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Power Rangers Time Force
"End Of Time, Pt 2 "
Original Air Date:11/10/01 Footage & some story elements from:
Timeranger #49 - - Sennen o Koete (Beyond A Thousand Years)
*Season 9, byte 39
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1139
*39th episode of PRTF
*417th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Edward Laurence Albert _AS_ Mr. Collins
Additional Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Alex
Ken Merckx _AS_ Dr. Michael Zaskin
Todd Senofonte _AS_ Guardian
Katherine Hawkes _AS_ Mother
Shannon Muchow _AS_ Formally-Pregnant Woman (uncredited)
Douglas Fisher _AS_ Philips, the Butler
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice; credited, but unheard!)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Rebecca Forstadt _AS_ Memory Adaptation computer (voice; uncredited)


[Scenes from "The End Of Time, Pt. 1"]

In the Time Ship, a digital clock reads a red-lighted countdown time of 30 seconds, rolling back by the seconds to 25. The four Time Force Officers from the year 3000 pound harder on the exit door, begging Wes to open it, with Lucas pleading, "Open the DOOR, Wes!!," and Jen screaming, "WHAT are you DOing?! Come ON!!" By this time, Wes has fled the Time Ship through an unseen exit ramp. He stands far out on the beach, and faces the vessel from a safe distance. The four TFs hurriedly dart toward the large round window on the far side of the cockpit. All four stare out in distress, with Jen frantically crying out, "WES!!!" Circuit remains on the table, flapping softly & silently. Wes holds up his left wrist, and speaks through his Chrono-Morpher's communicator, "You HAVE to go back to YOUR time. It's for the best." Lucas lets his eyes wander in consideration, Katie has tears running down her cheeks, Trip is frowning & shaking his head in stubborn protest, and Jen is simply shifting her brow in hurtful sadness. Wes swears, "You'll be SAFE there!" A composite shot shows Wes' back, with his teammates somewhat in front of him, all gathered around the oval window in the middle of the central section of the house-sized, pear-shaped, yellow Time Ship. Katie bangs her hand against window, and screechingly screams (her voice muffled a bit by the glass), "But we're a TEAM!!" Trip sobs, "I feel like this is my HOME." Wes argues, "No, that's NOT possible!" Trip whines in desolate confusion, "WHY?!" Wes responds with brutal truth, "Because this is MY time. Not YOURS." The four from the future, unable to argue back, simply stare silently at him with bleak faces. Wes reminds them, "Your lives are WAITing for you in the future." Lucas finally has an emotional outburst, stressing fraughtfully, "But, WES! You could be destroyed!" Wes figures bravely, "Maybe... But I WON'T stop fighting, until I've taken my LAST breath." Tears having streamed along Jen's smudged, heartbroken face, she softly shakes her head in protest against his suicidal courage.

Wes lowers his Morphered wrist, and looks sharply skyward, witnessing another Time Hole forming directly above them. It spirals into existence, the same dark color & shape as the other chronal portals forming randomly in the city, though this one has formed vertically rather than horizontally. Wes shouts into his Chrono-Morpher, "The vortex is opening!" In the Time Ship, the countdown clock reaches 13 seconds, then passes back to 12. Katie hysterically shouts, "I'm NOT leaving! Let me outta here!!!" She pounds both her fists against the reinforced glass, not making a dent despite her superhuman strength. Wes watches from the outside, shaking his head with a grim expression. Jen, who'd been wincing amid her tears, sees this, and suddenly snaps. She races over to the Auto Pilot console, frantically hitting buttons, and crying, "Please DON'T!" The countdown clock rolls back from 9 seconds, to 8, then 7. Jen slams her hands against the console in frustration, and dashes back over to the large porthole, where she desperately sobs, "Wes! (sniff) Wa... I wanna tell you something!" Wes tenderly replies, "Don't worry. Everything you've always WANTED, is waiting for you in the future." Jen struggles to proclaim with a runny nose and a lump in her throat, "No, Wes, PLEASE! I want you to know that... !" The countdown clock strikes 1 second, then full zeroes. Instantly, the single jet thruster in the back of the Time Ship fires up, sending a blast of orange fire, which quells into a thin blue flame. The engine jolt rocks the entire ship, including the cabin, where the four unsecured TF Officers topple to the floor harshly. Jen is quickest to recover, getting up almost simultaneously as the entire Time Ship begins to hover upward. Wes shields his face with his arms, while being pummeled in a blast of sand kicked up by the arising vessel. Peering between his arms, he continues to stare focusedly at his departing teammates against the intense gust of winds. Jen stands at the porthole window, pressing her right palm against the glass, and crying painfully. The iris-like shutter for the window closes in front of her, as the Time Ship turns and slowly takes off toward the vortex in the near distance. The dust settles, the updraft ceases, and Wes lowers his arms, watching them reluctantly return to their home era. The Time Ship enters the dark center of the multicolored-rimmed vortex, vanishing from this time totally. The Time Hole returns to looking colorless as it retracts into nothingness. Wes sighs, looks down at the clear Auto Pilot Keycard he swiped earlier, and clutches it tightly in his hand. He looks back up at where his friends passed into the timestream, before racing off to the city, not noticing another one of those destructive wild Time Holes forming in the bright sky high above his head.

[Opening Credits]

In the middle of Silver Hills city, Doomtron gets the Quantasaurus Rex in yet another headlock. Inside the giant evil golden robot's cockpit forehead, sits the reprogrammedly evil golden robot pilot, Frax, who proclaims in a monotonous metallic voice, "NOthing can stop the DoomTRON!" The Q-Rex charges toward Doomtron, now with the Quantum Ranger standing atop his head. He boasts, "Let's show him some REAL power, Q-Rex!" Frax, connected completely into Doomtron's control systems, commands emotionless, "ALL weapons, online! Begin attack, NOW!" Q-Rex headbutts into Doomtron, causing brief sparks (watch out Eric!). This allows the evil robot to strike back, bashing its crescent-clawed hands into the savage Zord's vulnerable neck. On the ground below, Wes sprints down the street, leaping over countless piles of burning debris, running around others. Elsewhere in the city, also amid patches of fiery rubble, Cyclobots are harassing & guarding a crowd of captured citizens. The terrified people sit on the cement, outnumbered by Robodrones considerably. Ransik walks along through the chaos, with his daughter by his side. He rubs his black leather gloved hands together, before throwing his arms into the air, exclaiming maniacally, "Heheheh! This is fanTASTIC!" Nadira fails to share his sadistic glory, somberly looking around at the fearful faces of the hostages. She notices a particular one, cradling her newborn infant, and huddled together with a few other single parents. Nadira spots her, and gasps in wide-eyed shock, recognizing the lady as the same one she helped give birth just a day or so before! The formally pregnant woman whispers at the heavily wrapped baby, trying to calm it with gentle patting & rocking, when she herself is quite nervous. Nadira presses her manicured hands against her chin before folding them together, frowning her eyes with intense sadness. Once again, that cycle of hatred rears its ugly head.

