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Power Rangers Time Force
"Reflections Of Evil"
Original Air Date:10/06/01 Mirracon related footage from:
Timeranger #35 - Ashita Ga Konai (Tomorrow's Not Coming)
Redeye related footage from:
Timeranger #06 - Itsuwari No Shoutai Kyaku (The Forged Guest Invitation)
Ironspike related footage from:
Timeranger #10 - Ashita he no Daashutsu
(Escaping From Tomorrow)
Angelcon related footage from:
Timeranger #11 - Shitou no Machi (Life-Or-Death Struggle City!)
*Season 9, byte 34
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1134
*34th episode of PRTF
*412th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Additional Cast:
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Gluto (voice)
Phil Proctor _AS_ Miracon (voice)
Wendee Lee _AS_ Redeye Mutant (voice)
Richard Cansino _AS_ Ironspike (voice)
Kirk Thornton _AS_ Angelcon (voice)


It's a lovely day at the Silver Hills Clock Tower. Up in the main room, Wes & Trip sit at the picnic table, playing a game of chess on an old chessboard. Wes slides his white pawn forward, with a sly grin on his face. Trip seems to be restraining from using her psychic powers (not that he's able to control them anyway), and the two of them seem to be equally matched. Lucas is over near the back of the massive clockface, fixing his hair with his black handheld vanity mirror, under the light being filtered through the yellow glass. Trip motions silently to Wes to look over at Lucas, which he does, chuckling slightly and shaking his head. Lucas is extremely vain, focusing merely on his reflection as it smiles back at him. He brushes his hand through his thoroughly gelled black hair, intricately trying to get it to look just right. Katie comes down the steps from the upper level of the room, and walks over to Wes & Trip, who're watching Lucas amusingly. She leans against the table, looks at the chessboard, then the smiling Wes motions his thumb over to their overly-prided teammate. Katie scoffs with a light laugh and nearly rolls her eyes. She pats Trip on the back and walks around him, calling out, "Heyyy, Lucas!" She smirks mischievously, and gets right up behind Lucas, who pays her no attention, instead lost in the sight of his own mirror image. Katie reaches around his swelled head suddenly, and snatches the vanity mirror out of his clutches! Lucas cries out, "HEY!" Katie giggles, and withholds the mirror from his grasp. Lucas demands, "VERY funny, now give it BACK!" He jumps up and tries to grab it, but she keeps it out of his arms' reach. Katie backs away from him, commenting with torturous glee, "Don't you ever get TIRED of looking in the mirror?!" Lucas replies directly, "NO!" Katie backs up against the table, while Lucas keeps reaching around every side of her body, never once getting his hands on the reflective prize. Wes & Trip are smiling like goons at the amusing scene, even when Katie ends up lying on the tabletop! Katie's voice raises in pitch, as if being tickled, as she says, "You couldn't survive without a mirror, now COULD you?!" Lucas finally gets his hands on her left arm, which she's holding the mirror with, as he playfully lies on the table with her. Her laughter leads to loose fingers, and without warning, the black vanity mirror slips out of her hand, and falls to the hardwood floor. Lucas shouts, "Oh, no!", but is unable to save it. It falls mirror-first, shattering the reflective glass to pieces instantly. Wes lifts up from his seat to watch this, grimacing when he seems the impact, and groaning, "Oooh!" Katie is released, and she seems visibly stunned by the accident, as Lucas rushes over and picks up the mirror-less vanity mirror from the floor, with a pile of glass beneath it. He sighs while looking into it, "Ohh, MAN." Wes asks, "Do you know what it MEANS when you break a mirror?" Lucas & Trip both look over at him. Wes adds, "Seven YEARS... bad luck!" He lifts a chess piece and places it near Trip's black knight, and with a smile, announces, "Check!" Trip sighs defeatedly. Lucas expresses nervousness, as he carefully places the vanity mirror down in the broken glass, worriedly staring at Katie, likely wondering which one of them would get the bad luck.

Meanwhile, at a fancy female clothing store somewhere in the city, numerous young women scour numerous racks for numerous fashions. Once such woman, the evil villainess from the future, Nadira, with long permed pink hair and a tight black leather outfit, grabs a silver two-piece number off a rack. She clutches the hangar to her bosom, excitedly smiles and sighs with joyous anticipation. Nadira makes her way through the store, giggling like a happy child with a new toy. She skips over to the dressing room area, looks around for a moment, then slips into a small stall. There's a massive mirror nearby, where a brunette woman pulls off a blue denim jacket, and inspects how she looks in a red top and long beige leather skirt. She seems to spend quite a while looking at how the outfit fits her, as she's still looking at herself when Nadira emerges from the dressing room. Nadira haughtily slams the door shut and passes by the brunette woman (who's heading off to another dressing stall), more or less lifting her head like a snob at the human, who in turn seems confused by her pink hair. Now wearing the flashy and flimsy silver outfit, with long black velvet gloves to her elbows, and a silver bracelet on her left wrist, Nadira admires herself in the large mirror wall. She giggles profusely and throws her hands up, waving them gently through the air, as she proclaims in a singsong voice, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall... Who's the most FABULOUS of them all?! Heehee!" She points to herself, and squeals, "Me. Hehaha! (breathless gasp)" Nadira crosses her hands across her chest and throws her head back, closing her eyes and more or less basking in her own glory. Her mirrored reflection suddenly ceases matching this action, holding her arms to her side intimidatingly, slumping her shoulders, and snarling in a nasty deep raspy southern-accented version of Nadira's own voice, "Nrrrrrrr! It sure ain't YOU, honey! Hahah! Neyargrgh!" The real Nadira pants in shock, holding her hands up in frozen surprise for a moment, before recognizing the source of her even-more twisted reflection. She calls out his name, "Miracon!", causing her reflection to morph into a slightly taller mutant in a warp of bluish white. Miracon's body is mostly white, with large salt-like squares on various parts. His head is large and is mostly composed of his exposed silver & aqua-blue brain, which is quite visible to all. He has a silver face, goggles for eyes, and his chest has a grey design on the stomach, and a green wrinkly brain-like portion on his upper breast. Miracon chuckles evilly when revealed, prompting Nadira to snarl angrily, "I should've KNOWWWN!" She steps closer to the mirror wall, as he innocently admits with an echoey type voice, "Just trying to have a little FUN!" Nadira reaches into the mirror, causing it to ripple like water, as she grabs Miracon's chin and pulls his brainy head out from within the looking glass. Miracon groans painfully, until she asks high-pitchedly, "So, you wanna have a little FUN?!" Nadira shoves his head forcibly back into the mirror, causing the glass to ripple rapidly, before calming to normal. Miracon tells her to, "Chill OUT, Nadira!" Nadira's normal reflective image fades back into view alongside the mutant, as she claims, "Wellll, polish your MIRRORS, Miracon. Nehaha! 'Cause _I_ have an IDEA! That'll be a real SCREAM. Mmm!" Miracon remains in the mirror, chuckling wickedly, and watching her reflection depart with her. Nadira walks off, and as she passes around the corner, she snatches a pair of panties (or a scarf, I can't tell) off a hangar, and takes them with her, likely not planning to pay for a single thing she has on.

