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Power Rangers Time Force
"Undercover Rangers"
Original Air Date:09/15/01 Footage and some story elements from:
Timeranger #41 - Yougensha Wo Abake
(Revelation Of The Prophet)
*Season 9, byte 31
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1131
*31st episode of PRTF
*409th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Alex
C.J. Byrnes _AS_ Mr. Mechanau (human form)
Jeff Whitaker _AS_ Mr. Feeney
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Thin Man [Note: Lord Zedd's voice in the flesh!]
Chris Durand _AS_ Beefy Trainer
Theresa San-Nicolas _AS_ Theresa
Fawn Irish _AS_ Scrawny Lady
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Mike Reynolds _AS_ Mr. Mechanau (voice)


On an edge of the park sidewalk in Silver Hills one afternoon, a group of four beefy men in black tanktops & grey sweatpants stand with muscular arms folded. Around them are balloons, a table with boxes & bottles on it, a bench press, and a white van. Atop that van is a huge sign reading SUPER STRONG GYM. Also with those four beefy bodybuilders, is a much shorter and not as beefy man in a full body black sweatsuit. This middle aged, brown haired speaker is later named Mister Mechanau, for reasons that will become evident soon. Mr. Mechanau addresses a rather moderate sized crowd of citizens that have come together to check out what this big display is all about. He motions his hands, and urges loudly in a near-southern accent, "Ladies & gentlemen! Gather around, gather around. Are you TIRED of being a weakling?! HATE lifting those heavy weights? Well, i've got the answer to ALL your problems!" A short way in the distance, Katie & Trip are walking along, carrying paper bags of groceries (Trip has one, Katie two). Trip's holding vanilla ice cream in a cone, while Katie slurps a drink in a paper cup through a straw. Anyway, Trip overhears this public demonstration, and likely still suffering from muscle-envy (as seen in "Uniquely Trip"), pauses his teammate, "Wait, Katie, wait! What's goin' on here?" Katie spots the crowd, and happily leads the way to join them, saying, "I dunno, let's check it out!" They smile curiously and bunch together with the rest of the citizens. Mr. Mechanau emphasizes to the crowd, "THANK you, for giving me a MOMENT of your VALuable time, my DEAR friends! TRUST me when I say, if you join the Super Strong Gym, I guarantee, YOU will be STRONG as an ox!" One man in the audience, an incredibly skinny & gaunt man by the name of Mr. Feeney, with matted down blonde hair & an orange plaid shirt, scoffs in disbelief, "Yeah, RIGHT! I've tried everything to build up my muscles and NOTHING works. You're just another rip-off!" Feeney begins to turn and leave, when Mechanau rolls up his sleeves, looks to one of his beefy trainers, and comments, "Ahh, a nonbeliever." The buff assistant picks up a squirt bottle and hands it to Mechanau, who holds it up and exclaims to Feeney, "SIR! How would YOU like to try a sample, of my super strong protein drink?! Drink this, and I guarantee YOU, will lift THAT weight... with EASE!" The crowd is filled with amused murmurs of laughter and eyerolling, since the weight in question is that bench press to the side. Mr. Feeney hesitates departing, and instead decides to take the challenge (after a large woman pats him on the shoulder in encouragement). He walks over to Mr. Mechanau, takes the squirt bottle (the liquid is colored orange, and the label reads, "Super Strong Gym. Protein Powder"). Feeney casually takes the bottle, and begins chugging it down. The scrawniness of his neck is highlighted as he struggles to suck the juice through the bottle's plastic straw.

After a couple of deep sips, Mr. Feeney's head jerks back and his eyes widen. Katie & Trip watch this closely, both in anticipating awe. Mr. Mechanau takes the bottle, hands it to one of his beefy assistants, then begins guiding the entranced Feeney over to the bench press, chuckling ominously all the while. The crowd waits in bated breath as Mr. Feeney stands before the bench press, and braces himself at the black barbell. Katie begins to take a sip of her own drink, while Trip licks his ice cream, both enjoying the show. Feeney grips the weights with his thin little arms, and suddenly lifts the barbell completely over his head as if it was lighter than a feather! Katie, stunned, does a spit take, spewing her mouthful of soda into the air (showing us that within one of her grocery bags is a box of Original Eat Thins). She quickly snaps her arms to the side, accidentally bumping into Trip, causing his ice cream cone to end up slamming into his face! The crowd doesn't go wild at first, all gasping loudly in shock. Mr. Feeney, still holding the heavy weights over his head, points out happily, "I DID it!" Mr. Mechanau spreads his arms and presents to the audience, "There you HAVE it!" Katie struggles to hold on to her bags, while at the same time seemingly apologizing to Trip. Poor Trip's nose, some of his green hair, and his left eye are covered in vanilla ice cream! He wipes some of it off, and notes, "That's as strong as YOU, Katie!" Katie, a product of genetic engineering, gasps, "That CAN'T be!" The crowd, delighted and convinced by what they just witnesses, quickly swarms around the men from the Super Strong Gym. One of the men in the crowd, named in the credits "Thin Man" (he's the one with thick glasses, a red vest with white shirt), offers in a very familiar voice, "You can sign ME up!" A blonde woman at his side, named in the credits as "Scrawny Lady", also shouts excitedly, "I want to join, I wanna join!" Mr. Mechanau holds up a bundle of white flyers for the Super Strong Gym, and begins frantically passing them out to the sea of raised & anxious hands. He remarks, "HERE you are, sir. THERE you are, ma'am! HERE you are. EVERYbody joins! Plenty of room, don't you worry, EVERYbody joins!" Thin Man snatches one, licks his fingers, and begins eagerly leafing through the pamphlet. This unlicensed gathering doesn't go unnoticed by the authorities... okay, so it does. But that doesn't stop a Silver Guardians' SUV from pulling up on the road nearby. The dark window rolls down, and sitting in the driver's seat is Eric Myers, Commander of the SGs. He rubs his chin with his thumb, suspiciously eyeing the jocks in black. Mr. Mechanau laughs heartily, while urging still, "SIGN right up! Here we go!"

Elsewhere in the city, is a lovely stone church with a big cross atop it, a rare site on this series. Bells are chiming and people are cheering. At the front door, a bride & groom are passing through a rain of rice being tossed their way by family & friends. Everybody's happy and cheerful, applauding once the bride & groom fully exit the church and embrace in a hug. Standing smack dab in the middle of the road in front of the church, is Jen. She wears the expression of inner sorrow, a vicarious longing being derived from watching this wedding from afar. Jen slowly looks downward at her left hand, and starts to adjusts the silver engagement band on her ring finger. She then glances back up toward the bride & groom, watching how smiley & rice-covered they are. The bells continue chiming in no song i've ever heard playing at any ceremony, wedding or otherwise. The blonde bride in white and her dark-haired groom in black make quite the pair, gabbing it up with family members and everyone around. The shots of the bride & groom are played in somewhat slow motion, so as to highlight the prolonging torture that Jen's feeling at the moment. Jen, still playing with her ring, begins to think to herself, thoughts we're privy to, "I used to dream that, one day... that would Alex and me. But now i'm not so sure. Alex has changed so MUCH... and so have I. Nowadays Alex isn't in my heart the way he used to be. But someone else is..." Jen smirks slightly, sighs deeply, turns and walks away. As she walks, the scene shifts to even slower motion, rice & confetti raining upon the bride & groom in the background as Jen walks somberly away from the church, gripping the ring on her finger tightly. Fade to white...