Doomtron clamps down on the Quantasaurus' head from both sides, gripping the savage Zord in place. Q-Rex struggles, fidgeting his feet & tail around the building-debris strewn street, to no avail. The Quantum Ranger, still standing atop his Zord's head, finds himself staring into Doomtron's chest cannons. Eric blurts, "Watch out!" Frax wiggles his fingers, and commands, "FI-RE!" Doomtron unloads both its mouth and chest cannons into the Q-Rex, bombarding him point-blankly. The close range laserblasting causes a massive explosion, which not only swallows the Quantasaurus, but Doomtron as well! Wes races into the vicinity of this blast, pausing behind an overpass and looking up at the smokey & sparky havoc occurring above. Quantum Ranger remains on his Zord, and gets caught up in a hail of fireballs, screaming in distress. Wes calls out, "ERIC!", before dashing under the overpass, heading directly toward the giant smoking robots teetering in the near distance. Doomtron releases the flashfried Q-Rex with a shove, causing him to topple onto his side, howling in agony, and nearly crushing Wes while crashing near the overpass. The Quantasaurus Rex lies on his belly, snarling deeply, metal body smoking & scorched. Doomtron towers over his weary & wounded form, as Frax remarks robotically, "Mission. Completed." Then Doomtron, its cannons still smoking, turns and walks off triumphantly, each step making a loud stomp. On the ground, buried beneath a small mountain of cement-chunk debris, Eric lies injured and demorphed. He doesn't give up just yet, throwing his right arm up and lifting a thin sheet of torn metal off his body! Eric lets out an agonized, bloodcurdling yelp, as he drops onto his stomach, stretched out across a lump of rubble. His red beret is missing, his navy-blue Silver Guardian uniform is ripped & unbuttoned, and his face is bloody & smudged. Eric attempts to hoist himself to a standing position, pushing up with both his arms, only to have the wound in his left shoulder act up, causing him to slip and slam harshly against the pavement. He lets out a coarse cry, clutching his arm in intense suffering. Eric slowly opens his strained eyes, and looks up, seeing the Q-Rex, moaning hurtfully with small flames scattered around him, and smoking circuitry wounds all over his head. Staggering to his feet, still clutching his shoulder, Eric screams in dire concern, "Q-REX!!"

Distracted, this allows for several small specks of laser energy to sprinkle in around Eric, increasing in volume until a sparky blast bursts around him. Eric wails, as he's blown into the air, smacking into the open window of an abandoned white car. He plops to the pavement, grimacing and vulnerable. A small gang of Cyclobots race in, waving their Cyclo-Sabers in the air. Eric recovers as best he can in such a daze, blocking a saber-slash and kicking a Cyclo in the gut. Another Robodrone slashes downward at him, prompting Eric to somersault out of the way. He stands up, a Cyclobot kicks him in the chest, he stumbles, backing up against the white car. Eric grunts aloud constantly, as he steps forward, gets swatted & kicked back, then has to lunged back against the car and leap as a Cyclobot saber-slashes at his legs. The strike causes a bright flash, but Eric is safe, as he rolls down the roof and onto the hood. Once getting off the car, Eric gets kicked in the back, and lurches forth uncontrollably. He rams into a Cyclobot, who punches him in the chest, to which he counters with an elbowing. Eric then holds up his forearms, deflecting a Cyclo-Saber assault, but leaving himself open to get poked in the belly by a second Cyclo. This causes him to bend over, ducking right at a moment with the other Cyclobot throws a high punch. Eric hits the second bot, then does the forearm block thing again as the first Cyclo tosses a punch. He's left open for a kick by the second Cyclobot, which allows the first Cyclobot to grab his shredded shirt and flip Eric into the air. Landing on his back against the hood of the car, Eric lets out a pained shout, as he rolls off and onto the dusty, debris-covered pavement once more. The Cyclobots he'd been fighting all raise their Cyclo-Sabers high, each slowly marching toward him, as he rolls onto his stomach, and turns to face the tight formation of deadly robots. Weary, wounded, and winded, Eric can do nothing but sulk on the ground, letting the saber-happy Cyclos press closer.

Luckily, Wes dashes down the drive, lets out a battle cry, and launches himself into the air with a mighty leap. He lands perfectly between Eric & the Cyclobots, doing a quick high spinning kick to clear away a trio of Robodrones, and kicking a fourth in the chest. Wes readies his fists fiercely, and charges into the fray, giving Eric time to safely catch his breath while enjoying the ringside seat. Oh boy, here we go: Wes ducks under a Cyclo's swiping, smacks the sabered hand of another down, holds back the arm of a Cyclo before hitting it in the chest, grabs a Robodrone's oncoming arm and redirects the momentum to flip the bot over, grips the shoulder of a Cyclobot before kneeing it in the breast, then finally turns and blocks the downward Cyclo-Saber slashing from a final Cyclobot before snatching its arms and flipping it completely over. Wes lets out a 'yah!', as he readies his fists against, prepared for more. Most of the Cyclobots either down or away, Wes looks over at his ally, and shouts his name in dire concern. Eric is leaning against the hood of the abandoned car, slowly crawling his beatened way back to his feet. Wes rushes over and grabs his partner, helping him to stand, and judging by Eric's reaching out and holding onto him, the help is appreciated. Though, that doesn't stop him from giving sarcastic remark between breathless groans, "I was managing JUST fine, thanks!" Wes scoffs, "Right!" Both men keep an eye on the gang of Cyclobots, as they turn and head off in the opposite direction. Eric, quite injured, limps along with his left arm held tightly over Wes' shoulder (and his right arm is clutching his stomach), as Wes lends walking support. Their escape under the overpass gains the attention of Doomtron, prompting the giant golden robot to fire its mouth, shoulder, and chest cannons, spraying blue & pink yellow streams of laser energy their way. The bolts rain down on the rubble-swamped streets, creating sporadic fireballs erupting skyward behind Eric & Wes, as they stagger along together. The explosions come closer each time, causing them to grunt from the strain of keeping a brisk pace in their conditions.

