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Power Rangers Time Force
"Destiny Defeated"
Original Air Date:09/08/01 Based on:
Timeranger #44 - Toki e Hangyaku (Mutiny Against Time)
*Season 9, byte 30
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1130
*30th episode of PRTF
*408th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Worth Keeter
[Note: As of this episode, has directed more eps of PR than anyone else!]
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Edward Laurence Albert _AS_ Mr. Collins
Additional Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Alex (Red Ranger)
Nicholas Guest _AS_ Taylor
Dennis Garber _AS_ Jennings
Ken Merckx _AS_ Dr. Michael Zaskin
Nikole Lee Amateau _AS_ Nurse
Darcy O'Donnell _AS_ Alice
Mark Ritter _AS_ Doctor
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)


[Scenes from "Dawn Of Destiny" & "Fight Against Fate", with new footage of Wes being swamped with reports at Bio-Lab, and Wes breaking down while watching his father in the hospital.]

It's a dark & cloudy morning at the Silver Hills Clock Tower. Sitting at the picnic table in the main room, is Alex, and as usual, he's not very happy. He's inspecting the limits of the other Time Force Officers' Holographic Viewing Screen, namely the fragile system's scanning ability. The Holoscreen displays a very weak and flickering image of a roadmap of the city. Alex gripes to Jen, sitting beside him, "THIS is the best scanning equipment you have?!" He turns the Holoscreen off and gets up, complaining, "We'll NEVER find Frax and his robot with this." Jen just silently lets her fiance blow off the abundance of hot air he's been building up the whole season. Alex folds his arms, and then motions to Circuit, sitting on the table top, pointing out harshly to Jen, "And your... 'Computer'... is WORTHless." Circuit, obviously not having known Alex very well before leaving the year 3000, whines, "HEY! That's not very nice to say!" Trip, defending his robo-owl creation, claims, "He's the ONLY means we have to communicate with the future!" (ya know, aside from the Holoscreen itself) Alex doesn't listen to the alien teen, instead turning away from them, folding his arms again, and rubbing his lips in grumpy contemplation. Jen gets up and walks over to her fiance/ leader, explaining, "Alex! This is ALL we've got. M-most of the equipment was damaged when the Time Ship crashed." Alex sighs in angry frustration, drops his arms, turns, and walks around Jen like she's just a chair in the way, stating, "Well it's JUST not good enough!" Lucas & Katie are standing over in the doorway, witnessing all of this from a safe distance from Alex's wrath. Lucas whispers to Katie, "This guy's not making ANY friends." He then zips up his TF Uniform's top, and departs, leaving Katie as weary as the rest of the team. Elsewhere, in the hangar warehouse hideout of Frax, the army of Cyclobots continue to work on Dragontron. Hammering, pounding, and general sparky-drilling can heard throughout the massive room. Cyclobots rush about in all directions, carrying various items with which to repair & upgrade the Zord-sized robotic masterpiece. In conjunction with the work on Dragontron, a tall cylinder-shaped device has been built on the ground floor of the warehouse. It's about 9 feet tall, with rows of tiny red lights along its sides, plus knobs & all kinds of dangerous attachments. It looks like a heavily overweight Dalek actually, as it has a dome atop its head and a protruding laser stick! Frax comes over, supervising the Cyclo-work, and commenting, "Rah! My Energy Siphon's NEARLY complete. And when it is, the Rangers won't stand a CHANCE, after it drains ALL the energy from their Zords and everything else!"

Meanwhile, at one of the Silver Hills Hospitals, where a Silver Guardians' SUV is still parked out front, Bio-Lab president & CEO Mister Collins continues lying comatose in a bed. His son, current proxy president & CEO of Bio-Lab and former proxy Red Time Force Ranger, Wesley Collins, is napping on a chair beside his father's bed. When we last left Wes, presumably the night before, he had a white business-shirt on, with a crimson red tie. Now, he's got a dark blue shirt on instead. The best I can explain this phenomenon (which occurs again later), is that Bio-Lab has developed a special cotton polymer that changes colors with moods. Either that, or he keeps getting doused with "Acme's Dissapearing/Reappearing Ink." Anyway, Wes wakes up, finding Mr. Collins still zonked out, barely breathing on his own through an oxygen mask, as the heart monitor beeps softly in the background. Wes' hair is somewhat a mess, and his back is probably hurting from napping sitting up in that rough chair. But his first instinct when opening his eyes is to focus on his father. Realizing nothing has changed in his condition, Wes gradually stands up, and walks over to the window. He stares out through the dim light seeping in through the vertical blinds, watching the sun rising in the far distance from stock footage of a Japanese city. Wes clenches his eyes shut, as Alex's words from the previous episode replays in his mind, "Tomorrow your father will die." He turns and looks at the unconscious Mr. Collins, and begins wincing in both gripping sadness and fear of what the day will bring, due to the unavoidable fact that tomorrow has come!

