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Power Rangers Time Force
"Time For Lightspeed"
Original Air Date:09/29/01 Quarganon monster suit from:
Mirai Sentai Timeranger Vs. GoGo V [VIDEO]
*Season 9, byte 33
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1133
*33rd episode of PRTF
*411th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira

Special Guest Stars:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Lightspeed Ranger)
Rhett Fisher _AS_ Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Lightspeed Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Lightspeed Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Lightspeed Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Lightspeed Ranger)

Additional Cast:
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Mrs. Angela Fairweather-Rawlings [Credited as "Miss Fairweather"]
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Shannon Welles _AS_ Grandmother Winslow (credited, but unseen!)
Amanda Bright _AS_ Little Girl
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Ron Rogge _AS_ Quarganon (voice; uncredited) [Captain Mitchell reborn!]


Thunder rumbles, and lighting flashes in the distance, at a murky cemetery one fateful night. Fog rolls along the hallowed ground, creating an ocean of mist, with tombstones & gravestones protruding from beneath the waves like buoys. Beneath a tall and very old tree, with probably as many branches extending upwards as their are bodies beneath the ground around it, lies one such tombstone. It's rather small, nothing fancy or expensive. A simple grey slab standing up, with the name "Vypra" scrawled across it haphazardly. Thunder rumbles, and lighting flashes, mist rolls along the Earth eerily. Suddenly, beneath Vypra's headstone, just a few inches from black wilted flowers, a hand rips through the ground, reaching toward the dark sky! The hand has long red fingernails, a well-worn black leather fingerless-glove, the forearm frail and feminine, with a gold bracelet around the wrist. Slowly, this right hand curls its fingers evilly. In a flash, the hand is back down in the dirt, up to the wrist, crawling on its palm and showing off the grey-rubber spotted design on the back of the glove. She grips the ground, and soon pulls her entire body out of the grave. Vypra turns around, her features lit simply by the flashing of lightning. Her long dark hair, grey wings, serpent head-cap, scaley-solid bra, and tight black leather pants all as clean as ever. Vypra looks past the camera, showing her slightly-slanted eyes lacking pupils, now simply tiny black irises. This signifies her zombifaction, I suppose, as does her extra-pale skin tone. Vypra, speaking through her blood-red lips, proclaims softly, "The TIME has come for revenge." She stands a few feet from her abandoned grave, basking in the lighting, thunder & mist. In less than a beat later, five inhuman bodies ascend from the dirt surrounding her, sitting up like the dead rising, though they likely never lived in the first place. Each one has long dark ratty hair in a ponytail, with partial demonic skull-faces (each one a different color: red, pink, yellow, blue, green), normal eyes, black spandex fills out the rest of their mouth & featureless faces. They also have full body black, slightly torn, samurai-style robes, and what seem to be circuitry breastplates. After a few more lighting flashes, they swiftly leap up, and land in crouching positions in a half-circle around Vypra. She looks at the five, and simply remarks with a subtly demonic grin, "Yes! My Warriors. Even the Rangers... must face the fire." Let's call Vypra's Warriors, the Vyprarriors, just for fun.

It should be noted that we last saw Vypra in "The Queen's Wrath", where she was absorbed by Queen Bansheera. Her life energy was used to give the Queen her body back. The Queen ended up falling into Shadow World, and was presumably torn to bits by the dead monsters within. Theoretically, this could have released Vypra's spirit. As we saw in "Olympius Unbound", a demon trapped in Shadow World without having been naturally killed can escape via a cemetery. This doesn't explain her tombstone, her Warriors, nor where this cemetery exactly is. Best guess, it's in Mariner Bay, homeland of the demons. Whatever the case, make up your own resurrection backstory.

Later that night, in the non-stormy city of Silver Hills, lies the aptly named Silver Hills Museum. It's obviously closed at the moment, but that doesn't stop part-time cat-burglar Vypra from getting in. She wanders around the lifeless building, passing a display featuring a toy of a Tyrannosaurus Rex (which kinda resembles the one in "Clash For Control 1"). Vypra's shadow also passes across the fossilized bones of a Sabertoothed Tiger behind a class case. She searches around with her pupil-less eyes, before finally spotting what her demonically deceased heart desires. Vypra walks around more dino-fossils, and beelines her way toward a well-lit glass case in the back of the room. Within the glass case, is an orange-colored, thick chunk of crystal (sort of similar to the Starlight Crystals from "The Fifth Crystal"). Vypra unlatches the rope-guard surrounding the display, and gets closer to the crystal than any tour would allow. Unknowingly, Vypra's grey-scaley boots pass through the red-laser security system. This sets off a silent alarm, as evident by a large mechanical box we're shown, with the words "Alarm System" on it. The lights for Zone A, B, & C switch from green to red. Vypra is too focused on her mission to notice it, smirking diabolically as she stands before the glass case, staring at the orange crystal, which has a flamey-like formation at the top of its structure. Vypra holds her right hand up, curls & uncurls her fingers, causing a blue-gem on the forearm section of her glove to blink. It flows a glow of reddish light all up and down her arm, fading to a translucent purple, before returning to normal. She continues grinning wickedly, as she pushes her hand through the glass case. As it passes through the clear glass, her arm returns to purple translucence, meaning she's utilizing her ability to dematerialize spiritually. Vypra grabs the crystal with her purple hand, a fleshy-squishy sound is heard as she pushes her spiritized arm through the thin pane. When attempting to pull the crystal out of the case, Vypra's stunned to discover that her dematerializing powers don't apply to whatever she picks up. After about four frustrating tries to make it pass through the glass, before giving up, and gently putting the crystal back on its platform. Vypra sneers, "CURses." She then removes her arm from the case, and restores it to normal physicality, as she turns away and leaves. The crystal, later called the Solar Amulet, stays right where it was. Why not just break the glass? She doesn't want to attract the attention of any Rangers, obviously.

Vypra exits through the front door of the Museum, thinking her routine break-in when unnoticed. Suddenly, a blinding light shines in her face, causing her to cover it with her arm. The alarm called in the work-for-hire Silver Guardians, who are quickly setting up their rocket launchers and troops in the front courtyard, alongside their SUVs. Eric, the Commander, steps up ahead of his team, aiming his SG Blaster at and ordering Vypra, "DON'T take another step. You're trespassing on private property... Ma'am." Vypra raises her hand to the sky, firing lightning upward into the clouds, causing her five warriors to descend from the shrouded heavens. They land at her side, crackling with electricity, and growling deeply. Eric and the Silver Guardians slightly drop their guard, all staring agape at the weird sight they just witnessed. Vypra claims, "I go where I WANT." She then points her left hand at the men, firing a swirling bolt of purple-energy their way. The blast lands before the SG squad, causing not one, not two, but three or four slow-motion explosions in perfect succession. Silver Guardians are flung about by the blasts, screaming and throwing their weapons into the air. Eric also takes a reluctant flying leap, landing harshly on the pavement. The flashburned Guardians writhe in pain on the ground, stirring in the smokey air. Vypra & the Vyprarriors never move an inch, remaining under the blinding floodlights the SGs put up earlier. Vypra throws her arm in the air again, giving a loud yelp, and causing her & the five warriors to teleport away. Their teleport is something new, where their bodies turn into balls of light, which leave warping, streaming trails (as if their bodies were stretched to infinity) as they zoom upward. Eric and the Guardians slowly recover from the attack, the Commander angriest of all. The sound of engines approaching and shutting down with a beep, signify the arrival of the five Time Force Power Rangers. They pull up into the parking lot, park their Vector Cycles, and dismount. Red Ranger urges, "C'mon! Let's MOVE it!" They rush over to aid the Silver Guardians, with Wes touching Eric's uninjured shoulder as he asks, "Eric! What happened?! Who DID this to you guys?!" Eric, clutching his other, bruised shoulder, breathes rapidly and replies smarmily, "I dunno, YOU tell ME, and maybe we'll BOTH know." Wes looks around a bit, as Eric slams his fist into the palm of his hand, grunting annoyedly while remarking, "We couldn't even TOUCH 'em!" Speaking as the Commander of the Silver Guardians, Eric shouts, "Alright! Pick it UP! I want a perimeter check, and let's move out!" He walks off to lick his wounds, as the Rangers are shown helping some of the Guardians to their feet. Pink Ranger aids one SG in walking, and when she notices Yellow Ranger standing around doing nothing, she urges, "C'mon, Katie. Let's give them a hand." Katie confirms, "You GOT it.", yet doesn't move from the spot she's standing in. Red Ranger glances skyward, noticing an unnatural flash of light, appearing to be the last bit of the demons' teleportation. It illuminates the night sky briefly, exposing some rolling thunderclouds, and erupting a mystical fwooshy noise. Wes admits aloud what his gut is telling him, "I don't have a good FEELING about this..."