Later, in a debris-littered alleyway behind a building, Wes & Eric collapse against the wall. Eric slides against it with a groan, resting on the ground as Wes releases his arm from around his shoulder, and tells him, "STAY here!" Unable to protest, Eric reluctantly obliges, and takes the opportunity to pull out a headset from his pocket, slipping it on. He announces into the microphone to Silver Guardians headquarters, "Commander Myers, Code Red! This is Commander Myers. Code Red! Do you read?!" Wes limps along, grasping his right knee in panting pain, as he sneaks over to the corner of the wall, and peeks around it with a single eye. He witnesses, above the smoking heat of a patch of fiery rubble, several Cyclobots scouring the streets for any sign of the two remaining Power Rangers. Trapped in the alley, Wes returns to Eric's side, as he takes off the headset, having not received any answer from homebase. Wes reaches down and pulls aside his jacket, trying to take a look at the gash in his black shirt beneath, asking, "How you holding out?" Eric brushes his hand aside, and says between labored breaths, "I'm FINE. You should get back to your friends." As Eric grabs his shoulder, and shimmies himself up into a crouching position, Wes somberly admits, "Nah, they're GONE. Back to the year 3000." Eric looks at him with sheer frozen shock. Wes nods, and says with his swollen & bloody lip, "From now on... it's just you and me." Eric remarks with his usual loner-style cruelty, "So your friends abandoned you, huh? (exhale) Well, I TOLD you: _I_ work alone." He presses his right arm against the wall, and pulls himself up, left arm hanging limply. Eric grunts extensively, before his left leg gives out, and he collapses onto his padded knees with a loud cry. Wes watches him struggle with angered pity, seeing his desperate attempt to shun off assistance from anyone clearly.

Eric crawls back into a sitting position, grimacing as he rubs his leg. Wes sits on a boulder of torn cement, his own leg not in the best of shape, finally demanding to know once and for all, "What IS it with you?! For YEARS I've tried to be your friend! But you don't want ANYthing, to DO with me." Eric, breathing heavily, explains, "My 'friend'. You don't even know the first thing about me, Wes. I had nothing. I was dirt poor. And I have struggled, for as LONG as I can remember... to pull my life out of the gutter. NO one helped me... Not even for one minute. Unlike YOU, who's had everything handed to him... on a silver platter." Wes listens quite closely and quietly, as Eric points at him with his left hand, and stresses, "YOU and I... have NOTHING in common!" Looking away for a moment, then shaking his head, Wes realizes, leaning forward and arguing, "NO. We may have grown UP differently, but we have a LOT in common! We BOTH fought to change our destinies, and we BOTH succeeded!" Eric turns away, refusing to ever confirm something so obvious. Wes grabs Eric's left hand, and holds his wrist to his own, noting their Chrono & Quantum Morphers, by proclaiming passionately, "LOOK at this! We are POWER Rangers, Eric! And friends or not? We're the ONLY hope this city has right now!" Eric raises an eyebrow, as he looks from the Morphers, to his reluctant partner... and whether he wants to admit it or not, his friend. Wes urges valiantly, "Let's DO it.", the two simply staring at one another with equal enthusiasm, as a flipped over car burns behind them.

Meanwhen, in the year 3000, pinkish funky shaped buildings, pinkish skies, hovercars, and people in funky white robes are all over the place. As a massive square door opens up from multiple sides at once, a female computer voice announces, "Time Ship arriving, gate 4!" We don't get to see that, instead we skip over into what seems to be some kind of Stasis Room. Is it in the Time Ship, or in Time Force Headquarters? You choose. Whatever the case, all four formally time-lost TF Officers, now wearing their Time Force Uniform Jumpsuits, lie on crystal glass grey-padded beds. Trip & Lucas on the right hand side of the room, Jen & Katie on the left. Each one of them slowly awaken from a strange slumber, their heads resting against multicolored gel pillows. Trip stares at the ceiling, Lucas blinks rapidly, Katie darts her eyes gradually around, and Jen is the last to wake, a bit disoriented. There's a purplish glow beneath their beds, as the floor is completely covered by a thick white mist. Katie is the first to sit up, all the others simply touching their foreheads groggily. Jen sits up next, focusing her vision on a nearby wall. Katie nearly does a double take, when she notices the sight through twin windows beside her. She stands up and walks over to the windows (there's a table of sorts below it, with Trip's backpack lying around, along with each of their year 2001 attire neatly folded), gazing upon the futuristic and quite familiar city. Katie turns, and confirms to her teammates, "We're BACK." The other three are all now on their feet as well (the floor mist is gone), equally stunned to witness their home era again after so many many months. The door at the head of the room (with a small TF emblem on it), slides open. Standing behind it, with his hands rested together in front of him (and an even bigger TF emblem behind him), is Alex! He's wearing his old Time Force uniform (with pea-green tunic), as well, instead of the white Mystery Man suit. The four TF Officers watch in daze, as Alex steps into the room, and bids with a smug grin, "Welcome back, Rangers. I'm glad to see you came to your senses! And returned to where you belong." He stands at ease, while Jen slowly walks over to him, near zombie-like. She suddenly faints when approaching Alex, but luckily he's able to scoop her up before she can drop to the floor. Alex gently holds her up, rubbing her right arm, while commenting lovingly, "Whoa! Take it easy, Jen. You traveled a thousand years! It can be a little disorienting." Jen's eyes drift back open, as Alex tenderly takes both of her hands in his, and holds them up, stating with a small smile, "Now that you're home... you can relax. Enjoy the life you left behind!" Jen and her teammates just stand there, trying to wrap their clouded minds around this once desired situation now thrust upon them against their will.

Back in the year 2001, the Silver Guardians are on the scene of the disaster. Most of them are lending support to various civilians caught up in the recent destruction, helping them to safety during a lull in action. Through a sparsely debris-filled street, enough room is allowed for a black limousine to drive through. In the back seat of this expensive vehicle, is owner of the Silver Guardians and father of the Red Time Force Ranger, Mister Collins. He's got the black-tint of his window rolled down, and is keeping a close eye on everyone on the side of the road. Mr. Collins worriedly urges to himself, "Come onnnnnnn, come onnnnn, Wes!" He looks to the left, then back to the right, and to the left again, remarking to himself, "You gotta be around here SOMEwhere." The car-phone begins to ring, so Collins reaches behind his shoulder and picks it up, answering, "GO!" At the home office of Bio-Lab, a special poster hangs on a wall. It's a colorless drawing of Doomtron, with the robot's name in black letters above it. A small display to the side, shows a blue diamond shaped Zirium-based crystal, listed as "Laser Induced Blue Trizirium Crystal." An arrow points to Doomtron's upper thigh and groinal region, as the location of said crystal. Sitting below this poster, is Doctor Michael Zaskin, top scientist for the Bio-Lab company. Zaskin informs his boss, holding the phone between his ear and shoulder, "I discovered the cause of the vortexes in sky." Mr. Collins asks directly, "What?!" Zaskin holds up a small replica of a diamond-shaped Blue Trizirium, and a star-shaped orange... err, yellow standard Trizirium. He explains, "Doomtron and the Quantasaurus Rex, are both powered by Trizirium Crystals. Their combined energies are creating the vortexes!" The doctor glances over to a chart, which reads "Power Output" at the top and "Joules Output" on the bottom. It shows two color-coded lines, with the words "Yellow Trizirium Crystal" and "Blue Trizirium Crystal" above each respectively. The blue line skyrockets when crossing over the yellow line. Mr. Collins sighs, "Good work, Doctor. Good work, thank you." He turns his head sharply, and hangs up the phone, as the limo rolls on.