[Opening credits]

Later that morning, the sun is bright in the Silver Hills suburbs. Eric Myers walks along the sidewalk, carrying his yellow birdcage at his side, with his two beloved, tiny, chirping, winged creatures within. Eric's wearing a black leather jacket and a grey shirt underneath, with bluejeans and a rather prominent belt. He's out of his Silver Guardians uniform for a reason, that reason evident by the large duffel bag he's carrying in his other hand. Eric sets the bag down, and stares out into the street, the heavy winds blasting against his face just as it blows leaves about and shakes all the trees in the background. With Wes, his old Prep School rival, now in charge of the company he was happily work his way up in, Eric feels he has no place in the city anymore. His jumping ship doesn't go unnoticed, as his elementary-schooler neighbor and good pal Alice (from "Quantum Secrets") comes rushing out to his side. Alice asks innocently, "Where are YOU guys going?" Eric is nearly taken by surprise, simply holding the birdcage in his hand up for her to greet the birds within. He watches as she smiles and pokes her finger against the wire mesh, and doesn't quite appear to know how to explain his situation to the gentle child. Eric crouches down to her level, and tells her as honestly as he can, "We're, umm.... going away for a while." Alice wonders, "How long?" Eric admits, "Maybe a long time." The little girl lowers her blonde braided pigtailed head, and frowns somberly. Eric watches her for a moment, before realizing the one way he can pay her back for being his friend and saving his birds from getting fried. He beckons, "C'mere," and takes her hand, prompting the both of them to stand up straight. Eric hands Alice the birdcage, and offers, "How 'bout YOU take care of them while i'm gone?" Alice gratefully takes the cage in her clutches, and agrees ecstatically, "SURE!" Quickly, she sets the birdcage down on the sidewalk, and grabs Eric's waist, giving him an unexpected hug. Alice smiles widely, and let's him know, "I'll miss you!" Eric is stunned by her kindness. He looks into the windy sky briefly, before looking down at Alice and smiling back at her, wrapping his arms around the little girl and returning the warm and friendly hug. Their firm embracing comes to a close, when a yellow taxi pulls up along side them. Eric lets Alice go, picks up his bag, opens the door and tosses it in. He pauses for a moment and looks at Alice, playfully patting the side of her head and smiling, his way of saying goodbye as he gets into the taxi and closes the door. The taxi begins pulling away, and Eric turns around, waving & smiling to Alice as she picks up the birdcage and does the same. Once she's out of sight, Eric turns back around, sighs deeply, and stares out the window, returning to a life of bitter disappointments. But at least he's taking his Quantum Morpher with him!

In the city, a skyscraper gets one of the floors in the middle of its tall structure ventilated explosively. Large chunks of debris rain down on the citizens below. One massive piece of concrete seems to crush a gang of Japanese Schoolgirls to death, but upon closer inspection, it appears to have just barely missed them. Who's responsible for this wanton destruction? Why, it's Dragontron! He's back with a fully repaired vengeance, and has ripped off the top of a building, leaving the remains scorching. As the giant brown & blue robotic lizard stomps toward another damaged skyscraper, his heavy feet cause rippling quakes to shatter the glass out of every single window on both buildings! At the Clock Tower, Circuit's sensors bleep, springing his eyes to alerted life. The robotic owl announces, "Dragontron's back!" Alex is sitting in front of the Holoscreen again (not turned on, despite his pressing of buttons), which is right next to Circuit. He looks to Jen, sitting beside him, and orders, "Let's move OUT!" Alex & Jen get up and begin rushing off. Trip, who's been sitting in front of them through most the episode, is the first to bolt for the door. Lucas & Katie come running down the steps from the upper sleeping quarters, joining their equally TF Jumpsuited teammates on a mad dash to save the city. In the center of town, Dragontron begins spinning around and spraying a 360 degree path of pink-energized laserfire destruction! The bursting of sparks creates a wave of smoke, bellowing through much of the city. Civilians flee for their lives, something they should be experts at by now, while the five Time Force Power Rangers make the scene, already morphed. Alex, the original and recently restored Red TF Ranger, leads the charge, exclaiming, "Alright. Let's DO it!" All five look upwards at Dragontron, as the giant bot marches along. Red Ranger commands calmly into his Chrono-Morpher, "Megazords, online." BAM! Both the Time Force (Mode Blue, with Time Jet blaster in hand) & Time Shadow Megazords are suddenly standing amid the ruin buildings, posing for action. Inside Mode Blue's control room, Red Ranger informs his uneasy teammates, "Time Shadow will distract Dragontron, so WE can get a clear shot." Pink Ranger, reluctantly obedient, speaks for the team, "Whatever you say, Alex." The Time Shadow Megazord strikes its double blue arm-blades at the sides of Dragontron's chest, causing sparks to ignite. Dragontron grabs Time Shadow's arms, and holds them in place, allowing the Megazord to shift their position so that the evil robot's back is facing Mode Blue. The Time Force Megazord aims the Time Jet in Blaster Mode at the massive hole in Dragontron's back, connected to its internal energy core.

