded by Cyclobots. He flips over and rolls onto the top of a desk, whipping his legs around and kicking several robodrones. Wes stands atop the desk, gaining a good vantage point, until a Cyclo chops at his legs, sending him slamming into the wooden desktop and rolling onto the floor harshly. Winded, Wes gives up, as the Cyclobots aim their sabers down at his helpless body. He coughs, "Okay! No more!", while slowly backing up along the floor, making a successful getaway from death somehow. Nadira smirks and orders her drones, "GET him!" Wes, his face covered in sweat, gets back on his feet, and races out of the building in fear for his life. He stumbles onto the cement, as the squad of Cyclobots approaches and surrounds him. Nadira accompanies them, and grins as she gloats, "Game OVER!", to the teen. She holds her right hand out, and causes her nails to extend into their bladed knife form once more! Nadira aims them for his terrified head, and slowly raises them into the air, preparing to drop them and slice him in half.

Suddenly, the Pink Ranger leaps off the top of the nearby roof, and flips in the air, while pitching her Chrono-Saber at Nadira's raises extenda-nails! They're struck, and a single nail is chopped off, dropping to the ground and reverting to its normal size. Nadira cries out, "OH! My nail!", as Pink Ranger recovers her Saber and is joined by her fellow Time Force Rangers by Wes' now Cyclobot-less side. Pink shouts to Wes, "C'mon, let's go! Move it!", and that they do, the whole team retreating, Green Ranger helping Wes to his feet as they shuffle off. Nadira is too bust wrapped up in herself to notice, as she whines, "I JUST painted it, too! They're going to PAY for this!" The Cyclobots march around, unable to follow the Rangers without orders, it seems. Gluto urges, "Come on, Nadira!" She crouches down and stares at her hand, all of the fingernails extended, except for the missing index fingernail, which is just at normal size. Nadira squeals, "They broke my NAIL!" Gluto gruffly states, "Oh, it's no big deal! Hey, you got nine more, right? Heh Heh!" She gives him a dirty look, and chops her hand at his right leg! The obese mutant frog-whale topples over onto his back, and drops his candybars (still holding onto his lollipop, which still has the plastic wrapper on it!). Nadira stands over him, and commands, "Don't TALK to me in that tone of voice!" She waves her still extended-nails in the air, and struts off, with the Cyclobots in tow. Gluto tries speaking up for himself, "But... Na... [grumbles]...", and is ignored, remaining trapped on the ground. I'm sure some Cyclobots end up helping him soon after.

Just around the corner, the Time Force team has demorphed. Jen pushes Wes against a wall, prompting him to cry, "He-e-ey! Ease up! What'd you do that for, anyway?! I had Nadira RIGHT where I wanted her!" Jen scolds him, "I TOLD you to stay out of our way!" Wes argues, "But you need my help!" Jen gets in his face and yells, "I TOLD you, this is NONE of your business!" Wes looks at the other three Time Force Officers, who remain silent, and chuckles to Jen, "Hehe, what's your problem!? I'm fighting on YOUR side!" He points his finger in Jen's face, to which she responds by slapping it aside. Jen replies angrily, "You're not FIGHTING at all! You're PLAYING!" Lucas chimes in, "This isn't a game for us." Wes appears to grow a little more serious with his expression, the smirk cleanly wiped off his face. Jen begins to psychoanalyze him, "You've never had to FIGHT for anything in your life." Wes thinks it over, seemingly bringing to mind his freedom from his destiny as heir to the Collins estate, and remarks, "Of course I have." He slowly walks off, and stares away from them. Jen gets cruel with her comments, "What?! Name ONE thing you've sacrificed EVERYTHING for. Something that helped EVERYONE but YOU. Something you couldn't BUY." Wes is speechless, though his expression reads that he has something on his mind. Trip, looking like he has to go to the bathroom badly, rushes over to Jen and taps her shoulder anxiously. She simply lifts her left hand up, and says without a word something to the effect of, "Shut up and check out my expensive engagement ring!" Wes' silence speaks all it needs to for Jen, who remarks, "That's what I thought! Let's go." She leads the team down the alleyway, with Lucas, then Katie, following. Trip lags behind, staring and shaking his head at Wesley, trying to find the words to apologize for her rudeness. Jen denies him speaking privileges by shouting, "Trip, come on!" The green haired Xyrian hangs his head low, and sadly turns away from Wes, heading off to regroup with his teammates. Wes remains standing in the alley, silently contemplating the words Jen ripped into his heart with.