At another area of the city of Silver Hills, Silver Guardians set up a red & white striped barricade, as screaming citizens are evacuated from the action in the background. Standing directly the barricade, are about four SGs, with the squad leader commanding, "Fire!" The four soldiers aim their SG Blasters at a small group of oncoming Cyclobots, blasting them with yellow & pink bolts of energy. The marching Robodrones, approaching uphill, are sparkily brought down in a hail of laser. Around the corner, the stretched limo slowly pulls to a stop. Mr. Collins quickly exits out the back door, and takes in the destructive scenery with a heavy heart and a suave business-suit. The agonized moans of panicking people fill the air, as does smoke from the numerous minor fires scattered all over the place. A Silver Guardian rushes up to Mister Collins, and urges to his boss, "Mr. Collins! It's not safe here, there are Cyclobots EVerywhere!" Collins just nods in understanding, while reaching out and touching the Guardian with his fingers, asking, "Have you see the Rangers?" The soldier shakes his head, "No, sir!" Collins gives the man a pat on the arm, as he orders, "I'll okay, listen, there are people hurt up there. You go take care of them!" The Silver Guardian races off, obeying, "Yes, sir! Yes, sir!" Mr. Collins glances around frantically, before rushing over to the nearby sidewalk. The driver of the limo gets out of the car, turning out to be good old Philips, Butler-supreme! He watches agape as the formally greedy & selfish Mr. Collins approaches a blonde mother and her crewcut haired blonde young boy. The child's knee is bloody and scrapped, the two of them somewhat covered in soot. Collins takes off his suit coat, wraps it around the boy and lifts him up in his rugged arms, offering, "Here, we'll use my car!" The mother cries, "Oh, thank you, thank you!", as she follows. Collins tells Philips, "Get these people to a hospital!" First, Philips opens the back door for him, enabling Collins to gently set the injured boy down in the fancy leather interior seats. He steps out of the way, as the mother prepares to get in, giving a grateful sob of, "Thank you!" Mr. Collins touches her shoulder, and smiles widely, as he nods and vows, "Don't worry, we'll take care of him." She sighs graciously, and gets in the limo. Collins closes the door, and seeing his butler just standing there gawking, demands the balding gent, "Get them to the hospital, GO!" Philips jumps to serve, hopping into the limo and doing as ordered by driving away, reluctantly leaving his boss behind. Collins loosens his red tie, and walks toward the twin barricades set up in the road. In front of them, are the charred & trashed bodies of several Cyclobots, not to mention other debris. He screams, "Wes! Where ARE you!? WEEEESS!", wandering into the mostly deserted & damaged city. High above Silver Hills, a gigantic dark Time Hole swirls slowly counterclockwise, as the sun begins to set in the distance.


Once more in the year 3000, picking up where we left off. Still in the bright Stasis Room, Katie demands to know, "WHAT happened to the 21st Century?!" Trip steps to the city, worriedly wondering, "Did Wes save the city?!" Jen gets closer to Alex, grasping his shoulders, and with her voice breaking & her eyes welling up, she asks, "Alex, TELL us! WHAT happened to Wes?!" Lucas stares in anxious silence. After a few suspense & tense filled moments, Alex looks down, clamps his eyes shut, and shakes his head. Somberly, he looks Jen in the eyes, and admits in a weak voice, "He DIDN'T make it." Jen backs away from her fiance, letting go of Alex in a horrified expression of pure grief. Katie leans back, shaking her head slightly with a painfully disappointed face. Lucas, eyes wide in shock, swallows hard. Trip gasps, also shaking his head in disbelief. Jen bits her lip, looking down and visibly fighting back a flood of sorrow, likely taking all her strength to keep from shedding tears. Alex adds, "But he fought bravely. And his efforts helped to save the future!" He tries to take his fiancee's hands, in an attempt to comfort her. But Jen sharply jerks herself away, not wanting to be near the man who looks and sounds just like her now-deceased love interest and teammate. Alex cautiously remarks, "Jen. Now, I know, this must hurt... But after you go through Memory Adaptation, you'll feel a whole lot better!" Jen gasps with a sinus-y voice, "MEMory Adaptation?!" Alex nods, then paces across the room with arms folded, explaining, "It's standard procedure. Whenever someone travels back in time, we have to erase their memories to acclimate them back to the present." He sort of spreads his arms for a second, as if pointing out the dangers of a future shock. The four Time Force Officers simply stare at him, as Alex appears to get some satisfaction out of mentioning, "When it's done, you won't remember a THING about the year 2001." Jen, eyes still watery, looks at her teammates, all with equally hesitant faces.

Night has fallen on Silver Hills in said year of two thousand and one. The massive whirlpooling dark bluish Time Hole begins to sprout violent bolts of anomalous lightning. Numerous buildings below are bombarded with the energy, causing explosions and pockets of fires throughout. Crossing through the rubble-strewn park, Wes drags Eric along, the two men making up the slack for each other's bum legs by holding on tight to one another. They stagger through the smokey remains of a picnic area, grunting hard. Wes notes, "We're... almost there!", as Eric grasps his stomach. When they reach a wooden pole, Eric rests against it, almost collapsing. Wes strenuously encourages him, "C'mon! Let's... Let's go!" They both look up at their destination, before slowly progressing forward, an arm over each other's shoulder. Despite the Temporal Maelstrom occurring randomly in the city, the ancient Clock Tower has survived unscathed. Its yellow clockface glows brightly in the partly cloud, starlit sky. Wes & Eric can be heard panting, as they drag each other along toward this sturdy sanctuary, Wes doing most of the work. Unbeknownst to either of them, a single, gold-suited Cyclobot, is marching solo through the park. It follows along their path, reaching the trashed picnic banister, as it turns and spots both of our heroes. The Cyclo's single-eyed golden metal head lifts and focuses upon the Clock Tower, its reflection shining with a dreadful menace in the black plate glass. Soon, up inside the Clock Tower's main room behind the clockface, Wes finishes bandaging up Eric's arm, wrapping white gauze around his left bicep. After sealing it, Wes tells his pal (who has never been in this room onscreen before), "Alright." Eric, his Silver Guardian jacket lying on the table beside a first aid kit, grabs the black shoulder strap from his uniform (which not only holsters his SG Blaster, but a tiny flashlight and other items). He slaps Wes on the shoulder, bidding with a bitter & breathless, "Thanks," before giving him a slight shove aside. Eric staggers forward, exhaling from stress as he looks down and gently touches the recently wrapped wound. Wes cautiously warns, "Ya know, Eric... you're pretty badly hurt. You gotta take it EASY. The NEXT time we go out there..." Eric, slipping the shoulder straps over his torn black shirt, cuts him off with a resentful remark of, "It doesn't matter HOW bad it is, does it? I STILL have to fight." Wes turns his gaze to the floor for a moment, folding in his lips, before nodding and giving an apologetic, "Yeah."