Over at the hospital, Wes is sitting on the chair beside his comatose father's bed. His shirt has reverted to its white color again, as he sits there with his briefcase open, strenuously reading and marking on some Bio-Lab paperwork. Wes is quite stressed out from both worrying over his father's impending demise and trying to keep the business from going under. A man, walking with a limp, passes by the hallway window. He opens the door to the room (which, in last ep, was said to be Room 106. The sign on the wall claims the rooms in this hall all start with the number 3), and gently greets the , "Hello, Wesley." Wes immediately recognizes him as the man in charge of both the Quantum Ranger & Anti-Venomark serum projects, Doctor Michael Zaskin! Judging from his limp, I suspect he's got a cane, but it's not clearly shown. Anyhoo, Wes sets down the paperwork, rises from his seat and heads out to the hall, replying wearily, "Oh. Hi, Dr. Zaskin." Zaskin shakes hands with Wes in the doorframe, stares over at Mr. Collins, and asks concerned, "He's not doing very well, is he?" Wes puts his hands in his pockets, and says with direct discern, "Nope." The two men in business suits step out into the hall, where Zaskin comments, "Now I was surprised to see that you took over your father's company." Wes uncomfortably folds his arms, and glancing at his unconscious dad, remarks, "Yeah, well... that's what he would have wanted me to do." Dr. Zaskin shakes his head, and informs him, "I don't think so, Wes. Your dad was GLAD that you chose your own life." Wes is startled, but scoffs in disbelief, "Glad?! THAT'll be the day..." Zaskin, looking over at Collins briefly, explains passionately, "You're wrong. That's how he got hurt! Why do you think he tried to stop Ransik from taking the serum? He was proTECTing you." Wes gasps, "What?!" Dr. Zaskin replies, "I was THERE." Condensed footage of the Ransik Vs. Mr Collins battle royale from "Dawn Of Destiny" plays. Zaskin narrates, "Ransik burst into the room... Knocked me unconscious, and then your father tried to stop him from taking the serum out of the Bio-Lab." Collins claims he's proud of his son, Ransik blasts him, you know what happened. The flashback ends, with Dr. Zaskin stating with a nodding smiling, "He was brave. He stood up for YOU. Don't you see? Your father's proud of you." Wes, having trouble understanding how his formally controlling dad could turn out to have been judged too quickly, gasps, "Proud?... of ME?!" He turns and faces Mr. Collins, still lying in a heavily blanketed coma. Wes expresses incredulous shock, while Zaskin continues smiling, likely proud of himself for providing an elaboration that Wes so desperately needed.


Back on the battlefield, Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue doesn't get to take the shot it was lining up for. Instead, it, the Time Shadow, and Dragontron all get zapped in synchronicity by a burst of blue electricity! The crackling bolt isolates itself between the trio of giant robots, as they writhe about in jolting agony. The blue surge apparently centers on Dragontron, as if draining the energy of the two Megazords around it, into its body, by way of the current connecting the three. On the streets below, Frax stands beside his Energy Siphon, operating it with a handheld remote. As his tall metal cylinder fires off some more blue electricity, he exclaims, "My Energy Siphon's WORKING!" Mode Blue struggles to keep its Time Jet blaster hand held upright, as the blue lightning surges through the robotic trio. Inside the Megazord control room, the five Time Force Rangers cry out, as the cockpit sparks from the siphoning of power. Red Ranger, despite all his knowledge of the future, wonders, "What's happening?!" The electricity dies off, leaving Mode Blue standing with its arms slumped and its hull smoking. Time Shadow Megazord is also suffering a similar malady, though Dragontron, despite how its body's steaming, poses with reinvigorated ferocity. Frax paces in front of his Energy Siphon machine, commenting, "Ahh, excellent! NOW it's time to FINISH the job!" In Mode Blue, Alex points out in near fright, "I can't believe it. We've lost most of our Megazord power!" Frax walks around, giggling diabolically. Dragontron continues standing tall, mighty, and smokey. Nearly at its feet, Frax is shown next to the Energy Siphon, with a small platoon of gold-suited Cyclobots, all marching in place. Red Ranger orders, "We've GOT to destroy that Energy Siphon, imMEdiately!" Pink Ranger begins to argue strategically, "Alex! I THINK it might be better if we first..." Alex snaps at his fiancee, "_I_ do the thinking, GOT it?! Now let's GO!" He rushes off out of the control room. Yellow Ranger lunges after him, clenching her fist and grumbling, "Maybe he should think about THIS...!" Green Ranger halts her before she can get anywhere near Alex, calmingly convincing, "Katie! Now's not the time! C'mon, get going." Katie grunts, but follows along with the plan. Red Ranger leaps out of the Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue, letting loose a battle cry as he holds his double-bladed Chrono-Saber in hand. Alex grunts as he lands, and begins spinning his Saber around while dashing toward the crowd of Cyclobots. The scene gets all super-fast and ultra-blurry, making the Red Ranger's slashing of Cyclos out to be one fuzzy mess. It slows back down in time for us to see him sparkily cut down a few of the robodrones, blocking one's failed Saber-slash, and returning the gesture successfully. Pink Ranger has her V-5 Cannon in hand, and begins firing upon Cyclobots with a mighty yelp. Blue Ranger does a full-body twirling screwdriver leap kick into the chest of a single Cyclo. Yellow Ranger walks around, firing her V-4 Cannon at every Cyclobot who dares surround her. Nearby, Green Ranger socks a robodrone on the back, then kicks another down.

Elsewhere in Silver Hills, traffic flows freely far away from the fight. The black stretched Collins-owned limousine drives along, with three of Bio-Lab's most important men within. Jennings is reading a report (though not past the first page), Taylor's sitting next to Wes (watching Jennings' failing to read very quickly), and Wes is glancing out the tinted window. He spots the Clock Tower as they drive right past it, which ignites a trip down memory lane. Wes flashesback to two episodes ago, when Katie shoved Trip onto him, and the three collapsed onto the couch together, all laughing loudly, as Lucas snapped a picture. Then to the shot of Wes kissing Jen on the cheek, as the others piled up on her, and Lucas aimed the camera at them. The flashback ends suddenly, showing us that Wes, for shame, is not wearing a seatbelt. Despite being in the middle of a busy street, Wes, inspired by seeing his old homestead, turns to Taylor and proclaims, "I'm goin' for a walk." Taylor asks, "You're WHAT?" Wes simply tells the driver, "Pull over!" The limo does as ordered, allowing Wes to step out and slam the door behind him. He walks into the street, loosening his tie as he loses himself in thought. Taylor calls out, "Wesley! Wesley!", to no avail. The sound of cars zooming by drowns the ruthless businessman out. Wes steps into traffic without looking both ways, and is struck by a car and killed. Alex was right! Mr. Collins did die today, just not the old one! Err... sorry. I made that last part up.

