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Power Rangers Time Force
"Nadira's Dream Date"
Original Air Date:10/13/01 Footage from:
Timeranger #40 - Ayase Dattai!? (Ayase Quits?!)
*Season 9, byte 35
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1135
*35th episode of PRTF
*413th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger; voice only)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Additional Cast:
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Gluto (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Chameliacon (voice)


Somewhere in the forest surrounding Silver Hills, lies the ever-leaning Prison Ship. Within, Nadira has taken an interest in trashy romance novels. Her pretty little nose is currently buried between the pages of one certain book, which features a dashing pirate and a blonde maiden drawn on its cover. The title of the book: Romance On The Wind (writer is Linda Ferringo or some such). Nadira reaches the final page of the novel, and gives a breathless sigh as she lowers the closed book to her white-leathered bosom. In the background, Ransik hands a small silver Chrono-Canister to a Cyclobot, with Gluto standing by his side, as if giving insight into the tiny mutant chosen. The Cyclobot takes the capsule, bows, and then heads over to the Reanimator with it. Nadira complains aloud with a depressed expression, "Oh, DADdy! I'm so MISerable!" Ransik quickly hurries to her side, bends down beside her leopard-print chair, tenderly takes her right hand, and asks fatherly, "But WHY, my dear? You have EVerything a girl could want! Cash, cars, jewelry... and you're the most BEAUtiful creature on Earth." Gluto stands behind them, nodding his body in agreement. In the background, the Cyclobot opens up the Reanimation Booth, and the capsule, then places the tiny mutant down within the smokey chamber. Nadira smiles briefly, stating pitifully, "True. But there's ONE thing I DON'T have." Ransik tilts his head and wonders softly, "What?" His daughter explains simply, "RoMANCE!" Ransik, the status of Nadira's mother always questionable, can't help but grimace and groan, "Ough." Gluto anxiously motions his hands, as he grovelingly admits, "Ohhh, Nadira! _I_ can be romantic!" Nadira's mood shifts from self-pity to annoyance, as she hands her father the novel, gets out of her seat, and squeals angrily, "You're about as romantic as a WARThog!" Gluto argues, "Warthogs can be VERY romantic! ...Wid da right lighting, dat is." Ransik looks at Romance On The Wind's cover, and appears a bit flabbergasted by the whole ordeal.

Ransik follows Nadira over to the middle of the room, as the Reanimator begins to erupt with flashes, controlled by that Cyclo. She folds her arms and nearly pouts. Ransik turns her whole upperbody toward him, and calmly notes, "Now, what you NEED... is to get out of here for a while!" She drops her arms and appears a little reluctant, despite her father's nod. The Reanimator chamber door slides open, and stepping out from the smoke is the latest mutant. Well, the Rangers apparently fought his lookalike back in a newspaper photo in "Full Exposure", which I nicknamed Iguanacon. He's a green skinned, reptile mutant with yellow spots on his chest, a metal sort of chest-harness, and a gecko-like face with a curled tail on the back of his head & a prominent tongue, named Chameliacon! Say, perhaps he's using his chameleonic powers to simply look like Iguanacon? Har, har. Anyway, Chameliacon stretches his arms, and comments in a raspy voice, "Ahhh... Ransik! Thanks for finally busting me out! Feels GOOD to be a free lizard. So! What can I do ya for?" Nadira rolls her eyes at his gratitude. Ransik clenches his fist, and stresses, "I want you to deSTROY the Rangers!" Chameliacon replies, "Piece a'cake. Hahaheh." Ransik appears to get an idea instantly, and proceeds to lead his daughter over toward the new mutant, as he softly suggests, "Nadira... Why don't you go, with Chameliacon? Being evil... ALways cheers you up!" Nadira folds her arms and sneers for a moment or two. Chameliacon friendily asks her, "What'd ya say?" Nadira gives in, pouting, "Well... I guess." Chameliacon cheers, "Yeah, baby... Oomph!", until Ransik snatches his oversized eyesocket-brow. The mutant mastermind whispers into the proximity of where the creature's ear would be, demanding directly, "Make sure she has FUN." Chameliacon stammers with a slight nod, "F-fun!" Ransik asks, "GOT it?!" Chameliacon confirms nervously, "I GOT it!"

Elsewhere, at the Clock Tower, Lucas sits on the top of the wooden picnic table, writing what appears to be a poem inside a little blue notebook. He uses a Sharpie marker, and seems quite lost in what he's packing into such a small piece of paper. Lucas kinda reads it aloud as he writes it, smirking joyfully. His four teammates come walking into the room, prompting him to cease writing, and ask, "Back already?" Wes & Trip set down two small crates of various fruits, namely oranges, bananas, and apples. Wes confirms, "Yep!", gives a grunt of relief when setting the crate down, then notes, "We picked the WHOLE orchard." Lucas grabs a banana, and likely remembers when his pal Dash ate one with ketchup on it. Trip catches his breath, while pointing out to him, "Yeah! They let us take these home!" Lucas sets down his little blue book, so he can attempt to peel the banana. Wes grabs an orange, and seems quite amused by it. Katie & Jen have also set crates of fruit on the table, allowing Katie to spot the little blue book. She quickly picks it up, opens the cover, and chuckles, "What's this?" As Wes shows Trip the wonders of admiring oranges, Lucas sharply turns his head to demand, "HEY! Gimme that!" Katie makes a break for it, reading aloud the poem recently written within, while laughing somewhat. It goes like this: "Cruising together as the wind rushes past, and sharing the moments that always will last. Fierce as a tiger with beauty and grace, people think you're bad, but you make my heart race!"

Katie manages to recite the whole thing (her love of poems dates back to reading Walter Brown's), and keep out of Lucas' desperate clutches. You'd think she'd have learned from the whole vanity mirror-breaking incidents not to horse around with Lucas! He shouts in protest, and follows her around the various wooden pillars, but never can get the notebook from her clutches. When Lucas finally does grab her, Katie simply tosses the little blue book over to Jen, who amusedly catches it, as Wes & Trip rush over to take a look over her shoulders. Jen struggles to ask through her constant laughing, "Who is this girl?!" Katie smiles and guffaws in Lucas' face, prompting him to embarrassedly shove her hands down, halting her snickering for only a second. Jen "Lucas, 'people think you're bad but you make my heart race?'!? HAHAHAHA!" Wes & Trip join Jen in loud, hearty laughter. Lucas storms over, looking very serious as he reclaims the notebook by force, and explains, "For your information, it's NOT about a girl. It's about my first... racecar." The laughter freezes in anticipation during his remarks, only to start back up with full fury when he admits his honest lust for a vehicle. Jen, breathless from laughing, gasps, "A CAR?!" Lucas sternly corrects her, "Not just ANY car, a RACEcar!" Katie chucklingly remarks, "NOW I've heard EVerything." Lucas seems hurt by their lack of compassion for automobiles, as he slips his little blue notebook into his jacket pocket. The laughter has already ended by the time Circuit suddenly comes online, and announces, "RANGers! There's a mutant attack at the Industrial Center!" Jen urges, "Let's go!", and Wes adds, "C'mon!" All five Time Force Officers bolt for the door, with Wes leading the way and Trip taking the rear.