[Opening Credits]

Soon, in the city of Silver Hills, citizens go about their day. A building called the "LA Self Storage", which supposedly has climate control, gets focused upon. It's a medium-sized mirror-windowed building, and atop it, a lone individual is adjusting a square mirror on a stand. Since it's a mostly cloudless day, the sun is reflecting quite nicely off the surface. Below the building, is a road with light traffic, and a patch of park area where people are shown casually walking about or sitting around. The creature atop the storage building is Miracon, who focuses the well-polished frame of mirrored glass downward toward a man driving slowly in his car. The mutant remarks to himself viciously, "This IS gonna be fun!" The driver is blinded by the redirected sunlight, causing him to yelp and cover his face with his arm, losing control of her car, and skidding to a dangerous halt. Miracon, who has a small scepter/staff with a matching color & brain design as his head, points it at the man and quips, "WHERE'd ya learn how to DRIVE?! Hahahaha!" Refocusing the mirror, Miracon begins to fire down bolts of bluish energy, made from concentrated sunbeams. They strike around a civilian, barely missing the man, and causing blasts of sparks all around. Women scream, people panic and run, including an interracial couple sitting on a bench, who make a break for it hand in hand. Strangely, we see debris raining down upon people (presumably from the sidewalks being blasted from above), some of them covering their heads. Miracon pushes the mirror frame forward, it glows blue and fires some more beams downward. He comments, "This is TOO easy!" Double bolts strike a truck, causing the driver to scream, then crash into a chunk of dislodged cement. As citizens flee in one direction, a lone bicycler goes his own way, but eventually loses control and slams his bike into the abandoned truck, sending the biker flying into the air yelling (right over the "Los Angeles Center Studios" sign). This causes Miracon turn his big head and go, "HA!" The five Time Force Power Rangers finally make the scene, fully morphed and seeking the source of the disturbance. Red Ranger wonders, "Whoa! What's CAUSing all this?!" Pink Ranger spots the shimmering center of the sunbeam blasts above them, and notes, "The reflections are coming from up THERE!" Wes urges, "Let's GO!", and the whole team does so as people continue fleeing around them. Miracon notices them, points his staff, and scoffs, "The POWER Rangers... PAH!"

Our heroes reach the roof of the storage building, and causally glance around for the mutant. They find no sign of him, but Wes does point out, "LOOK! There's the mirror!" The five Rangers race over to the abandoned double-sided mirror. As the others peek over the side of the roof, Blue Ranger passes by the mirror, and catches his reflection. He pauses sharply before it, and admiringly remarks to his mirror image, "Whoa!! HEY, good lookin'! This helmet's kinda stylin'! Yeah." As Lucas gropes his helmet, Jen ceases looking over the side of the roof, and mentions to her team, "Well, whoever WAS up here is gone NOW. So let's search the building." Blue Ranger poses his gloved hand against his helmeted face, checking himself out in the same mirror which was just used to assault property and people, and arrogantly noting, "I look GOOD." Pink Ranger turns the mirror away from him, and asks, "Lucas, WHAT're you DOing?!" Green Ranger adds, "Yeah! This is SERious!" Miracon interrupts their internal bickering, by calling out, "Over HERE!" Trip points across the roof, just as the mutant closes a door behind him, shouting, "LOOK!" Wes yells, "Hey, you! STOP!" The five Time Force Ranger rush across the roof, hopping over metal railings, as they make their way to what looks from the outside to be just a small stairwell shaft. Yet, when they open the door and race in, they find the place to be a massive, empty storage room! Talk about smoke and mirrors. Our heroes pause upon entering, with Red Ranger wondering, "Whoa! Where'd he GO?!" The storage room is pretty well lit, and is devoid of life and materials, save for a tight circle of 8 rectangular full body mirrors placed in the middle of the room. Green Ranger sighs defeatedly, "I THINK he got away." Wes says, "Well, let's look around. Just to be sure!" Jen orders, "Stay alert, everyone." Nobody spots Miracon hiding in the circle of mirrors, as he snickers softly and tiptoes across the way, approaches a mirror, and pop's his p's while whispering, "My PLAN is working PERfectly! Heheheheh!" Miracon slips into the reflective glass of the mirror, passing into it via a warping blue light. Once within the frame, he laughs wickedly, and turns himself invisible. The five Rangers keep close together, looking everywhere for signs of a trap. Yellow Ranger asks, "What're those over there?!" Red Ranger responds, "I don't KNOW. They LOOK like mirrors! That's kinda strange. What'd you think they're FOR?" Pink Ranger cautiously claims, "Be careful. I don't like the looks of this."

Blue Ranger wanders into the circle of mirrors, and egotistically & self-lovingly remarks on the subject of seeing 8 sides of himself at once, "Actually, Jen, things look pretty GOOD from over here. Heheh. Hey, handsome. Heh." Yellow Ranger spots Lucas playing with his helmet again, and folds her arms in bemusement. Lucas mentions with vain delight, "I wish we had this kinda setup at the Tower! This is GREAT! Now i've got EVery angle covered!" Katie snaps, "Lucas, would you give it a REST already?!" Her teammates join her side, stepping just barely into the circle of mirrors. Blue Ranger turns around, and smoothly states, "Heeey, just checkin' out the uniform! We have to look SHARP, don't we? We ARE the Time Force Rangers, after all." As he turns, his reflection in at least three of the mirrors now behind him remains the same for a moment, before taking on lives of their own! Lucas' reflection motions its hands on the sides of its head mockingly like ears, then leaning sharply backwards while rubbing its stomach and pointing as if laughing heartily, followed by putting its fists in the air and leaning onto one leg. Trip points out suddenly, "Lucas! Your reflection!" Blue Ranger turns around to see three of himself not themselves, doing the belly laugh motion again, then the fists in the air thing. Lucas wonders in shock, "What's goin' on?! What's happening?!", and gets a little too close to one of the mirrors. His evil reflection laughs raspily, then reaches out from the looking-glass, makes the mirror warp with a blue light, and grabs Lucas by his suit. Lucas protests, "Wait, hey!", but is pulled into the mirror world against his will by his doppelganger. Wes cries out for Lucas, and darts toward the mirror he was pulled into. As the four TF Rangers do this, Blue Ranger's wicked reflection morphs into Miracon, who laughs maniacally. Red Ranger grabs the thing mirror frame and slides his hand against the glass, asking, "What happened?! Where'd he GO?! Lucas!" Venturing too close to the mirror next to that one, Katie's shoulder is suddenly grabbed by a Miracon's white & silver large-cuffed arm. Jen grabs her other hand, and tries to hold onto her, calling out her name. The mutant is too strong, and as he drags Katie in, Jen is pulled in, and with her, so is Trip! Wes cries out for Jen, but this distraction allows Miracon to reach out from Lucas' original mirror, and grabs Red Ranger's shoulder. He's forcibly yanked into the mirror world, usual rippling on the glass applies. In a shipping yard, Pink, Yellow & Green Rangers fall harshly to the cement between large shipping crates, as a ripple warp behind them closes. Blue Ranger is somehow already waiting for them (despite being sucked into the mirror Wes is in now). He hurries to their side, helping Green up while asking, "Guys! Are you okay? Trip! Are you hurt?!" Trip clutches his side, and groans, "No. I'm fine." The girls get up themselves, with Jen looking around and wondering, "Where ARE we?" In the other mirror world, Red Ranger is flipped over onto his back as he passes through the one-way ripple warp. He finds himself in the middle of an empty street, surrounded by tall buildings, and not a soul in sight. Wes gets up, looks around, and states, "Where AM I? Where IS everyone?! Oh, no. I MUST be inside the mirror. I've GOT to find the others!"