Meanwhile, down in the park, at the damaged picnic banister, Ransik & Nadira arrive at the scene of a Cyclobot convergence. The two mutants stare upward, at the nearby Clock Tower. It seems neither ever knew where the Time Force Officers were stationed, despite numerous close calls. Cyclobots march around behind them, with dozens more standing around at the base of the CT, jerking their Cyclo-Saber wielding arms up and down. A dozen or so more of the Robodrones are scaling up the side of the cobblestone style building, making their way to the top of the Clock Tower the hard way. Ransik, rubbing his black leather gloved hands together, comments with sadistic glee, "So THIS is their home." Nadira watches the Clock Tower with somber expression, more of a frown than anything, but mostly fearful for innocent human life. Ransik grabs his daughter's arm harshly, as if forcing her to look, as he urges wickedly, "WATCH, sweetness!" Cyclobots continue to scale up all sides of the Clock Tower, making their way to the inhabited top floor. "Nadira closes her eyes and fights her father's grip, as he viciously boasts, "You are about to see, the RANGers... FINALLY... destroyed. Yehahahahahah!" Nadira struggles and breaks free, using both her hands to cover her ears (now wearing her white headpiece for the first time in a while), as Ransik continues to laughs diabolically. She appears torn between her loyalties to her father's evil mission, and her recent self-discoveries about her feelings on humans. The grief-stricken Nadira looks completely away, turning her back on Ransik in more ways than one.

Up in the Clock Tower, Wes walks over to a small crate used as an end table of sorts. It holds a pitcher of ice water, two video tape clamshells (one reads "Frankie Chang Kung Fu" and the other is probably that Western, both from "Movie Madness"), Katie's diary (or that book Lucas keeps reading, presumably not the same thing), and the small black box where the stack of Polaroids the Time Force Officers took way back in "Dawn Of Destiny." Wes removes a certain picture, the one with Katie, Jen, and Trip holding up their Chrono-Morphered left wrists, as Lucas leans in, making a pouty face. Eric watches him take the trip down memory lane, and eventually wonders, "Your friends... How do you know they're okay?" Wes turns his head to the side, and laments with a shrug, "I DON'T." Without warning, save for the sound of shattering glass, three Cyclobots smash their way through a trio of skylights high above the room. Wes drops the Polaroid, as he & Eric duck down instinctively. They turn and witness the invading Robodrones falling into the room, just as three more Cyclobots rip through another trio of windows in the room. Eric sharply turns and sees them, and a moment later, two more Cyclobots dive through a pair of small windows on the side walls. Eric turns again, seeing two more coming in similar windows on the opposite side of the room. Wes & Eric go to full alert, as they find themselves surrounded on all sides by Cyclobots in the relatively cramped room. A Cyclobot leaps down from the upper level, landing on the picnic table. Several others come up the stairway, with still others flooding through the upper levels. One Cyclo saber-slashes at our two heroes, prompting both Wes & Eric to leap back simultaneously, both standing, back to back, fists ready for action. They exchange glances and nods, splitting apart just as the Cyclobot lunges at them, falling flat from their separation. Eric leaps over next to the couch, ducking under a Cyclobot's saber swipe, before smacking it away. He then blocks a second similar attempt, only to get kicked in the stomach. Eric falls back against the couch, and gets knocked upside the head with the broad side of two Cyclo-Sabers, before slipping out of harm's way, kicking a Robodrone, punching another, and then getting kicked in the gut by the same one as before. He falls back against the couch again, this time ramming an elbow into the chest of a Cyclobot behind him, which allows another Cyclo nearby to kick him in the back. Eric falls forward, ducks under a high kick, then when a Cyclobot lunges at him, he grabs the bot's Saber-wielding arm, holds it in a lock, and pins the Robodrone onto the couch! A Cyclobot on the upper level jumps off, aiming its weapon at Eric, who quickly spots the oncoming foe, spins around, and gives the bot a high kick, taking the Cyclo down with a full flip. Eric releases the couched Cyclobot, uses his forearm to block the punch of another Robodrone, but leaving himself open to be kicked, heaving back suddenly.

On the other side of the room, Wes shoves a Cyclobot away, sending it sliding across the table, taking both the first aid kit & Eric's Silver Guardian jacket off with it. Wes ducks as a Cyclo slashes at him, he then hits the bot's arm, only to get kicked by a different Cyclobot! He ducks under the Cyclobot's second slash attempt, before making a rolling dive over the top of the picnic table. Wes winds up rolling into a perfect sweeping kick to the knees of a Cyclo at the end of the table. The bot falls, Wes leans back as a Cyclobot chops at his head, and rolls off the table just as the Cyclos swarm all over it, some jumping atop the weathered wooden structure. His eyes widen as he lies on the ground, and a Cyclobot leaps off the top of the table. Wes kicks both his feet up into its chest, and sends the oncoming Robodrone hurling into the air, doing a flip before slamming into the hard table top on its way down. Meanwhile, over on the other side of the room, Eric flees from surrounding Cyclobots, by dashing for the stairway to the upper level (aka the sleeping quarters). He glides up the stairs in a non-stepping jiff, smoothly sailing up past a failed saber-swipe. Eric swings underneath a railing, and immediately blocks a high kick from a Cyclo, just to get punched from behind. He staggers, and ends up with his back against the wall, being ambushed by two Cyclobots at once. One Cyclo saber-slashes, he blocks with both his arms, allowing the other Cyclo to knee him in the already injured gut. The first Cyclobot then grabs the grunting Eric, and pushes him over to the edge of the level. Eric stumbles against the thin metal bar that acts as a railing for the level, with the main room less than a floor below. Cyclobots jerk their arms up and down, anxiously awaiting their turn at action, all still and staring upward (notice the first aid kit is back on the table, nice to see the Cyclos are tidy!). Eric uses the momentum to his advantage, gripping the railing and doing a complete roll over the bar! He flips perfectly back onto his feet, releasing the railing simply to grab both of the Cyclobots he had been facing, and heaves them over the side. One Cyclobot lands safely on the yellow couch, while the other crunches its robotic spine when crashing against the edge of a double-stacked wooden crate.