Back at the battlefield, Frax strikes Pink Ranger in the chest with his clawhand. Jen hurls through the air, but manages to flip herself off of a cement curb, launch into the air, and fire a few pink bolts from her double-bladed Chrono-Saber. Frax is struck perfectly, causing some sparks and a little bit of agonized crying. Suddenly, Jen has her V-5 weapon out again, and is standing with Lucas, Trip, and Katie, all wielding their V-Weapons as well. They aim at the golden robotic henchman turned mastermind, as Jen urges, "GIVE it up, Frax!" Frax, his body smoking, pleads, "Bu... But, I-I..." Red Ranger walks across the front of his teammates, sternly staring at Frax. Jen mentions to the leader, "Let's take him in, Alex!" He vetoes that notion, demanding, "NOT till I say so!" Trip lowers his V-3 Cannon, and asks, "What're you WAITing for?" Alex turns to him and stresses, "QUIET! We're going to DISarm the Energy Siphon FIRST." This inner-team distraction allows Frax to press a few buttons on his remote control, then jiggle the control stick, remarking in a singsong voice, "I don't think SO!" He then commands, "FIRE!", causing the Energy Siphon device to blast several beams of blue energy, all directly striking the five Time Force Rangers. They're engulfed in the power-draining light, causing them to demorph in a hailstorm of sparks, smoke, and flashing green digital data. Our heroes cry out and collapse onto the ground, every one of them floored by this sudden attack. Circuit sharply swoops in, asking aloud, "Rangers! Are you alright?" The robotic owl hovers toward his winded friends, which attracts Frax's attention. Despite his pro-robotic lifestyle, Frax seems to despise Circuit immensely. He aims his left hand (now in black cannon-fingered mode) into the air, and growls, "Stupid bird!" Circuit is blasted out of the sky painfully, plummeting in a trail of smoke.

Meanwhile, Wes walks into the dark main room at the Clock Tower. He calls out, "Hello?! Anybody here?! Hello!", while walking around, carrying his suit jacket in hand. Wes wanders about, looking around but finding no sign of life anywhere in the room. He approaches the picnic table, sets his jacket on it, then picks up Trip's black bucket-hat (where Alex left it last episode). Wes holds it for a second, then puts it back down. He spots the stack of polaroids lying atop Katie's diary. Slipping them into his hand, he begins to flip through the pictures. All of which we never saw taken!: Katie holding Wes between her arms; Katie, Jen, and Trip holding their Chrono-Morpher wearing wrist up for the camera, as Lucas leans in and makes a pouty face (how they got Jen to take a pic with them, when as we saw she was in a bad mood that day, is unknown); Wes raising an arm as he sits on a bench with Trip & Lucas; and my favorite, Wes wearing Trip's bucket-hat, while wrapping his arm around Trip's neck and aiming his finger at the camera like a gun. Wes lifts up the pic of him with Trip & Lucas, and simply shakes his head softly. He's probably remembering that day as if they were just yesterday, which it probably was! Suddenly, Circuit comes fluttering in through a window, his flight all wobbily, and as we see, his chest has two open wounds. He calls out in a daze, "Wes? Is that you?!" Wes drops the pictures, and rushes after the robo-owl, screaming his name. Circuit struggles to land safely on the coiled rope atop a barrel, but ends up on the edge, before toppling over in exhaustion. Wes dives for Circuit, snatching him up before he can crash against the floor. He clutches the injured owl, asking, "Circuit! What happened?!" His eyes slowly closing, Circuit weakly explains, "He's... JUST... too... powerful!" Wes lifts him up and sets him on the barrel, begging to know, "Who, Circuit? WHO?!" Circuit manages to blurt through his beak, "Dragontron... and Frax. The Rangers have been...", before closing his eyes as his power systems shut down completely.

Wes shouts Circuit's name twice, trying to no avail to get the robotic owl to come back online. His expression changes to that of panic, prompting him to leave the dead bird and rush off. Wes pauses in his tracks, when Alex's remark replays, echoing, in his head, "But you can't CHANGE your destiny." Wes listens as Taylor's words also echo in, "Someone needs to make decisions at Bio-Lab until your father gets better. He'd WANT it to be you." Jennings says, "WESLEY Collins has agreed to take his father's place!" Alex is heard again, "But you can't CHANGE your destiny." Wes' breathing grows more and more labored as he's torn by inner turmoil. He finally collapses onto his knees, grasping both ears with his hands, and grunting in protest of the voices tearing his mind apart. Panting, he slowly opens his eyes and lowers his hands, realizing that not only are the voices gone, but several pictures are scattered about on the floor. Wes has spotted a particular one in front of him, which he picks up and stares it. It's a pic of all five of them, smiling and standing on the lower stairway. Katie & Jen in back, the guys in front: Wes hugging Trip in a goofy way, and Lucas playing it cool. This Polaroid was either shot by Circuit, or done on a timer. Wes hears his father's voice, as per Dr. Zaskin's flashback, "I tried to plan my son's life, but he took charge of his own destiny and i'll always be proud of him for doin' it!" Wes lowers the picture, and enlightenment spreads over his face. He realizes in a whisper, "I choose my OWN destiny... And RIGHT now, I choose to help my friends!" He slams the picture on the floor, gets up, and races across the room with renewed determination. His shirt color in every scene since the limo: white.