[Opening Credits, Version 2.4! Three shots of the Red Strata Cycle & two shots of the Red Battle Warrior have been added into the mix.]

In what was called the Industrial Center but looks more like a generic courtyard in the middle of the city, numerous citizens of Silver Hills run for their lives. A woman screams, and runs away, while other people run past & around her in various directions. Chameliacon is the cause of this dismay, covering his mouth with both hands, then releasing them, which sends off a pulse of green energy! The blasts strike repeatedly behind a man running for his life, making him so concerned with not getting his rear-end fried, that he fails to notice a large metal pole in his way. The man slams into the pole, and falls on his back, unconscious. Chameliacon encourages his partner, "Hahahaha! COME on, Nadira! Give it a go!" Nadira sits on the cement sitting-divider border around an island of lawn. She's in battle armor (basically her normal white-leather, except her hair is up in its helmet), but boredly chooses to just mope around doing nothing. In response to the mutant, Nadira rolls her eyes somewhat, keeps her mouth mindlessly agape, and gives a trailing effort-groan as she points her right hand unenthusiastically into the crowd. A beam of pink energy is fired off from her finger, causing an explosion directly in front of a fleeing man, knocking him off his feet. Nadira gently pats her hand to her open mouth as she yawns, as bored as WE are with these generally repetitive citizen-harassing scenes. The commanding voice of Jen echoes onto the scene, lighting Nadira's face up with eager evilness, as she orders, "THAT'S enough! Hold IT right there!" Nadira stands up next to Chameliacon, as the five Time Force Power Rangers race onto the now civilian-less scene. Pink Ranger holds out her gold-rimmed TF Badge, and proclaims, "WE'RE Time Force, and YOU're under arrest, Chameliacon." Blue Ranger adds, "And that goes for you TOO, Nadira." Red Ranger backs him up, "Right!" Nadira sarcastically coos in astonishment, "Oooh, Rangers! Whoop-dee-doo!" She pulls out a handful of golden nuts & bolts and tosses them over her shoulder. Before they even hit the ground, they spring into a small platoon of Cyclobots! Chameliacon cackles maniacally, while boasting, "You're not takin' us ANYwhere, coppers! ATTACK!" The Cyclobots do as commanded, and Lucas shouts, "Let's DO it!", as the five Rangers rush in to engage the robodrones in battle.

The five Time Force Rangers begin fighting the Cyclobots, equally matched. Yellow Ranger rolls across the cement, blocks a kick, throws a kick back at a Cyclo behind her, then cartwheels over a footsweep attempt. Pink Ranger, with a Chrono-Saber in each hand, backflips, taking two Cyclobots down at her sides. Green Ranger kicks the saber-wielding hand of a Cyclobot out of his way, footsweeps a second down, then dodges the saber-slashing of a third, before eventually kicking that robodrone over as well. Red Ranger somersaults over to encounter Chameliacon up close. The growling mutant throws a kick, it's blocked by Wes, who then throws a punch in return, which is blocked by Chameliacon grabbing his arm and then kicking him in the side. Red Ranger tries a footsweep, but Chameliacon leaps over it. Wes throws a high kick, the mutant blocks it, and tries to strike back, prompting him to spin away from the creature. Undaunted, Chameliacon makes a funky squatting hand gesture, then laughs and charges after Wes. On the sidelines, Nadira continues looking up into the sky and sighing stifledly, despite the action going on around her. She twirls her cape, then sits and both crosses & spreads her legs against the concrete divider. Blue Ranger tangles with a Cyclobot nearby, as Nadira merely blows on her fingernails, and waves her hand in the air, bobbing her leg in boredom. Lucas takes on several Cyclos, taking the final one down with a kick to the knee, then pinning the drone against the cement by positioning his foot beneath the bot's neck. Blue Ranger looks at the mutant mistress sitting to the side, and vows, "And YOU'RE next!" He lunges at Nadira with a wide kick over her head. She snaps to attention, swiftly sliding across the divider-seat and ducking under his attack with a gasp. Lucas boasts, "GIVE it up, Nadira. You're NEVER gonna win." Nadira stands before him, snobbily replying, "Blah, blah, blah! Like I CARE!" Blue Ranger launches himself off the divider, throwing another high kick at her, which she ducks under. He lands and tries for a footsweep, but she spins and hops over it. Nadira then begins to yelp some hiyaahs as she gives him two rapid high-kicks, which he barely blocks with his forearm. She tries clawing his helmeted face, but Lucas ducks under, causing her to slip on past. Blue Ranger uses this opportunity to grab her white cape, but tugging on it simply makes her squeal determinedly, before throwing a kick back that knocks his arm away from her outfit.

Across the courtyard, the other four Time Force Rangers have disposed of the Cyclobots, and are now ganging up on Chameliacon. Red & Green Rangers strike in unison with high kicks on opposite sides of the mutant, but he simply blocks them with both his hands. Yellow & Pink Rangers then pop up, and simultaneously kick Chameliacon in the chest! He staggers back in a daze, allowing the Red Ranger to jump between the two females, holding both of his, "Chrono-Sabers!" Wes lands with a slash into the mutant with one blade, followed by a turn around that involves striking Chameliacon with both Sabers as he spins. The mutant sparks a bit, smokes, groans, and falls flat on the cement. Red Ranger turns back around to face his foe, resting a Chrono-Saber over his shoulder in success. As his three teammates regroup around him, Wes urges, "Make it easy on yourself and come PEACEfully, Chameliacon!" Jen adds, "Yeah!" Chameliacon staggers in front of a building marked City Hall, and recovers with a storm of grunts, before responding, "No WAY, no HOW!" He leaps into the air, and signifying his teleportation method, Chameliacon's body shatters into a flash of green pixels, which expand, then implode. Nearby, Blue Ranger rushes and leaps at Nadira, who's crouched down, and proceeds to try to footsweep him when he lands. Lucas goes with the flow, and jumpflips over her attack, landing in the park area of the courtyard. He rolls back to attention, just in time to witness Nadira leaping into the air and aiming a jumpkick at him! Blue Ranger merely throws his body back, kicks his legs up, hitting her back in midair as she flies over him. Nadira is knocked uncontrollably into a large patch of bushes, squealing all the while and landing into the shrubbery face-first. Blue Ranger uncurls back onto his feet, looks at the bushes, dusts off his gloves, and figures, "And THAT's that." While brushing his hands together, he demorphs in a flash of light & green digital data. Lucas smoothly adjusts his black jacket, accidentally causing his little blue book to drop out of the pocket! He fails to notice this, thanks mostly to Wes calling out, "Lu-cas! Over here!" Lucas rushes back onto the pavement to regroup with his equally demorphed teammates. Katie remarks, "I'll bet we haven't seen the last of HIM." Trip urgently urges, "We'd better get back to the Clock Tower!" Lucas nods and concurs, "Right" All five Time Force Officers make a mad dash through the abandoned courtyard.