In the storage room, Ransik & Nadira walk over to the circle or mirrors. Nadira, wearing her usual white leather battle uniform, skips along happily, giggling like an evil little kid. They step into the nexus of mirrors, and look around, before finding what they were seeking. Ransik laughs deeply, and Nadira scratches her fingers growlingly at the two mirrors containing the five TF Rangers. On the left, is the Yellow-Pink-Blue-Green Rangers mirror world, and on the right, is the Red Ranger mirror world (despite them entering mirrors on the flipside). These mirrors seem to focus on heroes as they stand around baffled by their other-dimension locations. Lucas pounds his fist into his palm, and asks, "So what happened to Wes?!" Jen puts her hands on her hips, and also wonders, "Did he get pulled in here, TOO?" Nadira waves at herself in the other surrounding mirrors, while Ransik exclaims, "GOOD job, Miracon!" The mirror-master mutant's laughter gets their attention, causing the two to turn around, finding him solely within a single looking-glass. Miracon replies, "THANK you, sir. Trapping them was SO simple! Ehaha." Ransik approaches his mirror (with us seeing the view from the inside looking out), and takes diabolical delight in mentioning, "The RANGERS, will have to destroy ALL of the mutants.... Hehehaha (knocks on glass five times)... to get out of THERE." Nadira spins around, and excitedly announces, "NehaHA! Which ISN'T going to HAPPEN!" She squeals while talking, then calms, waving, pouting, and winking to her old pal, "See ya, Miracon." Ransik also waves to the mutant in the mirror, before walking off with his daughter in hand. All three of them erupt into wicked laughter. Once Ransik & Nadira leave, Miracon turns visible again, teleporting off to one of his mirror worlds. Speaking of which, in one such mirror world, Pink Ranger looks to the sky, and stresses, "Guys, we've GOT to figure out how to get OUT of here!" Yellow Ranger confirms, "Yeah, Jen's right." The evil gravely laughter of a female mutant gets their attention. They all turn with equal huh's to see the purple female mutant named Redeye (from "Uniquely Trip") standing down the alley, claiming, "Hahaha! YOU'RE not going ANYwhere!" Katie names the criminal onscreen for the first time, and points out, "Redeye?! HEY! We CAPtured you already!" Redeye notes, "NOT in the Mirror World!" She touches her purple hand to her large singular red eye in the middle of her football shaped head, then aims her hand at them. All four Time Force Rangers from the future are struck with sparking bursts at the base of their feet, causing them to cry out and shield their eyes.


That last bit of footage is repeated, with Redeye saying this time, "Pathetic Rangers! NOW you're on MY turf!" The sparking blast happens again, but our heroes recover quickly, dashing in unison through the smoke and toward the mutant. Pink Ranger whips out her two Chrono-Sabers between scenes, and lunges at Redeye, who blocks her attack with her own right blade-hand. The action moves out into an open area of the shipping yard, with the camera pulling back for no good reason. Green Ranger, also with both Sabers, tries to strike the mutant. Redeye slashes into Trip's chest with her blade-arm, does the same to Jen, blocks Lucas' Saber strike, and finally chest-slashes him as well. Yellow Ranger sneaks up behind the mutant, and grabs her from behind. They struggle roughly, shifting positions. Redeye whines when one of Katie's Chrono-Sabers brushes against her neck, "Okay, you GOT me! I give up!" Katie releases her, prompting the mutant to gurgle somewhat and clutch her neck, before turning around and quipping, "PSYCH! LOSER!" Redeye slashes her bladearm across Yellow Ranger's chest, knocking her down. Blue Ranger stands by her downed side, bops her in the chest gently with the butt of his Saber, while reminding her, "Katie! You CAN'T trust her!" Katie grunts, then nods with a neck jerk, "So I SEE." Redeye bites her own thumb, and snickers sinisterly. Lucas readies his Sabers and tries to attack the mutant, at the same time as Jen. Redeye ducks under their attack, causing their Sabers to collide against one another. They also try footsweeping her simultaneously, but the mutant leaps into the air, causing Pink & Blue Rangers to kick each other's feet. Redeye lands both her own feet into both of their chests, knocking them back, and launching her high into the air, where she lands atop some shipping crates. The four Time Force Rangers regroup far below her, as she boasts, "FACE it, Rangers! I'M stronger than EVER. There's no WAY you can beat ME." Redeye chuckles and snubs her nose at them, when suddenly, Wes' voice screams aloud, "We'll SEE about THAT!" The mutant turns just in time to see multiple red bolts of energy streaming her way. Redeye is struck in the chest, groans, and plummets to the ground in a smoking heap. Pink Ranger looks over and says with relief, "Wes! Where WERE you?!" Red Ranger waves as he rushes over, carrying his double-bladed Chrono-Saber in one hand, explaining, "Hey, guys! I was STUCK in another mirror." Jen lovingly replies, "I'm GLAD you're okay." Katie asks, "Wes, do you know HOW we can get out of here?!" Wes reveals, "There are mutants in the other mirrors JUST like here. To get out, we have to destroy them ALL." (meaning there's no telling what mutant he had to face in his mirror world)