Soon, Wes is sent hurtling into the stack of yellow Time Force equipment boxes. His crash into them causes the orange case atop the pile to fall to the side, snapping open almost on cue. Wes clutches his right shoulder with agonized wincing, but when he opens his eyelids, he's nearly relieved to the see the white & orange components to a certain weapon inside the case, gasping, "Huh?! Electro Booster!" Yet more Cyclobots come marching up the stairs, filling in any of the empty space cleared in the room by this relentless fighting. Wes rises to his feet, having summoned a single Chrono-Saber between scenes. He's already attached the yellow & orange components to the Saber, gripping the Electro Booster tightly like a rifle. The Cyclobots freeze in their tracks, and if they could display emotions, it probably be brown-trouser time. Wes appears somewhat cocky beneath his sweaty face and haggard breathing, waiting for the Robodrones to blink first. One Cyclobot does, taking a saber-swipe at his head. Wes ducks, and fires an enhanced orange blast from the Electro Booster, frying an approaching Cyclobot. He lets out a battle cry, as he steps up onto the table, fires another bolt of energy, then another, sending sparks flying as each Cyclobot bursts into a charred wreck. One Cyclo tries to slice into his legs, so Wes smacks the Cyclo-Saber away with the Electro Booster, then steps up farther on the table, kicks another Cyclobot on the other side, and spins around as he hops down. A Cyclobot aims its Saber in Blaster position, firing a laserbolt at Wes, who narrowly avoids it. Wes launches off of a post, enabling himself to jump up to the nearby intermediate stairway space to the upper level. He moves swift enough to avoid another Cyclo-Blast, as he leaps high up, landing on a wooden beam above. From there, Wes yells mightily while firing his Electro Booster at every Cyclobot in the area below him! Orange streams of intense energy zap into a dozen or more Cyclobots, frying them into sparking heaps, strewn all about the room. For every Cyclo just destroyed, two more take its place, as several more Robodrones enter the Clock Tower through the previously shattered windows.

Eric is flung flippingly over onto the bench close to the main entrance, his shouting trails until he slams his back hard against the thick boarded seat. He rolls off of the bench, groaning painfully. A Cyclobot helps Eric hastily up, just so it can knee him in the chest! Luckily, Wes dashes over and snags the Cyclo, tossing him away from his chum, even shouting his name. As Wes covers them both with the Electro Booster, Eric rests against the bench, trying in vain to recover as he looks around at the endless amount of Cyclobots surrounding them, coming to the dreadful realization, "There's too MANY, Wes! We have to get OUT of this place!" Wes thinks about it for a second, before aiming the EC up at the large metal bell hanging directly over their head. He mentions, "I have an idea." Eric looks up at the bell, as Wes begins to spin the Chrono-Saber power dial on the Electro Booster with his thumb, setting it on overload! He then chucks it over to two Cyclobots with a grunt, causing them both to fall. The Cyclos frantically roll out from under the beeping Electro Booster, as a green light on it blinks rapidly. Wes grabs the thick rope connected to the bell, fastens it around his left forearm, and locks his right arm beneath Eric's left. He asks with a facetious grin, "NOW do you need my help!?" Eric pulls out his SG Blaster, and smirks, "Going UP?" He fires a laserbolt at the base of the rope, wrapped around the nearby post. This releases the bell, sending the two of them swinging diagonally up into the air! The bell slams hard on the old wooden floor, a single silver-suited Cyclobot ends up getting trapped directly inside, as the bell tolls loudly once final time. Wes & Eric swing in dramatic slow motion toward the clockface window, with Eric aiming his SG Blaster behind him, so as to discourage the Cyclobots from attacking. The green light on the Electro Booster turns to a rapid red, before suddenly combusting into a violent burst of bluish white energy! The Cyclobots, too distracted by our heroes swinging overhead, don't stand a chance of escaping as the Electro Booster self-destructs. A MASSIVE explosion tears through the room, shattering the Clock Tower's clockface, just as Wes & Eric swing into it! For added safety, Wes cries out, "Time for Time Force!", and Eric summons, "Quantum Power!", morphing just as the entire top of the building ignites into a blinding flash of intense heat.

At the picnic banister in the park below, Ransik shields his face from the blast, before grousing, "My Cyclobots!!" Nadira clutches her cape, simply watching the scene sadly. There's a still a good number of Cyclobots at the base of what remains of the Clock Tower, which is exactly where our two heroes are plummeting to. Red Time Force & Quantum Rangers freefall, but manage to activate the Red Strata Cycle & TF Eagle, respectively, on their way down. Both of the flying vehicles jet toward them, zooming around the burning ruins of the Clock Tower in near perfect formation. Quantum Ranger lands comfortably in the open cockpit of the TF Eagle, gripping the controls with ease. Red Ranger drops right on the Strata Cycle, riding atop it tightly (don't ask how he was able to call on this Cycle, given how it's usually sent from the future. Maybe he had it on standby somewhere else in the city or something). The Clock Tower is nothing but a burning hull (in one shot, what's left is consumed by a raging fire, though lesser in another), with most of the building's top, as well as the Nick Of Time Odd Jobs office at the bottom, nothing but flaming wreckage & ruins. The TF Eagle & Strata Cycle swoop off, carrying Eric & Wes to safety in the night sky, illuminated by what's left of the Clock Tower. Fiery debris has littered the park, burning in the background as Ransik steps forward, furiously ready to enact his vengeance on the escaping Rangers. Nadira gently embraces her father's shoulder, urging worriedly, "Wait!" He turns, glaring down at her as she argues with compassion, "Their HOME is destroyed! Isn't that ENOUGH?" Ransik wrenches his daughter's arm roughly, as he proclaims in a frenzy, "It will be enough... when THEY are deSTROYED!" Releasing her arm with a hard push, Ransik storms away. Nadira lets out a restrained moan, which turns into a dreary whimper, accompanied by a frown. She's unable to free her father from the cycle of hate...