Over in the bushes, Nadira crawls on her hands knees, trying to get out of her leafy tomb. She groans loudly with discomfort, spitting small green leaves out of her mouth and tossing handfuls of them out of her way. Nadira watches our heroes leave (no pun intended), holds her right hand like a claw, motioning her fingers anxiously while vowing viciously, "ROTTEN Blue Ranger! When I get my CLAWS on him..." She spots the little blue book lying on the grass before it. Nadira picks it up, stands up, and wonders curiously, "Hmm. What's this?" She opens it up, and begins reading the first page, going from confused to shocked, as she recites, "Cruising together as the WIND... People think you're BAD, but YOU make my HEART... RACE!" Nadira gasps and widens her eyes, likely remembering all the times she & Lucas cruised 'together' in "A Blue Streak" & "The Last Race." She mistakenly realizes softly, "This was written... for me? I never knew he cared!" Nadira smiles and holds the blue notebook to her chest, as she looks into the windy sky, and breathlessly sighs, "He may be a RANGer, but he's a DREAMy Ranger!" She begins to swooningly spin around in place clockwise, her body gradually glowing with a swirl of pink & blue light, until she teleports completely from the scene.

At the Prison Ship, Nadira, now wearing her pink hair down, skips gaily down the hallway, causing the metal horizontal-barred doors to slide open. She passes between the two Cyclobot guards, giggling happily as she takes Ransik's hands and begins to guide him in a circle. Ransik proudly points out, "You seem to be feeling a LOT better!" Nadira continues to spin around with her father, stating with swooning sighs and utmost perky glee, "I've NEVER been so HAPpy in my entire LIFE! I met a BOY." Ransik halts their twirling, angrily demanding to know, "A BOY?! WHO is he!?" Nadira gasps, "You'll never GUESS! He's the Blu..." She gasps again, suddenly covering her pink lips with her hands, as she turns from her dad and walks away, coyly commenting, "Maybe I better not say! I don't think you'll LIKE him." Nadira folds her lips together, and gives a sort of devilish look to the camera, purposely baiting her father in. Ransik steps over to her, and warmly vows, "Oooh, COME on! I... I promise. No matter WHO he is, I'll like him!" Nadira waits for the magic works, smiles, turns around, and admits excitedly in her father's face, "In THAT case, he's the Blue RANGer!" Ransik turns away from her, clenches his fist, and furiously threatens, "I'll GRIND him into DUST!" Gluto throws his hands up, and grouses, "Oh, NO! Not da BLUE Ranger! Oghh, he's da ugliest ONE!" Nadira crosses around from behind her father, and rests her head against his metal-plated chest, pleading lovingly, "But, DADdy... He makes me so HAP-pyyy! He even wrote a POEM for me!" Ransik can't help but groan at this sentimental gesture, "A po.. Ughhh." He begrudgedly does what's best for his daughter, figuring, "Well, if he... makes my little angel happy..." Nadira gives a relieved giggle, and pecks her father on the lips, before twirling away, laughing joyously. Ransik shakes his head, and moves his mouth with restrained complaints of anger.


Probably the next morning, Lucas is in his Nick Of Time Odd Jobs Jumpsuit, currently working on a small garden. He scoops up a small bouquet of purple flowers, and gently places them into a hole in the soil. With his gloved hands, Lucas covers the roots with dirt, his prized face covered in small smudges. Working alone and surrounded by plenty more flowers in need of planting, Lucas is crouching down before the garden, unaware that someone is creeping up on him from behind! The man grabs Lucas by his jumpsuit collar, and pulls him forcibly to his feet. It's Ransik, of course, which causes Lucas to immediately display an understandable expression of pure terror! Ransik comments, "Ahh, JUST the young man I've been LOOKing for!" Lucas, eyes widened, tremblingly asks to his worst enemy's face, "Ransik! W-What do you want?" Ransik towers over the Time Force Officer, claiming madly, "It's not what _I_ want, it's what NADIRA wants! She told me about YOU and HER." Lucas sacredly asks, "Wha-what about me and her?!" Ransik shakes him up a little bit, while demanding, "Oh, don't be COY! I know you wrote about her." He disgustedly recites from memory, "People... think you're BAD, but you make my heart race." Lucas tries to deny the target, "Yeah, I wrote that poem, but it's not about..." Ransik raises his hand and snarls, cutting his protesting off. He offers, "Let me give you some adVICE. My little girl has VERY expensive tastes!" Ransik begins pulling items out of nowhere, and handing them to Lucas, while reading off, "She likes flowers! French perfume! And of course, diamonds!" The items are a bouquet of light pink roses, a round bottle of perfume, and two red heart-shaped boxes, one with a diamond necklace in it. Lucas reluctantly holds them, while shaking his head, and pleading, "But you DON'T understand...!" Ransik holds a pink envelope up, and vows, "I understand, that if you don't treat my daughter like a princess, you'll be SORRY!" He stuffs the envelope into Lucas' mouth, and sternly notes, "You have a DATE with her. DON'T... be LATE." Lucas can't argue, thanks to his mouth being full. Ransik releases his collar, then turns and storms away, teleporting off via his usual digital giant head and pixillation method. His heart racing faster than likely any car he's ever driven, Lucas' jaw drops in shock somewhat, letting the pink envelope slip out some.