[Opening Credits, V. 2.2 still.]

In the outskirts of Silver Hills, the Prison Ship lies shrouded in mist, as the exterior blinks with a whole bunch of lights. Within it, though, the mutants occupying the place as a homestead have gone to sleep. Nadira's room is finally shown, though masked in shadows. We see a black feathery robe hung over a chair, her purple nightstand with a light that has a yellow veil draped over it, as well as a few bracelets & trinkets, including a tiny leopard-head statue. Nadira's bed has gold pillows & sheets. She's fast asleep, with her pink hair in curlers, her face caked with a white cream to help her complexion, and a leopard-print nightgown. She's clutching a purple stuffed teddy bear, as well, and has her right arm up over her head. The moonlight seeping into the room through a small window gets interrupted by something swooping past, making that same mystical fwooshy sound. Nadira's is awoken by this noise and stirring of shadows, popping her eyes open, gasping, sitting up, gasping some more, then clenching her bear tightly. She looks around the room with a fearful expression, whimpering a whisper of, "Who's... there?" Momentarily, in the main hallway, we find several rows of Cyclobots standing around against the walls. It seems, when not in use, the Cyclobots freeze in weird positions, like mannequins. Ransik, wearing his usual leather & metal attire, walks softly down the hallway, with his daughter at his side. Nadira's wearing her dark robe, but still in her nightware (curlers, facemask & all), and is tightly gripping her father's arm and crouching down, fearfully glancing around. Ransik promises scoffingly, "Oh, Nadira! There's no such thing as a GHOST!" (also said by Lucas in "The Legend Of The Clock Tower." Were all ghosts abolished in the future?) Their reflection is shown inside the round faceplate glass of a powered-down Cyclobot as they creep down the hall. Nadira replies childlike, "But I HEARD something!"

They approach the central detention hall, the barred-doors opening on their own as usual. Ransik & Nadira step in but a few feet, when someone is spotting sitting in the barely lit room! Nadira spots the source of her awakening, gasps, then screams loudly, and flees to the safety of cowering behind her father's back. She holds herself close to him, and peeks around in shock, as Ransik points at the intruder, demanding to know, "And WHO are YOU?!" Vypra's sitting on Nadira's leopard-print couch, filing her nails. She uncrosses her legs, puts down the nailfile, stands up, and announces in a raspy voice, "I'm VYPRA! Princess... of ALL demons!" Ransik looks unimpressed. Nadira loses all fear of the fellow female, as she comes out from behind her daddy and mocks, "I don't care if you're the 'Princess Of The Universe'! GET OUT OF MY CHAIR!" She lunges at Vypra, who simply makes goes spiritual, making her whole body intangible. Nadira flies right through Vypra, landing perfectly sprawled across her couch. Vypra's body hisses as it resolidifies. Nadira lies on her seat, gasping breathlessly and holding her hand out. Vypra smirks wickedly, then walks away. Nadira, her ghostal fears confirmed, simply crosses her eyes, moans, and faints daintily. Ransik wonders calmly, "WHAT are you DOING here?" Vypra walks past him, stating with evil humility, "I HATE to SAY it... But I need... (turns head sharply) Your help." Ransik stands behind her, looking away and chuckling, "Hehehehe. I'm listening!" Vypra explains, "I want YOU to help ME... Steal the Solar Amulet from the museum." Ransik ponders aloud, "The Solar... Amulet..." He turns toward her, breathes deep, and asks, "Why?" Vypra admits while turning around and facing him, "SOON, the SUN... will be in PERFECT alignment with the stars. The SOlar Amulet... will have the POWER, to release... Quarganon, a Super Demon." During this, Nadira slowly regains consciousness, and seems quite furiously intrigued by this evil scheme. Ransik asks the question on all of our minds, "Why would I help YOU raise a DEMON? When I have a PRISON full of MUTANTS?!" Vypra argues, "THIS demon, can do what no MUTANT can." Ransik's eyes widen, and Nadira's eyebrows raise in anticipation. Vypra adds, "He... can DESTROY the Rangers." She gives a very devilish grin, inspiring Ransik to return one of his own, as he snickers sinisterly. An evil allegiance between demons & mutants has been formed!


The next morning, at the sunlit Clock Tower, the five Time Force Officers are on the case of the Silver Hills Museum break-in. Trip sits at the table, in front of the Holoscreen, as it displays a flickering diagnostic report & image of the Solar Amulet. His four teammates stand around him, as he mentions, "The museum said, that the intruder was trying to steal THIS." Katie asks, "But they didn't get it?" Trip shakes his head, and Wes confirms confusedly, "No." Jen paces off, noting, "If they want it that BADly, they'll try again." She spins around and points out to her teammates, "And when they DO... we'll BE there.", giving them a focused nod. That night, the five Time Force Rangers are fully morphed, and staking out the exterior of the Silver Hills Museum. Green & Yellow hide in the bushes in the front of the place. Seeing no signs of life, Katie reports into her Chrono-Morpher, "There's still NOthing." Across the yard, Pink, Blue & Red Rangers are ducked behind a statue. Jen replies into her Morpher, "Hold you position. I see something materializing." She's apparently got super vision, since there's no trace of any materialization for a couple of seconds. In the courtyard in front of the museum, a flash of purpley-white warpy lightning bursts, bringing with it Ransik, Nadira, and a couple of Cyclobots! Jen scowls softly, "Ransik." A silver-suited Cyclobot holds up his right hand, morphing it into an electronic device in a green shimmer of light. The device is apparently a high-tech laser lock-picker. The Cyclobot holds the pointy end of his hand-device to the lock on the front door of the museum, causing a gold light to shine into the keyhole. The security keypad switches from red to green, and the Cyclobot opens the door with his other hand. Nadira enters the building after a couple of marching robodrones, giggles excitedly, and remarks, "Oh, daddy! This is so FUN!" Ransik walks behind her, simply stating, "Yes, my sweet." Once the rest of the Cyclos follow along, and the door begins to shut, the five Time Force Rangers race toward the museum.