The Prison Ship remains lying in the woods, masked under the shadows of the tall trees even during the daylight hours. Inside, Nadira & Gluto return at last, entering through a horizontal barred automatic door. Nadira frustratedly whines loudly, still agonizing over the breaking of her nail. Gluto holds a manicure kit in his clutches, likely stuck doing duty on repairing her lost appendage. Nadira frowns and pouts, as she walks over to Ransik, and complains, "Those Rangers are going to spoil our whole plan, daddy!" Ransik's standing by the main console, which still has the functional Time Warp device atop it. Nadira shows him her chipped nail, to which he takes her hand, and kisses the boo-boo. He coos, "Awww", while we barf, "Ewww!" Ransik evilly chuckles, "Ahh, don't fret, my dear. Hehehehe." He puts his arm around her and leads her over to the wall of cryogenic containment units. Ransik remarks, "We're going to destroy the Rangers, without even getting our hands dirty!" He presses a button, and opens the first compartment, which lifts up, and reveals within the icy fog a small shrunken creature inside a prison capsule. Nadira is in awe over this idea, gasping, "Ahh, the mutant criminals! Perfect." She and her father exchange smiles, which inspires Ransik to belt out another hearty chuckle.

Elsewhere in Silver Hills, at stately Collins Manor, Wes has changed clothes. He's now in a more relaxed suit, with a scarlet shirt beneath a dark blue jacket. He heads down the stairs from his room, and is met by his father, Mister Collins, along with a group of several high profile people. Father Collins puts his arm around the teen and happily informs the people, "Gentlemen, this is the young man who's going to be taking my place at Bio Synth someday. My son, Wesley Collins!" Wes shakes a lady's hand, and says, "With pleasure." Mr. Collins pats him on the back as he does this, quite odd to see the normally cold older man with a smile on his face. Wes shakes another man's hand, telling him, "It's nice to meet you." Mr. Collins offers them, "Why don't we just go inside and hammer out the rest of the details? Please, go ahead." The group of businesspeople do just that, entering into the rest of the massive mansion. Wes takes his father aside, and tells him, "Oh, dad?" Dad replies, "Yeah?" Wes whispers, "I'll be right in, okay?" Mr. Collins sternly points out, "DON'T be long. This is important." Wes breathes deeply, and heads out to the balcony overlooking the backyard of the estate. He continues contemplating the same thing that's been on his mind all day. That being Jen's words. He flashes back to her face as she exclaimed, "Name ONE thing you've sacrificed EVERYTHING for. Something that's helped everybody but YOU. Something you couldn't BUY." (She said "everyone" the first time, and "that" singular. Guess he misremembered!) As he's lost in thought, Trip manages to sneak onto the grounds, and pop up down below the balcony, hiding amid the rose bushes. He looks up at the preoccupied Wes, and shouts, "Psst! Wes! C'mon!" Wes spots him, nods, looks around to be sure his father isn't looking, and takes the incentive to leap off the side of the two story balcony. He lands perfectly in his loafers against the cement, and rushes over near the swimming pool, to Trip's location (not far from the tennis court!). Wes asks him, "What're you DOING here?!" Trip tells him, "I need to talk to you. To explain!" Wes cautions him, "No, no. Jen made it pretty clear!" He puts his hands in his pockets and turns away, remarking, "She thinks i'm nothing but a spoiled BRAT. I dunno, maybe she's right!" Wes sits on one of the many chairs around the pool, as Trip kneels before him and responds, "She ISN'T right!" Wes shakes his head, disbelieving him. Trip explains, "I have ways of knowing. I'm from the planet Xyria. Our gems give us special visions." The crystal embedded atop his forehead seems to gleam at the mentioning (the planet spelling could also be "Xybria", we'll see soon enough). Trip smiles and says, "Here, I want you to see something." He presses a button his Chrono-Morpher, causing a small ball of light to expand upward. It forms into a hologrammatic image of Alex & Jen, hand in hand, with Jen putting her head on his shoulder. Wes gasps, "Hey, that's ME!" Trip corrects him, "NO, that's... That's Alex! He & Jen... They were going to get married!"