Not long later, at what seems to be a fancy outdoor restaurant, Nadira comes running across the lawn in dramatic slow motion. She's wearing a long, flowing white gown, styled like something out of Gone With The Wind, with oversized matching frilly hat included and small light-pink gloves. Her pink hair is permed nicely, most of it pulled up. Nadira giggles freely as she skips along, entering the restaurant area and approaching a table in the middle of the place. Lucas sits waiting for her, wearing a formal navy blue business suit, with a crimson tie, and his black hair slicked down (kinda like Alex!). He seems awkward, as if treading on thin icy eggshells. Lucas is taken aback a bit when he sees Nadira's antique outfit! She sits at the table, and speaking with an accent like a Southern Belle, Nadira coos, "I KNEW you'd be here!" Lucas strains a smile while eating his meal, forcing out a chuckled, "Hello, Nadira!" She continues talking like Fuchsia O'Hara, while commenting breathlessly, "Aren't YOU the SLY one? Hee! Hiding your TRUE feelings from me... ALL this time." Lucas begins to admit the truth, "Listen, there's something I need to tell you." Nadira lovingly asks, "Yes, dreamboat?", as she leans in, tilts her head, closes her eyes, and puckers her lips! Suddenly, a "psst"ing noise erupts from the bushes. Lucas glances around, curiously seeking the source. Nadira remains puckered, awaiting a kiss, and when one doesn't come, she opens an eye and peeks around. Ransik slightly steps out from behind the bushes, pssting aloud once more. Lucas finally notices him, to the far left of his position. Luckily, no other patrons spot the man in silver & black, as he hides near a tree, motioning to Lucas with his hands, and gesturing with his mouth for him to hand Nadira the flowers. Lucas reaches down beneath the table, and pulls out the bouquet of pink roses, offering, "Uhh, these are for you!" Nadira ceases waiting for a kiss, and instead gratefully squeals, "Ohh! They're BEAUtiful!" She smiles, sniffs the blooms, and purrs, "Mmm."

Lucas grins and nods, until he hears Ransik psst again. He looks over, seeks his possible mutant-in-law nervously gesturing again. Lucas grabs everything he has, haphazardly adding, "Oh, and uhh... this other stuff, too!" First up is the heart-shaped box with the diamond necklace, which she gasps at, ooo's at, and opens. Then he hands her a similar box, followed by a small ring box, and finally the perfume bottle, each time saying, "This... and this..." Nadira squeals with delight, takes the French perfume, and notes, "ALL of my FAVorites!" She sprays a bit of the perfume past her frail nose, sniffs it deeply, and coos, "Mmm!" Lucas gives a forced smile and chuckle. Nadira puts down the perfume, and picks up the sparkling diamond necklace, and "You shouldn't have!" Lucas again grins and gives a faint chuckle, as if hinting that he really didn't. Nadira holds her to her neck, and adds with a wide smile, "But I'm SO glad you did!" Lucas runs his finger under his neck collar uncomfortably, smiling back at her, before turning around and looking over to her father. Ransik seems pleased, making an okay-sign with his right hand, and giving an expression of approval. Lucas breathes a loud sigh of relief, rest his neck against his Morphered left hand, and continues giving brief, false smiles to Nadira as she checks out all the expensive gifts he gave her.

Later, at the Prison Ship, Ransik sits in his darkened office, sharpening his Bonesword with a gravel brick. Nadira comes in, still wearing her Belle outfit, lifting up the full-flowing skirt as she sits atop his table, and swoons, "Ohh, DADdy! I just had a WONderful date!" Ransik facetiously asks anxiously, "Real-LY?! Tell me all about it!" Nadira gazes into space, as she sighs, "He's so HANDsome... and SUAVE." Ransik excitedly coos with a girlish expression, "Oh-hoohoo!" Nadira adds, "And MOST importantly, he gives LOTS of expensive PRESents!" Gluto, standing outside of the room and listening in, covers his eyes and whines, "Oh, I'm gonna be SICK!" Ransik nearly bites his hand as he holds both of them to his mouth, stifling laughter femininely, as if he's Nadira's sister or something. He then "So long as he treats you well! That's ALL that I care about." Nadira nods, giggles, and sighs contentedly, while Gluto groaningly stomps around in a rapid circle, pitching a passive fit. Over at the Clock Tower, Lucas shuffles his feet as he walks into the main room. His suit coat if off, and his crimson tie is loosened, he appears quite exhausted. Lucas sighs, as he approaches the table, where Wes & Trip are sitting around, playing yet another game of chess, with Circuit near the chessboard. Jen & Katie come down the steps from the upper level together, both eyeing Lucas suspiciously. Jen folds her arms and asks, "Where have YOU been all dressed up?!" Lucas looks down at his attire, and appears too drained from the experience of hanging out with annoying Nadira to explain. Katie quips, "Lemme guess, a-NOTHER big date?!" She & Jen exchange girlish glances, smiling bemusedly. Wes asks Lucas, "WELL? WHO's the lucky girl?!" Lucas wrinkles his forehead, struggling to admit, "Well, actually..." Katie & Jen lean forward some, in anticipation. Lucas scoffs, shakes his head, and states defeatedly, "I might as well tell you. I had a date with..." Suddenly, Circuit begins flapping and announcing, "RANGers! Chameliacon has reTURNed!" Lucas seems to breath another sigh of relief, saved by the wail. Jen urges, "Let's GO!", as she & Katie are the first to race to the door. Trip is next, followed by Wes, who pats Lucas on the shoulder. Worn out, Lucas lags for a moment, but finally joins his teammates.

In the city, chunks of concrete debris, random fires, smoke, and screamingly fleeing citizens adorn the area. Cyclobots march around, making the people run even fast in various aimless directions. Chameliacon exclaims amid the carnage, "I LOVE this jobbbb! Hahaha!" He growls and charges toward a crowd of civilians, namely one woman who lies on the ground, helpless. Right before he can maul the lady, several explosive laser bursts erupt around the mutant, sending him flipping over into the air. Chameliacon falls flat on his back, as the five Time Force Power Rangers arrive on the scene, parking their Vector Cycles. They dismount in the middle of a flood of oncoming panicking people, which prompts Red Ranger to grab Green Ranger's shoulders, and say, "Let's get these people OUT of here." Trip concurs, "Okay.", and once his teammates begin rushing into battle, he shouts to the nearby people, "Get to safety!" Chameliacon recovers in a sea of smoke, telling the surrounding Cyclobots, "I KNEW they'd come. Destroy them!" All civilians gone, Yellow & Green Rangers prepare for action, with Trip yelling, "Let's DO it!", before he & Katie bolt into battle. Blue Ranger does an impressive couple of flips, before footsweeping two Cyclobots, then ducking as a third tries to strike him. Lucas strikes back, punching the robodrone several times before pitching the bot onto a thick chunk of debris. Elsewhere, Pink Ranger uses both her Chrono-Sabers against Chameliacon, but he manages to push her away. Red Ranger attacks the mutant with his double-bladed Saber, but Chameliacon grabs hold of the weapon, kicks Jen, releases Wes, then claws him sparkily in the chest. Jen lunges at the mutant with a wide high kick, which he ducks under, and before she can saber-slash him, the mutant sparkily claws at her chest, causing her to groan and flip over. Chameliacon extends his tongue outward, wrapping it around Red Ranger's torso! Wes is repulsed, stating disgustedly, "What? Ahh, GROSS! Let GO of me!" He grips the elongated tongue, struggling to be free, but when Chameliacon retracts it back into his mouth, Red Ranger is released only in midair, sending him flying off and smashing his back against a chunk of debris on the way down. Trip cries out Wes' name, as Green & Yellow Rangers approach the mutant. Chameliacon spews two green bolts of energy from his mouth, striking both Rangers, knocking them gruntingly off their feet.