In the city, Frax points his cannon-fingered hand at four of the Time Force Officers. They've just gotten back on their feet, only to get knocked down again in a burst of sparks & smoke when fired upon. Frax cackles hysterically at their plight. Alex, having recovered and slipped away to tangle with some Cyclobots while all of that was going on, punches a gold & a silver suited pair of robodrones out for the count. He frowns upon his weary and wounded teammates, as they writhe on the ground in agony. Alex marches over to them, and like a drill sergeant, scolds all four of them harshly, "COME ON! Get up and FIGHT!" They cease attempting to get up, instead, glaring back at their cruel leader, with Jen surprised most of all by his coldness. Alex asks disappointedly, "Don't you CARE the future is depending on you?!" Lucas is fed up, griping, "I've had E-NOUGH." He grunts and hoists himself back up, storming across the rubble-strewn courtyard. Trip calls out in protest, "Lucas...!" Alex stands there patiently, until Lucas gets up in his face (by looking down on him, since Lucas is considerably taller than Alex). Alex demands to know, "WHAT are you DOing?" Lucas balls his fist, and tremblingly lifts his arm. Instead of throwing a punch, he takes the high road, by pointing his finger at his leader, and shouting, "YOU'RE the one who doesn't care about the future!" Alex looks Lucas in the eyes, lifting his head somewhat in a snobby kind of way. Trip gets up, and gasping for breath, notes, "If you DID, you wouldn't have taken Wes' Morpher!" Alex pushes Lucas, and glares at Trip (likely peeved by that "Wes' Morpher" remark alone, since the Morpher was Alex's longer!). He asserts authority, claiming, "The team is STRONGest THIS way." Trip just stares at his leader with intense passive anger. Jen clutches her left-side ribs as she stands. Katie, rubbing her left elbow, proclaiming passionately while stepping forward, "NO! We're strongest with WES. If you were a REAL leader, you'd see that!" Alex isn't fazed at all by this (though in last ep's preview of this one, we saw a different take where he seemed to have been), instead looking over at his fiancee's face. Jen is silent, letting her pleading eyes speak for themselves. Alex is more effected by her reaction than any of the rest. Lucas appears quite smug with himself, as he watches Alex finally unable to forcibly take charge of a situation. Alex lowers his eyes to the ground, reconsidering his attitude of late.

Frax, having been forgotten, appears and gives a mock sob, "Wahh hehe wahh wahh waahh!" All five Time Force Officers spring into alert stances, despite their bickering a moment hence. Frax motions his arms, as he proclaims amusedly, "What have we here? Discord amongst the ranks?! Well, none of you will have to worry about the future anyway! Because it will be FIRMLY in MY grip!" Our heroes are largely unable to do much in the way of defending themselves or leaping out of the way, due to their exhaustion (though this really only applies to Jen & Katie, who are visibly hurt). Frax aims his cannon-fingered hand at the group, and bids, "Say goodBYE, Rangers! Hehehmmhehahahahhaa!" Slowly, the golden robot marches toward them, pointing his weapon-hand right at all five of the TFs. His maniacal giggling is his undoing, as he doesn't hear Wes leaping in until it's too late! Wes jumps at Frax's arm, pulling him down to the ground with him, letting out a fierce yelp. Frax falls on his back, as Wes rises up triumphantly, turning to smile at his former teammates (Wes' shirt is now BLUE. I really doubt he went home and changed them between scenes). Jen exclaims his name joyously, to which Alex glances at her, quietly pondering things in his black-slicked brain. Wes smirks and announces, "Everyone chooses their OWN destiny. And I choose to help my friends!" Lucas grins and looks at Jen, as she smiles very widely while nodding. Katie & Trip, face smudged from battle, also smile happily, turning to one another briefly, both chuckling gently. Alex, having dispensed advice to Wes in the previous episode, now finds himself questioning it, and taking heed of his ancestor's remarks. He stares at the ground, and wrinkles his brow in contemplation. Wes ceases smiling, nods, and turns around to face the Energy Siphon. He races across the courtyard, targeting the tiny laser-barrel on the upper side. Frax hasn't recovered the fall completely, but boasts, "What?! Oh, no you DO-N'T!" He aims his cannon-fingered hand at Wes, and starts blasting away. Wes ignores the massive burst of sparks & smoke on all sides of him, focusing only on the device across the yard. Jen shouts out his name, but before she & Lucas can attempt to help him, a bunch of Cyclobots pop up out of nowhere and grab them both. She struggles to break free, while trying to watch out for Wes at the same time. Wes needs no assistance, merely race unflinching in the midst of explosive danger all around him. He finally gets close enough, slams his shoes against the cement, and launches into the air, jump kicking the laser-barrel of the Energy Siphon clean off. It drops to the ground and crackles with blue electricity, as the rest of the ES begins to slowly burst into sparks. Wes lands at a safe distance, smiling and posing in a crouching position as the device explodes behind him.