[Opening Credits]

Soon, at the Clock Tower, Wes sits at the picnic table, using a small antique rotating shaving mirror to check himself out. Oddly, Wes is pulling his blonde hair back (have I used the word blonde enough this episode?), either trying to see if he's going bald, or else trying to see what he'd look like with his hair slicked back like Alex! He turns his head from side to side, getting a look at himself like that, before grunting loudly and letting go in frustration. Circuit sits on his perch in the background, quietly watching this strange scene unfold. Wes complains, "Ohh, who am I KIDDING?! I am NEVER gonna be like Alex." He scoffs, "Time Force hotshot!" Wes spins the mirror around, then hangs his head low, grumbling, "No WONDER Jen loves him." He sighs distraughtly, then buries his head down in the elbow-pit of his left arm. Wes' right hand begins pounding on the table top repeatedly, groaning deeply. Lucas sits on the floor near the doorway, shaking his head in silent protest, while trying to read an old hardcover book in the shadows. Wes suddenly lifts his head up, his face lighting up with a faint ray of hope. He gets up and "Then again... The guy came ALL the way here... and treated her like a stranger! Yeah, well, maybe I DO have a chance!" Wes smiles slyly, brushes his hair, and adjusts his red overshirt in renewed confidence. Unbeknownst to him, Jen is just then slowly entering the room. She pauses near Lucas, drops her hands from messing with her engagement ring, and asks Wes with a warm grin, "What're you doing?" Wes sharply turns around, and is at a loss for words for a moment, before stammering a denial, "Nuh.. nothing! Heh." Jen drops the subject without hesitation, and starts stepping forward, appearing very awkward. She pats her hands together, and as she approaches Wes in passing, the two exchange glances. Both Time Force Officers have something personal to address with one another, but both are far too shy to make the first step. Jen seems to be ready to begin to speak, as does Wes, but both catch each other offguard, causing them to erupt into a simultaneous burst of nervous laughter. They turn away from one another, dawdling intensely.

Lucas looks up from his book, more intrigued by what's going on than what's written in the pages. Jen sighs and smirks, Wes grimaces with forced confidence, both wrought with tension. In unison, both turn and face each other. Wes, having casually picked up a tall nutcracker doll a moment ago, still has it in his hand as he says, "Hey, Jen..." Jen was about to say something herself, but motions for him to go first. Wes chuckles, and steps closer to her, and admits, "There's something I wanted to talk to you about." Lucas looks up from his book again, subtly smiling. Jen replies in kind, "Really?! There's something I wanted to talk to you about, too." Wes graciously offers, "Oh! Well.... why don't you go first?" Jen protests, "Oh, no! No. You go first. Heh." Wes exhales, and begins to speak his mind, "Well, uhh.... NO! You go first." Lucas continues watching this, even mouthing something along the lines of 'go on!' when Wes was about to talk. When Wes fails to act, Lucas drops his book and gets up. Jen turns Wes down, "No! Hehehe, really!" The two start giggling like schoolgirls, until Lucas walks over, puts his hands on their shoulders, and urges, "SOMEbody go first. You're both driving me CRAZY!" They both get serious, Lucas motions his hands to Jen for her to talk, before folding his arms and patiently waiting for them to obey his wishes. Wes states to the anxiously awaiting Jen, "Well, I was just gonna ask, if..." Suddenly, Katie & Trip come rushing in with their three bags of groceries, nearly getting stuck in the doorframe when they both enter quickly at the same time! Katie cuts Wes off when she announces, "Hey! Guys! We just saw the WEIRDest thing!" Katie & Trip set the bags down on the table, prompting Wes to set the nutcracker down on there as well. Jen asks, "What happened?!" Trip explains, "S-some guy is telling people he can make them super strong." Katie paces around and passionately relays the scene, "We saw this... little guy, step out of the audience, take a sip of some weird drink, and then lift 500lbs!" (one brief cut: last episode's scenes from this ep showed Wes reacting with a scoff of, "ImPOSSible!" Katie agrees, "ExACTly!" This was probably cut because such a thing isn't impossible, but rather a sign that something likely mutant-related may be going on) Jen figures, "Maybe... two of us should go in undercover and check it out!" Wes nods, as does Lucas, still standing grim with his arms folded. Trip eagerly steps between Wes & Jen, innocently offering, "I'LL go!" Lucas grabs his pal's shoulder and pushes him back, "H-How 'bout if... Jen & Wes go?" Trip slips out of his grasp, and steps between the unrequited lovebirds, stating matter of factly, "But, I wanna go undercover!" Lucas grabs him again, and pulls the alien teen aside, remarking, "Trip, Trip, Trip..." Huddling close and away from other ears, Lucas whispers suggestively to Trip, "I think Jen & Wes should go. Don't YOU?" Trip doesn't seem too happy, simply sneering and looking back at the two, his psychic powers unable to grasp what's painfully obvious to everyone.


Probably the following day, we find out just what the Super Strong Gym looks like, from the inside, at least. In the lobby, a sign with the SSG logo (which includes a slightly bent barbell in the center), hangs above several bottles of the SSG Protein Powder. The entire gym is a'buzz with members working out on various exercising machines. The members all wear goldish-tan colored sweatsuits, while the beefy trainers wear the standard black tanktops. Said trainers walk around, inspecting the members' progress closely. One member, a man, lifts a 500 or so pound barbell over his head with one arm, the other hand being used to hold & slurp some of the protein drink. Another member, a woman, excitedly bends a barbell in half like it was made of cheap plastic! Another member lifts a huge dumbbell in the air, up and down repeatedly, while a trainer writes down the progress. Other gold-suited members do similar things, all thanks to the Super Strong Gym's protein juice! Most of them, though, appear to be developing addictions to the liquid. Mr. Mechanau walks through the weightroom, with a beefy trainer by his side, dispensing fresh cups of the protein juice. Mechanau announces, "Wonderful! Don't waste a drop! Ehehe! Remember, you must drink your protein drink if you want to get stronger... STRONGER!" Laying on a bench press, scrawny Mr. Feeney takes a sip from a squirt bottle, gives a refreshed gasp, then starts rapidly lifting the barbell above him over and over. The beefy trainer who helped Feeney take a drink, bows before Mr. Mechanau and departs. Mechanau squats beside the gaunt man's bench, and comments, "EXcellent, Mr. Feeney! I think your training is complete." Feeney has the expression of a man possessed, his eyes unblinking and his body rigid. Mechanau motions to a trainer, who picks the barbell up off of Mr. Feeney. Seems the trainer doesn't drink the protein juice often, and has a tough time holding the heavy weights! He struggles to get it onto the floor, as Mr. Mechanau helps Mr. Feeney onto his feet, and singsongedly says, "UP we go..." Feeney starts marching in place, jerking his arms up in the air, the exact same mannerisms as a Cyclobot. Mechanau grins viciously, and notions the trainer to lead the transformed Feeney away. Once gone, Mr. Mechanau starts snickering sinisterly, surrounded by a room full of apparent drones in training.