Our heroes only get onto the cemented courtyard, when five individual curved beams of fire slam into each of their chests in unison. The Time Force Rangers cry out, as they're engulfed in bright sparks & smoke. Vypra steps in front of the museum doors, revealed as the source of the attack. She gives the flashfried TFs a confused look, gasping, "MORE Rangers?!" They recover, and appear ready to strike back, until Vypra lifts her hand into the air, and fires off a surge of electricity. The bolts land around her, recreating her Vyprarriors, their circuitry-chests crackling. Vypra points her sword at the Rangers, and orders her warriors to, "DESTROY THEM!" The Vyprarriors whip out samurai-sabers, and charge into action, growling demonically. The battle begins, with each Time Force Ranger facing a Vyprarrior with the skull-facial color to match their Ranger power. There's dodging, kicking, punching, and ducking going on. Vypra remains to the sidelines, watching with a wicked smile as her warriors do all the dirty work. Speaking of which, inside the museum, Ransik, Nadira & the Cyclobots reach the glass case containing the Solar Amulet. Nadira puts her hands on her hips, and watches amusedly, as the Lockpicklobot plugs his laser-device hand into the display's locking system. A flash of gold, some mechanical whirring, and the glass slides down perfectly. Lockpicklobot nods, then marches away. Ransik steps forward, and carefully picks up the orange crystal with his right hand. He examines it visually, while Nadira's eyes widen at the sight of it (since she's got a thing for expensive rock-formations). Ransik laughs viciously, as he palms the stolen Solar Amulet. Outside, a giant fireball explodes into the air. The five Time Force Rangers are caught up in it, crying out as they're hurled into the air. The shot replays from a closer angle, which leads to showing Yellow & Green Rangers plummeting harshly against the bricken ground. The strain from the demonic blast causes their bodies to demorph in a flash of light, and green counting-down digital data.

Vypra smirks sadistically, and walks over to the museum doors. The Cyclobots exit the building, along with Ransik & Nadira. Vypra only looks at them for a moment, instead focusing on the weary Rangers lying on the ground nearby. Nadira glares at Vypra, folding her arms and sneering. Vypra asks, "Did you GET the amulet?" Ransik holds it up, causing his daughter to smile smugly. He confirms to the demonic ally, "Of COURSE." Vypra comments raspily, "EXcellent." The five Time Force Officers pant and recover enough to all stare directly at the trio of villains. Nadira laughs wickedly, Vypra smiles evilly, and Ransik holds up the Solar Amulet with a triumphant grin. They, and the Cyclobots, teleport away in an unusual method: their bodies become outlined with a white-blue light, the inside of which becomes all blurry & warpy (Vypra's shimmers in a different way than the others, in a violet purple hue). The bordering light grows briefly, and fades, vanishing the entire evil crew from view. Our heroes remain on the ground, where Lucas wonders, "What WERE those things?!" Jen comments, "They're NOT mutants, that's for sure." Wes frantically looks above him, searching for another sign from above like last time. As the Time Force Officers sulk, a beige Humvee rolls up along the courtyard behind them. It's got several red & yellow flashing signal lights, plus bright high-beams. The five TFs get back on their feet as the vehicle, known only as the Rescue Rover, parks a few feet away from them. Their driver exits the Rover, slamming the door behind him and offering in a deep voice, "You're gonna need my help." The man approaches the five Time Force Officers, his features masked in shadows. Jen confusedly asks, "And who're you?" The driver steps into the light, introducing himself as, "Carter Grayson. Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger." Good old blondie is back, and he's got his usual attire on: the Lightspeed Rescue squadron red & black members' only jacket, his crimson red undershirt, and his Rescue Morpher on his left wrist. His antsy expression & attitude relays a dire sense of this mission being a matter of life or death. Soon, the full moon hangs heavy in the starlit sky, its bright light beaming past a soft blanket of clouds rolling across the sky, over the tall Clock Tower. In the main clockface room, Katie, Trip & Wes sit at the table, listening carefully. Lucas sits on a barrel in the background, stroking his chin in quiet contemplation. Circuit sits on his perch, awake but motionless. Jen strolls around the table, mentioning, "Ransik NEVER cared about the Solar Amulet." She leans against the table top, and asks Carter, "So why does Vypra want it so badly?" Carter leans against the end of the table, stressing to her and the rest of the team, "The amulet holds powers from the Shadow World. Now that she has it, Vypra will use her Black Magic to raise a SUPER Demon." Jen gasps, "a DEMON?!" She turns and glances at Wes & Lucas, both speechless, but returning the look. Jen looks back at Carter, and wonders, "HOW are we supposed to fight that?!" Carter admits, "It won't be easy." He stands up straight, and gives a small smile, nodding to them while adding, "But I have some friends who can help us out."

The next morning, inside of a doctor's examination room in Mariner Bay, a little brown-haired girl is getting her arm put in a sling. The doctor, a blonde woman in a white labcoat with her hair pulled tightly up, fastens the velcro straps, adjusting the sling to be comfortable for the small child. She then reaches over and pulls out a lollipop from a glass jar, and holds before the girl, demanding with a kind amusement, "Now, if you're gonna keep on climbing trees, you've GOT to be more careful." The little girl takes the sucker, and smiles, telling the woman, "Thanks, Doctor Dana!" The doctor helps the little girl down off the bed, allowing her to leave the room. The woman turns out to be Dana Mitchell, who, since "The Fate Of Lightspeed", has not only passed through medical school, but gotten her own private practice, it seems! Even Doogie Howser didn't get through Med school in a year, which means LR may take place before TF, but considerable time has passed. Here's a theory: Lost Galaxy was 5 or so years after Space, as intended. LR followed that a year or so later. In order to reverse 5 years to make TF be in "2001", 5 or so years had to be taken away from LR. In getting rid of those 5 or so years by going "backwards" to us, 5 or so years passed "forward" for the people from LR! Confused? Good, now back to our show. Dr. Dana Mitchell has a pink stethoscope hanging over the back of her neck, as well as a pink shirt and a VERY short skirt. She watches the little girl leave, and can't help but laugh and chuckle, loving her medical profession job considerably. Suddenly, the phone rings. A female voice speaks through the intercom, "There's a call for you on line 2, Doctor." Dana gets out of her chair, picks up the phone, and presses the second line button, asking happily, "Hello?!" Her face lights up when she hears a familiar voice, replying concernedly, "HEY, Carter! Is everything alright?"

Elsewhere, at a parking lot, overlooking a large cruise ship awaiting at the Mariner Bay port, Joel Rawlings & Angela Fairweather are retrieving their luggage from the trunk of their silver convertible sports car. After removing the three bags, Joel shuts the trunk. Angela sighs relievedly, and puts a large wicker sunhat on her long brunette-haired head, while proclaiming, "Hawaii! Here WE come." She's got a light blue two-piece top on, which matches not only her eyes, but the band around the hat, and her bracelet, neck choker... all except her pants (oh, and she's lacking her glasses). Joel is wearing a green & blue overshirts with a tropical surfing design on it, plus green shorts and a white undershirt (oh, and he's lacking his cowboy hat!). He also sighs lovingly, putting his hand on her shoulder & promising, "I can't wait. NOTHING... is gonna spoil our honeymoon!" Indeed, Ms. Fairweather is now Mrs. Rawlings. Just check out their left hand ring-fingers for a glimpse at their matching golden wedding bands! Angela smiles at him, causing him to smile back with equal romantic admiration. They break their slight embracing, and begin to collect their bags for the honeymoon. Right when Joel grabs the handle of a suitcase, his cellular phone rings. Angela's expression turns from excited to dreadful. Joel looks over at her for advice, as his cellphone continues ringing. She shakes her head, not wanting yet another disruption in their relationship. Torn between his heroic duties and his marriage, Joel thinks twice, and reluctantly decides to pull the silver & black sleek cellphone out of his pocket. He pops it open, and replies, "Hello?" Angela rolls her eyes frustratedly. Joel wrinkles his brow when he confusedly asks, "Carter?!" Angela's irritation is quelled, as she herself reverts to her old scientific ways. Joel informs his former teammate harshly, "WhatEVER it is, it's gonna have to wait!" Angela grabs the phone out of her husband's hand, and asks, "What is it, Carter?" Her face drops to serious scientist mode, as she admits, "I see." Angela turns and looks at Joel, telling Carter, "He'll be right there!" Poor Joel, reluctant and unlucky at love as ever (despite getting the girl of his dreams), helplessly groans, "Wha?!"