Nearby, Blue Ranger pushes a Cyclobot down, kicks another in the chest, and concludes the fight by kicking a third down as well. He races across to encounter Chameliacon, tossing a kick at the mutant, which is blocked & returned. Lucas blocks that, throws a punch, it's blocked, the mutant throws one, it's blocked, allowing Chameliacon to give him a kick to the ribs. With the Ranger dazed, Chameliacon is able to claw an uppercut into Lucas' chest. The strike plays in slow motion, as Blue Ranger cries out, spins, sparks, and lands on some flat debris, clutching his chest in pain. Chameliacon approaches, boasting, "Blue was always my LEAST favorite color!" Lucas begs between groans, "Don't DO this!" Chameliacon ignores him, but his attention is shifted when Ransik suddenly pops up behind him, and grabs his shoulder! The mutant turns around, and instantly has his tongue snatched by Ransik's left hand. He forcefully stretches it out of the lizard's mouth, while asking angrily, "WHAT did I TELL you?!" Chameliacon gurgles, as Ransik holds the end of his tongue, reminding him, "NOT... the Blue Ranger. I DON'T want him HURT. Comprende?!" The mutant gurgles and motions his hands in agreement. Ransik releases his tongue, causing it to snap back into his mouth. Chameliacon gags in agony and staggers back. Ransik heads over to Blue Ranger's side, and helps him to his feet. Concernedly, Ransik begins dusting him off, and asking, "Ya okay?" Lucas grunts, "Yeah." Ransik dusts nearly every spot on the blue morphed suit, while grumbling, "Stupid... mutant..." Lucas puts his hands up in protest, claiming, "Yeah, I'm fine!"

Over on the nearby walkway bridge, the other four Time Force Rangers are taking on yet more Cyclobots. Pink & Red hold their robot partners in captivity for a moment, as they spot Ransik with Lucas. Wes wonders, "What's goin' on?!" Ransik is literally on his knees before the Blue Ranger, still wiping off the dirt from his suit! Lucas urges, "Ransik! KNOCK it off." Ransik does so, not at that request, but to stand up against several oncoming Cyclobots. He points his index fingers at the trio of Cyclos, ordering his troops, "Unh-unh! NOT... the Blue guy. Got it?! Okay... The others are fair game!" Lucas embarrassedly covers his visor with his hand and turns away. The gang of Cyclobots nod to their mutant master, and march off to fight the other four Rangers. Blue Ranger jolts into battle ready stance as they pass, and is quite confused when they completely overlook him. Ransik taps Lucas on the shoulder, gives him a thumbs up, and then asks for a , "Shake?" Lucas turns and doesn't quite know what to make of it, so he goes along, extending his right hand toward the cause of much misery in his and many people's lives. Ransik shakes Lucas' hand with both his own hands, groaning with approval. He chuckles somewhat, as he smiles at his possible future son-in-law, pats the Blue Ranger's shoulder, then gives another thumbs up. Ransik then gets tired of the kissing up, as he waves his hand at Lucas and departs with a grunt, as if he'd done enough for now. Lucas just stands there frozen, with his hand still up, realizing aloud, "This is TOO weird." Yellow Ranger restrains a Cyclobot bent over, and watches Lucas, while asking, "WHAT is going ON?!" Blue Ranger finally lowers his hand, and gasps Tommy-like, "Aww, MAN." Ransik walks over to Chameliacon, who tries to grasp the new order by asking, "NOT the Blue guy?" The mutant mastermind points out intimidatingly, "That's RIGHT!", before continuing to walk away. Chameliacon flinches somewhat, then shrugs his shoulders, grumbling, "But... That's what I SAID! D'oh, this is TOO conFUSing!" He leaps up and his body shatters into a flash of green teleporting light & pixels. The four Time Force Rangers, having finished off the Cyclobots, rush over to Blue Ranger's side, with Trip saying Lucas' name in confusion. Lucas stands there, covering his visor stressfully. Pink Ranger puts her hands on her hips, and asks, "Lucas, WHAT is going on here?" Trip adds, "Yeah!" Red Ranger walks around and pats Blue's shoulder, noting, "It looked like Ransik was proTECTing you!" Lucas confirms, "He WAS. That's what I was trying to tell you earlier..." He looks up into the sky, as smoke continues to pour from a few stray fires behind him.


Soon at the Clock Tower, Lucas sits atop the table, and reveals to all four of his teammates (and Circuit), "So, you SEE? There was no CHOICE! I HAD to go on a date with her." Wes touches his shoulder, leans in, and whispers with false sincerity, "I think you and Nadira make a CUTE couple." Both Trip & Wes immediately burst out with laughter at their friend's expense. Poor Lucas just shakes his head and barely remains cool about the situation, slipping out from Wes' grasp. Jen is far more serious, shushing them by stressing, "This ISN'T funny!" She tells Lucas directly, "Look, you HAVE to break it off with her." Lucas explains with dreadful honesty, "I CAN'T. Ransik will tear me apart!" Katie sits down next to him, and suggests, "Fine, but get HER to break up with YOU." Lucas, with his usual giant yet humble ego, points out, "Like THAT'S gonna happen. I mean, LOOK at me! Why would ANY girl break up with me?" Trip laughs loud and hard, while Wes simply smiles amusedly. Katie & Jen look at one another, as if proclaiming their expertise on the subject simply by being female. They each take one of his hands, and slowly head him across the room. Lucas is quite confused, but Katie promises, "DON'T worry. When we're done with you? You won't be able to BUY, a date."