Above, the Time Shadow Megazord's eyes flash with restored energy. It lifts its bladed arms into the air, with the TF Megazord Mode Blue doing the same (smoke that was rising from their bodies now being sucked back in, thanks to reversed footage). Below, Alex takes some frustrations out on a silver-suited Cyclobot, beating it furiously. Jen rushes over to him, and begs, "Alex, PLEASE!" He looks over at Wes, thinks for a moment or two, then looks back at his fiancee. Eventually, Alex lifts his left wrist and touches the silver band attaching the Chrono-Morpher to his arm. Jen & Alex exchange glances, with Jen desperate and Alex unsure of everything going on at the moment. He slips off the Morpher, and hands it to her, without a single word. She takes it with both hands, nods to him, and darts off, leaving Alex staring from afar. Jen runs across the courtyard, prompting Wes to finally get up from his crouching pose near the ruined Energy Siphon. He turns and looks, as she shouts, "Wes! CATCH!" Jen pitches the Chrono-Morpher his way, and he catches it perfectly with one hand without even moving an inch. Wes looks at it, looks at Jen, smiles, then looks over at Alex, giving his descendant a respectful nod. Alex surprisingly returns the nod, as if giving his blessing. Frax, somehow sporting a gash on the left side of his chest, stands up and boasts, "It doesn't matter WHO the Red Ranger is! Dragontron will STILL destroy you! Huhahaha!" He spins around, teleporting away in a shimmering flash of blue light. Almost on cue, Dragontron finally begins to move, marching slowly forth. Below, Wes and the Time Force Uniform Jumpsuited four from the future, rush out and gaze upward at the approaching robotic masterpiece. Wes jerks his left arm into the air, now sporting the Chrono-Morpher on his wrist. He exclaims, "Let's DO it!" All five of them motion their arms in perfect choreography, activating in unison, "Time for... Time Force!" Via a five-in-one screen shot, our heroes morph into Time Force Power Rangers. On the sidelines, Alex sternly stares at the team, with less resentment than usual, if not a hint of pride. The restored Red Ranger commands casually, "Alright, let's GO!" The five Rangers leap back into the Time Force Megazord. In Mode Blue's control room, Green Ranger yells for some reason, "Time Shadow!" Pink Ranger, giving up her usual leadership duties for just once, urges, "Alright, Wes. YOU say when." Red Ranger replies assuredly, "You GOT it!" The TF Mode Blue Megazord, chest still smoking, lifts its Time Jet blaster. The Time Shadow Megazord tries striking Dragontron with its left blue armblades, only to have the rogue robot grab the blade in his hand, and return fire from his chest cannons. The pointblank bombardment of pink-bolts causes Time Shadow's body to burst and surge with bluish electricity. Staggering backward, the Time Shadow Megazord topples over in sheer defeat.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Mr. Collins remains in a coma. His heart monitor beeps steadily, the green display line all bumpy as normal. Collins' breathing begins to slowly increase, turning into panicked panting. His heart monitor display switches to a longer stretch of straight lines, as the beeping rate subsides. Mr. Collins opens his eyes sharply, nearly bugging them out as he finds it impossible to intake air into his labored lungs! He clenches his bruised hand against the sheets, slowly pulling his arm up and yanking off the oxygen mask. Collins gurgles aloud, straining for breath, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. A nurse passes by his room, and spots Mr. Collins clinging to life. She hurries in, but freezes in her tracks when she hears his gasping suddenly fade, as the heart monitor slips into one long, uninterrupted beep. Collins has flatlined! The nurse bolts from the room, frantically screaming, "Doctor! It's Mister Collins!" After she races down the hall and out of view, a Mystery M.D. appears. We see only his hand, as he clutches a small crystal orb in his palm. Mystery M.D., wearing a white labcoat, marches into Mr. Collins' room. Collins is lying on his bed, nearly lifeless, save for a few rapid muscle spasms. The flatline beep continues, blaring through the entire room. Mystery M.D. is revealed to be Alex! The clear crystal orb is now glowing with a tranquil aqua-blue light. He holds it up, glances at it, then places the sphere in Collins' left hand. The orb begins shimmering with an entire spectrum of colors, a warping wave inside of it causing a magical noise to erupt. The light within gradually turns into a trail of golden energy, which flows out and passes into Mr. Collins' veins. It travels up his arm, causing it to glow briefly while the healing power surges through his body. After it reaches his heart, the sparkily wave of gold fades upon reaching Mr. Collins face. Said face is now completely healed, not a scratch or cut on it, just the usual wrinkles! Collins appears to be smiling, as the heart monitor starts beeping at a healthy rate again, signifying his return to life. He opens his eyes suddenly, though his vision is blurry at first. Things start to come into focus, the first thing he sees is Alex's face. The dark haired lookalike and descendant of his son, simply stares down at him without emotion. It seems Alex, who died after facing Ransik once, has apparently used the same method to bring Mr. Collins, another Ransik victim, back to life that was likely used to do the same to him. Uhh, I guess. But what's his agenda in all of this? Soon, the nurse brings a doctor with her, as well as a full team of medical people, to Mr. Collins' room. They race in, finding Collins alone, but very much alive & kicking! The doctor stares in astonishment at the man, fully awake for the first time in a day or so, when he wasn't even prognosised to ever regain consciousness! The doc looks at the nurse, who's in equal shock, and checking the patient's lungs & heart with a stethoscope, he asks curiously, "You feel alright, Mr. Collins?" Collins thinks about it for a second, then laughs heartily, admitting with a grateful smile, "I feel MARvelous! ...I feel great." He sighs deeply, and realizes that his miraculous recover was anything but a random miracle.