Down in the lobby, two new recruits enter through the front door. It's Jen & Wes, incognito! Jen wears a long dirty blonde long-braided pigtailed wig, with pink flowers in her hair, a pink checkered shirt, blue denim overalls, thick glasses, and knee-high socks. Basically, she's a nearsighted Jennie May. Wes has red suspends, high-water pants, a redish-plaid geeky shirt, his hair combed down, and extra thick glasses. Essentially, he's Urkel Collins. The entire purpose of them being undercover is lost, by the fact their Chrono-Morphers stick out like sore freaking thumbs, but I digress. Once inside, Wes looks around with a goofy expression, holding his hands against the back of his waist. After a moment, Wes lowers his black-framed glasses, giving a stern expression while scoping out the gym. Jen does the same with her glasses (which seem to be a match for Wes'), suspiciously inspecting the entire lobby for signs of anything evil going on. Everything appears to be in order, normal looking people are just hanging out in the halls, signing papers and waiting for enrollment. Jen switches back to undercover mode, pushing her glasses back up, snorting nerdily, and giving a dopey grin. She walks with her shoulders slumped upward, Wes doing that hands on the back of his waist thing again (walking almost like a pregnant woman with backpains). They head over to the front desk together, and play things cool & casual.

Wes slaps his hand against the counter, and informs the clerk, "Hi! We're interested in joining!" Jen pushes her glasses up, and tries to remain in character. The clerk is a buxom southern brunette woman in spandex with bright blue eyes, chewing gum obnoxiously, named Theresa. She smiles flirtatiously at Wes, holds up a clipboard, states with a sultry accent, "Sure! If you and your... girlfriend..." Wes denies with a smooth smirk, "Ohh! She's not my..." Jen nervously fidgets, adjusts her glasses, and blurts out, "NO! I'm... not, his girlfriend." Theresa becomes even much smiley and seductive to Wes, suggestively remarking, "Oh. I SEE. Well! Just fill this out..." She guides Wes' hand gently to the clipboard, causing Jen to jealously snap it out of his hands. Jen looks at Wes & Theresa uncomfortably, before taking the clipboard and walking off to fill it out. Left alone together, Theresa giggles attractedly to Wes, who just stands there awkwardly. She holds out her hand, introducing, "I'm Theresa." Wes shakes her hand softly, replying, "Oh. Hi! I'm... Albert." (a snide reference to Alex, perhaps?) Not far away, Jen adjusts her thick glasses and glances over at them, grumpily listening to Theresa's giggling. She tries focusing on filling out the registration, but finds herself growing even more envious of the attention the clerk is getting. Theresa shakes his hand, then begins running her own hand slowly along his right arm, cooing, "Ooh... ALbert. You don't NEED a gym! You're alREADy SUper STRONG." Jen frantically scribbles on the registration, her glasses sliding down her nose, as she angrily keeps glancing over at them. Wes lets Theresa pull back his sleeve, exposing his bulging bicep muscles for all their worth. He chuckles, and shows off his muscular arm to the incredibly impressed clerk, asking for admiration, "Heheheh! Huh?" Wes looks at Jen, who simply glares back at him. His smile fades, and he quickly brushes his sleeve back down, trying to avoid incurring his love interest's wrath. Jen returns to violent scribbling, wanting this to be over with as soon possible. Theresa offers to Wes with a broad smile, "How bout I help you with the application?" Jen annoyedly finishes scribble and slams the clipboard down on the counter. Wes gratefully utters, "Okay," and begins writing on his own clipboard. Theresa purrs between gum-chews, "Mmm-hmm. That's where your name would go." Jen looks away in a huff, and lowers her glasses when she spots a beefy trainer putting his arm around a new recruit, and leading the man down the hallway. Theresa giggles nearly into Wes' ear, "ALbert." Wes looks up at her and nearly breathlessly replies, "Theresa." Jen glances over at them, and slumps her arms, almost clenching her fists in such a way that you can tell she wants to strangle one of them, if not both. She exhales frustratedly, and heads off into the hall by herself.

Jen wanders down the vast maze of hallways, finding no signs of life, only the sounds of exercise machines rattling. She reaches a corner, and finally finds the beefy trainer & recruit from earlier. Quickly ducking back and peeking around the corner, Jen lowers her glasses and spies on the two men. Beefy trainer asks, "This your first time joining the gym?" The out of shape man confirms, "Mm-hm." Beefy trainer replies, "Well, you're gonna be amazed at the difference it's going to make! You wanna be strong, don't cha?" Out of shape man confirms, "Mm-hm." Beefy trainer asks, "Hehe, okay. And you wanna look good, don't cha?" Out of shape man confirms, "Mm-hm." Beefy trainer gets typically male, by asking, "You wanna impress the chicks, don't cha?!" Out of shape man confirms, "Mm-hm." Beefy trainer makes a sales pitch to the man who likely already joined, "Well, you get all that and more, just by joining our program!" The two men head up a stairway, likely to the central weightroom. Jen tiptoes around behind them, but instead of following them up the stairs, she peeks around the steps. There, she witnesses Mr. Feeney, marching with arms jerking all Cyclobot-y, entering a room at the far end of the hall while a beefy trainer marks off his progress on a clipboard. Jen ditches her plan to follow the two men up the stairs, and stealthily slides against the wall as she sneaks down the hall after Feeney, glasses lowered on her nose.

In the lobby, Wesbert continues filling out the form, while Theresa stands flirtily before him. On the other side of the counter, an unattended customer rapidly rings the bell, waving a flyer and wordlessly demanding service. Theresa chews her gum, and seductively coos, "Ehehe. Umm, don't go away, Albert." She raises herself up on her toes, and playfully points her finger to his glasses, while promising, "I'll be RIGHT back." Wes nods and smiles back at her. Theresa steps over to the other side of the counter, where the other customer asks for clarification on certain details in the pamphlet. This gives Wes a chance to notice that his undercover partner is nowhere to be found. He pulls off his glasses and searches visually about, no traces of life anywhere in the adjacent hall. Wes looks over at Theresa, finding her occupied with work (or else flirting with that other guy). He takes the incentive to put back on his glasses and wander off down the hall after Jen. Meanwhile, Jen peeks into the room where Mr. Feeney recently entered. The door is wide open, and the sound of a beefy trainer repeating, "1, 2, 3, 4! 1, 2, 3, 4!", echoes outward. Jen leans in, and witnesses the dark basketball court area of the gymnasium, where rows and rows of the gold-sweatsuited, protein pumped-up Cyclo-converted citizens of Silver Hills are lined up. The protein-drinkers are marching in place, jerking arms and bouncing around exactly like Cyclobots! Several beefy trainers mark the brainjuiced... err, washed members' progress on clipboards. Jen lowers her glasses, and realizes, "They're turning everybody in RObots!" Suddenly, as expected, one of the beefy trainers pops up behind Jen, taking her by surprise. Jen attempts to defend herself by bracing her hands up against her chest, only to have the beefy trainer grab both her arms by her biceps, swing her around, and painfully slam her back into a black cushiony punching bag against the wall.