Still elsewhere in Mariner Bay, an extreme rollerblading competition is going on. One of the contestants, Kelsey Winslow, takes her time gliding gracefully around orange cones. She's got a tight yellow shirt on, plus her usual helmet, knee & elbow pads. The purple Nokia cellular phone hanging on her waist rings aloud, and never once slowing down, Kelsey grabs it and answers chipperly, "Hello! What? CARTER!" She skates directly toward a yellow & black ramp, jumping into the air briefly, then landing perfectly in a spinning glide on the parking lot pavement. Once she's done impressing the onlookers on the sidelines, she replies into her phone squeakily yet sternly, "I'm on my way!" The end credits claim her granny, Grandmother Winslow, from "The Fifth Crystal", was supposed to be in this episode. Gawd help us, I suspect her cut footage may have involved granny winning this rollerblading competition.

At the beach, the final main member of the now-defunct Lightspeed Rescue Rangers is good old Chad Lee. He's gone on to star in the hit syndicated program, "Mariner Baywatch", as evident by his job as a lifeguard with bright red shorts. He stands on the tower, watching the waves and beach-going citizens with binoculars. Either that, or he's looking for her mermaid girlfriend Marina. His silver & black cellular phone rings a few times, prompting him, when the coast is clear of any drowning people, to pick it up off the beach chair. Chad, who once hair VERY short hair, has his black & blonde locks much fuller than ever. He answers the phone, "Yeah?" Slowly, Chad turns away from the waves, and with his usual shy & subtle smile, responds, "I'm ALL over it!" He hangs up, and seems to bask in the idea of returning to his old and much more lively job of destroying demons.


In a very dark and VERY dusty underground room, Vypra lights a two-horned demonic skullhead on a stick with a flamey torch. The demon skullhead lights up, Vypra hands the torch to a Cyclobot, who holds it and watches the fires rage into scant illumination for the room. The majority of the light actually comes from a well-placed hole in the ceiling, and a bit of excess daylight over near the stairwell in the back of the room. The dark room is filled with ancient gargoyles, with at least two of the demon-deco statues holding lit torches. Cyclobots stand guard all around. Ransik & Nadira are there as well, standing on opposites sides of a pedestal in the center of the room. The pedestal has several human skulls pasted together to make the platform reach high up. Atop it is the orange Solar Amulet, which has been positioned perfectly in the line of sunlight beaming down through the hole in the ceiling. Vypra stands behind the pedestal, and lingers for a moment. Nadira boredly rolls her eyes, scoffs, and twitches her hand anstily. Ransik also grows impatient, looking to his demonic ally and asking, "WELL!?" Vypra stares into the Solar Amulet (which appears yellow, thanks to the sunlight filtering through its crystal form), narrowing her pupil-less eyes into a strange concentration. Meanwhile up and outside, Carter drives the Rescue Rover through the city, with Wes in the passenger seat. They roll up to an empty parking lot, and park the Rover haphazardly in front of what seems to be a rundown parking garage. The only thing weird about it, is the barbed-wire fences, and the twin serpent-head statues at the opened gate! Wes & Carter look toward the sky, and see nothing. Really. Just a very cloudy day above them. I suppose what they're seeing, is that the buildings on either side of this structure are far enough away to allow maximum sunlight dispersal into this area. Either that or there was some unfinished CGI meant to be put in to show a concentrated beam of inhumanly sunlight. Whatever the case, Carter unfastens his seatbelt, and assures the fellow Red Ranger, "This has GOT to be it." They both exit the Rover, paying no attention to the freaky statues. Wes looks at the sky yet again, before pressing his Chrono-Morpher, and stating into the commlink, "Guys, I think we have something. Meet us at the abandoned subway!" Jen's voice replies, "We're on our way!" He looks up again, and we still see nothing special in the sky.

Back inside the abandoned subway, Nadira continues twiddling her pink fingernails, and gazing at the yellow Solar Amulet. Vypra has begun reciting a demonic spell aloud, motioning her arms dramatically as she exclaims, "From the gates of DARKness, where evil dwells. To the light of DAY, HEAR my SPELLS!" The sound of an unholy rumbling begins to echo through the room, as the Solar Amulet begins to glow with a yellow light. Ransik excitedly tightens his fists, and proclaims with visible spittle, "Hahahaha. It's WORKing! Eheheheh!" Vypra grabs the amulet and holds it up higher into the stream of sunlight, causing the crystal to shimmer with increased radiance. She incants, "From the DEEPest shadows, far below. Where NO mortal would dare to go!" Ransik chuckles maniacally, clenching his fists together and looking up at the crystal. The Solar Amulet gleams brighter under the ray of daylight, until it finally begins to morph into the shape & color of Quarganon, right in Vypra's gloved palm! The transformation is interrupted, when Carter's bluejeaned leg kicks up and lands a blow directly between Vypra's wings (strangely, Wes' voice does the kicking-grunt). The Solar Amulet goes flying across the dusty & dark room, while Vypra stumbles flat on her face. The crystal rolls into a spot just beside a stray patch of sunlight, as Vypra looks at her empty hand in shock. Carter (via a stuntdouble) kicks a Cyclobot down, spins around, kicks another behind him away in the saber-wielding hand, then spins again as he footsweeps a third robodrone down. Wes (also via a stuntdouble) rolls over the back of a Cyclobot, kicks a second one away as he lands, then kicks the one he rolled off of, before footsweeping a third. The robotic soldiers taken care of, Carter picks up the Solar Amulet. Vypra recognizes him instantly, growling, "YOU!" Ransik helps her to her feet. Carter stands next to a cockily-smirking Wes, commenting, "I see you're STILL keeping bad company." Ransik replies to the Lightspeed Recruit, "Yes. And we have SOMEthing in common. Heheheha. We BOTH... wanna destroy RANGERS! AHeheheha!" The mutant mastermind reaches behind his back, and pulls out his trusty bone-handled machete sword from his spinal column. Ransik whips it directly at the two Red heroes, firing a bolt of purple-blue energy their way. Wes manages to roll out of the line of fire, but Carter is struck and flung violently against the wall. Wes cries out his new pal's name, then helps the wearily groaning fellow Red Ranger up, while urging, "Get up, let's go!" It's a struggle to get Carter back on his feet, but it's managed. Just in time, too, as Ransik starts flinging surging static boltblasts from his bonesword like crazy! Wes & Carter dodge the bursts as they race up the stairway.