The orange ultraviolet rays of the sun spread across the heavily damaged city of Silver Hills. Daylight has broken at last. In the streets, filled with burning debris and abandoned vehicles, Mister Collins continues his search for his missing son. He staggers exhaustedly, soot spotted all over his formally pure white business shirt. Collins pauses, and screams at the top of his weathered lungs, "WES!!?" An eerie silence greets him, aside from the crackling of burning overturned cars and other fiery rubble. After a few more steps, he stops, cups his hands around his mouth, and cries out again, "WES!!?" He gets no response once again, leading him to simply bend over and rub his back, likely having been scouring the city all night long. Mr. Collins' brief rest prevents him from noticing a small band of Cyclobots scurrying his way. By the time his glance falls upon the approaching Robodrones, it's too late for the weary elder gentleman to do much in the way of defending himself. The Cyclobots march toward him, but before they can get close enough to do harm, an instant flurry of bursting sparks erupts all around them! They're take aback by this attack, flashfried by unseen assailants. Suddenly, the Red Time Force Ranger & Quantum Ranger do swift flying leaps directly over Mister Collins' head! He's a bit disoriented by this unexpected rescue, looking upward as Wes & Eric hiyaah loudly on their way by. The two Rangers of similar colors land in front of Collins, and immediately begin to confront the Cyclobots. Red Ranger slashes at one with his twin Chrono-Sabers, then swats another, before locking blades with a third. Quantum Ranger knocks a Cyclobot over with his Quantum Defender in Blade Mode. Red Ranger sparkily slices into several Cyclobot chests in a circling row. Quantum Ranger does the same to two Cyclos who dare to even attempt messing with him. Mr. Collins, with an overjoyed expression, shouts, "WES! ERIC!" Quantum & Red Time Force Power Rangers step forward, having taken out all of the Cyclobots. They proclaim in unison, "Power DOWN!", as they press their respective Morphers, demorphing together in a flash of green digital data. Eric keeps an eye out for any more villains, as he & Wes rush over to Mr. Collins' side. Wes wonders concernedly, "Dad, what're you DOing here?!" Collins reaches out and puts his hand on his Wes' arm, while explaining, "I was looking for YOU. Listen... I'm sorry for pushing you to do things my way. I couldn't be prouder of you, son." He smiles brightly, before stepping closer and putting both arms around Wes, giving him a deep and warm hug. Wes returns the gesture, each patting each other on the back in a manly way. Eric kinda just stands there, awkward and lonely, trying not to watch too closely.

Amid the piles of wires and dead carcasses of Cyclobots recently destroyed, a single gold-suited Cyclo rises from the robotic grave. It lifts up its Cyclo-Saber, aims it tightly forward, and turns around to point it at the trio of humans behind it. Eric begins to smile at the touching scene of a father & son completely reunited and reconnected. This also serves as a distraction, as he doesn't spot the remaining Cyclobot aiming its Saber in Blaster position until it's about to fire! Eric jumps in front of Wes & Mr. Collins, still hugging until he screams, "Watch OUT!" Whipping out his Silver Guardian Blaster, Eric fires upon the Cyclobot without hesitation. A bolt of pink & yellow energy slams into the Robodrone's chest, causing it to jerk around and spark profusely. In the throws of deactivation, the Cyclobot still manages to fire its Cyclo-Saber, shooting off a round of reddish laser directly at the ground around the already heavily injured and demorphed Quantum Ranger. Multiple explosions erupt around Eric, of various colors, spark-densities, and intensities. Wes shields his father from the bursts, but is unable to do the same for his partner. Eric's body flays around like a ragdoll, as the explosions overwhelm him. One shot even has a yellow blast ring firing up his entire body, all the while Eric can do nothing but scream in agony. The bursting finally ceases, and the smoke clears. The Cyclobot falls on its back, the whirring mechanisms powering it sound off one last time. Eric remains standing despite the onslaught, though his gaze is weak and his shoulders limp. As his screaming trails off, Eric suddenly falls to his knees with a loud grunt. Wes releases his father, and cries, "ER-IC!" He barely manages to catch Eric as he slumps back, lying sprawled across the damaged pavement, with Mister Collins helping to lift his head. Wes urges to his dad, "We gotta get him help!" Collins offers, "I'll take him." Eric, still conscious despite his wounds, finally lets goes of the SG Blaster, as he struggles weakly, protesting in a strained voice, "NO! No... I'm goin' with ya..." He attempts to sit up, only to have his internal & external injures send him collapsing back into their arms, his eyes clamped shut as he groans aloud. Wes calmly promises to his dying friend, "Eric, DON'T worry. I got it from here." He looks to Mr. Collins, before putting his right hand on Eric's chest as he begins to stand. Eric grabs his arm, and begs between gasps for breath, "WAIT.... Wait." Wes obliges. Collins holds Eric's head with both hands, as he lifts up his left wrist, and grunts into the speaker on the Quantum Morpher, "DEactivate... voice, identification." The Morpher gives an affirmative series of beeps and squips. Eric unbuckles the velcro wrist strap, and hands the Quantum Morpher over to Wes, telling him between pants, "Take this. If ANYthing... can neutralize those crystals... my... Quantum Defender can." Wes slowly takes the Morpher (which looks exACTLY like the toy, even has the digital 8!), and when he notices Eric has his hand still up and left open, grabs it with his own right hand. The two men grip hands firmly, exchanging glances of support, trust... and most of all friendship. Mr. Collins pats Wes on the back, bidding proudly, "Go get 'em, son!" Wes releases Eric's hand, then pats his father on the back, before racing off to do just that.

Elsewhile, a thousand years later, at the Stasis Room (located somewhere within the blue & white Time Force Headquarters complex), the four recently-restored-to-the-future TF Officers wait around for their Memory Adaptation session. Jen stands over by the doublewide double windows, gazing out into the fantastic city in a distracted stare, not at awe in the least. Trip sits on one of the glass beds, as Lucas & Katie stand beside him. Katie puts her arm around Trip, and comments somberly, "I thought... i'd be so happy to get back." Trip simply nods in agreement, while Lucas confirms, "Me too. Now I don't feel so happy to be back." Turning his green haired head to the side and looking at the team leader, Trip gets up and walks over, asking, "Jen! Do we REALLY have to get our memories erased? I kind of WANna remember the year 2001." Jen stalls in a response, just silently looking him in the eyes helplessly, and sort of holding his hands in comfort. The door finally slides open, causing all attention in the Stasis Room to turn toward it. Alex walks into the room a few steps, standing tall as he announces emotionlessly, "It's time." Jen releases Trip's hands, and more or less glares at her fiance with outward bravery. Speaking of bravery and it being time, back in the year 2001, Wes walks into the smokey streets of Silver Hills, totally by himself. At the far end of the road, an army of Cyclobots, seemingly countless in number as the movement of robotic bodies jumbles together like a wave of gold & silver. They march in place, awaiting the lone Ranger's first action. Wes inhales deeply, and grips his left fist, showing us that he's now wearing the Quantum Morpher on his left wrist. He raises the left fist, and looks down at his nearly-mortally injured partner's Morpher. Wes shifts both his fists, getting into his usually battle ready stance (showing us that he's now wearing his Chrono-Morpher on the right wrist!). He lets out a loud and mighty battle cry, as he charges forth, heading directly toward the platoon of Cyclobots scrambling his way on the debris-litter street.