At the far end of the hall, Wes cautiously sneaks around. He's nearly caught by a beefy trainer, who exits an office room. Wes ducks into the stairway for the upper weightroom, and waits for the man to pass. Once the jock in black is gone, Wes resumes sliding against the wall, trying to keep out of sight as he presses onward. In the basketball court, dozens upon dozens of Silver Hills citizens, of numerous races, sizes, and genders, have been Cyclo-converted by Mr. Mechanau's protein juice. They march in perfect timed formation to the 4 repeated numbers of a single beefy trainer. The gold-sweatsuited members face one end of the gym, where the mastermind behind this scheme becomes revealed. It's Frax, the evil, tall & shiny golden human-turned-robot from the future! He seems to be rebounding quickly over the loss of Dragontron, with this apparent plan to make robots superior to humans by turning humans into robots. Frax steps into the crowd of human-Cyclobot hybrids, and muses contently, "WonderFUL! Soon, my robot army will be BIG enough to take over the entire CITY. This is working PERfectly!" Mr. Mechanau enters the gym, informing Frax, "We had an unwelcome visitor!" Frax gasps in startlement, as the beefy trainer drags Jen in forcibly. She struggles gruntingly to no avail, as the large muscular man keeps a tight grip on her by her arms. Frax generously comments, "Oh, where are your manners, Mr. Mechanau? This young lady is VERY welcome!" He sees through the Jennie May disguise, by simply snatching off her goggly glasses with his clawhand, and yanking off her braided wig with his normal hand. Jen does a lot of grunting as her cover is blown, but manages to whip her head back and fix her messy hair considerably without touching it. Frax points out in diabolical delight, "WHO better to join my ARMY, than a Power Ranger?! HuhaheheahahaHAhaheha!" Beefy trainer smiles creepily, while Jen struggles even more furiously, her expression showing signs of pure fright now. Soon, Jen finds herself tied to what looks to be a tether-ball pole. Both her hands are behind her back, and thus roped to the tall silver post, with her Chrono-Morpher just out of finger-reach. Jen never stops fighting to be free, fidgeting violently in the hope of breaking her bonds. There's a beefy trainer to each of her sides, making sure Jen remains tied in restraint. Frax explains to her, "I used to be a human, TOO, you know? But, being a robot's not TOO bad! ONCE you require a TASTE for it. Muhahahahaha!" Behind him are Mr. Mechanau & the beefy trainer that captured her, plus the entire platoon of Cyclo-converts, all eerily silent & still. Frax motions to two beefy trainers nearby, one holding a large display covered with several boxes & cans of the protein powder. The other beefy trainer dumps some of the orange powder (which looks VERY much like the Zirium powder from "The Time Shadow", and might be the same stuff) into a glass of water. He stirs, and thin mist seems to rise from the condensed liquid. Jen groans in terror, attempting to struggle as the jocks in black hold her forcibly in place against the pole.

Meanwhile, Wes is taking forever to get down that hallway. He walks around, cautiously glancing into corridors and rooms, trying to find his undercover partner. Wes, or Albert if you will, fails to notice the beefy trainer guarding the door at the very end of the hall. The jock in black, who seems to have been taking a nap against the wall, suddenly becomes aware of his presence, and stands up intimidatingly. Wes tries to revert to stereotype, by parting his hair down the middle, adjusting his geeky glasses, smiling with his front teeth bucked-out, and walking over with his hands on the back of his waist again. He approaches, and "Excuse me, sir! Hi, i'm, umm, looking for my friend. Pretty girl, like THIS tall, and, uhh, long, long braided hair!" (he motions his arms, to show that Jen is about his height). Beefy trainer asks coldly, "She's your friend, huh?" Wes replies, "Yeah!" Beefy Trainer puts his arm around 'Albert', and leads him away from the gym, stating, "Yeah, I believe i've seen her. Come with me." Wes goes with the flow, until Jen's voice rips through the air in distress, echoing from the gym, "NO!" He sharply turns his head around, and smacks the jock's hand off his back. Wes only gets a few steps before the beefy trainer grabs his shoulders and pitches him against the floor! Rebounding perfectly, Wes springs off his back and right onto his feet, quickly ducking when the jock takes a swipe at his head. Wes then blocks another punch with his forearm, allowing the jock to smack him into a wall with his other arm. The beefy trainer is able to grab the winded Wes' hand, flip him in the air, and drop him against the floor once more. The jock slams his foot down directly for his head, but Wes manages to roll away before being smooshed into the tacky carpeting. Rising back onto his feet, Wes appears quite annoyed. The beefy trainer gives a vicious smirk, before his eyes flash gold. He spins around, and in a warp of golden light, he morphs into his true form, that of a gold-suited Cyclobot! Wes takes off his glasses, tosses them on the floor, and puts his arms into a cocky battle ready stance (exactly as he did in "Something To Fight For").

Inside the gymnasium, it appears that Jen's hands are tied behind the pole using jumprope as restraints! She continues struggling to slip her wrists free, despite how she's virtually surrounded by an entire basketball court filled with deadly enemies. A beefy trainer hands the freshly stirred protein drink to Frax, who boasts casually to Jen, "DON'T fight it! It will be over before you know it. Heheha. Huhahaha! Aheh!" One of the jock-drones by Jen's side proceeds to reach up and squeeze her cheeks, forcing her mouth to remain opened. She struggles endlessly, clamping her teeth down in protest. Frax hands the glass of protein juice to the other jock-drone, and begins to urge, "GO on. Drink it! Huhahahahehehe", etc. on the nonstop maniacal laughter. The beefy trainer lifts the glass of Cycloade in the air, and starts to tip it into Jen's reluctantly gaping maw. Before even a drop can spill into Jen's forcibly pursed lips, a helping hand with a Chrono-Morpher on the wrist smacks the glass away! The clear plastic cup fall against the hardwood floor, spilling into an orange puddle. Frax groans in horror while watching this, the sneak attack allowing Jen's savior to give the robot mastermind a kick in the robo-ribs! Frax staggers backward, causing Mr. Mechanau & the beefy trainers to be pushed back with him. The hero of the day poses his muscley-arms, prompting Jen to gratefully exclaim, "WES!" He nods seriously to her, then charges into battle. The two jock-drones by her side attack Wes, throwing rapid kicks his way. Wes simply blocks them with his fists, ducks under a punch, then kicks the puncher successfully. The other jock tries to kick him, he blocks, then throws a kick back at him. Wes takes one beefy trainer down with a kick to the chest, and the other with a footsweep! He then rushes to Jen's side, shouting her name as he unties her from the pole. Jen stresses, "Hurry!" Frax recovers from his fall with help from his human-disguised lackeys, screaming in protest rather raspily, "NAAAAAAAO!" Wes undoes the jumpropes and tosses them aside, and Jen rubs her rope-burned wrist. He grabs her other hand and holds it tightly, while ordering, "C'mon, let's GO!" The two formally Undercover Rangers rush across the court, the camera focusing on the two beefy trainers Wes just took down, each grasping their bodies in agony. Frax demands furiously, "DON'T let them get away!! AFTER them!!" The two downed beefy trainers are the first to get up and give chase.