Redeye throws a fit, jumping up and down, and regains attention as she proclaims, "DON'T waste your time worrying about those OTHER mutants! You'll NEVER get past ME!" She does the hand to red eye thing, before aiming her palm at the five TF Rangers, firing a blast of purple energy. They cry out, and roll safely away from the purple smoke her attack leaves. Yellow Ranger rolls into a battle ready stance, while Red Ranger does the same, calling into his Chrono-Morpher, "Vortex Blaster, ONline!" Katie grunts deeply for some reason. The five V-Weapons come together against the black backdrop, and the five Time Force Rangers position themselves around the combined Vortex Blaster. The front of the heavy cannon charges up, Wes announces, "Ready? FIRE!", and then the Vortex Blaster discharges its first bolt. Immediately, Wes shouts for it to fire again, which our heroes do, shooting off a second round of massive discharge with a firm kickback. Redeye is struck completely, her purple body engulfed in flames as she releases a bloodcurdling scream. The enormous fireball causes the area around her to crackle like shattered glass. From the storage room, we see the mirror the fight is occurring is has developed a massive fracture in the center! The image of the fire at the shipping docks fades, and the mirror to the right of it changes into a different scene of its own. Within the reflection, is a large hole in the wall. A tall, dark, brooding figure growls, and proclaims, "Welcome to MY mirror, Rang-ERS!" He steps into the light, revealing himself to be the mutant I once called Barbaricon (from "Full Exposure"), but named here in the end credits only, as Ironspike! Seems the three guys must have ended up in another mirror for the time being, as only the Pink & Yellow Rangers are shown on the scene in Ironspike's mirror world. They rush through a warehouse loading zone, and spot the mutant lurking within a dark corridor. Jen shouts, "STOP right there!" Ironspike pulls out a jagged broadsword with a golden handle. He readies it viciously, laughing raspily, and boasting, "Oh, I'LL stop... when YOU'RE destroyed!" Katie scoffs, "Oh, _I_ don't think so!" Pink Ranger whips out her V-Weapon, shouting, "V-5!" Yellow Ranger does the same, "V-4!" Ironspike charges at him with his sword in hand, prompting the girls to fire at him. He snarls, and presses onward despite the sparking flashes. Pink Ranger hiyaahingly spins around, and suddenly has her double-bladed Chrono-Saber in hand over her head. Ironspike leaps into the air, and lands before the female duo. Yellow Ranger also has her double-blades out, and uses them to block the mutant's first swordswipe. He spars with her for a second, trying repeatedly to kick at Jen to no avail. Jen circles around him, then attempts to slash at Ironspike, prompting him to block it with his sword, causing her to fall into a roll. She rolls over to Katie's side, and they stand together, facing the tall, metal-spiked covered Gladiator type creature, reminiscent of Loyax or Barbarax, with a white & grey camouflaged colored chest-plate, and reddish skin poking out around the edges.

Much of this scene from here out is recycled footage from "Full Exposure", so I shall recycle much of my summary from that, sans Mitch. Ironspike shoots bluish laserbeams from his eyes at Jen & Katie, sending the both of them falling in a smokeful scream. Immediately, the mutant strikes once more with a growl, sword-slashing at Yellow Ranger. She tries to defend herself with her double-bladed Chrono-Saber, but he's too quick and powerful, causing Katie to fall backwards into a set of barrels, knocking the discarded cans of paint thinner atop them onto her weary body. Ironspike cuts into Pink Ranger, sending her flying into an old wooden crate, which rips apart when her body slams into it. Yellow Ranger jumpflips over the mutant's head with a hiyaah, then slashing at his head, but he ducks. She tries again, and he blocks it with his sword, before slashing at her feet, which she spins and hops over. Ironspike growls and slices at her twice, the second one sparkily hitting her chest. As she falls with a groan, Pink Ranger recovers and tries to attack from behind. Ironspike turns around and blocks her saber-slash with the blade of his broadsword. Jen tries again, allowing him to block her Sabers once more, and finally get a sharp kick into her side like he'd been trying for earlier. She's knocked into the air, landing harshly on her back across the zone. Katie's at her side, helping her to her feet and saying her name with concern. Ironspike looks at them and snarls a laugh. Yellow & Pink Ranger scream aloud as explosions suddenly erupt around their bodies. The two morphed ladies fall (sometimes near water, sometimes not!), both coughing and struggling in vain to get up, clutching their right shoulders in agony. Ironspike slowly approaches them, and speaking in a very deep and raspy voice, gloats, "That was only a small SAMPLE of my firepower. I thought you Power Rangers would be more of a CHALLENGE for me! So, do you admit defeat?" Katie confusedly asks, "What?!" Jen grunts a reply, "We'll NEVER give up!" Ironspike gives a chuckle, and notes, "You CAN'T beat me." Lucas' voice calls out from the sidelines, "That's what YOU think!" The girls sit up, with Katie exclaiming Lucas' name in relief. Ironspike turns his body (since his neck doesn't move), plays with his broadsword, and remarks, "THIS ought to be FUN!"

Red, Blue, and Green TF Rangers finally make the scene, leaping into action with hiyaahs. Wes & Lucas snatch Ironspike up by surprise, pulling him high into the air and bashing his body against the metal railing of an exterior side stairway of the warehouse. They then release, causing the mutant to plummet to the ground harshly. When Ironspike hits the ground, Green Ranger rolls onto the scene, carrying his V-3 weapon in hand. He fires it at the dazed mutant, causing him to smoke up a storm and drop his broadsword onto the cement. An outside view of this mirror shows a slight crack begin to form on the surface. Ironspike clutches his chest, as Red & Blue TF Rangers both drop down simultaneously from above with their Chrono-Sabers in hand. They land and confront Ironspike, slashing into him at the same time, with the same sparking smoke results. Wes & Lucas bombard the mutant with Saber-strikes, causing the tall creature to stagger back in a daze. Blue Ranger stands with his arms outward, allowing Red Ranger to jump onto his shoulders, launch himself into the air, and activate, "Time Strike!" The large red clockface is formed by his Chrono-Sabers at a setting of roughly 3 o'clock. The twin slashes of pure red energy rip through Ironspike, and despite putting up his armored arms in defense, he's overwhelmed by an onslaught of explosions in and around himself. Blue & Red Time Force Rangers flip around, about-face of the burstings, and pose, as the explosions get larger. The screen crackles completely before us. Another outside view shows the mirror slightly shattered, with Ironspike crying out from within a sea of explosions.