Flashback to "Force From The Future, part 1". Alex asks Jen to marry him. Then, Ransik slices into the Red Time Force Ranger, before Jen's eyes. Trip voices over, "That was before Alex tried to stop Ransik from escaping to the past. Ransik struck him down without mercy." Briefly, Alex's dying moments replay, with Trip finishing, "And... Alex was gone." The flashback ends, and Wes is moved by the story. He stands up and slowly walks around, finally piecing together everything, as he states, "So THAT'S why Jen... It's all beginning to make sense!" Suddenly, Mister Collins' voice echoes through the courtyard, shouting, "Wesley!" Wes luckily isn't spotted, so he quickly dives down behind the bushes. Mr. Collins stands on the balcony for a moment, before returning inside, quite angry indeed. Wes breathes a sigh of relief, having avoided another boring meeting. He glances over to where Trip was, and finds no sign of the alien teenager anywhere! Wes thinks for a moment, and then has an idea on where to track him and the others down. Not long afterwards, the time-stranded Time Force Officers are still at the beach. Why they haven't gone back to the warehouse they were staying in last episode, is unclear. Katie sits near a campfire, tossing rocks into the flames. Lucas leans against a chunk of rubble, contemplating something or another. Trip walks by (notice a console like the one in the Prison Ship is among the ruins), and crouches in front of some of the Time Ship ruins, and stares off at Jen. She's over near the water's edge, sitting against a rock. Jen gazes deeply into her engagement ring, still mourning for her lost fiance. Her somber mood is broken by the sudden appearance of Wes! How he got there is anyone's guess, but the only possible way is he somehow caught up to Trip. He calls out to the female officer, "Jen." She stands up and fights off her tears, demanding to know, "What do you want?!" Wes admits, "You were right. I've never had to fight for anything in my life. But now I have something to fight FOR. I know about Alex." She seems shocked, glancing over to Trip, who cowers behind the rubble, realizing he went against her orders. Wes reminds her, "Unless we stop Ransik, NEITHER of us will have a future! Please, let me help you!" Jen looks away, appearing quite reluctant about letting him on the team, just because he looks like, yet definitely isn't aside from looks, the man she lost.

Meanwhile, in the Prison Ship, Frax removes a shrunken mutant from a capsule using his claw-hand. He places the creature inside of the foggy chamber where it and all the other monsters had previously been reduced in size. Frax states in his metallic voice, "Time to reverse the Chrono-Freeze! The Jetara is ready for ready for reanimation. Begin!" This prompts a Cyclobot working the controls to press the proper button, and cause the chamber to slide shut, just as Frax exits it. The Cyclo presses more buttons, causing bright flashes of light, as the chamber fills with a deep mist. Ransik, Nadira, Gluto (still holding the fingernail kit), and Frax (still holding the empty capsule) stand together and await the transformation. The flashing ceases, and the light atop the Reanimator switches from yellow to green. The door slides open, revealing the mutant has been properly restored to his normal height! Jetara, a robotic spiked-shell turtle type creature, stands amid the mist, wiggling his long fingers, and lighting up his eyes. Ransik exclaims, "The Reanimator works perfectly!" He orders the creature with lots of spittle, "Now GO! Go and DESTROY!" Before you know it, several police cars are speeding down the shipping docks, sirens blaring (one of the crates says "Hyundai" on it, free promotion!). They're chasing after Jetara, who has made an offscreen entrance into the city. He uses his rocket-powered shell to hover in, and land directly in front of the oncoming vehicles. The police officers pile out of the cars, ready riot gear and their weapons, and brace themselves for the monster attack. Jetara, with a raspy voice, boasts, "Now let's just see how tough the cops are in 2001!" He aims his left hand at them, and fires a barrage of explosives from his fingertips. The cops are struck and taken aback by the blasts.