The two Red Rangers exit the abandoned subway safely, racing out of the Rescue Rover, still parked out front with its signal lights blinking. They hop in, fasten their seatbelts, Carter starts up the engine, and they roll out quickly. Wes looks back, pouts and shakes his head, noting, "I think we LOST 'em." The speeding escape gets an expected jolt, when a blast is flung at the Rescue Rover, causing the occupants to be shaken about. Carter turns his head while driving, and corrects his partner, "Think AGAIN!" Just on the Rescue Rover's tail is Vypra's old assault buggy, the Vyprari! When we last saw it, in "Web War", it looked to be quite destroyed. I guess she brought it back from the automotive dead! Vypra zooms along in the Vyprari, glaring with an evil stare at her prey. She smirks, as she powerfully slams a button on the dashboard, causing the two laser weapons atop the vehicle to fire. An explosion rips into the air beside the Rover, causing Carter & Wes to be jerked about, and causing the Rover itself to serve. Vypra fires again, same results, but never hitting the Rover itself. She vows, "You WON'T get away THIS time!" Hitting the button again, the twin cannons fire, this time striking the back of the Rescue Rover in two spark smokey bursts. Carter swerves it to a halt, frantically attempting to get the smoking engine working again, to no avail. Wes witnesses in frozen horror, as the Vyprari speeds their way, with its zombie-eyed demon driver staring vacantly at them. He urges Carter, "C'mon, let's get OUT of here!" They unsnap their seatbelts and make a break for it, rushing foolishly TOWARD the way Vypra's coming, instead of away and into the aircraft hangars (this whole scene takes place at an abandoned airfield). The Vyprari pulls to a smooth swerving stop, causing Wes & Carter (holding the Solar Amulet in his right hand) to stop side-by-side before it. Vypra hops out of the Vyprari, holding her sword at eye-level and aiming it at the two Reds as she slowly creeps forward with evil intent. Wes pats Carter's arm as he rushes off in the opposite direction of trouble, urging his partner to, "Come on!" Wes doesn't wait for him, instead darting toward the Rescue Rover, and bumping into Ransik! Ransik grabs Wes by his red shirt-collars, nearly lifts him up, and asks into his face, "GOING somewhere?!" Wes simply grunts, prompting Ransik to fling him into the air, where he slams into a stack of crates beside the hangar. After he plops onto the cement, Carter hurries to his side, helping him up and claiming, "C'mon, Wes. I got'cha." Wes clutches his stomach painfully, despite taking the brunt of the toss on his back & arm. They turn and face Vypra & Ransik, who stand together several feet away. Vypra demands, "I'LL take the amulet." Carter lifts his hand up slightly, gazing into the orange crystal. He thinks about it for a moment, and responds negatively, "NEVER!" Carter's expression tenses to fury, as he lifts his arm into the air, and prepares to slam the Solar Amulet into the concrete.

Right when Carter's about to release the Solar Amulet from his grasp, Nadira's wicked giggling erupts through the air. He & Wes look across the airfield, spotting Nadira leading on the five Vypra-warriors, who have the four Time Force Officers in their clutches. Each specific-colored Vyprarrior has their Ranger-color counterpart reluctantly hostage, except for the red one, who walks solo. Nadira calls out with vicious confidence, "You might want to WAIT a second, Red Rang-errr!" The four from the future gruntly struggle with their demonic captors, who're hopelessly overpowering them. Carter's jaw drops as he watches them, while Wes' faces grows hotheadedly offended. His four teammates are roughly held in place by the strong Vyprarriors, causing them much discomfort. Despite this uncomfortable situation, Jen shouts an order, "SMASH it, Carter!" Carter grips the Solar Amulet, considers it for a moment, lifts it over his head and prepares to slam it into the ground again, letting out a loud howl. Ransik watches with bated breath, as does Jen, who's fidgeting beneath her captor's rough paws. Carter breathes rapidly, as his anger slowly subsides, and he lowers his arm back to its normal position, unable to go through with smashing the Solar Amulet at the cost of the TFs safety. Ransik smiles evilly, as does Vypra. She walks over to retrieve the crystal, leaving Nadira & Ransik standing together and laughing in a cacophony of demoralistic villainy. Vypra lowers her sword as she approaches the two Reds, repeating raspily, "I'LL take that." She grabs the Solar Amulet out of Carter's hand, grinning diabolically at them both, as they sneer with rage back at her. As she walks off, Wes looks downward, as if hopeless. Vypra holds the Solar Amulet into the air, covering the sun with it. She notes with subtle glee, "There's STILL time." As Vypra lowers her hand, the Solar Amulet begins to float in front of her, as it starts glowing yellow with another audible shimmer sound, and thunders rumbles in the distance. Ransik excitedly balls his fist, grinning maniacally as he looks at the crystal, and over at his daughter. Nadira gasps with astonishment, neither of the mutants having seen such a true mystical feat before, apparently. Vypra motions her arms before the floating Solar Amulet, while incanting, "From the DEEPest shadows, far below! Where no mortal would DARE to go! ONLY demons toss and burn. NOW, mighty Quarganon! It's YOUR time to return!" The glowing Solar Amulet pushes away from Vypra, lifts up, and then morphs into a tall yellow-crystalized creature. Instantly, the crystals shatter, revealing Quarganon restored to this plain of existence! He growls deeply, motioning his arms intimidatingly. Carter & Wes react in unison, both stunned. Quarganon looks like your typical Bansheera-style demon. He's got a dark body, a jagged-tooted mouth, a long thick black pencil mustache, a left slanted white eye, a right monocle eye, silver & dark purple melded body, a long silver crescent blade head design, numerous horns, red pointy shoulders, rigid upper-back wings, yellow clawed-fingernails, jagged-teeth mouths for kneecaps, and a specific gold, red, and black chest design that kinda resembles a warped version of Jinxer's.

The Vyprarriors release the four Time Force Officers, by shoving them abruptly forward. They stagger uncontrollably toward Wes & Carter, with Trip & Katie being safely caught by Carter, Jen snugly snatched by Wes, and Lucas left alone to slam into the stack of crates. Vypra walks in front of Quarganon, eyeing the six weary Rangers huddled together, before telling the Super Demon, "DesTROY them, Quarganon!" Quarganon points his right hand at our heroes, and walks forth, replying with demonic glee, "It will be my PLEA-SURE! HAHA!" Wes bravely reaches out and touches Trip's arm, as if protecting for the team against the approaching monstrosity. Quarganon continues on his way to destroy Rangers, as he's prided upon being able to do, laughing maniacally. Suddenly, he's struck in the back by four bolts of red laser energy! Quarganon cries out, staggers, and sparks. He turns around to see who shot at him, the Vyprarriors all turn around, and even Nadira & Ransik turn around, with his daughter gasping frightfully. The five TF Officers & the lone LR Recruit are the last to glance into the distance. At the other side of the airfield runway, walking past the Vyprari (with no other vehicle in sight, so how'd they get there?!), are four figures: Dr. Dana Mitchell, Joel Rawlings (now with his good old cowboy hat on!), Kelsey Winslow, and Chad Lee, all wearing their Lightspeed Rescue Jackets, all wielding Rescue Blasters, and all wearing their Rescue Morphers. They each raise their formally-pointing Blasters into the air at their sides. Lucas wonders dimly, "Who ARE they?" Carter puts his hands on Katie & Lucas' shoulders, claiming happily, "THOSE are my friends!" Trip's usually psychic, but likely recognizes the matching jackets, and he exclaims excitedly with a smile, "They're the Lightspeed Rangers!" The four LR Recruits rush over and greet the fellow heroes. Chad & Carter give each other a bit of manly arm-patting, as Carter remarks like he hasn't seen Chad in a while, "Hey, nice hair!" (which raises the question of "where the LRs invited to Joel & Angela's wedding? If so, how LONG ago was it?!") Kelsey shakes hands with Katie, who claims with a big grin, "Nice to MEET you!" Newlywed Joel shakes the hands of both Trip & Wes, while Jen shakes Dana's hands, saying pleasantly, "Hello."