In yet another mirror, the five Time Force Rangers find themselves outside what looks to be a hospital building at night. Red Ranger comments eagerly, "We're in the next mirror! Alright, who's NEXT?" On a few stair levels below them, a tall white mutant we've never seen before appears. Well, he DID appear once, as a cardboard cutout drawing in "Trust & Triumph." He might be a mutant our heroes fought offscreen, but they don't seem to recognize him, so it's possible he's either still in the Prison Ship, or was left behind in the future. Anyway, the mutant is white colored, has robotic features, a spirally top to his head, and has two wings on his back. Our heroes spot him, as he proclaims in an eccentric voice, "ALLOW me to introduce myself. I'm ANGELcon, and my friends & I will be HAPPY to have you in our mirror... FOREVER!" Angelcon reaches around his back, and pulls out a palmful of springy nuts & bolts. He pours them onto the cement, causing a full platoon of Cyclobots to suddenly spring to life, as the mutant summons, "Cyclobots, A-RISE!" The robodrones, all golden-suited, march in place, with their arms and legs whirring mechanically. Red Ranger, his helmet sparkling with green streaming data in the blacken area, whips out his double-bladed Chrono-Saber, and urges, "Let's DO it!" Wes leaps into the air, and lands on the lower level with the oncoming Cyclos. He hiyaahs loudly, while sparkily slashing into two Cyclobots, before clashing sabers with another, which he easily kicks out of his way. Wes saber-slashes two more Cyclos across the chest, in rather dramatic slow motion.


The camera goes for crooked, stylistic angles, as Blue Ranger does a spinning double kick into a Cyclobot. Pink Ranger sparkily slashes into a Cyclobot with both her Chrono-Sabers, before turning around and doing the same thing to another. Green Ranger knees a Cyclo in the gut, then elbows the drone in the back, causing the bot to fall as Trip leaps over it. Yellow Ranger is on a slashing-spree, using her double-bladed Chrono-Saber to literally rip into nearly a dozen Cyclobots in a manic rush. Eventually, Angelcon leaps through the air toward Katie, who simply lowers her saber and readies her right fist (three times). Angelcon collides into Katie's extended fist, getting punched in the head, which sends him smoking & screamingly hurling off onto his back. The mutant recovers, and vows, "How DARE you strike me?! You'll PAY for that!" Angelcon aims his hand at the Yellow TF Ranger, prompting Katie to roll out of the way of a greenish electric blast. Katie exclaims, "Chrono-Saber!", as she slashes her double-blade into the air, shooting off a beam of yellow energy. Angelcon is blasted directly in his chest, causing him to burst with sparks, smoke, and screams. The background turns black, as Yellow Ranger runs her gloved fingers across one edge of her double-bladed Chrono-Saber, summoning, "FULL Power!" In a flash, both sides of the saber are crackling with yellow energy. Angelcon staggers in agony, almost begging for mercy between gurgles. Yellow Ranger slashes both sides of her double-blades into the mutant, each one trailing with yellow laserpower. Angelcon is overwhelmed by the well-placed strikes, his body surging with bluish electricity as Katie slices into him several times. She finally turns around and poses with her still glowing Chrono-Sabers, as the mutant bursts brightly & loudly. Once Angelcon is engulfed with smoke, the screen shatters from the center, crackling and leaving the image between the fractures with a bit of a spectrum color.

One last mirror in the storage room is focused upon, showing the Red Time Force Ranger wandering into a large, abandoned shipping dock warehouse. Wes looks around, and figures, "This SHOULD be the last mirror. He's GOT to be around here, SOMEwhere!" The place looks kinda like the warehouse that Eric got the Quantum Morpher inside of. Red Ranger looks around quite a bit, but fails to notice Miracon when the mutant pops up behind him. Miracon sneaks up on him, snickering very softly. Wes suddenly spins around and throws a punch, only to have it blocked by the mutant's matching scepter. They begin furiously fighting, with the Ranger kicking, ducking, and spinning out of the way as Miracon attempts to strike up close. Wes backs up against a large rusty old generator, and kicks out a stray blue barrel tucked beside the machine. The barrel serves to only annoy the mutant, who slaps it aside with his staff, before preparing to attack Wes now that he has him more or less cornered. Outside of that dimension, in the storage room, Eric Myers, in his Silver Guardian Commander uniform, opens the door. He possibly showed up after hearing of the mutant disturbance earlier, and since the Rangers vanished there, he's investigating the scene by himself (or else Circuit called him up). Eric steps into the room, spots the circle of mirrors, and quickly rushes over toward it. Once inside the circle, he draws his SG Blaster, holding it up with both hands, ready for anything. He cautiously looks around, seeing only harmless mirrors, and slowly lowers his weapon. Inside the mirror world, Red Ranger hops up on the generator as Miracon swipes his scepter at his feet. The mutant laughs, as Wes kicks the scepter, then tries to make a leap for it. He's too slow, allowing Miracon to bash his feet with the Mira-staff. Wes falls onto his back, groaning aloud. Miracon boasts, "You may have done well in the OTHER mirrors, but you WON'T here!" Outside the mirror, Eric suddenly overhears Miracon's evil laughter inside a single looking-glass. The mirror pane shows Red Ranger on his stomach, lying before the chuckling Miracon. Eric alerts, "Wes! BeHIND you!", as he aims his SG Blaster at the mirror. He fires a bolt of orange energy at the mirror, but because the portal is currently closed, the laserbeam ricochets off the glass! Eric drops to the floor frantically, barely missing getting his face fried. The bolt of power bounces across the reflective surfaces, until it reaches one and seemingly dissipates. Eric reholsters his weapon, and having turned his back to Wes' mirror (which has changes angles of the scene, showing Miracon making his laughing way to the weary Wes), he spots a mirror across from him. The mirror is showing the interior roof of the warehouse, and taking a literal leap of faith, Eric leaps into the strange frame!