In the year 3000, inside a rather dark room, men and women wearing pure white uniforms (save for TF symbols on their coats) walk about, checking various beeping machines. Alex leads Jen into the room, as she's now wearing a special kind of grey headset, which covers both ears and clasps over the top of the head, and also has a small microphone on the side. Her three teammates are also wearing the headsets, integral in the process of Memory Adaptation. Alex has his hand on Jen's back, gently guiding her past her friends. One by one, Katie, Lucas, and Trip (who's wearing his backpack) are motioned into airtight booths, which have a bright wall of light in the back. The clear doors are then sealed by a technician, which allows the Time Force Officers not much to do but stand there inside the cramped booths. Jen's booth is on a different wall than her teammates, allowing her to be closer to the central computer, which Alex is apparently operating. She enters her booth, and the door is slowly sealed by the man she once knew so very well, but now hardly knows at all. Behind the glass and beneath the headset, Trip's thoughts become privy to us, as he thinks, "I WISH i'd been there to fight with you, Wes." The scene shifts to 2001, showing the unmorphed Wes blocking a Cyclobot's attack. Since his arm is up in the air and his attention elsewhere, another Cyclo takes the incentive to kick him in the gut! Wes groans, and staggers back, surrounded by Cyclobots. Behind the glass and beneath the headset, Katie's thoughts become privy to us, as she thinks, "I'm SURE you fought with courage, right to the end." Again to 2001, where Wes gets pinned to a scorched vehicle, kicked in the chest by a Cyclobot, and grunts windedly. Behind the glass and beneath the headset, Lucas' thoughts become privy to us, as he thinks softly, "You saved the future, Wes." Back in 2001, Wes is flung into the air by a Cyclobot, causing him to land on the ground with a loud gasp of pain, as a gang of Cyclos stand around behind him, awaiting their turn at kicking his red butt. Finally, behind the glass, Jen closes her eyes, and beneath the headset, her thoughts become privy to us, as she thinks, "I don't care WHAT this machine does to me. I'll NEVER forget you, Wes. And i'm PROUD to have been your friend. I'm only sad that you NEVER knew how much you mean to me..." We see a brief flashback montage: Wes & Jen exchanging glances after he broke her fall from "Force From The Future, Pt. 2"; Jen argues with Wes from "Trust and Triumph"; Jen wakes up to find Wes asleep holding her hand from "Jen's Revenge"; Wes trying to get Jen to admit she likes him from "A Parting Of Ways"; Wes & Jen nearly kissing from "Lovestruck Rangers." Jen opens her eyes, and watches as Alex makes sure her booth is sealed properly. He then walks over to the nearby computer console, with the words "Memory Adaptation" written at the top in pink letters. Alex presses a few keystrokes, and then a female computer voice (the same one on the original Time Shadow controller) states, "Ready to begin Memory Adaptation!" He looks over at Jen, who stares back, frightfully nervous and nearly trembling.


The Memory Adaptation console has numerous buttons on it, with listings like, "REM Sleep", "Time Period", "Perception", "Partial Erasure", "Dreaming", "Behavior", "Subconscious", "Visualization", and "Reinforcement". Alex lifts his right hand, and just before reaching the "Activate" button, he pauses, looking over at Jen. He sees her nervousness and doubt, gives a sort of smile back to her, and prepares to hit the button which will erase her memory of this entire Power Rangers series. Oh, to be able to forget (insert least favorite PR series/season here)! Almost exactly when his two fingers are about to touch the screen, like less than half an inch from pressure pointing, Jen screams, "NO!", and opens her booth. Alex watches with cold confusion, as Jen walks out, takes off her headset, and tells him urgently, "I DON'T want to forget. In fact, i'm going BACK to help him!" He rushes over and cuts her off as she attempts to storm away, grabbing her arm and commanding from stern to gently, "JEN! Just... wait." Lucas, Katie, and Trip immediately exit their boots, each having removed their headsets. Katie backs her up, "I'm with YOU, Jen!" Trip adds, "We ALL are." Lucas warns, "DON'T try to stop us." Jen is nearly moved by this touching display of support by her friends. Alex looks at Jen, shakes his head, and more as a lover than as a superior officer, worriedly mentions, "I DON'T want you to go. You could be destroyed." Her eyes getting watery yet again, Jen argues passionately, "We HAVE to. Don't you SEE?! How could we live our lives knowing that it cost Wes his?!" Alex blinks a few times, and darts his eyes downward, his face somewhat hurt. Jen reaches down for her left ring finger, and slowly pulls the silver & diamond engagement band (he gave her way back at the start of the series) off. She removes it, and hands it over to him. Alex takes the ring, looking at both it and her in dead silence. The wedding is pretty much off, I suppose! Jen & Alex stare at one another without any resentment, only with an unspoken realization that their loving remark of "You and me, forever" has been changed to "You and my DNA double from 1000 years ago, forever". Anyway, Alex folds his hands, and steps back, allowing them access to the exit hall. The four Time Force Rangers walk past him, with lingering distrust. Before they reach the exit zone, Alex recommends, "Take the Megazord... and use Jet Mode." They all pause in their tracks, and watch as he turns and looks over at Jen, explaining, "It's got the BEST chance of making it through a vortex." Jen, with restored respect for him, nods, and fights off another crying fit to reply, "THANK you." Alex, also visibly trying not to break down, simply nods.

In the year 2001, in the blue skies above Silver Hills, a faint black swirling of chronoton energies has begun once more. Beneath it, walking toward a large water tank, is the golden robot of destruction, Doomtron. It steps into the mostly abandoned city, checks out the damage from the day prior, and then begins to fire its many chest, shoulder, and mouth cannons. Doomtron unleashes all kinds of laser blasts, causing blinding sparks. Destruction by Doomtron is nothing compared to the bigger and less controllable effect, as another dark Time Hole sucks up several more skyscrapers whole! An image shown in shows prior, a trio of buildings swallowed upwards by a large bruise-colored Time Hole, finally comes to pass. Elsewhere in the city, Wes has morphed into the Red Time Force Power Ranger. He still wears the Quantum Morpher on his left wrist, as he uses the Quantum Defender in Blade Mode to defend himself. He flips over a Cyclobot, then cries, "There's too MANY!" Two Cyclos race past him, slicing into his chest with their Cyclo-Sabers. Red Ranger sparks and groans, but manages to Defender slash back when the Cyclobots start lunging at him again. The camera pulls back, showing Wes, kicking and slashing, surrounded by a lot of Cyclobots. The farther back we go, the bigger the picture becomes. Red Ranger is in a tiny clearing, surrounded by HUNDREDS of gold-suited Cyclobots. All marching in place, each with a Saber, all programmed to destroy him at all costs. Despite the overwhelming odds, Wes battles on, as if this was his last battle, because... well... it IS! In the year 3000, his four teammates make a mad dash down what looks to be the hangar warehouse for the Zords. Each one of their faces displays determination in getting back in time to stop history from being written without them. Red Ranger uses the Quantum Defender to slash into Cyclobots, then uses his double-bladed Chrono-Sabers to do more of the same. Lots of hiyaahing and Robodrones sparking. As Wes continues fighting the seemingly endless amount of Cyclobots, his four teammates continue racing down the seemingly endless hangar, with Jen thinking hopefully, "Hold ON, Wes!!"

[To Be Continued...; Scenes from "The End Of Time, Pt. 2" (only on repeats); End Credits]

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