This Ranger reunion & meeting ceremony seems to annoy Vypra (who likely remembers the last one she saw), while Nadira holds on to her father's arm with a surprised expression on her face. Ransik is a bit disgusted at the heroic father at first, gasping, "TEN Rangers?" He looks at Nadira, and then umimpressedily scowls to the two teams, "Hahehaha. NO problem. NO problem at all." The ten Rangers watch the trio of villains suspiciously, with Carter passing across over to rejoin his fellow Lightspeed Rescue Recruits. Suddenly, the black Silver Guardians' SUV pulls up on the scene, parking swiftly behind Ransik, who turns toward it, sternly startled. Eric Myers exits through the driver's side, wearing his usual SG Commander red-bereted uniform. The passenger door opens up, and out hops Ryan Mitchell, the final member of the Lightspeed Rescue squad! The spikey-blonde haired man has got his red & black LR Jacket on, just like the others, though with the blue & grey Titanium Morpher on his left wrist. Ryan & Eric walk around the SUV, and stand in front of it, side by side. Ryan stares seriously at the mutants & demons, as Ryan points toward the baddies and corrects Ransik (despite having the windows rolled up in the SUV, having not been on the scene when the previous line was said, and Ransik having his back turned toward them), "You mean TWELVE!" Ransik growls, his eye bulging with intense rage. Suddenly, all twelve Power Rangers are standing in front of the abandoned hangar. They walk forward in a perfect line, shoulder to shoulder, broken up into teams. The Vyprari appears in the background, it's final appearance. Vypra backs up, pointing her sword at our heroes, as she claims, "I've been waiting for this... for a LONG, LOOONG time." Ransik stands behind her silent & tall, with Nadira cockily raising her eyebrows and folding her arms.

Wes & Carter exchange a glance across the lineup of unmorphed Rangers; Carter nodding at Wes, as if giving permission to lead the charge. Facing their foes, Wes shouts, "Let's DO it!" Carter lifts his left arm up, shouting, "READY!?" His four LR teammates are behind him, in a sort of V formation, each mimicking his stance, and replying in unison, "Ready!" All five motion their arms, and press their Rescue Morphers, while activating aloud, "Lightspeed... RESCUE!" A five-in-one screen shot appears, the spaces between filled with a raging fire. Upper left: Green, Upper right: Pink, Bottom left: Yellow, Bottom right: Blue, and center: Red. Each Lightspeed Rescue Recruit releases their specific striped-color symbol from their Rescue Morpher, firing it out inside of a multicolored vortex. The symbol then stretch and melds itself around their bodies, forming their morphed suits. After a flash of electricity, their visors slam shut, and the Lightspeed emblem appears behind them, the Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers now fully morphed! Ryan Mitchell motions his arms differently than his teammates, as he calls for, "Titanium Power!" He presses his Titanium Morpher, releases a flash of blue energy from the solar-paneled M. Ryan puts his arms into the air, as the multicolored vortex lowers down on him. The massive gold rimmed & internally dotted V descends over him, morphing his body into the gold & grey suit of the Titanium Power Ranger! His V-visor shuts, and his suit shimmers. Wes copies Carter, by lifting his left arm, and asking, "READY?!" His four teammates, in V formation behind him, copy his movement and reply that they're ready. Motioning their arms differently than the others, they summon simultaneously, "Time FOR... Time Force!" Another five on one shot, with same fiery filler space, and same color-designation spots. The digital binary tunnel passes by their glowing bodies, their DNA is unlocked, colored lighting flashes and explodes, then the five have transform into the Time Force Power Rangers once more! Finally, Eric shouts into his Quantum Morpher, "Quantum Power!" His fist glows as a whitish blue digital vortex surrounds his body. Eric aims his fist into the sky, as golden rings shower his white-glowing form. His body spins around, and emerges from the rain of digital energy as the Quantum Power Ranger! The Lightspeed Rangers pose in a salute, then pointing forward while announcing, "Lightspeed... Rescue!" (Pink & Yellow in the back, Blue & Green in the front, with Red & Titanium back to back in the middle). The Time Force Rangers pose with each of their arms locked in a folded position together, while crying out, "Time for... Time Force!" (mirror opposite of the last team in formation: Yellow & Pink in near back, Green & Blue in front, Quantum & Red in the middle... hey, Eric's being a team player!).

In the tradition of the PRiS/PRLG team-up, all 12 Rangers are lined-up shoulder to shoulder, as colorful smokey explosions burst behind them (from our right: yellow, greenish, red, pink, blue). The two teams of Power Rangers stand, all completely morphed, in this order from our left to right: Trip, Katie, Eric, Wes, Jen, Lucas, Chad, Dana, Carter, Ryan, Kelsey, Joel. The two Greens on both ends are kinda cut out of the shot a little bit. After the initial smokey burst, a massive explosion of regular fire erupts behind the combined teams, all standing unwavering at attention. Vypra tells her warriors, "Show them what demon power can do." The five Vyprarriors whip out their samurai swords, each grunting deeply. Red TF Ranger repeats himself, "Let's DO it!" The 12 Power Rangers flex their arms in battle ready stances, then race out in perfect alignment to save the world once again. Vypra points her sword at our heroes, and demands, "Destroy THEM!" (Ransik's at her side, the last time we see him, meaning he must have fled while he still could!) The five Vyprarriors do just that, splitting up to take on about two Rangers each. The footage speeds up for a moment, as the red Vyprarrior (which oddly looks pink) encounters the Quantum Ranger. The creature slashes its saber at Eric, who ducks back, then whips out his Quantum Defender, and fires back. The red Vyprarrior also ducks back, causing the QD blast to hit the ground, making a neat sparky burst with a couple of blue blast rings on the ground nearby. The creature then jerks its arm up, causing Quantum Ranger's weapon-wielding arm to be knocked away, making him grunt. The Vyprarrior then slashes its saber at the Titanium Ranger, who spins around, whips out his Titanium Laser, and begins to fire it as he slowly plummets to the ground sidewards. The intense bolt of energy strikes the creature in the back, causing sparks, smoke & staggering. Quantum Ranger rushes toward it, leaps over its head, then spins around to aim his Quantum Defender at it on the way down. Titanium Ranger follows the fellow 6th Ranger's lead, by leaping up and joining him in midair. The red Vyprarrior turns around and looks up in shock, as Eric freefalls backwards with his arms spread and Quantum Defender aimed down, and Ryan stretches his legs out while pointing his Titanium Laser the creature's way. They're right next to each other, falling at equal speed, firing their weapons together! The bursts & bolts of laserpowered energy bombard the red Vyprarrior immensely. After the sparks & smoke clear, the creature lets out a female-sounding snarl, before collapsing on its back. A flash of light, then the warrior's body seeps into the ground with an outline of blue, as if melting back to the hell from whence it was spawned, leaving no traces behind.