At the beach, Circuit, the robotic owl (who appears to have been inside of Trip's backpack this whole episode until now), flaps his wings and blinks his big eyes, as he shouts, "Rangers, we've got trouble!" Trip darts around the debris and informs Jen, "Circuit's picking up signs of mutant DNA, at the harbor!" Jen nods, and joins her team as they head across the beach, staring in the direction of the disturbance. Wes remains across from them, awaiting an answer to his plea to assist. Jen finally turns around, and faces him, while backed by her teammates. She pulls out the Red Chrono-Morpher from her side holster, and offers Wes, "One more chance." Jen tosses it to him, he snatches it up out of the air perfectly, and smiles widely. Jen grins a bit with her eyes, and nods to him. Wes gets serious, and places the Morpher back on his left wrist. Trip is quite pleased, Katie is antsily excited, and Lucas just remains cool. Jen shouts, "Ready?!", before she and her partners scream, "Time for Time Force!" (their Morphing stances are a bit off, as they're kinda bunched in together and one of the motions involves extending arms out to the side) A four-on-one screen Morph then appears, Yellow at the top left, Blue at the top right, Pink at the bottom left, and Green at the bottom right. The powered up DNA strands are fired off from their Chrono-Morphers, and merge with their bodies in the colorful digital data tunnel, turning them each into Time Force Power Rangers. Wes does his Morph all by himself, becoming the Red Time Force Ranger again, via the usual method. He exclaims, "Hyah! Ready!", when done. Pink Ranger says the ever popular line of, "Let's do it!" Green Ranger is overjoyed, pumping his fists in the air and shouting, "Yeaah!" Trip suddenly remembers his find from earlier, "Wait! Time to use the Time Jet!" He grabs the yellow case, and opens it up, revealing the small white craft within. Green Ranger remarks, "Let's hope this works!", as the snaps holding the Time Jet in place unlatch, and send the craft zooming directly into the skies above. It gets caught in the sunlight, and instantly expands to a size large enough for the whole team to ride on!

The Rangers watch the Time Jet's unveiling in awe, as Circuit, who seems to have fallen over in the sand next to the campfire, mentions, "Its supersonic speed will get you anywhere FAST!" Pink Ranger rushes over to the Red Ranger, grabs his arm and states, "C'mon, let me help you, rookie!" He's taken by surprised, crying, "Woah!", as her boots propel the both of them high into the air! The other three Rangers leap up and land on the Time Jet, with the Red Ranger riding in the central cockpit, and the others standing out on the wing. They all wobble a bit, but manage to hang ten on the glider as it zips through the clouds at full speed. Wes grips the controls tightly, and comments, "Woah-oah, he wasn't kidding about the supersonic part! This is INTENSE!" Jen, at his side, asks, "So, Wes, do you think you can handle it?" The Red Ranger quips, "Piece of cake! Haha! WHOO!" With a firm twist of the controls, the Time Jet zooms faster to its destination, which was probably only a block away to begin with.