Wes leads Jen by hand, out the open door, into the hallway. They only get a couple of feet down the hall, when Wes spots a doorway to the side. He says Jen's name to keep her from racing off in the other direction, and the two hide out in what seems to be an enclosed stairwell. The trio of beefy trainers live up to their names, by racing down the long corridor, despite not seeing any sign of their prey ahead. Wes & Jen breath collective sighs of relief once the danger passes, and release each other's hand. This lull in action gives them a chance to be confrontative. Wes tries to caringly embrace her arms while asking, "Are you okay?!" Jen's still angrily envious from earlier, and pushes his arms away. She gets offensive, yelling, "WHAT took you so long?! You couldn't TEAR yourself away from 'Ther-es-uh'?!" Wes is a bit shocked, asking confusedly, "Theresa? Wait a sec, you think I liked HER?" Jen mockingly replies, "Oh, NOOO! Well, whatEVER would have gave me that idea, 'AL-bert'?!" Wes defends his actions calmly, "Hey, I HAD to make up a name!" He tries to put his hands on her arms, but again she brushes him away. Jen gives a mock-southern accent at the end, and rubs his biceps snidely, when complaining, "And I SUPPOSE you HAD to let her 'FEEL your muscles', TOO!" Wes smiles, puts his left hand against the wall over Jen's right shoulder, leans in and remarks, "Heh. What are you... jealous, or somethin'?" Jen gets defensive as usual, asking, "Jealous?!" Wes nods, "Uh-huh." Jen adds, "Of you?" Wes repeats his actions. Jen growls, "I don't THINK so!" Before Wes can juice Jen for any more ego-boosting protein, he gets grabbed and pulled out of the doorframe by a Cyclo-convert! Jen exclaims his name, but isn't targeted. Wes rolls onto the floor, and slams against the wall, finding the end of the hallway filled with the gold-sweatsuited humans turned robots. The zombies continue marching in place, appearing ready to attack at a moment's notice. Not ready to give up, Wes gets back on his feet, gets into a fistfight stance, and just when he throws a punch, Jen darts out and grabs him! She restrains her partner with an arm-lock, and points out, "No! DON'T hurt them. They're NOT Cyclobots, they're HUMANS." The camera zooms in on Mr. Feeney, his expression and mannerisms are contrary to Jen's remarks. Wes retreats down the hallway, with Jen right behind him. The small army of robot-humans slowly give chase, marching like Cyclobots still. Wes & Jen reach the doorway they came into the hall through, but find it locked! The squad of Cyclo-converts have made it past the stairwell to the upper weightroom, so it seems all paths are blocked. Wes franticly struggles with the doorhandle futilely. Jen ceases anxiously slapping him on the back, and instead tells him, "Come on!" They both rush over and close the inner-hallway doors quickly, so as to bide them some time. Wes holds the two doors shut, while Jen grabs a long metal bar, and stuffs it between the doorhandle, jamming it shut. The Cyclo-converts bang against the thin wooden doors, only a matter of time before they burst through it. Jen spots another way out, and exhales, "Okay!" She races off toward it, prompting Wes to follow without hesitation.


Jen & Wes finally exit the entire Super Strong Gym complex, dashing out the front doors in equal breakneck speed. They swiftly pause in their tracks, when they notice the squad of fully-robotic Cyclobots marching their way. Back to back, and outnumbered, Wes asks Jen, "Have you got ANY ideas?" Jen takes the opportunity to take another potshot at Theresa, by commenting, "Oh, i'm sure you can handle them. You know, cause you're so 'Soooooo-per strawng'!" Wes just shakes his head, in a serious mood for a change. From out of nowhere, the entire army of Cyclobots are smoke & sparkily blasted off of their feet! Jen wonders in shock, "Whoa! Who did THAT?!" Wes & Jen, with confused expressions, look to their left, and find Eric has bailed them out of a jam again. The Commander of the Silver Guardians flanks onto the scene, holding his SG Blaster braced between both hands. Once at their side, Eric notes, "I KNEW these guys were up to no good." All three look at one another, when Jen begins acting flirtatiously to Eric! She puts her hands on his arm, bats her eyelashes, and giggles gratefully, "THANK you!" Poor Eric doesn't know what to make of the overly-gushing attention. Wes nips in the bud instantly, grabbing Jen by her waist, pulling her hands off Eric, and jealously stating, "Oh-kay, THAT'S enough." Jen grins devilishly. The Cyclobots are still lying on their backs, arms & legs still in motion. Mr. Mechanau walks through the smoking pile of robotic bodies, glancing around bemusedly. His wicked laughter reconnects the three heroes' attention, Eric aiming his laser pistol solidly at the strange man in the black jumper. Mechanau boasts, "You should've joined my gym, Pink Ranger!" Jen glares at him, likely ready to shove some bile-full liquids of her own down his throat. Mr. Mechanau starts laughing viciously, when his short human form fades, giving way in a cheap dissolve to his MUCH taller mutant form! Mechanau must be an X-Vault villain, though no mention is ever made of it. Frax either has his own Reanimator, or is having Cyclobots do all the unshrinking work for him behind Ransik & company's backs at the Prison Ship. Mr. Mechanau's mutant form has a black cape, black bodysuit with yellow trimmings, a big saber in his right hand, red circuitry patterns on the right side of his neck & shoulder armor, blue on the other. He's also got a huge purple orb in his chest, and his mouthless head has a fin atop its oval curvatured shape. Mechanau, his voice now deeper and gravely, gloats, "THEN you may have been strong enough to FIGHT me!" Jen steps forward in a revengeful rage, pointing out, "We'll SEE who's strong enough!" Wes walks in front of her, holds up his left wrist, and shouts, "READY?!" Jen lifts her left wrist as well, and confirms, "Ready!" Together in announcing unison, they press & activate their Chrono-Morphers, "Time for... Time Force!" Eric reholsters his SG Blaster in the background, and commands into his Quantum Morpher, "QUANTUM Power!"