Speaking of blue, Blue TF & LR Rangers stand together, as the blue Vyprarrior leaps off a small stack of crates. Lucas has his two Chrono-Sabers out, and engaged the creature in a little swordplay. The Vyprarrior then spars with Chad, the two sharing a bit of fancy kickwork. Chad tries to footsweep the warrior, it spins around to avoid him, using its momentum to try to spin-kick into Lucas, who simply ducks. Time Force Blue locks sabers with the Vyprarrior for a moment, and Lightspeed Blue tries to kick the creature while its preoccupied, but it breaks off with Lucas and ducks back. Lucas tries to kick it, the creature ducks back, then Chad tries another footsweep, to which the warrior spinning jumps away from. Oh how I've missed Chad's unique signature battle cries! Elsewhere in the hangar zone, Yellow LR Ranger tries to throw a jumpkick at the yellow Vyprarrior. It ducks, prompting Kelsey to try a footsweep, which the creature avoids with a spin on its heel. The warrior slashes its saber at her, she ducks then grabs the Vyprarrior's arm, allowing for it to kick her harshly in the chest! The yellow Vyprarrior takes advantage of her fatigue by snatching her left arm, and pulling it back, forcing her painfully down. Yellow TF Ranger leaps majestically in the air with her two Chrono-Sabers in hand, landing perfectly upon the Vyprarrior and slashing sparkily like mad. Katie spins around and sort of poses, as the creature collapses, and Kelsey rolls out of the way. Elsewhere, Green TF Ranger backflips away from the green Vyprarrior, allowing Green LR Ranger to toss a wide leap kick at the creature. The warrior ducks, then slashes its saber at Joel's feet, prompting him to roll his body completely over in the air to avoid getting cut. The green Vyprarrior growls like a cat, as he attacks Trip, who ducks under a punch, only to get his feet kicked out from under him. He falls on his back, then tries to kick the creature's legs to no avail, as the warrior simply hop over him. The green Vyprarrior snarls some more, and is about maul the downed Time Force Green, when Lightspeed Green reappears, doing a full-body flip in midair, landing a smooth series of kicks directly into the creature's chest! The warrior falls onto a chunk of debris, writhing in agony. On a stairway inside of a hangar, Pink TF Ranger leaps over the side as the pink Vyprarrior comes up after her. Jen is soon confronted by the creature when it jumps down to face her, saber-slashing wildly. Time Force Pink ducks, then blocks the warrior's weapon-wielding hand when it tries to strike again. This allows the pink Vyprarrior to kick her sharply in the side. Jen groans and ends up backed against the wall as the warrior raises its saber to slice fatally. Just then, the Pink LR Ranger comes racing into the hangar, copying her brother's movements as she whips out her Rescue Blaster and leaps sidewards into the air. Dana fires a pink bolt of energy into the Vyprarrior's back, just as it's about to chop into Jen, who's covering her face in fear. The creature falls & snarls, as the two Pink Rangers stand together, back to back, posing arms fiercely. The pink Vyprarrior stares at them, until its body melts into the ground in a shimmer-line of light.

Outside, Red LR Ranger side-flips off top of a tall crate, as Quarganon tries to strike at his feet. Carter backflips away, allowing the Red TF Ranger to immediately flip on in to take his place. Quarganon blocks a kick thrown by Wes, then ducks somewhat as Carter rushes by with a wide high kick. Red TF tries the same kick trick, the demon blocks it again. Red LR goes for a double rapid kick straight into the demon's chest, giving Quarganon cause to block both feet with his hands, shoving Carter into a flip, making him land on his back. Wes does another kick, Quarganon blocks it, so he throws a punch, the demon snatches his arm, grips it tight, then shoves his body into the nearby tall crate, making Time Force Red's chest spark from hitting the pointed wooden edge sharply. Quarganon laughs wickedly, grinding Wes into the box, when Lightspeed Red reappears with another wide high kick. The demon ducks, then blocks a kick Carter throws his way, inspiring Quarganon to return his own, kicking Red LR so hard in the stomach that he's sent hurling backwards into a (sparkily-exploding upon impact) stack of barrels on top of a crate. Wes is release from the demon's grasp, just so Quarganon can using him as a punching bag. Red TF Ranger ducks under the first high punch, but the next hit is direct into his chest. Wes is flung sparkily into the air, where he falls in a backwards flip, crunching his back against the edge of the crate again on his way down to smack the pavement with his ribs. Not far nearby, the Quantum Ranger presses his Quantum Morpher, causing it to send a wave of gold through his morphed body, as he summons, "Mega Battle, Activate!" Eric lunges forth, as the gold & purple Quantum Mega Battle armors forms over him in a flash. He glides with his arms akimbo, striking his purple arm-blades into a Vyprarrior while rollerblading past the dazed creature. Pink, Yellow, Blue & Green Lightspeed Rangers regroup together, facing the fleeing blue Vyprarrior. Lacking his Battle Booster, Chad still summons, "Mega Battle, Blue!" The green wireframe wraps around his Blue LR Ranger chest & back, forming into the silver backpack strapped across his torso. The large blue laser-water cannon green-meshes onto his right arm, completing the black-background transformation. Chad emerges from the transformation, hiyaahing with the cannon over his shoulder. Joel also summons, "Mega Battle, Green!" The green-wire frame wraps around his Green LR Ranger chest & back, forming a silver backpack strapped across his torso. He adds, "Mega Battle Mode!", causing his green double-fanbladed weapon to appear in his right hand via the green-meshing. Joel emerges from the black-background transformation, kiyaahing with the double-fanbladed weapon spinning the blades at full force. Pink & Yellow LR Rangers unholster their Rescue Blasters and aim them forward, with Kelsey yelling, "Fire!" The two Lightspeed females stand between their two Mega Battled teammates, all four firing their weapons at once. The four green, blue, and red bolts of energy stream into the back of the blue Vyprarrior as it tries to run for cover, causing the warrior to explode into a puff of purple smoke instantly.

Blue, Green, Yellow & Pink Time Force Rangers flip over the camera (their battle cries while jumping? are voiced by the LIGHTSPEED Rangers, I kid you not!), and land in positions surrounding the last remaining Vyprarrior. They have their V-Weapons in hand, pointing them at the green Vypra Warrior, while shouting in unison, "FIRE!" The four bolts from opposite sides hit the growling demonic creature at once, causing it to explode into a purple puff of smoke, leaving nothing behind as it explosively returns to the grave. A little farther out in the airfield, Quarganon can't help but laugh as the Red Lightspeed Ranger throws another wide high kick, which he ducks. Carter tries to toss another kick into the super demon's side, but Quarganon simply grabs his leg tightly, and grabs Red LR's arm, shoving him roughly aside. The spot they vacated quickly becomes taken by Vypra & the Red Time Force Ranger. Wes slashes his double-bladed Chrono-Saber at her, she ducks, then strikes back with her own sword. He tries to jab it into her, she spins around, and tries to slash back, only to have him block it, causing them to lock blades. Vypra knees him in the ribs, breaking the sword-lock, and causing Red TF to flip over on his back. In the background, we see Lightspeed Red getting flipped over by Quarganon. Wes is down and vulnerable, gripping his double-bladed Chrono-Saber tightly across his body in defense. Vypra aims her sword at him, and smiles viciously. Carter manages to elbow Quarganon sharply, and finally get a solid kick into the super demon's chest. He looks over and calls out in distress to Wes, seeing Time Force Red getting flung up against the hangar front wall. He drops down upside down, somersaulting uncontrollably off a crate, dropping his Sabers. Lightspeed Red cries out, "Oh, NO!", and rushes to weary Wes' side. Quarganon remarks, "It's been FUN, but i've had eNOUGH!" Carter arises, grips his Rescue Morpher, and exclaims, "So have _I_! TRANS-Armor Cycle!" In a black background, his rarely used red & silver motorcycle breaks its upper section apart. The front portion snaps onto his chest, as the seat and rear components, with twin gold cannons on each, latch to his fists. Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger spins around, allowing the wheeled section of the Trans-Armor Cycle to attach to his back, completing the armor-up. Wes recovers, motions his right hand behind his back and into the air, while activating, "FIRE Battle Warrior... Online!" His palm spews flames, the lightning flashes, and soon, Time Force Red Ranger is suited up in his gold, silver & red Battle Warrior armor.