The Time Jet swoops through the air, carrying all five Time Force Rangers aboard. The leader, Jen, commands, "Let's go!", and instantly, the whole team drops off the Jet! They plummet to the ground, falling along the side of a skyscraper, quite carefreely. They somehow manage to land perfectly on their feet, despite the numerous story drop. The Time Jet must be automatic, as he vanishes from view completely. Also vanishing is the skyscraper, as the Rangers are now at the shipping docks. The team of five stand before Jetara, who appears stunned to see them. Pink Ranger proclaims, "Time Force! You're under arrest!" She holds her badge out, causing it to glow with a golden gleam. Jen seems to know of the mutant, as she refers to him by name, "Your days of destruction are over, Jetara! We're bringing you BACK to prison!" Jetara refuses, promising, "Not without a fight, Rangers!" Red Ranger figures, "Suit yourself!", and prepares to run over to fight. Instead, Jetara fires up one of his gauntlets, blasting at the Rangers with his arm cannon! They're engulfed in the swarm of explosions, and taken by surprise, they're floored by the attack. Jetara's rocket-shell fires up, and launches him into the air. He speeds across the ground, aiming for the Time Force Rangers. Red Ranger is the first to stand up, and gets slammed into by the hovering Jetara. He's drug along the docks, hardly a few feet above the ground. Wes is pushed through a set of empty boxes and metal garbage cans, his back taking the full brunt of the rocket-propelled flight. Red Ranger calls for, "Chrono-Saber!", causing his Chrono-Morpher to spit out his double-bladed weapon from a multicolored vortex. He uses them both, bashing into both sides of Jetara's shell as best he can. Sparks flash up, and Wes is finally able to slip free of the mutant's grasp with a kick to the monster's stomach. He flips into the air, slaps his feet against a pole, and launches himself back at Jetara with both Chrono-Sabers held as one! The mutant is struck in the head, and knocked out of his flight mode, grounded abruptly. While Jetara is dazed, Red Ranger readies his Sabers, leaps into the air, and calls for, "TIME STRIKE!" The positioning of the blades causes a red clockface to appear behind him, as the attack powers up instantly. Jetara is helpless to block the blow, as Wes cuts a double slash of red energy into the monster, one Saber going vertical and the other horizontal. The mutant is overcome with sparking eruptions, screaming out in agony.

Red Ranger chops at him one more time with his Chrono-Sabers, which proves to be a bad move. The blades hit a small gold & black patch on the side of his chest. It's cut in half, falling off the mutant's body, revealing a purple & blue striped mark beneath. Jetara laughs maniacally, as the exposed wound suddenly bubbles over, and a molecular chain reaction fills his entire body. He grows gigantically before Wes' eyes, who is soon joined by the rest of his new teammates as they're taken aback by the surprising development. Circuit hovers onto the scene above them, and is asked by Katie, "Circuit, what's happening?!" The knowledgeable robotic owl explains, "His mutant DNA has been exposed. This causes him to grow to a tremendous size with MORE strength than EVER!" Red Ranger complains, "Oh great, NOW you tell us! So what do we do now?!" Jetara starts up his rocket-shell, and begins to float over the city, replying to Wes' plea, "That's easy. Just sit back and prepare to be DESTROYED!" The Rangers appear frightened by the massive mutant, Wes actually cowering behind Katie's arm. Jetara fires a series of explosive blasts from the spikes on his shell and his mouth, striking the area of the docks with the Rangers on it perfectly. They're knocked off their feet by the onslaught of several bursts, retreating into a small alleyway between shipping crates. Even Circuit is sent flying backwards by the blastwaves raining down on the area. He falls down behind the Rangers, who attempt to recover as quickly as possible. Blue Ranger notes to Circuit, "It looks like it's attacking the city!" His observation is correct, as Jetara turns his explosive fury onto a tall glass building, reducing it to flying burning debris in the blink of an eye! Circuit becomes enraged, getting his metal feathers in a ruffle as his belly lights up and he states, "That DOES it! We need help! Captain Logan, can you hear me?!"