A two-screen shot of Jen & Wes morphing into Pink & Red Time Force Power Rangers, respectively, plays against a fiery backdrop. Eric morphs into the Quantum Ranger, his full-screen sequence not shared with anyone. The trio's transformations are complete, allowing all three of the Rangers to race out into the empty courtyard, side by side. Mr. Mechanau has moved to a different location, it seems. He's awaiting their arrival, though, and once they're within range, the mutant extends out his right hand and causes the screen to get all blurry. The Quantum, Red, & Pink Rangers are suddenly snatched up into the air by an unseen force, projecting from Mechanau's hand. They cry out in uncontrollable surprise, all three of their bodies trailing in rapid succession as they're propelled around in midair. Mechanau begins causing the three to slam into one another while fling about high above! Eric sparkily slams chests with Jen, Wes sparkily slams chests with Eric, Jen sparkily slams chests with Wes. Mr. Mechanau continues holding his hand in the air, boasting, "Meheheheh. Let me KNOW when you've had enough!" Trip's voice speaks for them, "Let 'em GO!" The mutant turns and spots the Green, Yellow, and Blue TF Rangers on the scene, each wielding their own V-Weapon. The three quickly take aim, Lucas firing first. Mechanau is bombarded with green, yellow & blue colored laserbeams, causing him to not only burst with sparks & smoke, but to groan painfully. Red, Quantum, and Pink Rangers plummet a few feet to the ground, also grunting painfully upon smacking pavement. Katie helps Jen up, Lucas & Trip aid Wes, and poor Eric has to fend for himself. Trip asks, "Are you guys okay?!" Wes grunts wearily, "Never better." Mr. Mechanau pulls out his saber, and proclaims, "We'll SEE about that!" The smoking mutant charges toward the six Rangers, prompting Red Ranger to pull out his Chrono-Sabers, and offer, "Let's DO it, Jen." Pink Ranger also pulls out her Chrono-Sabers, and replies, "I'm WITH you!" Mechanau fiercely holds his arms out as he races their way, growling with intimidation. Red Ranger reaches him first, slashing both Sabers at the mutant, and quickly tossing a kick, both of which get blocked. Wes slashes his blades at the tall creature again, but he ducks underneath them and engages in battle with Jen. Pink Ranger slashes at Mechanau, he deflects the strikes with his own sword, and strikes back when he sees an opening, causing her to fall to the ground in a sparking heap. Mechanau spins back around and locks swords with Red Ranger, giving him a swift kick in the chest when the need applies. Wes recovers, only to have his high-slashing prove to be his undoing, when the mutant swipes the blade aback, leaving his chest open for an upward slice. Red Ranger sparks, groans, and rolls onto the cement.

At the Clock Tower, Circuit is monitoring the battle, and realizes things aren't going so well. The robotic owl flaps & blinks, proclaiming, "Alex! We need some help, RIGHT away!" His chest-cavity beeps and flashes red lights, signifying his contacting the future. In the year 3000, the dark control room of the Mystery Man is apparently empty. Circuit's voice fills the room, asking, "Alex! Can you hear me?" The door slides open, and Alex, wearing his pure white Mystery Man body suit, TF Sunglasses, and usual black gloves, comes racing in. Was he off using the Mystery Commode or something? Ironic to see how the relationship between Alex & Circuit has changed in just one episode. Alex reaches his control console, presses a button on the Holoscreen, and switches it on, asking sternly into the flickering image, "What is it, Circuit?" In the Holoscreen, Circuit (who in one shot seems to be outside, likely on the battlefield), urgently informs him, "See for yourself! Mechanau is TOO strong for the Rangers!" The holographic viewscreen displays footage from the fight, showing the Pink Ranger getting kicked in the gut by Mr. Mechanau. Alex dreadfully takes off his sunglasses, and watches closely (from various angles, the transmission as staticy as usual) as Pink Ranger falls against a cement bench. Mechanau then knees her in the stomach, causing her to groan and spin off against the pavement harshly. Alex, fearing his fiancee getting hurt, possibly for reasons both personal and ominous, utters softly her name, "Jen." Back in the present day, Red Ranger stands in Mechanau's way when he tries to sword-swipe at the downed Pink Ranger. Wes puts up a good bit of swordplay long enough for Jen to slip away. Once she's gone, Wes gets sharply kicked on his back, sending him flying reluctantly into the air! He falls agonizingly against cement stairs on his well-bruised back. Jen realizes that she's facing the mutant solo now, and is at a loss for a strategy. It's never said where the Quantum, Blue, Green, and Yellow Rangers are, but you could assume they're cleaning the Super Strong Gym of its Cyclobot infestation. Mr. Mechanau slowly approaches Jen with his sword at the ready, gloating, "You will REGRET crossing me, Pink Ranger!" Jen, despite backing away in slight retreat, scoffs, "WE'LL see!" The Pink Time Force Ranger repositions her arms, both holding Chrono-Sabers, and lunges forth. The mutant blocks her weak saber-slash with his own sword, then gives her gut a one-two punch. Jen is hurled onto the ground, unable to defend herself, despite all her weapons. In the year 3000, Alex worriedly witnesses all of this on his Holoscreen. Mechanau chuckles maliciously as he helps Pink Ranger reluctantly back onto her feet. Alex helplessly sits in the dark, staring into the hologram transmission.

In the present, the other four Rangers finally make the scene. Blue Ranger shouts Wes' name, as he & Yellow Ranger leap to his downed side. Quantum Ranger is eager for action, urging, "C'mon, guys! We gotta help Jen!" Green, Yellow & Blue Rangers leave Red Ranger lying on his stomach, having crawled off the cement steps between scenes. Wes braces against a Chrono-Saber impaled in the ground, trying to get back on his feet that way. Mr. Mechanau's sword meets Quantum Ranger's Quantum Defender in Blade Mode, in a clanging of equal metal. Eric throws a kick over the mutant's head, which he easily ducks under. Mechanau deflects Yellow Ranger's momentum and slips right past her, and saber-slashes Blue Ranger in the chest, causing Lucas to flip over. Green Ranger does a cartwheel to avoid getting struck, but when the mutant slashes Katie in the breastplate, Trip gets close enough for Mechanau to do the same to him. Nearly the moment that the Red Time Force Ranger gets back on his feet, Alex's voice calls out inside of his helmet, announcing, "Wes! Listen, VERY carefully." Wes touches the side of his helmet, causing his inner viewing-visor to display a transmission from the future. A 3D hologram of Alex's body from the waist up (he's standing at ease) appears inside his line of vision, explaining, "I can't be there mySELF. So i'm counting on you." Wes whispers his dark-haired descendant's name in surprise. Alex's hologram informs him, "I'm sending you a new weapon. The Strata Cycle. You MUST protect Jen." The hologram warpingly dissipates, prompting Wes to reply affirmatively, "Right!" In his console room, Alex slides open a panel on a small, grey, half-pyramid box, situated in front of all the control interface panel. The box says in big red letters: Emergency Use ONLY. With his black leather gloved hands, Alex flips a red switch within, then presses down on a big red button. Inside Red Ranger's helmet visor, a 3D wire-framed hologram revolving display of the Strata Cycle. Readouts for Power, Engines, Weapons, Control, and All Systems all read GO! Big red letters read LAUNCH, and in large yellow letters the name "Stratacycle" appears. The female TF computer voice announces aloud, "Strata Cycle, ready for launch." Red Ranger remarks, "Don't worry, Alex. You can COUNT on me." He gets up, looks to the sky, and presses his Chrono-Morpher, while summoning, "Strata Cycle, ACTIVATE!"