Eric passes through the mirror, and ends up leaping across the mirror world warehouse, morphing in midair via a tunnel of crimson red digital data, as he calls out for, "Quantum POWer!" The Quantum Ranger lands perfectly between the Red TF Ranger & Miracon, delivering a sharp high kick into the mutant's chest, knocking him over. Wes gets up, and tells his savior gratefully, "Thanks, Eric!" Eric sternly replies, "Right. Let's just get OUT of here." Miracon recovers to his feet, and gloats, "I don't THINK so! This is one mirror you WON'T get out of!" He charges up his mira-staff, firing off a green pulse beam from the scepter's brain-top. Both Red & Quantum Rangers are struck with the close-range blow, sending them shoutingly flying across the warehouse. They reluctantly slam through the brittle wall of the old building, rolling outside onto the nearby wooden waterfront docks in unison. Miracon shows up just as they get up, giving them a wicked, "Ha HAH!" Eric unholsters his, "Quantum Defender!" (notice a gold spot on his Quantum Morpher's speaker, due to a Sentai plot we ditched). Wes whips out his double-bladed, "Chrono-Saber!" Miracon focuses upon the two Rangers with his green goggle-eyes. His computerized vision is shown, as it scans both of their weapons. The analyzing is rather brief, making a read-out just as they both fire their bolts of red energy his way. Miracon laughs deeply, as his whole body (except for his head & feet) dissolves when fired upon, causing the red blasts to pass through him, striking harmlessly against the area behind him. Just as quickly as it dematerialized, his body reforms to normal. Wes gasps, "What?!", and Eric claims it's, "ImPOSSible!" Miracon tips his oversized brainy head to them, as he boasts, "Silly Rangers! You have no IDEA who you're dealing with, do you? In MY Mirror World, ANYthing is possible, for ME!" He gives another loud HA, before aiming his hand their way, and firing off twin ropes from within a single one of his oversized wristcuffs. Each tentacle wraps around a Ranger's neck, causing much struggle in return. Wes rolls under Eric's cord, but Miracon still manages to send a shockwave of greenish electrical energy through both ropes. Our two red-colored heroes burst with sparks, smoke, and screams of agony, before dropping onto their backs, writhing in pain. Miracon taps his scepter against his left palm, proclaiming, "No more games! Time to FINISH you! Hmhm!"

Suddenly, Yellow & Green Time Force Rangers finally show up. Were they in yet another mirror or something? They appear on the other side of the docks, both wielding their V-Weapons. Katie cries, "FIRE!", and that they both do. Miracon simply swats his scepter at the green & yellow boltblasts, knocking them away. He growls, and fires his mira-staff back at them, hitting their V-Weapons. Green & Yellow Ranger are blasted over into a stack of rusty old paint thinner cans. Still on his back beside Eric, Wes calls out, "Trip! Katie!" Just then, Pink & Blue Time Force Rangers jumpflip through the air, with double-bladed Chrono-Sabers in hand. Miracon turns in time to see them hiyaahingly leaping his way. They point their sabers at him, but the mutant simply holds up his scepter, blocking both blades, and sharply kicking them in the gut at the same time. Lucas & Jen are booted uncontrollably off the docks, both landing in the water together! Wes yelps, "GUYS!" Miracon pats his mira-staff to his palm again, and points out, "Hehehehah! There's absolutely NOTHING you can do... to defeat me!" Red Time Force Ranger, his shoulder scorched, finally gets up, and announces, "That's what YOU think." Wes rushes at Miracon, throws a kick, the mutant blocks it, he tries to footsweep him, the mutant hops over it. A punch is thrown, but easily blocked, allowing the snarling mutant to repeatedly bash his brain-topped scepter into Red Ranger's chest! Wes eventually topples over, clutching his smoking, staff-bashed chest. Quantum Ranger remains lying around, calling out with concern, "Wes!" Green, Yellow, Blue & Pink TF Rangers all come together at last (Eric included), regrouping around Red Ranger, who has his double-blades in hand now. The six Rangers face Miracon on the dock, as the mutant comments, "Ya just DON'T learn!" He charges up his mira-staff, and blasts a beam of green their way. Sparks flash, our heroes shield their helmets, but before the smoke can settle, both Red & Quantum Rangers race forth. They lunge at Miracon, grabbing him and taking him with them as they leap into the air. The mutant is harshly slammed into the cement, as the two Rangers roll to safety. Eric unholsters his Quantum Defender again, and Wes (sporting a large hole in his chest) switches his Chrono-Sabers into two. They both fire off bolts of red energy from their respective weapons, but Miracon, who has recovered, smacks their beams away with his scepter, creating explosions to his side. The moment of a lull allows the mutant to fire his mira-staff back at them, Eric & Wes get struck by the green bolt, and fall onto their backs once more.

Miracon shakes his finger at the two reds, and gloats, "Is that ALL you've got!? This is almost too EASY!" Red Ranger, his helmet displaying black scorch-marks on the sides, whispers to his partner, "Alright, Eric. We've GOT to give him the double-team." Quantum Ranger nods, and quips, "Let's STICK it to him!" They both get up and immediately begin racing toward the mutant, weapons in hand. Wes rushes in front with his Saber-holding arms held outward, as Eric gets behind him. We see inside Red Ranger's helmet for a moment, what it looks like to be rushing at Miracon at he fires several green bursts from his scepter. Wes' body is bombarded with blasts, but he never once falters, despite his sparking suit. He suddenly stops in his tracks, and Eric drops to the ground behind him, and aims the Quantum Defender directly beneath Wes' legs! The five or so blasts hit Miracon unexpectedly, causing a puff of crimson smoke to erupt from his body upon impact. Miracon drops his scepter, and motions at his smoking face in silent agony. Red Ranger leaps into the air (his suit repairing for a moment, thanks to recycled footage), and calls out, "Time Strike!" The red clockface is created by the positioning of his Chrono-Saber wielding arms. This charged up attack allows Wes to land two crossing slices of red energy into the mutant. Miracon surges with greenish electricity. Quantum Ranger snaps his Q-Defender into, "Blade Mode!" Eric, with a flaming fiery background, slashes his saber into the mutant twice. This is more than enough dicing action for Miracon, as his body begins to burst into a red-smokey explosion. Wes & Eric turn around and face the camera as Miracon explodes behind them. The screen crackles, and from a view of the mirror from the storage room, we see the entire mirror frame has begin to shatter completely. Not complete enough to free our heroes, as they're still stuck in there as Miracon laughs and yanks off the gold & black DNA Patch from his left leg! His mutant DNA is exposed, the molecules chain react, and Miracon grows gigantically, scepter in hand. All six Rangers regroup, looking skyward. Red Ranger calls into his Chrono-Morpher, "Circuit!" At the Clock Tower, sitting in front of an empty Holoscreen, the robotic owl named Circuit simply replies, "Say no more, Wes!"