In the year 3000, at Time Force HQ, Captain Logan hears him loud & clear. He replies to the team, "We're sending the Time Force Megazord!" Beneath the platform surrounding the base, the five Time Force Zords are sitting in their hanger in darkness. Above, flying cars fly about, attempting to scramble out of the area as a red light starts to flash from out the HQ, like a light house in an emergency. The vicinity cleared, the Trans-Warp Megazord marches over to the runway. He detaches the Time Gate, which had been broken down to its components and stored on his body (likely to prevent anymore break ins to the timestream). It zips off and lands at the end of the runway, forming the mighty metal arch once more. The Time Force Zords, known as Time Flyers, lift off from the hanger, and set themselves up along the five side sections of the runway. Captain Logan commands, "Time Flyers, online!" Trans-Warp extends out his arm, and gets into position. The first Time Flyer, the Red V-shaped one, floats onto the central turntable of the runway. It circles around, and aims for the Time Gate. Trans-Warp drops its visor, and suddenly spins its upperbody around quickly! This preparation for propulsion lasts only a few rotations, before ceasing into the perfect air-raised position. The Time Gate lights up, and forms the rainbow spectrumed time vortex within it. Trans-Warp Megazord swings its arm down, and strikes the back of the first Time Flyer! It's launched down the runway, the extra boost jetting it directly into the awaiting portal. Trans-Warp spins around, and the next Time Flyer rolls into place. He swings his arm, and ends up sending two Time Flyers zooming down the runway at the same time! A third swing of the arm sends the final two Time Flyers shooting off at the time vortex, and despite the lagtime for the windup, all four of them appear to hit the portal in a barely spaced row. Inside of the time vortex, the four Time Flyers catch up to the first one, all five flying in a tight lined formation. The vortex tunnel looks like when we last saw it, all multicolored and warpy. A digital readout is at the top of the screen, for no purpose at all. The flashing lights around them grow rougher, and we all begin to wonder just why a human couldn't ride inside of a cockpit of one of the Flyers through the portal. Oh well, probably a very good reason to it.

The other end of the vortex opens up on the side of what appears to be a huge ferris-wheel! The five Time Flyers zoom out of the portal, and onto the scene, just above the Time Force Rangers. Pink Ranger gasps, "Wow! They're incredible!", likely having never seen them before. The Time Flyers fly through the sky, the portal apparently having closed behind them. Down below, Circuit tells the Rangers, "You use your Chrono-Morpher to dispatch the Time Jet!" Jen goes with what he says, and commands into her Morpher with the press of a button, "Right. Time Jet, ONLINE!" The Jet streaks through the air once again, at full speed from wherever the heck it was just at a moment ago. The five Power Rangers leap back up onto it, landing a little more stable the second time around. The Time Flyer cockpits each open up, as the Time Jet flies into position above them. Pink Ranger shouts, "Let's go!", and the team leaps off the side of the Jet for a second time today. When they jump, notice none are falling for their correct Time Flyer. Yet when they fall into the cockpits, each land perfectly into the Time Flyer of their proper color. Red Ranger lands in his seat, and is a little shaken up by the experience. The other Rangers fall into place without so much as skipping a beat. Red Ranger's helmet gets a computer readout on what to do, as a diagram of the Time Force Megazord appears. It shows where each of the Flyers fit to make the combination, and also has the words, "Time Robo", with the Greek letter beta beside it. Wes calls out, "Time Force Megazord, Mode Blue!" He grips the control stick, and all five of the Time Flyers zoom around into place. Each of the Rangers guides their proper Flyer into position, as they break apart and transform into the larger humanoid shaped figure. It's called Mode Blue, as the majority of it is colored blue for some reason. Inside, the smaller cockpits are gone, leaving the five Rangers standing in a large futuristic room, with the Time Force symbol on the back wall, and several Chrono-Sabers sticking out of blocks on the ground. Red Ranger looks around and wonders, "Whoah! What do we do now?!" Pink Ranger gets a flood of green digital data streaming down her helmet and visor, as she says, "I'm downloading the data!" (The words "Time Robo" flashes quickly. Sheesh, they're slipping!!) Jen grips the Saber handle in front of her, and tells the team, "Got it! Guys, we have to ALL control it together!" Wes grips his handle, and replies, "Gotcha!" The other three Rangers do the same.