Vypra & Quarganon are racing along together at the FAR end of the airfield, with the super demon laughing aloud. In front of the hangar, the Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger stands with his Mega Battle armor on. Beside him, is the Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger, with his Trans-Armor Cycle armor on. Next to him, the Red Time Force Ranger stands with his Battle Fury Warrior armor on. By him, is the Quantum Ranger with Mega Battle armor. And last but not least, Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger with Mega Battle armor stands at the other end. Not the type of multicolored American-armored sight you see everyday, and likely never again! Red Battle Warrior raises his Battle Fury Saber, and demands, "Let's FINISH this!" Vypra & Quarganon continue dashing along, in semi-slow motion, the super demon still laughing heartily. Wes asks, "Ready? FI-RE!" He slashes his flaming saber downward, Chad readies his water-laser cannon, Carter aims his Trans-Armor right fist-blaster, Eric points his purple blade-blasters, and Joel braces his dual-fanblades. The camera pulls back, then switches to a direction behind the two Red Rangers. Only they seem to fire their weapons, likely thanks to SFX time constraints. Two fiery bolts of intense energy are unleashed toward the oncoming demons. A very brief but loud and flamey explosion erupts, and when the smoke clears, Vypra & Quarganon are nowhere to be found! Our five super toy tie-in armored Rangers from two different teams relax their weaponed arms, basking triumphantly in the heat from the burning remains of the two demons. We see, amid the flames, chunks of concrete, which could easily be the meaty remnants of Vypra & Quarganon, lacking demon cards to bring them back to life. Their evil spirits are likely back in the Shadow World, where they belong. Finally, all 12 of our heroes pose in a large grouping together, exclaiming simultaneously, "POWER... RANGERS!" (the four Time Forces with their V-Weapons, the two female Lightspeeds with their Rescue Blasters, Quantum with his Defender, Titanium with his Laser, and the other guys with their armors. From our left: TF Blue in front, LR Blue in back. LR Yellow. Titanium Ranger. LR Red in the background. TF Red in front of him. TF & LR Pinks in front of him. Quantum Ranger. TF Yellow. LR Green in back, and TF Green in front! Whew!).


Soon, at the Clock Tower, Wes leads the way into the main room, spreading his arms and offering, "C'mon, guys! CHECK it out!" Carter enters behind him, and despite seeing the place before, does indeed visually check it out. Jen turns to Dana, motioning gigglingly to her fellow Pink pal toward the Holoscreen. Ryan's behind them, glancing around the dark and dusty old tower. Lucas & Chad are next, both looking skyward. Wes asks, "What'd ya think?!" Trip urges, "C'mon, over here!" Joel follows, as Trip points up, "The BELL over here." Kelsey & Katie follow along, both smiling widely. Joel (with cowboy hat in hand) is less than impressed, staring agape at the room as he comments, "I thought you guys came from the FUTURE? This place looks kinda... (motions hand, as if looking for a way to put things kindly)... OLD!" Katie seems to gasp in almost agreement, and Kelsey simply elbows her tactless teammate. Suddenly, Circuit comes fluttering in, zooming low overhead and asking, "HEY?! What's THAT supposed to mean?!" Kelsey ducks startledly, and Chad narrowly avoids getting a haircut, simply by maneuvering out of the hovering robo-owl's way. Circuit lands on his perch, and claims, "SOME old things are good! ANYway... WE like it!" Lucas grins at Chad, who smiles back and nods, charmed by the futuristic creature, and unable to argue. Dana & Jen giggle, as they walk over to Ryan. Jen touches Ryan's back, as she commends them both, "THANKS, you guys. For everything!" Dr. Dana replies, "NO problem. Heehee!" Ryan crosses his arms, then unfolds them to pat Jen on the back, while smiling and stating, "You guys are doing an awesome job." Jen holds her hands clasped together, giving a sigh of acceptance, as Dana puts her hand on her brother's shoulder.

Carter's looking at Circuit, when Wes takes his arm, and leads him over to his teammates on the other side of the room. He's confused, until Wes, who has one hand behind his back, mentions to the them, "We wanted to give you something to remember us by!" The Time Force Officers get on the other side, facing the Lightspeed Recruits. The five TFs (Eric's nowhere to be seen) pull out from behind their backs, neatly folded, white & black, Time Force Uniform jumpsuit jacket-tops! Jen has two, which includes one for Ryan. Makes you wonder where they got all these spares from! Carter gratefully accepts his, chuckling softly with surprise, and gasping at a loss for words. He looks over at Chad & Kelsey, who appear nervous, equally speechless at these unique gifts. Jen's smile fades, as she asks worriedly, "What is it? You don't like them?" Chad smiles, and replies positively, "NO! They're GREAT! It's just that..." Kelsey finishes her pal's sentence, "We had something to give you guys, TOO!" The five LRs look over to Carter, who nods in return. All six of them remove their Lightspeed Rescue member's only jackets, slipping them off and handing them over to their Ranger-color counterparts. Wes snickers, "Heha! This is EXcellent!" The others all clamor with wows and thank-yous, accepting the red & black coats. Carter helps Wes try his on, saying, "See if it fits!" Wes adjusts the jacket, and happily notes, "PERfect!" Jen puts on Dana's, checks out the metal clip on the side, and comments, "Niiice!", causing Dana to chuckle. Trip, looking quite silly with double the coats on, straightens the collar rapidly, asking, "Yeah?!" to Joel, who says nothing. Lucas smoothy wipes the wrinkles out of his LR jacket, telling Chad, "Thanks." The two Blues shake hands and exchange smiles. Katie slips her jacket on, replying, "THANK you!" Kelsey notes, "It's looks GOOD on you!", prompting Katie to grin and chuckle bashfully. Wes offers to Carter, "How 'bout we escort you BACK to Mariner Bay?" Carter, clutching his folded TF Uniform jacket in hand, slaps him five and figures, "Great!" They shake fists for a moment, until Carter releases and tells the TF Officers, "You got the jackets... now try the dance!" Dana laughs loudest, as the Lightspeed Recruits move to the back of the room (Joel putting his hat back on). Jen sets Ryan's LR Jacket down on the back of the couch (giving it to Eric later?), before joining her teammates in the middle of the wide-spaced room. Wes looks to his pals, shrugs his shoulders, and asks, "You ready?!" Jen shrugs back, giggling, "Sure!", while Lucas simply says, "Yes!" (Facing us in this order: Katie, Lucas, Wes, Trip, Jen; with the LRs standing directly behind their color counterparts) The Time Force Officers dressed as Lightspeed Recruits, motion their arms in the LR morphing stance, while shouting insecurely in unison, "Lightspeed!... Rescue!"

The screen flashes after they hit their Chrono-Morphers, switching scenes to the airfield once again. The five Time Force Power Rangers, riding on their Vector Cycles, rolling along in front of the Rescue Rover, with the six morphed Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers inside. Carter drives, Dana's in the passenger seat, Kelsey's behind Carter, Chad's behind Dana, Joel is behind him, and Ryan is behind Kels. A tight fit, indeed! The TFs escort them, as promised, showing off (well below the speed limit) the 11 Power Rangers on a long voyage to another city. Triumphant music plays, as they speed off into the setting sunlight, the final rescue successfully over for the 6 retiring Lightspeed Rescue Recruits!

[Scenes from "Reflections Of Evil"; End Credits]

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