In the year 3000, the Red Strata Cycle is lifted onto the Time Force Launchpad from a storage room below. The Strata Cycle is tough to describe, since it appears so futuristic and alien. It's red, with silver trimmings. Its shape is akin to some kind of flying hoverbike from out of the Jetsons, a very sleek, curvy, and compact design. Once the platform lifts complete, the Strata Cycle rolls forward. The computer proclaims, "Launching Strata Cycle. 10, 9, 8....", etc. The Trans-Warp Megazord extends its arm, readying the launch. The Strata Cycle drives itself onto the central glowing blue turntable, which spins the bike around to face the Time Gate. As it spins, the small orb on the dashboard of the Cycle springs to life with three separate green hologram-indicators floating above. Its thick dual wheels begin to accelerate, screeching loudly, and peeling whatever substance they use for rubber in the future. The countdown reaches 1, and upon announcing the word launch, Trans-Warp swings its arm around and propels the Strata Cycle into motion with a flash of energized power. Strata Cycle zooms down the runway, shifting its front end downward, its side bottom compartments upward, and unfolding wings from within. The pedal-area is the last to shift upward, the Strata Cycle now in Flight Mode! It soars into the air, jetting toward the vortex within the Time Gate. The airborne Strata Cycle rips through the time portal, and soon appears inside of the green, blue & purple Time Hole tunnel (as seen in "Clash For Control 1" and "Legend Of The Clock Tower"). At the far end of the portal, the Red Time Force Ranger is somehow standing amid the vortex. He motions his arms and hiyaahs, before leaping into the air, doing a full backflip, and landing perfectly with his feet on the raise pedal-section of the Strata Cycle! He glides it toward the bright light at the end of the Time Hole, and once back on current-time Earth, Wes sits down in the silver curved seat, exclaiming, "All RIGHT!" The Strata Cycle soars through the clouds, impressing the Red Ranger to no end, as he looks around at the view and awes, "Wa-how! Whoo! This is aMAZing!"

As Wes is enjoying his flight high above, down below, the Quantum & Pink Rangers are both getting flipped over by Mr. Mechanau's relentless leg-targeted attacks. Mechanau slowly marched toward Jen, as she tries to crawl away from him, mentioning, "YOU'RE first to go, Pink Ranger. Yahahahaha!" Jen tries to defend herself with her Saber, but the mutant smacks her hand away, grabs her right arm, and forcibly helps her to stand again. Mechanau clenches her arm, causing her much pain. Both Jen & the mutant just happen to glance upward when the sound of something breaking the sound barrier catches their attention. They aren't the only ones, Trip looks up to the sky and gasps, "Huh?" Eric also stares into the wild blue yonder, while Lucas asks, "What is THAT?" The Strata Cycle swoops smoothly downward, taking a sudden turn and aiming for Mr. Mechanau. Taking advantage of the distraction, Pink Ranger slips out of the mutant's grasp and hightails it, but not before kicking Mechanau in the rear-end! The mutant is flung onto the cement, and Jen rolls to safety. She rises from the roll, and gets patted on the shoulder by Lucas, while Trip grabs her arm and commends, "Wow! NICE one, Jen!" Mr. Mechanau is bombarded by explosive blasts from the Strata Cycle as it dives from on-high, swooping past in a blur. The four TFs watch in astonishment, with Green Ranger noting, "WOW! It's incredible!" Yellow Ranger holds onto Trip's arm, wondering, "But, what IS it?!" Quantum Ranger stands off by himself, crossing his arms and brushing his thumb across his helmeted chin, while figuring, "I think we're gonna find out, soon enough!" Strata Cycle's lower-frontal gold-tipped thin laser cannons spew rapid bursts of energy at the ground, most missing targets, but all it takes is one straight blast to shove the mutant off his feet. The Cycle zooms past through the air, inspiring the smoke-covered Mechanau to vow, "You'll PAY for that, Ranger!" He gets up and fires off a pulsing beam from his chest-orb, causing the Strata Cycle to burst with smoke & sparks. Red Ranger, now riding it standing up, shields his face until the smoke clears. Undeterred, the Strata Cycle swoops down directly at Mr. Mechanau, who begins to audibly quiver in his pointed booties! Red Ranger presses a button on his Chrono-Morpher, and commands, "FIRE!" The Strata Cycle in Flight Mode starts to fire both of its cannons at the mutant at an intense pace. The enhanced laserfire causes Mechanau to squeal in agony, as he explodes in a massive fireball! The fire fades and the smoke rises, revealing no trace of the mutant anywhere amongst the flames (this shot appearing in front of that same building Eric was at in Movie Madness 1).

Red Ranger glides the Strata Cycle in for a soft landing nearby, its hover boosters kicking up a bit of dust. He gets it as close to the ground as he can while still in Flight Mode, and more or less parks it, while checking out the tailend and proclaiming, "Wow! That was AWEsome!" The Rangers rush over to his side, with Pink Ranger thanking, "Thanks, Wes! You and this new weapon saved the day!" Green Ranger pushes Jen aside, and gets closer to the Cycle, touching his hand along the front end in wonderment. Trip, despite his knowledge of all things technical for Time Force, asks in confusion, "What IS this thing?!" Wes slaps the sides of the front end, and reveals to his teammates, "This THING, is the Strata Cycle!" Katie gasps, "Wow!", and Trip checks underneath. The Strata Cycle begins to transform back into regular Cycle mode, folding its back wings back in, lowering down its wheel section, dropping its pedal-platform, and lifting the front-end up higher. Wes' seat on the Cycle is much more snug once everything has folded together. Lucas impressedly remarks, "Nice flying!" Eric approaches with arms folded, but once he's close enough, he leans against the front end, and comments sarcastically, "I'm sure you'll really imPROVE, too... With a little practice." Wes leans forward, and snickers, "Oh, you're FUNNY." It seems that Mr. Mechanau wasn't blasted into nothingness, as he struggles back to his feet, and through the smoke, tells our heroes, "You haven't beaten me YET, Rangers!" Mechanau yanks of the black & gold DNA Patch from his left leg, exposing his molecules to the air, causing them to expand. He grows gigantic, taking his sword along with him, growling and posing mightily. The Strata Cycle vanishes from sight, as Pink & Red Rangers are now wielding their Chrono-Sabers again. All five Time Force Rangers peer skyward, with Wes pointing out for the mentally impaired, "Oh, no! Mechanau's back!" Jen calls into her Morpher, "Circuit, we need HELP!" At the Clock Tower, Circuit's forehead light flashes constantly, as he replies affirmatively, "Right! I'm ON it, Jen. Time Flyers... online!" In the year 3000, the computer voice announces, "Launch Time Flyers." Alex sits at his control console, pressing buttons with his sunglasses back on, causing the Shadow Winger to be launched by Trans-Warp into the vortex. It passes through, and once in the here & now, the Time Shadow shifts around, allows the Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue to hop inside it, and latches its parts on. Eventually, this forms the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue.