On the outskirts of town, the yellow taxi has been driving around all day. Well, probably not, Eric's scene with Alice was more than likely meant to take place later than when it was actually shown in the episode. Notice, in the exterior shot, there's only one person in the whole vehicle! Eric's somberly staring at the window, when he glances upward, and nearly does a double-take at what he witnesses. It's American Footage of Dragontron scuffling with the Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue! Dragontron claws at Mode Blue's chest, causing a burst of sparks. Mode Blue tries to fight back by punching Dragontron in the arm. Eric demands, "Pull over right here!" The taxi screeches to a halt, and immediately, Eric undoes his seatbelt before stepping out of the car (leaving his bag behind). The sound of giant metal robots beating each other senseless echoes through the scene. Eric holds his head up high and focuses on the fight. He grins and nods affirmatively to himself, before racing off to join in on the fight, which is the one place he's proven himself irreplaceable. In Mode Blue's control room, Red Ranger commands, "Megazord, Mode Red!" The Time Force Megazord splits apart from its Blue Mode, causing the Time Flyers to reorganize into the Mode of Red. On the ground below, the Quantum Ranger finally makes the scene. He remarks, "It looks like I got here JUST in time!" Eric summons into his Quantum Morpher with the press of a button, "Quantasaurus Rex, ONline!" The Q-Rex races through the streets, making loud clanging noises with his metal feet against the pavement. In Mode Red, Wes is inspired, slapping his hands together in delight as he proclaims, "The Q-Rex... Perfect! ERIC, hold on!" The TF Megazord leaps into the air, and lands in another dimension, where the Quantasaurus is running along a near endless terrain of cloudy blue skies and no buildings anywhere to be seen. Mode Red sneaks up on Q-Rex, and suddenly leaps onto the bestial Zord's back! Quantum Ranger watches this reluctantly, asking in horror, "Wes! What'd you think you're doing to the Q-Rex?!" Red Ranger replies with a motioning of the finger to his helmet, "TRUST me. I've got a CRAZY idea!" Green Ranger wonders, "Well, what IS it?" Yellow Ranger figures, "Whatever it is, we're WITH you, Wes." Red Ranger nods to them, and tenderly replies, "Thanks, guys." Wes then pulls the TF Megazord Saber's Ranger-sized remote version out from the sheath, with a grunt.

Dragontron unleashes a few streams of pink energy at the oncoming Megazords from its chest-cannon. The Time Force Megazord in Mode Red rides on the Quantasaurus Rex's back, riding it like a chariot. The background changes to a raging storm of crimson red clouds, as Q-Rex charges forward, unhindered in his hunched-over running by the extra weight. Every blast shot off by Dragontron is easily avoided thanks to the swiftness of the Q-Rex. Katie asks, "What IS this maneuver?" Trip shrugs his shoulders, explaining, "I've never SEEN it before, but... i'm behind Wes, ALL the way!" Jen nods, "ME too!" Lucas shifts his neck around smoothly, and proclaims in a mighty voice, "It's unanimous!" Wes lifts the Saber remote high into the air, then slashes it downward diagonally with a loud hiyaah. Mode Red mimics Wes' movements, slashing its Saber into the air about five times for effect. The last two slashes are accompanied by a surge of bluish energy in the blade, charging it up intensely. Dragontron is sliced into by the Megazord Saber, causing him blue-electrical crackling pain. Mode Red dismounts off of Q-Rex's back, flipping over in midair when it leaps above Dragontron. The Megazord lands perfectly on the other side of the evil robot, posing strongly. Quantum Ranger hits his Morpher, and commands, "Fire lasers!" Quantasaurus Rex growls viciously, bends down, and unloads the full fury of its twin back-cannons. The bolts of scarlet energy slam into Dragontron's body. Dragontron can't move out of the way, forced to face the Q-Rex, by the simple fact that Mode Red is currently jabbing its Saber into the hole on his back! The censors wouldn't let us see the poking part, but a quick shot of the blade causing the plugged hole, and with it the energy core, to explode, remains intact. The Megazord pulls out its Saber, and does another heroic pose. Dragontron spins around, its chest cannons and the ripped hole in its back spraying sparks everywhere. Its arms flay around, before Dragontron eventually collapses in slow motion. This causes a massive explosion to erupt, engulfing every remaining bit of Frax's supposed masterpiece and testament to the superiority of the robotic race. The fireball swirls into sort of an implosion, and we see an energy shadow of Dragontron expanding into nothingness. In the control room, all five Time Force Rangers cheer victoriously.

The time vortex opens up, allowing the Time Flyers & Shadow Winger to reenter and head back to the year 3000. On the ground, the four Rangers from that time watch as the Zords return home. So overjoyed their success, they cheer the machines on, all but Lucas waving goodbye. While they're wrapped up in a bit of celebration, the Red Ranger is anything but in a partying mood. Realizing he's got prior commitments elsewhere, namely the foretold death of his father, Wes slips away from the rest without a word. Yellow Ranger comments, "AlRIGHT! Wes got it RIGHT in the energy core!" Pink Ranger confirms, "Yep!" Green Ranger turns around and begins to say, "Yeah, Wes, that was... Uhh, Wes?" Trip glances around, searching for his teammate. The others do the same, with Jen wondering, "Where'd he go?!" As far away as his feet can take him, Wes has demorphed, and is desperately racing in the direction of the hospital. He rounds a corner, and nearly gets hit & killed by a car (for a second time today... nevermind), when the Silver Guardians' SUV suddenly pulls up! Driving it, is Eric, who, despite the lack of time to do so, is now wearing his full SG Commander outfit, red beret and all. Maybe the Quantum Morpher has a "work uniform activation & company car summoning" button? Wes avoids getting flattened, as the SUV screeches to a halt right in his path. Eric demands, "Get in!", before taking a breath, calming down, and offering, "I'll give ya a ride." Wes nods, and says with gratefulness, "Okay." Soon, Wes is in the hospital, racing through the halls at breakneck speed. He reaches his father's room, finding the door wide open, and the bed fully made with no body lying on top of it. Wes is visibly heartbroken, thinking this to mean his father indeed passed away as prophesied. He staggers into the room, and lays his hands gently upon the bed. Wes lowers himself onto the top of the blanket, embracing his face against the fabric that held his dearly departed father. He runs his hand along the blanket, and slowly his face tenses into intense sorrow. Wes begins to sob softly, breaking down completely for the first time.