The Time Jet continues zooming around, though this time is starts to transform. The wings retract, it flips over, and two large canons expand outward from the bottom. The Time Jet is now a handheld gun for use by the Time Force Megazord Mode Blue! Jetara is overwhelmed by what he sees, screaming, "I can't believe it! It's not possible!" Red Ranger remarks, "You got NOTHIN' on us, Jetara!" He grips the handle, and activates the Megazord's first offensive maneuver. Mode Blue dives through the air, aiming the Jet Blaster at the mutant. It fires away, bombarding the monster with a series of blue-beam bursts. Jetara is struck by each and every one of them, his body sparking heavily. Mode Blue continues floating through the air with its legs up, and proceeds to kick both feet into the hovering Jetara, in midair! Mode Blue engages Jetara up close, only to have the mutant's drill-shaped arm swipe it off with a bash to the chest. The Rangers, within the control room, struggle to remain standing, holding on tightly to the Saber handles. Mode Blue flips backwards uncontrollably, until Jen orders her team to, "Concentrate!" The Megazord seems to warp a section of clouds beneath its feet, as it bounces off of them like a trampoline, and launches itself back into action! Mode Blue shoots back at Jetara, this time with the Jet Blaster held outward ahead of it. Jetara fires back with his gauntlet blasts. Another Matrix-effect occurs, as the two opponents freeze in midair, the camera circles around the cityscape, and shows both continuing to fire blasts at one another. Equally matched, the freezing effect cuts off when both of their blasts strike one another at the same time. Jetara is blasted against a building, crushing it beneath his weight. Mode Blue also sparks up from the explosion, rocking the Rangers within, but manages to land perfectly on its feet. Jetara recovers, whipping his tentacled arm and drill-arm about, ready to continue the battle. On the sidelines, Circuit calls out, "Rangers! Go to Red Mode!" Wes, who learned the robot's name when Trip called it out on the beach, replies, "You got it, Circuit! All right, guys. Let's break it down!" The Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue suddenly reverts to its Time Flyer components in a flash of light. Notice the Time Jet appears to just vanish completely. They zip past Jetara, flanking around him annoyingly and nearly causing him to lose his footing as a few head under his legs.

Red Ranger swivels the control stick in his Flyer cockpit, and commands, "Time Force Megazord, Mode Red!" The five Time Flyers speed dangerously close to the ground in the surrounding mountainous area, as they start to transform into new configurations. The music swells to a sort of "Back To The Future" orchestral style, as the Time Flyers lock together into the second mode of the Megazord. Mode Red, because, you guessed it, the majority of the coloration is red. The five are back in the standing room cockpit, with Red Ranger clutching the handle and commanding, "Deploy Saber!" The green crystal section in the center of Mode Red's chest lights up, creating a vortex within colored just like the one they used to transcend time. The Time Force Megazord Saber exits through it, and is instantly gripped by the Megazord itself. The Mode Red Megazord stands triumphantly formed with Saber and Shield in its possession, as the golden gleaming Time Force Badge appears behind it. Jetara growls evilly, as he fires a barrage of explosives from his drill arm. They cause a collection of explosions throughout the city, including a raging fire right next to him. Mode Red simply walks through the smoke and debris, and stands prepared to throw the book at the mutant. Jetara wants to throw something himself, as he uses his drill-arm to skewer the remains of trashed building, and angrily heaves it at the Megazord! It flies across the city, giving time for Yellow Ranger to command, "Shield up!" The large red shield of the Megazord is lifted, and used to safely block the thrown building's explosive landing. Debris flies everywhere, but the Megazord isn't damaged one bit by the attack.