In the year 3000, at the Time Force HQ launchpad, the female computer voice announces, "Prepare Time Flyers for launch." The five Time Flyer rise out of their underground hangars, and float into position. Trans-Warp Megazord extends his hydraulic arm, as the voice announces, "Launch in 10...9..."etc. The first Flyer rolls onto the turntable, TW lowers his visor, the Time Gate charges up with the vortex, and immediately after the voice calls out 1, it's launched into the portal. The others are skipped, and next, the Shadow Winger is catapulted into the Time Gate, where it flies through its own green portal. In the multicolored other time vortex, the five Time Flyers fly in formation. Probably symbolic of the fact that they now have to pass into the Mirror World, some bits of stock footage from the first PRTF opening get to be played in the series. Basically, the five Time Flyers drop out of the vortex, and appear in a prehistoric world, where they scare the tar out of the crappiest looking brontosaurus in history. It growls, and likely then eats the ape which would one day become man, all because the stupid unmanned Flyers decided to detour through history. Next, the five Flyers zoom over a desert, with pyramids in the distance. The ancient Egyptians duck in fear, and all it would take is a well-placed spear to down a Flyer, and screw up history forever. Finally, the five Time Flyers pass over the top of an ancient Japanese building. Several ninjas or samurais spot the futuristic crafts, and they're distracted long enough for Marco Polo to conquer their nation, thus screwing up history. Do you see why these bits of footage are logically about as sound as jamming gum up your nostrils to prevent from sneezing? After the useless footage is over, the Time Flyers emerge from the detour through time and space, through the portal atop the stadium dome in the Mirror World version of Silver Hills. The Rangers hop in, and the Flyers shift around into Time Force Megazord Mode Blue. Under a briefly dark sky, Shadow Winger transforms into the Time Shadow Megazord.

The Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue stands beside the Time Shadow Megazord in the mirror world version of Silver Hills, facing the giant Miracon, who's opposite them. There's debris and rubble piled in the streets between the three, though since this is an alternate dimension without inhabitants, no harm done. Miracon chuckles wickedly, and steps to the right, prompting the Megazords to do the same. Time Shadow readies its blue arm-blades, but just when it's about to rush against the mutant, Miracon extends his right hand, firing off the twin tentacles from his wristcuffs again. They both wrap around Time Shadow's neck, and begin to surge with greenish energy. Miracon growls and laughs all the while, as the self-sentient Megazord struggles in vain to be free of the frying. Time Shadow suddenly ceases movement, as the electricity also stops flowing through its body. In Mode Blue, Pink Ranger wonders, "What's HAPpening?!" Green Ranger, reminding us that he's supposed to be a tech whiz, points out, "He's reversing the Time Shadow's polarity! It'll turn AGAINST us!" Indeed, the Time Shadow Megazord turns around (in more ways than one), just as its eyes shift from a cool blue to a furiously glowing red. It slashes into Mode Blue's chest with its arm-blades, striking multiple times against its fellow Megazord, causing sparks on the outside, and Ranger-rocking on the inside. Once the control cabin stabilizes, Blue Ranger begs, "Time Shadow! STOP!" On the street below, the Quantum Ranger gasps at the sight, "What?" Eric then commands into his Quantum Morpher, "Quantasaurus, ARISE!" Bursting through the ground in the forest, the Q-Rex violently digs its way out of its underground cavern home, and howls mightily. It probably passed into the Mirror World when arising, kinda like when Cinecon summoned the Zords to his own dimension in "Movie Madness." Eric presses the upper left button on his Morpher, and calls for, "Q-Rex! Megazord Mode!" The Quantasaurus Rex reconfigures its body into the upright standing humanoid Megazord formation, with all the fancy background explosions. While Time Shadow holds Mode Blue captive beneath its arm-blades, Miracon turns around to witness the Q-Rex arrive. Eric presses the bottom right button on his Morpher, and commands, "Fire Missiles!" The Q-Rex Megazord points its right gatling-fist at the mutant, and unloads the full supply of red rockets at Miracon, who's blasted directly.

Miracon rolls away, mostly unharmed, where he comments after a few growls, "Even WITH your Zords, you don't stand a CHANCE against me!" Quantum Ranger seems to ponder something, as he retorts, "We'll just SEE about that." He presses the bottom center button on his Quantum Morpher, and activates, "Q-Rex Punch!" The Quantasaurus Rex Megazord's body trails, as it powers up its black left fist, before firing it off, aiming at the other two Megazords! Mode Blue barely slips out of Time Shadow's grasp as the flying fist comes barreling its way, slamming explosively into the mirrorly-controlled Megazord. Yellow Ranger snaps at Eric, asking, "What're you DOing?!" Quantum Ranger replies simply, "Just TRUST me." Time Shadow's body is smoking, and its arms go limp, as the evilly red-glowing eye fade back to blue. Katie gasps, "It WORKED! You changed him BACK!" Red Ranger, helmet still scorched, urges, "Now, let's get down to business!" Time Shadow Megazord, back on the side of good, readies its blue arm-blades. Beside it, the Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue grips the Time Jet in Blaster Mode. Miracon snarls as he rushes at the two, waving his scepter around. Mode Blue fires the Time Jet at the mutant, sparkily hitting him in the chest with a blue beam. In the storage room, we see the reflection of the mirror where the battle is taking place (showing Time Shadow's feet zooming through the air), inside another mirror, which itself begins to shatter and fracture. In the mirror world, Time Shadow Megazord hovers swiftly across the darkened city, slicing both sides of its double blue-bladed weapon into the mutant. Miracon is cut into twice, causing him to groan as he's engulfed in a golden light, which highlights his shadow being cut into two. Quantum Ranger presses the bottom left button on his Morpher, activating aloud, "FREEZE Lasers!" The Quantasaurus Rex Megazord charges up its shoulder cannons with green energy particles, and once powered-up, unleashes a full double river of condensed intense laserbeams. Miracon screams, as the green beams hit him, and cause his body to explode into a fireball. The green particles swirl around, preserve his body, freeze it in place, then shrink it out of sight as the fires dissolve behind him. Time Force in Mode Blue, Q-Rex, and Time Shadow Megazords stand side by side, overlooking the waterfront area of the Mirror World. They lower their weapons and arms, posing victoriously beneath the cloudy blue sky of the unnatural city.

In the storage room, a mirror continues to crackle, until it finally shatters and bursts into a hollow frame. Two more mirrors also rupture into pieces, before finally all 8 have been wiped out. The six Power Rangers find themselves dumped harshly on the ground in the center of the mirror-circle (we must assume the Megazords were returned safely to whence they came). The broken and empty mirror frames all gleam with a blue energy, before dematerializing completely, as if they were never there. Our heroes recover to their feet, and look around, with Wes noting ecstatically, "All RIGHT, the mirrors are GONE! We're back!" Jen commends her team, "GOOD job, everybody!" The mutant DNA molecules are shown retracting with a grumble, before the tiny, cold-smoking, Chrono-Frozen body of Miracon plops onto the cement. Eric dusts himself off, as Lucas spots the recaptured creature, pointing out, "It's MIRAcon! I'll take care of 'em." He grips a Time Force Badge in his right palm, walks over to the tiny mutant, crouches down, and holds the Badge over the tiny figure, claiming, "YOU'RE under arrest." In a flash of blue light, the TF Badge turns into a new Chrono-Capsule, reimprisioning Miracon. Lucas picks it up, and quips, "That's one mirror i'm GLAD we broke." His equally morphed teammates get a weary laugh out of that remark, to which he adds to Trip, "Don't you agree?" Wes pats his shoulder, and in the background, Quantum Ranger still appears quite the outcast.