He's so lost in mourning, that he fails to hear the wheelchair rolling into the room. Wes is sprawled against the bed, burying his face into the sheets, crying his eyes out. Suddenly. his father's voice calls out from beyond the grave, "Wesley." Wes lifts his head, and cautiously looks at the bed, figuring he's hearing things. That is, until Mr. Collins calls out again, "Wes!" He turns around, finding his father sitting in a robe and on a wheelchair, smiling as the picture of health! Wes rushes to his side, gasping in total emotional relief, "Dad! You're alive!" Collins admits, "Thanks to YOU." Wes is confused, asking, "Me?" He sits on the bed, his father rolls forward, and begins to explain, "I remember laying here, trying to catch my breath. I couldn't... I... I felt myself goin' away." Wes puts his hand on his dad's knee as he reveals with gracious delight, "And I saw you... And I knew i'd make it." Mr. Collins smiles happily, for the first time completely not out of greed. Wes whispers, "You saw me?" Collins confirms gratefully, "Yeah." Wes denies, "But, dad, I..." Realizing the truth, Wes quickly clams up, not wanting to look a gift orb in the mouth. Mr. Collins' face lights up as he asks, "What?" Wes nods in understanding, before telling him simply, "Nothing." Collins proudly brings up, "I heard you took my place in the company while I was away." Wes admits, "Yeah, I did, but..." Mr. Collins cuts him off with a stammer, stating, "Now, listen, I-I can't tell you how much that meant to me. But son, I don't WANT you to be a businessman for my sake." Wes begins to protest, but Collins gently pauses him, remarking, "For ONCE, listen to your father." He puts his arm on his son's shoulder, leans in, and says, "YOUR place... is with the Rangers." Wes finally smiles, having finally gotten the approval from his formally estranged father that's he's so desperately been seeking all of this time. Mr. Collins smiles back, and chuckles softly. Wes grips his hand around his father's arm, the two Collins Men closer now in both physical and emotional standpoints than ever before.


Later that day, at the beach on the Northwest side of Silver Hills, the four from the future are seeing their former leader & teammate off by the massive yellow Time Ship. All four of them are back in their normal civilian attire, rather than their Time Force Uniforms. Alex stands on the sands in an at-ease position, wearing his sunglasses again. It's not explained why he's going back to the future, but considering he only came back to stop Dragontron, and the big D's destroyed, he's got no real reason to stick around. Alex is more important at monitoring things from the year 3000, than sticking around and hindering an already perfect team dynamic in the year 2001. Anyway, Alex apologizes as much as his ego will allow, "I'm SORRY I was a little hard on you. You're EXcellent Rangers." He shakes Trip's hand, and says his name. Trip smiles widely, prompting Alex to reach up and playfully press down on that bucket-hat he so hated before. Alex steps over to Lucas. They shake hands, and look at one another silently, displaying respect as macho as they can. Lucas grins slightly, holding no hard feelings over his merciless boss. Alex steps over to Katie, who appears to shake his hand with both of her's. Katie gives him a bemused look and a smile, to which gesture he returns to the best of his ability. Finally, Alex steps in front of his fiancee, Jen. Her hair is still tied back, likely having forgotten to undo it after changing out of her uniform. The two lock eyes (or eyes to dark lenses, as it were), and stare silently at one another. Alex shakes his head and admits, "I don't know what to say." Jen smiles and nods a lot, visibly attempting to mask her true feelings for him, as she replies, "Don't say anything. I know you were just trying to do what was right." Alex gives her the deepest hug he can, one to rival the last they shared when they became engaged. We don't see her left hand in this scene, but the scenes from next time reveal that she indeed is still wearing the engagement ring. Jen embraces him tightly, but the hug doesn't last all too long. He lets go, and she clearly is longing for more.

Speaking of more, Wes calls out from the other side of the beach, shouting, "Alex! Alex, wait!" Alex has just turned to face the Time Ship, when Wes (now back in his good old red shirt with white undershirt attire) comes racing along the beach. He passes by his teammates, and stands before Alex, asking, "It was YOU, wasn't it? You saved my father." Alex nods softly. Wes snorts, wondering with a grin, "Now wasn't that playing with destiny?" Alex states seriously, "We all make our OWN destiny. YOU taught me that." Alex extends his hand to his ancestor, Wes doing the same to his DNA-double, and the two shake hands firmly. Jen smiles, looks at her teammates, Trip nods and grins, Lucas sorta does the same, and Katie fidgets distractedly like she's gotta pee badly. Alex gives a slight smile to Wes, then spins about face. Wes smiles widely, and watches as Alex heads over to the Time Ship. The other four stare as well, none too happy he's leaving, though all likely relieved. The massive yellow Time Ship slowly lifts off, the thrusters creating a huge sandstorm that batters against Wes' face. The others struggle to see past the updraft of wind, continuing to watch as the Time Ship becomes airborne. It's clearly not the exact same model TS as the one they came back in, appearing much fatter, and with its own propulsion system. Once it takes off, the wind dies down on the beach. Wes smiles as he witnesses a swirly time vortex (like the Q-Rex's) open up in front of the ship. It zips into the blackness of the portal's center, the vortex sealing up behind the Time Ship in a surge of lightning and a crash of thunder. Jen gazes into the sky, thinking to herself, "Goodbye, Alex." She smiles somewhat, her actions as ominous and mysterious as that of her fiance!

[Scenes from "Undercover Rangers"; End Credits]

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