That day or the next, Nadira is back at the outdoor restaurant, wearing pretty much the same fancy gown & hat she had on earlier. She adjusts her gloves, straightens her hat, and waits at the table with a plate full of food. Violins play in the background, and general chatter from other patrons fills the air. Nadira spots a familiar face appearing over the top of some bushes. She smiles delightfully when noticing Lucas approaching, folding her arms on table and lifting her head royally for her suitor. Lucas comes around the corner, throws his arms out, and blurts rudely aloud, "HEY, BAY-BY!" Nadira exhales in total wide-eyed shock, her jaw dropping as she notices how nasty Lucas' attire has gotten. Lucas looks nothing less than like a bum: his black hair's a greasy, uncombed mess, his black jacket is missing, his blue undershirt is covered with stains, and he carries a black gymbag with him. Entering the outdoor restaurant by wandering through the bushes, he grabs a roll off a waiter's serving tray. Lucas bites into it while crossing casually through the eating area, snatching a small bundle of flowers off the center of another person's table as he makes his way to his offended date. He tosses the stolen, and seemingly plastic, flowers onto the table, takes his seat, and asks the mutant vixen, "Wuzzap?!" Nadira gasps, but remains in her romantic character, noting calmly in the Southern Belle accent again, "You're late!" Lucas sets down his roll, unstraps his gymbag (showing off his wet armpit), and remarks with a mouthful, "Yeah, well... I had to nap." He glances down and spots Nadira's food, quickly grabbing the plate, and exclaiming, "All RIGHT, eats!" Lucas begins scarfing down on the expensive meal, using his hands and zero table manners, loudly munching. Nadira glances around, sniffing. She quickly wonders with a disgusted look, "What's that... S-MELL?!", waving her hand in front of her nose. Lucas pulls his head out of the plate of food, which is smeared on his already dirty face. He also sniffs around, before lifting his armpit and sniffing the wet stain there. Lucas, food dangling from his fingers, says with a mouthful, "Guess I should've showered this week! (snorting snicker)" Nadira covers her mouth and moans, "Ohh! Well!" She looks away from him, and presses the back of her hand daintily to her forehead, as if she's got the vapors somethin' fierce, I reckon.

Lucas compassionately states, still with a mouthful, "Aw, come ON! Don't be mad! Hey! I brought you somethin'." He picks up his gymbag, and sets it on the table. Nadira's expression brightens up, as she faces him again, eagerly remarking, "That's more LIKE it!" She reaches into the open bag, and pulls out a dirty old crew sock! Nadira holds it up in the air, gasping happily for a brief nanosecond, before whining, "EWW!" She disgustedly flings it at Lucas, who catches the white & grey sock, using it to wipe his face clean. He moans with satisfaction and smacks his lips, noting about the bag, "It's my laundry! You think you can have it done by tomorrow?" Nadira presses her hand to her chest, and motions her mouth in shock, saying wordlessly, "Me?!" The waiter walks up and hands Lucas the check. He looks at the bill, then tosses the small booklet onto the table, mentioning bluntly, "Don't look at me! Burp. I'm BROKE." Of all the things Lucas could have done to turn Nadira off, it's what he gave the least effort to (and is actually most honest, since he IS broke) that ends this love affair. Nadira gasps, "Br-OKE?!" She furiously stands up, loses the accent, as she leans forward and proclaims, "That DOES it! We're TH-ROUGH!" Nadira spins, squeals, and storms away. Lucas calls out worriedly, "Hey! Does that mean you're NOT doin' my laundry?" Nadira holds onto her flowing skirt as she departs the outdoor restaurant like the primadonna she is. Sitting at a table in the background, the other four Time Force Officers have been secretly watching the progress of the date. When Nadira is out of the picture, they rush over and crowd around Lucas. They talk over one another with cheers and laughter, every single one of them, Lucas included, smiling happily. Trip notes, "She's GONE!" And Wes mockingly waves, "Bye-bye!", before commenting to his dirty-handed pal, "You should be an ACTOR, Lucas!"

Shunned, Nadira teleports back to the Prison Ship between scenes. We find her lying down on her leopard-print chair, crying her eyes out very loudly. She rubs a zebra-print handkerchief against her cheek, while sobbing to her father, "Ohh-ho, DADDY! I wanna go ho-o-ome!" Ransik is by her side, tenderly patting her arm & shoulder, and comfortingly asking her, "There. What's the matter, my pet? I thought the Blue Ranger made you happy!" In the background, Gluto chews scenery, seemingly a bit vindicated and gleeful that she got her heart broken. Nadira, sobbing like mad, exclaims hurtfully between outbursts of cries, "I NEVER want to see him A-GAIN! He's disGUSTing! He's RUDE! And worst of all, he's... BROKE!" Ransik's expression slowly shifts from doting father, to maniacal revenger. Gluto plugs his ears for a moment, before waving his hand, as if unsympathetic to this scene. Nadira's boohooing grows louder, as Ransik's gentle patting on her pretty pink head increases to violently strokes. He stares into the void, blood boiling as his voice increases in pitch, while vowing, "There, there, precious. NO ONE breaks MY little girl's HEART and gets AWAY WITH IT!" He's so lost in dreams of vengeance, that he fails to notice that his head-patting is becoming painful for his daughter. Nadira whines, "Ow!", and shields her head, but he continues doing it for a brief period. Ransik finally stands up, and screams bloodcurdlingly, "CHAMELIACON!", causing Gluto to stagger fearfully. Chameliacon walks in through the Detention B zone, and presents himself, asking, "You RANG?!" Nadira resumes sobbing into her pillow, while Gluto appears unsure of how to cheer her up. Ransik marches over to Chameliacon, and demands evilly, "I want you to go back, and ATTACK the Rangers." Chameliacon confusedly goes, "Wha?!" Ransik quickly adds with a clenched fist, "Only THIS time, make sure you desTROY the Blue one!" Chameliacon points out, "Bu-bu-but you said NOT to!" Ransik again reaches up, and yanks on the mutant's prominent tongue, stretching it straight out of his mouth! He grips the thin pink strand of oral-flesh in his fist, and stresses viciously, "DON'T do what I said THEN, do what I say NOW!" Ransik releases the lizard's tongue, causing it to snap painfully into the back of his throat. Nadira gives another sobbing wail of inner emotional agony.