Inside, Green Ranger exclaims, "YEAH!" Pink Ranger tells the Ranger with the power color matching the Megazord, "Wes, try using the Saber!" Red Ranger responds, "I'm on it!", as his helmet begins to blink. A digital data stream flows through his suit, and causes the Chrono-Saber control stick in his clutches to transform in a golden flash into a larger, more bulkier Saber, resembling the one the Megazord is using! Wes removes it from the block, and whips the large Saber around. The Mode Red Megazord lifts its matching Saber into the air, as Wes does the same and shouts, "Engage!" His Saber's blade breaks apart, so that there's a metal blade aimed out on each side. The Megazord's Saber does the same, though when the blade splits into three, a green clockface forms in a circle around the Saber! The dropped side blades are highlighting 9 & 3, which glow brightly. Mode Red prepares the Saber for action, as it marches towards the mutant. The sky is dark, though a bluish flashing of light illuminates out in the distance, as Jetara and the Megazord race towards one another in the middle of Silver Hills. Red Ranger slices his Saber into the air horizontally, causing a loud warping sound effect. He cuts through the air, causing a blast of golden energy to cut into the camera's field of vision, revealing another digital data stream within it. The Mode Red Megazord does the same with its Saber, cutting into Jetara on the way by the monster. The Megazord glides across the ground, as Jetara's chest erupts with a loud explosion, causing him to howl in pain. He seems to freeze in place, as the Megazord glides around and faces him, holding the tri-bladed Saber up in the air again. The green clockface returns, and begins to countdown. The side blades strike like hands on a clock, up from 9 & 3 to 10 & 2, then 11 & 1, until finally reuniting with the center blade at 12! The freezing of the action cuts when 12 is struck, and Jetara's body ultimately explodes! The Time Force Megazord Mode Red lowers its Saber, as the mutant is engulfed with a blinding explosion before it. The mutant DNA we saw bubbling over earlier seems to retract before our eyes, and far below on the city streets, Jetara has been reduced back to action figure height again! His tiny re-chrono-frozen form still smoking from the fight he was just in. In the standing room cockpit, Red Ranger, with Saber still in hand, swings his other arm around and exclaims, "YEAH! We did it!" Time Force Megazord Mode Red breaks apart back to Time Flyer mode, with the components flying off, to reenter the time portal offscreen. Pink Ranger heads down to where Jetara's little body has fallen. She holds her TF Badge over him, and causes a new prison capsule to transform around him in a flash of light. That seems to have been an extra badge, since she has one on in a minute. Jen holds the recaptured criminal in her possession, and gloats, "Back where you belong!"


Pink Ranger, holding the capsule in her arm, shouts, "Power down!", and presses her Chrono-Morpher. In a flood of green digital data, she demorphs, the capsule still in her clutches. The other four Power Rangers do the same thing, shouting, "Power down!", and green data demorphing. Wes lets out an exerted breath, not as overly excited as he was the last time he finished a successful day of Rangering. Jen looks at the tiny prisoner and comments, "There's ONE down." Wes walks over to her and says, "I'm glad you captured this guy." Katie walks up near him and corrects, "You mean WE captured HIM. We couldn't have done it without you!" Wes looks at Jen, who doesn't seem to agree or disagree. Possibly worried she'll yank his arm around and take it by force, Wes unstraps the velcro band of his Chrono-Morpher. He hands it over to Jen, only to have her push it away and refuse, "No. Keep it." Wes is stunned, "Really?!" Jen pats him on the arm and says, "Yeah. You earned it. Besides..." She walks around him and gets closer to her team, before finally admitting, "... We need you." Trip smiles, Lucas grins, and Katie gets quite ecstatic. She squeals and grabs Wes by the shoulders, proclaiming, "Looks like we got a Red Ranger!" They both laugh and hug. Katie's ever-strong grip gets the best of Wes, who's crushed by her deep hug! He cries out, "Ow, Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie!!!" She lets go, and he breathes heavily, his lungs likely having been compacted tightly together. Trip smiles some more, as Jen cracks a smirk herself, noting, "Maybe we have a chance after all." Wes chuckles, and Katie happily holds him closer, being gently sure not to squish him to death this time.

[Scenes from "Ransik Lives"; End Credits]

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