On the ground, Quantum Ranger shouts into his Morpher, "Q-Rex, ARISE!" The Quantasaurus Rex races through the city, snarling majestically. Mr. Mechanau whips his cape around, and faces the oncoming savage metal beast with a brave laugh. Q-Rex, jaws a'chomping, marches toward the mutant with a fierce growl. Mechanau spins his sword around into a reserved position, allowing him to charge his right hand up by pressing it to his chest, then holding it outward. The warping sound effect is heard, signifying another invisible controlling forcefield attack. Q-Rex is launched off its feet and into the air, landing harshly against the cement on the other side of the mutant! The sentient Zord doesn't get to lay down for long, before Mechanau's mental midair manipulation sends the Q-Rex flying directly into the Shadow Force Megazord! They collide and topple into a heap together. The Time Force Rangers within the control room are rocked about violently. Below, Eric gasps in shock, "Oh, NO!" Q-Rex rests atop the Shadow Force Megazord, with damaged-building debris littering the area around them. Mr. Mechanau quips, "That's what happens to showoffs!" He readies his sword and begins charging toward the incapacitated Zords. Red Ranger recovers from being jolted around, grabs the controls, and stresses, "I've GOTTA stop him!" Wes manages to get Shadow Force Mode Blue's yellow & blue saber-blaster lifted up enough so that, even through Q-Rex is still laying atop the Megazord, he's able to fire off a green burst of energy! Mechanau howls in agony, as he bursts and tips over onto his back. Pink Ranger orders victoriously, "DO it, Wes!" The Shadow Force Megazord stands back up, and leaps into the air. In the control room, Wes activates, "Time Target!" His control turns into a remote version of the saber-blaster. SF Megazord in Mode Blue hovers in the sky, forms a green energy clockface, fires the digits in a perfect aerial-view circle on the buildings around the dazed mutant. The completed 12 numbers start zapping green beams of power into Mechanau, freezing him in place. Red Ranger aims his remote-weapon downward, and shouts, "FI-RE!" The direct shot is mimicked by Shadow Force, which concentrates the remaining rings from the green clockface into its saber-blaster. The ball of incredible power is shot at Mr. Mechanau, unfreezing him into a burst of fiery destruction. The large clock digits around him begin to circle inward like a drain, causing his body to glow with an eerie light. A blue field of energy surrounds him, as the Chrono-Freezing begins and he suddenly shrinks out of sight. The tiny steaming Chrono-Frozen body of Mr. Mechanau slaps against the leaf-covered pavement.

At the Super Strong Gym, the gold-sweatsuited Cyclo-converts cease marching without warning, all at a loss for how they got there and where their outfits came from. Mechanau's protein powder must have been dependent on him sticking around for it to continue having a hold on the humans. Mr. Feeney is among those suffering from exercise amnesia in the basketball court. Elsewhen, in the year 3000, Alex watches the Holoscreen, as it shows him the Pink Ranger, in the TF Megazord control room, commending her current love interest, "GOOD job, Wes!" Alex spins his chair around slowly, and exhales in relief, closing his eyes and softly shaking his head. He actually seems not at all bothered by her overly warm attitude to Wes, but rather concerned with having made sure Jen wasn't harmed.


Later, at the Clock Tower, down in the Nick Of Time Odd Jobs front office, Wes sits alone in the dusty room, atop the front counter. He loses himself in thought, while spinning the hands of a small unplugged alarm clock around, literally attempting to turn back time. He gazes intensely into space, thinkin' about stuff. Jen comes down the stairs, appearing a bit braver than usual. She has to gain Wes' attention by stating aloud (but still somewhat nervously), "Hey!" Wes sets down the clock, and hops off the countertop, replying, "Hi, Jen." She walks over to him, grasping her hands tightly, as she admits honestly, "Listen, you REALLY saved me out there today. I wanna thank you for that." Wes looks down, and somberly confesses, "I can't take all the credit." He walks away from her, stares into the wall of garden tools, and pauses for a moment. Jen awaits patiently, until Wes turns around, and reveals, "ALEX... sent me the Strata Cycle. To help protect YOU." She appears a bit shaken by this new information, as if seeing a glimmer of hope that her fiance hasn't changed all too much. Wes remarks, "I can SEE why you fell for him! He's TOUGH, but... he's a REALLY great guy." Jen sighs with a heavy heart, nodding in confirmation, "Yeah, he is!" Wes fails to see her pained expression, ripe with inner turmoil. Instead, he turns away from her, heads over and grabs a rake, commenting in self-denial, "You & Alex make a terrific couple! Ehehe. Really! You're perfect together!" Jen's mood switches slowly to the point that she decides to be upfront and truthful with herself again, despite her conflicting emotions. She tells him as she walks over to his side, "Wes! Wait." Wes does so, his chipper facade slowly fading as he listens to Jen struggle for words, "What I was trying to tell you before, is that... I... I, umm..." Typically, the windchimes on the door ring out, crushing the romantic atmosphere like a bag of soggy Fritos. Mr. Feeney has dropped by, and when he sees Jen & Wes standing rather close, he greets them, "Ahh. Hi!" Trip, Lucas, & Katie come rushing down the stairs (seemingly not that far up. Were they listening in?!), with Trip replying, "Hi! Uhh, can we help you?" Feeney, his gaunt form nearly swimming in a navy blue sweatsuit, is surrounded by the trio, as he explains, "Yes! I was... wanting to hire a personal trainer. You know! To do some weightlifting and stuff." All three of them turn to Wes & Jen, motioning to the unrequited lovebirds. Katie notes, "Oh, we have JUST the people for the job!" Jen responds negatively, "No, NOT me!" Wes agrees, "Well, me EITHER! I've had eNOUGH weight training for ONE day." Lucas grins wickedly, as he walks around behind the duo, and mentions, "Oh, come ON. You guys LOVE working out!" Jen points out bemusedly, "No." Wes yelps, "Working out?!" Lucas keeps telling them to come on, as he pushes both of them toward Mr. Feeney. Katie & Trip also egg the two on, despite repeated protests, voices of everyone become jumbled. Somehow, getting all sweaty and half-naked isn't Wes & Jen's idea of the perfect date!

[Scenes from "Beware The Knight"; End Credits]

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