Later that day, at the Prison Ship, hastily parked lopsidedly in the Silver Hills forest, Nadira is wearing her new silver outfit from earlier. She stands in the main detention center, with a three-sided golden-rimmed full body mirror in front of her. Still admiring her most recent attire acquisition, she coos to her own gorgeous pink-haired reflections with sporadic breathless gasps and grins, "Mirror, mirror... Tell me TRUE! Who's looking, simply... FABOO?!" Nadira squeals with loud giggles and throws her arms out, loving herself like nobody else could. A weird little voice replies from out of nowhere, "Uhh, YOU are!" Nadira gasps, and leans in toward her triple reflections, curiously asking, "Miracon?! Is THAT yoooou?" She gets so close to the mirror, pointing at it with her black velvet gloves, that she fails to notice the short, green whale-frog mutant standing behind her. Gluto, his voice now raspy and deep like normal, announces, "No! It's ME, Gluto! Hehe. _I_ think ya look faboo! Houze about a date?! Uheh." Nadira slowly turns around, her expression quickly changing into full annoyment. She puts her hands on her hips, and screams in reply, "As... IF!" Nadira struts over to Gluto, snatches the pink bouquet of flowers out of his hands, smacks him in the face with them, then tossing them aside. She struts off with her nose in the air, leaving Gluto groaning defeatedly as he rubs his head, asking ala Regis, "Is dat yer FINAL ansa?! Hehe. Ohhh..." Nearby, inside his dark office, Ransik uses a small grey sharpening block to scrap against the shiny silver blade of his trusty Bonesword! He sharpens the marrow-handled machete with care, before whipping it forcibly in the air a few times, seeing how it well it handles. Ransik smirks eerily, apparently pleased with his weapon's performance. He sets down the sharpening block, then opens up the wooden cabinet on his desk. Inside the red velvet interior, are about six vials of the Anti-Venomark serum (back in their classic containers). Ransik reaches in with his left hand, scoops two vials up between his fingers, then stuffs them into the right-side neck area of his leather suit. As he walks across the room, Nadira leans against the open doorframe, curiously witnessing her father's actions while tapping her index fingers together softly, and asking innocently, "What'cha doin', daddy?" Ransik turns to his daughter, and replies bloodthirstily calm, "Daddy's goin' huntin'.... YAAAH!" He slashes his bonesword at Nadira, causing her to frightfully jolt back somewhat, despite his being a safe distance away. Still aiming his blade at her, Ransik finishes his statement furiously, ".... For FRAX!! I haven't forGOTTEN... how he TRIED to DESTROY ME!" He maniacally admires his shimmering sword, and turns away from Nadira, before stepping his right leg up on a chair. Ransik lifts his bonesword over his head, and slowly impales it into his leather-covered kneecap! The blade glows turquoise (sorta like the serum color), and makes a shimmering noise, as it's sheathed into his leg bone. While doing this, Ransik remarks, "He can only HIDE... for SO... long." Once the bony handle of the sword reconnects with his kneecap, Ransik sighs in morbid relief. He then reaches over and picks up off the desk a spiked metal mace-club we've seen him wielding a few times previous. Ransik walks out of his office, patting the spikes against his hand sadistically, while mentioning to his daughter, "THEN... it will be time to paaaay. Hehehahaha!" Nadira grows increasingly more diabolically excited during the course of the scene, finally erupting with finger-tapping glee, "HeheHAHAHheheh."

At the Clock Tower, Jen & Trip sit on the couch, watching a cartoon on the small TV set. It's the EXACT same unnamed cartoon (and scene) that Nadira was watching at the start of "Ransik Lives." The one with the southern characters by the creek, talking about docking jobs and mosquito repellent. Over at the table, Lucas & Wes are in the middle of a game of chess. Lucas takes his time, carefully inspecting the board. He finally moves his white knight (not to be confused with the one in "Beware The Knight") up two spaces and over one, taking Wes' black pawn off the board. Lucas then looks to Wes for him to make the first move, but Wes, probably still weary from the beating he took in the mirror world, is napping! He's resting his forehead against his left hand, and thanks to a pair of dark sunglasses he's got on, his slumbering-shut eyes are hidden from view. Lucas calls out Wes' name twice, waving his hand in front of his face and getting no response aside from deep breathing. He leans in and looks closely at Wes, but when staring into his sunglasses, Lucas spots his own reflection in the blue tinted plastic glass! His vanity kicks in, as he smiles at himself, and uses this mirrored opportunity to fix his hair. As Lucas meticulously adjusts his spiky black hair in the reflection off the sleeping Wes' sunglasses, Katie comes down from the upper level. She calls out as she steps off the stairs, "Hey, Romeooo!" Lucas ceases admiring himself, and turns to see Katie handing him a new white vanity mirror, similar to his last one, as she says remorsefully, "I got you something. I'm... sorry, about the other..." Reflected line shines in his face, and back memories swell up, prompting Lucas to push the mirror away, and fearfully deny, "NO thanks. I NEVER want to see another mirror, as LONG as I live." Katie gets pushy with her gift, urging, "Oh, come ON, that's such a silly superstition! Just..." Lucas shakes his head and resists, "I don't CARE, just keep it away from me!" Katie shoves the mirror against his protesting hands, demanding, "L-Lucas, just take IT!" Lucas struggles, replying sternly, "NO! I... Katie, no." Their fumbling with the vanity mirror causes it to slip out of both their grasps, and predictably, in slow motion, it falls, mirror-first, onto the hardwood floor. Katie gasps, "Oh, no!" The loud sound of the glass shattering causes Wes' head to slip off his fist, jolting him awake. Jen & Trip turn away from the TV, both shockingly searching for the source of the sound. Wes groggily takes off his sunglasses, seems to be in a bit of a "woken up from a sound sleep" daze. He slowly looks over onto the floor, while Jen & Trip watch wide-eyed, as if thinking Miracon was up to something again. Wes remarks shamefully, "Lucaaaas... That's another seven YEARS!" Lucas & Katie remain frozen with their arms tangled against the table. Wes sets down his sunglasses, blinks rapidly to shake off the fatigue, and looks at the chessboard. He reaches over, moves his black knight up two and over one, then informs Lucas, "Checkmate." Jen's mouth gets all scrunchily as she fights back laughter, with Trip beside he appearing quite stunned by the skilled move. Lucas & Katie look at one another, embarrassedly. Katie motions her tongue & smiles somewhat, as Lucas releases her arms, slumping his shoulders in defeat. Talk about having a 7-year itch!

[Scenes from "Nadira's Dream Date"; End Credits]

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