Walking through the park around the outdoor restaurant, the five Time Force Officers smell something fishy. Make that, just plain nasty. Trip & Wes pinch their noses, and Wes notes to his purposely stinky teammate, "Oh-hoho! JEEZ, Lucas! You really are convincing a slob." Trip nods, then he & Wes begin chuckling. Jen also laughs, and Katie pats Lucas on the shoulder, before looking at her palm for any germs that may have wiped off. Lucas is once again being made the butt of jokes by his friends, but he takes it in stride. He lags his pace, and the other four don't stick around, likely not wanting to smell him if they can help it. Lucas starts swatting into the air, as it seems unseen flies are buzzing around his unclean body. From out of nowhere, Chameliacon's tongue lashes around Lucas' chest, and pulls him into the air! His surprised gasps catch the other four's attention, with Katie shouting his name as they double back to aid him. They don't get far before seeing Chameliacon, standing in an empty parking lot, guiding his fully extended tongue above him, as if horizontally bungee-swiping the grimy TF Officer around. Lucas is lassoed by the tongue, screamingly loudly as he's snapped back and forth in midair, his gymbag dangling below. Chameliacon whips his tongue toward the ground, causing Lucas to go twirling into a stack of discarded cardboard boxes. He recovers with a grunt, and instantly grabs onto the evil lick-appendage, tugging on it in a struggle. Jen lifts his left arm and asks her team, "Ready?!" The three do the same, replying, "Ready!" All four in unison, motion their arms, and press their Chrono-Morphers, while commanding, "Time FOR Time Force!" A four-screen shot of the morphing sequence plays.

The background scene changes from a parking lot to some concert area of some sort of banners in the background reading "Twinkle Stars 2000." Anyway, Red TF Ranger leaps through the air with a mighty hiyaah, slashing into Chameliacon's extended tongue with his double-bladed Chrono-Saber! In a flash of sparks and smoke, the mutant's tongue forcibly retracts into his mouth. The four Time Force Rangers regroups around their downed teammate (who is now wearing a black outfit, his hair is longer, and he's nowhere near any boxes, thanks to this being the Japanese actor), whom Trip helps up while Wes proclaims, "Got ya covered, Lucas!" Yellow Ranger adds, "Ye-ah! We'll take him down for GOOD! Yuuh!" The Rangers charge at the mutant, but Chameliacon merely responds, "I don't THINK so!", as he creates a red laser-energy whip from his hands. One quick crack sends all four Rangers toppling over in bursting smoke. They fall back with Lucas (who is now back in his dirty clothes and amid the bundle of cardboard boxes, silly footage), who clutches his gut, and breathes rapidly. He finally grows angry enough to look past his injures, and races into battle, in slowish motion. Red Ranger cries in protest, "Lu-cas!!", as Lucas morphs while running (a flash of green digital data appears briefly, as if he was demorphing, instead of the blue digital data tunnel that SHOULD have been shown here), never once touching his Chrono-Morpher, but instead shouting, "Time for Time Force!" Pink Ranger bids, "Be careful!" Never skipping a step, the Blue TF Ranger strikes Chameliacon with a high kick, which the mutant easily blocks. The mutant then claws into Lucas' chest, causing sparks, and then smacking his shoulder, which also sparks, knocking him over. Wes arises and urges, "We've GOTta help him." Trip also gets up, and concurs, "Right!" Jen stands as well, concluding, "Then let's get TO it!"

Blue Ranger gets clawed again by Chameliacon, causing him to cry out as he rolls across the cement, landing at his oncoming teammates' feet. The others guard him, as Yellow Ranger grabs his arm and helps his limp & stinky body up, asking concernedly, "Ohh no, Lucas! Are you alright?!" Lucas inhales rapidly, as he claims, "I just need to catch my breath!" After a few intakes, he gives a thumbs up and confirms, "I'm fine." Chameliacon whips up another red laser whip, and quips, "Catch THIS first!" He lashes it at the team, but they manage to scatter from the sparks & smoke safely. Blue & Yellow Rangers roll to the side together, both pulling out their double-blades, as Lucas orders, "Chrono-Sabers! Fire!" He & Katie slash their double-blades into the air, firing off blue & yellow bolts of concussive force. Chameliacon is struck directly by both blasts at once. He groans, sparks, smokes, and rolls over for a moment. When the mutant recovers, the first thing he does is fire that tongue of his outward again. Blue Ranger is prepared this time, quickly grabbing the tongue, and wrapping it around his double-bladed Saber. Lucas launches himself off Chameliacon, and leaps into the air, landing atop a walkway high above. He then drops down on the other side, having turned the walkway into a sort of tongue-pulley! Chameliacon asks tongue-tied in both literal & figurative senses, "Hey! Waddaya think ya doing?!" Lucas tightens the end of the tongue to his Sabers, then grips more of the pink fleshy rope with his hand. Blue Ranger turns around, then yanks down hard on the tongue, causing Chameliacon to be lifted into the air! He dangles by his well-stretched tongue, gurgling and trying in vain to break free. Lucas keeps his pulled-down position, and offers, "Wes! You take it from here." Red, Green & Pink TF Rangers appear on the opposite side, each with their Chrono-Sabers in hand. Wes replies, "You GOT it!" He hiyaahs some, before jumping high into the sky, holding his two Sabers at 11 & 3, and creating the red clockface behind him, as he activates, "Time Strike!" Vertical & horizontal red-streaming energy slices rip into Chameliacon, right when Blue Ranger sparkily slices off the other end of his tongue. The mutant is painfully dehanged, hitting the ground harshly with his body smoking and his tongue stretched out all around him.

Blue Ranger poses with his double-blade successfully, as Yellow Ranger joins his side, and commends, "All RIGHT! Way to go, Lucas." Chameliacon gets back on his feet, and has his tongue recoiled back in his sore mouth, as he vows wearily, "I'm NEVER going back to the BIG house!" He reaches down and yanks the gold & black DNA Patch off of his left leg. This exposes his mutant DNA to the air, making the molecules expand, and causing his body to grow tremendously. Giant Chameliacon growls amid partly cloudy skies. Katie gasps, "Whoah!", as she & Lucas look upward. Blue Ranger shouts into his Chrono-Morpher, "Circuit! We need help!" At the Clock Tower, on his perch, Circuit flaps his wings and confirms, "You GOT it, Lucas!" Instantly, we skip to the Time Shadow Megazord, transforming around, and allowing the Time Force Megazord Mode Blue to spin around and link up with it. The two merge, creating the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue. Eric was either called in by Circuit, or else has waiting around all day for some action, since the Quantasaurus Rex suddenly appears, with an explosive, eye-gleaming background. Somewhere within range, the Quantum Ranger presses the upper left button his Quantum Morpher, and calls for, "Q-Rex, Megazord Mode!" Quantasaurus shifts its body around into the upright standing Megazord formation. Finally, Shadow Force Mode Blue & Q-Rex Megazords stand side by side against the huge mutant. Chameliacon slowly steps to the left, prompting the two Megazords on the opposite side of the city to do the same. The tension is cut when both Megazords make their move. Chameliacon creates another red laser whip, lashing repeatedly into both mecha. Q-Rex takes the brunt of it, and falls over in a smoking heap. Chameliacon then darts his tongue outward, wrapping it around Shadow Force's neck! Mode Blue struggles for but a moment, until the mutant lifts the whole Megazord into the air, and proceeds to flip it over while flinging it about.

Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue falls harshly on its back, while its neck remains tongue-tied. Within, the five Time Force Rangers are rocked about the control cabin, all screaming in disorientation. Pink Ranger urges, "Everybody, HOLD on!" On the ground, Quantum Ranger commands into his Morpher, "Q-Rex, Battle Ready!" The Quantasaurus Megazord rises back to its feet, and aims its right gatling-hand at Chameliacon, who's currently unable to move far, thanks to still being tongue-attached to the downed Mode Blue. Eric hits a button on his Morpher, and orders, "Fire missiles... NOW!" Q-Rex fires off several of its red fist-rockets, which bombard Chameliacon, whether he likes it or not. He groans in agony, as his body bursts with sparks, and soon, one of the stray missiles rips his tongue in half! Chameliacon falls to the ground, whining high-pitchedly as he cautiously holds his hands near where the dangling torn tongue-piece still hangs. Shadow Force Mode Blue recovers to its feet, and discards the remaining coil of limp tongueness that once bound its neck. In the control room, Red Ranger turns the reins to his teammate, asking, "Ready, Lucas?" Blue Ranger confirms, "You BET! Time Target!", as he pulls out the remote yellow & blue Shadow Force blaster-saber. The Megazord zooms into the air, creating a green energy clockface target downward from its hovering position. Shadow Force Mode Blue instantly begins to fire blue bursts of laserpower from its weapon, striking each of the 12 digits. They land in a perfect circle around the dazed Chameliacon, who can only howl in protest as all 12 land, and freeze the screen with a green light. Lucas lifts the remote blaster up, and aims it downward, quipping, "TIME to bring you down to size. FIRE!" The blue-tubed weapon shoots off a bolt of energy into a holo-ring. The Megazord copies this, firing its own surging saber-blaster at the paused mutant. The concentrated blast strikes Chameliacon, who can only wail aloud as he's engulfed in a fireball, which suddenly freezes in another flash of green. Blue Ranger holds the weapon-remote in the air, and exclaims with a motioning of his left hand, "Ye-ah! YOUR time's... UP!" The flames fade, and the 12 giant green clock-digits all begin to swirl into a shrinking circle, causing a bubble of light around the screaming mutant, before causing him to vanish from sight (check out the twin buildings from Digimon Season 3 right behind him). Chrono-Frozen once more, the tiny solid body of Chameliacon drops the cement, smoke pouring off his never changing form.


Most likely the next day, Nadira goes for a stroll on a dirt road overlooking the beach. She reads another love novel, "Tempest Of Romance", and has a pink & white tie-dye styled loose dress on, with a white parasol over her shoulder. Nadira walks along, and upon reading the final page, she pauses, and sighs somberly, "I guess I'll NEVER have ROmance in my LIFE!" She stares at the ground, pouting pitifully. Slowly her eyes wander across the road, before spotting a bouquet of dark pink roses attached to a wooden post! Nadira excitedly hops along over toward the bouquet, and plucks the small note attached to the plastic foil wrapping. The wind blowing through her long pink hair, Nadira opens up the note, and reads the poem aloud, "Roses are red, violets are blue. I'm your secret adMIrer, so meet me at the beach!" She's disappointed, groaning, "Not much of a... poet." Nadira folds the blue-papered note, and looks at the lovely flowers, realizing determinedly, "So WHAT? I'm DESperate! Wooh-hoo-hoo!" She races off to the beach, and soon begins skipping along with her bare feet in the sand. The scene goes at a romantic slow motion, with Nadira smiling big as she approaches the rendezvous point of her secret admirer. On the beach, two Cyclobots stand together, both wearing aprons & black tuxedo-tops. One plays a violin, and the other the cello. They spice up the romantic background music with their own rendition of it. The musical Cyclobots are playing for a small table setup next to them, with a purple tablecloth, two blue candles, a bowl of bread rolls, a basket of fruit, a bowl of peppers, another bowl of apples, a plate of spaghetti, and a small cooked chicken. Also shown are two glasses of a light blue liquid, which look an awful lot like the Anti-Venomark serum!

The camera pans around the dinner setup, only to pan up and reveal her secret admirer is none other than Gluto. He's got a black tophat on the left side of his obese head, and is clutching a long-stemmed rose between his hands. When the pink-haired beauty comes into view, Gluto waves his fingers at her, and "Heheheh. Hel-lo, Nadira!" The romantic music dies off sharply, and Nadira's uplifted expression crashes hard before our eyes. Her smiles & giggles melt into groans and grimaces. Gluto chuckles smoothly, and places the long-stemmed rose in his big mouth, as if about to tango. Nadira purses her lips, and decides to play this situation out somewhat. She walks over to the table, one of the Cyclobots pulls out her chair, and Gluto (too fat to fit in one) simply squats behind it, offering with his deep, booming voice, "Please come JOIN me, my dear! Uhhehehe." Nadira sits, hands her parasol to the Cyclobot, glaring uninterestedly at her mutant love interest. Gluto, as dimwitted as ever, admits, "Surprise, It's ME, Gluto! Yer secret admirer! And DIS, is fer YOU." He hands her the long-stemmed rose, which she gratefully accepts, and sniffs with a smile. Nadira begins to state with her Southern Belle accent, "Ah'm DESperate!" Gluto chuckles gleefully, those being just the words he's been waiting all season to hear. Nadira drops the accent, and simply screams enragedly, "But I'm not THAT desperate!" She shoves the entire table over on Gluto, causing him to fall in the sand and become trapped on his back. The cello-Bot pitches his wand in the air, and tries to help the bloated whale-frog mutant up. Nadira gives loud huff, and reaches for her parasol. The other Cyclobot hands it to her, and quickly rushes over to aid in the straining attempt to get Gluto's fat tail back up. Nadira turns her back completely on the failed romantic setting, nearly tripping as she walks through the thick sand. In frustration, she slams the rose down, and presses onward solo, as the waves crash continuously against the shore. And just like those waves against the rocky shoreline, so goes Nadira's evil lovelife.

[Scenes from "Circuit Unsure"; End Credits]

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